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Murray v Del Potro as it happened

US Open

Quarter-final result:


7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 7-5


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By Chris Bevan

0043: Right, that's me done and what a night it has been. Andy Murray is into his first Grand Slam semi-final after a right old ding-dong battle with Juan Martin del Potro. Thanks for all your texts and 606 banter - apologies if I didn't use yours.

"Worth every internet moment...will have to log on again for the semi...his early Olympic exit strategy vindicated."
Niall in Dundee via text on 81111

Tim Bennet, in Crewe, trying not to wake everyone up with his celebrations via text on 81111

"Chris. Thanks for getting us through that. Amazing. Brilliant Murray. Really feel he could have Nadal if he plays him"
Andrew in Edinburgh via text on 81111

0043: What a match and what a win by Andy Murray. He will play the winner of the Rafael Nadal-Mardy Fish match which is on later tonight. Phew!

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 7-5 Del Potro
Del Potro shows signs of weakness at last - first sending a backhand volley wide then putting a forehand into the tramlines to put Murray 0-30 up. Del Potro responds with a forehand winner but puts his next shot into the net and Murray has two break-points. He doesn't get near Del Potro's serve at 15-40 but is into the net on the next point and watches the Argentine send a backhand sailing wide. ANDY MURRAY BREAKS AND IS INTO HIS FIRST GRAND SLAM SEMI-FINAL.

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 6-5 Del Potro
Del Potro stays on the attack on the Murray serve and he is anticipating the Scot's drop-shots now. Murray needs a big first serve to clamber to 30-all but he is still having to fight for every point and needs a superb volley and a very welcome ace to hold and get to 6-5.

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 5-5 Del Potro
There is no way Del Potro is going to collapse now though is there? No. He replies with a text-book service game of his own and even has the confidence to challenge a non-call on a Murray volley that he thinks sailed long. He is right and the Argentine holds.

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 5-4 Del Potro
Nothing has been straightforward for Murray in this match, but luckily he chooses now to produce his best service game of the last three-and-a-bit hours. Four thumping serves, with the last one almost taking Del Potro's head off, put him within a game of his first Grand Slam semi-final.

"C'mon Andy!!!"
David, Bearsden, Glasgow, upstairs, in bed, on iPhone, watching this under the covers, trying not to wake the wife up via text on 81111

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 4-4 Del Potro
Note to self: Never write Murray off, never ever. A delicious backhand volley and a forehand winner after a battling rally allow him to claw his way to 15-40 on the Del Potro serve. He won't let this slip will he? No, he doesn't - MURRAY BREAKS BACK after Del Potro puts a backhand into the net. One word - Wow.

"Murray hasn't let his level drop in these last two sets - Del Potro's comeback is testament to how much he has raised his game."
Jonathan Overend on BBC Radio 5 Live

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 3-4 Del Potro
More pressure on the Murray serve as Del Potro comes in to swat away a winning volley before Murray sees a forehand slide wide. Another Murray mistake sees him go 0-40 and the Argentine, not surprisingly, scents blood. Del Potro's first break-point goes astray but a Murray backhand goes wide and he again goes A BREAK DOWN in this fourth set.

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 3-3 Del Potro
Murray has a real go at the Del Potro serve but sees a couple of shots fly narrowly out and the Argentine holds. Del Potro has never won a match from two sets down before but there's a first time for everything I guess. Let's hope it's not tonight though.

"Murray just loves to put us through this. And we thought Henman was bad!"
Chris in Glasgow via text on 81111

"Andy needed to get over some mental hurdles and he showed his mental fortitude in his last service game to hold when Del Potro was throwing the kitchen sink at him. The last two points in that game were unforced errors by Del Potro so maybe he has tamed the stallion at last."
Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 Live

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 3-2 Del Potro
Almost one step forward, two back for Murray - who is grateful to see Del Potro put a backhand into the net when he has a wide-open court on break-point at 30-40 - the Argentine knew that was a great chance too. Murray is fighting for his life and he needs to produce three more stunning forehands to save three more break-points. Both players are upping the ante and this is a crucial stage of the match - just as well two mistakes by Del Potro mean Murray eventually holds then isn't it. Phew!

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 2-2 Del Potro
MURRAY BREAKS BACK! You beauty! A peach of a backhand gives him the upper hand and he is helped by a double-fault before Del Potro sees a forehand sail long to let the Scot level the score in the fourth set.

"Chris, can you tell Andy to finish this quickly. I am up at 6am for work. This is not good. 4am on Monday morning, then now this."
Andrew in Edinburgh via text on 81111

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 1-2 Del Potro
Apologies for calling Del Potro 'Del Porto' about a million times in the last five minutes - my eyesight is fading fast and I don't see me getting a screenbreak any time soon. Murray holds easily by the way - he needed that.

