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By Ian Westbrook at Wimbledon

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
2058: A good note on which to finish today's live. Jamie Murray and Liezel Huber hit back from 4-1 down in the second set to complete an impressive 6-4 7-5 win over second seeds Daniel Nestor and Chia-Jung Chuang to reach the mixed doubles semi-finals.

We are going to sign off the live here. Thursday is women's semi-final day - join us again for all the latest on and off the court happenings at SW19 and thanks for your company and contributions today.

2053: Drama and boos from the crowd on Court One where the match is stopped at one set-all after Clement takes the second 7-5. The sun is shining but the players are sent to the locker rooms with the sun still shining. Play has gone on until around 2120 BST every night so far but it could be that as finishing the set would have been unlikely it was decided play should end there.

2052: 5-5 now in the Murray doubles match.

2047: Huber holds and it's game on at 4-4. Meanwhile on court One, Clement moves 6-5 ahead. In our commentary box, stir-fries are being hungrily eaten.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
2043: Good news Murray family fans - Jamie and Liezel Huber break Nestor and Chuang and now only trail 4-3 in the second set, having taken the first.

2040: Jamie Murray and Liezel Huber 4-2 down now in the second set and they will be hoping to finish their match this evening.

2037: I wonder if the Schuettler-Clement match will finish tonight. They have only reached 5-4 to Clement in the second set and there surely can't be time for them to go further than the end of the third set tonight.

2035: "He played so much better than me. It was difficult for me to get into a rhythm and I felt rushed on every point."
Andy Murray talking to the assembled press

2032: Judy Murray joins the crowd on Court Two but Jamie and Liezel Huber are 3-1 down in the second set.

2031: Great effort from an unfortunately outclassed Murray. Methinks Rafa wants to prove a point against Mr Federer this Wimbledon this year? Speaking of which, is dear old Roger gaining support from the home crowd with his very un-American English accent?
Anon via text

2024: Meanwhile on Court One, Schuettler and Clement are 3-3 in the second set. Will Nadal take a wander over there after fulfilling his many press and meda commitments?

John McEnroe
2018: "I think the amount of effort Andy had to put in to get by Gasquet affected him. Nadal sensed that early. He was tentative briefly but once he found his game he was awesome. Nadal has come here and improved virtually every aspect of his game. To say that Andy Murray can't improve anything - all he has to do is look at his opponent."
John McEnroe in the BBC commentary box

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
2017: Better news for the Murray family - Jamie and Liezel Huber hit back to take the first set of their mixed doubles quarter-final against second seeds Daniel Nestor and Chia-Jung Chuang 6-4.

2015: "I played very well. Andy was brimming with confidence but I am very happy to be in the semi-finals."
Rafael Nadal talks to BBC Sport

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
2012: And that's it. A quite superb performance from Rafael Nadal and in one hour, 33 minutes he beats Andy Murray 6-3 6-2 6-4. However it has been a great tournament for Murray, who reached a Grand Slam quarter-final for the first time. But today Nadal was just too good.

On the form they have shown out here today, Federer and Nadal in the final on Sunday will be something to watch.

2010: Jamie Murray and Liezel Huber slip from 5-2 up to 5-4 up in their doubles match.

2007: The crowd go wild as Murray holds serve - a standing ovation in fact around the famous arena. However he is still two sets and 5-4 down and in a couple of minutes will be facing what could be the final Nadal service game.

Mind you he was in exactly the same position on Monday night....

2006: "Let the media backlash begin...and they set him up for the fall. still good on andy for progressing in Grand Slams, and surely back in top ten."
Anon via text on 81111

2003: Nadal holds and Murray has to serve to stay in the tournament. It is 1-1 on Court One by the way.

2002: "I would love to see if there has been an increase in baguette sales since wimbledon, there definately has been at my office!! Tuna all the way!"

1959: However on Centre, it is not such good news.... Andy Murray is broken and Nadal now leads 4-3.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1957: Meanwhile more Murray action as Jamie and Liezel Huber are in action in their mixed doubles quarter-final against second seeds Daniel Nestor and Chia-Jung Chuang on Court Two. Good news so far as they have raced into a 5-1 lead before I even noticed they were playing.

1955: Nadal holds for 3-3 while Schuettler takes the first game of the second set on One.

1950: Murray holds serve after surviving two break points and it is 3-2 in his favour.

1948: "Everyone knows nadal Vs federer will be the final at French and Wimbledon even before the tournament begins each year. Can't we scrap the other matches and just have a best of three between these two...what is the point of all these matches....players look beaten even before play begins."
sportszombie on 606

1947: First set to Schuettler 6-3 on Court One. I wonder if he is looking up at the scoreboard between changeovers at the score from Centre Court and thinking "is this really worth it?"

1943: "Come on Tim!"
Ali, North London via text on 81111

1942: No, afraid not - Murray puts a shot out from close to the net and Nadal holds for 2-2.

1941: And is it about to change? Murray moves 30-15 up on the Nadal serve, we think the first time he has been ahead on the Spaniard's serve in the whole match.

