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By Ian Westbrook at Wimbledon

1800: So after a thrilling day's tennis at SW19 we are going to wrap up the live text for today. Reports on the men's doubles and women's doubles final will appear later and we will back at Wimbledon from 1100 BST on Sunday to bring you the build-up to and live coverage of what promises to be a classic men's singles final. Thanks for all your contributions today.

1758: "Loved it when Robson was interviewed and asked about playing Venus Williams she said "I will take her down." Great attitude and nice to have another British win this century already at Wimbledon. Highly unlikely a win will come from Andy Murray but nice to see other British players have the capacity to succeed here."
Fungus the Bogeyman

1752: "Whats going on???? Jamie Murray last year..Robson this year...have the days of british failure finally gone?!"
utd_fan-til_i_die on 606

1747: Laura Robson speaks to the BBC and is in confident mood. "It was an overhwelming experience," she said. "I thought I was going to be sick when I walked on court as there were so many people watching."

Robson also revealed she had asked Marat Safin if he would accompany her to the champions' ball if she won her title. "I got a letter from Safin's agent and I've memorised it. It said 'Sorry I cannot come to the ball but good luck tomorrow'. Unfortunately it means he turned me down but I think he is a bit old for me anyway!"

Robson now hopes to play in next year's women's singles at the All England Club and added: "I will take Venus down if I play her!"

1740: While Robson holds the trophy up to all sides of the court, Ann Jones chats to Lertcheewakarn, who has sportingly waited in her chair until Robson is ready to leave the court.

1736: Britain's former Wimbledon champion Ann Jones comes on court to make the trophy presentations. She hands the cup to Robson and shares a few words before the still smiling teenager poses for photos and then holds the trophy high above her head before kissing it. She is the first British champion in this competition since Annabel Croft in 1984.

"It's wonderful. Unfortunately everybody is going to get carried away and I understand that. She loves tennis, she is a very hard worker and in many ways I think she exepcted to win a juniors title. If she is going to be a top player she needs to be winning one of these at this age or 15 so she is very much on track so far."
Sam Smith in the BBC commentary box

1734: Meanwhile on Centre Court, Nestor and Zimonjic take the first set of the men's doubles final after a marathon 14-12 tie-break win.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1732: SHE'S DONE IT!!!! A British champion at Wimbledon as Robson takes the title with the second of her three Championship points. Robson looks delighted, as does her Mum in the players' box, and the 14-year-old sits down, slugs down some water and takes in the scene.

1730: Nestor and Zimonjic have two set points saved at 6-5 and 7-6 in their tie-break by Bjorkman and Ullyett, who suddenly have one of their own which is also saved. The pairs trade set points and the tie-break now stands at 10-10.

Meanwhile on Court One, Robson breaks again and it is now 5-1 after an hour and 31 minutes action.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1724: Guess what - serve is not dominating in this girls' final and Robson is the latest player to break and now leads 3-1. That is three breaks of serve in a row but finally Robson breaks the trend and holds to move to within two games of glory.

1716: The men's doubles final goes to a tie-break while Robson is broken back but still leads 2-1.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1713: Robson holds serve at the start of the third set. On the first point of the next game, Robson's hat falls off while she is chasing a shot and the rules say the point must be replayed. However if it happens again the point will go to her opponent. She stays calm though to earn three break points - taking the third to go 2-0 up.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1704: And the girls' singles final will go to a decider after Lertcheewakarn holds to take the second set 6-3.

"I think Laura has to have the maturity to accept that her opponent is playing very well which is what Lertcheewakarn did there. One of the agents I was chatting to was watching Laura at the end of last year in a big final in the USA, which she was winning very well. He went away thinking she had won it but came back and it was deep in the third before she finally won it. That does mean she has experience of this kind of thing though."
Sam Smith in the BBC commentary box

1703: While Robson battles it out on Court One, the men's doubles final is now at 4-4 in the first set after 27 minutes play.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1659: The advantage of another break for Robson disappears as once again Lertcheewakarn breaks straight back and it's 3-3. The Thai then holds her serve to love and breaks Robson again so has turned a 3-2 second set deficit into a 5-3 lead.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1646: Another break for Robson puts her 3-2 up, having won the first set 6-3. The Court One crowd break into a football-style chant of "Laura, Laura".

