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French Open day 10 as it happened


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By Piers Newbery

1803: Unbelievably, it seems the authorities at Roland Garros have decided to press on with their tournament despite the absence of the British number one. A brave decision, but a good one, and we will be back from 1300 BST on the Red Button, website streaming (UK only), 5 Live Sports Extra and text commentary on Wednesday. We will have a selection from Sorana Cirstea v Samantha Stosur and Gael Monfils v Roger Federer on Chatrier, and Svetlana Kuznetsova v Serena Williams and Juan Martin del Potro v Tommy Robredo on Lenglen. A demain.

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1801: "Ok so murray lost but he went 2 rounds further than Djoko to cement his place as no3 and i believe even if fed wins andy will gain ground on him as he made the final last year! So not all doom and gloom."
From john in essex via text on 81111

1756: Well, that's a shame for the many Murray fans but a quarter-final place is pretty good going and, let's face it, he did better than Nadal eh? For those of you who wish to see a lesson in 'the art of running around your backhand and belting a massive forehand winner', Murray v Gonzalez will be replayed in full on the Red Button from 1805 BST.

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1751: "That's that then for Murray. I'm a Federer fan for the rest of the week."
From Time-4-Heroes on 606

1748: "Murray will be disappointed because the draw had opened up," says John Lloyd on the Red Button. "It was not a bad French Open for him but he's on a learning curve on this surface and well see him do better there in the future."

It's bad news for a Briton
Murray 3-6 6-3 0-6 4-6 Gonzalez
Two errors have Murray back in trouble at 0-30, and a poor drop shot take him to 0-40. Three match points... and Murray nets on the first to give the Chilean victory. Shame for Murray but Gonzo was inspired today. He could be the new Robin Soderling.

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1745: "Amazing how exciting a commute journey home can be! Usually i sleep all the way. Go for it, Andy!"
From Anthony, Balcombe, via text

It's good news for a Briton
Murray * 3-6 6-3 0-6 4-5 Gonzalez
So Gonzalez serves for the match, and finds himself 0-40 down as Murray starts to let it fly from the baseline. He forces an error on the first break point and we've still got a match here.

It's bad news for a Briton
Murray 3-6 6-3 0-6 3-5 * Gonzalez
A double-fault is not the way to start for Murray and Gonzalez has the Briton in trouble at 15-30. A lengthy rally follows and Gonzo does a brilliant job of sliding in to collect a decent drop shot and steering it back down the line. It's 15-40 and double break-point.... Murray saves the first with a brilliant winner, and the second with a, er, brilliant winner. It's his best moment of the day, but unfortunately one of the less impressive moments follows as he nets a forehand, so it's break point three.... and Gonzalez plays the mother of all forehands, even for him. He steps out wide and clubs it down the line. It probably made a hole in the backstop.

Murray * 3-6 6-3 0-6 3-4 Gonzalez
All appears normal at 30-0 to Gonzalez, but then... the radar goes off for a moment and he spanks a couple of forehands long for 30-30. The Chilean comes up with a big serve, but Murray steps in and hits a fine backhand return for deuce. Gonzalez stands firm and hammers his way to a hard-fought hold.

Murray 3-6 6-3 0-6 3-3 * Gonzalez
Gonzalez has a sniff at 15-30 but then plays a mishits that is almost as spectacular as his many winners. At 30-30, Murray plays a blinder of a backhand and roars in delight/relief/frustration. A big serve, another roar, and Murray is trying to rouse himself for another go at the Gonzo serve.

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1726: "I'm feeling pessimistic about this one, which is half making me want to turn off the computer and leave work..."
From Lauren, barbican, via text on 81111

1726: "Re: 1704, at least you have a desk. I have a small stool in a windowless room in central london with people buzzing me for tea and coffee.but come on murray!"
From anon via text

Murray * 3-6 6-3 0-6 2-3 Gonzalez
Murray gets the crowd going despite losing the opening point after some incredible retrieving at least extends the rally. The Gonzalez drop shot works twice in this game, and Murray is caught between retrieving several feet behind the baseline and occasionally haring in towards the net. Gonzo takes the game with a couple of enormous forehands.

