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Federer v Kohlschreiber as it happened


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By Ben Dirs at Wimbledon

Federer 6-3 6-2 6-7 6-1 Kohlschreiber
Kohlschreiber moves into a 0-30 lead, before putting a backhand volley into the net. But we have two break points, with Federer unable to deal with the deep slice of the German's backhand and putting his forehand into the tramlines. Federer saves one... and the next, with Kohlschreiber finding the net with a backhand. Lovely variety from Federer, coming across the ball on the forehand side to grab the advantage, before opening his shoulders and putting away a cross-court forehand to claim a rather scruffy win, I'm sure he'll agree. Still, Federer's scruffy is most players' bib and tucker...

Federer 6-3 6-2 6-7 *5-1 Kohlschreiber
This one's a ding-dong, with Kohlschreiber putting away a forehand winner to make it deuce, before the German goes wide with a wild backhand. Good net coverage from Phil, angling the racquet and leaving Federer standing, but Federer sends home a forehand winner, before Kohlschreiber hits back with a well-executed overhead. Kohlschreiber is caught out by a dipping ball that he thought was going out, and Federer dips into his top drawer to break, leaving his opponent standing with a laced forehand down the line. Gorgeous. It really is extremely uncomfortable in this commentary box, I've rarely been so clammy, I'm sweating like a gimp in a sauna.

Federer 6-3 6-2 6-7 4-1* Kohlschreiber
Federer races into a 40-0 lead, before his opponent puts away a peerless overhead. But that's a wrap, with Federer coming up with another rasping first serve to hold.

Federer 6-3 6-2 6-7 *3-1 Kohlschreiber
An eclectic Royal Box today. We've got Dizzee Rascal up there in conversation with Lady Wogan - they're very good friends apparently - while 'celebrity' gangster 'Mad' Frankie Fraser is today accompanied by Una Stubbs. Smashing. Easy hold from Kohlschreiber, with Federer handing him the game with a missed backhand dink.

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"What on earth is happening to Roger? He seems to have gone to sleep. Hopefully that set will have shocked him enough for him to wake up and get back on schedule."
Andrew from Newcastle via text on 81111

Federer 6-3 6-2 6-7 3-0* Kohlschreiber
That's the problem when opponents start flying high against Federer, they get too close to the sun and begin to melt. That said, Federer's still not quite perfectly calibrated yet, and that's a double-fault. He follows up with a forehand into the tramlines to make it deuce, before Kohlschreiber hammers home a cross-court forehand. Federer dredges up an ace to save, puts together some decent groundstrokes to take the advantange, and takes the game as the German puts a backhand wide.

Federer 6-3 6-2 6-7 *2-0 Kohlschreiber
Kolschreiber sends a backhand long, before rather snatching at a forehand to leave Federer 15-40 up. Double-fault from Kohlschreiber, that's a break.

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"Kohlschreiber is just starting to pick the right shots, and finding the form that put Djokovic out at the French. But it only takes a little more magic from Federer to turn the momentum in his favour."
Eagleeeee! on 606

Federer 6-3 6-2 6-7 1-0* Kohlschreiber
Well, that was some turn up. As Gary in Edinburgh has just texted in to say, it was Carl Froch-esque from Kohlschreiber, who was being slapped about there by Federer before really showing some character. Feds changes his shirt - he has to be disappointed with that, just one wolf whistle, and it sounded like a fella - and we're back on. Feds has got his poker face on, he wraps up his service game in a little over a minute.

Federer 6-3 6-2 6-7 Kohlschreiber
Kohlschreiber with a mini hold, and then outlasts Federer from the rear of the court to get the mini-break. That looks like a ripper of an ace down the T from the German, but Federer challenges - and this time he's wrong again. Crashing ace from Federer to make it 2-4, the ball arcing away from the flapping German, but he nicks back a mini-break, whipping a forehand winner straight down the pipe. That's sweet from Kohlschreiber, bunting a pass across the face of Federer, but Federer is able to withstand a raft of whipped forehands from the German before delivering the coupe de grace, a thrashed forehand winner. 5-4. Two set points for the German with the score at 6-5 - AND HE'S DONE IT! Federer forced to defend from the back of the court, and Kohlschreiber wraps things up with a fizzing backhand cross-court winner.

