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Fish v Djokovic as it happened


Fish v Djokovic live video


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By Ben Dirs at Wimbledon

1940: Right, I think that's me done for the night, although the Wimbledon live will continue on this site. Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon...

Fish 4-6 4-6 4-6 Djokovic
Djoko with a decent second serve to take a 15-0 lead, before Fish makes it 30-0 with a yanked backhand. Fish returns with interest to pull a point back, but he's unable to deal with Djoko's next serve and the Serb has two match points... he only needs one of them, as Fish is unable to handle another well-directed serve. That's a performance to get the locker room talking, says John McEnroe on the BBC, and he knows a thing or two about getting the locker room talking...

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"I'm worried for Murray... Djokovic is easily good enough to take 3rd spot from him. His balance, footwork and forehand are spectacular."
Joe Cole and his puppy on 606

Fish 4-6 4-6 4-5* Djokovic
Fish swinging wildly now, and he sprays a forehand well long from well behind the baseline. Fish, looking sluggish behind a high-kicking second serve, pokes a forehand wide to make it 15-30, but the American has a rustle around in his memory bank and pulls out a couple of dirty great serves to hold. Djokovic to serve for the match...

Fish 4-6 4-6 *3-5 Djokovic
We now now who the winner of this match will be playing - Dudi Sela of Israel has just beaten 15th seed Tommy Robredo to reach his first Grand Slam fourth round. Signs of real fatigue now from the American, not much footwork there as he prods lamely wide, but Djoko hands him a life-line with his first double. Another life-line from Djoko, who sends a forehand long, but the Serb sends down a piledriver to hold.

Fish 4-6 4-6 3-4* Djokovic
Fish comes in behind his serve and knifes a backhand volley just wide, before making it 15-30 with a sliced backhand long. Fish levels things, but hands Djoko a break point with a lazy forehand that barely reaches the net. Djokovic misses out, slicing a backhand long, before a line judge gets one straight in the kisser - sign that woman up for your poker team, not a flicker. You don't want to be giving Djoko too many chances - another break point, and this time Fish blinks first, finding the net with a backhand.

Fish 4-6 4-6 *3-3 Djokovic
Djokovic, who looked very serene in the first half of this match, has all of a sudden become a little bit twitchy, but he rattles through that service game, sending down some boomers before clinching the game with a whipped forehand winner.

Fish 4-6 4-6 3-2* Djokovic
Dreamy lob from Djoko, and Fish can only send his between-the-legs effort long. Fish unfurls a couple of muscular serves, before Djoko finds the net with a sliced backhand. That's clinical from Fish, wrapping up the game with a fizzing forehand down the line.

Fish 4-6 4-6 *2-2 Djokovic
Fish pounces on a Djokovic second serve with a cherry on top, but pushes it wide, before Djoko twists the knife with an ace. Djoko is drawn in, but the American whips his attempted winner wide, and Djoko takes that service game with some ease.

Fish 4-6 4-6 2-1* Djokovic
Fish laces a backhand winner down the line, and there follows a real old slug-fest from the back of the court, ended by a angled backhand winner from Djoko. But Fish wrests control of the game with some solid serving, and Djokovic hits meekly into the net to hand the American the game. The Serb raises his arms and kicks at the turf, he won't want to be out here for too much longer.

Fish 4-6 4-6 *1-1 Djokovic
Fish slaps his racquet about a bit, and there seems to be a crack, but Fish declines to swap it for a new one. Solid serving from Djoko takes him to 40-0, before Fish, painted into a but Djoko wraps up the game with a knifed backhand winner.

Fish 4-6 4-6 1-0* Djokovic
Fish buckles at the net, before Djokovic prods an attempted lob long. Better first serving from Fish, that game wrapped up in a flash.

Fish 4-6 *4-6 Djokovic
Fish steps back and looks to hit flat, but goes miles long, before chopping another forehand into the net. Three set points for Djokovic, and he only needs one. Fish lured in, before being suckered by a gentle lob. A little wobble from the world number four, but he's through that set unscathed.

