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Chardy v Roddick at it happened


Chardy v Roddick live video


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By Tom Fordyce

Chardy 3-6 6-7 6-4 2-6 Roddick
And that's it - quickfire serving from Roddick is too much for Chardy and the American is through. The fans are on their feet to applaud his performance - and also to stretch their legs before the arrival of Sir Andrew of Murray.

Chardy 3-6 6-7 6-4 2-5* Roddick
Great return from Roddick to Chardy's opening serve but once again the Frenchman is back in the game with a return which leaves Roddick flatfooted. A Chardy ace and smash puts him 40-15 up and although the sixth seed wins the next point, Chardy's next serve is plonked back into the net and Roddick will have to serve it out.

Chardy 3-6 6-7 6-4 *2-5 Roddick
A wild return from Roddick brings Chardy back into the game at 15-15 as the game time passes two hours and he shows his determination by forcing Roddick to net a return and make it 30-30. He again levels to take it to deuce but Roddick booms down two more serves to move within a game of victory.

Chardy 3-6 6-7 6-4 2-4* Roddick
Another rapid game sees Chardy stay in touch.

Chardy 3-6 6-7 6-4 *1-3 Roddick
Serve continues to dominate as Roddick quickly wins the next game to love. If he wins three more it's time for you-know-who. Murray, not Voldemort.

Chardy 3-6 6-7 6-4 1-2* Roddick
Chardy is not out of this yet and Roddick returns his first serve long and watches the second and third whizz by him for aces. The Frenchman then gets on the board for this set with a dink over the net after a rapid rally.

Chardy 3-6 6-7 6-4 *0-2 Roddick
Chardy's drop-shot has been an unpredictable weapon this afternoon. When it works, it's left Roddick slipping and sliding - but half the time the aim is off, and a net-finder here gives Roddick a shot at a break. A forehand pushed deep has Chardy in trouble, and when the Frenchman loses his footing the break is snatched away.

Chardy 3-6 6-7 6-4 *0-1 Roddick
Roddick, emotionless despite that unexpected third set reverse, tugs his white baseball cap a little lower and marches out to crash down three brutal serves. Back in the rhythm.


Chardy 3-6 6-7 6-4 Roddick
Well well. Roddick wasn't even close to breaking back there. A buzz around Centre Court - the MurrayMoment is on hold for now.

Chardy 3-6 6-7 *5-4 Roddick
Now it's Chardy's turn to turn up the heat. He pushes Roddick deep and the slides away a winner to set up two break points - the first saved by an ace, the second taken as Roddick misses with his first serve and is then forced into a backhand error. No-one was expecting that...

Chardy 3-6 6-7 4-4* Roddick
Suddenly Roddick has upped his pace. He has a glimpse at 30-30 but drives marginally long, only to haul himself to deuce with a volley pushed deep and an overhead put-a-way to deal with the reply. Chardy has more in the tank too, however - pace out wide and then a thumper first serve to close out the danger.

Chardy 3-6 6-7 *3-4 Roddick
Scorchio out there now. The umpire, visibly uncomfortable in that inadvisable tie/collar combo, surreptitiously glugs a refreshing barley-water as Roddick finds himself involved in a shock rally on his serve. When Chardy thrashes a flat forehand into the net, normal service is resumed.

Chardy 3-6 6-7 3-3* Roddick
Just to throw some variety into the afternoon, Chardy drops a point before recovering to win all the rest.

Chardy 3-6 6-7 *2-3 Roddick
Another hold to love. Sean, I take it back. Keep your powder dry.

Chardy 3-6 6-7 2-2* Roddick
Repetez s'il vous plait from Chardy - hold to love at double-quick time. Roddick lays a racquet on one, but only to frame it high into the crowd.

Chardy 3-6 6-7 *1-2 Roddick
Whoosh - lightening-fast hold from Roddick. Took less than a minute, that. Doesn't look like Connery is bothering with this earlier match. Some people.

Chardy 3-6 6-7 1-1* Roddick
Anything you can do, says Chardy, holding to love. Rumours are sweeping Wimbledon that Sean Connery is on his way to watch Andy Murray's match. Let's roll out the big guns.

Chardy 3-6 6-7 *0-1 Roddick
Big ask for Chardy now. How do you get a foothold on the Roddick serve when he's boom-booming like this? Hold to 15 this time, and Chardy has got that faraway look in his eyes.

Chardy 3-6 6-7 Roddick
Mais non - Chardy has a chance on the Rodd serve but flops an over-ambitious drop-hot into the net. Roddick extends his lead to 3-1 with barrelling serve and holds the advantage as Chardy slips. A sweet pass and fizzing serve, and it's in the bag. Knew it.


Chardy 3-6 6-7 Roddick
Mais non - Chardy has a chance on the Rodd serve but flops an over-ambitious drop-hot into the net. Roddick extends his lead to 3-1 with barrelling serve and holds the advantage as Chardy slips. A sweet pass and fizzing serve, and it's in the bag. Knew it.

Chardy 3-6 6-6 Roddick
Tiebreak it is. Roddick's been in 22 of them this year and won 19. He's also only lost three points on his serve in the entire set. Omens? Surely.

