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Wimbledon day eight as it happened

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By Piers Newbery at Wimbledon

1848: "Sorry Jose (see 1834) for my short temper. Must be the heat and the intense strain the lack of tuna baguettes has put on everyone. You have put to me the most asked question in the history of Wimbledon. Listen carefully as I will say this only once: I give you David Spearing, honorary steward, players' box."
BBC Sport Mole

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1845: Well, people. We are going to retire for the evening to make sure we are well rested in time for the big day tomorrow. Dirs and Fordyce need several hours to get their union jack face paint sorted. Join Caroline at 0830 BST for all the build-up to the men's quarter-finals and Andy Murray against Rafael Nadal. She will also bring you news of this evening's late match on Centre Court, which will see Vijay Amritraj and Gene Mayer inevitably crushed by Britain's Jeremy Bates. And Anders Jarryd.

1834: "Wow I made the mole angry (see 1747) and I have no idea why. Piers can you tell me who the man in the cowboy hat is please?"
From Jose, Brighton, via text on 81111 (Moley!)

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1828: The dream is over for Pauffley and Willis, who go down 6-3 3-6 6-3 to Reid and Tomic, who to cap it all are from a country called Australia.

1821: The ever smiley Jie Zheng reveals: "After the match I had like 50 messages. I think many people watched this match in China." Meanwhile, the presumably less smiley Nicole Vaidisova pulls out of the mixed doubles with Lukas Dlouhy.

1816: Serena Williams tells the press: "I'm always going to believe that I'm the favourite. Even if I'm not the favourite, I'm always going to believe that I'm the favourite." And asked which of Venus's features she would like to have, she adds: "I would have her legs. Venus has sensational legs."

1812: "Watching Brit juniors Pauffley and Willis in action on Court 9. Just broke serve and now trail 4-3 in final set to Aussies Reid and Tomic in front of a steadily growing crowd."
BBC Sport's Ian Westbrook

1806: The All England Club is now dominated by doubles - juniors, seniors and senior citizens. Out on Court 18, for example, we have the Woodies - Mark Woodforde and Todd Woodbridge - against Frenchmen Guy Forget and Cedric Pioline. The four legends are gently going through their knock up in front of a packed crowd. To be honest, the French pair look knackered already.

Tim Henman
1759: "Andy's serving has been a plus point for the majority of the tournament and he needs to serve at a high percentage against Nadal because he needs to win some cheap points. When they're in baseline rallies he's got to take some risks, go aggressively to Nadal's forehand, and then go for his backhand down the line."
Tim Henman on BBC One

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1750: Britons Curtis and Rae see off Dabrowski and Ishizu 7-6 6-1.

1747: "Apologies for the extended absence, I have been up in Wimbledon village doing some filming. Just been party to ANDYMONIUM!!!! Whilst up there we saw the Scottish Werewolf In London himself entering a deli. Too busy interviewing a guy about oysters (don’t ask) to discover whether he had a tuna baguette or a meatball panini. To answer the questions posed while I've been away: 1641, Grrrrr no comment. 1531, I can only apologise but you can only be a mole for so long. I need to spread my wings, and besides 'At Home With The Rusers' deserves a bigger audience. I'm going to make this happen."
BBC Sport Mole

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1744: And would you believe it? Croft and Durie have been robbed 6-3 6-0 by Kloss and Nideffer on Court 18.

1738: On my gentle stroll I saw the promising Naomi Broady have an entertaining argument with the umpire over a line call before chucking her racquet on the floor, overheard an American fan ask her friend: "So, was there, like, a Mr Wimbledon?" and walked past Virginia Wade deep in conversation with Barry Davies while a gaggle of spectators stared at them like they were in Madame Tussauds. So there you go.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1732: Well after a gentle stroll to work out my frustration, nay anger, at the lack of tuna baguettes in the press restaurant today I'm back to take you through the next hour or so. And I will kick off with a thumping great Brit down graphic as Dan Cox goes out 9-7 in the third to Andrew Thomas of Australia. But hang on, Naomi Broady beats Zarina Divas of Kazakhstan 6-2 in the third. So we'll have an up graphic too.

By Ian Westbrook at Wimbledon

1725: On that note it is time for me to escape the box for a while and leave you in the capable hands of Piers again.

1721: More British news and a thriller in the boys' singles where Daniel Cox is 7-7 in the third and deciding set with Andrew Thomas of Australia. In the girls' event Naomi Broady is 6-3 4-6 2-1 up on Zarina Divas of Kazakhstan.

1718: Jamie Murray on brother Andy's match with Rafael Nadal on Wednesday: "It will be a huge match, one that everyone will want to see. I think Rafa's obvously the favourite and Andy will think that as well but he is looking forward to it and knows he is playing well. If he keeps that up he has got a chance against anyone. If we do play on Wednesday we will play in the afternoon so we will probably clash at some point so I will miss some of his match."

And on his partnership with Liezel Huber after the pair reach the mixed doubles quarter-finals: "We play well together and when we go out there we know what we have to do to win."

