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Roland Garros, Paris, 25 May-8 June

French Open: Sunday 25 May to Sunday 8 June
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French Open

Final result:

R NADAL (Spa) bt R FEDERER (Swi)

6-1 6-3 6-0


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By Piers Newbery

1608: "God bless that left bicep."
from Sarah, Bucks, via text on 81111

1607: "Piers, do you put some of the texts on here for amusement? No offence JK but i'm sure you were taught how to spell properly!? Though i'm in the same boat , stuck at work and missing an awesome match so i sympathize. Rafa is just incredible at the moment, he deserves this title again. The best clay court player ever!"
From Dan in sunny Weymouth via text on 81111

1606: "When was the last time the Fed Express lost a set 6-0?! It's been a joy to watch Rafa today, an absolute masterclass."
From James, Nottm, via text on 81111


Federer 0-6 Nadal
Federer did not need to kick the game off with a desperate forehand volley into the net. He gets back to 30-30 with a big forehand that even Nadal cannot return but match point comes soon enough. Federer makes the error and there's a momentary hush while the crowd takes it in... yep, Nadal seals it with a love set. An incredible performance.

Federer 0-5 Nadal
Nadal breaks again and this is going to go down as one of the all-time great results. Federer's clay-court coach Jose Higueras looks to the sky and may well be planning some sort of discreet exit strategy involving the words "taxi" and "airport".

Federer 0-4 Nadal
Nadal begins the game with a magnificent backhand lob that leaves everyone gasping - an incredible shot - and he consolidates the break to leave Federer still stuck on four games for the match so far.

Federer 0-3 Nadal
Well, no-one likes to see a great champion getting thrashed but let's be fair and enjoy a great champion at his best. Nadal fizzes over a forehand to Federer's feet at break point and the Swiss can't make the volley. It's a victory parade now, with Borg looking on from the VIP box.

1550: "At work n frustated that i cant watch such gud match. Gutted. Arrgh. Bt following it on bbc website. Man both of this players r my favourites n dnt want any of them 2 loose. Lol. Bt got to say 'rafa' deserve winning. His bn playin superb for the past year."
From JK in south yorkshire via text on 81111

Federer 0-2 Nadal
Nadal leans back and creams a forehand into the corner to wrap up a a comfortable hold. Unstoppable.

1544: "My wife reckons Nadal and Federer are not the best looking top players of recent years."
From Anand, London, via text on 81111

Federer 0-1 Nadal
And that could be that. Federer is in desperate trouble at 15-40 but Nadal comes up with an error, to everyone's amazement, and the world number one clings on to deuce. It's only a brief stay of execution though, as Federer sticks a forehand into the net on break point number three.


1540: "He had to win one of those first two sets to have any chance. I said he'd have to play the clay-court match of his life to have any chance and he's just not doing it."
John Lloyd on BBC TWO

1539: "It's going to be tough for Federer now. He knew that to be regarded as the greatest player of all time he was going to have to grind it out."
Pat Cash on 5 Live

Federer 3-6 Nadal
Nadal moves Federer from side to side and finishes him off with a huge forehand for 30-0. Moments later, the Spaniard is given a time violation. He doesn't care. Federer plays a woeful drop shot that lands in the bottom of the net, to groans all around. Mirka looks pretty glum as she claps her man, and Nadal wraps up the set.

1534: "Currently keeping up with the game via sneaky peeks at my mobile as I watch my eight year old at a dance competition. Looks like she' s doing better than feds at the moment. Cmon Roger!"
From Mac in Bromley, Kent, via text on 81111

Federer 3-5 Nadal
A nice shot of Mary Pierce sitting next to Ilie Nastase in the crowd. Conversation isn't exactly flowing but I'm sure it's just a temporary lull. Nadal passes a net-rushing Federer twice in succession to earn a break point, but Federer saves it with a big second serve and thumping forehand. A wicked angled slice from Nadal earns him a second break point but he overhits a backhand which Federer wisely leaves well alone.

Federer then smacks a forehand into the net but saves a third break point with a sharp angled forehand volley. An attempted running forehand from Federer ends up in the net and this time Nadal takes advantage, picking up a backhand off his shoelaces at the baseline and punching it down the line.

