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French Open day six as it happened


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By Chris Bevan

1921: In an ideal world, I'd stay here for another couple of hours giving you updates on the Azarenka-Navarro match (which is the only one still being played) but, disappointingly for us all I'm going to have to call it a day, and go home. A real shame that. Still, I hope you've enjoyed what has been a thrilling day and I depart with good news - Piers will be back with you for Super Saturday to take you through all the action. Enjoy.

1915: Four points later, 'Pova is into round four, where she will play Li Na, the 25th seed. Impressive stuff, considering how little tennis the Russian has played recently because of injury. She won 1-6 6-3 6-4 in the end.

1912: Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Sharapova...her match with Yaroslava Shvedova has turned into a bit of a thrilller - 'Pova came within a couple of points of victory in the last game but she couldn't get across the line and will have to serve for the match at 5-4 in the decider, next.

1906: There's some tasty ties over on Court One on Saturday too - Jelena Jankovic is second on against Jarmila Groth, then Novak Djokovic plays Philipp Kohlschreiber and Caroline Wozniacki meets Sorana Cirstea. They might even play some tennis too...

1904: I've just seen the order of play for tomorrow - Roger Federer plays Paul-Henri Mathieu in the last match on Philippe Chatrier - following (deep breath) Stosur-Dementieva, Garbin-Razzano and Rochus-Tsonga. Over on Suzanne Lenglen, we kick off with Kuznetsova-Czink, then Roddick-Gicquel, Melzer-Monfils and Sanchez-Serena.

1853: Sharapova is upping the volume and is upping her game too. She breaks to lead 4-3 in the decider. Over on Court One, Victoria Azarenka and 22nd seed Carla Suarez Navarro have just started out - it's 1-1 in the first set, more updates may not follow on that one, to be honest.

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1849: "Bevo, I am bored of the fact Murray keeps winning. I now don't bother watching the first few rounds because he's bound to go through anyway. not enough five setters for my liking - bring back Henman!"
Liam, Wiltshire, via text on 81111

You just can't please some people can you?

1846: Were you wondering how Maria Sharapova is getting on against Yaroslava Shvedova? That match is going the distance over on Phillipe Chatrier - one-set all and with serve at 3-3 in the decider.

It's good news for a Briton
1842: Well, it was coming wasn't it? Andy Murray did brilliantly to turn the first set around and, with Janko Tipsarevic struggling with an injury, he was always likely to throw in the towel once he went two sets down. Murray goes through to the fourth round at Roland Garros for the first time, and he will face Marin Cilic for a place in the quarter-finals.



It's good news for a Briton
Murray 7-6 (7-3) 6-3 Tipsarevic
Murray is on the brink here and he knows it - he piles on the pressure and Tipsy folds...the second set is in the bag.

Murray 7-6 (7-3) 5-3 * Tipsarevic
It is Tipsy's left thigh or hip that is causing him problems...well, the top of his leg somewhere anyhow - trust me, I'm a doctor (I'm not really). He is feeling it after every point in this game and, as a consequence, is trying to rush his way to the end of rallies - he goes for winners but they don't come off and Murray holds to move within a game of the second set.

"Tipsarevic had all the chances and blew it at the end because he's physically exhausted. He looks to be carrying too much timber, perhaps needs a bit more time in the gym? Murray is too fit for him."
From apeman383 on 606

Murray * 7-6 (7-3) 4-3 Tipsarevic
OK, maybe Tipsy's got a little bit of fight left in him yet...he finds a run of decent serves for the first time in a long time and holds easily enough. Mind you, all Murray needs to do is hold out to take this second set, so perhaps he was saving his energy?

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"When the chips are down, Murray seems to find something from somewhere to keep his nose in front but I think he will struggle to do this against Rafa or Roger. He'll have to force the pace and keep in front."
Anon, via text on 81111

It's good news for a Briton
It's good news for a Briton
Murray 7-6 (7-3) 4-2 * Tipsarevic
Indeed, Murray does hold - to love for the second successive game - and, dare I say, things are looking promising for him now. The second set is within his reach and Tipsy is just hanging in there at the moment...he may not even last the course.

It's good news for a Briton
Murray * 7-6 (7-3) 3-2 Tipsarevic
Ah, maybe that injury is affecting Tipsy after all, he is in more trouble again on serve and is not chasing the ball the same way as he did in the first set. He is broken again, rather meekly, and needs more attention from the doctor at the changeover...surely Murray won't drop his own serve AGAIN next?

Murray 7-6 (7-3) 2-2 * Tipsarevic
Murray needs to steady himself here and he does just that, with a timely sixth ace sealing a comfortable hold to level this second set.

The sun is out
Murray * 7-6 (7-3) 1-2 Tipsarevic
No problems for Tipsy on serve here, which makes a change - he has just been broken four games in a row. The Serb is so shocked he needs more treatment. Only kidding, he is OK to continue. It's still sunny in Paris by the way but a huge shadow has now engulfed most of the Suzanne Lenglen Court.

