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Last Updated: Sunday, 8 July 2007, 11:01 GMT 12:01 UK
Day 13 as it happened


By Piers Newbery at Wimbledon


LATE BREAKING NEWS: Anna Fitzpatrick has been informed of the website vote regarding her nickname (see 1622 entry) and is apparently disgusted that you went for 'Fitzy', pointing out that 'Deirdre' is the name of choice in her tennis club and they will be "gutted". That's the public for you, Anna.

1831: "The tears are pouring from my blind eyes as I bid you a fond farewell, but before I go I would just like to put the following requests on record.
1. Companies of Great Britain - improve the freebies available on the way from Southfields next year.
2. People of Great Britain - stop asking who the man with the hat is who sits in the Players' Box.
Toodle pip all."

1830: That's your lot from here - an end to wind, rain, wine gums, women blathering, dramatic mood swings, stalking players at Aorangi Park and the towering ego of the BBC Sport Mole. See you next year, I'm off to Kent's Leisure coast to see my dear old mum. I need a cuddle. Bye.

1824: Well, everyone, we knew this moment would come one day. With the allegedly amusing Sam Lyon giving you exhaustive coverage of the last match of The Championships - Murray and Jankovic v Bjorkman and Molik - we are no longer required. Tossed aside like yesterday's news, just without the news.

1818: "What an excellent final. Great battle by both players. Although I am a great Federer fan I felt a little sorry for Nadal. So close. Well done Fed!"
From Carolinenov on 606

1813: "One of the best finals I have ever seen, can't wait for next year's championships! Well done Roger, an elegant, worthy champion."
From Ant, Bolton, via text on 81111

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1813: That's the starter dealt with, now for the main course. Chachi and Joanie are on in a bit for the mixed doubles final against Bjorkman and Molik.

1809: You've got to hand it to Black and Huber, they've milked the Court One crowd for every last bit of applause they can muster with a lengthy lap of honour. And why not?

1807: "I'm happy with every title I can get now because Rafa's improving so much - I'm the lucky one today," says Rog, resplendent in trousers, jacket, monocle and top hat. Alright, trousers and jacket.

1805: "I played a great two weeks and it was a very nice atmosphere, so thanks everybody," says Nadal. Awww. I think Sue's struggling to contain her emotions here, I know I am.

1803: There are emotional scenes as the prizegiving takes place. Yes, Black and Huber have finished off Srebotnik and Sugiyama 3-6 6-3 6-2 to take the women's doubles title.

1757: Roger Federer wraps up a fantastic 7-6 4-6 7-6 2-6 6-2 win and a fifth straight Wimbledon title. Not a bad Sunday afternoon's work. He flops to the floor - needs to work a new celebration for next year - before a friendly handshake with Nadal at the net. So where does that stand in terms of recent finals? Use the website vote to tell us.

1753: "I'm not creeping round anyone (see 1739), just hanging with Greg (and some women who are absent-mindedly flicking through Sunday supplements and talking about babies), shooting the breeze, chewing the fat, talking tennis. Mrs Mole? Whoever you are, forget the tennis and get my tea on."
BBC Sport's TV Mole

1748: There it is! Black and Huber have broken Srebotnik and Sugiyama in the final set of the women's doubles final. And Federer's broken Nadal.

1743: Federer goes 3-2 up on serve after saving his fourth break point of the set. "You are witnessing a stone cold classic my friend," BBC Sport funnyman Ben Dirs has just informed me in the strictest confidence.

1739: "Mrs Mole is so wanting Nadal to win. What time will you be home Moley?"
Mrs Mole via text on 81111 (And where are you? Creeping round Greg Rusedski, no doubt)

1735: Pavlyuchenkova and Radwanska win their girls' semi-final against Hofmonova and Roma on Court Two, to literally no acclaim. Wonder where the victorious Batesy is now. Is Chinawhite's open on a Sunday afternoon?

1730: Black and Huber level it up at one set all against Srebotnik and Sugiyama in the women's final on Court One. Let's be honest, does anyone care? Federer and Nadal are 1-1 in the fifth.

1722: Nadal levels it up with a 6-2 set and we're into a fifth set in the men's final for the first time since Goran beat pretty boy Pat Rafter in 2001. That was bananas.

Jimmy Connors
1717: Nadal, bandage on knee, is about to serve to level at two sets all. Jimmy Connors sees Bjorn Borg sitting next to Manuel Santana in the Royal Box and says, "If you can get some conversation out of Bjorn you're doing pretty well." Charming.