1709: So that's the main singles action wrapped up for the day. Thursday's women's semi-finals will see Jie Zheng take on Serena Williams and Venus Williams meet Elena Dementieva.

In the meantime people are starting to think about Wednesday's men's quarter-finals.

"Thoughts on tomorow's big match. Will it be like Mr Muscle versus Conan the Barbarian?"
Andy in wet wales. Sorry west wales

1703: "Overheard from an American fan in the grounds: 'So was there like a Mr Wimbledon?'"
BBC Sport's Piers Newbery

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1700: More joy for the Murray family as Jamie and partner Liezel Huber beat Julian Knowle and Yung-Jan Chan 6-4 6-3 to reach the mixed doubles quarter-finals.

1658: Wildcard Jie Zheng makes a piece of history on Court One as she seals a 6-2 5-7 6-1 victory over 18th seed Nicole Vaidisova to become the first Chinese player to reach a Grand Slam semi-final.

1653: We are nearing the end of singles action for today as Zheng breaks again to go 5-1 up.

1650: Serena completes a 51-minute victory - beating Agnieszka Radwanska 6-4 6-0 to reach the semi-finals.

1646: Serena has now won six games in a row as she zooms 5-0 ahead while Zheng holds for 4-1 on One.

1643: Serena races into a 4-0 lead on Centre while on One the score in the decider is 2-1 to Zheng going with serve, although as I type that Zheng breaks to lead 3-1.

1641: "Tennis - would the Mole please explain who the chap in the cowboy hat is who sits in the players box on centre please."
Jose, Brighton via text on 81111

Two questions for you now Mole - this one and the one at 1531.

1637: "Try being a vegan on doctor's orders and reading about delicious meatballs and tuna all day. Groan."
Steve in Reading via text on 81111

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1633: British update - Daniel Cox is 1-1 in the third set with Andrew Thomas of Australia and Naomi Broady is 5-3 up on Zarina Divas of Kazakhstan in their first set but Jade Windley lost 6-3 6-3 to 10th seed Johanna Konta of Australia. In the mixed doubles, Jamie Murray and partner Liezel Huber are 6-4 2-1 up on Julian Knowle and Yung-Jan Chan.

Double graphic to appease those of you who want something to reflect the mixed news in updates like this.

1629: After just 31 minutes Serena takes the first set 6-4 against Radwanska.

1626: Zheng squanders a break point and Vaidisova takes advantage to take the set 7-5 and level the match. Meanwhile Radwanska holds serve against Serena to trail 5-4.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1623: "What's the news on the Jamie Murray/Huber match?"
Louise in London wishing she wasn't at work

Well Louise I can tell you that Murray and Huber have just taken the first set 6-4.

1622: Meanwhile Vaidisova is staging a fightback on Court One. After holding her serve, she breaks for the second time in the match and now leads Zheng 6-5 in the second set. On Centre Serena leads 5-3.

Andy Murray
1618: Ignoring the gloomy weather forecast Andy Murray has been preparing for his match with Rafael Nadal by practising with Barry Cowan. He was called in by Murray's coach Miles Maclagan because he serves left-handed like the Spaniard.

Cowan said: "I had a call from Miles, who I've known for 19 years, at 2.00. He said 'do you fancy hitting some serves for 20 minutes?' and I was glad to be of help and I think I was. He has the typical left-hander's serve which slides out wide to Andy's backhand. But he has also added the one down the middle to the forehand which is Andy's weaker wing on the return. He was looking to be aggressive with that return."

1617: On Court One Nicole Vaidisova is serving to stay in the match as she now trails Jie Zheng 5-4 in the second set.

1614: While we are enjoying the sunshine the BBC weather forecast for Wednesday confirms a different sort of day in store, saying the predominant weather is due to be heavy rain, which is a real shame with Murray-Nadal lined up.
Wednesday's weather forecast for Wimbledon

1613: Radwanska holds for 3-2, but 4-4 now on One.

1612: (Re: 1508) "Meatballs are no good at all for us pescatarians. And that's before we consider their wrongness of shape to fit in a sandwich. Tuna forever!"
Chris, Stirling via text on 81111

1611: Interesting on Centre Court as Radwanska immediately breaks back against Serena to make it 2-2. Zheng holds on One to lead 4-3.

1607: British news from the junior singles events to follow Laura Robson's victory earlier. Daniel Cox leads Andrew Thomas of Australia 6-2 2-3, while Jade Windley trails 10th seed Johanna Konta of Australia 3-6 2-3. In the mixed doubles Jamie Murray and partner Liezel Huber are 3-2 up on Julian Knowle and Yung-Jan Chan.

1605: Zheng breaks back on One for 3-3. Serena on Centre has an early break point and convets it with a double-fisted backhand to lead 2-1. In the changeover on Centre ball-boys stand holding an umbrella over each player to protect them from the sun.

1603: "Re: the order of play tomorrow. Doug (1428) nearly called it. Nice one Doug!"
Chris, Sheffield via text on 81111

1601: Jamie Murray and Liezel Huber have also started in their mixed doubles match against Julian Knowle and Yung-Jan Chan and are 2-1 up with serve in the first set.

