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Murray v Del Potro as it happened

Sony Ericsson Open, Miami

Semi-final result:


6-1 5-7 6-2


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By Piers Newbery


0237: Murray was fantastic, you were magnificent and I was for the most part competent. See you all on Sunday at 1800 BST for Murray v Djokovic.

0236: "i'm at least here 4 murray at the end, i like 2 think that's helpin him thru th crowd!"
Kate from dover via text

It's good news for a Briton

Murray 6-2 Del Potro
Back of the net! Murray saves the very, very best until last. At 30-0 he plays the kind of cross-court backhand pass that I really think only he can manage. A sweet backhand down the line on match point wraps things up - a superb effort. And the pair share a nice word at the net before Murray takes a hearty round of applause, so all's well that ends well.

0228: "I've just told my girlfriend (a massive Federer fan) that Andy Murray is the best British Sports Men of our era, behind Freddie Flintoff and Lewis Hamilton! Prove me right Muzza!"
Matt from Farnborough! (via text)

It's good news for a Briton

Murray 5-2 Del Potro
A Murray special - slightly wrong-footed by the advancing Del Potro he wraps his racquet around the outside of the ball and flips a backhand pass across the stranded Argentine. Nice. Del Potro looks done for when he smacks a forehand over the baseline at deuce and bends down much as I do after a nightshift - gingerly. Del Potro fires down a big serve which is called out, he challenges successfully and then appears to get the hump because Murray didn't call it himself. 'Ave a word wiv yerself.

Anyway, another break point arrives moments later and this time Murray buries a second-serve return into the middle of the net. Another lengthy rally follows and Murray fizzes a backhand pass that Del Potro cannot handle. The seventh seed looks to be struggling desperately now.... and he walks off! The trainer comes on while Murray is standing to receive serve at break point up, and Del Potro gets attention in his chair while Murray prowls the baseline smiling ruefully....

... and we're back in the room. Del Potro comes back out and plays a good point, finishing off with a forehand volley, but Murray responds with a return winner and Del Potro then nets a forehand. That's the double break. Surely, surely...

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0214: "There was a carol thatcher doll?!?! C'mon Andy!"
Mark from Penge via text on 81111

Murray 4-2 Del Potro
Murray smacks down an ace, races through the game to love and clenches his fist again. It's been a fantastic effort in the last few minutes as he's wrestled control from Del Potro in a fierce atmosphere.

The view from the fans

0209: "For all those complaining about the crowd, we'll get our revenge at wimbledon!"
From George suffering from insomnia via text on 81111

It's good news for a Briton

Murray 3-2 Del Potro
Del Potro looks a bit puffed out again as he hooks a forehand wide at 30-30. It's break point and Murray deals with a succession of heavy blows from Del Potro before the Argentine nets a backhand volley. It's a huge breakthrough for Murray and he punches the air a la Rafa on his way back to the chair. And why not?

Carol Thatcher

0200: "Del Potro looks very much like a Carol Thatcher doll I used to have as a child..."
From anon via text on 81111

Murray 2-2 Del Potro
Murray enjoys a very welcome love-service game that quietens the crowd for the moment, despite Del Potro appearing to suggest he wasn't ready for the opening point. I use that trick regularly.

0159: "Cmon andy u getting novak in the final. Get 2 it!"
From Donna, Glasgow, via text

Murray 1-2 Del Potro
No mistake with the smash on game point from Del Potro this time and he is the one dictating things now. The umpire asks for the crowd to be quiet during the points but he's fighting a losing battle there.

0158: "I find it awful how the majority delpo fans were putting andy off in the match so if its going to be andy versus the crowd, andy deserves the win on how hes been playing...if there's any justice in the world."
From anon via text on 81111

0156: "C'mon Andy! Dig in fella!"
Mark from Penge via text

Murray 1-1 Del Potro
When Del Potro arrows a backhand pass down the line on the first point and lines up another on the second, things are looking dicey, but Murray lunges for a superb backhand volley and does well to take the game to 15. The momentum was definitely building for JMDP there.

0153: " [A well-known bookmaker] has 100/1 roger's baby being called venus or serena, 200/1 Rafael, 100/1 andy, pete or andre. 60/1 bjorn or rod. There's a 350/1 he or she will win a grand slam by 2035. I've got 5/1 on."
From Owen, Marlow, via text

0152: "Del Potro has found some new belief in his game during his match with Rafa and in this set with Murray, great stuff!"
From Amrit in London via text

0152: "vasu... I think it's more a Davis cup match.. Played in Argentina.. C'mon Muzza!"
From anon via text

Murray 0-1 Del Potro
Amid the cacophony of noise for Del Potro, Murray does well to keep his head. At 30-30, he fires a backhand return right onto the line and Del Potro comes up with an error. Break point, and Del Potro plays two huge forehands and a running smash to save. The Argentine comes through from deuce and is looking strong.