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1637: Lertcheewakarn breaks back against Robson, and it is now a game apiece on Court One in the girls final.

Meanwhile the men's doubles final gets under way in front of me in a less than half-full Centre Court and a practically empty Royal Box.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1633: What a story this is turning into on Court One as Robson breaks in the first game of the second set. However in the BBC commentary box, Sam Smith warns that statistics prove that girls need to have a decent WTA ranking by the age of 15 years, nine months or they may never make it in the game.

1631: "Whoever your favourite, this was one of the better women's finals (or even matches) of the last years. I for one had not expected that. When the drive is there, the Williams are too good for the rest and with Henin gone, the only players that make women's tennis watchable."
Pimbo on 606

"Poor poor and poor match between Venus and Serena.....I really thought it was going to be a classic but sadly it never lived up to it! At least we should have one on Sunday though."
Welcome to Old Trafford, Home of the Champions! on 606

They say sport is all about opinions as these two views from 606 prove.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1628: After just 29 minutes play, unseeded Briton Laura Robson takes the first set of her girls' singles final 6-3 against third seed Noppawan Lertcheewakarn, to the delight of the packed Court One crowd.

1627: "I'm in the TV department in Harrods and they have deliberately switched all the channels away from the tennis. How annoying! Instead I now have to get an autograph from Simon Cowell, who is shopping in the books department next door!"
Anon via text on 81111

1626: The players are about to start their warm-up for the doubles final while over on Court One, Robson holds to go 5-3 up.

1620: Next up on Centre Court is the men's doubles final between eighth seeds Jonas Bjorkman and Kevin Ullyett, who beat top seeds the Bryan brothers in the semi-finals, and second seeds Daniel Nestor and Nenad Zimonjic. Bjorkman said at the start of the Championships that he was going to retire later this year so this should be his last match at Wimbledon.

1617: Quick work from the staff of the All England Club as Venus' name is already put up as this year's winner on the champions' board underneath Centre Court.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1614: Meanwhile on Court One, Britain's Laura Robson breaks in the second game of her girls' singles final against Thai third seed Noppawan Lertcheewakarn and currently leads 3-1.

Tracy Austin
1611: "I think the sisters are hungry now. That's so important - that desire to want to go out and practice. What's interesting to me is that it is not just about the practice but also how they execute on court. Venus stayed mentally tough and competed better on the big points."
Tracy Austin in the BBC commentary box

1605: Serena Williams follows the umpire up to the table to collect her plate which she reluctantly shows off to the crowd before waiting for Venus' big moment.

A huge ovation greets Venus as she comes up to collect the trophy which bears her name - the venus rosewather dish.

BBC Sport's Sue Barker then interviews Serena on court and she says: "She was a little better today and it didn't work out the way I planned. It is a great celebration for the family. I've been working hard and am really fighting for everything and I am so happy that at least one of us was able to win. We're just glad to be in the finals again."

Then it is Venus' turn and the champion says: "Great match to Serena. I can't believe that it is five but when you are in the final agaist Serena five seems so far away. She played so awesome and it was such a task. It's unbelievable especially given some of the injuries I've been through but it is so rewarding to play here. Serena deserves a win so I'm going to try even harder when we play in the women's doubles final later."