1600: Under way on Centre with Radwanska holding serve in the opening game. On One Vaidisova earns her first break of the match and leads Zheng 3-2.

1551: Serena Williams and Agnieszka Radwanska arrive on Centre Court. Meanwhile it is 1-1 on Court One in the second set.

1543: Yes she can. Dementieva wins 6-1 6-7 (6-8) 6-3 and now faces Venus Williams in the semi-finals.

"Well how Dementieva can smile at the end of it, I really don't know. It was traumatic, torturous and tiring. For her to come back after missing those match points for me makes her a worthy Wimbledon semi-finalist. Petrova's tennis was good enough to take her through but her mind wasn't."
Sam Smith in the BBC commentary box

1542: Two match points now for Dementieva - can she finally finish this 51 minutes after her first match point?

1540: Petrova holds - it's 5-3 Dementieva....what happens next?

1539: Vaidisova double faults and that's the set 6-3 for Zheng. That is only the Czech player's second double of the match and the first one cost her a break too.

1536: Zheng saves two break points and holds to lead Vaidisova 5-2 while Dementieva holds her serve on Centre to lead Petrova 5-2.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1534: The news you all wanted is in nice and early - the order of play for Wednesday.

Andy Murray's match with Rafael Nadal is second on Centre Court after Roger Federer takes on Mario Ancic. Marat Safin starts the Court One action against Feliciano Lopez with Rainer Schuettler v Arnaud Clement to follow.

1532: Guess what just happened on Centre? Petrova held her serve and now trails 4-2. Care to pick a winner, anyone?

1531: "I'm disappointed with the Mole so far this week. He seems more interested in furthering his documentary career than providing us with the titbits we are after."
Anon via text on 81111

Mole - are you out there? How do you respond?

1529: Bizarre happenings on Court 11 where Mansour Bahrami stops playing in his veterans' doubles match to take pictures of himself with people in the crowd.

1528: Vaidisova holds her serve but still trails Zheng 4-2.

1525: What was I saying at 1520: Dementieva loses her serve, finishing the game with a double fault, and it is now 4-1. Surely not again....

"It's almost unbelievable to see how tight Dementieva gets, how she is not managing her nerves or expectations out here. I really feel her mind was already in the semi-finals and ahead of what she was doing around 40 minutes ago and I feel she has hit that stage once again."
Sam Smith in the BBC commentary box

1524: "All hail the meatball panini! Glory to the Mole!"
Anon via text on 81111

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1521: Temperatures are soaring at Wimbledon today and TV cameras show a spectator on Centre Court with what looks like a homemade fan attached to the peak of his baseball cap. I know that when Twenty20 cricket started there were jacuzzis at some of the grounds but what unusual methods have you used to keep cool at sporting events?

1520: Double break for Dementieva again. She leads 4-0. Does that mean she has sealed victory? Having watched the second set I'm afraid I can't answer that. Meanwhile on Court One Zheng is 3-1 up on Vaidisova.
Zheng v Vaidisova - live with Ben Dirs
Dementieva v Petrova - live with Tom Fordyce

1518: "I'm with the Mole on the meatball panini front, far superior to a dull tuna baguette!"
Elliw, wales via text on 81111

Mole - what have you started here?

1512: Zheng breaks to go 2-0 up on Vaidisova while in front of me Dementieva rockets into a 3-0 lead over Petrova.

1508: Just been out to grab some lunch (I am not one of the tuna baguette drones) and it's hotter than the sun out there. Just seen one girl who was so burnt she was virtually down to the bone. What is wrong with British people and the sun? Cretins. PS: Italian meatball panini, far nicer than a tuna baguette and you get a salad (three limp pieces of lettuce on the side) with it.
BBC Sport Mole

I always thought there was something wrong with the Mole's taste. Meatball panini - are you sure????

1501: "I thought TT battled gamely. But Venus was a different class. Tough to gauge Venus at the Championships this year, hasn't faced anyone instead the top 100 I believe. She might not face anyone of consequence until the final."
TJSpursCan on 606

1500: "Ian/Piers/Tom - are you all the same person? Could you please tell me who the nice American commentator is on Bbci (press the red button) i have yet to be introduced to him. Thanks muchly."
jeranberan on 606

To answer the second question first - I think you are talking about Tracy Austin. To answer your first question - no!!!!

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1457: Britain's Laura Robson completes a 6-1 6-3 victory over top seed Melanie Oudin in the second round of the girls' singles. More good news in the boys' singles as Dan Evans takes the first set of his match Guillaume Rufin 10-8 in the tie-break.

1455: Would you believe it! Petrova wins four points in a row and from 6-4 down in the tie-break turns it around to win it 8-6 and level the match.

1453: Still it goes on Centre - Dementieva wastes two match points and it is 6-6 in the tie-break.

1447: That's it - Venus Williams reaches the semi-finals with a 6-4 6-3 win over Tamarine Tanasugarn. The winner on Centre Court awaits her in the last four on Thursday.