Murray 3-6 6-3 0-6 2-2 * Gonzalez
"Come on Andy!" shouts a hopeful Brit in the crowd when a missed drop shot takes him to 0-30. The Scot flirts with a double-fault but gets away with it, and gets a bit lucky again when Gonzo drags a forehand wide, but a rather careful smash and a Gonzo error give him the game. "Come on!!!" he screams, and that felt like a big hold.

Murray * 3-6 6-3 0-6 1-2 Gonzalez
Gonzalez holds serve to love, rounding it off with a backhand-sliced-volley winner. That's right, a BSVW.

Murray 3-6 6-3 0-6 1-1 * Gonzalez
Murray sees a Gonzalez backhand pass whistle past him but responds with a fine winner of his own on his way to 30-30, and he grabs a vital hold after losing seven straight games.
*denotes NEXT to serve

BBC Radio 5 Live
Murray * 3-6 6-3 0-6 0-1 Gonzalez
It's all looking pretty rosy for Gonzalez as he hammers away another forehand winner to hold to 15. "Gonzalez is a great front-runner," says Pat Cash on 5 Live Sports Extra, "but in fairness he didn't have to do much to win that last set, Murray just gave it away."


Murray 3-6 6-3 0-6 * Gonzalez
Yikes, that was a game - and a set - to try and forget immediately for Murray. Gonzo has him all over the place with a bit of Mansour Bahramiesque tomfoolery, bringing him in with a drop shot and then lob-volleying him. Murray slips to 15-40 and then puts a smash into the net. Actually, I think it bounced before it hit the net.

1705: "Re:1643. That's not catch 22, just a difficult decision!"
From Stevo, edinburgh, via text on 81111

1704: "Can't believe I'm sitting at my desk trying to refresh the bbc web page every 2 seconds to keep up to date with what's going on out there (!) Cmon Murray!!!"
From GirlAtWork via text/CPS:EVENT>

Murray * 3-6 6-3 0-5 Gonzalez
With the pressure off, Gonzalez throws in a couple of errors - they always look 'wild' because he tries to belt everything into next week. He still comes through easily enough.
*denotes NEXT to serve

It's bad news for a Briton
Murray 3-6 6-3 0-4 * Gonzalez
Oh dear. Gonzalez breaks to love and this set is almost over, unless Murray can pull off the kind of comeback he managed against Tipsarevic and Starace. Gonzo is a different prospect though.

Murray * 3-6 6-3 0-3 Gonzalez
Gonzalez holds to love and Murray immediately hands over three racquets to a ball boy, who legs it off the court. Murray's coach, Miles MacLagan, looks a bit worried in the stands as he appears to have no idea where the ball boy went, and asks the nearby Brad Gilbert what's going on. Bizarre.

Murray 3-6 6-3 0-2 * Gonzalez
Murray did not make a single unforced error in the second set but he makes a couple here on his way to deuce. He earns a second game point but steps in and pulls a mid-court forehand into the net. Another error gives Gonzo break point, and Murray hooks a forehand wide.

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1652:"I think he's playing pretty well out there but I'd just like to see him try and keep a bit more depth on the ball to make it as hard as possible for Gonzales to work those amazing ground shots."
From ArmchairPro on 606

Murray * 3-6 6-3 0-1 Gonzalez
Murray shovels a succession of cross-court backhands over and eventually Gonzalez takes the bait, going for the one down the line and... missing. Not a disaster for the man from Santiago though, as he holds to 15.
*denotes NEXT to serve

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1647: "Catch 22 here: did I stay at work to keep following the score, or risk missing it all in a mad dash home on the bus to see it on tv?"
From Struan, Edinburgh. via text on 81111


It's good news for a Briton
Murray 3-6 6-3 * Gonzalez
Gonzalez plays a beauty of a drop shot to take the first point but Murray responds with a forehand winner, and a careful backhand steered down the line takes him to 40-15 and two set points.... Gonzo saves the first with a trademark massive forehand (soon to be referred to as a TMF), but an error from the Chilean gives Murray the set. One set all, and you might get home for the end now!

