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Murray v Tursunov as it happened

Hamburg Masters

First-round result:


6-4 6-1

* denotes server



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By Caroline Cheese

1534: An encouraging start for Murray but tougher tests lie ahead. Up next is Frenchman Gilles Simon before a possible third-round match against Rafael Nadal.

Murray 6-4 6-1 Tursunov
Murray clearly didn't want to hang around any longer than necessary. He battles back from 40-0 down to force deuce as the Russian's first serve goes walkabout. He belts a forehand long on the first match point but on the second, Dimi virtually hands it to him on a plate by putting an easy volley long. Job done.

Murray 6-4 5-1 Tursunov
Crikey. Dimi's got a break point after reading the pass and meeting it with a crisp volley. No problem for Murray though. The Brit's now a game away from round two.

"Andy Murray in a tournament - always performs like a guest character of the BBC show Casualty. He looks like he could play quite a big part in it, but ultimately we all know he eventually will meet his downfall in an elaborate but always expected way..."
djdom_no1 on 606
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Murray 6-4 4-1 Tursunov
That's much better from Dimi as a brutal forehand sets up the wrong-footing winner. But Murray responds with some astute clay-court play to set up the break point. Tursunov saves it by spanking a forehand winner crosscourt but it only delays Murray and the Brit's now got one foot in the second round.

Murray 6-4 3-1 Tursunov
Murray forces the error with a forehand of incredible depth and wraps up the game to love. This is routine for Murray. The fella on commentary is confident Murray is going to end up with the 'W' - which I mention only because it's one of my favourite Americanisms.

Murray 6-4 2-1 Tursunov
Dimi is one crazy cat. He resorts to chucking his racquet across court to get to a Murray pass. The crowd loved that. But after a long game, the Russian makes yet another error and hands Murray the break.

"Don't worry. Murray will go out in the second round as per usual."
Adam in Canterbury via text on 81111
Away with your negativity, Adam.

Murray 6-4 1-1 Tursunov
I must confess that game went by so fast, I didn't see it. I was temporarily distracted by dishy old Alex Corretja in the crowd. Sorry, will concentrate now.

Murray 6-4 0-1 Tursunov
A booming first serve seals the game for Tursunov and he's off to a good start as he looks to level the match. There goes that chant from the kids in the crowd. Strange.

"Always rather worried when Tursunov plays a Brit, we remember the beatings he gave Henman on several occasions. I reckon Andy has the measure of him though!"
Stu in Redhill, via text on 81111


Murray 6-4 Tursunov
Easy. Murray serves it out to love. Fist pumps all round the Murray camp.

"Re 1341: Give (ATP chief exec) Etienne De Villiers time. I'm sure there'll be a paper slam on his to-do list soon enough (and Tursunov will be rubbish at that too)."
The Man From Viltheed on 606 Join the debate on 606 Oooh, political. Like it.

Murray 5-4 Tursunov
Nice one Dimi. He faces set point and seems certain to go a set down when Murray thwacks a passing shot crosscourt - but Tursunov somehow gets a racquet on it and the ball dribbles over the net. Murray will have to serve this out...

Murray 5-3 Tursunov
In the break between games, some fans start up a chant which ends with "ha ha ha ha, hey". I don't think it was for either of these players in particular though.

Murray 5-3 Tursunov
The point of the match so far sees Murray somehow dig out a drop shot but Dimi chases back and flicks the ball behind him for the winner. But the errors return and Murray comes through.

"Got any predictions for this one, Caroline? Or, indeed, the whole tournament?"
Abroard_magpie on 606 Join the debate on 606 Murray in straights. The last man standing will probably win the title. Discounting Nadal and Federer because it's just too obvious, I'll go for Dave Ferrer.

Murray 4-3 Tursunov
Murray is furious with himself for putting a lob long at 30-15 but Tursunov gift-wraps the break point for him anyway with a double fault. The Brit attempts to attack but pulls a forehand wide. Even Tursunov looks a bit shocked when he pulls off a touch volley and that helps him stay in the set.

Murray 4-2 Tursunov
Murray makes his opponent look like a bit of mug as he effortlessly lifts a lob over his head. Tursunov did not pick that at all. Then at 40-0, the 20-year-old gets a bit cocky and tries an outrageous drop shot which lands his side of the net. No drama though.

"Not sure I'm liking Tursunov's beard... I always thought it looked better when he was clean-shaven, he was a dead-ringer for Stamper - the bad guy from Tomorrow Never Dies."
The Man From Viltheed on 606
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Murray 3-2 Tursunov
Solid serving from the Russian gets him through this game. While you would expect Murray to come through this match, Tursunov is one of those frustrating 'all-or-nothing' players so it might not be easy.

Murray 3-1 Tursunov
Neat drop shot from Tursunov to start the game but he tries it on the next point and dumps the ball in the net. Consistency is emphatically not this man's watchword. Murray seems to have caught the bug when he sticks a drop shot of his own into the net and he has to face a couple of break points but he scrapes through.

Now don't forget you can get in touch on 606 or via text on 81111. I get the impression this match hasn't quite captured the imagination yet. I just looked at the texts so far and this is what I found: "For years we had my little brother believing that the HP in HP sauce meant horse poo because that's what they made it with."

Murray 2-1 Tursunov
The umpire is out of his chair for the the first time today to check a call on the first point. Tursunov did indeed go wide and Murray goes on to earn the first break point of the match by tempting Dimi into the net and then firing the pass crosscourt. A short volley allows Murray to put away the winner and it's a great start for the Brit.

Murray 1-1 Tursunov
Boom. That's the sound of Dimi smacking a forehand onto the baseline to win the opening point. No problemo for Murray. A drop shot takes him to 40-15 and Tursunov belts a return wide to end the game.

Murray 0-1 Tursunov
Brutal start from Tursunov, who looks like he might enjoy the slightly faster conditions in Hamburg. Murray gets back into the game at 30-30 but the Russian serves out from there, picking up a volley off his toes to seal it.

1401: Off we go then. Dimi to serve.

1400: "Murray should have this in the bag, as Tursunov is poor on clay. But we all know what Andy Murray is like!"
Abroard_magpie on 606
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1355: As Murray and Tursunov warm up, I've got time to tell you that the winner of this match will face Frenchman Gilles Simon, who beat Xavier Malisse on Sunday. After that, Rafael Nadal will probably be lurking. That match could well take place on Thursday - when Murray celebrates his 21st birthday.

1349: It was of course at this very tournament last year that Murray suffered the wrist injury which put him out of the French Open and Wimbledon. Murray is now back on court, looking relaxed, dressed in all white.

1341: Hello there. Andy Murray is finding clay a rather difficult nut to crack n'est-ce-pas?

After defeat to eventual finalist Stan 'The Man' Wawrinka in Rome last week, our boy is in Hamburg this week and is up against Dmitry Tursunov in the first round.

It looks like a breeze on paper. Tursunov is the tennis equivalent of Tottenham, all attack and a porous defence, so clay isn't really his bag. Plus, Murray has won all three of their previous matches.

But then as we all know, tennis isn't played on paper...

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