"You get the feeling Murray needs a couple of easy service games to get over the shock of being broken so early in this set."
Jonathan Overend on BBC Radio 5 Live

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 0-2 Del Potro
I was here until the early hours yesterday to watch a mis-firing Federer stumble into the last eight and it looks like we are in for another marathon here. Del Potro is serving well and on the attack - it is his turn to have Murray scampering around the court as he holds. Funnily enough, the Argentine doesn't seem to be having any problems with his knee at the moment.

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 0-1 Del Potro
Disaster for Murray. He drops the first two points with a couple of sloppy shots and, despite seeing Del Potro put a backhand in the net, worse is to come for the Scot - two consecutive double-faults give Del Potro the break at the start of the fourth set.


Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 Del Potro
A text-book service game from Del Potro and he celebrates with a clenched fist after wrapping up the third set with a whipped forehand. Hmmm. A few Argentine fans in the Arthur Ashe Court are suddenly making their presence felt - still a lot of work to do for Murray.

"You cannot underestimate Del Potro - he has played aggressively and has come back every time we thought the towel was going to be thrown in."
Jonathan Overend on BBC Radio 5 Live

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 4-5 Del Potro
Up until now, Murray has been waiting until he breaks before collapsing on his own serve but he decides not to wait and makes a right mess of this game - weak serves and wayward shots see Del Potro go 0-40 up and a venomous backhand return sets him up for the break. Del Potro will serve for this third set.

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 4-4 Del Potro
Opportunity knocks for Murray but another chance goes begging I'm afraid. Del Porto's first serve has gone missing and Murray is suddenly in possession of two break-points. The first one goes missing when a lob flies out and Del Potro takes him by surprise with a hefty second serve that catches him napping. The Argentine holds and we are level again.

2331: And just as I finish that sentence, the lanky Argentine is out of his seat and we are under way again. A bit of controversy whether that was an official injury time-out but that won't matter if Murray can see this one out.

2330: Murray is out on court and waiting to resume but Del Potro is still receiving treatment on that knee.

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 4-3 Del Potro
Del Potro signals for the trainer at the start of the game and he will get treatment at the change-over - that knee must still be playing up after all. He doesn't have to wait long to see his trainer either, some great attacking play, and an ace, from Murray sees him hold to love in double-quick time.

"if Murray was still a break up, Del Porto would be calling for an airline reservation, not for his trainer."
Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 Live

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 3-3 Del Potro
A mixed bag for Murray on the Del Potro serve - the Scot hits a sublime drop-shot but gets a taste of his own medicine when he sees a perfectly-weighted lob sail over his head and inside the baseline. The Argentine is looking fresh all of a sudden and he is happy to slug it out from the back of court too as he holds to level the scores in this set.

"Murray is giving me a hernia with his inability to consolidate breaks on his serve. Still concerned he could implode."
Nick in Edinburgh via text on 81111

"Just a few signs in that last Murray service game that Del Potro is going to mix up his tactics - if he can keep doing what he did then on return of serve then the evidence is that he still has every chance in this match."
Jonathan Overend on BBC Radio 5 Live

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 3-2 Del Potro
Er, haven't we been here before? Straight after breaking Del Potro, Murray produces some of his worst tennis. His first serve falls apart and he puts two backhands in the net as Del Potro moves 0-40 up. Murray does take the next two points but more aggressive play by the Argentine sees him BREAK STRAIGHT BACK. This one aint over yet folks...

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 3-1 Del Potro
It looks like Del Potro is going to hold without any problems as a couple of big serves and a lunging volley put him 40-15 up. Murray has other ideas, however, and goes on the attack - getting to the net himself as he claws back to deuce. Then comes a crucial moment when Del Potro puts a seemingly simple overhead into the net (he is 6ft 6in after all). The Argentine sends his next forehand long and he hurls his racquet in rage as Murray moves a break up in this third set.

Apologies guys and gals but 606 has now closed. You can still text me on 81111 though.

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 2-1 Del Potro
Blimey. Murray is in a spot of bother at 15-30 but a couple of smooth serves get him back on track and he holds. A few signs of life from Del Porto, though, and maybe he is going to make one last push.

"Murray is definately not playing at his best but nor is Del Porto, one thing is for sure these two guys have a great future in tennis."
neonkadishra on 606
Join the debate on 606

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 1-1 Del Potro
Del Potro is looking very demoralised now and he doesn't seem to be trying too hard as Murray moves 0-30 up. Two big serves show the big Argentine is not quite finished yet though and he digs deep to finish off the next point with a huge backhand after a long rally. Murray still has his chances though, forcing four deuces before Del Potro eventuall holds. Just.