Apologies for not keeping you up to date with Maria Sharapova's progress. She lost the first set to Yaroslava Shvedova 6-1 but won the second 6-3.

Someone is having a tantrum
It's bad news for a Briton
Murray 7-6 (7-3) 1-1 * Tipsarevic
It's fair to say that Tipsy is not moving too well round court but he is still picking up points, and a couple of wayward Murray backhands offer the Serb a way back into this second set at 30-40. A huge inside-out forehand down the line later and we are all-square. I didn't see that coming but given the number of breaks in this match so far, I probably should have. Murray's reaction? His racquet eats clay as he slams it down in disgust.

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"Surely it's got to be "Tipsy-turvy" Chris?"
From Kevin in sunny London, via text on 81111

1809: If things could get any worse for Tipsy, they just have...he needs treatment on an injured hip and is getting a massage on the problem area as I write this. Murray is pacing around at the back of the court like a caged tiger, waiting to serve (which tigers are well known for doing). He wants to get on with this...

It's good news for a Briton
Murray * 7-6 (7-3) 1-0 Tipsarevic
Poor old Tipsy - he is all over the place at the start of this second set and he compounds a couple of unforced errors by letting a Murray passing shot fly past him on break point...the ball lands in, and the Scot is a break up and sitting pretty.

BBC Sport's John Lloyd on the Red Button: "Tipsarevic looks absolutely deflated after losing that set, quite understandably and it definitely affected him there."


It's good news for a Briton
Murray 7-6 (7-3) Tipsarevic
Murray's serve is the difference at the start of the tie-break - his is firing again, while Tipsy's has dropped off and the Scot gets the mini-break to lead 4-2. Tipsy is unlucky to see an instinctive lob drop an inch out when he reaches a Murray smash on the next point but there is no way back for him from there - Murray soon has three set points but he only needs one, sliding in to despatch a stylish cross-court backhand to snatch a set that looked beyond him for most of it. Cracking stuff - and that's why he's number three in the world...

"Let's be honest, Nadal is awesome. Clinical in fact. But I'd watch Murray over Nadal anyday. Much more interesting, and a roller coaster ride. You never know what's coming next..."
From nowthennathan on 606

It's good news for a Briton
Murray 6-6 Tipsarevic
So, can Murray break back again for a third time? He can you know...Andy steps in to despatch a forehand winner down the line at 30-15 and when Tipsy finds the grandstand with a wild forehand on the next point he has another break point...and a mis-hit from the Serb takes us into a tie-break. How would you describe this one folks? Topsy-turvy?

"Haven't got the stats up in front of me but Murrays first serve percentage seems abysmal in these few games I've managed to tune in for?"
From Cogen on 606

Cogen is right - Murray's first serve percentage in the first set is just 49%, which is far from great. Tipsy's is 60%...

It's bad news for a Briton
Murray 5-6 * Tipsarevic
I do love stirring comebacks, especially by Murray, but this first set is not in the bag for the Scot yet and he cannot afford to lose focus again, especially with Tipsy's forehand being so dangerous. Sadly, that's exactly what he does and it is Murray who makes all the mistakes in this game (well, most of them anyway). At deuce he goes for a forehand winner down the line but it flies long and the Serb has another break point, which he wins with a rasping winner. Back to square one...

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"Murray's dips in concentration are concerning. He may be able to recover against Tipsy, but give Nadal a break of serve and the set is over. Just ask Lleyton Hewitt..."
From Stuart in Edinburgh, via text on 81111

It's good news for a Briton
Murray * 5-5 Tipsarevic
Wowsers! That's the Murray we know and love. Tipsy has two set points at 40-15 but the Scot doesn't panic, digs in from the back of the court and works out both points to haul himself to deuce. From there, the Serb wobbles and, at the moment if there is a rally of more than four or five shots there is only one winner - Andy.

Murray 4-5 * Tipsarevic
No signs of any nerves from Tipsy here, and he continues to attack the Murray serve. Another ace from the Scot helps him hold out, just, but he must find another break here to keep the first set alive.

BBC Sport's John Lloyd on the Red Button: "Murray visibly stepped up a gear in the last couple of games and Tipsarevic has got to try to stay with him now."

It's good news for a Briton
Murray * 3-5 Tipsarevic
Better from Murray. Much better. He steps things up and attacks again - forcing two more break points and, this time, finishing the job. He is still a break down in this first set though.

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"It's slightly worrying by how many unforced efforts he is making Chris! Lets hope it changes!"
From Nick in Kingston, via text on 81111

I think Nick means ERRORS...

It's bad news for a Briton
Murray 2-5 * Tipsarevic
Oh dear. One step forward, two back for Murray and he is in big trouble now. A huge forehand from Tipsy gives him two more break points and, although Murray is into the net to save the first one, he cannot repeat the trick and the Serb will serve for the set next.