Federer 6-3 6-2 6-6* Kohlschreiber
At least Kohlschreiber knows it can be done now, but he has to do it again with the set at stake. Federer blows his last challenge and goes down 0-15, but shows his class with an old-school dink down the line that leaves the world number 32 clawing at thin air. Ace from Federer straight down the middle, and he pulls out another big bopper to hold.

Federer 6-3 6-2 *5-6 Kohlschreiber
Kid gloves from Kohlschreiber, leaving Federer for dead with a lovely drop-volley, and he makes it 30-15 with a common or garden serve and volley. That's tremendous work from Federer, pulling the German out of court with a cross-court forehand before leaving him for dead with one down the line. Deep, so deep from Federer, and Kohlschreiber finds himself drowning at the back of the court, but he hits back well, wresting the advantage with a drilled cross-court backhand. Federer bunts long on the forehand side, and that's a hold.

Federer 6-3 6-2 5-5* Kohlschreiber
Ace from Federer before Kohlschreiber knifes a backhand return long. The German tries to go cross-court with Federer at the net, but misses for Federer to hold to love.

Federer 6-3 6-2 *4-5 Kohlschreiber
Kohlschreiber really hitting his straps now, and he leaves Federer rooted once again with a fizzer on the forehand wing. Another straight-forward hold from the German, Federer looking a little bit out of sorts at the moment.

Federer 6-3 6-2 4-4* Kohlschreiber
Crafty pass from Kohlschreiber on the forehand wing, before the German creates two break points as Rog is outlasted in a lengthy one, and he only needs one of them, Federer just managing to track down a net cord and Kohlschreiber volleying into an empty court. Can someone sort this air conditioning out? It's funkier than Larry Blackmon's codpiece in here at the moment. Seriously clammy.

Federer 6-3 6-2 *4-3 Kohlschreiber
Kohlschreiber finding things quite easy on his serve this set - apart from the break, obviously - and he wins this one to love.

Federer 6-3 6-2 4-2* Kohlschreiber
Solid service hold from Federer, not much coming back at him. That was Federer clutching his opponent by the lapels, drawing him in close and whispering into his ear, "don't go getting any ideas..."

Federer 6-3 6-2 *3-2 Kohlschreiber
Federer has won his last 14 matches, and Kohlschreiber looks like a man on a hill grappling with a runaway barrel at the moment - plenty of endeavour, but it's just not going to happen. But there are a few signs of frustration from the world number two, who shrugs pointedly after Phil chases down a drop-volley. Big ace down the middle, a service hold.

Federer 6-3 6-2 3-1* Kohlschreiber
Rich in Knutsford texts into ask: "Is Ben Dirs your real name?" Nope Rich, I made it up. It was a choice between Ben Dirs and Jeremiah Spanglechrist. Break point for Kohlschreiber, Federer floating a backhand long after good hustling from the German, but Federer saves. Too much on that serve from Federer as Kohlschreiber goes long with a backhand return, but the world number 32 brings it back to deuce with a ferocious, flat forehand pass. That looked like a dodgy bounce off the baseline, Federer getting a cue-end on it, but he wrong-foots his rival with a peach of a forehand down the line to hold. He's being outclassed, but Kohlschreiber has got plenty of spunk. Federer dinks and the German leaves him standing with a threaded backhand pass. Phil well wide with a backhand, but a wicked return to the feet of Federer makes it deuce again. Federer serves out wide to wrest the advantage, and he takes the game as Kohlschreiber frames a backhand into the stand.

Federer 6-3 6-2 *2-1 Kohlschreiber
Remarkably, Serena's just been asked if she can moonwalk in her presser. For the record, she can't. Something to do with her arches, apparently. Easy hold for Kohlschreiber, and there haven't been many of those.

Federer 6-3 6-2 2-0* Kohlschreiber
This is a little bit painful to watch to be honest - Kohlschreiber hustling for every point, Federer, rather imperiously, seeing him off without ever hitting top form. The door is slightly ajar, but first Kohlschreiber puts a forehand wide before plonking a volley into the net to hand Federer the game.

Federer 6-3 6-2 *1-0 Kohlschreiber
Federer knifing some vicious backhands from the back of the court, and Kohlshreiber eventually crumbles. Phil manages to track down to Federer passes, but is unable to cope with a third, before Kohlshreiber makes it 15-30 with a wrong-footing forehand. But that's classic Federer, leaving his opponent rooted to the spot with a whipped forehand pass, and Federer converts his second break point, brushing a forehand winner past the prone Kohlschreiber.