"Del Potro running out of petrol."
Manaccia on 606
Join the debate on 606

"Re: potrodelpicasso. Drop shots unsporting? Absolutely not. They require finesse and touch and are the tennis equivalent of the offside rule - they stop players having an unfair positional advantage."
Will via text on 81111

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) 1-0 Del Potro
Time to see what Del Potro has got left in the locker after losing two tie-breaks while limping around on a dodgy knee. He fails to find the court with his first three shots of this game but does claw back a couple of points before a big Murray serve gets him off the mark in this third set.

"Awesome from Murray. Is it me or does Del Potro have a look of Wolverine from X-Men? Marc, Liverpool."
Marc in Liverpool via text on 81111


Murray 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-1) Del Potro
Thankfully, whatever happened to Murray in that last game did not last long. He hits two huge forehands on his way to opening up a 3-0 lead. Things get worse for Del Potro when a net-cord forces him into an error on his forehand and Murray is soon 5-0 up and serving for the set. A brilliant cross-court forehand keeps Del Porto alive but he puts his next shot wide and Murray has five set points. He only needs one - thanks to Del Porto backhand into the net - and the Scot is now ONLY ONE SET AWAY FROM HIS FIRST GRAND SLAM SEMI-FINAL. Nice.

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 6-6 Del Potro
Oh dear. What a waste. Murray plays three of the worst points of his life - including a woeful drop-shot - then blazes a forehand long. He is broken to love and we are into a tie-break.

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 6-5 Del Potro
Hmmm, Murray again tries that trick of challenging a non-call rather than continuing the rally and this time he is....wrong - a Del Potro backhand had caught the very edge of the baseline. The Scot still claws back to 30-all however and a double-fault gives him another break-point. Murray wastes it but he soon has another one when the Argentine puts a backhand into the net - and an almost identical error HANDS MURRAY THE BREAK! He will serve for the second set next...

"I think Del Potro's injured knee is behind his problems on serve - he cannot get the full range of movement he needs."
Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 Live

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 5-5 Del Potro
Murray needs to be aggressive in this game and he gets off to a good start, with Del Potro on the run again thanks to some accurate shots into the corners. Murray takes a risk at 30-15 when he calls to challenge a point rather than continuing the rally. He is right though - a Del Potro forehand did fly long - and a big serve sees him hold. Phew.

"That decision to challenge by Andy took a lot of guts on such a big point."
Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 Live

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 4-5 Del Potro
Not a great game from Del Potro's point of view but he holds so I guess he is happy. The Argentine is in a spot of bother at 30-all before a big serve gives him the upper hand and although Murray does brilliantly to retrieve a smash in the next point he puts a backhand long and the chance is gone. He will serve to stay in this second set.

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 4-4 Del Potro
Some lovely teasing shots by Murray - that old drop-shot and lob combination is working well for him - get Del Potro running around the court, which is the thing to do if your opponent has got a dodgy knee I suppose. The Argentine's forehand is still working though, so Murray does not have things all his own way, but the Brit holds thanks to a scorching forehand on to the line. Big game this next one...

"I think that if Murray does manage to win the second set then the Argentine will 'throw in the towel' and use this knee injury as an excuse. But this match is a long way from over."
JamesAutar on 606
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Murray 7-6 (7-2) 3-4 Del Potro
Suddenly Del Potro is walking around court with all the grace and style of Robo-Cop with cramp and Murray takes full advantage to move to 0-30 for a sniff of a break for the first time in this set. After a couple of deuces, and mistakes by both players, he does earn a break-point with his 12th drop-shot winner but a big serve gets Del Potro out of the mire and he hits two nice groundstrokes down either flank to hold.

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 3-3 Del Potro
There has not been much communication between the two players so far - perhaps not a surprise that! - although the Argentine does apologise when a lucky net-cord helps him back to 30-all. A double-fault from Murray hands Del Porto another break-point and although an ace saves the Scot he is back in trouble after mis-hitting a forehand. It needs a wayward shot from Del Potro to save him again and level the scores.

"Andy just seems to have lost a bit of his rhythm out here but he is a happy man after saving those two break points."
Jonathan Overend on BBC Radio 5 Live

"Don't you reckon drop shots are a bit unsporting? It's like serving underarm."
potrodelpicasso on 606
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Murray 7-6 (7-2) 2-3 Del Potro
Hmm, a bit of a lacklustre effort by Murray in this one - his returns don't have much on them and Del Potro holds without having to work too hard. More trouble for the Argentine though - he is having another, slightly bigger, bandage put on his left leg - maybe he will get one every changeover?

