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Last Updated: Saturday, 9 February 2008, 13:16 GMT
Argentina v GB day two as it happened
Argentina 3-0 Great Britain

Third rubber result:

Nalbandian/Acasuso bt Murray/Hutchins

6-2 7-6 (13-11) 6-0

Friday's singles results:

David Nalbandian bt Jamie Baker

Agustin Calleri bt Alex Bogdanovic



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By Sarah Holt

Third set:

1725: The Argentina team get their celebrations started by spraying champagne across the court. They will now advance to the quarter-finals in April while Britain face the World Group qualifiers in September. The two singles matches on Sunday are now, of course, dead rubbers.

1715: "There was nothing the British could do. Their personnel all did themselves proud, Hutchins played a blinder at times in that match, but the bottom line is Argentina are into the quarter-finals."
BBC Sport analyst Andrew Castle

Nalbandian & Acasuso 6-0 Murray & Hutchins
Hutchins is serving to avoid a bagel (or doughnut) set for the Brits. He's still smiling as he trundles to 30-15 and then volleys at 40-15. Murray struggles to put his overheads away and ends up netting for 40-30. Hutchins goes backwards with his attempted return from a deep ball for deuce. Acasuso skips the ball over to earn match point but Murray saves with a dinking jump shot. The Scot scuffs his backhand only for Nalbo to net the second match point. The power of the Argentines are too strong for the British duo though as Murray nets to hand Nalbandian and Acasuso the match.

Nalbandian & Acasuso 5-0 Murray & Hutchins
Looks like it's going to be an easy finish for the Argentines as Nalbandian pushes on to 40-15 and he eventually holds to 30.

"Nalbandian sweats a great deal but he's a barrel of a man."
BBC Sport analyst Andrew Castle

Nalbandian & Acasuso 4-0 Murray & Hutchins
A Murray double fault and a lashing return from Nalbandian take the Argentine duo to 0-30. Hutchins crouches down but fails to get the ball over at 0-40. A nice angled shot beyond Nalbo takes the Brits to 30-40 and Nalbo nets at 40-40. A good leave by Hutchins hands Team GB advantage but Hutchins puts his volley long. Some good pressure by Nalbo pays off though as the home side grab a double break.

"It was Nalbandian who did the damage there."
BBC Sport analyst Andrew Castle

Nalbandian & Acasuso 3-0 Murray & Hutchins
Acasuso restarts play with a big serve to hold and give the home side a 3-0 lead in the third.

1655:The players are back out on court, so they'll warm up and then we will resume the third match of the third set.

1645: The rain has relented in Buenos Aires and the sweepers are out on court, brushing clean the clay. The match is now expected to resume in the next 10 minutes.

Play suspended

Nalbandian & Acasuso 2-0 Murray & Hutchins
Murray hits the ball into Acasuso's chest which is good enough to take the British duo to 30-30. Nalbo hits long to hand the Brits a break back chance. Plenty of scurrying but Hutchins can't quite pick the ball up at 40-40 and Acasuso moves to advantage. And suddenly the rain comes pouring down and the play is suspended in Buenos Aires.

Nalbandian & Acasuso 2-0 Murray & Hutchins
After the excitement of the breaker, the wind has gone out of Hutchins's sails a little bit and he tamely surrenders an early break as Murray drifts the ball wide.

Nalbandian & Acasuso 1-0 Murray & Hutchins
Team Argentina hold the opening game.

Ben Affleck
1607: Great Britain captain John Lloyd gives his team a talking to after a brave effort in the tie-breaker. And let's have a bit of light-hearted relief with another look-a-like courtesy of Piers. Jose Acasuso = young Ben Affleck with a mullet.

Second set:

Nalbandian & Acasuso 7-6 Murray & Hutchins
Britain take the first point of the breaker but Acasuso levels it and the home side move to 2-1. Murray gets into the net well for 2-2 but Nalbo pumps the ball between the stranded Brits for 3-2. Murray recovers the mini-break at 3-3 and the Argentine crowd begin twirling their flags and cheering. Murray nets the ball to see the home side move 5-3 ahead. The Scot closes the gap to 5-4 but Nalbo makes it 6-4 with a flying volley.