1446: "Hope Murray is on second tomorrow. The atmosphere changed when the 'Corporates' left & were replaced by those of us who had queued for hours to get in."
Steve via text on 81111

1444: Two holds of serve at the same time. Dementieva in front of us to force a tie-break with Petrova. Venus on One to go 5-3 up on Tanasugarn.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1443: For all you Laura Robson fans out there, she is now a set and 4-2 up on top seed Melanie Oudin in round two of the girls singles. Especially for Laura, and Ken in Edinburgh in the text in-box, the Brit up graphic.

1441: "Which Williams does Dementieva play when she eventually finishes Petrova?"
Jack (not at SW19)

If she eventually finishes Petrova at this rate. The answer is Venus.

1439: Petrova wins her fifth consecutive game and now leads the second set 6-5. Venus is 4-3 up on Tanasugarn meanwhile on One.

1435: A shocked Tom Fordyce on my left cannot believe what he is seeing and the Centre Court crowd also seem bemused as Petrova breaks again to level the set at 5-5.

"Petrova's mind is back on tennis and Dementieva's mind is utterly scrambled."
David Mercer in the BBC commentary box

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1434: "Forget the Ladies singles - have a look at what is happening in the juniors. Laura Robson (aged 14) has just taken the first set (6-1) against the number 1 seed. I was lucky enough to be at Wimbledon yesterday and got to see her first round victory, so was interested to see how she would go today. This is someone who really looks as though she could fulfil her potential."
Steveo77 on 606

We did report on Laura's victory yesterday and I will keep you updated on this match from now on. Laura currently leads 2-1 in the second set.

1431: Petrova follows up the break by holding serve and it is now Dementieva 5-4 up - and again serving for the match. Tanasugarn holds serve on One but still trails Venus 3-2 with a break.

1428: "Order of play tomorrow will be Federer/Ancic then Murray/Nadal on Centre, Schuettler/Clement then Safin/Lopez on no 1. You read it here first."
Doug via text on 81111

We shall see Doug, we shall see. Fairly safe to assume that Federer and Murray will be the matches on Centre but the order could be up for debate. With heavy rain forecast, will the order of play committee be tempted to put Murray on first so that he has the best chance of finishing or later, hoping the weather is not as bad as feared, to get another huge TV audience.
The power of One

1425: What's going on? With Dementieva just a game away from the semis, she is broken for the first time in the match by Petrova - the game ending on a double fault. Meanwhile Venus is a set and 3-1 up against Tanasugarn.

1420: Petrova grittily holds serve but Dementieva will shortly be out to serve for the match.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1418: "What time is Murray, Jamie Murray that is, playing today?"
number one fran (merida) on 606

See 1333 - he and Liezel Huber are next on Court Two where the players in the preceding veterans match are just warming up. That match is a maximum of three sets so Jamie could be on court in around an hour and a half at a guess. Don't hold me to that though.

1416: 5-1 now to Dementieva and this match which has lasted for an hour and five minutes will not be on court for much longer. On One, Venus has broken Tanasugarn and is 2-0 up in the second set.

1412: Double break for Dementieva and she now leads 4-1 and is seemingly all set for her first Wimbledon semi-final.

1408: Venus takes the first set against Tanasugarn but not without a fight. The Thai earns her eighth break point of the match but fails to take it and pays the penalty.

1406: "I'm sorry to rain on the tuna baguette brigade but the best baguette has got to be chicken, avocado and red onion. With the magical surprise ingrediant of lime chilli! Or is that just me....?"
Simber in Liverpool via text on 81111

"No taste people! Best baguette ever is seeded with butter, mustard, jarlsberg, pastrami, salt beef, red onion, gherkin and a bit o'lettuce! Loose the off white gunk fellas (salad cream/mayo!)"
From food snob anon via text on 81111

This is all very well but such things don't exist in the press restaurant at Wimbledon!

1404: Petrova finally holds serve again to end Dementieva's winning run of seven games in a row.

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1402: We haven't yet brought you news of today's inhabitants of the Royal Box. Among the guests today are June Whitfield and also a Daphne Holt - we don't know if she is related to BBC Sport's Sarah but it is good to have a Holt with us on Centre Court.

1359: Tanasugarn holds but Venus is about to serve for the first set. Petrova is making a fight of this next game, taking Dementieva to deuce but the fifth seed serves out and now leads 2-0.

1358: "When will we know the order of play for tomorrow? Can't wait!!"
Lisa via text on 81111

Well Lisa the order for the singles matches usually arrives in our e-mail in-boxes in early evening, around 1800 BST, although that is not a fixed time. As soon it is published you will be able to read all about it here.

1354: On Court One Venus is now 5-3 up on Tanasugarn and on course to take the first set. Meanwhile it gets worse for Petrova on Centre as she is broken in the opening game and it already looks tough for her now.

1353: Maybe if the press restaurant is out of tuna they could go for the ultimate sandwich- prawn mayo on wholemeal? Taste with the added risk of poisoning.
Anon via text on 81111

Er....thanks for that. We have gone for cheese ploughman's instead.

