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Wimbledon 2007
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By the BBC Sport team at Wimbledon


It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
Let's end on a high note. British - and live team - favourite Jamie Murray is through to the second round of the mixed doubles. The dazzling Scot teamed up with Jelena Jankovic, who claims she doesn't like doubles or fancy Murray, to see off British pairing Richard Bloomfield and Sarah Borwell 3-6 7-6 (7-4) 6-2.

Join us on Thursday for more from Commentary Box Four and friends (not Mole).

1936: We are going to be wrapping up the live soon but before we go fans of Roger Federer, rejoice. The big Swiss cheese is back! Thursday's order of play is out and he is playing Juan Carlos Ferrero last on Centre in his quarter-final, after Svetlana Kuznetsova opens up the day against Venus Willams, followed by Ana Ivanovic versus Nicole Vaidsova - Radio One Newsbeat's David Garrido is already billing it as "the Battle of the Babes". Rafael Nadal looks to be first on Court Two in his fourth-round tie against Mikhail Youzhny. All courts are an 1100 start.

"Scratch the Pimm's barman!!! I've blown Hurley out because Nicole Vaidisova has appeared outside my window playing doubles with Zahlavova Strycova against Marion Bartoli and Tu. Where have all those teenage boys suddenly appeared from? The smell of Lynx Java hangs heavy in the air."
BBC Sport's TV Mole (who can't be bothered to find out what Tu's first name is)

1910: It is pretty chilly out on Centre and the droves seem to be largely pottering home rather than watching top seeds Mike Bryan and Lisa Raymond in the mixed doubles take on the the dubious British duo Alex Bogdanovic and Melanie South. The Brits are a break up - not so dubious now eh? As for those droves, they seem intent on getting in the way of the live team as they take an urgent "rest" break.

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1850: Crack open the champagne graphic and let's get drunk. Dame Liz Hurley is here! Without doubt the best celebrity we have had in this year in my opinion. Let Wimbledon over run - who cares anymore. I'm off to treat Hurley to a pimm's (that is what posh people drink isn't it?).
BBC Sport's TV Mole

1833: That's it for Serena. Henin moves into the last four in her usual businesslike fashion with a 6-4 3-6 6-3 win. Cash is back with his thoughts: "It was great tennis under very tough conditions and congratulations to both players - but Justine just managed to squeeze it out." (which sounds a little unpleasant, actually)

Pat Cash
1828: Serena breaks back at 5-2 and fights back to 5-3. Here's some words of wisdown from Pat Cash: "It's never over till it's over. Didn't Henin tighten up then?"

1818: Dicky Williams is up out of his seat trying to gee up Serena for one final push. Things are looking bleak you see as the injured seventh seed is 4-1 down to Henin in the decider.

Big sis Venus had something to say about the doubters, who suggested Serena was faking her calf injury. She said:
"Who said that? I don't know what has been said. Last time I checked she was injured. Serena has always proved to be the ultimate sportsperson. Everyone who thinks otherwise is clearly ignorant."

1805: "Serena takes the second set! Interesting challenge. I also like the Williams sisters because they play a power game."
Mikesevia on 606 (where a Henin v Serena battle is raging - and this one of the more sensible posts)

Tracy Austin
Serena breaks again and this time the famous Williams' battling spirit comes through as she takes the second set 6-3. Serena claimed set-point on a challenge, after her serve was originally called out. Here's what Tracey Austin thinks:
"Serena came up with the goods and elevated her game. This third set is going to be like a heavyweight battle - it will be fascinating."
BBC Sport's Tracey Austin

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
Any excuse to unfurl the British flag as Jezza Bates and Anders Jarryd beat the Amritraj brothers 6-0 6-2 in the seniors doubles.

1749: Update on Centre for you. Serena breaks Henin to take a 4-2 lead in the second, then re-buffs those Renie-bashers by clapping Henin's passing shot, even though it helps the Belgian top seed break straight back. So i's back on serve then.

"It's American Independence Day today in case you hadn't realised and the Broadcast Centre has gone big on it. Spied ESPN taking a delivery of sweets (candy for all you Yanks out there) that was so big it had to be transported on a trolley. Also the canteen is having an American day with Key Lime Pie, Hot Dogs et al on the menu. Not sure what the Americans have made of the fayre on offer in there so far. Put it this way, I ordered pasta bake last night and was asked if I wanted veg with it. When I said yes, they put a lump of mushy peas on the side. Odd."
BBC Sport's TV Mole (almost certainly gorging on the 'et al' on the menu)

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
Let's crank the British flag up the flag-pole as Jamie Murray is out on Court Two with Serbian partner, though only in a strictly professional sense, Jelena Jankovic. They are up against British pair Richard Bloomfield and Sarah Borwell. Website users can watch live coverage of that match using this handy link:

1725: Can I just repeat, FRANCE's Marion Bartoli is through to the semis. She's definitely not Italian.