1716: "Wow! Where is that ice in his veins! It looks like Federer is beginning to morph into his sixteen-year-old temper-tantrum throwing self! Arguing with hawkeye! Come on Roger! You're better than that!"
From sports4ever07 on 606

1711: "Roger isn't enjoying the battle whereas Rafa looks like he's having the best day of his life."
From Gary, Coventry, via text on 81111

1705: It's a busy old changeover as Federer chunters on to the referee, presumably about Hawk-Eye, while Nadal is having treatment on his knee. Far away on a distant and empty Court 19, two junior members of the groundstaff are throwing tennis balls at each other. A classic summer scene in old England.

1701: It has been made apparent to me that Grace Jones is, in fact, at the All England Club (see 1633 entry). I have since received the following missive: "In your face Newbery, you naysayer. Public apology please. Right your wrongs." I will leave you to decide on who comes out of this sorry episode the worst.

Someone is having a tantrum at Wimbledon
1658: Blimey, there is one serious queue for the ladies' on Centre Court. This better go to five sets or some of them aren't going to see another ball hit today. You get all the important news here. Federer is 3-0 down and has got the right hump over a Hawk-Eye decision. He just said a rude word.

1652: Nadal breaks at the start of the third set! Crumbs.

1650: "Having been following your updates all fortnight while at work, it felt wrong sitting and actually watching the final on TV. So now I'm sitting with my laptop hitting refresh more than I watch the tennis. You guys have broken me."
From 'Addicted to Mole' via text (That is deepy disturbing)

1644: Federer snaffles it 7-3 when Nadal puts a backhand long, and the vote closes at exactly the same time! Which is probably less exciting for you than it is for me. You were backing Rog even before he took the lead again, with 61% saying the Swiss will win to 39% for Nadal. On Court One, Srebotnik and Sugiyama take the first set in the women's doubles final.

1639: It's another tie-break for Federer and Nadal. Drawing on my experience as the 1988 Broadstairs & St Peters boys singles and doubles champion, I would say this is a key moment.

1635: "Who is the old chap with Wimbledon hat in the players' box? He's there every year and doesn't seem to move!"
An unknown voice via text (Any ideas Moley?)

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1633: (Blows trumpet) "It's celebrity graphic time! Yet another sighting of the batty 1980's popular music icon Grace Jones. Her appearance here over the past two weeks will remain one of the great mysteries of Wimbledon 2007. Has she become a journalist? Today she was tottering through the interview rooms holding her backside, wearing a brown bowler hat."
BBC Sport's TV Mole (It's almost certainly not Grace Jones, but still....)

1630: Absolutely sensational stuff on Centre Court and it's now one set all and 5-5 - quick website vote, who's going to win, Rog or Rafa?

1622: That's it, another tennis hot potato put to bed by you, the Great British (and worldwide) Public. Surprisingly, and a not a little disappointingly, you've been very sensible. A solid 40% of you demanded that Anna Fitzpatrick be forever known as 'Fitzy', with 'Big Nuts' second on 24%, 'Fat Bloke' on 22% and good old Deirdre on 14%. We will make sure Anna's twisted brothers are made aware of this.

1618: Michael Llodra is asked if he considered going the whole hog after taking off his shirt on winning the doubles with Arnaud Clement. "Probably in Roland Garros I would have but not in England, it's not my home," he says.

1615: We love Rafael Nadal. We love Roger Federer too but we've seen him thrash enough people over the years and finally someone is testing him at Wimbledon. It's one set all and 3-3.

1612: Ammerlaan and Vink of the Netherlands take the men's wheelchair doubles title 4-6 7-5 6-2 against Japan's Kunieda and Saida.

1603: "Remarkably they are still finding games to schedule on Court 18. It is a good one though, boys' singles champion Donald Young is facing the Italian duo of Lopez and Trevisan. He isn't doing it on his own of course, he has a partner, J (James? John? Joseph? Josh? Jade?) Hamui. Young is a set down probably because of the distraction caused by four giggly teenage girls trying to surreptitiously snap him on their mobile phones. Tut-tut."
BBC Sport's TV Mole

1557: Katarina Srebotnik and Ai Sugiyama are about to play Cara Black and Liesel Huber in the women's doubles final on Court One. The wheelchair doubles final between Japan's Kunieda and Saida, and Ammerlaan and Vink of the Netherlands, is deep in the third set on Court Three. Meanwhile, preparations continue for the Jeremy Bates open-top bus tour around the Wimbledon one-way system.