1604: His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, the president of the All England Club along with Tim Phillips the club's chairman and Stuart Smith the president of the Lawn Tennis Association are the presentation party while all the ball boys and girls form a guard of honour. SECOND SET

Serena 5-7 4-6 Venus
Serena wins the first point of her next service game but hits a return out on the next for Venus to level the game. Serena nets in the next rally to go 15-30 and suddenly the crowd wake up a bit. The next rally is crucial and Venus seizes her chance to play a passing shot and set up two Championship points. But what a response from Serena - a 100mph ace, her ninth of the match, saves the first. However on the next rally Serena hits wide and VENUS IS CHAMPION FOR THE FIFTH TIME

The sisters congratulate each other at the net and Venus then stands on the side of the court and waves to the crowd. As the yelow carpet is laid out on the court and the trophy is brought out, Venus stands by her chair with a huge smile on her face surveying the scene.

"This match has been what I hoped for and is a match I don't want to end."
John McEnroe in the BBC commentary box

Serena 5-7 4-5 Venus
Venus is looking more confident now on her serve and moves 30-15 up before winning the next point when Serena goes long after a long rally and then wrapping up with a 119mph ace. She is now one game away from the title.

Serena 5-7 4-4 Venus
Serena moves into a 30-0 lead but Venus pulls a point back with a baseline shot while Serena is stranded on the side of the court. Serena goes 40-15 up with an ace and takes a quickfire service game when Venus' service goes long.

1546: "Rafael Nadal has just been in the studio for a chat with Sue. He happened to be walking out at the same time as I was walking in the office. I excitedly said good luck to him and he very politely said thank you very much. Ah, to be in the presence of greatness. Got serious gun envy though."
BBC Sport Mole

Serena 5-7 3-4 Venus
Venus wins the first point and then takes the second ater a fierce volley from close to the net is too hard for Serena to return. Venus' next serve of 121mph is also unreturnable and she wraps up a confident service game, winning it to love.

Serena 5-7 3-3 Venus
Venus has another chance to break when she goes 40-30 up but Serena saves it with a powerful serve which Venus can only net. The champion finds the net again to give Serena a game point which she takes.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1541: The good news - Bates and Jarryd finally beat Leconte and Bahrami on Court One, which is a bit like sneaking a win over the Harlem Globetrotters. Jarryd is holding Batesy back. The better news - Laura Robson is next up in the girls' singles final, which you can watch live on BBCi or streamed on this website. Court One is absolutely packed, which could be a bit daunting for our 14-year-old hope.

John McEnroe
"It's quite impressive to see Venus competing so hard against her sister. She did get that lead last time they played in the final before losing but I would be surprised if a similar thing happened."
John McEnroe in the BBC commentary box

Serena 5-7 2-3 Venus
There is one hour, 26 minutes on the clock as this game gets under way and both players make mistakes before Venus wins the game to 30 after Serena fails to return her serve. The defending champion is now just three games away from retaining her title.

Serena 5-7 2-2 Venus
Centre Court is a glorious sight today, bathed in sunshine and not a seat to be had. The atmosphere is very quiet today, not like for some of the matches earlier in the week. Much quicker game this time and Venus gets a break point when Serena volleys into the net from close range. She takes it to break straight back after the ball spins off Serena's racket into the air as she tries to return during a rally.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1529: Bad news for Britain as Jade Curtis and Jocelyn Rae lose a desperately tight girls' doubles semi-final 6-4 in the third against Slovenia's Polona Hercog and Australian Jessica Moore on Court Two.

Serena 5-7 2-1 Venus
Serena moves 15-30 ahead when the ball flies off the edge of Venus' racket and gives herself two break points when Venus nets. Serena has only won out of six break points before this game and two more go wanting here - one when she hits long and the other when Venus smashes into the back of the court after another long rally and it's deuce. Venus challenges when a shot goes out, after the umpire admits to her he could have called it wrong, and it's another break point to Serena. That and another go begging but she earns her fifth of the game thanks to a netcord, which Venus wipes out with a 121 mph ace. Serena then saves two more game points, loses another break point, but finally breaks Venus at the seventh opportunity after Venus slips to the ground after making a return. That game lasted 14 minutes.

Serena 5-7 1-1 Venus
The first quick game for a while as Serena holds to 15, although it would have been closer if Venus had managed to return a ball which dropped over her shoulder in front of the net.