0145: "I can't believe it's the early hours and my mother is downstairs watching tennis you can tell it's not a school night."
From anon via text on 81111

0143: "Why does it seem like whoever murray's playing, the other guy is the crowd favourite?"
From Nick, Luton, via text

- In fairness, he's played Massu, Verdasco and now Del Potro this week and the South Americans get huge support in Miami. Er, and the Spanish.


It's bad news for a Briton

Murray 5-7 Del Potro
Del Potro opens up with a blistering return and Murray then goes the wrong way when drawn forward, allowing Del Potro to volley back past him. Murray hammers a forehand well long and it's 0-40 - three set points for Del Potro. Murray comes to the net and gets himself in a right muddle, half-volleying over the baseline. The set goes to Del Potro, the crowd go bonkers and we're on for a decider. I'd promised to be in the gym at 9am. Never going to happen.

0139: "This has the atmosphere of a grand slam match...when del potro wins a point!"
From Vasu Sarin, Islamabad, via text on 81111

Murray 5-6 Del Potro
It's taken him a while but Del Potro is well and truly in this match now. Some huge groundstrokes help him to a solid hold and Murray will need a tie-break if he's going to take this in straight sets. A Scottish flag appears on the big screen to a chorus of whistles. Well, I say...

Antonio Banderas

0135: "Is it just me, or could Del Potro make a tidy sum as an Antonio Banderas impersonator if the tennis gig doesn't work out?"
From Stephen, North Wales, via text on 81111

- I think it's just you, Stephen.

Murray 5-5 Del Potro
A brilliant point from Murray when in trouble at 0-15 as he races forward and flips a delicate lob over Del Potro, who cannot keep his reply in court. A wayward forehand puts Murray behind again but he follows up with a huge serve and a "C'mon!" The Briton then scrambles sideways to make volley on the stretch but puts it long and it's set point, but Del Potro finds the net with backhand and Murray screams in delight as he seals the game. That was a tense one.

Murray 4-5 Del Potro
Pressure? Pah! That is almost certainly what Del Potro just said to himself as he powered to 40-15. Then a bit of drama as Murray sees a Del Potro volley land near the line at his feet, calls out to challenge but at the same time swats away a winner. The umpire correctly goes to HawkEye, which says the ball was in, and the game is over. Unlucky.

Murray 4-4 Del Potro
There are plenty of Argentine flags in the crowd, presumably held up by people trying to take their minds off getting stuffed 6-1 by Bolivia in the World Cup the other day. Murray has done a great job so far of keeping them quiet and he does so again, bending one ace down the 'T' that leaves Del Potro swatting at air. It's a love hold and now the pressure really is on the Argentine....

Murray 3-4 Del Potro
The games are rattling past a bit quicker at the moment as both men have found their first serves. Del Potro plays a clever volley behind Murray at 40-0 to move ahead again.

Murray 3-3 Del Potro
I've got be honest, I missed the first two points as I went for a 'comfort break' but got back in time to see Murray wallop a forehand winner for 40-0, and Del Potro then hooked a backhand wide. I may call for the trainer in a moment, I would benefit from a massage and maybe getting something taped.

Murray 2-3 Del Potro
Murray senses it could be his moment at 30-30 but credit to Del Potro, he comes up with a couple of big points to hold serve. They felt like possibly the last roll of the dice but that could just be sleep deprivation on my part.

Murray 2-2 Del Potro
Murray opens with a double-fault and slips 0-30 down but battles back, thanks in part to one wildly optimistic attempt at a forehand pass from Del Potro, and the Scot levels things up.

0108: "If Andy plays so well because he's living in his own flat in Miami, perhaps he should consider buying in Paris and Wimbledon too. I'll even give him a hand redecorating if he wants..."
From Jack, South London, via text on 81111

0107: "Stuart, do yourself a favour and dont watch eastenders - ive never been so depressed after watching the last 2 eps. Cmon muzza."
From Jay, Edinburgh via text

It's good news for a Briton

Murray 1-2 Del Potro
Well, you've got to hand it to our boy. Murray refocuses and sets about dismantling the Del Potro game again. Two break-back points arrive and for the third time in the match he manages to scramble back a Del Potro smash, work his way back into the rally and force an error. The Argentine is then warned for smacking a ball out of the stadium. Surely two yellows and you're off, no?

It's bad news for a Briton

Murray 0-2 Del Potro
A smooth start to the Murray service game includes a successful HawkEye challenge - always nice - but Del Potro fires a winner down the line as he gets back to 40-30 down and Murray then goes wide for deuce, and follows up with a double-fault. Break point - from nowhere - for Del Potro and Murray... double-faults! I did not see that coming.