1550: A blistering backhand pass gives Nadal the second set against Federer on Centre Court and it could be the classic we're all after - one set all now.

1546: Pavlyuchenkova and Radwanska are about to take on Hofmonova and Roma in the girls' doubles semi-final. Good luck everyone. Especially Roma.

1542: France's Michael Llodra and Arnaud Clement, the 10th seeds, win the men's doubles title on a packed Court One, beating the Bryan bothers 6-7 6-3 6-4 6-4. They then take their shirts off and throw them to the crowd and Llodra gives his racquet to one lucky lad. Llodra then has to borrow a shirt from his coach for the presentation.

1537: "Officially the world's nicest former tennis player, the main man Greggggy R, the Ruser, the 'Ski, is watching the men's final intently in our office and he is predicting it's going to be tie-breaks all the way. He is also eyeing up a colleague's slice of apple pie. Mitts off Greg."
BBC Sport's TV Mole

1527: A potential shock on Court One where Clement and Llodra are two sets to one and a break up against top seeds the Bryan brothers in the men's doubles final.

1522: It's on serve in the second set of the men's final after Federer took the first. To more important business, BBC Sport legend Anna Fitzpatrick has a number of nicknames and they need to be narrowed down. Her mean brothers have been using Fat Bloke, Big Nuts and Deirdre this week, while we have gone for the more sober Fitzy. You be the judge on the website vote.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1515: The long wait is over, people of Britain! We have a Wimbledon champion! Jeremy Bates serves out to take the gentlemen's senior invitation doubles and gets his hands on the sizeable trophy. A deafening ripple of applause greets Johann Kriek and Kevin Curren as they pick up their medals before Bates lifts the trohpy. With Anders Jarryd. There's no rest for lucky ticket holders on Court Two - it's girls' doubles semi-finals next!

1510: Federer takes a superb tie-break 9-7 in the first set of the men's final after missing three set points, one on a Nadal Hawk-Eye challenge. Andrew Castle, Jimmy Connors and John Lloyd discuss forehand grips in the commentary box. Pure gold.

1500: Tie-break time on Centre. Clement and Llodra have gone two sets to one up on the Bryan brothers in the men's doubles final. Batesy is two games from glory. And so's Jarryd.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1452: Batesy is well and truly on the march now, bagging the first set against Curren and Kriek. Jarryd barely deserves to be in the photo after this. Federer and Nadal are 5-5.

1450: Novotna and Sukova wins the ladies' senior doubles on Court 18. The Czech pair were fortunate to be in the final after squeaking past Britain's Croft and Durie in the round-robin stage - the 6-1 6-2 score was misleading. It appears that the battling Brits had a walkover against Martinez and Magers last night - anyone know what happened? Surely Crofty didn't 'do a Serena'.

1445: "No wonder Nadal's been on court for fourteen hours. Half that time he's preparing to serve."
From Greg, Tom and Jamie via text on 81111

1440: "For any of you who missed Boris's appearance on BBC One just now, he has abandoned the preppy look after 12 straight days to go for something right out of Wall Street. Professional clobber for a professional man. I'd like to think he will keep these high standards up and not just revert to wearing Primark tracksuits as of tomorrow. I will miss him."
BBC Sport's TV Mole

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1435: Nadal breaks back! Could be quite a final. Clement and Llodra level the men's doubles final on Court One at one set all against those goofy Bryan boys, and Batesy is bossing it on Court Two - he and passenger Jarryd go a break up on Curren/Kriek.

1428: Federer breaks Nadal in game two, but out on Court Two Batesy calmly sticks away a smash. This is where action is. Mainly knitting.

1425: "I have a sneaky feeling that we may see Nadal coming to the net a lot if he can't compete with his normal game."
From Paul in Devon via text on 81111

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1417: Great news! Why on earth you're still looking at this is beyond me but settle back and get ready to enjoy text-based commentary of the men's senior invitation doubles final. More glory beckons for Britain as Jeremy Bates and Anders Jarryd take on American/South African pairing Johan Kriek and Kevin Curren on Court Two. There are quite literally dozens of people watching. Two dozen, to be precise.

1415: The men's final begins in bright sunlight and Federer smacks an ace past Nadal on the first point.