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"Anyone else get the feeling Roger wearing a sweatband a bit over the top for the way he's playing?!"
Mark via text on 81111

Federer 6-3 6-2* Kohlschreiber
Marvellous rally, Federer pinging groundstrokes from both wings at the rear of the court, luring the German in and chopping off his head with a dainty lob. Two aces in a row, Fed's two sets up and disappearing into the sunset.

Federer 6-3 *5-2 Kohlschreiber
Gossamer from Federer, poking over a drop-shot that Phil can only yank wide, but Kohlschreiber hits back with a well-constructed point, finished at the net. Phil whips a backhand into the tramlines to hand Federer a break point, but Kohlshreiber pulls out a plum of a serve to save. Federer puts away a forehand volley, but that's good scrambling again from the spunky German, leaving Federer giraffe-legged at the rear of the court with a booming forehand winner. Federer winds up with a forehand and puts it long, and Kohlshreiber holds.

Federer 6-3 5-1* Kohlschreiber
No-nonsense from Federer, going into the net behind a biggun and putting away an easy forehand volley, and Phil puts a sliced backhand well long to hand the Swiss an easy hold to love.

Federer 6-3 *4-1 Kohlschreiber
That's a raking backhand down the line from Federer which Phil is unable to deal with, but Kohlschreiber makes it 15-30, piling into a cross-court forehand winner from the back of the court. The German then buckles at the net under the weight of the Federer forehand, before finding himself foxed and wrong-footed by a ball that dies on the whitewash. It's another break...

Federer 6-3 3-1* Kohlschreiber
Kohlshreiber chops a forehand wide to make it 30-15, before Federer serves up what I believe is his first double-fault of the match. Wild from the German, flailing a backhand return well long, but Federer wrests the advantage with a backhand winner before punching home a backhand volley to hold.

Federer 6-3 *2-1 Kohlschreiber
An ace from Kohlschreiber makes it 40-15, but Federer then pulls out an elegant forehand return to make it 40-30. Kohlschreiber challenges, and loses, but finishes off a well-planned point with a clinical forehand winner to make it advantage him. And that will be a settler for the world number 32, who holds with a cheeky backhand drop-volley.

Federer 6-3 2-0* Kohlschreiber
Federer like a albatross at the net, somehow managing to dig out an attempted pass by his German opponent, but Kohlschreiber makes it 15-30 with a forehand pass. Federer's serve just too good, however, and that's another comfortable hold.

Federer 6-3 *1-0 Kohlschreiber
Federer challenges correctly for the fourth time, if I'm not mistaken, and shrugs a "they've all got it in for me" shrug as he's vindicated again. Phil pushes a forehand wide to make it 15-30 before missing with an attempted backhand pass. Another break, the German putting a forehand pick-up into the net.

Federer 6-3* Kohlschreiber
Federer with an ace straight down the middle, that was more slippery than cat sick on linoleum, and he races into a 40-0 lead. Vicious, dipping forehand into Kohlschreiber's feet, Federer holds to love to wrap up the first set. Rog not at his best, but he's got plenty more gears. Kohlschreiber, on the other hand, seems to be rattling around in fifth.

Federer *5-3 Kohlschreiber
Kohlschreiber gets out of position behind the baseline and find the net with a backhand, but pulls out a big serve to level. Pretty much a packed Centre now, as Federer slices a backhand tamely into the net. Another unforced error from Federer - there's been a few of them - this time on the forehand side, and Phil holds with a backhand smash.

Federer 5-2* Kohlschreiber
Kohlschreiber scrambling well here after a very ominous start, and he makes it 0-30 with a forehand volley. Not so fluent from Federer at the moment, but that's a fine backhand cross-court winner to make it 30-30. Kohlschreiber goes wide with a forehand, and Federer extricates himself from a spot of bother with an ace wide out.

Federer *4-2 Kohlschreiber
Not the best way to back up a break against the world number two - a double-fault to start. Lengthy rally, before Kohlschreiber is drawn in and suckered with a lob. Federer slips behind the baseline, allowing Phil to put away a comfortable overhead, but Federer moves into a 15-40 lead after a razor-sharp pick-up at the net, which the German thought was out. Kohlschreiber's got some nice little touches, and that's sweet, dinking over a drop-shot before executing the lob. Deuce now, Federer unable to handle a beefy serve, before Kohlschreiber challenges unsuccessfully. To add salt to the wound, Federer then challenges a baseline call correctly, but the German pulls out a big one to wrest the advantage, and holds with a boomer straight down the middle.

