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Last Updated: Sunday, 8 July 2007, 17:23 GMT 18:23 UK
Mixed doubles final - as it happened
Wimbledon mixed doubles final result:

Murray/Jankovic v BJORKMAN/MOLIK 5

6-4 3-6 6-1


By Sam Lyon

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Murray/Jankovic 6-4 3-6 6-1 Bjorkman/Molik
With Wimbledon glory beckoning, Jankovic chooses to indulge in a brief conversation with an elderly male line judge - the woman is an unstoppable flirt, unbelievable. Still, Jankovic is unflappable on serve, sending down three service winners and Murray then volleying home the winner. A hold to love and Britain have a Wimbledon champion people!! Little brother Andy leads the cheers in the crowd... but he won't be too happy when Jamie orders him to clear his stuff out of their hotel room tonight. Muzzers and Janko have some celebrating to do.

Murray/Jankovic 6-4 3-6 5-1 Bjorkman/Molik
Jonas Bjorkman is apparently a real gentleman off the court, and he is doing remarkably well to keep smiling with his partner so off her game. With Molik barely able to force the simplest of returns over the net, a fierce Jankovic backhand brings up break point - only for Murray to net the return. Jankovic shows him how it's done, both between points and then with her next return - a forehand winner - but it takes about four points for the message to get through. When it does, though, it is a thing of beauty as an instinct forehand goes between Bjorkman and Molik and our pair secure the double break.

Murray/Jankovic 6-4 3-6 4-1 Bjorkman/Molik
A quick search on t'internet tells me the umpire is Jamie Crowson... and the beard is real! I tell you, when puberty kicks in that thing's going to be dangerous. Back on court and Murray/Jankovic move to within a couple of games with a consummate service game.

Murray/Jankovic 6-4 3-6 3-1 Bjorkman/Molik
Must-win game for Molik and the Australian obliges with a hold to 15. Not before Jankovic engages in a bit of banter with the umpire, though, who looks about 12 and has clearly snuck in through security courtesy of one of the worst stick-on goatees I've ever seen.

Murray/Jankovic 6-4 3-6 3-0 Bjorkman/Molik
Whoops - Bjorkman and Molik get their forehands motoring to force three break-back points against the run of play... but our pair save them all! Fabulous work from Jankovic to save the first two and the Serb saves the best til last with a stunning forehand down the line. All of a sudden our pair look a little fired up and Murray volleys home at the net twice to secure the game. Some old soak in the players' cheering section greets the second with a one-man rave up in the crowd, cutting some quality shapes that are rarely seen round these parts.

Murray/Jankovic 6-4 3-6 2-0 Bjorkman/Molik
A window of opportunity for our pair as a dodgy bounce on Murray's forehand and then a missed Molik volley hands them three break points. The lovebirds need only one, thanks in the main to a terrific lob volley from Jankovic, and are they on their way to Wimbledon glory?

"This match really has been played with the most fantastic spirit between the competitors. Both between the teams and within the teams!"
BBC Sport pundit Greg Rusedski

Murray/Jankovic 6-4 3-6 1-0 Bjorkman/Molik
Excellent start from Murray, targeting Bjorkman's forehand and peppering Molik with body serves and holding to love.


"Did you see the look on Mrs Murray's face just then when Jamie and Jelena were standing so close and laughing - she didn't like it one bit!"
JJ via text

Murray/Jankovic 6-4 3-6 Bjorkman/Molik
We will have a third set people as Bjorkman holds to 15. Jankovic and Murray both send fabulous returns down the centre of the court to bring them back from 0-40 down, but a Bjorkman overhead seals the game and the set. The first signs of a little tiff between Muzzers and Janko are quickly quelled, although I think it was one of those let's-create-an-argument-just-so-we-can-make-up things. Bless 'em.

Murray/Jankovic 6-4 3-5 Bjorkman/Molik
Oh dear, the fun police are out in force on Centre Court. A trio of Swedish gentlemen stand up with a flag and get about three seconds into some chant or other before they are surrounded by police and security guards. Apparently flags are banned on Centre Court, as is having fun. And they wonder why young people aren't getting into tennis... Anyway, Jankovic continues to fire on serve, holding to 15 without alarm.