Serena 5-7 0-1 Venus
A sense of deja vu for the first two points as Serena's return finds top gear straight away to race 30-0 up. Venus hits back to level the game and then Serena goes long on the champion's next serve to give Venus game point but a superb driven backhand from Serena earns deuce. Venus saves the first break point of the set and Serena saves a game point before Venus takes the game with a 129mph serve, which equals the record for the fastest ever women's serve.

John McEnroe
"It's rather remarkable , you think how well Serena was playing late into the first set, Venus won a couple of tough service games. She stayed just close enough, gave Serena something to think about and just at the right moment her game lifted and Serena started to get a little tentative. This set should have been over and the next thing you look up and Venus has won the first set."
John McEnroe in the BBC commentary box

Tracy Austin
"Serena had a big lead and looked as though she was in control of the set but Venus kept coming at her."
Tracy Austin in the BBC commentary box


Serena 5-7 Venus
Venus goes 30-0 up on her sister's serve and is again just two points away from the set. Serena's serve gets her out of trouble and then she comes to the net to win the next point and level the game. But Serena nets after the next rally and suddenly's it's set point to Venus....and she takes her first chance when Serena finds the net once more.

John McEnroe
"It's a competitive match, which is good to see. It's five years since they met in a Grand Slam final and it has changed the dynamic. They have both figured out a way to give 100% and the appreciation level has gone up for the two of them, not knowing how many more times this is going to happen for the two of them."
John McEnroe in the BBC commentary box

Serena 5-6 Venus
Venus is more in control of her service games now and quickly moves 30-0 ahead in this one, moving Serena around the court well and playing a neat winner for the second of those points. Serena pulls a point back but Venus serves out with no more alarms.

Serena 5-5 Venus
Another tight game with Venus just two points away from taking the set at 30-30. However an ace from Serena, her second from the game, takes her to 40-30 and she serves out to level the set. Tie-break looming?

Serena 4-5 Venus
Venus misses a great chance on the first point of the match when she can only net from inches away but a powerful shot levels the game. Her first ace of the match moves her 30-0 ahead but Serena hits back and levels with a smash after another long rally. The next point is crucial and again Venus delays her serve as she is unhappy with her ball toss. She then serves a fault and a superb return from the second serve gives Serena break point. Venus saves it with a lovely passing shot after another exchange of shots to go to deuce. Serena saves two game point and Venus saves a break point, but at the fourth deuce Venus is awarded the game. Serena said "no" after hitting a shot which she thought was going out and when the umpire instructed the players to replay the point, she gave Venus the point - and the game.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1449: Britain's Jade Curtis and Jocelyn Rae are pegged back to one set all in the girls' semi-final against Slovenia's Polona Hercog and Australian Jessica Moore on Court Two.

Serena 4-4 Venus
Serena serves the first double fault of the match to let Venus level the game at 30-30 and then hits a return long to give Venus her first break point. Serena produces an 118mph serve, her fastest of the match, and volleys away Venus' return to go to deuce. An exciting rally ends up with Serena's shot just landing in the tramlines to give Venus her second break point and she takes it when her return of serve forces Serena to hit her shot long. Venus has broken back and is right back in the match after half an hour's play.

Tracy Austin
"The return of serve from Serena has really been a stand-out today - she has had no trouble returning with plenty of pace."
Tracy Austin in the BBC commentary box

Serena 4-3 Venus
Venus, who levels the game at 15-15 with a great volley by the net, is having trouble with her ball toss and at some serves takes a couple of goes before she can deliver the ball. However her serve is getting more confident and she holds to 30.

1433: Rafa turns up 45 minutes later than planned for his news conference but immediately wins everyone over. "Sorry, I was practising a little bit more," he says. His mum would be proud.

Serena 4-2 Venus
The first challenge of the match goes in Serena's favour as a shot just catches the edge of the tramline after it was called out. A 102mph serve then proves too hard to return for Venus, who nets the next one. The champion wins the next point from Serena's second serve and takes another when Serena goes long in a rally but Serena takes the game as Venus fails to reach a shot into the corner of the court.