"If Murray was getting plenty of joy from the low slice and the drop shot surely he should use these two more often now that a 6ft 6in player has a knee problem."
vidic4ever on 606
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Murray 7-6 (7-2) 2-2 Del Potro
Del Potro looks hesitant on-court for the first time - maybe that knee is hindering him after all? The Murray backhand is letting him down at the moment though and mistakes from both players bring us to 30-all before Del Potro hits what must be his first backhand winner of the evening(!) down the line to earn a break-point. Don't worry though, Murray hits a scorching winner, plays another cracking drop-shot then powers down an ace. We are level at 2-2.

"Andy has hit 10 drop-shot winners in this match so far."
Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 Live

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 1-2 Del Potro
Del Potro shows why he doesn't play many drop-shots - he tries his first of the match and makes a right mess of it. That 'bear club' of a forehand (as Jeff Tarango keeps calling it on BBC Radio 5 Live) doesn't let him down though and he holds again. Del Potro has got the trainer back out at the changeover though and he is having his left knee strapped.

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 1-1 Del Potro
Not the greatest start from Murray - he cannot find his first serve here and then smacks a forehand long to leave himself on 30-all. Luckily for the Brit, Del Potro's next two groundstrokes land a long, long way out and he holds. Del Potro is still right in this match though...

"Andy has got to look to get in and break early in this set to keep Del Potro off-balance."
Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 Live

Murray 7-6 (7-2) 0-1 Del Potro
An easy hold for Del Potro, who is moving quite smoothly despite his knee problems, to kick off the second set. Murray has been asking for the big on-court TVs to be turned off but the umpire keeps saying no. The US Tennis Association have got involved too apparently - and the TVs are DEFINITELY staying on now!

"Murray should have learned a lot of lessons from that set, and will hopefully look a heck of a lot more convincing in the second set."
Stevie357 on 606
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2141: Del Potro looks in a bit of pain - and not just because Elton John is being blasted out at full volume on the Arthur Ashe Court. The Argentine is having treatment on his left knee.

By the way, the live commentary (in the UK) is on BBC Radio 5 Live - not Sports Extra.


Murray 7-6 (7-2) Del Potro
The tie-break goes with serve until Murray pulls a magical drop-shot out of the bag to go 4-2 up. Del Potro makes a mess of a forehand on his next serve too - leaving Murray to serve for the set. Another poor backhand from the Argentine gives Murray four set-points and he wraps it up straight away when Del Potro sends a forehand a mile long. Great stuff by Murray and he has the first set in the bag.

Murray 6-6 Del Potro
Some more big shots from Del Potro, especially that forehand, see him hold and take us to a tie-break. The Argentine almost smashes the ball at Murray on game-point too - he has done that before as well!
Murray leaps to defence of mother

Murray 6-5 Del Potro
Better, much better from Murray. He slings down some big first serves for the first time in a while and indulges in some fist-pumping too after holding with ease. Del Potro to serve to save the first set.

"Do you only put in texts for people supporting Murray? A bit biased O think. C'mon Del Potro!"
Neil in London via text on 81111

Murray 5-5 Del Potro
Right. Time for Murray to up his game. He makes a good start, moving to 0-30 thanks to a couple of Del Potro mistakes but puts his next return into the bottom of the net. Murray takes the next point thanks to a clever smash - placement not power if you see what I mean - from the back of the court and although he sees two break points come and go he breaks back with a glorious winner to settle the longest rally of the match. Nice.

"Come on Murray, hold your nerve!"
Ewan in Stirling via text on 81111

"This first set will decide the match. if Murray can win it I think he will go on and win the match, but if he loses it after being a break up and, especially if he gets a bad start in the second, he'll go all grumpy again. Del Potro has too much quality to let Murray back into the match I feel."
timmyb1 on 606
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Murray 4-5 Del Potro
A total disaster for Murray to be honest. Del Potro gives us a fist pump after a cross-court winner takes him to 30-all and a scorching forehand pass gives him the break-point. Can the Murray serve rescue him? No, he makes a right mess of his second serve which lands a yard into the wrong service box and Del Potro will serve for the first set after winning four games in a row. Oops.

Murray 4-4 Del Potro
Del Potro is a gangly fellow and Murray is using his low slice to good effect, making his opponent stretch for the ball. He has a sniff here after another useful lob and another horrible Del Potro backhand but the Argentine's serve gets him out of a hole. We are all-sqaure in the first set.