1939: Murray leads 2-1 on serve while Schuettler is 5-2 up on Clement. The weather is glorious and there is time to play on for another couple of hours like Monday if the state of the match changes....

1936: "It's like watching England v West Indies in the early 90s."
Evan via the happily-restored text service on 81111

1935: Your text messages are readable again thanks to some technical wizardry from Jason in one of the techie departments. I will sift through them shortly - thanks Jason and to you all for your patience.

1930: The crowd find their voices at last as Murray holds serve at the start of the third set.

1928: In the other quarter-final Rainer Schuettler gets the first break to lead Arnaud Clement 3-1 and holds serve to open up a 4-1 lead. The winner plays Nadal or Murray....enough said.

1927: "One way for Andy Murray to get back into the match is not to serve the way he has been serving."
John McEnroe in the BBC commentary box

"The problem that players have with Nadal is the fact that he gets inside your head as you know that five hours down the line he will still be there on the other side of the net ready to go."
yummycrazyrussian on 606

1924: "Oh come off it, that is ridiculous."
John Lloyd in the BBC commentary box as another superb Nadal winner whizzes past Murray, who can do nothing about it

Next point however, Nadal serves a double fault. Murray then hits a winner but on the following point Nadal wins the set 6-2. Repeat of Monday, anyone?

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1921: (see 1747/1717/1454) "From sunny Florida I can confirm for you that JayZ is in the house. He has just been seen on US TV munching on something...could it be a tuna baguette?
JT_Florida on 606

If he is a man with taste, then I'm sure it could be.

1920: For the third service game in a row, Murray faces break points against him. The power of Nadal is awesome and for the second successive time, he is broken to love and now trails 5-2.

1919: "Murray is clearly struggling out there and Nadal senses that."
John McEnroe in the BBC commentary box

1916: Just popped my head out of our commentary box and the aisles are packed with people eager to move into the few vacant seats on Centre Court. Some ticket holders have inevitably had to leave early and their tickets are resold to people inside the grounds for £5 apiece with the proceeds going to charity.

Meanwhile Nadal holds again for 4-2 while Schuettler leads Clement 2-1 on Court One.

1915: Marat Safin on his semi-final against Roger Federer: "No matter what I do against Roger it has been a great two weeks."

1914: "Looks like Murray's saving himself for the third set again ..."
mysticshrimp on 606

1913: The order of play for Thursday is in - it is women's semi-final day. The first match on Centre sees fifth and highest remaining seed Elena Dementieva take on defending champion Venus Williams while her sister Serena faces Jie Zheng in the second match.

1912: Murray saves another break point on his serve and goes on to hold.

1908: Nadal holds to lead 3-1. Meanwhile the final quarter-final is under way on Court One where Rainer Schuettler takes the first game against Arnaud Clement.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1904: At least there is some good news for Britain in these worrying times as 14-year-old Laura Robson beats Lesley Kerkhove of the Netherlands 7-6 (8-6) 7-5 to reach the quarter-finals of the girls' singles, where her next opponent will be ninth seed Bojana Jovanovski of Serbia.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1903: This does not look good. Nadal breaks him to love to put Nadal 2-1 up in the second set and seemingly in control.

1901: A game apiece in the second set on Centre and still the atmosphere seems very flat and nowhere near as vociferous as on Monday night.

1858: "Re: 1727 - not even going to try to answer that. That is beyond the means of a little old mole. I'm just here furiously trying to get Julian Clary, Jay Z and Alan Titchmarsh to sign up to my Pro-Celebrity Swingball idea. Haven't bothered with Brucie or Tarby as they'd never get insurance."
BBC Sport Mole

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1852: Nadal serves out and takes the first set from Andy Murray.

1849: Lopez saves a match point but can't repeat the feat as a double-fault hands victory to Safin in four sets and the Russian is into his first Wimbledon semi-final.

1846: Two more break points for Nadal. Murray saves one with a brilliant forehand right into the corner but then smashes an overhead well beyond the baseline and the game goes to Nadal, who now leads 5-3.

1845: Well would you believe it - Lopez breaks back to claw it back to 5-3. Safin will have to wait a while longer for victory.

1839: Is Safin on the verge of victory? He breaks again to lead 5-2 and will shortly come out to serve for the match.

1837: Murray saves two break points in his third service game and holds serve with an ace.

Tennis ball
1831: Drama (not really) on Centre Court as a Murray backhand whacks the umpire on the right arm. The official laughs off the incident.

1827: Safin breaks to go two sets up and 2-1 up on 31st seed Lopez.

1826: Nadal goes 2-1 up with his first ace of the match. Not a spare seat to be seen on Centre Court but a quiet atmosphere so far.

1824: First two games go with serve on Centre - some good rallies already. It is also 1-1 in the fourth set on Court One.

1823: There is a problem with our texts in-box at the moment which means I can't see any of your messages. I have contacted our technical team and will keep you posted as to when it is fixed. In the meantime to get in touch please use 606 if you are near a PC.