"The serving has been strong and very hard to return. Serena's return of serve has been excellent. Both of them have been covering the court very well. And the volleying from both of them has been excellent!"
mikesiva on 606

Serena 3-2 Venus
Venus is struggling to impose her serve on the match and Serena sets up another break with a return which is much too powerful for the champion but Venus saves it with a dinked volley at the net after a long baseline rally to take the game to deuce. Venus moves to advantage with the help of a lucky netcord and holds when Serena's return drifts wide.

Tracy Austin
"Venus is standing inside the baseline for Serena's first serve which is dangerous as it is so powerful. The only reason I can think of is that she is trying to cut the angle off."
Tracy Austin in the BBC commentary box

Serena 3-1 Venus
Venus pegs Serena back to 30-30 but the younger sister holds to maintain her two-game advantage.

John McEnroe
"That was a big hold for Venus from 0-30 down and she can sit down and build on that game now and get herself right back in the match."
John McEnroe in the BBC commentary box

Serena 2-1 Venus
Serena's dominance continues as she goes 30-0 up before netting a service return to get Venus on the board and the defending champion then controls the next rally and levels when Serena nets again. A 117mph serve sets up Venus to win the next point and she crucially holds when coming to the net to hit a winner.

Serena 2-0 Venus
Serena is playing superbly so far and takes the game to love - the volley to win the third point being the highlight. Venus is not in the match yet.

Serena 1-0 Venus
Confident start from Serena, who hits some punishing service returns to win the first three points and take the game to 15.

1410: Venus to serve - and the final is under way.

John McEnroe
1408: "I would use a coin or would go with the older sister/older brother routine. My head is telling me Serena, my heart is telling me Venus."
John McEnroe on BBC1

1402: Sixteen-year-old Jordan Riley, the British number two in women's singles wheelchair tennis, tossing the coin on behalf of the Dan Maskell Trust. Jordan will be competing in the Paralympics in Beijing in September.

1400: The two sisters emerge on to Centre Court in beautiful sunshine - each carrying a bouquet of flowers and followed by two ball girls carrying their bags of rackets.

1353: Serena Williams' turn: "I am really happy to be in the final but I want to do more than just be in the final. It's really special and I'm really excited to be playing my sister as she deserves to be in the final.

"I remember winning the first final against her - that one did mean a lot to me. I always thought I would win Wimbledon and if you put a lot of hard work into something you kind of expect the results to come.

"This is what Venus and I have worked for over the years. I don't know what to expect. I want to go out and feel like I am playing the best player - I will have to bring out my A game.

1348: Venus Williams reflects on her Wimbledon memories on BBC1: "I made my debut in 1997 and that was a tough tournament as we waited about five days to play and I had a lead and I didn't know how to handle it.

"When I beat Lindsay in the final I knew I was going to win - it was wonderful to have that confidence. The second match against Lindsay was epic, it was sorry someone had to lose, it was unbelievable.

"I hate losing more than I did in 1997 but I handle it better. I hope to still be playing here in four years time but in eight years time I hope to be at home with some kids."

1346: Afternoon everybody. The assembled press waiting for Rafael Nadal will have to wait a little longer as his practice session continues and his press conference has been put back.

By Piers Newbery at Wimbledon

1345: Well, we're nearly ready to go with Venus against Serena so I will hand you over to Ian, who will take you through the match. Rafa's still practising by the way. Nails.

1342: "The sniffer dogs are back yet again. Just had a very entertaining five minutes playing with them in the Broadcast Centre corridor and former tennis players galore stopped to give them a pat. Only takes eight weeks to train them. (We think he means dogs, not ex-tennis players - Piers). Might get one. One of them was called Reggie and the other one is called an inadvertently rude name that I really wouldn't want to have to shout out loud in a park if he ran away."
BBC Sport Mole

1338: From Kid Creole to Living Doll to We are the Champions - the band of the honourable artillery company can do it all. For those of you planning on watching Laura Robson in the girls's singles final, she should be on at around 1530 BST and will be on BBCi and streamed through this very website. We'll also give you the key moments here as we concentrate on Venus and Serena.