Murray/Jankovic 6-4 2-5 Bjorkman/Molik
Alicia Molik brings up two game points, but Murray does well to target the Australian on the next two and twice she hits wide to bring the game back to deuce. And she buckles again on the next two points, firstly a Jankovic return forcing the error and then Murray sending a backhand service return home to reduce the deficit.

Murray/Jankovic 6-4 1-5 Bjorkman/Molik
Trouble early on for Murray, who has looked so comfortable on serve all match, as first a Molik return and then Bjorkman forehand winner put our pair 0-30 down. Murray pulls one back with a service winner, but a brilliant lob from Bjorkman brings up two break points, the second of which Murray sends long on the forehand and it looks like we'll be heading into a third set. Mother Murray, Judy, looks on sternly but it's not clear if that's due to the double break or the heavy petting that's going on on Centre Court.

"These two have just got to keep the ball away from Bjorkman's backhand, that thing is lethal."
BBC Sport pundit Greg Rusedski

Murray/Jankovic 6-4 1-4 Bjorkman/Molik
Jankovic does her best to amend the error of a break last game with a couple of stinging groundstrokes and she forces the error from Bjorkman, who nets a forehand, to bring up break-back point. The Swede sees off our pair, though, with a fabulous net volley and service winner to hold. A few girls in the crowd care not, though, greeting the end of the game with a cry of "We love you Jamie". Jankovic laughs it off with only the slightest hint of jealousy.

Murray/Jankovic 6-4 1-3 Bjorkman/Molik
Murray, so obviously desperate to be covered in Janko kisses (see below), is really ticking at the net, pressuring every return and making volley after volley to bring up game point. A tame Jankovic second serve of just 87mph is punished by Bjorkman, though, and a good Molik return brings up break point, which the Swede wins with a double backhand winner.

Murray/Jankovic 6-4 1-2 Bjorkman/Molik
Bjorkman is doing his best to get involved in every point, with Molik still struggling, and the Swede uses all his experience in helping the Australian hold to 30 with a couple of excellent forehand volleys at the net. Molik finishes with an ace, and maybe that will ease the poor girl's nerves.

Murray/Jankovic 6-4 1-1 Bjorkman/Molik
There's an element of awkwardness from Bjorkman and Molik, like a couple of parents staring aghast at their son's first house party in which all the young 'uns are playing spin the bottle, and Murray takes advantage with another comfortable service game.

Murray/Jankovic 6-4 0-1 Bjorkman/Molik
Having discussed the important issues at hand - dinner plans and whose place they will stay at tonight maybe - Murray and Jankovic come out in relaxed mood for the second set opener. They can do little against Bjorkman's serve, though, the Swede really getting things ticking with a couple of sizzlers and an ace and he holds to 15.


Murray/Jankovic 6-4 Bjorkman/Molik
And the Scot holds brilliantly to 15 with a few service winners and he and Jankovic can even afford a mix-up on game point when they both go for the same ball and win anyway. You can't keep these two apart I tell you. I would say get a room, but there's a final to be won here!

Murray/Jankovic 5-4 Bjorkman/Molik
Break for our pair! Molik again suffers, netting a simple volley, before Jankovic drills a stunning forehand return down the line to bring up break point. It's all the glimmer they need as Murray latches on to a short Bjorkman groundstroke and lobs home an unreturnable. Murray will serve for the first set...

"Jankovic and Murray are really sensing that Molik is out of touch at the minute and are targeting her, which is exactly what you have to do - go for the person who isn't feeling it."
BBC Sport pundit Greg Rusedski

Murray/Jankovic 4-4 Bjorkman/Molik
It's new balls for Jankovic at the start of the set (no, she hasn't traded Jamie in for a younger, faster model), but the Serb has to rely on a fabulous stretch volley from Murray to bring them back to 30-30 and a stunning backhand overhead volley from Bjorkman earns him and Molik break point. No bother for Janko, though, who smashes down an ace and earns herself a bit more slap and tickle from Murray with a couple more service winners.

Murray/Jankovic 3-4 Bjorkman/Molik
Miss Molik survives a couple of scary moments to hold to 30, despite an incorrect challenge on a fabulous Jankovic lob that dropped on the line. I'm not entirely sure what the tennis fan from Kent wants from me (see below), but all I can suggest is getting a random neighbour to stick their finger in the aerial socket and point southwards. Should do the trick I'd wager.