Murray * 3-6 5-3 Gonzalez
It would have been nice for Murray to have wrapped up the set there but no chance - Gonzalez rattles off a love hold and the Scot must serve it out.

Murray 3-6 5-2 * Gonzalez
"Gonzalez will come after him in this game," says John Lloyd on the Red Button, and so it proves as the Chilean gets to 0-30, but Murray fights back brilliantly with four points in a row. And Dominika Cibulkova beats Maria Sharapova 6-0 6-2. Blimey.
*denotes NEXT to serve

It's good news for a Briton
Murray * 3-6 4-2 Gonzalez
Here we go - the Gonzalez storm abates for a moment and the winners turn into errors. It's 0-40 and triple break point for Murray.... but a drop volley, a big-serve-forehand, and a second-serve winner get the Chilean back to deuce. A Gonzo game point goes begging with another poor smash, and he sends a backhand long for break point number four... and nets a mid-court forehand - Murray breaks.

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1530: "We're barely seated here in our Edinburgh office willing and cheering Andy on. Not a disaster even if he goes out, bring on SW19!"
From Russ, Edinburgh, via text on 81111

Murray 3-6 3-2 * Gonzalez
Murray plays a brilliant rally under huge pressure at 30-15, picking up a backhand volley off his feet and then cutting off the fizzing attempted backhand pass from Gonzo.

Murray * 3-6 2-2 Gonzalez
Gonzalez continues his winning formula with some more ridiculous winners and he holds to 15. So he's got a big serve, massive forehand, tasty backhand, and great court coverage.... how about some mind games?

Murray 3-6 2-1 * Gonzalez
It's low-key stuff at the moment as Murray seals another quick service game, and Sharapova is back to 6-0 5-2 down. Now that would be a comeback.

Murray * 3-6 1-1 Gonzalez
Gonzalez responds with a comfortable hold of his own, and the bad news for Murray is that his backhand is clicking into gear now. Maybe try lobs on every shot?
*denotes NEXT to serve

Murray 3-6 1-0 * Gonzalez
Murray kicks off the second set with a comfortable love hold. Meanwhile, Dominika Cibulkova leads Maria Sharapova 6-0 5-1, the Russian narrowly avoiding the double-bagel.


Murray * 3-6 Gonzalez
Murray wins the opening point but Gonzalez responds with the most outrageous drop shot, and apologises as he can't have meant it to be that good. "I don't know why he's apologising," says John Lloyd on the Red Button. "I'd have run around the court with my arms up in the air." Gonzo gets to 40-15 and two set points, then makes an error and a double-fault. He can get tight, Gonzo, and a third set point goes begging, but he seals the fourth with a forehand winner.

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1608: "I'm trying to understand Gonzalez's shocking colour selection from the wardrobe today.. seems to match the colour of a ball perfectly, any idea if this offers some sort of advantage in disguising shots, spins etc.?"
From Engel, notting hill, via text

It's bad news for a Briton
Murray 3-5 * Gonzalez
Gonzalez takes the 'running around your backhand' tactic to extremes. We've all done it, but not quite like this. The Chilean is outside the tramlines on the left as he fires one into the opposite corner. Murray plays a great drop shot but then comes up with an error and a double-fault and it's 30-40, break point... Gonzalez breaks, easily collecting a Murray short ball and punching away a forehand winner.

