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Australian Open 2009
Melbourne Park, 19 January-1 February

Australian Open

Final result:

R FEDERER (Swi) * v R NADAL (Spa)

5-7 6-3 6-7(3-7) 6-3 2-6

* denotes server


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By Caroline Cheese

1338: That's it then. Thanks for your company during another mind-blowing encounter between Roger 'n Rafa. They really don't do bad matches do they? Federer's already one of the greatest in history, Rafa's got to be there or thereabouts now after winning his first hard-court major. And, dare I say it, the Grand Slam is on...

1336: Rafa's turn to speak: "Roger, I'm sorry for today. I know exactly how you feel. Just remember you're a great champion and you're one of the best in history and for sure you're going to match Sampras. To receive this trophy from Rod Laver is a dream for me. Thank you very much."

1333: That won't help Federer. Rafa Nadal takes the trophy from Rod Laver and lifts it high into the air. He immediately goes to Federer and gives him a hug and the world number two comes to the mike again. "I don't want to have the last word - this guy deserves it," saiy Fed, pointing to Rafa. "Rafa, congrats - you deserve it. All the best for the season."

1330: Roger Federer gets a massive roar from the crowd as he steps up to receive the runners-up plate. "I've felt better," says Fed. "Thanks for the support. You guys were unbelievable." But here come the tears. "Maybe I'll try later. God, it's killing me." The crowd give him another huge cheer, but the poor fella can't continue. He's sobbing as he steps away from the mike. Nadal joins in the applause for the beaten finalist.

1327: "We all want him to go on and win that 14th later in the year..." says Geoff. Not half as much as Fed I would imagine. The Swiss manages half a smile. Or was it a twitch?

1324: The man from the tournament sponsors rather kills the electric atmosphere with a fantastically dry speech... Here's Tennis Australia president Geoff Pollard to jolly things along.

1321: Plenty of congratulations for Rafa Nadal, but no one dares go near Federer as he digests what has just happened. Eventually, Rod Laver approaches - and Fed manages a weak smile.

1318: If you thought the Wimbledon final might have hurt, that has got to be an absolute killer for Federer. Nadal seemed to be running on empty in that third set, but put in a superhuman effort to get back into it. Federer is sitting in his chair, exhausted, disbelieving. The 14th Grand Slam title will have to wait - but 'til when?

1315: Nadal falls to the ground in a star shape - just like that Wimbledon final - before jogging to the net to shake hands with a crestfallen Federer. Four hours and 23 minutes, a classic encounter.

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 6-3 2-6 Nadal
Another double-fault from a crumbling Federer makes it 0-30 and Nadal is gifted two points for the title when Fed errs on a forehand. Nadal swings a routine return long and then a tense, tense rally ends with the Spaniard putting a tentative slice into the trams. A sensational backhand winner sets up another title point before Federer belts one final forehand over the line.

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 6-3 2-5 Nadal
Federer can't buy a backhand and Nadal races out into a 40-0 lead. Another backhand over the baseline and Nadal is a game away... What do we think? Another twist? Surely...

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 6-3 2-4 Nadal
Massive roar greets Federer as he comes out to serve. Crucial game, and he's off to a good start, two double-quick winners and then a return over the baseline from Nadal. Hold to love.

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 6-3 1-4 Nadal
Who's stolen Federer? He's all over the place. The feet aren't dancing and the errors are coming thick and fast. It's midnight in Melbourne and Nadal is closing in on his first hard-court Grand Slam title. Or is he? Nadal moves effortlessly into a 40-0 lead but a rasping forehand into the corner gets Fed back to 40-30. Return into the net though and Nadal jogs back to the chair.

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 6-3 1-3 Nadal
Crowd still seem to be with Federer. The world number two rips a dazzling backhand crosscourt to open the game, but a double-fault gives Nadal a chance at 30-30 and then a backhand error gives the world number one the first break point of the set. Big loopy forehands from Nadal and Federer obliges by plonking another backhand into the net. Nervy stuff from Fed.

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 6-3 1-2 Nadal
Federer again looks exhausted as his backhand barely makes it halfway up the net. Rafa holds to love.

1251: "Yeah yeah yeah."
Pat Cash on BBC 5 Live sports extra

1251: "It's 21 years since the last five-set final here, when Mats Wilander beat Pat Cash."
Jonathan Overend on BBC 5 Live sports extra

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 6-3 1-1 Nadal
Federer beginning to struggle physically now, the world number two floating a slice backhand over the baseline to give Nadal a 15-30 lead. Federer serve-volleys to take the next point before serving out to 30.