1347: From 2-1 after 19 minutes, Dementieva wraps up the set 6-1 after 36 minutes. Petrova lost her way after being called for a foot fault while serving in the fourth game and has simply not recovered yet.

1346: Re: Steve at 1330. "White shoes and matching belt are a bad idea, for both men and women.
napoleon-solo on 606

1343: Dementieva makes the first significant inroads into the match on Centre as she wins four games in a row against Petrova to lead 5-1. Venus holds serve on One to lead Tanasugarn 4-2.

1337: "Is anyone really interested in the tennis today? Roll on tomorrow!"
Ian, Westminister via text on 81111

Good question Ian. There is plenty of interest in this year's women's singles but having said that Centre Court is not full and there was no queue this morning and it does not seem as crowded around the grounds as it has done on other days.

1333: Fans of British tennis and the Murray family in the All England Club today will be interested to know that Jamie's third round mixed doubles match with partner Liezel Huber against Julian Knowle and Yung-Jan Chan is today's third match on Court Two.

The first match, a men's doubles, is now in its third set while next up is another British pair - this time in the veterans - Mark Petchey and Chris Wilkinson.

1331: Three breaks of serve see Venus lead Tanasugarn 3-2 on Court One while we are going with serve on Centre and Dementieva leads Petrova 2-1.

1330: For lunch I had a very nice BLT and spicy chilli crisps. Oh and I also bought a white belt to go with my new white shoes. Are they making a comeback or am I just another fashion victim?
Steve in sunny Birmingham.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1321: "British junior number one Marcus Willis completes a 6-4 6-2 win over Hiroyasu Ehara to move into the third round of the boys' singles and gets a big kiss from his Mum as he comes off court."
BBC Sport's Chris Bevan on Court 14

1320: Disastrous news just reaches me on my mobile - the press restaurant has sold out of tuna baguettes....

Meanwhile back to the tennis - both quarter-finals are at 1-1.

1314: "Whilst on my lunch break, caught sight of two schoolboys practising the andy murray celebration - double fist pump, leaning back to the sky and mouth wide open! Is this a phenomenon isolated to Leeds?"
Will. Leeds via text on 81111

Thanks Will - has anyone else seen this and also the big question everyone wants to know is what did you have for lunch?

1313: Opening games in the first two women's quarter-finals.

Venus v Tanasugarn - live with Ben Dirs
Dementieva v Petrova - live with Tom Fordyce

1309: Afternoon all. Centre Court is bathed in sunshine in front of me but is slightly less full, but much brighter, than the last time I watched tennis on it nearly 16 hours ago.

By Piers Newbery at Wimbledon

1307: "Hey Piers - How about a shout out to her majesty's servant, Daniel Nestor, as he goes for the career Doubles GS partnered with Nenad Zimonjic. He just battled back from 3-0 down in the tiebreak to take the first set 7-6 (7-5)! It's Canada Day, our national holiday, so I know I'm not the only Canuck woke up with a hangover to watch. Thanks eh!?"
From TJSpursCan on 606

1301: Right everyone, you know the drill. The players are out on the show courts for the main matches of the day and star men Dirs and Fordyce will give you blow-by-blow acccounts of those ones. Ian will step into the breach here and I will return later, filled with tuna, bread and an enormous sense of well-being. Keep a close eye on Dirs attempting to repeatedly type 'Tanasugarn' - he's loving it.

1257: "Re pro-celebrity 'Tennis on Ice!' (see 1222). Trust me that is already in hand and lined up for a Christmas special where the show will relocate to the Royal Albert Hall. Greg is set to be partnered by Jane Torvill and their opponents will be Tim Henman and Michela Strachan. Hopefully Greg will be ready to premiere his triple salchow smash volley that will form the centre piece of the series. To answer the question about dress, Greg/Jane will be dressed as sequinned 1970's tennis players, Henman/Strachan regulation Wimbledon whites."
BBC Sport Mole

1255: "I think the bread's more important than the filling, tuna's just tuna after all, its all about sun dried tomato rolls."
From Michael via text on 81111

1255: "The best tuna baguette ever is as follows: baguette, butter, ham, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, salad cream. Where's the tuna? In the bin. Nasty, horrible stuff!"
From Scottish Steve in Wrexham va text on 81111

1252: "Big day for Richard Williams but he's looking very relaxed, wandering around the media centre. He has just collected his tickets for Venus's match on Court One. I'm guessing he's pleased he's not out on Court Two, where he spent most of yesterday..."
BBC Sport's Chris Bevan

The view from the fans
1247: Right, in answer to the growing number of queries about getting into the All England Club tomorrow, the key fact is that the queue has already started so the earlier you can get here, the better. There are 500 tickets available for each of Centre, One and Two, and then 6,000 ground passes. The official Wimbledon line is: "For a ground pass it is usually necessary to join the queue several hours before the grounds open." Gates open at 1030 BST. Bearing in mind tomorrow's line up, I'd get here very early doors.

1243: "Dear piers, if I want ground tickets for tomorrow when should i start queueing? Cant decide if it is utter insanity or not. PS, hope my licence fee pays for the teams tuna addiction as the live text has been ace all tournament."
Love Marianna via text on 81111 (Excellent flattery and use of the word 'love', the answer to follow...)