1412: "Boris Becker looks scary! Lighter suit dear, the sun's out!"
From Dina via text on 81111

1410: "After being mocked for sleeping in wardrobes and looking like I've spent the night in a ditch, it was pleasing to see BBC Sport's Piers Newbery today looking like he fell asleep on a night bus and woke up at the end of the line, incoherent and covered in kebab. Apologies if the standard of this live seems a little below its usual Pulitzer winning levels as a result."
BBC Sport's TV Mole (my look is a tribute to Borg circa 1980)

1405: Big news on Court 13 where Bjorkman and Molik have beaten Santoro and Bremond 6-3 3-6 6-3 to set up a mixed doubles final against Jamie Murray and Jelena Jankovic later. Meanwhile, on Court Two, 16-year-old Urszula Radwanska has beaten Madison Brengle 2-6 6-3 6-0 in the girls' final - winning the last nine games. That should be some comfort to BBC Sport legend Anna 'Fitz' Fitzpatrick, who lost to the Pole in the semis. You can read all about it in her final diary on the website.

1400: The big boys are out on Centre Court after some 'after you Claude' dithering over who should step through the door first. Nadal does so rather grudgingly, 15-0 Federer. We will of course being staying across Rog v Rafa here but we are honoured to have BBC Sport legend Ben Dirs providing game-by-game commentary for us elsewhere.... now, about the doubles....

1359: Garry Richardson grills the players before they head out for the final. "I'm playing the best player in the world but I try my best," reveals Nadal. Meanwhile, Federer confesses: "I'm excited." Dynamite.

1355: Only a few minutes to go until the players step out on court and the votes are in. 77% of you think Roger Federer will win the title. Not very imaginitive is it?

1352: "If I've left you with nothing from the past two weeks, sorry, but please do take this with you into the post-Wimbledon world. Martina Navratilova's ring tone is Rihanna's number one smash hit Umbrella (other ring tones are available). Fact. That is all."
BBC Sport's TV Mole (Finally... after two weeks of digging, he comes up with gold)

1349: As the legendary trio reminisce on Centre, there is some actual tennis going on. Urzula Radwanska, conqueror of Anna Fitzpatrick, is 3-0 up in the decider against Madison Brengle. Bjorkman/Molik v Santoro/Bremond are on serve in the third set as they battle it out to face Jamie Murray and Jelena Jankovic in the mixed doubles final. The men's doubles final is on serve as they reach the business end of the first set.

1346: "John, you know we're different... I really don't mind. I hope Roger equals my record."
Bjorn Borg after McEnroe asks if he's bothered about Federer matching his five straight titles

John McEnroe
1342: "What's that Kipling quote about treating triumph and disaster the same? Bjorn might have done but I know me and Jimmy never did."
John McEnroe on BBC Sport

1337: The brass band stops as Wimbledon legends Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg wander onto Centre Court. Sue Barker gushes.

1330: "For his services to sport, I knight you, arise Sir Mole." From 'The Queen' via text on 81111

1325: So where are we and what on earth is going on? Bjorkman and Molik are at one set all against Bremond and Santoro in their mixed semi-final, so hopefully the winners will be exhausted when they take on Murray and Jankovic in the final later today. The Bryan brothers have just kicked off the men's doubles final on Court One against Clement and Llodra, and American Donald Young justifies some of his hype by winning the boys' singles title with a 7-5 6-1 win over number one seed Vladimir Ignatic on Court Three. And the band plays on....

1322: "One little boy will go home happy - he's just had his T-shirt signed by Chris Wilkinson."
BBC Sport's Caroline Cheese at Wimbledon

1317: "I'm so nervous for Rafa! Good luck to him. Vamos Rafa!"
From Sonia in London via text on 81111

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1313: Lewis Hamilton made it around the first corner without crashing so that's that isn't it? We can all concentrate on the tennis now, where I hate tell you this but Petchey and Wilkinson have been beaten 6-2 6-2 by Eltingh and Haarhuis in the pensioners' doubles final. The lofty Dutch duo get a cup and everything. Petch and Wilko are beaming for the official photo but inside they're crying.

1311: "Federer is too good on grass. The gap between them is probably bigger than for Nadal over Federer on clay."
From Demontagnac on 606

1305: "I reach Court 18 in time to see Petch deliver a disastrous double-fault. The Brits are getting a pasting here."
BBC Sport's Caroline Cheese at Wimbledon

1300: We're one hour from the men's final now and I certainly have a gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach, but that's my own fault. The brass band are out on Centre Court giving it some oompah, which is lovely for the crowd but not ideal for my head.