1247: "Perfect Sunday combo - an epic tennis final, a kipper on toast and a mango Bellini."
Anon via text on 81111
I feel sick just reading that

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 6-3 0-1 Nadal
Federer's loving this HawkEye fella now, challenging on the very first point - but Nadal's first serve brushes the line. The world number one holds to 15. We are four minutes short of the four-hour mark.

1243: "It's not even funny how good these two are. Just ridiculously scary. I can't pick a winner."
Rob, Preston, via text on 81111

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 6-3 Nadal
Federer chops a backhand slice into the net and that's 15-15. His second serve is called out on the next point - and it looks like a desperate challenge from the world number two, but it's just on the line. Instead of 15-30, it's 30-15. Betcha like HawkEye now eh Rog? He serves out the set and it's a fifth set here we come.

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 5-3 Nadal
At this point, I was meant to be beginning Premier League commentary. I don't know why I ever thought this wouldn't be an epic. Nadal give up on the set? Who said that? He holds to 15.
Live text - Premier League

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 5-2 Nadal
Looks like Nadal might have given up on this set, words I never, ever thought I'd write. Several tired returns there and all of a sudden, we're a game away from a fifth.

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 4-2 Nadal
SOMEONE IN MY OFFICE IS WATCHING CRICKET! There's no helping some people. The poor, deluded fool is missing probably the greatest Australian Open final in history. If he continues, I'm going to name him and then you can email him yourself. Anyway, Nadal in a bit of trouble as he puts a bit too much work on his forehand and it flies wide. Another break point for Federer - and a monumental forehand forces Nadal to go long. The Swiss waits on the baseline pumping his fist as the ball goes past him.

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 3-2 Nadal
Stop the ride I want to get off. Another epic. Two break points for Nadal. His return is called long, then corrected by the umpire, then challenged by Federer - and it is out. A seething Federer makes his feelings known to the ump. Fed then fizzes a backhand down the line. Nadal saves a game point after another gruelling rally, and then Fed wastes one with a double fault. A huge Nadal forehand forces the error and it's break point again. Federer plays the sort of drop shot even Andy Murray would be ashamed of - but Nadal puts his reply wide. He can't believe it. There follows another scarcely believable rally, Nadal ending it with a stunning forehand down the line. Ace from Fed but then he has to face a fifth break point, saving it with a forehand winner. After seven deuces, Federer somehow survives, but he's losing his famous cool.

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 2-2 Nadal
You can't keep him down for long. Federer's big forehand forces an error and then his return rattles the net and drops just over. Nadal roars right back though, making it 30-30 with a beautiful pass down the line. A hold to 30.

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 2-1 Nadal
Another loud "come on" from Federer as he places the volley into the open court to make it 30-30 - but he's celebrating too early. Two sensational forehands from Nadal earn him the break right back. Federer is furious - thwacking a ball into the advertising boards.

1206: "I forgot to set my alarm when I got in at 2am and when I woke up at half eleven I was worried it might be nearly over. Silly me."
Alex via text on 81111

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 2-0 Nadal
Federer flips a backhand past Nadal at the net and then the Spaniard nets so two more break points for Federer. The world number two sweeps a forehand winner down the line past a flat-footed Nadal and he finally converts to take his break point conversion rate to 28%, five from 18.

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 1-0 Nadal
Nadal takes his foot off the gas. Poor. Noooo, I'm kidding. Federer holds to love.

1157: "I can't believe what I'm seeing. Extraordinary comeback. He was down and out but he hung in there. Nadal is running on pure adrenalin at the moment."
Pat Cash on BBC 5 Live sports extra

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) Nadal
Nadal hooks a forehand wide and that's an immediate mini-break, but then Fed shanks a forehand and it's as you were. Brave drive volley from Fed puts him ahead. Federer gets a backhand all wrong and it flies well wide, then sees a return go long. Supreme volley from Federer means they swap sides all square - but Fed gifts Nadal the advantage with a wild forehand. Nadal sends the forehand behind Federer - and then the world number one meets a brilliant Federer pass with a flying backhand volley. Stunning. Three set points for Nadal - and Federer double-faults. I cannot believe it. Actual screams of anguish from the crowd.