0056: "It's now getting to the stage where opponents are just confused on how to play andy.. The rankings may say different but he is the 2nd best player in the world for me..."
From Alex, huge Murray fan, Northants via text on 81111

0054: "What murray can do with a tennis racket astounds me sometimes but i feel he needs to win a major sooner rather than later otherwise it might get t o him. Thoughts?"
From Johnny, London, via text

Murray 0-1 Del Potro
Del Potro opens up with a nice big swat of a forehand down the line and then hooks one into the opposite corner as he takes the game to 15. A few first serves help no end - he served at 41% in the first set.

0052: "Piers, do you think its going to be 2 or 3 games? I'm going for 2 for Del Potro."
From Dominic, Bristol, via text on 81111

0051: "Well andy, so much for keeping me up for a couple of hours. I suppose i'll have to watch some recorded eastenders, till i finish of my bottle of wine."
From Stuart, East Calder, via text


It's good news for a Briton

Murray 6-1 Del Potro
There is a slightly nervous moment for Murray as he is pegged back from 30-0 to 30-30, but in a tense rally Del Potro dumps an ugly backhand into the net - and a similar effort on the following point gives Murray the set. And very impressive it was too.

0046: "Getting up at 5 to go to the sunderland vs west ham game tomorrow but cannot go to bed when murray is playing tennis like this!"
Nic from durham via text on 81111

- Nic, I applaud you and hope you enjoy the delights of Green Street this afternoon, you are a lucky man. Unfortunately, I cannot wish your team luck...

Murray 5-1 Del Potro
I fancy Murray in two in this form, it's the first time Del Potro has been this far in a big tournament and he's struggling. Having said that it can be difficult to keep the momentum going and Murray is sometimes guilty of letting players back in when he's well ahead. Del Potro gets off the mark, despite making successive double-faults from 30-0.

Text in your views on 81111

0041: "Morning Piers, do you think its going to be 2 or 3 sets? I'm going for Murray in 2."
From Barney, London, via text on 81111

0040: "Del potro does not look up for this. To be fair to him though, Murray is on fire."
From anon via text

0039: "Murray's ability to get everything seems to have done Del Potro's head already."
From Ted, Lisbon, via text

Murray 5-0 Del Potro
I might get a decent night's sleep after all... Murray hares around his backhand to fire a forehand into the opposite corner and wraps up the game to 30 with a winning lob. And then the texts arrived....

It's good news for a Briton

Murray 4-0 Del Potro
While Del Potro might be suffering a bit physically, Murray is scampering around like a new-born lamb after breezing through his last two matches. He opens the game with a saunter to the net and delicate drop volley and then withstands a barrage of heavy forehands as Del Potro appears to be going 'route one'. The Argentine is then given a time violation and umpire Steve Ullrich bellows over the microphone, "You took too long!" That's all JMDP needs.

Yikes! Murray returns a Del Potro smash, works his way back into the rally and then flicks a ridiculous backhand cross-court winner for 15-40. He misses by an inch on the first break point and then.... Murray recovers another huge smash, then fires a backhand pass that a shocked Del Potro volleys into the net. Incredible stuff from the British number one.

Murray 3-0 Del Potro
Del Potro had a lengthy battle against Nadal yesterday and doesn't look up for too much running around today. Murray drives him bananas with a trademark scramble when apparently out of the point at 15-15, angling a backhand into the gaping court, and he goes on to hold. Del Potro looks exhausted already.

It's good news for a Briton

Murray 2-0 Del Potro
Interesting. The 6ft 6in Del Potro has got plenty of power off both sides when he can plant his feet but Murray poses all sorts of problems with his variety of length, pace and spin.

An awkward backhand into the net sees the Argentine slip to 15-30, and a repeat effort two points later hands Murray a first break point. The Scot teases Del Potro with a succession of backhand slices but eventually the Argentine snaps - and thwacks a forehand down the line. Great shot, but Del Potro falters in another lengthy rally to give up break point and a fabulous backhand down the line seals it for the Scot.

Murray 1-0 Del Potro
The British number one serves first and gets off to a good start, moving well as he moves his man around behind the baseline. Del Potro adopts his trademark returning pose of rolling the left leg of his shorts right up - it looks ridiculous but whatever works for you...

0007: The players are knocking up at the Crandon Park Tennis Center and we can expect a pretty partisan crowd in favour of Del Potro tonight - the local Argentine population of Miami turned out in big numbers for his semi-final win over Nadal.

0002: Good morning - yes, it is that time - and what better way to start the weekend than with some overnight Murraymania? Or maybe you've got a severe case of the Delpotroids, either way this is the place to be. It's the second semi-final in Miami, with the winner to face Novak Djokovic after the Serb earlier beat a flaky Federer.

The pair have met twice before, with Murray leading 2-0 having beaten the Argentine in a stormy encounter in Rome last year - when Del Potro apparently disrespected Andy's mum - before the Briton exacted further revenge in the quarter-finals of the US Open.

Del Potro should prove a sterner test this time having risen to number seven in the rankings and beaten world number one Rafael Nadal on Thursday. Still, Murray really has been in tremendous form for some time now and has only lost two matches of note this year.

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