John McEnroe
1331: Nadal is still going out on Court 14 after nearly an hour and a half. The man's a marvel. He's only got 20 minutes until he's due in the press room though, I hope someone's told him. Anyway, if you missed it yesterday the Spaniard had a knock up with John McEnroe on Court Five. It's worth another look.
McEnroe warms up with Nadal

1330: Blimey, the band are only playing Nessun Dorma now. I'm filling up. Chris ruddy Waddle.

1325: Laura Robson has great potential if she can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Watch her serve, ace in the making!"
From Astrologer via text on 81111

1321: "They also made Monster Munch smaller a few years ago see 1234 entry). Sad times."
From anon via text (Other monster influenced potato-based snacks might be available)

Tracy Austin
1320: Tracy Austin on the women's final: "I'm calling it as 51 to 49 in Serena's favour in the final. It's so close you almost have to flip a coin, but for me, Serena is serving incredibly well. She had 13 aces and 30-40 unreturnable serves against Zheng Jie in the semi-final."
Tracy Austin on Venus v Serena

1312: Thank you flash new Wimbledon scoreboard, which tells me we are listening to the band of the honourable artillery company. Meanwhile, tension mounts as Jeremy Bates (and Anders Jarryd) prepares to take on comedy tennis legends Mansour Bahrami and Henri Leconte on Court One at 1400 BST. What dastardly japes will they cook up to try and upset Batesy? Borrowing a policeman's hat? Offering their racquets to some ball boys? Playing a shot while standing on a linesman's chair? Or mabe they have something new lined up for Bates. And Jarryd.

1305: The net is up on Centre Court, the spectators are slowly taking their seats, and the brass band is out and ready to go. It's the ones with bearskins. My gran would kill me if she heard that description, but she is unlikely to be surfing the interweb.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1300: Rafa continues his lengthy practice session on Court 14. It's all very well for him but the large crowds watching are hampering access to the nearby press restaurant, from where a piping hot cup of tea should be winging its way right now. Bad news for Brits Phillipson and Reid as they go down 6-0 6-2 to defending champions Ammerlaan and Vink of the Netherlands in the wheelchair doubles.

1252: "When does Laura Robson play her final?"
From Jenni via text on 81111 (Robbo is second up on Court Two, probably at around 1530 BST)

1246: "Trip up to Commentary Box Three and it is very apparent that cabin fever and insanity have set in. Five minutes of conversation spent critiquing tuna flippin' baguettes. Some sample comments - Piers: 'The cucumber mustn't be too thick'; Caroline: 'I'd prefer it if they had sweetcorn'; Piers: 'Bread's too doughy'; Mole: 'Too mayonnaisey.' Think it's time everyone went for a lie down in a dark room."
BBC Sport Mole

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1240: "The gulf in class is showing as the Dutch win the set 6-0 but Reid, now wearing sunglasses, serves strongly in the opening game of the second set and the Britons are on the board."
BBC Sport's Elizabeth Hudson

1234: I swear they're making the tuna baguettes smaller. They did the same thing years ago with Wagon Wheels (other circular transport-based chocolate and wafer-filled confectionery is available), but they didn't fool me. Unaware of the controversy and chatting away happily in the press restaurant were Aussie legends Mark Woodforde and Darren Cahill.

1227: "There's a relatively big crowd watching Phillipson and Reid in the wheelchair doubles on Court 3. The Britons got an enthusiastic welcome but they have made a nervous start."
BBC Sport's Elizabeth Hudson

1218: Less than two hours to go until the women's final and Serena is out practising on Court Five in front of a huge crowd, while Venus is just finishing up on the next court and Nadal is thumping down serves on Court 14. Meanwhile, Rog continues to be grilled by the press. "How much do these finals hurt you?" "Not at all."