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-6 Nadal
A magical half-volley drop-shot takes Federer to 30-0, before Rafa rips a return winner and then correctly challenges a call off a Federer reflex volley to make it 30-30. Fed nets and that's set point for Rafa. Are you kidding me? Federer finds a big first serve which Nadal can only put in the trams. Three deuces and on the last Federer comes up with a mind-boggling backhand before eventually holding with an ace. Hold your breath, tie-break time.

1142: No treatment for Nadal at that changeover.

1141: "Is Rafa's and Federer's one of the greatest sporting rivalries ever? Recently every match they play seems to be an absolute epic and full of unbelievable tennis."
NeutralGlover on 606
Join the debate on 606

Federer 5-7 6-3 5-6 Nadal
Another epic, epic game and we're definitely reaching Wimbledon 2008 levels. Fed swipes a backhand return at Nadal's feet before blasting a forehand out wide, an exhausted Nadal bending and netting his response. Two break points. Nadal again lifts himself to save both, Federer hammering a forehand long on the second. He challenges, but it's a desperate call. Miles out. Nadal's turn to challenge on the next point, but again it's out. Federer has a third break point, and Nadal produces a sizzling forehand winner. I'm running out of words to describe this effort from Nadal. Quite unbelievable. Nadal barely has the energy to celebrate.

Federer 5-7 6-3 5-5 Nadal
Nadal wins the first point but then sees his return miss the line by a matter of millimetres, then at 30-15 he slaps a pass into the net. That was a chance. Federer holds to 15.

1128: More treatment for Nadal at the changeover, a nibble on a banana... If Nadal wins this, it will be one of the greatest performances I have ever seen.

Federer 5-7 6-3 4-5 Nadal
Nadal thwacks a backhand miles out to give Fed the early lead, the kind of error you just don't expect from the world number one. He swings a forehand into the trams after another gruelling exchange and Fed has three break points - game over surely. Er, no. Nadal saves the first two with what John Lloyd correctly describes as "immense points". Rafa then catches Fed unawares with a serve to his forehand. Unbelievable. Rafa gets himself to game point but it's another energy-sapping rally, Federer out of it but then back in it, before Nadal puts a tired backhand into the net. What does he do next? Rattles down an ace of course. The man is not human.

Federer 5-7 6-3 4-4 Nadal
Nadal is definitely playing some tired-looking shots at the moment, a backhand slice over the baseline giving Federer a 40-15 lead. The second seed pummels a forehand onto the baseline for a comfortable hold. Big game coming up - but aren't they all?

1116: The trainer is out for Nadal. He's getting a massage to his right thigh. This is not encouraging for Rafa fans.

Federer 5-7 6-3 3-4 Nadal
Nadal opens the game with his fourth double fault. Is tiredness creeping in? A big first serve follows but then he puts a forehand pass over the baseline. Federer has a chance at 15-30 when the second serve sits up but he nets the return and then makes two backhand errors on the trot. Bit of a let-off for Nadal.

Federer 5-7 6-3 3-3 Nadal
Nadal pops a tablet at the changeover. A paracetemol, reckons Pat Cash on BBC 5 Live sports extra. Doesn't seem to be much wrong with the world number one. Federer nets a backhand and gives Nadal the first break point of the set. Again the first serve deserts the second seed but he dispatches a forehand winner as Nada's return lands too short. A gruelling baseline rally at deuce and the tension rises before Nadal fires long. Federer screams his delight at that.

Federer 5-7 6-3 2-3 Nadal
A rare unforced error from Nadal as he overcooks a forehand. He follows it with the shot of the match so far. Federer looks poised to win the point when he directs his forehand volley into the corner but Nadal sprints across the baseline and plays the forehand pass back behind him. Uncle Toni is on his feet to applaud that one - as is the rest of the crowd. At game point, Fed again scrambles back an unbelievable defensive lob but Nadal survives.

Federer 5-7 6-3 2-2 Nadal
What the blazes? Federer leaps around at the back to return two smashes and he's suddenly back in the point but Nadal keeps his cool and drop shots. Fed gets to 30-15 but an awful volley allows Nadal to draw level. Deadly ace from Fed before he drop shots, cutting off the resulting volley. New balls - and a new bat for Fed.

1056: "Following the match via mobile in church. Come on Fed!"
Anon via text on 81111
As long as you're not the vicar...