1525: "Re: 1435, he must overcome nadal en route to winning the french open. Otherwise critics will inevitable draw on the fact that federer won it without beating nadal."
From Murtz, Nottingham, via text on 81111

Federer 3-4 Nadal
Nadal is under pressure for the first time at 30-30 and does well to win a tense rally, forcing the error from Federer. A backhand into the net makes it deuce though, prompting Ion Tiriac in the stands to throw his hands up in.... disgust? Shock? Who knows, Federer gets a break point and a chance to actually move ahead. "Ro-ger, Ro-ger" goes the chant. The Swiss does his best but is drawn into the net and goes for too much with a low backhand, catching the tape. Nadal holds - was that Federer's big chance?

1518: "Please just keep the ball in court, Fed. You cannot keep making unforced errors. Its one thing for Nadal to push you but another for you to keep on beating yourself."
From SportySardar on 606

Federer 3-3 Nadal
This is more like it, both players hitting form at the same time. Nadal arrows a forehand winner down the line, Federer angles away a deft forehand volley, Nadal responds with a crunching cross-court forehand, Federer takes the game with another delicate volley.

Federer 2-3 Nadal
Yep, there's not much doubt who the crowd are supporting as every Federer winner gets cheered to the rafters. Nadal doesn't care. He takes a good game with a fantastic whipped forehand into the corner.

1508: "I see a Tiger Tim comeback here. Fists pumping, determined look in the eye, I think Roger is the new Tim!"
Stevie B from Southampton via text on 81111

Federer 2-2 Nadal
It's just too inconsistent from Federer who follows up a fantastic serve-forehand one-two punch with a poor forehand for deuce. Nadal then does him a favour by surprisingly coming into the net and Federer punishes him with a winning backhand pass. A drop shot gives him the game and the crowd rise to their feet and cheer as if he's just won the title. "Ro-ger, Ro-ger" they chant. It's 2-2.

Federer 1-2 Nadal
At last - Federer reminds everyone of what he can do with a sublime angled backhand that leaves Nadal sprawling, and the Spaniard then nets a forehand to return the break.

Federer 0-2 Nadal
The unforced errors are flowing from Federer - we're up to 15 for the match now - and that is making his task all the more impossible. Nadal breaks again and in truth it's his presence and reputation as much as his tennis that is doing the damage at the moment.

1455: "Piers hello again remember round 1 & 4 if i asked you if nadal would lose a set. Wots your opinion now?"
FromMike 'looking smug' in newcastle via text on 81111 (Oh, you. It's not over yet)

Federer 0-1 Nadal
Nadal steams on with another love game, sealing it with a superb backhand winner down the line, and the crowd is pretty quiet now. A bit harsh on Rafa who is playing arguably the best clay-court tennis of all time.


1451: "There's no doubt Federer is not as consistent this year, he's making more mistakes. Maybe it was the illness earlier this year."
Pat Cash on 5 Live

Federer 1-6 Nadal
A stunning Nadal lob sets the tone and when Federer sticks a forehand drop shot into the net, it's two set points to Nadal. Federer puts a forehand volley long and the champion is a set up. The crowd gasps, as if they've just realised Federer's lost it 6-1.

1446: "C'mon tiger tim!!!"
From anon via text on 81111 (too right, Timbo would be chipping and charging for merry old England. Lovely image)

Federer 1-5 Nadal
Federer has a bit of bad luck at 15-30 when a backhand approach clips the net and sits up nicely for Nadal on the baseline. Even so, the power of the backhand that comes screaming past Federer is something to behold. Another flawless display from Rafa so far.

1444: "The fed has to keep these rallies shorter. If he wins this i promise to cheer for rafa in wimbledon. I just want fed to be considered the best ever."
From Rob via text on 81111

Federer 1-4 Nadal
Nadal breaks to love and this set looks done and dusted. Federer, like everyone else, is finding it too much to come up with a perfect shot on every point. Away from the mauling, there is the usual array of tennis glitterati in the stands. Bjorn Borg, Aranxta Sanchez Vicario, Gustavo Kuerten in chunky knitwear, Ion Tiriac. And you can bet Mansour Bahrami is out there somewhere, up to no good.