1240: "Bumper crowd on 14 to watch British hope Marcus Willis, who has made a solid start - going with serve so far. The Brit has just managed a brilliant mishit too - he almost got a ball on to the roof of the Broadcast Centre. Good effort!"
BBC Sport's Chris Bevan

Tracy Austin
1234: "Radwanska needs to make a good start because Serena is a good frontrunner. If Serena serves big and gets the return in right away, that's going to be too good. It's really about how Serena plays. Radwanska has to think one point at a time and stick to her strategy."
Tracy Austin on BBC Two

1230: "Re: Sarah getting to go to Jorvik (see 1202). Wow, I was jealous of all you at BBC before this - that was my favourite school trip as a child (where we went pretty much every year of primary school). Though I still remember the mouldy smell - and still describe things as 'smelling like Jorvik'. Good times!"
From poppyEmski on 606

1225: I feel I must apologise to all of those coming here in search of some tennis news and analysis but we have been hijacked by a nationwide debate over the merits or otherwise of tuna. For the moment, it's juniors and doubles in action with Aussie number one boy Big Bernie Tomic a break down against Christopher Rungkat of Indonesia on Court 19, while Briton Marcus Willis is 2-2 with Hiroyasu Ehara of Japan on Court 14. Hunger is starting to take a grip of me, and you know what that means....

1222: "Tennis on ice is genius. Maybe with added points for spins or jumps mid rally. Pro-celebrity version would be better though. Can just see sir cliff on the end of a greg howitzer!"
From Fishmonger in Bristol (I hate tuna by the way!)

The view from the fans
1221: "Am sat on Court 2 by a chap eating a tuna baguette. It must be catching."
From Lisa not currently in Camden via text on 81111

1218: "Re 1150: providing all concerned compete in sequinned and befeathered tennis outfits, I'd say it's a surefire ratings smash."
From anon via text on 81111

1214: "Well stone the crows, Martina Navratilova has sashayed onto Court 18 to play doubles with Helena Sukova. Last time I saw Martina she had Rihanna's Umbrella as her ring tone. Wonder what she has this year? Flo Rida? Ne-Yo? I'll find out. She's up against a G Magers (who she?) and Conchita Martinez. Last time I saw Conchita, she was manically chucking tennis balls around a Chinese restaurant on the final day of Wimbledon 2007. Pure hedonism."
BBC Sport Mole

John Lloyd
1210: "All the physical work Andy has put in is paying off and I think he'll be fine tomorrow, but he's going to need to be because he's going to do a lot of running."
John Lloyd on BBC Two

1205: Play gets under way around the courts.

1202: "Taking of cheesy Bagettes make me wonder when/if fabulous miss cheese will be making an appearance?"
From Jamie in sun drenched reading (Caroline is spending two days in a post-Euro 2008 decompression chamber but will be back on Wednsday for Safin v Lopez. Sarah is spending the day at a yoga retreat before heading to York to visit the Jorvik Centre. Don't ask....)

1158: "I think the PMs words sound vaguely threatening. I wonder what he will do if he doesn't see Andy continue.... Then again, Andy would win in a scrap, no bovver."
From "I vote for brie and grapes on wholemeal" via text on 81111

1155: Question from a member of the press to Rafael Nadal yesterday:
"How did you celebrate the football last night?"
Rafa: "Jumping."
Questioner: "Champagne or jumping did you say?"
Rafa: "Jumping. Champagne will reserve for finish the tournament."

1150: "After the failure of Pro-Celebrity Swingball (see 1030) I have now come up with an idea that perfectly fuses Greg's tennis career and his subsequent forays in light entertainment. May I introduce...light drumroll…'Tennis on Ice!'. Here's the premise, we ice over one half of a tennis court in Greg's back garden and watch, enthralled, as he battles on skates to retrain his racquet skills on a treacherous and unfamiliar surface. Once up to the requisite level he will take on his contemporaries like Mark Philippoussis and Goran Ivanisevic playing on grass on the other side of the court. It's a one set shootout to increase the tension and viewing figures. Again, the winner gets £5,000 to the charity of their choice."
BBC Sport Mole

1147: "Piers a very important question arose from my sister last night whilst watching murray on the soon to be roofed centre court... What happens if the roof is closed but a pigeon is trapped beneath?"
From Ali, London, via text on 81111 (Well, the word 'sniper' springs to mind)

1144: "At school. About to play tennis. What an inspiration andy murray is. Just so you know i don't really like tuna."
From Alain, Tunbridge Wells, via text on 81111 (Are there any teachers controlling the youth of Tunbridge Wells?)

Andy Murray
1140: Our leader has spoken. Or rather, our leader's spokesman has spoken. But I suppose that's what spokesmen are for. Anyway... "The Prime Minister, like the rest of the country, will want to see Andy Murray continue with his progress." Moving words.