1817: Safin takes a two sets to one lead over Lopez after rattling through the tie-break 7-1.

1816: Murray is ready at the baseline but Nadal takes his time before leaving his chair. He is at the end of court opposite the Royal Box, and that end is now swathed in shadow. The second seed to serve first - and we're off.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1814: "Don't know if anyone has realised, but Laura Robson has just won the first set against Kerkhove in a tie break. Don't want to take the attention off Murray but she sure deserves it - she was a break down in the first set."
mr-arsenal-10 on 606

Did give you an update a while ago but with everything else going on on Centre and Number One I had not a chance to check the scores. She took the tie-break 8-6. While we are here it is double delight for Britain as Naomi Broady has wrapped up a 7-6 (8-6) 6-2 win over 12th seed Nikola Hofmanova of Austria.

1811: They are going to a tie-break on Court One between Safin and Lopez. In front of us Murray and Nadal are knocking up.
Safin v Lopez - live with Ben Dirs

1805: And finally Murray comes out on his own - followed by Nadal 10 seconds later. It almost sounded as though the Spaniard had a louder welcome than Murray. For latest blow-by-blow coverage of this eagerly-anticipated match, the man on my left Tom Fordyce is in the chair.
Murray v Nadal - live with Tom Fordyce

1803: Still waiting for the entrance of the gladiators on Centre.

1759: A long crucial game on Court One where the score remains 4-4. Meanwhile the sun is out, Centre Court is packed and any minute now Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal will stride out into the arena.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1753: Almost AndyMonium time....

1752: Roger Federer becomes the first man into the semi-finals as he clinches a comprehensive 6-1 7-5 6-4 victory over Mario Ancic with an ace.

1749: Ancic bravely holds serve but Federer will come out to serve for the match shortly. On One, Safin leads Lopez 4-3 in the third.

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1748: 5-3 Federer now and Murray fans get ready.

1747: The Jay-Z debate goes on... (see 1717 and 1454)
I'm sat 15 rows behind jay-z and am well tempted to shout out 'Jigga what?!'
Tom in Centre Court

1745: "I have never seen tennis like this. Feds is on fire right now. That service game lasted 39 seconds and he is up 4-2. This will be wrapped up very quickly from here, Ancic looking forlorn."
nigeweir on 606

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1742: Britain's Naomi Broady wins a first set tie-break to lead Nikola Hofmanova in their girls' singles match. Compatriot Laura Robson, Piers Newbery's tip for future stardom, is level at 3-3 in the first set of her girls' singles contest with Lesley Kerkhove of the Netherlands.

1737: Crucial moments on Centre Court as Federer takes the first of two break points to lead Ancic 3-2. This could be it now for the unseeded Croat - unless he can stage a comeback of Andy Murray proportions. Talking of Murray....he's on next.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1732: For the first time today the sun is shining on Centre Court, with the entire playing area bathed in its rays. And good news for Ancic as the commentators call it correctly - no treatment just adjustment to the tape on his knee.

1731: "We want Murray. we want Murray. I cant wait."
notts sport till I die on 606

1729: Meanwhile the 16-minute game on Centre from Ancic is followed by a 74-second service game from Federer to level at 1-1.

1728: Quickly around the courts - the Williams sisters have beaten Mattek and Mirza 6-4 6-3 to reach the semi-finals of the women's doubles and Britain's Naomi Broady trails 12th seed Nikola Hofmanova of Austria 6-5 in the girls' singles.

1727: And the 16-minute first game of the third set on Centre is finally over as Ancic holds his serve. He has called for the trainer but will have to wait to see him until after the third game I guess. Speculation in the BBC commentary box that the tape on his leg is coming loose.

"What is the record number of deuces?"
James, lufc via text on 81111

I don't know but I know a man who may be able to find out. Moley, can you help please?

1726: Cheers erupt on the far side of our commentary box (guess who) as Marat Safin levels his match with Feliciano Lopez by takinig the second set 7-5.

1722: The first set on Centre lasted 20 minutes - the first game of the third set has lasted 15 minutes and has contained 10 deuces.

1720: McEnroe's daddio of a outfit (see 1434) is still being debated at length in the BBC tennis inbox. Some like it, some don't. I simply cannot believe the criticism a man can receive for daring to be different. John don't listen to them. Ever the pro, he's got changed now into a more sober shirt/tie combo for commentating. Shame.
Croaky Henman suffers surprise Mac attack

1718: A marathon first game in the third set on Centre. Ancic is serving and there have been five deuces so far. On One it is 5-5 between Safin and Lopez.

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1717: Bad news for Caroline Cheese, now back in the box, if this texter is to be believed....(re: 1454)

"If it's any consolation i've just seen Jay Z and entourage in Soho. He'll need a cab soon to catch this match and prod Tarby."
Farouk Shabal. London via text on 81111

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1713: Bad news British fans - Marcus Willis is out, beaten 6-3 5-7 6-4 by top seed Bernard Tomic in the boys' singles - just 23 hours after losing to the same player in the boys' doubles.