Murray * 2-4 Tipsarevic
Ouch, Murray stretches out his back at 15-15 - let's hope that old injury does not rear its ugly head - but all seems well and he makes inroads into Tipsy's serve for the first time to reach 30-all, then deuce - once, twice and then three times. The Serb is relying a lot on his first serve - if he gets it in, he tends to win the point but Murray is fighting hard from the back of the court and attacks to earn his first two break points of the day. We're into our sixth deuce before Tipsy eventually holds - a real shame for Murray that.

A bit of news for you from Court Phillipe Chatrier where Maria Sharapova is two breaks down to Yaroslava Shvedova and trails 5-1 in the first set.

"Obviously as a Murray fan I'd like to see him progress. But I really enjoy watching Tipsy's style of play too ."
From Cogen on 606

It's bad news for a Briton
Murray 2-3 * Tipsarevic
A first sniff of a chance for Tipsy at 30-all and he takes it too - bringing Murray into the net before beating him with a scorching cross-court winner. Murray is alert to the danger and saves the first break point of the match but the Serb is going for his returns now and soon has another go...this time Andy sees a backhand droop into the net and Tipsy takes the early advantage. Work to do here...

Murray * 2-2 Tipsarevic
Tipsy is serving well too, right now, and a couple of errors by Murray don't help to be honest. Cagey stuff - no-one is giving anything away at the moment.

BBC Sport's John Lloyd on the Red Button: "Andy has to keep his shots nice and deep, if he does that he will force Tipsarevic to go for shots that he doesn't really want to."

Murray 2-1 * Tipsarevic
A decent start this from Murray - he plays a magical backhand down the line that spins away from Tipsy and a big serve in the next point sees him hold again. A long way to go yet though...

Murray * 1-1 Tipsarevic
A bit more of a struggle for Tipsy in his first service game but at 40-30 Murray sends a big backhand flying about a mile wide - and we are all-square.

Oh, and you might want to give the page a cheeky refresh so that A) my name appears at the top and B) the correct score appears below. The two events are related, bear with me...

Murray 1-0 * Tipsarevic
Tipsy, who wears those stylish glasses so he can see, rather than as a fashion statement, hits a stunning winner on the first point but Murray is soon into his stride and hits a big forehand winner of his own on his way to a comfortable hold. A solid start - hooray.

(* denotes NEXT server)

1644: I expect you lot already know all there is to know about old Tipsy but, just in case you don't, here's a quick lowdown: he's 24, from Belgrade, ranked 65th in the world and has never been beyond the third round in the singles here either. Oh, and like Murray, he had a bit of a struggle to reach this stage, beating Spain's Feliciano Lopez 6-7 (9-11) 6-4 7-6 (7-4) 6-3 in round two.

1642: Right then, time to find out if Andy Murray can go into uncharted territory in Paris (otherwise known as the last 16). Can he beat unseeded Serbian Janko Tipsarevic? "I've lost to him twice and beaten him twice so I expect a tough match," says the British number one.

By Piers Newbery

The sun is out
1639: Murray and Tipsarevic are now out on Court Suzanne Lenglen and it's a beautiful evening in Paris. I'm handing over to Bevo now, keep your thoughts coming and I'll see you on the other side. Fantastic sweet ideas by the way, Bevo will update you I'm sure. Novak Chocovic... nice one.

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1635: "Looking forward these hot dry conditions are going to suit Murray that's for sure."
From Stuart on 606

It's good news for a Briton
1631: So we are now ready for Andy Murray v Janko Tipsarevic - they are expected on court in about 15 minutes. Coverage will be live on the Red Button and website streaming (UK only) with Mark Petchey and John Lloyd.

1629: Great timing - Rafael Nadal beats Lleyton Hewitt 6-1 6-3 6-1, and Victor Hanescu beats seventh seed Gilles Simon 6-4 6-4 6-2.

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1628: "Davyden-cola cubes?"
Martin from Kingston via text

1625: Nadal breaks yet again and is now a game away at 5-1, and Hanescu has broken Simon and will serve for the match. Good old anon. I may be rubbish but lord knows, I'm regular. And thanks for all the advice about using search engines to find pictures of cakes but I'm not allowed to take them from unapproved sources. It's one of the rules.

1621: "This text update is pretty rubbish anyway, one update every ten minutes and its usually irrelevant. Why couldnt one of the regulars who know what they are doing be on today? "
From anon via text on 81111

1621: Come on George, even you have to recognise the genius of 'Lleyton Chewitts'. We hear that Gilles Simon is receiving treatment on Court Suzanne Lenglen. Nadal plays a great game to go 4-1 up in the third.

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1619: "What about tennis player themed sweets? Andy Murray mints, Lleyton Chewitts, i can see a gap in the market. 'i've done all my exams'."
From daniel, liverpool, via text on 81111

1617: Cheers, George. The reason for the latest delay is a very lengthy and key game for Hanescu, who has missed several chances for the double-break. So there you go....