1134: "Surely cheese is the superior sandwich filling? Preferably brie and cranberry."
From Laura, Preston, via text on 81111

1129: We have a full compliment now as Fordyce, Dirs, Bevan and Westbrook have arrived. It's a bit like being in a space shuttle, a cramped space with five brave souls staing out of a window into the abyss. Fortunately Dirs is not weightless and bouncing off the walls, that would be carnage.

1123: "Moving away from the great tuna debate for a moment, piers i wanna know what you, cheesy & co actually look like! Can you post some pics? I promise to send a photo in return!"
From Pete (also a tuna fan!) via text on 81111 (No offence Pete, sure you're a lovely looking fella, but that isn't a great temptation for me)

The view from the fans
1115: "I have just been to see the queue for Wednesday, where at 1045 BST there were around 15 tents already pitched. I spoke to mother and son Alexis and Warren, who arrived at 2100 BST on Monday to guarantee themselves a place on Centre Court for the men's quarter-finals. At that stage they were already the eighth tent in the line and Andy Murray was still locked in battle with Richard Gasquet so there was no confirmed prospect of seeing the British number one.

"While they are delighted to be seeing Murray in action, Warren added: 'I wanted to make sure I saw Federer play.' Apparently planting the tent in line reserves the owners their place in the queue, even if they go away and leave it for a while. Alexis and Warren plan to come into the All England Club later, watch some tennis and visit the museum."
BBC Sport's Ian Westbrook

1108: "Steve, I bow to your suggestion (see 1047 entry), that sounds scrummy. Think we should challenge the bbc team to try out the different tuna bagettes and vote a la The F Word."
From MissBored, Knutsford, via text on 81111

1107: "What happened to fair and balanced reporting from the bbc? There's a shocking lack of sandwich impartiality and nary a mention of tuna's opponents."
From Cassie, cheering for chicken to go all the way, via text on 81111

1105: "Mixing bread with fish went out of fashion in biblical days. As a rule, I try not to get angry about foodstuffs, but tuna just makes my blood boil! P.S. I would guess that mr murray will be less inclined to get his guns out tomorrow, having been spanked by nadal and his muscles. Still love him though!"
From Ed via text on 81111

1059: Four people are out on Centre Court at the moment gently moving around 40 tennis balls from one end of the court to the other. It looks like a futuristic game of mass participation petanque.

1052: "My girlfriend was getting angry at me watching all the murray game last night. She said, 'you watching all of it! But it's only in the first trimester?' I think my smirk made matters worse."
Toby from Bath via text on 81111

1047: "Surely MissBored is mistaken (see 1018 entry). Tuna mayo, red onion, red pepper, twist of lime juice and freshly ground black pepper is the perfect tuna baguette?"
From Steve, more bored, Leeds, via text on 81111

1041: The show courts start at 1300 BST but play will begin on the outside courts, as ever, an hour earlier and there are a couple of interesting junior matches lined up. British hope and 15th seed Marcus Willis takes on Hiroyasu Ehara of Japan on Court 14, while top seed and Aussie hope Bernard Tomic plays Christopher Rungkat of Indonesia on Court 19.

The view from the fans
1036: Ah, lovely little bonkers Shakira. She's not here but warbling away on Radio Wimbledon as the gates open and the fans begin to file in. BBC Sport's Ian Westbrook reports that there is no queue - repeat, no queue - for today's play but people have already started camping out for Big Wednesday.

1030: "Yesterday was a chastening day as yet again I battled in vain to get my Greg Rusedski reality TV programme 'At Home With The Rusers' off the ground. My Pro-Celebrity Swingball idea for the show hit the buffers after the first participant set to take on a blindfolded Greg in his back garden, Dean Gaffney, refused to take part citing 'creative differences'. Egos huh. That’s TV for you folks, you've gotta roll with the punches. Back to the drawing board we go....."
BBC Sport Mole

1022: So it's time for me to make some spectacularly inept predictions, although surely nothing will match my pre-Euro 2008 claim that "Spain are overrated, Germany are overrated, France will win." With that in mind, today I am going for Dementieva, Radwanska, Venus and Zheng to get through. The eagle-eyed among you will notice I have tipped Serena to bite the dust today. It must be the heat.

1018: "Best tuna baguette ever? With red onion and a sprinkling of grated cheese. Yum."
From MissBored, Knutsford, via tex on 81111

1010: "Just at school at the moment. Feelin physically drained from murray's performance yesterday. Lets go andy lets go"
From Stefan, Tunbridge wells, via text on 81111

1004: News just in from the Broadcast Centre that Murray and Gasquet attracted a peak audience of 10.4m last night. Impressive stuff, well done everyone.

0958: The leading women were not happy about their scheduling yesterday, particularly second seed Jelena Jankovic who was on Court 18 at 1200 BST having asked for a late start because of an injury, while Venus and Serena were on Court Two. "I don't know what they are doing," said Jankovic, "to put Venus on number two and I'm on 18, especially having had an injury and asking for a favour to play a little bit later in the day. I was almost playing in the parking lot. I almost need a helicopter to go to my court."