Murray * 3-4 Gonzalez
At 30-0 down, Murray attempts to step in and take the return a little earlier. The ball balloons up and Gonzalez is all over it, firing his favourite shot - the off-forehand - for a winner. He holds to 15. Cibulkova leads Sharapova 6-0 3-0 on Lenglen. Very odd.

Murray 3-3 * Gonzalez
It's another tight game at 30-30 and Gonzalez looks in great shape when he has Murray scrambling with a couple of forehands, but the Chilean sticks a smash in the net and Murray finishes the game with an ace.
*denotes NEXT to serve

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1553: "It's just amazing how Gonzalez never gets tired with his huge forehands, and given that he moves around the backhand almost every shot, he's bound to work harder than his opponent."
From Eagleeeee! on 606

Murray * 2-3 Gonzalez
Ooof! Every Gonzalez forehand is like a heavyweight's body shot. He absolutely batters one down the line but then misses a volley and it's 30-40, break point for Murray.... the Scot plays a superb defensive lob but Gonzo chases it down, works his way back into the rally and finishes with, you guessed it, a massive forehand winner. The Chilean holds.

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1549: "I'm stuck at work so relying on these murray updates. Who's idea was it to earn a living?"
From Victoria - not really doing anything but pretending too when the boss comes round - via text on 81111

Murray 2-2 * Gonzalez
Murray produces his first drop shot of the day for 30-0 - we might see a few of those today - and some more first serves, backed up by a closing backhand winner, give him a love hold. And Cibulkova has taken the first set 6-0 against Sharapova on Lenglen.

Murray * 1-2 Gonzalez
Murray opens the game with a a beautiful backhand pass down the line and gets to 0-30 up, but Gonzo responds with some bone-crunchingly heavy forehands for 30-30, and a big serve and flowing backhand seal the game. "Both players have started extremely well," says John Lloyd on the Red Button.

Murray 1-1 * Gonzalez
Quite a game. Gonzalez opens up with a fabulous drop volley that Murray cannot chase down and a couple of errors leave the Briton at 15-40. Murray saves the first with a wrong-footing forehand winner, and the second in an exhausting rally that he effectively has to win twice over. Gonzalez unleashes his first special forehand of the day at deuce, drawing a few gasps from the crowd, but fails to make a return on his third break point. Another big Gonzo forehand earns break point number four... but he catches the tape with the return. An ace and a service winner give Murray the game.

Murray * 0-1 Gonzalez
Gonzalez holds his opener to 15, sealing it with a trademark thumping forehand.
*denotes NEXT to serve

1530: OK, here we go, Gonzalez to serve first...

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1529: "I am abandoning work to rush home for muzza vs gonzo! Hopefully a great match, murray to win in 4! Thank heavens for flexi time!"
From Sarah, wirral, via text on 81111

1526: A quick mention for Court Suzanne Lenglen, where Dominika Cibulkova has gone 2-0 up on Maria Sharapova.

The sun is out
1523: Gonzalez is resplendent in bright yellow shirt, black shorts and bandana. Murray is all business in black with a white cap. It's another hot one at Roland Garros.

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1522: "If Murray can serve well and mix up the tennis, I'll eat the contents of the office trash can if he doesn't win in straight sets."
From Pedros, Glasgow, via text on 81111

1520: "You can't hurry Murray, so Speedy Gonzalez has no chance!"
From Gemma at work in Longbenton via text

1520: "Come on Andy, your time is now. Prove you are the player that we all want you to be, make us proud."
From Adam, Watford, via text

BBC Radio 5 Live
1515: Murray and Gonzalez are knocking up on a sun-drenched Court Philippe Chatrier and were nearly ready to go. Pat Cash has joined the 5 Live Sports Extra team, and you can listen in via the link at the top of the page. "Gonzalez is a tough opponent but I'm just wondering whether he's had it too easy here," says Cash. "He hasn't come up against a top name yet."