1721: Henin takes a tight opening set 6-4 from Serena in 34 minutes. Does the wounded two-time winner have an answer?

1718: "Italy's Marion Bartoli? She is French!"
Mark via text (apologies, my mind had wandered to Francesco Totti, for some reason)

1708: Italy's Marion Bartoli is the first woman through to the Wimbledon semi-finals and she'll face the winner of the Serena-Henin match. Bartoli beat Michaella Krajicek 3-6 6-3 6-2. Fans of the Krajicek family, fear not, because Michaella's half-brother Richard is playing in the old-timers doubles later - with Pat Cash.

1657: Renie's 2-1 up against Justine, who we'll call... Justine. We're on serve. Renie seems to be moving OK - if a little gingerly.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1654: A cavalcade of British wins! Well, two. Graeme Dyce and David Rice are through in the boys' singles. And they rhyme. Beautiful...

1652: "Doesn't Vijay Amritraj warrant a champagne graphic for his Bond film role?"
Stephen via text on 81111

1648: "When are the love match Jamie Murray and Jelena Jankovic playing?"
Katie via text on 81111 (They're on after Bartoli v Krajicek on Court 2 where it's 2-2 in the decider)

1645: If you can tear your eyes away from watching Jezza on Court 4, Serena Williams and Justine Henin are warming up on Centre. Renie's still got her leggings on but even so the strapping on her calf is pretty obvious. If it's in-depth analysis of this match you're after, our esteemed colleague Sir Tom Fordyce will almost certainly not provide it - but he is very funny.

1642: Hot on the heels of Jo Durie and Annabel Croft's appearance over on Court 4, another British legend is in action on Court 13. Jezza Bates is playing with Anders Jarryd in the seniors and they're 2-0 up against the Amritraj brothers.

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1639: "Blow the cobwebs off the champagne graphic - we are back in business and how... Rolling Stone legend Ronnie Wood is in the house. Let's hope he is behaving himself and not getting up to any rock 'n' roll shenanigans."
BBC Sport's TV Mole

1633: Bad news boys, Maria Sharapova is out. Venus Williams skips up to the net after an easy-as-you-like 6-1 6-3 win. The American did not face a single break point in that match.

1629: A lame forehand into the net and all of a sudden Shazza is a game away from what would quite a surprising defeat to Venus - who has been in ropey form so far this tournament.

1626: "That was a very polished display by Gasquet. Playing against a fellow countryman can always be difficult. It was clinical. I am expecting him to really challenge Andy Roddick and that will be a terrific encounter."
Lleyton Hewitt's former coach Roger Rasheed on BBC Five Live

1623: Actual tennis update... Venus is strolling through her service games, while Shazza's been in all sorts of bother on hers but it's 3-3 in the second. Richard Gasquet wraps up victory over fellow Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Marion Bartoli is 4-2 up in the second but a set down against Michaella Krajicek.
Gasquet bt Tsonga 6-4 6-3 6-4

Speak of the devil... "Fashionistas - it's Boris Becker time. Obviously in honour of the England v West Indies one-day international, BB is back in his 1920s cricket style outfit. In part three of 'Behind the Scenes at Wimbledon' you can see Boris play what can only be described as a ropey-looking forward defensive stroke in the Centre Court commentary box. Boris you are a natural number 11, stick to the pace bowling."
BBC Sport's TV Mole

1618: "Ed (1545) you're right. Enough on haircuts. Please tell us what Herr Becker is wearing today? We need fashion advice from an icon."
Peter & Zoran via text on 81111

1614: "Awww... Annabel Croft lets out a heartfelt 'sorry' when she smacks a volley at her opponent when saving a match point. The favour is not returned on the next point and the dream is over... Bollegraf and Lindqvist defeat Croft and Durie 6-0 7-6. 'Thanks very much,' says Jo afterwards. Too polite, us Brits."
BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Wimbledon

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1611: So close and yet so very, very far. Durie and Croft lose the tiebreak 7-3 against Bollegraf/Lindqvist. Brave effort though after a 6-0 first set pasting.

1610: Shazza finally holds to lead 2-1 in the second. Durie and Croft into a tiebreak.

1608: "I just spoke to Duran Duran yesterday and we're planning to have a concert... No, it was just for fun. I put a lot of emotion into the song."
Novak Djokovic on his karaoke exploits at the French Open

1606: In case you were wondering, Venus and Sharapova are still on the same game we left them on before the rain delay. Shazza is facing an almighty battle to hold on to her serve.

