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Murray v Seppi as it happened

ABN Amro World Tennis, Rotterdam

Second round result


7-6 (7-4) 7-5

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By Caroline Cheese

1628: I'm off to lick my wounds. Thanks Dave and everyone else for your magical contributions today.

1624: Dave from Edinburgh texts to say that I "blatantly hate" Murray. Oof, Dave, that hurts. I didn't much like his performance today - but that's because I've come to expect the kind of world-class, dazzling displays we saw from him earlier this year and the end of last. There's a lot of Murray-knockers out there, but I'm very definitely not one of them.

1620: Very scratchy performance, but he won in straight sets anyway and if that isn't the sign of top five player, I don't know what is (apart from perhaps actually being in the top five). Murray is through to face unseeded Frenchman Marc Giquel in the quarter-finals on Friday.

Murray 7-6 (7-4) 7-5 Seppi
Fabulous rally to open the game, Murray chasing down a drop shot before almost caressing a forehand onto the baseline. A swinging serve forces Seppi to err on the return and that's three match points for Murray. The demons aren't completely gone - a last wayward backhand finds the trams - but Seppi delivers a gift of an error and Murray books his place in the last eight. Waddya know? I should have put money on it.

1617: Re 1608: Look on the Mr Brightside, somebody told me that Murray was going to win today. Come on Cheese, smile like you mean it!"
Butch in Didcot via text on 81111
Stop! My eyes hurt...

Murray 7-6 (7-4) 6-5 Seppi
Murray wastes a break point with a forehand error. More muttering. At deuce, Seppi clatters the net YET AGAIN! This time, Murray is ready for it, a drop shot catching the Italian flat-footed. Seppi throws the game away with his second double of the match. I'm still not putting any money on it.

Murray 7-6 (7-4) 5-5 Seppi
A hold. But I wouldn't put any money on Murray winning this set...

1608: "On the Killers topic, I think we can allow Murray some slack for one of his few bad games this year. After all, he's only human... or is he dancer?"
amfranchise05 on 606
Human. Definitely human.

Murray 7-6 (7-4) 4-5 Seppi
Unbelievable. Seppi must have set some kind of record for netcords in this match, with two in this game alone. Murray puts an awful backhand into the trams and Seppi is a game away from the set.

Murray 7-6 (7-4) 4-4 Seppi
A large man in the crowd yawns shortly before Murray rips a seventh ace of the match to take the game to 15. Time to step it up...

Murray 7-6 (7-4) 3-4 Seppi
Touche. Seppi hits back with a love game of his own, Murray continuing to mutter angrily to himself.

Murray 7-6 (7-4) 3-3 Seppi
"No... no... towel," Murray rather tetchily tells a ball boy, who tries to give him a ball. "Get your own flippin' towel," is what I would be tempted to say in response. The ball boy in question rectifies his error quickly and Murray is soon on his way to a love service game.

1556: "Re 1520 and 1541: Is 'anon' really setting and then answering their own tennis related questions? What a strange way to pass an afternoon, I may try it."
Tom, Sidcup, via text on 81111
Good point. Come on people, give me your names - how else will you earn fame and fortune?

Murray 7-6 (7-4) 2-3 Seppi
Leading 40-15, Seppi tries a very low-percentage forehand and sees it clatter the net. Murray makes him pay as he scampers across the baseline and flicks a forehand pass behind him and bang on the line. A rare beauty. A carefully constructed point from Murray earns him a break point, but after Seppi clips the net for the millionth time (approx) today, Murray goes long - prompting a very audible obscenity from the sulky Brit. The world number four recovers his poise to earn a second opportunity and this time, Seppi hands it to him by hitting the net.

Murray 7-6 (7-4) 1-3 Seppi
Murray, his focus all over the place, looks ready to let the racquet have it as he double-faults at break point down. Instead, he gets a new bat out in the hope that will change his fortunes.

1547: "Least mistakes wins this one. It's really hard to watch. Muzz trying his best to lose, but Seppi just doesn't get it."
nosetam on 606
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Murray 7-6 (7-4) 1-2 Seppi
Still on serve, still not a very good match. I've had my head turned by the fact that I might have got that Nadal question right... I'm sure someone will be in touch soon to make me look stupid.

1541: "Re 1520: Borg had won six Slams by 22 and a quarter, Sampras five by 22 and a half. Nadal won his sixth aged 22 year 8 months - with an Olympics to boot."
Anon via text on 81111

Murray 7-6 (7-4) 1-1 Seppi
"Dammit" screams a furious Murray as he overcooks a forehand on the first point. He cannot believe how badly he is playing. Neither can I to be honest. He scrapes through his service game though.

Murray 7-6 (7-4) 0-1 Seppi
If you thought nabbing the first set might make Murray relax into his game, you'd be wrong. The Brit is shaking his head in despair as his backhand - which has been awful today - lands in the trams. A hold to love for Seppi.

Murray 7-6 (7-4) Seppi
Murray finds his best form when it matters, mixing up pace, angle and spin to force Seppi into an error. The Brit leads 4-2 as they switch sides but Seppi rattles down an ace to close the gap. An absolutely sensational forehand down the line from Murray - the best shot of the match by a country mile - makes it 5-3 and he soon makes it 6-3. A sixth set point comes and goes before Murray eventually pockets it. And yes, thanks everyone, Andy You're A Star is also a Killers song - but unfortunately, that didn't come to me five minutes ago when I was scratching around for rubbish puns.