1614: "This text update is pretty rubbish for those of us on mobiles without the benefit of streaming. Enough of the sweet chat, talk about the game!"
From George, London, via text on 81111

1606: While you all think up foodstuffs to convey the spirit of Nadal's get-up, and I search in vain for a picture of a battenberg cake (the only one is black-and-white, what's the point of that?), Nadal powers on with another break to lead 2-0 in the third. Dear old Victor remains a break up on Simon at 4-2, just two games away Murray fans...

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1603: "Hush. Rafa looks very much like a raspberry and lemon ice cream I had earlier today. Shame, I do prefer the ice cream. Bring on murray!"
From a fellow bristolian, Elliot, via text on 81111

1602: "Fruit salad or rhubarb & crumble? Whatever sweet it is working. Maybe a study into the positive effect of sugar enhancing colours?"
From Caroline, Croydon, via text

1600: "Re 1458: Hewitt has the look of an Everton Mint with a dash of ever-so slightly chewed Pacers in the headgear."
From Gavin, Mold, via text

1551: Thirteenth seed Marin Cilic beats 18th seed Radek Stepanek 6-1 7-6 (7-4) 6-3, and will provide a serious test for Andy Murray should the Scot go through later today. Ferrer is a set up against Soderling, and Nadal misses an early break point in the third set against Hewitt.

1551: Nadal takes the second set against Hewitt 6-3, and your friend and mine, Victor Hanescu, is now two sets and a break up against Simon on Lenglen. Murray to follow that one.

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1547: "Re 1520 some of us need Simon and Hanescu to crawl along. I won't get home from work until nearly 6 and don't want Murray to start without me."
From another sneaky office worker via text on 81111

1547: "Piers, where can i find one of these mystical high interest accounts that you talk of? Can you also help me with my search for a 100% mortgage?"
Sean, Essex, via text

1543: Another De Britoesque scream from Mark Petchey on the Red Button signals a couple of absolute screamers on the Nadal forehand, and he breaks to lead 4-3. Brilliant stuff. And Hanescu has broken Simon and served out for a two-set lead. We are one set from Muraytime. Or possibly three.

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1540: "Hush. Rafa looks rad, not to mention unbeatable."
From James, Bristol, via text on 81111

1538: "Re. 1458 I believe what Rafa must have been thinking of is one of those Fruit Salad chews. He's often been known to style his tennis gear on old-school British penny sweets..."
From Sam, Edinburgh, via text

1538: Former world number one and 2003 French Open champion Juan Carlos Ferrero is considering retirement at the end of the year. The 29-year-old, ranked 104, lost to Philipp Kohlschreiber in five sets earlier today. "It will depend on my ranking, my physical condition and my motivation," says the Spaniard. "From a tennis point of view everything is fine, but as far as motivation is concerned there are ups and downs. We will see if I am in the top 100 or outside. That will affect my decision."

1535: "Long-term this type of encounter will only help Nadal, as long as he wins today of course," says Sam Smith on the Red Button. Hanescu and Simon are toying with us on Lenglen - it's 4-4 in the second now. Cilic is two sets and a break up on Stepanek. I hope Murray's got a Sudoku on the go in the changing room.

1530: "C'maawwwnn!" All of a sudden, Hewitt breaks back and holds easily to leads 3-2 in the second set, and we have a match on our hands. For now, at least.

Michelle Larcher de Brito
De Brito celebrates in her own inimitable style
1528: The shrieking of Michelle Larcher de Brito is definitely becoming one of those issues. Apparently when warned by the umpire, the 16-year-old said: "Sharapova has never been told that she was shouting too loud." And in her post-match news conference, she added: "I guess that was a bit of Rezai's tactic to throw me off a little bit. I played her last time in Miami and she did the same thing. When she did that, the crowd was on her side. Everybody supported her statement to the umpire. It threw me off a little bit, but I guess she has to find a way to win. It got a little bit under my skin. It shouldn't have, but I'm young and I'm still learning."

1520: Simon and Hanescu are crawling along on Lenglen and, frankly, holding us all up for Murray v Tipsarevic. The Romanian leads by a set and 2-3 on serve. And a word for China's Li Na, who is 3-2 up on Olga Govortsova. As a text commentator I am a big fan of Li.

1516: "Jeu, Nadal." I hear that in my sleep sometimes. He breaks at the start of the second set and looks incredibly sharp today. Fellow Spaniard and 14th seed David Ferrer is 4-3 up on serve against Robin Soderling on Court One, and Cilic has taken a two-set lead over Stepanek.

1507: An excellent solution, Lauren, and it does cost to text in - hopefully it says 'network rates apply' at the top of this page. I will not be offended if you choose to spend the money on an ice cream or to invest it in a high-interest account instead. Nadal breaks again and serves out the set 6-1, saving a break point in the final game. One Nadal forehand down the line on the stretch prompts Mark Petchey on the Red Button to scream al la Michelle Larcher de Brito. I thought there was an intruder in the BBC commentary box.