1708: Federer serves his ninth ace and that's the second set. AndyMonium may not be too far away....

1707: Lopez breaks straight back on One while on centre Federer is two points away from taking the second set.

1703: Safin breaks on Court One to lead Lopez 4-2 and in front of us on Centre, Federer has the first break point since the resumption....and he takes it when Ancic serves a double-fault and the champion now leads 6-5.

1654: Ancic is playing much better after the rain delay and trails Federer 5-4 with serve in the second set. Over on One the players are locked at 2-2 in the second.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1651: On Court 14 British junior Marcus Willis takes the second set 7-5 in his boys' singles third round match against Australian top seed Bernard Tomic to level the match at a set apiece. Brit up graphic time!

Meanwhile fellow Brit Naomi Broady takes an immediate 2-0 lead in the first set of her girls' singles third round match against 12th seed Nikola Hofmanova of Austria.

1649: On Court Two the Williams sisters take the first set of their women's doubles match.

1646: "Is it wrong of me to be glad for all the rain? Now I'll be able to watch most of the tennis when I get home from work!"
Rachel in sunny Bournemouth

1645: The first two games back on Centre have gone with serve while Lopez has just taken the first set 6-3 on Court One.

1639: Safin and Ancic are also back in action - and Caroline Cheese has not returned to the box. I wonder where she is....

1638: "Judy Murray just walked past me and a friend in the press restaurant and overheard us expressing our views that he will come out second best against Nadal. She did not look best pleased."
BBC Sport's Chris Bevan

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1637: And we're off - on Centre Court at least. Ancic to serve, trailing 1-6 1-1. Not sunny but this graphic deserves an airing on a day like this.

1635: The players are also slowly coming back out to the outside courts. The Williams sisters have started knocking up on Court Two before resuming their doubles match with Bethanie Mattek and Sania Mirza.

1631: The players are back on court on Centre and Number One - yippee!

1624: "Here's a joke for you all to keep you entertained whilst the rain is falling in true British style:
Q: How many tennis players does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: “What do you mean it was out, it was in!!!”
xPoppySwirix on 606

1618: "Provided there is no more rain, play will resume on Centre and Number One Courts at 1630 BST and on the outside courts shortly afterwards."
Voice of Wimbledon

1616: "If Murray doesn't play or finish today what are the chances of him being on Centre again tomorrow (when i have tickets)?"
Selfish fan via text on 81111

I can't say for sure but usually once a match starts on a particular court, it will finish on the same court whatever day it is - so Selfish fan if Murray doesn't finish tonight your luck could be in.

1615: Court One is uncovered! And the covers are being dragged off Centre as well to rounds of applause. A team of 16 people pull them off the court, carefully fold them and then fold them again while three more groundstaff work on putting up the net.

1614: "30 miles west of Wimby it's a Simpsons sky heading your way."
Simon in Sunny Basingstoke

Let's hope it gets here quickly.

1612: "Re: 1559: "Voice of Wimbledon"? What? I knew that they were fitting a new roof last year, I didn't know it could talk."
GraymeadYNWA on 606

1606: It probably won't apply today as the forecast for the rest of the day seems better but I have been asked if ticket holders would be entitled to any kind of refund if the rest of the day was washed out.

According to the Wimbledon website, if there is less than one hour's play because of rain on the court for which tickets have been bought, the original buyers will receive a refund of the amount they paid.

People who bought ground admission passes at the turnstiles are also entitled to a full refund if there is less than an hour's play on the outside courts.

If there is between one and two hours play fans will be refunded half of what they paid.

1603: The crowd are sitting very patiently on Centre Court under a variety of brightly-coloured umbrellas - including several in the Wimbledon green and purple covers. Meanwhile Radio Wimbledon pump out 'Jump' by Girls Aloud.

It's raining at Wimbledon
1559: "The reason we are covering the courts is that there is still some light rain in the air and we have been told to expect another heavyish shower in around 10 minutes time. The good news is that after that we may have seen the last of the rain and we may have some uninterrupted tennis after that."
Voice of Wimbledon

1554: Afternoon all. While Caroline peels herself out of her chair after a marathon seven and a half hour stint I bring bad tidings as my arrival coincides with the net being lowered and the covers going back on to Centre Court.

By Caroline Cheese at Wimbledon

It's raining at Wimbledon
1550: Garry Richardson's going to have to hunt down some more celebs. It's raining again. I'm off to see if I can't find Su Pollard...

1541: All Garry Richardson's childhood dreams come true as he gets to interview showbiz legends Bruce Forsyth and Jimmy Tarbuck - Brucie sporting some interesting two-tone hair. Garry mentions the word "Palladium" and it's like a red rag to a bull. "The atmosphere on Centre Court reminded me of when I used to walk on," recalls Brucie. "The Palladium is the most famous theatre in the world," says Tarbuck. Brucie then risks the wrath of Tarbie by cutting across one of his old pal's stories to engage in a bit of "nice to see you" banter with the crowd. Aaah, lovely.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1538: Hi ho silver lining, off come the covers. Still looks a bit damp out there.