Fish 4-6 4-5* Djokovic
Djoko breathes a very noticeable sigh of relief after that service hold, but he'll have to suck it up again as Fish finds some bombs to hold with some ease.

Fish 4-6 *3-5 Djokovic
Earlier, I popped over to Court 16 to see James Ward and Alex Bogdanovic go down in four sets to Soares and Ullyett. I noticed that fans speak of Bogdanovic in the same worried tones that they might speak of Ahmadinejad or Colonel Gaddafi. I know he always loses at Wimbledon, but is Bogdanovic really that evil? Djokovic measures up a backhand but just misses the sideline, before whipping a cross-court forehand winner. Djokovic can only find the net with Fish ready to be passed, but Fish hands the initiative back to Djoko with a tame forehand into the net. Good scrambling from the Serb, extricating himself from a tight spot and executing a forehand winner, and Fish hands him the advantage with a backhand volley into the net. Good net coverage from the stocky Fish - if he was a fish, he'd be a skipjack tuna - and Djoko guides an attempted pass into the net. Djoko finds a big serve to grab the advantage, but follows up with a mis-directed backhand. Fish stooping not low enough and finding the net on the half-volley, and Djokovic holds as the Florida man goes wide with a backhand. If Djoko was on the boil, he's now been taken off the hob.

Fish 4-6 3-4* Djokovic
Cracking angled, backhand return from Djoko makes it 15-15 but Fish counter-punches with a decent first serve. Djokovic sends a backhand return long, and Fish wraps things up with a sliced ace out wide.

Fish 4-6 *2-4 Djokovic
Djokovic can't miss with that well-grooved first serve of his, but he steers a forehand wide to make it 15-15. Ace out wide from Djoko, but not everything he touches turn to gold - attempted drop-shot from the back of the court, but he finds the net. And we've got a break point, Djoko whipping a backhand wide, and Fish converts, moving Djoko about at the back of the court before putting away the forehand volley. Fish not quite extinct just yet...

Fish 4-6 1-4* Djokovic
That second serve from Fish sits up and begs to be hit, and Djokovic obliges, creaming a backhand winner down the line. Fish finds a big serve to make it 30-15, but Djokovic peppers the American's toes with another beast of a return to level. Well played Fish, finding a couple of hefty serves to get himself on the board in this second set.

Fish 4-6 *0-4 Djokovic
Djokovic finds the net with a backhand slice, but follows up with some deep groundstrokes, a rush to the net, and a dinky drop-volley. He's nailing Fish to a cross here, this time leaving the American rooted with a winner on the backhand side, and he follows up with an ace. Another easy hold, I wonder if Roger's watching this?

Fish 4-6 0-3* Djokovic
Double-fault from Fish, and it seems as though his confidence is draining into the Centre Court soil. Djokovic beasting it from the back of the court, before whipping a forehand winner across the hapless Fish. He's looking like a complete Swiss Army at the moment, the Serb, leaving Fish rooted with a dreamy drop-shot, and he breaks again with a thumping overhead. Djoko for Wimbledon? Who said he was out of sorts?

Fish 4-6 *0-2 Djokovic
Fish has made 14 unforced errors to Djokovic's five, and he's melting under the weight of these Djokovic groundstrokes - another hold to love.

Fish 4-6 0-1* Djokovic
Djokovic got a very handy 88% of his first serves in in that first set, and that's the mark of a contender. The Serb has also got 69% of his returns in, and he races into a 0-40 lead with a stinging backhand that Fish can only parry into the net. Fish digs out a doozy, beating Djokovic with a double-fisted backhand pass, but Djoko outlasts him on the next point for another break.

Fish *4-6 Djokovic
Djokovic kicks off with an ace on the T, and Fish, who is making too many mistakes on the forehand side, goes long to make it 30-0. Three set points for the world number four - he plops a volley into the net, but makes no mistake second time round. Tight start, but Fish's serve wasn't working well enough - only 50% of his first serves in, and Fish without his first serve is like Ron Pickering without his whistle.

