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Murray v Gicquel as it happened

ABN Amro World Tennis, Rotterdam


A Murray GB bt M Gicquel Fra

7-6 (7-2) 4-6 3-0 (retired hurt)

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By Mark Ashenden

1605: Thanks for all your comments today. Cracking effort. I had best get back to my pineapple juice, calculator, 8-legged giraffes and my Murray nickname notebook. Wallop. Night.

Murray 7-6 4-6 3-0 Gicquel
That's it. Gicquel has retired hurt. That's a real shame. Left thigh injury I think.

Murray 7-6 4-6 3-0 Gicquel
It's a double break for Murray with a cracking passing shot down the left tramlines. Any way back for the Frenchman? mmmmmm Murray is cranking this up.

1555: "Who says Nadal will even make the final? Very tricky match against Tsonga coming up later today, and i fancy the frenchman to take it."
Keeno1250 on 606
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Murray 7-6 4-6 2-0 Gicquel
This is looking good for Murray. Some stunning rallies and Murray wins the game with an astonishing smash that was only 20 inches off the ground. You do the maths and the square roots on that one?

1552: "Couldn't resist the temptation to post: I just hope every game in this next set goes to 'love' to get me in the mood for tomorrow!!"
gerrardswhiskers on 606
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Cheesy yet strangely beautiful and touching. Now who's sent cards out today? Any useful tactics for anybody who's missed the last post?

Murray 7-6 4-6 1-0 Gicquel
At last. A break of serve. Gicquel is coping with his injury and he's battling for everything but Murray takes the game after smashing back one of those 'through-the-leg' shots from Gicquel. It's taken Murray 23 games to get his fires burning.

1543: "Will Muzza do good to grind out some hard fought results rather than easing his way through untested? If he wins here I fancy him to out-think Rafa in the final"
From Simon in Glasgow via text on 81111

Murray 7-6 4-6 Gicquel
A great backhand shot on the rise gets Murray back to 30-30. Crucial game this one. Hold on - that's it. Where has that come from? Strangely, Murray plays a blistering rally and looks really fired up but still loses the point..... and the set. Game on lovely people.

1536: "How many posters will bite in a vain attempt to get their user names on a published BBC web page?. I'm one"
davser on 606
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What can I say? There's been some cracking 606 and text comments coming in. I'm loving them. Blimey - if I didn't have a tennis match to write about I'd be able to do you guys and gals justice. Apologies. Keep them coming. I'm reading them.

Murray 7-6 4-5 Gicquel
Murray smells blood and pushes his opponent to all corners of the court. The Scot messes up at 15-15 and he unleashes his lungs to what sounded like an "Owwwhh". Gicquel hangs in there with a monstrous serve.

1532: Game on hold for a bit. Gicquel's tweaked something - looks like he stepped awkwardly when playing a backhand shot in that opening point. The trainer's on and he's strapping his left thigh. Back on and ready for action. 15-0. Let's hope he's OK.

Murray 7-6 4-4 Gicquel
Another ace from Murray gets his game off to a good start. Murray opts to rush the net, but wallop - the Frenchman squeezes a corker to his left. Very nice indeed. Couple of weak returns into the net and Murray nabs it.

Murray 7-6 3-4 Gicquel
Gicquel cruising in this one but then Murray gets a lucky net shot to take it to 40-30. The Frenchman (still need a decent nickname) makes a hash of a drop shot and it's deuce. Talking of which, I haven't opened my pineapple juice yet. Gicquel nabs it though (the game not my juice). He's just about clinging on here.

Murray 7-6 3-3 Gicquel
Gicquel battling hard here and a sweet drop shot gives him a chance to break serve. Alas. Murray stays firm and it's level. Odds on a tie-break again. I'm pushing the boat to say Murray will break in a bit though. Just my thoughts though.

1521: "Hey why are all the comments from chaps? R they the only ones with time on their hands"
From Jill, (who I think is a lady) via text on 81111

Murray 7-6 2-3 Gicquel
Murray's head - with bushy hair attached - hangs low - he almost looks bored and Gicquel's serve still looks pretty sound and he takes it. Thanks for all your square root calculations by the way. A sensational effort. Chuck me a mathematical teaser and I'll bang my favourite up.

Murray 7-6 2-2 Gicquel
Scrappy one that one. Murray's serve just enough though. Enough said.

1514: "The crickets been abandoned so dont mind if i join you guys? Come on murry, give me some excitement for this afternoon, more importantly win, before i finish work today"
From Jonboy in the office in northants, via text on 81111

Murray 7-6 1-2 Gicquel
One cracking rally - I lost count to be honest - but at least 23 shots, but Murray drops it into the net and he's furious. Gicquel is making more mistakes though and his second serve at deuce droops into the net. This French boy needs one of those oranges or bananas you were mentioning earlier. He's looking tired. HOLD ON. I think Gicquel picked up on your square root calculations (58.74 - thanks Tundra-Boy and Keeno1250) - he's only gone and pulled that one out of the bag. Still no break.

1503: "Good serve noise: Phwack! a la vintage Batman attack. That strange-suited man was a tad violent thinking about it."
From Bobby in Brighton, via text on 81111

Murray 7-6 1-1 Gicquel
Murray tries a cheeky lob but Gicquel picks it off and smashes it right back down. Both players spending most of the game shaking their heads. Has someone just asked them what the square root of 3450 is? It's a messy game but Gicquel needs to get back on it or this match could drift away. Anybody got a calculator on them? Know your square roots? Murray takes it after deuce. Talking of which, I've got a pineapple juice awaiting me.

