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Murray v Roddick as it happened

Qatar Open

Final result:

A Murray (GB) v A Roddick (US)

6-4 6-2

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By James Standley

"A match of pure genius from Murray! If he stays on this form he looks good for the Aussie Open." David M via text on 81111.

1702: The title is the ninth of Murray's career. The Scot is not quite as dazzling with microphone in hand as he was with racquet - but then he'd have to be an orator of Peter Ustinov proportions to talk as well as he just played.

Murray then accepts a trophy topped by a gold eagle - that will look lovely on the mantelpiece and no mistake - as a year which has started well shows signs of becoming something truly special.

1659: Roddick delivers a classy speech as he accepts his runners-up trophy, saying of Murray "he outplayed me tonight".


Murray 6-2 Roddick
It is not that Roddick has played badly, he has simply been outclassed by a player with realistic pretentions to win Grand Slam tournaments. Roddick does his best to delay the inevitable and out-rallies Murray to earn his first break point of the match, but Murray dismisses the challenge with an ace.

He wins the next point with the latest in a series of sublime passing shots and closes out victory with a trademark flat backhand down the line into the corner to successfully defend his title.

Murray 5-2 Roddick
Roddick holds to stay alive for another game, but resistance is surely futile.

"If this were a football match, it would be Man U 7 Roma 1! This is sensational tennis from Murray!"
Anon via text on 81111

Murray 5-1 Roddick
Roddick is trying to hustle Murray out of his game and the American wins one superb rally with a decisive backhand volley after some great approach work. But Murray soon resumes command and the Scot - the defending champion lest we forget - is now just one game from the title.

Murray 4-1 Roddick
Murray breaks for the second time this set. It's cruel and precise, like watching a kid picking the wings off a fly.

"Murray's form is simply sensational, he's literally sweeping the top players aside! No wait, it's too consistent to be form now, it's world topping ability."
Sam via text on 81111

Murray 3-1 Roddick
Murray cruises through his service game with the minimum of fuss.

Murray 2-1 Roddick
Roddick spins through 360 degrees as he picks up a half-volley by his feet but it is Murray who again wins the point. Roddick finds himself trailing by two break points and drops his serve as Murray passes him yet again as he approaches the net.

Murray 1-1 Roddick
There is a hold-up to replace the stick holding the net up to make it the right height for singles, and Murray duly double-faults when play re-starts. He then wins a superb 23-shot rally with a stunning cross-court forehand, leaving the on-rushing Roddick dumbfounded.

Murray 0-1 Roddick
Roddick comes up with his second ace as he opens the second set by holding his serve securely enough.


Murray 6-4 Roddick
Murray is not only out-playing Roddick in the rallies, he is also out-serving the big-hitting American. Consecutive aces to the backhand court give him the first set in just 33 minutes.

"Murray is all over Roddick, making him look stupid at times, should be all over in an hour or so."
KelticPirate via 606

Murray 5-4 Roddick
Roddick is not quitting and he holds his serve to love, but Murray will now serve for the set.

Murray 5-3 Roddick
This is a classic game of cat and mouse, albeit Roddick is a muscled-up Mighty Mouse. It doesn't matter how hard the American hits it, Murray looks totally in control and he pats the ball about before killing rallies at will. He crashes down two aces for good measure as he moves within one game of the first set.

Murray 4-3 Roddick
Roddick holds his serve but it is Murray who looks the likely winner.

Murray 4-2 Roddick
Roddick hammers away at the Scot but Murray bends like a tree in the wind and takes his streak to 11 straight points before Roddick beats him with a sizzling backhand from near the front row of spectators. Easy hold for Murray.

"Murray breaks, this'll be over in 2 sets no problem."
NIreland1-0England via 606

Murray 3-2 Roddick
Murray wins the second rally with a superb whipped cross-court forehand after 26 strokes. The more shots in a rally the more you back Murray and he duly forces three break points. When the American rushes the net with the desperation of a thirsty man trying to make last orders, Murray dinks in a little return at his feet which leaves Roddick non-plussed and hands Murray the first break of the match.

Murray 2-2 Roddick
Murray wins the game with a delicious backhand lob which has Roddick floundering about like a fish out of water. The Scot holds to love.

Murray 1-2 Roddick
Roddick's game is about as nuanced as a sledgehammer and he duly hammers his way through another service game. Apologies for the incorrect name in the scores early doors, we've had our fact checker taken away for "re-education".

Murray 1-1 Roddick
Murray comes through his first service game with no discomfort from his back and little from Roddick. The American knows he cannot afford to rally with the champion too much and in trying to force the pace he makes a couple of groundstroke errors as Murray levels the match.

Murray 0-1 Roddick
Roddick serves like a man swatting wasps at a family barbeque and the hard-hitting American duly takes the first game. Murray wins one point with a sublime backhand into the corner, but apart from that the opener is all about A-Rod.

1540: The two players are just sending down their final practice serves. Murray was playing foot-tennis earlier in the day during his warm-up, so flexibility should not be a problem.

"Great to see that Murray is fit to play!

aurevoirjustine on 606

1535: Roddick is first onto court with defending champion Murray following him out. Murray said he would not take any risks with his back as the Australian Open is looming, so presumably the young Scot is feeling fully fit.

1530: Andy Murray has shaken off his back injury and is fit to play.

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