"We missed the women's semis, the women's final and the men's final, now we are missing the mixed final because of bad reception - can't you do something about it?"
Tennis fan, Kent, via text

Murray/Jankovic 3-3 Bjorkman/Molik
Decent hold to 15 from Murray, sealed on a fantastic rally at the net which ends when Molik can only parry a Jankovic backhand out of the court. Molik is the weak link at the moment, our pair need to bully her until she cries. Or something like that.

Murray/Jankovic 2-3 Bjorkman/Molik
There's still a fair old crowd in on Centre Court, although there's a little less decorum than was showed the men's final, with plenty of chatter between points. They can hardly be blamed to be fair when Murray and Janko are barely figures of complete focus themselves. In fact, I think I took matches against my brother in Clayhall Park of a Thursday evening more seriously than these two seem to be doing this match. It is almost doing the trick, though, as Jankovic stings a glorious backhand down the line before Molik finds the net to hand our pair break point. Bjorkman saves it with a service winner and finds a couple more service returns, but Murray/Jankovic look dangerous here.

Murray/Jankovic 2-2 Bjorkman/Molik
More excellent work from Murray and Janko, holding to love on the Serb's serve with Bjorkman and Molik unable to contend with the quality of Murray's returns.

Murray/Jankovic 1-2 Bjorkman/Molik
The cute thing about these two, is that they just can't stop smiling at eachother, as if they fear one crossed word between them will end a beautiful fling. And there's more hugging and clapping as Jankovic pulls a stinging crosscourt forehand out of the top drawer to seal the break back to 15.

"Jankovic said earlier this week that Jamie has to earn his kisses at the end of each game - if they win today, she said she's going to kiss him all over?"
BBC Sport pundit Mark Petchey

Murray/Jankovic 0-2 Bjorkman/Molik
Murray starts well, sending a couple of sizzling serves to move to 30-0 up but Bjorkman and Molik up a gear, denying our pair at game point and then firing a couple of forehand winners down the centre of the court to seal the early break.

Murray/Jankovic 0-1 Bjorkman/Molik
Jonas Bjorkman, who doesn't look a day over 34 despite him being the grand old age of, erm, 35, opens up on serve and Murray immediately causes the Swede problems on the return. Jankovic is less successful, with Molik putting a couple of easy returns away off the Serb, but Murray keeps Bjorkman/Molik honest with one fabulous exchange at the net. It's a double-deucer before Molik sends one into the net to hand our pair a break chance, but Bjorkman aces to save. The Swede goes on to hold, but it doesn't seem to worry our lovebirds as Murray and Jankovic flit their eyelids eachother, engage in a bit of petting and skip off merrily at the change of ends. How sweet.

"Now that's is over, let's get on with the good stuff, watching twenty-somethings openly flirt on Centre. Like a night down the youth club."
Meercat via text

1830: It might be a tough ask for Murray and Jankovic today, having only paired up for the first time in these Championships and given the fact that they face the fifth seeds in Bjorkman and Molik. However, they might have the advantage of freshness, as Bjorkman and Molik had to see off Fabrice Santoro and Severine Bremond only four hours ago to reach this final. Anyway, the warm-ups are all but done and we're about to get under way.

"Just want to wish all the very best to Jamie & Jelena for this afternoon's final! No matter the outcome, you have made many proud."
Catherine, Weston-Super-Mare via text

1826: In all seriousness, this match actually holds a fair wedge of interest for us Brits - should Murray and Jankovic be successful, we will have a Wimbledon champion for the first time in 20 years. Not since Jo Durie and Jeremy Bates's success in the mixed doubles final of 1987 have we been able to boast that and I, for one, am pumped. Sort of.

1820: And here it is folks - the main event of the evening. In no way is this a case of 'after the Lord mayor's show', oh no. I'm sure the hundreds of people streaming out of the Centre Court exits are just off to wet their whistles ahead of the big one - Jamie Murray and Jelena Jankovic against Jonas Bjorkman and Alicia Molik in the mixed doubles final. If you thought the Federer-Nadal was a bit of a beauty, just wait for this one. Hold on to your foam fingers, we'll be off and running in a mere matter of minutes...



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