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1510: "I think the first set could be key here ... see if Gonzalez is on form or if Murray can hold it together and get his nose in front before pushing on from there."
From Jru430 on 606

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1509: "Murray needs to play deep to gonzos backhand - he's got one of the best inside-out forehands in the game."
From Dave mane, stourbridge, via text

1505: Top seed Dinara Safina beats Victoria Azarenka 1-6 6-4 6-2 to reach the semi-finals. Next up is Andy Murray v Fernando Gonzalez in the quarter-finals, which you can follow on BBC Two, the Red Button, website streaming (UK only), and here.

1500: Safina takes charge with another break of serve to lead 5-2 in the decider, and she will serve for the match.

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1458: "What a great starter before the Murray main course."
From Rich pretendin to work in b ham via text on 81111

1457: "Is that website streaming or website screaming?"
From Andy in Brighton via text

1454: Sweden's Robin Soderling beats Nikolay Davydenko 6-1 6-3 6-1 in one hour 41 minutes to reach the semi-finals of a Grand Slam for the first time.

1451: Soderling breaks again! The Swede forces an error from Davydenko and leads by two sets and 5-1. Azarenka saves a break point but still trails Safina by a break at 3-2 in the final set.

1447: Soderling is now two sets and 4-1 up on Davydenko on Lenglen. Extraordinary. The Swede will play Murray or Gonzalez in the semis if he sees this one out.

1445: It's getting very edgy on Chatrier now but Safina holds her nerve to move 3-1 clear in the decider against Azarenka. And British junior Hannah James is playing doubles with Ukraine's Maryna Zanevska on Court Three - they are a set and a break down, I'm afraid.

1442: To all those who require live scores, follow the link to the top right of this page, or alternatively the link to the French Open official site which has much more comprehensive scores and stats. We will be going to score updates for the Murray match, but there remains an ever-present danger of "inane chatter".

1439: Safina queries a line call, wanders forward to inspect the mark, then sweeps the line with her foot and shakes her head at her own mistake. Azarenka holds to love but still trails by a break at 2-1. Soderling leads by two sets and 2-1 on serve.

1436: Safina swipes away a forehand to seal a solid hold and leads 2-0 in the decider.

1432: Safina gets an early break in the decider and screams something in Russian, I presume.

1431: I should point out that coverage is now under way on BBC Two, as well as the Red Button, website streaming (UK only), and me. And BBC Sport's Chris 'Flashdance' Bevan is limbering up in a pair of leg warmers (see 1245 entry).

Someone is having a tantrum
1428: Safina serves out to level at one-set all against Azarenka, who throws her racquet in disgust. Again. It's all good stuff, and also means Murray v Gonzalez is at least half an hour away. Super Swedish Robin Soderling continues his march to inevitable French Open triumph with a two-set lead over Davydenko on Chatrier.

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1425: "I think I am going to make their grunts and screams my new ringtone!"
From Richard in Dundee via text on 81111

1425: "Mr cookson at chs is not to be messed with, though the tennis is gonna be unmissable! Come on murray!"
Tim from broadstairs via text

BBC Radio 5 Live
1422: Safina comes storming back by breaking Azarenka to love with some fierce hitting. The Belarussian motions to chuck her racquet but thinks again. Good news as that graphic is in danger of losing its enormous impact. "These are breathless rallies and ones you cannot take your eyes off," says Times Correspondent Neil Harman on 5 Live Sports Extra.

1418: After her brief wobble, Azarenka is well and truly back. She fires a cross-court backhand winner for 0-30 and takes her first break point with a beautiful forehand down the line. As the intensity increases, so do the noise levels on Chatrier.

Someone is having a tantrum
1413: Anything you can do... Azarenka may have gently tossed aside her racquet just now but Safina has years of practice in that department, and she absolutely slams it into the dirt. Azarenka gets back to 4-3 down in the second set. And Soderling has a break in the second set at 4-3 against Davydenko. Can nobody stop the super Swede?