"Andy needs to work the Del Potro backhand - that is the one shot in this match that looks fragile."
Jonathan Overend on BBC Radio 5 Live

"Del Potro is no Muzza. I fancy a Murray v Roddick final - with A-Rod to win in a 5th set tie break."
sandcastlejim on 606
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Murray 4-3 Del Potro
Oh dear. A couple of sloppy shots by Murray leave him at 0-30 and he puts a backhand into the net on the next point after a longish rally to hand Del Potro three break-points. Del Potro misses with his next forehand but another double-fault from Murray means all his earlier good work is undone.

Murray 4-2 Del Potro
Del Potro cannot get his first serve going at all right now but no matter as Murray's first two attempts to attack his weaker second delivery end in the net. A big forehand by Del Potro gives him the next point too but Murray replies with an even bigger one - he will be showing us his biceps soon, I think. Del Potro tidies up to hold.

"Andy has done well to even get this far with such a tough draw. What a difference six months make. This only took me 10 minutes to do, too."
Peter in Bournemouth via text on 81111

"This is a confident start by Andy - he looks settled and is right at home on the Arthur Ashe Court."
Jonathan Overend on BBC Radio 5 Live

Murray 4-1 Del Potro
Great stuff by Murray - he holds again without any wobbles and plays the shot of the match so far when another dinked backhand is followed by a lovely looping lob, which cannot be easy when your opponent is 6ft 7in.

Murray 3-1 Del Potro
Del Potro is up and running at last - but Murray is still having a bit of joy on his serve. He even tries a drop shot or two, just for a change before a big smash from the Argentine brings him his first game of the night.

"Finally Chris, someone who appears to have as bad a backhand as you!"
Keeno1250 on 606
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2052: The winner of this will play either world number one Rafael Nadal or home hope Mardy Fish by the way. Rafa, dare I say it, looked vulnerable against another big-serving American Sam Querrey in the last round so serve-volley supremo Mardy must fancy his chances, a tiny bit. They play in Wednesday's night match on Arthur Ashe.

Murray 3-0 Del Potro
This is impressive by Murray, very steady and picking his moments suprerby. Del Porto is making all the mistakes and the Scot is looking in control, while the Argentine is looking frustrated already. A lovely forehand down - and on to - the line gives Murray the game.

Murray 2-0 Del Potro
Del Potro looks a bit nervous actually. His serve is smooth enough but his backhand is dreadful right now. He makes two mistakes on that wing and Murray has the early break. Long way to go though.

"Andy must take this and try to roll with it. He has to take the attitude to go for it - he cannot sit back against Del Potro."
Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 Live

Murray 1-0 Del Potro
A mixed bag by Andy, with some solid groundstrokes but an early double-fault too. He holds though, which is the main thing.

2042: And we're off. Murray to serve first.

2040: "Did you see that spin toss, those 2 players could not look at each other. Have not seen such drama since Holyfield and Tyson went at it. This is going to be a war."
nigeweir on 606
Join the debate on 606

Neither of them were exactly all-smiles, were they...

2038: The players are on court and warming up.

"This one is mouthwatering and great to see a Brit in there gun slinging with the big boys. No idea who is going to win this, but gonna sit back and enjoy every minute of it. Come on Muzza."
nigeweir on 606
Join the debate on 606

2037: "C'mon Andy. Win this and I reckon he can go all the way. Rafa and the Fed are better players - but THIS is the tense one."
Phil via text on 81111

2036: The players are just coming out on court now, wearing boxing gloves. No, I actually made that bit up.

Not sure what to expect from either player but we know Del Potro means business - he has won his last 23 matches after all. Anyway, if he looks like losing, he will probably try giving Murray a chinese burn or a wedgey...

2034: During their last meeting, in Rome in May, Murray accused Del Potro of hitting the ball at his head and not apologising. The pair had words at the next changeover where, in classic playground style, Del Potro mumbled something about Murray's mum. It doesn't stop there as, when a back injury forced him to retire later in the same match, Del Potro burst into tears (you can check all this out for yourself at a popular video-sharing website by the way).

"We're all backing you to get your first Grand Slam semi! Go on Murray!"
Simon from Tewkesbury via text on 81111

2031: If you thought Murray is a bit like a moody teenager mooching around the court then wait until you get a load of Del Potro - he's got a temper on him also...and when they get together it is like watching Kevin & Perry Go Large.

2029: Britain's number one Andy Murray is aiming for his first Grand Slam semi-final but to get there he must beat in-form Argentine Juan Martin del Potro. These two have a bit of history...

2027: Evening all. This one could be a bit tasty, I think.

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