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Murray v Blake as it happened


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By Chris Bevan

It's good news for a Briton
1554: And that's about it from me too. It's been a great day for Andy Murray, and British tennis, with his win over James Blake providing the first home winner at the Queen's Club since 1938. It all bodes well for Wimbledon, doesn't it...and luckily that is not very far away. Thanks for your 606 banter and texts and hope to see you soon.

1549: BBC Sport's Mark Petchey: "Andy already had a lot of confidence from his clay season but he is serving so well now that he is not letting his opponents near him. He has put himself in a position to go into Wimbledon as a great contender, he won't be the favourite but, if he serves well, he will be incredibly difficult to beat."

1547: More Andy Murray news: It's been confirmed that he will be a special guest on BBC Radio 5 Live this coming Wednesday (17 June). He'll be answering questions in front of a live audience - which has never been done before. Make sure you tune in at 1900 BST this Wednesday on 5 Live Sport.

1545: So, job done for Andy Murray and his preparations for Wimbledon couldn't have gone better this week. Things will be a bit more difficult over in SW19 but, with his first grass court title in the bag, he will go there full of confidence. That all starts on 22 June by the way...that's in just eight days time.

Get involved on 606
1542: From Albert 'Einstein' Riera on 606: "Well done Murray and boy, that is one winner's trophy!"

It's good news for a Briton
1537: Blimey, it's a big old cup at Queen's isn't it? Murray parades the silverware, with a bit of a struggle, and he seems a very happy Bunny...(sorry). "I've played some of the best tennis of my life this week," he tells BBC Sport afterwards. "I'll just try to focus on getting ready for Wimbledon now and doing as well as possible."

1535: Andy Murray is the first British winner here since Henry 'Bunny' Austin in 1938 but he has to wait a little longer to get his hands on the cup - James Blake is up first and he looks quite happy with his week's work..."I just hope I'm on the opposite side of the draw to Andy at Wimbledon," he says. What a nice chap.

It's good news for a Briton
Murray 7-5 6-4 Blake
That's it. A perfect service game from Murray seals victory in what has been pretty much a perfect tournament. He's only dropped two service games and did not lose a set. Bring on Wimbledon, then. But first...the trophy.


Murray * 7-5 5-4 Blake
Well, Blake holds to love but that doesn't really matter does it? Murray will serve for the title next...

Murray 7-5 5-3 * Blake
Murray knows he is close to wrapping this up now but is not showing any signs of nerves. In fact, if anything, there seems to be an extra spring in his step. He steps up to put away a couple of loose shots by Blake and is just one game away from the title now.

It's good news for a Briton
Murray * 7-5 4-3 Blake
The crowd sportingly applaud Blake when a call, finally, goes for him but sadly it is all downhill from there for the American. A couple of errors give Murray a sniff and he is at his tenacious best to draw more mistakes out of his opponent and claim what could be a crucial break.

Get involved on 606
From Cogen on 606: "John in Tenby, the Hawkeye system is never going to be 100% accurate. However it is still largely accurate and I'm sure they have tons of settings on the equipment they can adjust to allow for different conditons. The one thing you can be certain of is that Hawkeye will never favour one player over the other. It is an impartial judge at the very least.

Murray 7-5 3-3 * Blake
Phew. When Blake gets his forehand right, it's a huge weapon and a couple of crackeroos help him claw to deuce here. That's as good as it gets for him, however, as a couple of tidy backhands by Murray see him through.

Text in your views on 81111
From sunburnt Adam in Manchester, via text on 81111: "Blake seems to have the right balance of skill and aggression but must be the most unlucky player on Tour, he's had half a dozen calls unfairly gone against him today. Oh wait, there's another one!"

Murray * 7-5 2-3 Blake
Hmmm, it's been a while since Murray has tried drawing Blake into the net, but it still seems to be a tactic that is working - it helps him move to 0-30 and the American is wobbling but then it all goes a bit pear-shaped for the world number three. Some uncharacteristic errors from Murray means he sees the next four points slip away. The Scot lets out a loud yelp of frustration at the changeover - he knows that was a chance.