1535: "The great thing about Federer is his style of play."
Alan Titchmarsh

1532: "Re 1504: We saw the Fonz on Monday. Beat that!"
Nick and Dee via text on 81111
(I cannot. Although I did see Martin Lewis, the guy who's always on daytime telly with his money-saving tips. Unbelievably, he was signing autographs.)

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1521: The BBC Sport mole is a bit slow off the mark today, but at least his attention to detail remains sharp. "Get that celebrity graphic out and lets binge drink!! On the way back from another exhausting walk to commentary box three I've only gone and seen Julian Clary and an actress that used to be in Hollyoaks! Clary was posing for pictures and smoking, the girl from Hollyoaks was the same colour as my Grandad's mahogany sideboard. Who says rain breaks are boring?"

1519: "The plan is to deflate and remove the covers and inspect the court and then make a decision as to the possible resumption of play."
Voice of Wimbledon

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1514: Celebrity spots are coming thick and fast now. Julian Clary and, possibly, Rhys Ifans. Not together, I don't think.

1504: If Jay-Z really is about, will he get to meet Forsyth, Tarbuck and Titchmarsh? Is Beyonce here too? Could the Jiggaman and Vince 'Ain't Afraida Ya' Spadea join forces in some sort of rap supergroup? BBC Radio 1 roving reporter David Garrido has promised to keep me updated - and believe me, I'm going to hold him to it.

1457: Just while we digest that bombshell news about the Jiggaman (1454), the voice of Wimbledon has news: "We are experiencing the heavy band of rain that we were expecting. There will be no play before 1530 BST at the earliest. The forecast is for a drier spell late afternoon and evening."

1454: JAY-Z IS HERE!!! (Apparently)

1449: "Re 1434: The description of John McEnroe's attire has me sitting here in my office picturing a liquorice allsort gone a bit wrong..."
Rusty via text on 81111
Not far off.

1445: "Re 1416: We beat an Aussie football team called the Socceroos to lift the Islington evening 11-a-side league title on Monday so they don't beat us at everything."
Anon via text on 81111

1438: "Re 1407: My Dad caddied for Brucie and Jimmy when he was a kid. Apparently they were both as nice as they are on the telly - and absolutely hilarious!"
poppyEmski on 606
Join the debate on 606

1434: I might have known the BBC Sport mole wouldn't have missed it. "Did anyone see John McEnroe's cameo on BBC1 earlier? What a flippin' suit. The mantle of Wimbledon's best dressed man has passed I'm afraid Boris. If you weren't lucky enough to see it, he looks like the fourth member the Bee Gees never had. White, grey and black checked suit and a dandy of a purple shirt. Straight outta Car Wash."

1432: Well, since it's raining, why not do yourself a favour and check out this latest bit of video? (UK users only, bla bla bla, you know the score) Essentially, it features Mac bursting in on the BBC studio to have a go at Tim Henman and his croaky throat. The highlight for me, though, is Boris Becker's reaction to Mac's outrageous dogtooth trousers and waistcoat. Talk about stealing BB's thunder.
Mac surprises Henman

It's raining at Wimbledon
1425: "Ladies and gentlemen, play is..." you know the rest. Marat Safin, 5-2 down against Feliciano Lopez, is the happiest man in SW19.

1422: How can you not love Marat? Another wayward shot has the Russian blasting a ball out of the court, prompting a code violation. "That went to SW20," says BBC commentator Simon Reed. It's raining again - which could come to seething Safin's rescue.

Someone is having a tantrum at Wimbledon
1420: Marat Safin gives his racquet the treatment after going 3-1 down over on Court One. Meanwhile, Roger Federer is ruining it for all those people hoping to get home from work in time for Murray v Nadal. He's taken the first set against Ancic in 20 minutes.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1416: Australia on top against Britain, so no change there. Bernard Tomic is a set up against Marcus Willis, as is Dane Propoggia against Dan Evans.

1407: Oh how I wish I owned binoculars. Even without, I think I can make out the familiar profile of Bruce Forsyth in the Royal Box. He's not sitting next to Jimmy Tarbuck, which is disappointing because I imagine they'd have some showbiz tales to share.

1359: Play is under way on the two main show courts. Meanwhile, Andy Murray has been speaking to BBC Sport about his quarter-final against Rafa Nadal. "I do think it's important to play aggressively against him. If you let him dictate you end up doing a lot of running. It's going to be really important to serve well."
The latest from Murray

1351: And there's Marat Safin and Feliciano Lopez over on Court One. Sigh... Benjamin Dirs will be taking you through that one, although I'm not sure he'll fully appreciate the aesthetics.
Live - Safin v Lopez

1346: And here are the players. Rog probably needs his cardie today. You can follow that match more closely with Sir Tom Fordyce...
Live - Federer v Ancic

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1339: "It's good news," booms the voice of Wimbledon. "It's been decided that play will start on Centre and Court One at 1.45pm and on the outside courts shortly after." Hooray.