Federer 5-7 6-3 1-2 Nadal
Nadal unleashes on a backhand, leaving Federer is swishing at air. He follows it with a double fault to make it 30-15 and then after a rat-a-tat exchange at the net, Nadal volleys wide. That was like a throwback to the 1970s. Aaah, lovely. Back to the baseline as Federer's slice has Nadal in a muddle and that makes it deuce. Couple of deuces, couple of sensational rallies, but Nadal comes through.

Federer 5-7 6-3 1-1 Nadal
Federer's first serve percentage in that last set was 37%. He nails two in a row before easing into a 40-0 lead but Nadal hauls himself back into the game at 40-30. The top seed lures Fed in with a drop shot but the lob is too short and the second seed puts away the smash.

Federer 5-7 6-3 0-1 Nadal
Federer saves one game point with a gigantic forehand which even the Mallorcan muscles can't deal with. Otherwise, it's an impressive game from the top seed.

1041: The camera follows Rafa Nadal running back from his toilet break, urging himself to get back on track. Not much sign of tiredness there.

1040: "When the going got tough in that set, the unforced errors crept into Nadal's game. Is that because he's a little bit tired? He has to be."
Andrew Castle on BBC2

Federer 5-7 6-3 Nadal
Fed coolly half-volleys a forehand off the baseline and into the open court to make it 30-15 before a Nadal error brings up two set points. The Spaniard's return loops over the baseline and Federer punches the air. One set all, and we go again.

Federer 5-7 5-3 Nadal
Federer catches Nadal running in the other direction with a backhand down the line and follows it with a cunning sliced backhand that the Spaniard can't do anything with. That's 15-30, and Federer whips away another forehand winner to bring up two break points. Nadal produces a daring second serve onto the centre line before hammering a forehand crosscourt, and on the second, delivers a big serve out wide to draw the error. Federer comes right back, jumping on a short ball, but Nadal saves a third break point with an ace down the 'T'. Incredible serving under pressure from the world number one. Federer earns a fourth chance with some pinpoint hitting from the back, but Nadal again survives with a deft drop shot. Couple more deuces, before Federer unleashes a huge backhand to rock Nadal. Fifth break point - and finally Nadal succumbs. Federer will serve for the set. Call the doctor. I'm not sure my nerves can handle it.

Federer 5-7 4-3 Nadal
Federer muttering to himself about his first serve - which is down to a quite rubbish 32% in this set. His forehand is looking pretty good though and he holds to 30.

Federer 5-7 3-3 Nadal
Nadal delivers his first double of the day to give Federer some hope at 15-30. A swinging serve out wide makes it 30-30 but then Nadal flops a tame forehand into the net. Strange. Federer, without doing an awful lot, breaks back when Nadal goes long. The now familiar cry of "come on" from the world number two.

Federer 5-7 2-3 Nadal
Nadal powers a sizzling backhand down the line, with an extra-loud grunt for effect. He then produces another brutal backhand - this time crosscourt - to make it 15-30. Gasps of awe from the BBC commentary box after that one. Federer gets his feet all wrong and dumps a forehand low into the net to gift Nadal a break point. The Spaniard nails a return onto the line and Federer is now in all sorts of bother.

Federer 5-7 2-2 Nadal
Fed gives Nadal a taste of his own medicine, wresting control of a point which wasn't his to win and sending a majestic forehand into the corner. Another forehand winner gets him to break point - but Nadal coolly hammers an ace down the middle, on Fed's forehand side, to get out of trouble.

Federer 5-7 2-1 Nadal
Federer appears to have rediscovered his first serve - and it's proving quite handy. A magical half-volley takes him to 40-0 and an ace seals the game to love.

Federer 5-7 1-1 Nadal
Nadal, for only about the second time today, serves to Federer's forehand and sees the ball come flying back past him. That sees him pegged back to 40-30 but he smacks a stunning backhand crosscourt to level up.

0957: "The only hope for Fed to equal Sampras's 14 Slams is to be in the finals without Nadal..."
idunnotennis on 606
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John Lloyd
0956: "That was huge for Federer. He got battered around by Nadal at the end of that first set, and he needed a good start."
John Lloyd on BBC2

Federer 5-7 1-0 Nadal
Fed's first-set stats read: 16 unforced errors, 54% first serve. Not good. Shaky start in this set too, trailing 0-30 before a forehand winner and an ace get him back on track. He plucks a drive volley out of the air to move to game point, before an ace - confirmed by HawkEye - closes it out. That should make him feel a bit better.