Murray 7-6 0-1 Gicquel
The broken racquet may have spurred him on but Gicquel is not holding back. A sweet sweet game for the Frenchman and he takes it by sending down a belter past Murray's right arm.

Murray 7-6 Gicquel
Tie-break time. Murray's just starting to mix it up himself and a delicious (that's an under-used word) backhand pass gives him the edge. His fourth ace gives him a nice 4-1 lead. His serve remains strong and a top-spin forehand into the corner of the court is a shot worthy of winning any set. And it did.

Murray 6-6 Gicquel
A booming pass from Murray but Gicquel continues with his net-charging approach and it's paying off. And boom. That's the noise of a very good serve by the way. Any other thoughts on how to spell the noise of a good serve? Whoosh perhaps? A second ace takes it to a tie-break.

Murray 6-5 Gicquel
Another quick one. Is there something good on TV later in Rotterdam they want to rush back for? I'm sensing both players have a couple more gears in them and it could get interesting - more interesting I mean - soon.

Murray 5-5 Gicquel
It's level. That game lasted about 12 seconds. Maybe 15. Great serving, a weak shot from Murray into the net. No service breaks in sight. Common cold solutions looking great. Is there such a thing as a rare cold? Nice.

1438: "Re cures for a common cold, my funny uncle told me that a French cure works best. He said, they used the Guillotine. The cold stopped pretty quickly but the sawed throat was a bit trickier!"
joewithshoes on 606
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I remember the guillotine at school for cutting paper - dangerous apparatus for sure. Keep those fingers out of the way.

Murray 5-4 Gicquel
Murray is not having it his own way. Gicquel is playing a great variety of shots and plays a lovely drop shot after coming forward again to leave Murray stranded. It goes to deuce with the Frenchman playing more creatively. A super-dooper rally and a crunching Murray smash at the net gives him the advantage and he squeezes through to take the game. Just.

1432: "Just had a look at Gicquel's performances over the past year and he has only beaten 3 players from inside the top 50. Gasquet, Canas and Starace. So hopefully Andy shouldn't have a problem."
skershaw98 on 606
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Great work. Good knowledge.

Murray 4-4 Gicquel
Gicquel (I'm playing it straight with his name for the time being, although Geek is my favourite so far but seems a bit harsh - never met the bloke) is not wavering. Takes a beauty on the rise to pass Murray and he takes the game conceding just one point.

Murray 4-3 Gicquel
Murray looks determined but he's going to need to be because this is tight. His serve keeps him in it and it's another cracker - straight out of the top drawer of the top spin cupboard - nicks the line and he edges ahead.

Murray 3-3 Gicquel
Good match this one. Gicquel seems to be liking his serve and following in procedures. Working so far. Murray crashing one too long and it's level again. Solutions for overseastoon sickness (see 1414) so far include bananas, E45, tea, oranges and vodka. Kill or cure there me thinks. Who fancies trying that little cocktail later?

Murray 3-2 Gicquel
Gicquel trying to mix it up by rushing into the net but a couple of loose volleys hands the initiative to Murray. A cracking top spin pass (with right foot in the air) seals the game. Some cute rallies there. By the way, can I have a show of hands on what people think of Murray's nickname being Muzza? It's a love/hate situation. Bit like marmite or the snow I guess.

Murray 2-2 Gicquel
There's a bish, a bosh and a bash and it's game over. This Frenchman can serve. I sipped some water there, turned around and it's the next game.

1414: "Sitting at home with an ebola like virus. I explained the symptoms to my wife who still seems to think it's a common cold. Come on Murray. Cheer my day up with a resounding win!"
overseasTOON on 606
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Before the pun games begin, anybody got any solutions for the common cold? I'll stick my oar in and suggest satsumas and a steaming bath.

Murray 2-1 Gicquel
Murray's winding his power up a bit here. Seems a little more focused than Thursday's stuttering showing against Seppi. He's using the full width of the court and Gicquel (anybody got any nicknames for the boy?) is being pushed all over the place. Takes it to 15.

Murray 1-1 Gicquel
Neither player venturing to the net yet and a belting couple of serves from Gicquel takes him level.

1408: "Murray to win this one 6-4, 6-3. Tsonga to beat Nadal later on tonight also."
EamonH on 606
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Murray 1-0 Gicquel
A steady opening with both players sticking to the baseline and Murray's serve looking solid. First game to the Scot.

1403: Fact time. Gicquel is ranked 55 in the world. He's never faced Murray. Umpire calls "time". Bring it on. Murray to serve.

1400: "Murray should breeze this match...I predict a double bagel (although I predicted this yesterday too!)"
MarcusInKensington on 606
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1356: As you nibble on your sarnies, or you're sneaking a cheeky view at work, then chuck us your thoughts. Text and 606 details above. Would be great to hear you.

1352: Hello and all that. Enough of the pleasantries, there's some tennis to get involved in. It's Murray up against Marc Giquel in the quarters of the World Tennis Tournament. Before I get into that, Mario Ancic has swept aside Mikhail Youzhny 6-4 6-2. Ancic will face the winner of the Murray match in the semis.

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