Murray 6-6 Seppi
First double fault from Seppi makes it deuce and then his backhand smacks the top of the net and drops his side. That's a fifth set point for Murray - but this time he seems a bit late on a forehand and loops it wide. Very up and down this from Murray... Tie-break time.

1520: "Here's a question for you. Has any men's player won as many majors as Nadal at his age? I'm too lazy to research it and it is something to keep you occupied."
Anon via text on 81111
Got some tennis to keep me occupied... Anyone else? Borg maybe?

1518: "Re 1512: Let's hope Murray doesn't play like a drain though! I'm so ashamed..."
Andy in Edinburgh still nursing last nights hangover, via text on 81111

Murray 6-5 Seppi
That'll make him feel a whole lot better though, Murray holding to love in double-quick time.

Murray 5-5 Seppi
Dave's mention of the Killers (see 1457) has prompted a lot of anger via text. Odd. Despite the nonsense lyrics, I've always found them a fairly benign chart presence. Murray is no Mr Brightside right now as Seppi holds easily to level up. Sorry, that's rubbish.

1512: "Re 1506: Or pipes."
From another bored uni student, pretending to write an essay

Murray 5-4 Seppi
From 40-15, Murray blazes a backhand miles beyond the baseline then is caught out by a Seppi drop shot. A big serve brings up a fourth set point, which also goes begging, and a wild double fault gives Seppi the chance to break back. Murray swings another poor backhand into the trams - and we're only ruddy back on serve! Tennis eh?!

1506: "Breaking news, Seppi is an anagram of Pepsi."
From a bored Uni student waiting for his next lecture, via text on 81111

Murray 5-3 Seppi
Bit of trouble for Seps at 15-30 but he hammers down a big serve before dispatching the easy forehand. The old "one-two punch", John Lloyd would call that. It's only a brief reprieve, Murray reading Seppi's pass like a book and dinking the volley into the open court to earn a set point - but an ace gets the Italian out of danger. For the moment anyway.

Murray 5-2 Seppi
Frustration for Seppi, who lets his racquet drop forlornly to the floor as another groundstroke goes awry. A comfortable game for the Brit, making up for that earlier calamity.

1457: "Caroline can you pass on a request to Edith for the new Killers song. Thanks."
Dave via text on 81111

Murray 4-2 Seppi
And he's back in the room. Three break points. On the second, Murray fires a backhand down the line - would have been a clean winner had it not smacked the net and slowed up enough for Seps to recover. He takes the next, a tricky, short sliced backhand bamboozling the Italian.

1452: "In Kazakhstan on biz, having evening meal in a place that you would never believe... Hoping Andy keeps his good start to the year up. Has he cut is bad hair yet?"
Anon via text on 81111
Hair is at that in-between stage... in a few weeks, we may be back to full, shaggy do

1450: "In the middle of our office move, sitting glued to the F5 button while boxes are getting packed around me! Hope the server is kept on til the end of the game. Should only take 40 mins."
Tony in Aberdeen, via text on 81111
To be fair, this was sent before Murray threw away a 2-0 lead

Murray 3-2 Seppi
Murray's completely gone missing. He has to save another two break points as his groundstrokes go everywhere but inside the lines. Scrappy but he survives - and gives it a little "come on" as he trudges to the chair.

1445: "Thought I would send another text to cheer you up. By the way, how did you get your job?"
From 'wanting a career change' in York, via text on 81111
Pure luck, and the ability to type quite quickly...

Murray 2-2 Seppi
Hello? Andy? He seems to have fallen asleep. Easy service game from Seppi, who gets his first serve going. skershaw98 on 606 alerts me to the fact that Gicquel beat Mathieu 6-4 6-3 earlier today and will face Murray or Seppi.
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Murray 2-1 Seppi
Terrible game from Murray. Seppi latches onto a weak second serve and smacks it onto the baseline before earning three break points when Murray nets. He wastes two but then Murray double-faults. Curious.

Murray 2-0 Seppi
I've had one text so far. It was meant for Edith Bowman at Radio 1. Harumph. Murray is in a similar sulk as he makes a mess of his return - but he makes amends on the next point, stepping in to thump a backhand onto the line. Break point. The Italian, looking woefully short of confidence, slaps a forehand into the net.

Murray 1-0 Seppi
Murray wins the toss, serves, and bags the first game to love, Seppi only getting one return into play. Boom.

1433: "It's Murray time!! Come on Andy, let's have a double bagel!!"
MarcusInKensington on 606
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1431: Other crucial things to know about Seppi: his mates call him Seppio, which sounds like the traditional sportsman's nickname whereby you take the name and add a 'y' or an 'o'. He supports AC Milan. He's only won two matches this season - but then he has had to play Roger Federer twice already.

1428: Now, Seppi has a 100% record against Murray, having won their only previous match - although that was on grass in 2006 so there's not much we can read into that. The Italian had a decent run at this tournament last year, beating Lleyton Hewitt and Rafael Nadal before losing to 'Rocking' Robin Soderling.

1423: Gael Monfils has just exited stage left after dispatching fellow Frenchman Michael Llodra in straight sets, leaving the way clear for Murray and Seppi to begin their warm-up. The winner of this match will face Marc Gicquel or Paul-Henri Mathieu - another all-French encounter.

1420: Afternoon all. Andy Murray's back to winning ways after letting down the entire nation with his miserable Australian Open effort (I'm just kidding folks). After seeing off fading Croat Ivan Ljubicic in round one, Andreas Seppi is up next...

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