1335: "Mills (see 1246) also told us an anecdote about Andre Agassi after his defeat to Pete Sampras in the Wimbledon final in 1999. Andre wasn't happy with the table he'd been given so he picked it up and rolled it down the restaurant to put it where he wanted. Celebrities think they can get away with anything don't they? If I owned a restaurant, (called simply, Baguettes, serving nothing but tuna themed dishes) and someone started rolling tables around I'd be absolutely furious. Except Greg of course, he could do whatever the hell he likes."
BBC Sport mole

1329: The voice of Wimbledon's going to be a busy boy today. "As the rain appears to have abated, we have decided to deflate the covers and uncover the courts. If play is due to start shortly, I'll get back to you." Alright then.

1325: Muted cheers from Centre Court as the covers begin to come off... Let's not hold our breath though. We know what the voice of Wimbledon had to say (1300).

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1322: "How about a Union Jack up arrow. We haven't lost so much as a point for nearly an hour now. Keep this up and we'll have more British interest in the last couple of days of Wimbledon than for a long time."
Jelly via text on 81111
Go on then...

1315: Bad news as the tent goes up on Centre Court, suggesting the rain is indeed set in. Good news as it is revealed that tuna baguettes are in plentiful supply at the press canteen.

1304: "Re 1241: I had a friend once whose approach to vegetation was that he couldn't eat anything that was green and that rolled. We had a spirited argument about cucumbers that went on for days. But then, what else do you do as a student?"
tinyMagicDragon on 606
Join the debate on 606

It's raining at Wimbledon
1300: Even the voice of Wimbledon is struggling to deliver this news with his usual cheeriness: "As expected, we are now experiencing a band of light rain and we've been told to expect a heavier band of rain shortly after until around 4pm. But we are then more confident of a drier spell in late afternoon and evening." 4pm???? That's a whole three hours away. We can't discuss the merits or otherwise of tuna baguettes until then...

1246: "Spent yesterday in Wimbledon village filming a hard hitting expose into how the Championships affects the local economy. Remarkably it turns out businesses make a lot of money - who'd have thought it?! Well, apart from a fishmongers whose takings are down a quarter, which is remarkable considering the consumption of tuna over the last nine days. Sorry I digress, we discovered that Adrian Mills from long running magazine show That's Life (remember it? Esther Rantzen, humorous rude looking vegetables?) owns a swanky Thai restaurant. He revealed to us that it's Maria Sharapova's favourite and she's been in countless times. Loves a black bean dish. Anyway on to the real dirt... according to Mills, the Williams sisters will not dine in the restaurant until Sharapova's been knocked out in case they are in there at the same time. What a terribly bitchy world the WTA is, why can't everyone just get along?"
BBC Sport mole

1241: I tell you what, it could rain all day and there is absolutely no chance of boredom with Dirs and Fordyce around. Dirs reveals he cannot eat anything small and round, such as peas, sweetcorn, baked beans etc. He can, however, eat corn on the cob. Work that one out.

It's raining at Wimbledon
1232: "Ladies and gentlemen, play is suspended." Groans around the grounds as the rain comes down, the players go off and the covers come on. Still, good to see those court-coverers earning their crust at last. And it's not just drops of rain, folks, it's "wet drops of rain" according to the lady on Radio Wimbledon. Woe.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1224: Australia very much on top early on in their battle against Britain. Dane Propoggia is a break up on Dan Evans, likewise Bernard Tomic over Marcus Willis. Still, at least Petch 'n' Wilko are holding their own against Pat Cash and Wayne Ferreira.

1220: "Re 1138: Forget what Andy Murray buys in the supermarket! While I was camping overnight at Wimbledon last week, I went into the town to get something to eat and Nadal was in Tesco's buying loo roll! Not sure which brand it was though..."
sportaddict64 on 606
Join the debate on 606

1218: Radio Wimbledon have dug out UB40's Don't Break My Heart from their record collection, providing an unlikely lift in Commentary Box Three. It's a much-needed lift because I spy umbrellas - and they're not being used to keep off the sun. Boo.

1214: "Apologies Nick (1155), I blame still being slightly intoxicated by the armpit (0950) for my woeful grammar. However looking at the avalanche of texts that have arrived following your remarks I think you have been out pedant-ed (is that a word?)."
BBC Sport mole
(Several people have pointed out that panini is the plural of panino. Let's hear no more about it.)

1210: No hanging about on Court 19, they're off. Britain's number three junior Dan Evans is in action there against Australian Dane Propoggia.

1204: Wow, it's a packed crowd in for Petch and Wilko against Pat Cash and Wayne Ferreira. Cash gets a big cheer just for putting on his black and white checked headband.

1159: "Re 1133: I remember getting melancholy over Esteban's fruitless journey... Re 1145: Pots of desserts is a little vague, don't you think? I want details! Chocolate? Fruity? Sponge-based? Sticky toffee?"
Jacob Barker on 606
Have pressed Mandeep for details - but he says his wife told him off for staring. I don't think it's staring, it's called thorough, investigative journalism, but there we are.