Some decent play sees Murray recover to 6-5 and Nalbo goes long for 6-6. Nalbo does likewise to see Britain grab a first set point at 6-7. The world number nine saves at 7-7. Hutchins flashes the ball at Acasuso's feet for 7-8. But he fluffs his shot at 8-8 and Murray goes wide with his overhead at 9-8. Hutchins saves another set point at 9-9, but a decent serve from Acasuso takes them to 10-9. Murray flashes down a forehand for 10-10 and shows steady hands with a poised overhead for 10-11. Nalbo pumps down a big serve at 11-11 and the home side move to 12-11. Hutchins fails to get the ball over the net and the Argentine duo take the breaker 13-11.

Nalbandian & Acasuso 6-6 Murray & Hutchins
A low shot over the net from Nalbandian takes the home side to 30-0. There's a bit of handbags between Nalbo and Hutchins but the Argentine holds to love to force the tie-break.

Nalbandian & Acasuso 5-6 Murray & Hutchins
Hutchins is looking for the second hold of the match on his serve. Nalbandian gets the ball on the wrong side of Murray for 15-30, after another nervy rally the score moves to 30-30. Murray slices the ball over for 40-30 and the British pair hold as Nalbo dumps the ball into the net and slams his racquet to the floor.

Nalbandian & Acasuso 5-5 Murray & Hutchins
Acasuso comes under a bit of pressure at 0-30 but recovers to 30-30. A big serve takes him to 40-30 and a Nalbandian smash keeps the home side level.

Nalbandian & Acasuso 4-5 Murray & Hutchins
Murray moves to 30-0 and the world doubles number 35 skips around court to make it 40-0 and then hold to love.

Nalbandian & Acasuso 4-4 Murray & Hutchins
Nalbo - or Bandy - misses a volley at the net for 15-15. Murray dinks the ball down the middle to earn a break chance for Britain and the Scot out-foxes Nalbandian to break back.

"They were being out-played and out-thought but they've stuck in there."
BBC Sport analyst Andrew Castle

Nalbandian & Acasuso 4-3 Murray & Hutchins
Hutchins moves to 30-0 on his serve and thumps down a smash for 40-0. And there's some good news for Hutchins as he holds to love. The first love service game of the match.

"That's a relief for him as he hasn't been playing badly by any stretch of the imagination."
BBC Sport analyst Andrew Castle

Nalbandian & Acasuso 4-2 Murray & Hutchins
Britain take the Argentine duo to deuce but Acasuso gets himself out of trouble to keep the home side in front.

Enrique Iglesias
1523: Ross' Dad is Paul Hutchins, the head of men's tennis at the LTA and a former Davis Cup captain. But our head of tennis here, Piers, reckons Ross looks more like Enrique Iglesias. So we're extending the look-a-like theme.

Nalbandian & Acasuso 3-2 Murray & Hutchins
Murray keeps things steady on his serve as he moves to 40-15 but then wobbles the ball long at 40-30. A huge forehand from Nalbandian sees the home side level it at 40-40. Murray grins as the crowd whistle through his ball toss (um) and the Scot is having real trouble closing out the game here. He does eventually to keep the set alive.

Nalbandian & Acasuso 3-1 Murray & Hutchins
Nalbandian, with his sweaty hair pulled back in a ponytail on the top of his head, effortlessly extends the lead for the home side.

"Hutchins has got to do something that he is not capable of doing, but credit to him for keeping going."
BBC Sport analyst Andrew Castle

Nalbandian & Acasuso 2-1 Murray & Hutchins
Hutchins finds himself under pressure on his serve again and Nalbandian carves out a break chance with a backhand into the tramlines. And Nalbo fires in a great return to take that chance and Hutchins has yet to hold serve.

Nalbandian & Acasuso 1-1 Murray & Hutchins
A bit of pressure at the net sees the Brits take the Argentines to 30-30 on the Acasuso serve. The world number 50 nets a Hutchins return for deuce. A lovely hooked return from Murray earns GB a break chance. Acasuso saves deuce but then skies the ball after a volley to concede advantage. Hutchins goes wide. And that's the last of the chances for the Brits as the home side survive.

Nalbandian & Acasuso 0-1 Murray & Hutchins
Murray comes under a bit of pressure on his serve but Acasuso goes long for 40-30. Acasuso goes straight down the middle for deuce. A booming return earns the home side their first break chance but some good defence keeps the Brits alive. Nalbandian earns another break chance but then scuffs it when his backhand hits the tape. The Brits save another break chance; and Nalbo nets to see Murray hold after a tough game.