1410: Safina moves to 40-0 and Azarenka looks to the heavens in dismay. It seems to have worked as a stunning drop shot helps her back to deuce and she gets a break back with a forehand winner. And Simon in Margate, Gonzo is a grunter I'm afraid, but as a former local resident I would advise against skipping any geography revision as you may well go to the same school as I did. Mr Cookson never forgave me.

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1403: "Piers, do you know if gonzo is a grunter? Im not sure if i can put up with at least 3 more sets of 'aaahhh's and 'ooooo's after these two!"
From simon in margate, who will put his lack of revision down to the noise!"

Someone is having a tantrum
1403: It was all going so well for Azarenka but the wheels have come off, momentarily at least. Safina gets the double break to lead 4-1 in the second set, prompting a racquet hurl from the Belarussian.

1401: So, bad news for Laura Robson but she's only 15, and Zaniewska is 17, so it's tantamount to bullying. Laura will be back on the grass soon enough, and as she said yesterday: "To be honest, my expectations aren't that high. I'm just going match by match and see how it goes. I do like clay but obviously my game suits a faster surface."

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1355: "Sometimes i watch Dinara and i'm so impressed with her game but times like this I think she must be 'Safin-a' laugh. I'm so sorry, the heat makes my pun brain go loopy."
From ipodda on 606

1352: Safina breaks Azarenka on Chatrier to lead 2-1, so we could be in for a long one - and some time away from Murray v Gonzalez yet. Davydenko leads Soderling 2-1 on serve in the second set.

It's bad news for a Briton
1350: Sandra Zaniewska of Poland beats Laura Robson 7-6 (12-10) 1-6 6-3 in the second round of the girls' singles.

1346: Safina looks set to stop the rot at 40-15 but a thumping Azarenka return and a double-fault put the Russian in trouble before she escapes with an ace to take the game. Laura Robson is on the brink but holds serve to trail 5-3 in the final set.

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1341: "I think it's going to be a nail-biting 5 set affair, with Murray coming out on top!! 4-6, 7-5, 7-6, 3-6, 6-4."
From Gemma hoping her boss doesn't catch her on the internet in Newcastle via text

1341: "Wow azarenka has completely stunned safina so far! Shes just not turned up as of yet. Think ill be waiting a while to watch the murray match..."
From mark in south yorkshire via text

1339: And Super Robin Soderling matches Azarenka's pace, taking the first set 6-1 against Davydenko.

1338: Safina went into the match having lost five games in four matches. She's just shipped another six in under half an hour as she blasts a forehand way wide to drop the set 6-1 against Azarenka.

It's bad news for a Briton
1336: Tough times for Laura Robson on Court Three as the Briton falls a break down in the decider against Sandra Zaniewska of Poland.

BBC Radio 5 Live
1334: "Safina is going to have to hope that Azarenka's serve comes down from the lofty plane that it's on at the moment," says Times correspondent Neil Harman on 5 Live Sports Extra. The Belarussian moves 5-1 clear.

1333: "Murray 2 dropshot gonzo into submission. He'll win in 4."
From doyley, working hard.... via text

1330: The (potential) shocks just keep on coming - Safina falters under the pressure of another Azarenka barrage and slips a double-break down at 4-1.

1329: Look out - Soderling is a double-break up at 4-0 on Davydenko. And the Russian thought he was onto a winner after the Swede beat Nadal, saying, "Against Soderling I don't need to run so much and play long rallies - not like against Nadal when you have to run 20 minutes for one point."

1326: "What a start this is from Azarenka, a spectacular hold and quite a statement," says Sam Smith on the Red Button as the teenager moves 3-1 clear of Safina.

A squirrel
1325: "Re:1250 i agree about the squirrels Piers, there's two who sit outside the window where i work looking at me with those piercing eyes, with the late start in paris its given me more time to feel scared about leaving the office."
From a very nervous dave via text

1323: Is there no stopping Robin Soderling? Sentences you never thought you'd write... the Swede has a break against Davydenko and leads 2-0, while Safina gets off the mark to trail Azarenka 2-1. It could be a tight one on Chatrier.