Fish 4-5* Djokovic
A clinical service game from Fish, who perhaps realises he needs to be mixing it up a bit more. A couple of forays into the net, but his Serb opponent will serve for the set.

Fish *3-5 Djokovic
Fish blinks first in a slice-off from the back of the court and Djokovic hammers home his advantage with three splendid serves, and wins the point with a pick-up off his toes from the back of the court.

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"Need Djoko to survive till the semis. He's the only guy with the mental strength and belief that he can beat Federer."
clareisle on 606

Fish 3-4* Djokovic
Chilling accuracy from Djokovic, threading a backhand winner down the line, but Fish hits back with a beefy serve. Djokovic goes long with a backhand return, but a better return on the forehand wing opens up the court and he pokes over the winner. A misdirected backhand means the door is ajar, but Fish kicks it closed with another big serve. Fish has Djokovic scrambling at the back of the court before sending home the overhead, but Djokovic sets up another break point with a backhand winner down the line. Fish saves again, following up his serve and the net cord saving him on break point again, but Fish is outlasted from the back of the court to hand his opponent a fourth break point. Fish's second serve really kicking up, and Novak is only able to steer a backhand wide, but Djokovic wrenches the door open again, and this time he doesn't waste his chance - Fish wide with a forehand, the first break of the match.

Fish *3-3 Djokovic
Fish not making any inroads into the Djokovic serve... at 0-40 he has a swing and kills Djokovic with a tracer down the line. But Djokovic holds again...

Fish 3-2* Djokovic
Fish into the net, and he smothers an attempted backhand pass from Djokovic with a forehand volley on the stretch. Really rattling through these games, Fish pulling out another meaty serve to win the game to love.

Fish *2-2 Djokovic
Fish goes long with a floaty backhand before Djokovic makes it 40-15 with a howitzer straight down the middle and holds with another biggun that Fish is only able to parry.

Fish 2-1* Djokovic
Djoko goes long with a backhand, and there's not much sign of Fish coming into the net behind that big serve of his - so far. No need that time, as he serves up an ace out wide to Djoko's backhand, but he follows up with an unforced error on the forehand side and it becomes deuce on the back of another error from the American. Sir Bobby Charlton in the Royal Box, as brown as a berry, as Fish wrests another advantage with another scything ace. Djokovic goes long with a forehand, and after 13 minutes play, there are no breaks of serve.

Fish *1-1 Djokovic
News reaches me that Cheryl Cole is in situ. I'd crawl over broken glass just so that I could feel her fist in my face. Not problems for Djoko on serve, and he wraps up that game with an ace down the middle.

Fish 1-0* Djokovic
It's Fish to serve first, and he's under way with one out wide that Djokovic can only bunt long. Djoko outlasts his American opponent on the next point, before putting away a very clinical winning return on the forehand side. Fish saves one break point as Djokovic finds the net with a backhand, before Fish gets the luck of a net cord after a lengthy rally, with both players generating serious heat with their groundstrokes. Nicely done by Fish, who pins Novak in the corner with a whipped forehand before dinking a winner, before Djoko goes long with a backhand. A hold by Fish.
* denotes next to serve

NYfedfad on 606
"This is one of those times where relative results don't mean much. I'd love for Fish to take him out, but Novak is on a different level in shot-making and court coverage. I don't expect it to be a very close. Perhaps Mardy will have the serving day of his life?"

1734: Players knocking up, we'll have play in a couple of minutes...

1726: So much for the rain, it's roasting its backside off on Centre Court and it doesn't look like that's about to change as umpire and ball children await Djokovic and Fish. These two have met three times before, with Djokovic winning all three matches. But Fish has taken three sets from him, and some pundits believe his serve and volley game could confound his Serb opponent. This year equals Fish's best display at SW19, while Novak was a semi-finalist in 2007.

1719: Hello. People are speaking of an upset on Centre Court this evening, but has Mardy Fish got the tools to do a number on world number four Novak Djokovic? We're about to find out, in sultry conditions at SW19...

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