Federer 5-7 Nadal
Federer off the boil big time as he nets a backhand and then blasts a forehand long. Nadal off to the easiest of starts and he quickly earns two set points when Fed goes long again. He takes the second after an astonishing rally, again turning defence into attack. 57 minutes gone and it's advantage Rafa.

Federer 5-6 Nadal
Federer plants a volley into the trams but on the next point, he dives almost Becker-style to pluck a Nadal pass out of the air and into the open court. A Nadal drop-shot makes it 15-30 and Federer then puts a routine forehand wide. Nadal produces a forehand pass off the baseline and he will serve for the set. Poor game from Fed, whose first serve abandons him at precisely the wrong moment.

Federer 5-5 Nadal
Nadal powers a forehand down the line, but Federer shows off his own brilliance in defence by flicking a backhand crosscourt. That gets him the first point but Nadal reels off the next three to make it 40-15. A backhand return forces Nadal to net, but the Spaniard clinches the game at the second attempt.

Federer 5-4 Nadal
Nadal wraps his racquet round one of those angled forehands, which lands plumb on the line, but Federer quickly closes out the game.

0932: "I didn't fancy Nadal before the start and I still stick to my RF in four prediction but he's got to get his first serve going again. 58% will not help him against Nadal..."
Chip it like Vela on 606
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Federer 4-4 Nadal
Nadal in a teeny bit of trouble at 30-30, but two returns into the net from Federer allow him to hold.

0928: "That double-fault has to come down to the pressure Nadal created in the previous two points."
John Lloyd on BBC2

Federer 4-3 Nadal
Federer looks to have played the perfect, low backhand volley but Nadal somehow manages to chip it back for a winner. He has complete control of the next point too but an inspired Nadal flips a forehand winner cross-court - and Federer double-faults on the break point. Hmmm.

0925: "Isn't it refreshing to watch two players in a Grand Slam final that are both able to compete at the highest level? Not quite the shambles of yesterday... Federer in four!"
Fungus the Bogeyman on 606
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Federer 4-2 Nadal
Nadal's turn to raise an arm in the international sign for "HawkEye please". But the Spaniard's forehand misses by a millimetre and that's 30-30. A forehand down the line takes Fed to break point and he dances round a short second serve and powers away the return winner.

John Lloyd
0919: "It looks like Federer has decided to take the ball early on the backhand side and not let it rise around his shoulders. He's handled it pretty well so far."
John Lloyd on BBC2

Federer 3-2 Nadal
At 30-30, Nadal tears across the baseline and flings a desperate forehand down the line. No call - so Fed challenges and HawkEye comes to his rescue. A backhand into the net lets Nadal back in at deuce, but that's as close as he gets.

0914: "My girlfriend got up at 3:30am in Boston to watch this. I just can't compete with Rafa's Mallorcan muscles."
Rich via text on 81111

A celeb has been spotted at Melbourne Park
Federer 2-2 Nadal
Celebrities in the crowd include Chris Judd, ex-husband of J-Lo and recent winner of the US version of I'm a Celebrity... Good enough for a champagne graphic? You betcha. Back to the tennis and Nadal seems to be targeting the Federer backhand. Can't imagine why. An easy hold for the top seed.

Federer 2-1 Nadal
This is beginning to warm up nicely now. Nadal begins with a booming backhand winner, before Federer hits right back with a beautiful forehand. The world number two holds to 15.

Federer 1-1 Nadal
Welcome to the final Mr Federer. The world number two hammers a forehand crosscourt to work a 15-30 lead, having apparently shaken off those early nerves. Nadal's forehand thwacks the net and balloons over the baseline and Fed has an immediate break-back point, but his backhand return flops into the net. Three deuces follow before Federer earns a second chance with a glorious forehand into the corner but he again errs on the backhand. Nadal belts a forehand long to give Federer a third bite of the cherry - and this time, he rifles a forehand behind Nadal to break straight back. A 10-minute game.

Federer 0-1 Nadal
Bit nervous are we Rog? A wild double-fault is followed by a mis-hit off the backhand and Nadal has two break points. Another shank gives Nadal the early advantage. Awful opening game from Federer and Nadal's plan works to perfection.

0851: Federer to get us going then...