1255: Who said American tennis was on the decline? Donald Young and Madison Brengle take the opening sets in the boys' and girls' singles finals. Petchey and Wilkinson, meanwhile, continue to let their country down. Eltingh and Haarhuis lead by a set and a break in the old boys' final.

1250: According to the official weather forecast, "cloud will bubble up this afternoon and there is a low risk of a shower from 4pm". Rubbish. There is no chance of a shower all day and I have deleted the rain graphic in a dizzying display of confidence.

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1245: "More Royal Box hilarity today provided by these wackily named members of the gentry. Step forward Elena Meneses de Orozco, the Countess of Casa Miranda, Francesco Ricci Bitti, Excmo Sr Don Jaime Lissavetzky, Timothy, Kenneth and Eric Fok and Sir Jock Stirrup. Spiffing. As for celebrities, many a tennis champion and Dame Maggie Smith."
BBC Sport's TV Mole

1242: "Chris Wilkinson is still top tennis totty for me! Mind you, so is Boris! Can't make my mind up, anyone else got a top tennis totty fave?"
From Jayne via text

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1238: Sorry to take the shine off your day, Britain, but Petchey and Wilkinson have gone and tanked the first set 6-2 in the elderly doubles final against Eltingh and Haarhuis.

1230: After establishing several key tennis facts over the past fortnight - Andy Roddick is a dead ringer for Stiffler, Marcos Baghdatis could pass for Captain Pugwash, Serena would definitely take Stich in a scrap and Roger spends his time off court being told what to do by his girlfriend - it's time for a vote, and Caroline Cheese insists we make it a serious one. Boo! Anyway, who's going to win the men's final, Rog or Rafa?

1228: "Court 18 is absolutely alive. Not since Lleyton Hewitt's five day marathon against Guillermo Canas all those weeks ago have we had such a buzz down here. Needless to say it's a massive game, BBC Sport's own Mark Petchey and former Wimbledon wildcard Chris Wilkinson v Jacco Eltingh and Paul Haarhuis in the Men's Invitational Doubles final."
BBC Sport's TV Mole

1222: "After 13 days of twiddling their thumbs, the staff at the stand for Wimbledon's official suncare supplier are overrun this morning. Swarms of people are queuing to get their mitts on the free suncream on offer. Still, I'll be surprised if I don't see several cherry red faces on the tube when I head home later. This is Britain, after all."
BBC Sport's Caroline Cheese at Wimbledon

1215: The Don is already a break up against Ignatic on Court Three, and potty-mouthed Jonas Bjorkman and Alicia Molik have just started their mixed semi-final against Fabrice Santoro and Severine Bremond on Court 13.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1210: What a weekend! Little Lewis Hamilton is driving his spaceship around a village in Northamptonshire, 130 Belgians are cycling to Canterbury, and James Blunt has been tearing up Wembley - massive! The main action is here on Centre Court though. I have no idea why you're not outside frolicking in the sunshine but if you insist on following the tennis you can do so via BBC TV, radio, online, WAP, carrier pigeon and yoghurt pot/string outlets. Next year we will provide an individual member of staff to come round to each of your houses and shout the latest scores through your letterbox. The Mole will trial this in the coldest winter months.

1200: And play is under way.... Urszula Radwanska, who cruelly ended BBC Sport diarist Anna Fitzpatrick's run in yesterday's semis, is taking on American person Madison Brengle in the girls' final on Court Two. Boys' number one and Bond Villain Vladimir Ignatic takes on the massively hyped American Donald 'The Don' Young.

1155: After two wet and windy weeks we have the best two players in the men's game facing each other in the final. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will be on court at 1400 BST, and they're followed by Jamie Murray and Jelena Jankovic in the final of the mixed doubles. The first action of the day kicks off in a moment with the boys' and girls' singles finals on Courts Two and Three.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1150: Anyway, morning! And what a belter. The much maligned British weather has come up trumps and the All England Club is already packed to the rafters. It's standing room only on Henman Hill and we're two hours from the main event of the day. Well done Britain.

1145: 'For the Harry Potter auditions, please turn left'. This is the sign that greets me at Earl's Court, and predictably means a station swarming with precocious children dressed as wizards - a wholly surreal and unpleasant experience. Avoid at all costs. (This has been a public service announcement).

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