1155: "Re 1107: Does the mole mean paninis? Being a subterranean mammal is no excuse for use of the infamous greengrocers' apostrophe."
Pedantic Nick, at work, via text on 81111

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1147: A weather update: it's not raining. It's not sunny either, but unfortunately the graphics available to me do not include 'dry, cloudy, a bit muggy, and with the threat of rain in the air'. Anyway, just as I type that, the cheery voice of Wimbledon tells us the official forecast: "There is a risk of heavy rain during this afternoon but there is a good chance of bright spells between the showers, particularly later on. The temperature will reach just 21C at best. Play on Courts 2-19 will begin on schedule at 12 noon."

1145: Just to satisfy all those people desperate to know what Andy bought in the supermarket (just me, probably). Mandeep tells me he had "Coke, mayonnaise and pots of desserts" in his basket, among other things. So there we are.

1140: "Re 1129: reading Rafa's blog he changed his practice from 1pm to 6pm yesterday as his mother and sister have come over and he wanted to spend some time with them. No worries he is on form."
Anon via text on 81111

1138: The mole might have a rival. BBC Sport's Mandeep Sanghera has emailed in with this revealing insight into Andy Murray's day-to-day life: "Me and the wife saw Murray at around about 2100 BST last night at our local supermarket in Fulham. While the missus was grabbing a loaf of bread, my attention was caught by a lass who I thought looked like Murray's other half. I went to tell my wife and when I looked up again Murray was only standing there with shopping basket in hand. After I momentarily stood in disbelief me and the wife went to the frozen section, while Andy and Kim went towards the soft drinks. Soon after, Andy and Kim then took their place in the next checkout queue to us and he pretended (in my opinion) to be on his mobile phone. A classic footballer's trick when walking past journos in a mixed zone. Anyway, I hope he made Kim carry the shopping bags home so as not to tire out his magic tennis arm."

1133: "Does Rafael Nadal remind anyone else of one of the characters from The Mysterious Cities Of Gold when he speaks? It's something about his mouth, as if it's disassociated from the rest of his body."
BBC Sport's Ben Dirs

1129: "Caroline, do you not perhaps see it as slighly ominous that Mr Nadal missed an hour's practice yesterday because he was apparently shopping? Perhaps his little 'injury' isn't quite as minor as he's letting on? Thoughts people?"
James from Kent, at work and hoping for rain so to not miss any action, via text on 81111

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1125: Massive love for BBC Sport's Ian Westbrook who has just turned up with not one, not two, but three free muesli bars. Excellent work. Not only that, he has got his hands on the Royal Rox list. Jimmy Tarbuck, Alan Titchmarsh, Bruce Forsyth... it's a who's who of light entertainment. I can hardly wait. And Mansour Bahrami and Henri Leconte will no doubt be up to all sorts of mischief as well.

1112: "Caroline, does Mario Ancic not even pop up on the dreamboat radar, or am I alone there?"
Katy, bored in the oddly sunny north east, via text on 81111
On any other day, perhaps.

1107: "I blame my breathlessness (1025) on yet another fry-up this morning. There just aren't suitable snacks on offer for a mole here. I need worms, not wall-to-wall meatball panini's. Anyway, I can report that Cheese is in fine form although seemed a little twitchy which I put down to the impending Safin v Lopez drool fest. Still really quiet around the grounds although Tiger Tim has just arrived, nursing a sore throat."
BBC Sport mole

1103: "Had a dream last night that Murray won in straight sets 7-5 7-5 6-1. Mind you I also dreamt Federer won his first service game sitting down, and for some reason they were only playing on half of Centre Court. A good prognosticator I am not."
Anon via text on 811111

1057: Le Fed, Mario Ancic and Feliciano Lopez are all on the outside courts practising at the moment. I'm just watching Lopez go through his paces, strictly to see how his forehand is shaping up, you understand. Ben Dirs looks at me pitifully and says: "He's just a tanned man in a white outfit."

The view from the fans
1051: "Just saw King Rog having a knock up on Court 15 in his cardie. It only lasted a few minutes though because he only had three balls (one yellow, one white, one yellow and orange) and the bloke he was hitting with was rubbish and kept hitting it over the fence."
BBC Sport's Ben Dirs

1044: Actually, there's Brits everywhere you blimmin look. On Court 14, Marcus Willis faces top seed Bernard Tomic, then Laura Robson is up against someone called Lesley Kerkhove, then Naomi Broady meets Nikola Hofmanova.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1034: The gates are open and as ever, a few people just can't wait to take their seats on Centre. They'd be better off heading for Court Three where the Union Jacks will be flying for Mark Petchey and Chris Wilkinson as they take on Pat Cash and Wayne Ferreira in the over-35s.

1032: Incidentally, if you're texting in with 'I'm not supporting Murray because's he's Scottish and said he hates England', you'll be getting very short shrift here. Andy made a joke, an off-the-cuff remark, which has been blown so far out of proportion, it's embarrassing. End of rant.