Text in your views on 81111
From John in Tenby via text on 81111: "With the challenges the players are allowed how does the system work does it take into consideration humidity etc which can effect ball flight?"

Murray 7-5 2-2 * Blake
Blake is still attacking the Murray serve too, but still having very mixed results and he makes too many errors here to threaten.

BBC Sport's John Lloyd: "Blake has to keep attacking with his forehand because at the moment that is the only shot he has got."

Murray * 7-5 1-2 Blake
A straightforward hold for Blake, who is able to dominate points when his first serves fly in. Most of them do, and he's still looking lively in this match.

Murray 7-5 1-1 * Blake
At 40-15 another call goes against Blake, when his shot lands on the line with Murray all-but beaten but is called out. This time, justice isn't done - Murray's big serve is followed by a thumping winner. "That is too good," says the magnanimous Blake. He's right too.

Murray * 7-5 0-1 Blake
More bother for Blake at 30-all but he keeps attacking and that big forehand finds its range, forcing a couple of backhand errors from Murray. The American holds but with a bit of a struggle. Oh and Ben's got a point (see below) - Blake is all in blue.
(* denotes NEXT server)

Text in your views on 81111
From Ben Rainbow (Yes that is my real name, oh the irony) via text on 81111: "Re Deborah in Richmond, I'm colourblind but am sure Blake isn't wearing white!"


It's good news for a Briton
Murray 7-5 Blake
Unlucky for Blake, who is 30-0 down but about to win the point when he easily reaches a Murray drop shot that is wrongly called out. Murray challenges, wins, but justice is done when Blake wins the replayed point. It's only a temporary reprieve, however. He sees his next return fly a mile out and, after another forehand hits the net, the first set is in the bag for Murray. I've got the score right now too...if you manually refresh the page anyway...sorry.

It's good news for a Briton
Murray * 6-5 Blake about a turn around. From being on the brink of losing this first set, Murray will now serve for it next. He takes the sting out of some huge Blake deliveries and hangs on to draw the mistakes out of the American to reach 15-40. Another error later, and he is in front, can he hold this time?

Get involved on 606
From potato skins on 606: "Blake is playing well. He's really hitting the ball cleanly."

Murray 5-5 * Blake
Murray picks a bad time to find his first double fault of the match at 15-15 and needs a big serve to haul himself level at 30-all. Even then, Blake seems to think he can snatch this first set but goes long with a big return on the next point and Murray holds out after reaching one drop shot and replying with another, sublime, one of his own. That's why he's the world number three...

Text in your views on 81111
From Deborah in Richmond via text on 81111: "How fantastic tennis looks on lovely green grass with white-clad players. So much more attractive than clay or hard courts. A British player in a final is just a bonus."

Murray * 4-5 Blake
Again, Blake is rolling along nicely. He's keeping the pressure on Murray with some big serves and even bigger groundstrokes and more of the same here means the Scot will serve to stay in the first set next. A bit of pressure then...probably a good thing for Murray this.

Murray 4-4 * Blake
Hmmm, another sniff for Blake at 30-all but his decision to attack the Murray second serve lets him down when his next two returns fly out. By the way, apologies if the live stream of this match on the BBC website stopped working a little while ago - it should be fine now, or so I'm told.

Murray * 3-4 Blake
Another confident game on serve by Blake, who is not afraid to show a bit of subtlety when a Murray return comes back short. He puts away a drop volley that Andy would be proud of and, so far, is the player enjoying himself more.

"Blake has obviously come out with a good game plan," says John Lloyd on BBC One. "He's not allowing himself to be bullied and is producing a decent variety of shots to keep Murray guessing."

Murray 3-3 * Blake
And after his own little blip, Murray's serve is also back into its groove. No chance for Blake to attack and Andy's knuckles are safe...for now.

Murray * 2-3 Blake
No problems for Blake here, with his big first serve setting him up for an easy hold, to love. Murray looks a tad distracted and has a (quiet) word with himself at the changeover. If I was his knuckles, I would be getting worried now...

It's bad news for a Briton
Murray 2-2 * Blake
Ah. Murray has only been broken once in 38 service games this week but a couple of sloppy shots give Blake a sniff of a quick response. The American puts his next backhand into the net but he is not about to let this chance slip away - a rasping forehand down the line means we are all-square again in the first set.