Chardy 3-6 6-5* Roddick
Selfless stuff in the crowd from one young beau. As his girlfriend watches on rapt, he gently fans her with his hat. He then guarantees himself a spot on the BBC's end-of-tournament musical montage by doing a strange twitching thing repeatedly with his cheek, like an anxious squirrel. Chardy conjures up a splendid running pass down the line to battle back from 0-30 with four straight points.

Chardy 3-6 *5-5 Roddick
Lovely touch at the net again from Chardy. He pops in a teaser of a drop-shot and then volleys a nose-diving lob over Roddick's frantically flailing racquet. It's all for nought, though, as Roddick runs round his forehand and crashes two winners past Chardy's desperate backhand lunge.

Chardy 3-6 5-4* Roddick
Point of the match so far - a thrilling exchange of dink-donk volleys at the net won by the Frenchman's stretching forehand pop-away. Chardy saves a break point for the seventh time this afternoon with a spitting lifter of a serve, and the same tactic nudge shim back in front. For now.

Chardy 3-6 *4-4 Roddick
Crash bang wallop - Roddick holds without a single scare. Who said tiebreak?

Chardy 3-6 4-3* Roddick
Now then. Chardy is hurried into a forehand smear with his feet not set and can only find the net. Deuce. Roddick slices deep and Chardy nets again - ad A-Rod. Booming serves get him first out of trouble (ace) back into it (double-fault) and then out of it again (ace). Roddick can't get enough lift into his forehand topspin, finds the tape and the skinny chance slips away.

Chardy 3-6 *3-3 Roddick
Barely have I started to type this sentence then Rodders holds without losing a point. Roland Garros it ain't.

Chardy 3-6 3-2* Roddick
Spectators stand to stretch their legs and get a little cool air to the back of sweaty legs. Chardy rattles through his set of serves without beading his brow.

Chardy 3-6 *2-2 Roddick
...and a rapid-fire hold from Roddick. Whipcrack noises echo round the rafters as serves blur into the backboards.

Chardy 3-6 2-1* Roddick
Rapid-fire hold from Chardy. There's a chap in the crowd resting his feet on the back of the empty seat in front of him, which serves mainly to highlight the filthy state of his ankle-high white socks.

Chardy 3-6 *1-1 Roddick
That is a brute of a serve from Roddick. Ooof. Free Chardy fact for you: his coach is called Fred Fontang.

Chardy 3-6 *1-1 Roddick
That is a brute of a serve from Roddick. Ooof. Free Chardy fact for you: his coach is called Fred Fontang.

Chardy 3-6 1-0* Roddick
Cunning slice from Rod, heavy off the backhand, and Chardy can only flail them into the divider. Two break points. The line-judges lean forward, hands on beige chinos, as Chardy winds up his serve - return into the net from Roddick. Super forehand cross-court drive to save the second, and he's off the hook. Admirable pluck.


Chardy 3-6 Roddick
At 15-15 and 30-30 second serves there is, too - but a lob goes long and wide, and a trademark A-Rod acer seals the set. Match on, however...

Chardy *3-5 Roddick
Suddenly Chardy's looking more like a grown-up version of the young man who won the Wimbledon boys' title in 2005. He holds to love with the aid of a spitting second serve, and there'll be some pressure on the Roddick serve now...

Chardy *2-5 Roddick
Rare hope for Chardy as Roddick's radar temporarily goes wonky. He finds himself at 30-0, mishits a framer into the crowd (spilt by an over-anxious old boy with hard hands) and then profits from a laughably fortuitous net-cord to pull back a break. Interesting.

Chardy 1-5* Roddick
Sympathetic support from the stands as Chardy finally escapes the bagel. His forehand forces Roddick wide and then leaves him stranded as it stings the other side.

Chardy *0-5 Roddick
More bad news for Chardy - Geri Halliwell is courtside. If there's one place Chardy would Wannabe right now, it's somewhere else - he's taking a terrible spanking out there. Stop right now, he might well sing.

Chardy 0-4* Roddick
Tardy from Chardy - he's late to Roddick's sledgehammer returns again, and that's another break lost. Not a huge surprise - Chardy lost in the first round at Queen's - and this is only his fourth grass court tournament ever. Bless.

Chardy *0-3 Roddick
Not hanging about, the be-capped American - trademark big serves leave Chardy reeling. If you've not been able to keep up with the Chronicles of Roddick recently, he won in Memphis, lost to Murray in the final in Doha and reached the semis at the Aussie Open. Not a full on renaissance, but a revitalisation at least.

Chardy 0-2* Roddick
Some Chardy chat for you, if you're new to his game. This is his second outing at Wimbledon - last year, as a wildcard, he saw off Frederico Gil in five sets before losing to countryman Paul-Henri Mathieu. Weak second serving gives Roddick the chance to end the points early, and a backhand flopsie from Chardy costs him the break.

Chardy *0-1 Roddick
Splendid start from the number six seed. Two aces fire up his engine, that improved backhand touches the accelerator and a crisp forehand takes him into the fast lane.

1436: Delightful sunshine bathing Wimbledon this afternoon. If you don't like playing or watching tennis in these conditions, you need to find yourself a new soul. Or a sport, if you want to be less dramatic.

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