0850: Prediction time from the BBC TV crew. Andrew Castle goes for Rog, John Lloyd goes for Rafa (despite what he just said). Chris Bailey picks Rog, John Inverdale sits firmly on the fence.

John Lloyd
0847: "I expected Nadal to win the tournament, but I've wavered over the last few days. I don't think the semi-final is a factor. He's the fittest guy on the circuit and the rest of his route through has been quite comfortable. But in the last three matches, the length of Nadal's forehand and backhand has got shorter and he's almost reverting back to his clay-court style of game."
BBC Sport's John Lloyd

Chris Bailey
0845: Now Chris Bailey tells us that Roger Federer had to climb 20 flights of stairs to his hotel room on Friday because of the powercut. That should level things up nicely after Rafa had to play his five-hour semi-final a day later than Fed.

0843: Rafa wins the toss and elects to receive I think. The Spaniard does his trademark darting sprint down to the baseline and the warm-up is under way. Cracking atmosphere inside Rod Laver Arena.

0842: The BBC's John Inverdale reports that Roger Federer was watching Rafa's semi-final against Fernando Verdasco at a restaurant on Friday when there was a massive powercut and he was forced to jump into a taxi and return to Rod Laver Arena to catch the end.

0839: Equally raucous welcome for both players as they march on to court. Federer is his usual super-cool self, Rafa, as usual, a bundle of energy, jogging up and down in the tunnel as he waits to enter the arena.

0838: And now Rafa: "It's tough after the match two days ago but this is the final of a Grand Slam and for sure I will try my best. It's going to be exciting playing against Roger. I hope to play well and try my best."

0837: Pre-match interview time. "I think it's the first time playing the number one in the world in a Grand Slam final so that's a new thing for me," says Rog. "Obviously the history books are right there in front of me. I'm playing my biggest rival so I'm excited."

0836: "Federer Your My Hero" says another banner. Someone give that girl an apostrophe.

0834: "I've taken the day off work as I'm fully expecting Fedex to cover to my losses with an emphatic victory. Come on Fed!"
Tristan via text on 81111
Has Rog promised you a slice of the prize money then?

0831: "If there's lessons to be learned," sings Gabriella. "I'd rather get my jamming words in first." What?! Well, she is 17... Rod Laver Arena is nearly full as Advance Australia Fair is sung by a young Aussie.

0827: Gentle round of applause for Gabriella Cilmi's first number, but now she's on to a real crowd-pleaser: Sweet About Me, which sold 70,000 copies in Australia. It was also Oasis singer Liam Gallagher's favourite song of 2008.

0825: Lovely 20-minute warm-up from Piers there. Over at Rod Laver Arena, Australian singer Gabriella Cilmi has taken to the court. Complete silence from the crowd. They should get Piers in.

By Piers Newbery

0820: "Cant wait for the match, fingers crossed that it wont be a one sided affair! Vamos Rafa!!!!"
From anon via text on 81111

0817: The stats - Federer and Nadal have played each other 18 times, with Nadal winning 12, and the Spaniard also leads 4-2 in their Grand Slam final meetings. While Federer is trying to win his fourth Australian and 14th Grand Slam title, Nadal is going for his sixth major and first on hard courts. So there you go.

0812: So, Federer will today try to match Pete Sampras's record mark of 14 Grand Slam titles - a pretty stupendous achievement - while Nadal can join the likes of Federer, Sampras, Becker, Edberg, Lendl, Wilander, McEnroe, Connors.... everyone who's anyone really.... as a winner of three of the four major titles.

0807: "He's the best, if not one of the best, of all time." So says John Newcombe during a presentation on Rod Laver Arena, and he's not talking about Roger Federer but 'Rocket' Rod Laver. Tony Roche and Ken Rosewall are among the others paying homage to the great man.

0802: "It's a real shame. For months i have been waiting for a Federer Nadal match, but when one comes along, in all probability, it will be a hugely one sided affair. Not only did Federer play a day earlier than Nadal, he only had to endure 3 sets. Nadal had to endure the longest match in australian open history, a match of around 5 and a quarter hours, full of intense tennis."
From Oleeeeeeee on 606

The sun is out again in Melbourne

0758: Morning all, and welcome to Federer v Nadal episode 19. The weather is, not surprisingly, very good in Melbourne and the roof is open on Rod Laver Arena as the fans begin to take their seats half an hour ahead of kick-off.

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