1450: "It's going to be very difficult for GB to turn this round now and win the match."
Nigeweir on 606

First set:

Nalbandian & Acasuso 6-2 Murray & Hutchins
Nalbandian is just too powerful on his serve and moves to within two set points. The world number nine seals the game and the first set.

Image from the-simpsons.blogs
1444: "Is it just me, or do Jamie and Andy Murray look a diddlely-iddle bit like Rod and Tod Flanders?"
Anonymous on text (Keep the look-a-like chat coming)

Nalbandian & Acasuso 5-2 Murray & Hutchins
Hutchins looks more comfortable now in his second service game. An exciting point ends with Murray heading the ball out of play after Nalbandian and Acasuso clash racquets going for the same ball. Britain move to 40-30 but Hutchins cannot cope with a series of Nalbandian returns and slides to deuce. Murray pumps a smash wide to hand the Argentines a second break - and Hutchins is coming under pressure on his serve.

Nalbandian & Acasuso 4-2 Murray & Hutchins
Murray is going from left-to-right but his lob goes wide at 30-15. A big serve from Acasuso takes the home side to 40-30. Some good coverage at the net sees the Brits recover deuce. The crowd get disgruntled as Acasuso double faults and here's a break back chance for the Brits. Acasuso snuffs it out. Acasuso fends off two more break points with some big serves, and the home side hold.

"He's a big horse Acasuso. So strong."
BBC analyst Andrew Castle

Nalbandian & Acasuso 3-2 Murray & Hutchins
Another crowd-pleasing lob from Acasuso take Argentina to 0-15. A drifted return from Nalbandian takes the score to 30-30. Some more good work at the net from Murray, sees the Scot hold.

Nalbandian & Acasuso 3-1 Murray & Hutchins
Nalbandian is on the serve; and a double fault takes him to 15-15. The Brits scurry round at the net but Nalbandian dumps the ball beyond Hutchins for 30-15. A looping lob from Nalbandian seals the game for the home side.

Nalbandian & Acasuso 2-1 Murray & Hutchins
Hutchins is playing his first ever match for Great Britain and wins the first point before conceding a double fault. Acasuso puts Hutchins under pressure and the Brits slide to 15-40. A sweeping backhand return sails beyond Hutchins and Argentina get an early break.

Nalbandian & Acasuso 1-1 Murray & Hutchins
Acasuso serves first for Argentina and it's pretty smooth sailing as they hold to 15.

Nalbandian & Acasuso 0-1 Murray & Hutchins
Murray opens the serving for Britain and Hutchins gets the first points on the board with a neat shot. The Brits advance to 40-0, and the Argentine crowd are already whistling, the response is a double fault from Murray. But Murray holds.

1407: "It's fantastic that Ross Hutchins get to make his debut here. There is absolutely nothing to lose out there."
BBC Sport analyst Andrew Castle

1403: The players are warming up on court and we are almost ready for the off in Buenos Aires.

1358: What's all this? The Argentine pair of Nalbandian and Acasuso are being ferried into the stadium on golf carts while the British pair are having to walk in. Oh well, at least they are stretching their legs.

1357: "It's the first time the two have played together and I'm excited that we can spring an upset."
Abroard Magpie on 606

Matt King
1350: The crowd at the Parque Roca are being entertained by an odd cover of Guns n Roses 'Sweet Child of Mine'. But here I promised you some Jamie Murray look-a-like fun. So we're starting with Warrington rugby hero Matt King. Obviously, I need your help on this.

1345: It's down to Jamie Murray and Ross Hutchins to try to turn the tide for Great Britain on day two of their Davis Cup tie with Argentina.

Murray and Hutchins take on David Nalbandian and Jose Acasuso in the doubles.

The Britons are doubles specialists who play on the main tour but Acasuso is no slouch, winning the Movistar Open doubles title last week.

A look at the world doubles rankings might cheer up British fans: Murray is ranked as the world number 35 in doubles, Hutchins at 88, Acasuso at 95 and Nalbandian at 253. (Let's not forget Nalbandian is the world number nine in singles though).

You can watch the match on BBC Two at 1400 GMT and follow coverage here on the BBC Sport website.

And don't forget to drop me a line on 606 or via the text on 81111 (UK users only).

Davis Cup photos
08 Feb 08 |  Tennis


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