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1500: "Piers, does it cost me anything extra to text you? And re 10.25, i'm watching the play AND reading the text updates, is that okay?"
From Lauren, 'revising' in Essex, via text on 81111

1458: "Not sure about the yellow & pink combo, rafa. What were you thinking of?!"
Lynn from Liverpool via text

1458: "Rafa looks like an ice cream sundae while Hewitt appears to be playing on a black and white TV."
From Massimo via text

1456: Nadal is all business today, clubbing the forehand from the baseline but looking to move forward too. He's clambering all over the Hewitt game at the moment as the Aussie just doesn't have the power to keep him at bay. The Spaniard leads 4-1.

1453: Nikolay Davydenko beats Stanislas Wawrinka 6-3 4-6 6-3 6-2 - a good win that for the Russian after some injury problems and he faces Fernando Verdasco next.

1449: "I feel physically fit and ready to handle any kind of opponent. Obviously these kinds of matches help you for the tough matches over to the second week. I hope I play her. I think it's going to be a great match."
Ana Ivanovic on the prospect of facing Dinara Safina in the quarter-finals

1446: You may get your wish, Pat, as 30th seed Hanescu has taken the first set 6-4 against seventh seed Simon. You would expect a comeback from Simon so we may still be some time away from Murray v Tipsarevic. On Chatrier, Rafa is sticking with the pink and yellow look - I can't imagine Lleyton was tempted to copy him. He's wearing white, and gives it some early "C'mon!" but Nadal battles back from 40-15 down to break. It's going to be a tough afternoon for 'Rocky'.

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1441: "I think Hewitt is the most admirable player on the tour. If anyone can upset Nadal on clay it could be him."
From blueboyrob on 606

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1438: "In the queue waiting for ticket office to open at 4pm. Hoping to see the Murray match so would like Simon-Hanescu to go to four sets please. At least it's lovely and sunny here in Paris."
From Pat, outside Roland Garros, via text on 81111

1437: And now the moment a great many of you have been waiting for - we are heading to Court Philippe Chatrier for world number one, Rafael Nadal, against Aussie battler and former world number one, Lleyton Hewitt. "C'mooon!"

1433: Top seed Dinara Safina beats Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova 6-2 6-0 and looks mightily impressive in doing so, she's quite an athlete. Definitely been jogging or doing press-ups or something. Cilic, who I'm told has been in great form this week, is 6-1 3-1 up on Stepanek, and Hanescu has an early break against Simon.

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1428: "I don't know about you piers but i don't want to be paid in sweets. And i want rafa!!"
From maria in liverpool via text on 81111

1428: "Impressed with the gravitas used to announce the demise of Venus...have you thought ahead to how you might signify Murray winning a Slam? Might i vote for by fanfare...that will expose the screen shielding workshy numpties."
From Chris via text

1426: Right kids, I have returned from a brief sortie outside for a cup of tea while Chris Bevan has been masquerading as me. I can report back that it is hot and windy in London and you wouldn't like it, stick with us. We will apparently be heading over to Chatrier soon enough for Nadal v Hewitt, but we might just see Safina finish this one off first - she leads A-Pav 6-2 5-0.

1419: Safina, meanwhile, is running away with the second set on Court One. She leads 3-0 now after an early break - A-Pav seems to have run out of steam somewhat, and out of ideas too.

1415: Gonzo duly wraps up a straight sets win and he will face seventh seed Gilles Simon or Romania's Victor Hanescu in round four.

1412: Oh dear, it all went very wrong, very quickly for A-Pav there - a couple of sloppy shots on serve at 2-5 hand Dinara two set points and her teenage opponent puts a forehand into the tram-lines to give the top seed the first set.

1407: Marin Cilic has made a bright start against Stepanek and is a break up already. Oh, and Fernando Gonzalez is a game away from reaching the fourth round - he leads Josselin Ouanna 7-5 6-3 6-5.

1402: A-Pav is not giving up without a fight, though, and produces a couple of huge forehands at 1-4 to hold and keep herself in this first set. That is only the fourth game Safina has lost in this year's tournament but the signs are she might face a bit more of a challenge to get through this round after strolling through her first two matches.

1355: Safina gets the first break after an epic fourth game and she leads A-Pav 3-1. Those four games have taken 26 minutes. Davydenko is a break up in the third on Wawrinka, and Stepanek and Cilic have just started on Court Two - the winner to play Murray or Tipsarevic.

1350: So just the one match between us and Murray v Tipsarevic now - Simon v Hanescu is next up on Lenglen. The Red Button has just switched to Safina v her compatriot, with Nadal v Hewitt also on the horizon.

1345: Szavay completes a superb win when Venus dumps a backhand into the net on the first match point. "A very erratic performance from the American, she just didn't look like she belonged on a clay court, and a very disappointing loss," says John Lloyd on the Red Button.

1343: BREAKING NEWS: Agnes Szavay, the 29th seed, beats third seed Venus Williams 6-0 6-4.