It's good news for a Briton
Murray * 2-1 Blake
Clever, clever stuff from Murray. He draws Blake into the net to force the first error on serve and then produces a sizzling backhand down the line to force a break point at 30-40. Can it get any better? Yes - a drop shot on the next point brings Blake in again, and his error means Murray has the early advantage.

Murray 1-1 * Blake
Erm, it would help if I put the score in wouldn't it!? Back to the tennis, and Murray matches Blake with some strong serving...with an ace from his first delivery also helping him hold to love. Nice.

Murray * 0-1 Blake
A very impressive start for Blake, who lost in the the 2006 final here to Lleyton (C)Hewitt by the way. His serve is quickly into the swing of things and he backs that up with a couple of big forehand winners to hold to love.
(* denotes NEXT server)

1422: And we're off. Blake to serve first...

Text in your views on 81111
From anon via text on 81111: "Come on Murray! Show them you can make British tennis history."

BBC Sport's John Lloyd: "Blake, when he gets a second serve today, will try to create some heat and get ahead in the point. Murray hasn't had to face that at Queen's so far this week."

1413: Murray and Blake are out on court now and, after posing for photos in the sunshine, are knocking up. Not long to go now.

Text in your views on 81111
From Matty in Essex via text on 81111: "Murray mint vs James Flake, with the full Brit mint malteasing Flake into a straight set de-feast. Top that sweetage!"

1407: James Blake speaking to the BBC: "Andy puts the ball in very difficult positions - which makes it very difficult to be aggressive. I'll have to pick my spots, see when I can attack him and play a clever match."

1402: Andy Murray speaking to the BBC: "My routine on the morning of a final is the same as any match - get up four or five hours beforehand, get some food down me and get out and do some practice. The locker room is a lot quieter than other matches so it's easier to concentrate beforehand."

1353: Erm, I'm not sure which tournament takes place in SW13 either (see 1344)...thanks to those who texted in and rest assured I've changed that, auto-refreshers! Oh, and there has been lots of tennis players/confectionary chat from you lot over the last few weeks - Lleyton Chewitts, Ferrero Rocher etc I suppose you'll agree it is quite fitting that Murray is up against James Flake today? I'll get my coat...

1350: By the way, it's fair to say Murray would probably have expected to be facing Andy Roddick today - but the four-time champion came a cropper when he slipped early on in his semi-final against Blake. So, what is Andy up against instead? Blake is 29, the sixth seed here and ranked 15th in the world. Oh and he came back from breaking his neck in 2004 (when he ran into a net post while practicing), so he's a tough cookie.

The sun is out
1350: If you're in the UK and give this page a cheeky refresh you should be able to see the live stream of action from Queen' the way, the players are due on court at 1400 BST and the weather in west London is gorgeous, again. All good news, really.

Text in your views on 81111
From Chris in Newcastle via text on 81111: "I'm at work, it's sunny and the football is finished. Thank god for Andy Murray and for Chris Bevan. Between the two of you I think I'll make it through today!"

It's good news for a Briton
1344: But, let's be honest folks, whether or not Murray triumphs today to collect his first grass court title and become the first British winner at Queen's since Henry 'Bunny' Austin in 1938, what really counts is whether he will still be around SW19 on Sunday 5 July to try to become the first British men's champion there since Fred Perry in 1936. Andy is playing down the hype but what do you reckon?

1338: So, although the nation will unite to celebrate a historic Andy Murray victory today, should he lose, you can still flutter those Union Jacks with pride. As Blake himself says: "The crowd will be on his side being full British, but I'm half English too - hopefully I will have a few supporters."

1335: Yep, James Blake may have been born in New York, raised in Connecticut and educated at Harvard but his mum Betty is from Banbury in Oxfordshire, and he considers Wimbledon as a 'second' home Grand Slam (despite displaying admirable British qualities by never having gone past the third round there).

It's good news for a Briton
1332: Right then, time to find out who will be king at Queen's...and I bring good news - whether Andy Murray or James Blake comes out on top in today's final, the man who will take this particular crown from Rafael Nadal will have British blood. Definitely.

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