Federer 1-3 Nadal
Nadal holds to love and it looks ominously straightforward for the Spaniard, as far as Federer is concerned.

1435: "2006 and 2007 wimbledon finals slip your mind there, murtz? (see 1422 entry)I'd say federer overcame rafa fairly well there."
From anon via text on 81111

1434: "Even the waiter at the hotel this morning expressed the fear that Federer might lose this comprehensively."
Barry Davies on BBCi

Federer 1-2 Nadal
Federer goes for a serve-volley and promptly sees Nadal send a backhand pass whizzing past him for 0-30. Federer continues attacking and wins the next rally at the net but it's high-risk stuff and he soon faces two more break points at 15-40. The first is saved with an ace and the second when Nadal cannot control a backhand. Four first serves in a row help Federer get on the board. Roger's 'support team' including current coach Jose Higueras and girlfriend Mirka looks marginally more comfortable.

Federer 0-2 Nadal
Federer moves 15-30 up with a beautiful forehand drive down the line and when Nadal fails to pick up a short sliced backhand from the Swiss, it's 30-40 and break point. Federer does everything right by driving Nadal backwards but he misses with a backhand at the decisive moment. Federer keeps on pressing but fails to make the return on his second break point and Nadal goes on to hold. Could be a key game already.

1427: "It's obvious that Federer is going for his shots and dispensing with the more cautious tactics of past years. He's coming over his backhand all the time rather than going for the slice."
Jonathan Overend on 5 Live

1422: "Its fair to say that for federer to be classed as the greatest ever, he must not only win the french but overcome nadal at least somewhere en route."
From Murtz, Nottingham, via text on 81111

Federer 0-1 Nadal
Two nervous looking errors from Federer's usually trusty forehand see him slip to 15-30 and a wayward backhand gives Nadal the first break point of the day. The Spaniard has a shot at it but fires a backhand long as Federer rushes the net. A second break point arrives moments later and Federer blazes an off-forehand wide. The worst possible start for the world number one.

1416: "Federer needs to go for the winners and absolutely drill them. Once we start getting into rallies, Rafa is going to nail him."
Pat Cash on 5 Live

1415: So we're all set, the weather looks good from here and there doesn't appear to be the usual swirling wind, which will be a relief to Federer.

1412: "I am backing rafa to win in straight sets! He deserves his fourth french title without a doubt! Vamos rafa!!!!"
From Lauren stuck at work... Argh!.....via text on 81111

1410: Bjorn Borg says, "If Roger wins on Sunday, he will definitely be the greatest to ever play the game." Poor old Bjorn will lose another of his records today if Nadal wins as the Spaniard will match his four in a row of 1978-1981. Only last year, Federer matched his five in a row at Wimbledon. Makes you wonder if it's all worth it.

1405: "Roger and raffa have an amazin match. Roger u av 2 win this one. "
From Elizabeth may pink via text on 81111

1400: Here they come, Rafa tells the pre-match interviewer something along the lines of, "It's always my intention to play well and win the title." But Rog hits right back with, "It's going to be a great match." Can the match possibly live up to that?

1347: "I think Federer has the game to win against Nadal more than ever before, but his mind will let him down. I have a bad feeling that after years of getting closer, this final will go to Nadal in straight sets, something like 6-4 6-2 7-6."
From towser83 on 606

1345: And it comes to this, as we surely knew it would. The world number one against the defending champion, the 'best player ever' against the 'best clay-courter ever', a man aiming to complete the career Grand Slam against a man aiming to match Bjorn Borg's four French titles in a row. You get the picture, it's a biggie.

The basics are - Nadal has won 10 of their 16 meeting and nine of 10 on clay; he has also beaten Federer at Roland Garros for the last three years, including in the last two finals; and the Spaniard is unbeaten in 27 matches at Roland Garros, having lost just eight of 89 sets. Fortunately Federer is.... Federer, and if anyone's going to stop Nadal, it's the Swiss star.

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