1338: Szavay comes through a big, big service game and now leads by a set and 5-4, so Venus must hold serve to stay in it. Ouanna has got an early break in the third set against Gonzalez, potentially delaying Nadal v Hewitt a bit.

1333: Slovakian 20th seed Dominika Cibulkova beats Gisela Dulko 6-4 6-2, but we must battle on. Safina is immediately a break up on Pavlyuch...... A-Pav. And Venus double-faults to hand the break back to Szavay - it's 4-4.

1326: Venus breaks Szavay to move 4-3 up in the second set, which is ominous for the Hungarian. Don't forget, we've got Simon v Hanescu to follow this one and then Murray v Tipsarevic. Davydenko and Wawrinka are now one set all, and top seed Dinara Safina will be out on Court One to face Anastasia Pavlyuchenkov in a moment.

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1317: "Update on post it note computer screen shield (see 1120): rapidly losing its stick i'm afraid. May need some sellotape. Ps if i was paid in sweets i think it would amount to about one malteser a year... "
From Zebedee. Still ex roger fan. Via text on 81111

1314: Right, we are hot-footing it over to Lenglen where Venus has just saved a break point in the second set after Szavay took the first 6-0. Gonzalez is now a set and a break up on Ouanna. "Vamos!" I imagine he is shouting.

1310: Finally, on his ninth match point... Fernando Verdasco beats Nicolas Almagro 6-2 7-6 (7-4) 7-6 (10-8) and the Spanish eighth seed will play Davydenko or Wawrinka next. Davydenko took the first set, Wawrinka is a break up in the second.

1303: It would be misleading of me to suggest that the texts coming in are largely sympathetic to the plight of the nation's students. Venus has avoided the double bagel threat with her first game against Szavay - 1-1 in the second set. Gonzo has won a topsy turvy opening set 7-5 against Ouanna.

1300: What on earth is happening on Lenglen? Venus trails Szavay 6-0 1-0. We will be heading over there on the Red Button if Verdasco finishes soon. I should point out that Davydenko and Wawrinka are out on Court Seven, with the Swiss a break up at 3-2.

Iveta Benesova
Benesova is the most-talked-about-dress-in-Paris
1257: Apologies for the delay but I've been waiting for Verdasco to finish off Almagro - he didn't. Four match points went begging before he was broken and they're into another tie-break. Germany's Philipp Kohlschreiber has beaten Juan Carlos Ferrero 6-4 2-6 6-4 6-7 (3-7) 6-3. And better late than never, we finally have a few pictures of the Benesova dress (with Benesova in it, obviously). They do not show the garment off at its most glamorous as she insists on playing tennis in it in every shot.

1245: Verdasco breaks Almagro and will serve for the match, Cibulkova takes the first set 6-4 against Dulko. And Szavay is now 4-0 and serving against Venus.

1241: Some more info on the much missed Michelle Larcher de Brito - apparently Aravane Rezai complained to the umpire several times about the noise her Portuguese opponent was making, saying: "It's very disturbing, it's disturbing me. Please, there is a limit. Enough." De Brito countered: "I can do nothing about it."

1236: And why can't the moon be made of chocolate and we all get paid in sweets, eh Toby? Fernando Gonzalez - a rival to Verdasco for hardest hitter - is 3-1 up against Ouanna on Chatrier, Hungary's 29th seed Szavay leads Venus 3-0 on Lenglen, Verdasco and Almagro are 5-5 in the third, and Dulko and Cibulkova are 4-4 in the first.

Text in your views on 81111
1229: "Piers. Why can't the bbc have two streams? Please. I'm more excited about rafa and lleyton than anything ever. Although i'm murray fan too, of course."
From Toby strutt, tower bridge, via text on 81111

1226: "Never mind workers - what about students? The French Open always falls at the worst time of year. Still, at least the live streaming gets me out o f bed 'early' for a full day of revision (or tennis...)"
From Chloe via text

1222: Verdasco and Almagro remain locked on serve in the third set, while on Lenglen we have Venus Williams against Agnes Szavay. Following that one will be Simon v Hanescu, before Murray v Tipsarevic.

1215: Verdasco and Almagro are at 3-3 in the third set, with Verdasco two sets up, and on Court Two we now have Dominika Cibulkova against Gisela Dulko. Lovely Gisela. Yes. Anyway.... Juan Carlos Ferrero and Philipp Kohlschreiber have just resumed last night's match at two sets all on Court 17.

1207: Novak Djokovic beats Sergiy Stakhovsky 6-3 6-4 6-1. Easy. Regarding the Red Button and streaming plans for later, we will be going straight to Murray v Tipsarevic whenever that starts. Hopefully we will also get a decent chunk of Nadal v Hewitt, but who can say for certain? Not I. For now, I'm told we're nipping over to Court One for a bit of Verdasco v Amagro.