Federer 4-1* Kohlschreiber
Nice backhand winner from Kohlschreiber to make it 15-15, but Federer, like a playground bully snatching back a toy, makes it 40-15 with a thumping ace. But that's cute from the German, manoeuvring Federer round the court before punching home a forehand volley, and he follows up with an angled backhand volley to set up a break point. And he's filled his boots, drawing Federer into the net before bamboozling the world number two with a dipping backhand pass.

Federer *4-0 Kohlschreiber
The verdant lawn of Centre Court turns a lighter shade of green as the sun flexes its muscles up above, and Federer brightens the mood still further with a fizzing cross-court pass on the forehand side. It's 0-40 as Phillip goes long with a forehand, but that's a well-constructed point from the German, finishing it off with a forehand down the line. Nice again from Kohlschreiber, an ace making it 30-40, and he claws it back to deuce with a nice forehand dink behind a meaty serve. Federer puts a backhand return long, but then outwits he German, poking a backhand over his head at the net. Long from Phillip again, but Kohlschreiber puts away a solid forehand volley to make it deuce again. But that's a doozy of a cross-court forehand pass from Federer, and he breaks again, Kohlschreiber putting a forehand into the net.

Federer 3-0* Kohlschreiber
Booming serve from Federer makes it 15-0, and he moves into a 40-15 lead as Phillip puts a forehand into the net. Ace from Federer to hold, this is how he rolls...

Federer *2-0 Kohlschreiber
Phillip - I'm going to call him that from now on, it's a little easier than Kohlschreiber when typing at speed - quickly hits quicksand on his own serve, falling behind 0-30, before framing a wild forehand miles long. Better from Phillip, who pulls out a big serve, before it's Federer's turn to frame a forehand long. Nice serve down the middle, and Federer eventually puts a backhand into the net for deuce. Fizzing return from Federer, and Kohlschreiber gives up the game rather tamely with a sliced backhand into the net.

Federer 1-0* Kohlschreiber
Right, it's Federer to serve first, and it's like shelling peas for the Swiss - blink and you missed it first game, Federer taking it to love in about 30 seconds.

* denotes next to serve

1302: And here they are. If Federer hadn't already be seen in that military style jacket this week, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a tribute to Michael Jackson. Federer's designers mercifully drew the line at a diamond-encrusted glove. Little bit of bling pouring out of the front of his jacket, too, looks like he got his driver to stop off at Elizabeth Duke. Players knocking up...

KeyboardBone on 606 "Federer will win in straight sets, he won't have to break sweat, might as well give federer the trophy now, Nadal was the only one that could beat him consistently in the slams..."

1258: The ball boys and girls are out, and here come the line judges, who quickly whip of those piped jackets and get right down to shirt sleeves. Stand by for the main man...

1254: More on Kohlschreiber - I recommend his website, it talks! - he turned pro in 2001 and has won two singles titles. This year equals his best display at Wimbledon (he also reached round three in 2006). He's not a big man, but he packs plenty of punch.

1245: Nets are up and all of a sudden it's a peach of a day at Wimbledon, Centre Court bathed in bright sunshine at the moment. This game will certainly start as an outdoor encounter, difficult to say if it will stay that way. Kohlschreiber and Federer have met three times previously, and it won't surprise you to learn that the five-time champion has won on all three occasions without dropping a set. Two of those games were on grass, with Federer winning the final of the Gerry Weber in 2008 and a quarter-final at the same event in 2005. They last met in Qatar in January, where Kohlschreiber at least took Federer to a tie-break. Still, I'm thinking Phil's hopes are slim to none... and slim's out of town...

1236: Oooh, innit close? Yes, mother, it is extremely clammy at Wimbledon today, and although the Centre Court roof is off at the moment, I get the feeling it could be put to the test for the first time today - I think we could be in for some dramatic weather at some point. If the lid is put on, five-time champion Roger Federer and German world number 32 Philipp Kohlschreiber will have the honour of being the first to play beneath it. Apparently they'll be making a decision soon whether to do just that...

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