0953: "How do you guys like your tuna baguettes? Sullied with sweetcorn? Just a dab of mayo?"
From Curious in London via text on 81111 (Sweetcorn - no, mayo - yes, £6 a pop - no)

0948: "Re: 0924 Oh my god, he's playing F-Lo? That's it, I'm taking tomorrow off."
From Hannah, Docklands, via text on 81111 (Medic!)

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
0941: Some people say that the tournament really starts on the second Monday, but I disagree. It's the second Tuesday when Wimbledon truly takes off with the beginning of the veterans' events. Who can forget the drama of Britain's Jeremy Bates winning the senior invitation doubles single-handed last year? With Anders Jarryd. Or the disappointment as the lovely Annabel Croft and Jo Durie were edged out of the ladies' invitation doubles by the dastardly Bollegraf and Lindqvist? Well, Croft, Durie and Bates will see battle rejoined today, so get out there and support them. And Anders Jarryd.

0935: "Thailand is uber hyped over Tammy's SW19 exploits! We are still in the Bangkok Bar celebrating Tammy's win over Jankovic! Predicting part 2 of Shock & Awe with Tammy beating Venus in 3, 8-6 in the third! Sorry Venus, but this is Tammy Time!"
From scibase on 606

0929: "I love how it took nearly losing to really get the country behind Murray. Brits: we're really not comfortable with winners, are we? P.S. is Marat playing today?"
From Hannah, Docklands, via text on 81111 (I refer you to my Cheese advice below)

0924: "Walk this way!" screams Radio Wimbledon. Unfortunately, it's the Girls Aloud version. It has just occurred to me that among Wednesday's quarter-finals is the dream match up for BBC Sport's Caroline Cheese - Marat Safin v Feliciano Lopez. She may need to be heavily sedated for that one.

0919: "Good lord it's hot down here already. Had a scary tube ride here flicking through the papers and seeing photos of Andy Murray. Doesn't he look like an absolute mentalist? Also, see we all missed Sting's appearance in SW19 yesterday. That's what happens when you become dangerously obsessed with tuna baguettes and the Fonz."
BBC Sport Mole

Tim Henman
0910: We managed to grab Tim Henman the moment he stepped out of his commentary box last night and the now ex-favourite of the Centre Court crowd was happy to give us his thoughts on his successor. "All credit to Murray - he'd been outplayed but I think the biggest thing was that he had the belief to hang in there," said Tim.
Henman on Murray

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
0904: "Ahh finally a British player with passion and grit, what a refreshing change. Also glad to see that Murray has ba... Nerves of steel and being able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, rather than the reverse we've seen from previous british players."
From Alastair, Preston, via text on 81111

0858: Seriously, if you're coming to Wimbledon today bring plenty of fluids, some sunblock and a wide-brimmed hat. And an umbrella. It's going to reach a sultry 28 degrees Celsius before the weather cracks violently at some stage and a biblical storm descends, either this evening or tomorrow. Be warned.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
0853: The official weather outlook: "Dry for much of the day with hazy sunshine. Hot in the afternoon and becoming increasingly humid. Top temperature around 28 Celsius."

0849: As Murraymoniumania subsides for a day, attention turns to the women's quarter-finals - bereft of the top four seeds after a week of shocks. That leaves Elena Dementieva as the highest seed remaining at number five, and she opens on Centre Court against fellow Russian Nadia Petrova at 1300 BST. At the same time over on Court One will be defending champion Venus Williams against Thailand's Tamarine Tansugarn, who beat second seed Jelena Jankovic to reach her first Grand Slam quarter-final. Second on Centre is 19-year-old Pole Agnieszka Radwanska - the 2005 junior champion - against Serena, while Jie Zheng, conqueror of Ana Ivanovic, faces Nicole Vaidisova in the second match on Court One.

Andy Murray
0842: Nick 'The Don' Bolletieri speaks for a nation with his succint dissection of the emotions felt during Murray v Gasquet. "I had to go to the restroom several times," The Don tells Radio Wimbledon. "I love a streetfighter, man," he adds. "You have to dig, you have to chop, you can't give up." And Nadal? "He's a navy seal, an army ranger and a top fighter pilot all rolled into one. I believe the backing of the English audience gives Murray a chance. My emotions are with my boy, Andy Murray, but the slight edge goes to Nadal." The Don has no time for the whole English/Scottish/British thing, and quite right too.

0835: A quick look at the morning's headlines - 'Murray Miracle'; 'Murray on the march'; 'King Andy'; 'Braveheart'; 'Murray marches on like a champion'; 'Murray reaps rewards of composure'; 'Now bring on Nadal'; 'Comeback kid holds nerve'. And the French view? 'Gasquet in obscurity' says L'Equipe. Mange tout, mange tout.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
0830: Has Murray won yet? What happened to Gasquet? How many tuna baguettes can one man eat in a day? All these questions will be answered in the coming hours, as well as the identity of the four women's semi-finalists. And the good news is that the sun has again got his hat on and is already out to play.

- We'll be here throughout the day to bring you the latest news from around the All England Club, both on the courts and off, so whether you're settling down at home, stuck in the office or queuing on Church Road, send us your thoughts.

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