1202: Aravane Rezai beats Michelle Larcher de Brito 7-6 (7-3) 6-2, bringing to an end the enchanting run of the 16-year-old Portuguese wunderkind. She may be gone, but she will not be forgotten. De Brito gives the most cursory of handshakes and then sarcastically applauds the crowd on her way off, prompting the inevitable jeers. All of which overshadows a first Grand Slam fourth-round place for Rezai.

Text in your views on 81111
1159: "Must say, thank the Lord for live streaming. It has been getting me through my otherwise mind-numbing cinema shifts watching Night At The Museum 2 over and over again... No offence, but I'd very much like to watch the Hewitt vs Nadal match, although, the streaming will more than suffice. Let's hope it lives up to the billing... "
From Nicola, Durham, via text on 81111

1158: "Piers, judging by the rate of play, it looks like Murray's match will start before Rafa's finishes. You're not to cut off the live stream to show Murray half way through the neon and pink clad Spanish maestro I hope.... ?"
From Bored thesis-writing mathematician via text

1155: De Brito breaks Rezai when the Frenchwoman is serving for the match. I would say the Portuguese screams in delight, but every noise she makes is a scream. Maybe she should whisper when she wins a big point. Or perform a mime. Djokovic is 5-0 up on Stakhovsky and a game away now.

1147: It seems that the workforce of this United Kingdom is either sneakily watching streaming, or texting me to complain that they can't watch the streaming. I'm not sure this is the way to get out of an economic slump, but I'm no expert. Verdasco moves two sets clear of Almagro after nabbing the tie-break 7-4, and Djokovic is easing towards round three as he leads Stakhovsky by two sets and 3-0.

Text in your views on 81111
1143: "Re 10.20 and 10.47...I feel your pain! Surely there is some IT geek out there who can provide us with a work around to foil the efforts of party pooper IT departments? Help us!"
From Sarah, London, via text on 81111

1142: "Due to our rubbish computers at work the only live streaming I am capable of viewing is during a toilet break."
Rob, Leeds, via text

1142: "God bless my office...nothing blocked and everyone is watching it anyway. It's for work purposes, obviously..."
From chris in london, not doing any work, via text

1138: Verdasco and Almagro head into a second set tie-break, De Brito desperately fends off three break points against Rezai before the Frenchwoman finally secures a 3-1 lead in the second set. I've switched them off for now, giving the ears a rest.

1130: Djokovic and Stakhovsky are out on Lenglen, and there's a cracker building up on Court One as Almagro is broken when serving for the second set against Verdasco, who has a first-serve percentage of 96% so far. That's just silly.

1127: "I'm on mainland Europe right now, and I'm sure those screams in the distance are De Brito's. That girl is insane!"
From tgsgirl on 606

Text in your views on 81111
1120: "Ha. Work may have blocked my facebook but live stream they have not... I have constructed an elaborate post it note sculpture to hide my screen from my boss and it's rafa all the way for me this afternoon... "
From zebedee, ex roger fan, via text on 81111

1120: "James from glasgow, i wouldn't worry too much. I have just been on live streaming and it is less liz hurley and more 'got it caught in the locker on the way out'."
From Abi in London via text

1116: Next up on the Red Button and streaming is the resumption of Novak Djokovic against Ukraine's Sergiy Stakhovsky from last night, with the Serb leading by two sets. Rezai takes the first set tie-break 7-3 and that should keep De Brito quiet. At least for the changeover.

1112: To screaming and wailing of Biblical proportions, De Brito breaks Rezai in a lengthy game to force a tie-break. The crowd seems a bit stunned for the moment but I'm backing the Parisians to turn nasty if this carries on. Ana Ivanovic breaks Iveta Benesova to seal a 6-0 6-2 victory. I'm surprised the champion could concentrate as she's only about 500m away from De Brito.

1107: Oh my good Lord. I've just checked in on De Brito and the rumours are true - I didn't know humans could make that much noise. It is a feat in itself, no matter how good the 16-year-old turns out to be at tennis. Jonathan Overend says he watched her practise the other day and she didn't make a sound.

1058: Verdasco has wrapped up the first set 6-2 against Almagro - a high class clay-courter himself - and the eighth seed is continuing the form he's shown all year. That man hits the ball very, very hard.

1055: An early morning update on 'Life with the Roddicks' (via a popular social networking site), and Andy is currently baiting Justin Gimelstob over his lack of 'followers'. Andy's wife Brooklyn says the pair are "16yr old girls". I also learnt that last night at 11.15pm, British number one Anne Keothavong was about 500m from where I now sit indulging in some late-night shopping. At 11.15pm. Extraordinary.

1050: Rest assured I am staying across the picture wires for Benesova updates, although I fear you're all going to be a bit disappointed. It has the merest hint of a slash across the back. Personally, I like it. By the way, she's been broken back and it's 2-2.