Text in your views on 81111
1320: "Gonzalez is so unpredictable and I feel Murray can mix it up and frustrate the Chilean. Muzza in 4 sets!"
From Stuart, Inverness, via text on 81111

1320: "I'm sitting here pretending to revise while hoping that Safina wins quickly so that i have a legitimate reason to stop pretending to revise!"
From Matt, Ipswich, via text

1318: The shock of losing a game appears to have rattled Safina and Azarenka is dominating right now, she leads 2-0. Meanwhile, Soderling recovers from 15-40 to take the opener against Davydenko on Lenglen, and Robson has levelled at one set all.

1315: Top seed Safina serves first against Azarenka. It seems much of the UK is willing the Russian to continue her swift progress through the draw so we can get to Murray. For those hoping it's an epic that pushes Murray back to later on, good news - Azarenka breaks to lead 1-0. The 19-year-old Belarussian is a rising star and beat Serena to win in Miami earlier this year, one of three titles in 2009.

It's good news for a Briton
1310: Things are looking better for British junior Laura Robson, who dropped the first set against Sandra Zaniewska of Poland but is 5-1 up in the second. I'm going to risk the arrow again...

Get involved on 606
1308: "The last few matches murrays serve has been broke too easily, i think today the key thing is to get the first serves in and if murray takes the first set i fancy him to cruise it in 3 sets."
From (bigmc1_9) WGS - Legend on 606

1306: "Gonzalez to win in straight sets...Only way I can see Murrey win this If he wins the first set!"
From Where's Robinho? on 606

1303: Safina and Azarenka walk out onto Court Philippe Chatrier, which then observes a minute's silence following the Air France tragedy yesterday.

1300: The website streaming (UK only) is now up and running, so if you manually refresh the page it should magically appear at the top. Any dodgy arrows and strange time entries should also disappear, happily.

Text in your views on 81111
1259: "I'd love to see murray take advantage of nadal's exit to reach final but i can't see him beating gonzo today."
From Gordon Keane, Glasgow, via text on 81111

1256: Back to the big one - Murray and Gonzalez have met twice before, with one win apiece, the Scot taking the last one at the 2006 US Open when he was a callow 19-year-old. It was a fiery encounter and they usually are where Gonzo is concerned, although for the most part he takes any anger out on the ball. The 28-year-old from Santiago hits the ball very, very hard. The winner will play Nikolay Davydenko or Robin Soderling, who open proceedings on Court Suzanne Lenglen before Maria Sharapova plays Dominika Cibulkova.

A squirrel
1255: I don't know about you but these later starts at Roland Garros don't agree with me - how to fill that extra three hours? For me it was a brisk walk across Hyde Park, where I swear the squirrels are getting more aggressive. No matter, we're nearly ready for action and first up at 1300 BST is top seed and demolition woman Dinara Safina against ninth seed Victoria Azarenka of Belarus. Safina has lost five games in four matches so far, so she's not messing about.

It's bad news for a Briton
1246: Some early British news and girls' top seed Laura Robson has just lost a titanic first-set tie-break 12-10 in her second-round match against Sandra Zaniewska of Poland.

Andy Murray
1245: Afternoon, I think you all know why we're here. Andy Murray will take on big-hitting Chilean Fernando Gonzalez in a couple of hours' time with a place in the semi-finals of the French Open at stake. The match will be live on BBC Two, the Red Button, 5 Live Sports Extra and, of course, right here (streaming UK only). BBC Two will kick in at 1415 BST, the Red Button, streaming and 5 Live Sports Extra at 1300 BST, and I've already started. Obviously. We are also thinking of making BBC Sport's Chris Bevan summarise the match through the medium of contemporary dance.

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