1211: "If it is not a great final today let us not blame the sisters - the other 126 players in the draw should take a long hard lo ok at themselves for providing as much resistance as a shredded shower curtain. I for one (anyone else ?) will enjoy watching two exceptional role models play for the title with their high degree of skill, boundless enthusiasm for the game of tennis and life itself, their competitive but very fair attitude and their strong sense of family. If my two young daughters develop one iota of each of these attributes i will be a very proud father."
From anon via text on 81111

1205: Roger Federer wanders into the press room for his pre-final news conference and is asked straight off the bat, "Are you worried that your French Open defeat will affect Sunday's match?" His response? "No." OK then.

1201: A rare treat for those with ground passes as play gets under way on Court Two, where Hana Mandlikova and Sabine Appelmans take on Liz Smylie and Nathalie Tauziat. Lovely.

1157: "Do you have any idea how difficult it is to follow the live tennis and british gp together on bbc coverage? its so stressful and relentless that i reckon i should be compensated with free tuna baguettes."
From Aliah via text on 81111 (Tuna baguette - you read my mind)

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1150: The Mole has stopped by and with unnaturally sharp eyesight for one of his species has pointed out that Baroness Margaret Thatcher is atop the Royal Box list. No sign of David Cameron or Gordon Brown though. Or the other one.

1143: There is more British interest on Court 3 at 1200 for the first of the semi-finals in the wheelchair doubles event. Scottish teenager Gordon Reid and British number one David Phillipson from Nottingham will be up against the defending champions Robin Ammerlaan and Ronald Vink from the Netherlands. It's going to be a big test for the Britons, who were recently named in the GB team for the Beijing Paralympics. They have been getting some bits of advice from former British number one Jayant Mistry who is part of the BBC commentary team for the game and who won the inaugural title here in 2005 with Frenchman Michael Jeremiasz. The other semi sees French duo Stephane Houdet and Nicolas Peifer against the experienced Martin Legner of Austria and Tadeusz Kruszelnicki of Poland.

1134: "After a morale sapping start to Ladies' final day that involved a drenching and yesterday's Hoff debacle still hanging heavy in the air, things are looking up. The brass band on the hill are pumping out Live and Let Die, I've just had a vigourous and prolonged sniffing from a police dog and the sun is out, sort of. Let's get this show on the road."
BBC Sport Mole

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1126: No nonsense in the Royal Box today. It's goodbye Parkie and co, hello tennis lady legends - Janes, Navratilova, Novotna, King, Wade! And former New York mayor David Dinkins and cartoonist Gerald Scarfe. Random. Martina will be sitting with Sir Cliff by the way. More random.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1117: BBC Sport commentator Sam Smith on Laura Robson: "She's terrific. It's not hype because she's what we've all been waiting for and she's so self assured, she's got a great personality. A lot of talk will be about how she's going to cope in the future but she's got good management and family support. From now it's about getting great advice, making the right decisions, talking to former champions. She's absolutely wonderful to watch, she's going to be fantastic."

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1105: The all important weather news and it's..... mixed. A bit cloudy right now over the All England Club but the BBC forecast says: "The rain should tend to clear from London but only to be followed by a rash of showers. It's going to be breezy at Wimbledon but most of the rain will have cleared away for the women's final." And lo and behold, the sun comes out and I'm already regretting not wearing shorts.

1100: Good morning, and welcome to the penultimate day of the Championships, with Venus and Serena Williams attempting to steal the limelight from Britain's Jeremy Bates as he continues his relentless pursuit of the senior invitation doubles title. With Anders Jarryd. And, of course, Commentary Box Three favourite Laura Robson will try to become the girls' singles champion at the tender age of 14. When I was 14, my sole aim in life was to get served in a pub.

- We'll be here throughout the day to bring you the latest news from around the All England Club, both on the courts and off, so whether you're settling down at home, stuck in the office or queuing on Church Road, send us your thoughts.

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