Text in your views on 81111
1047: "Any chance of a picture of Benesova's dress Piers? Re 10.20 - work has also blocked my live stream. Idiots."
From James, Glasgow, via text on 81111

1047: "Talk about salt in the wound! Can't watch the tennis and then get told that Benesova's dress is likened to Liz Hurley's. This all better be on the replays later today when I get out of work!"
From Brad, Farnham, via text

1047: "Piers, i am in work and cannot press any red button so am happily enjoying your text to keep me updated. a little more fashion info would be good though seeing as you aint no Sam Smith."
From jeranberan on 606

1042: De Brito, who Sam Smith has heard referred to as producing a "sonic boom" when she screams, has got a break back and leads Rezai 4-3 on Chatrier. Benesova has broken, rather surprisingly, and is now 2-1 up in the second set against Ivanovic, and eighth seed Verdasco is racing away at 4-1 against Almagro.

1038: Indeed, I caught the closing stages of Dokic v fourth seed Dementieva last night and the Aussie/Serb was leading by a set and 2-2 when she bent over and did her back, something I have great sympathy for. She tried to play on but had to retire soon after and left the court in floods of tears. "It's a shock and a disappointment," she said afterwards. "I felt like I had the match in my hands and I was doing well and even if I didn't win, I was playing really well." And even good old Dementieva admitted: "It feels bad to win this way and it must be hard on her. I didn't deserve to win this match."

1034: "No mention of the Dokic match last night? Managed to catch it online. What a shame!"
From Matt, Cambridge, via text on 81111

1034: So far, Benesova's dress has left a far more lasting impression than her tennis. Having said that, Ivanovic looks in good form after a rocky run of form over the last 12 months and she takes the first set 6-0 in 23 minutes.

1030: Hewitt is the latest man to face the unenviable - and to date impossible - task of beating Nadal at Roland Garros in the third match on Chatrier. "This is why I'm still playing the game, to put myself in positions like this to have a crack at the big guys in the biggest tournaments we've got," says the Aussie battler. "It's something I thrive on. I go out there and enjoy it, and I look forward to the challenge. It's not going to be easy, but I go out there, give 100% and see what happens."

1025: Ivanovic has eased into an early 3-0 lead on Lenglen. Regarding the query below, Murray v Tipsarevic is very much a Red Button and streaming (UK only) experience. I have to say I'm slightly offended that anyone would choose the vulgar option of actually watching the play, as opposed to text updates.

Text in your views on 81111
1021: "Morning all. Must admit, looking forward to the nadal-hewitt match, really hoping it'll be more Show down than Let Down from lleyton-Rafa will eventually win it of course- Is murray vs tipsy live on bbc2 then? Enjoy the day everyone."
From Shahra, Bristol, via text on 81111

1020: "Morning Piers. Hoping that all matches before Murray's game are close to delay his start time - I won't get home until 7 this evening and work have somehow managed to block the streaming video! Boo! The IT dept need to have a long hard look at themselves."
From James via text

1018: Ivanovic saves a break point in her opening service game. Meanwhile, discussion continues about the Benesvoa dress. "Ivanovic is wearing black tape on her leg that looks as if it should be tying down guttering," says Jonathan Overend on the Red Button. "Benesova could do with some of it to fill in the bizarre gaps in her dress."

1015: Also in action early doors are France's Aravane Rezai against 16-year-old Portuguese wunderkind Michelle Larcher de Brito on Court Philippe Chatrier. De Brito is apparently breaking new ground with her noise levels. Spain's Nicolas Almagro and Fernando Verdasco are first up on Court one, and Dominika Cibulkova is taking on Gisela Dulko on Court Two.

1010: Benesova and Ivanovic are knocking up on Court Suzanne Lenglen, and the Czech left-hander is wearing an all-black number that Sam Smith on the Red Button has just compared to "the Liz Hurley safety-pin dress". Not sure I'd got that far but it's an interesting one, fashionistas. Ivanvovic is wearing blue. That's all I've got. Ivanovic to serve...

1006: Jonathan Overend on the Red Button has just promised "unbroken sunshine over the next few days". So we now have someone to blame if it rains. As for the big match later, Murray and Tipsarevic have met four times, with two wins apiece, and this will be their first encounter on clay. Tipsy likes to attack the net, Murray likes to control things from the baseline - I'm saying Murray in straight sets. Gulp.

The sun is out
1001: First up on the Red Button and website streaming is defending champion Ivanovic against Benesova, and I'm happy to say the weather is set fair. It doesn't appear to be quite as sultry as London this morning but where is, eh?

It's good news for a Briton
0955: Morning everyone. We have all sorts for your enjoyment today - Nadal, Hewitt, Djokovic, Verdasco, Safina, Ivanovic, Sharapova, Venus. And then there is the small matter of Andy Murray attempting to reach the fourth round in Paris for the first time when he takes on Janko Tipsarevic (we're guessing at around 1600 BST). The plan on the Red Button and website streaming (UK Only) is Benesova v Ivanovic, Safina v Pavyluchenkova, Nadal v Hewitt, and of course Murray v Tipsarevic.

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