1025: Sorry, small delay because the Mole made the trip up to Commentary Box Three for a natter. Well we had a natter once he'd got his breath back from climbing three flights of stairs. S'pose it's a long way for a mole. BBC Sport's Ian Westbrook texts to let us know that the Piccadilly Line is now back on track. Hurray.

It's raining at Wimbledon
1011: The men in green are out and covering Centre Court as the rain falls. According to someone on 606, this is good news as it means it is less likely to rain later. A brilliant, if completely erroneous, statement.

1005: Charged with the unfortunate task of following Safin and Lopez onto Court One are Arnaud Clement and Rainer Schuettler. Personally, I'm backing Schuettler all the way after Clement cruelly ended the hopes of my dark horse Marin Cilic in the fourth round. And cost me money too.

1000: "Raining? It's bright sunsheeine here in Manchester, maybe they should move the Championships up north. Anyway, Murray to win in five again, I shall be watching from the pub."
maxthedon on 606
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0956: Of course, there are other matches today apart from Murray v Nadal and Safin v Lop... aaah... sorry drifted off there... Anyway, yes, first up on Centre Court is defending champion Roger Federer against Mario Ancic. The Croat is the last person to beat Federer at Wimbledon, as every single preview of this match will tell you. Since then, though, Federer has beaten Ancic five times, including a straight-sets pummelling in the 2006 quarter-finals at SW19.

0950: "Had a terrible night's sleep due to the heat, foxes play-fighting outside my window and sheer excitement about ANDYMONIUM!!!! As a result I felt especially bleary on the way in today. Any tiredness was soon knocked out of me by spending an hour nestled in the armpit of a large man on the District Line. Once at Southfields I was surprised there was barely anyone on the streets at all. Where is everyone? Where's the bunting? Where's the freebies? Is everyone stuck on the Tube? Or, heaven forbid, scared off by yesterday's terrifying tuna baguette drought?"
BBC Sport mole

0944: Of course, there are other matches on today. No, really, there are. And as many of you have already noted, I will be incommunicado from about 1300 BST when the all-dreamboat quarter-final between Marat Safin and Feliciano 'F-Lo' Lopez takes place on Court One. Ladies, it gets no better.

0941: "Caroline, what's your guess for the time Andy will be on court? It was gone midnight here in Abu Dhabi when he defeated Gasquet and I might need to plan in an afternoon powernap."
Mark via text on 81111
Without rain delays, I'd say from about 1530 BST. Given that they reckon rain will delay play, I'd say more like 1700 BST, if not later. Basically, I have no idea.

0930: Double curses. I also missed the beginning of coaching guru Nick Bollettieri's daily musings on Radio Wimbledon - or Wimpleton, as he calls it. Never fear though, I caught the best bit. "I wanna go on the record here," he begins. "I believe Andy should have no game plan at all." Warming to his task, the Don starts shouting this last bit: "No damn game plan at all brother. Do what comes as an instinct to you, do what comes naturally. He's got to do what he's go to do. I'd say - fight your butt off and compete to the bitter end. Go for it baby, be brave." Yeah!

It's raining at Wimbledon
0921: Curses. Just nipped out for a medicinal coffee and it started to rain. I don't think those two things are related. Have also just learned that weatherman John Ketley likes the Kaiser Chiefs and The Feeling.

0912: As you may or may not have noticed, I've had a couple of days off - during which I largely watched tennis from the comfort of my sofa. It took approximately an hour and a half on London's Tube system to wipe out all the good it did me. So for those of you on your way to Wimbledon, a warning: there are severe delays on the Piccadilly Line and minor ones on the District Line.

0903: Britain's tabloids are looking ahead to today's big match in their usual understated style. The Sun have mocked up a picture of our hero with lion's teeth - which I'm sure they did to Tim Henman back in the day. "I oughta slaughter bloke from Majorca (in the quarter)," says their front page. "C'mon Andy, you're a true British hero," cries the Daily Mail. And according to the Daily Mirror, Tim Henman has told Murray "Centre Court now belongs to you". I'm sure the All England Club might have something to say about that fellas.

0853: There's a man with a squeegee mop out on Centre Court, but don't panic, there's still no rain. He's just clearing up after the man re-painting the lines.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
0846: It's not actually sunny - but it's not raining, and the weather forecasters appear to have become a bit more optimistic since yesterday. Here's the official word from the All England Club: "A bright start in places, otherwise cloudy with rain at times, perhaps locally heavy with a low risk of thunder. Becoming brighter from the west later with some sunshine and just one or two showers."

0835: Morning all. If you're not at the very least reading this with a union flag painted on your face while wearing a comedy British jester's hat and massive blue 'Murraymania' foam hands, frankly you've let yourself down. It's men's quarter-finals day, and Andy Murray's still in it. Innit?

- We'll be here throughout the day to bring you the latest news from around the All England Club, both on the courts and off, so whether you're settling down at home, stuck in the office or queuing on Church Road, send us your thoughts.

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