1603: "Boo to Ed (see 1545)! We can get insightful analysis anywhere, but where else can we get such sublimly inane prattle?"
Bored at work and run ning on purest Mole, via text on 81111

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1559: Clutch serving from Durie! She staves off two match points with two absolutely belting deliveries. Croft provides the gloss finish with a glorious smash and we're all square at 5-5.

1555: Play is under way on the show courts. Meanwhile spare a thought for our brave battlers Croft and Durie over on Court 4. They are two points from defeat against Bollegraf/Lindqvist. Still, three big serves should get them out of troub... oh dear.

1548: In answer to all those people who asked why play started at 1200 BST on the show courts this morning instead of 1100 or even earlier. Here's your answer from tournament ref Andrew Jarrett: "The people involved with those matches were playing until fairly late last night. It is difficult to keep players late one night and then ask them to come back early the following day so 1200 allows those players to recover."

1545: "Can you please spare us the silly nonsense about haircuts? Who cares about this rubbish? Just stick to the tennis."
Ed via text on 81111 (Lucky for you Ed, we might actually be about to get some tennis)

1538: "Perhaps you could make the mole redundant (see 1440, 1447, 1456 entries) and hire a womble instead?"
Stu via text on 81111 (Hmmmm... Now there's an idea)

1536: Play will begin on Centre and Court 1 in the next five minutes, and on the outside courts some time after that.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1533: Rejoice! The covers are indeed coming off after that spell of rain-sun-rain-sun-rain.

1527: The voice of Wimbledon says they will uncover the courts as the rain has stopped - a nanosecond later, the rain begins again. The weather is now tormenting us.

1526: "Sorry I'm late, I know you've been waiting for a while."
Novak Djokovic ensures more good headlines from the world's press

1524: And now it's sunny... I give up.

1523: Scrap the 1511 entry. It's started to rain again...

1521: "Venus Williams' hairstyle reminds me more of Dwayne Dibley from Red Dwarf!"
prentonian30 on 606

1518: "Fed must be getting bored if he's texting in about Venus' haircut (see 1502 entry). Not long til Deal or No Deal now great man!"
Steve via text on 81111

1515: "I'm afraid to say I partially instigated the Mexican wave yesterday evening on Centre Court... and I don't even like them. Two girls insisted we helped them - what option do you have when the eyelids flutter at you?!"
Tim via text on 81111 (Resist, Tim, like Odysseus and the Sirens)

1511: The rain appears to have abated and the covers on the outside courts are due to be coming off - but no sign as yet.

Venus and Woody
Venus Williams and Woody Woodpecker
1502: "Just a little suggestion. Does Venus's hairstyle remind anyone of Woody Woodpecker?"
Roger via text on 81111 (What do you reckon?)

1456: "I love you Mole (see 1440, 1447 entries), you've been a voice of reason amid the chaos of Wimbledon 2007. I have never engaged in a Mexican wave."
Dan via text on 81111

1449: Listen up, stats fans. That doubles match which ended with Brazilians Melo and Sa winning 28-26 in the fifth against Ullyett and Hanley was the longest match in Wimbledon history at six hours 13 minutes. Lordy! It was 102 games in total - 10 games shy of Passarell and Gonzalez's record-breaking encounter in 1969. Phew! It was the longest in terms of games since the introduction of tiebreaks. Wow!

1447: "Don't worry Rich (see 1440) - if play extends beyond Sunday I will be taking my own life. Blimey, I know its raining but where is the love?"
A hurt Mole licking his wounds

1444: "We've been stuck in a locker room nine hours a day and he's been chilling out taking the double-decker red bus thing tour. Given the choice, I'd take the living room over the locker room."
Andy Roddick on Roger Federer's five-day break

1440: "Why is the mole so irritating? Grrr. Someone feed it poison."
Rich via text on 81111 with a question we have asked ourselves on many, many occasions

Tennis haircuts
Who's got the worst hair?
1433: Great news Craig (see last entry), King's perm was well beaten in the worst tennis haircut vote. Agassi's mullet was the victor, sneaking in ahead of Kuznetsova's corn-rows and Murray's bouffant. Hair's to them!

1428: "Please don't let King's perm be the worst haircut! I had hair like that and I'm male!"
Craig via text on 81111

1424: The sun is out but the voice of Wimbledon tells us there is another shower on its way so we're playing a waiting game for the moment.

1421: "In the locker room, for other players he's not the best guy."
Rafael Nadal on Robin Soderling

1415: "A spokesman for the All England Club says they will know more at the end of play today about whether they will have to go into a third week but they could leave an official announcement as late as Friday."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Wimbledon

1408: "Michaella Krajicek has definitely has been the unsung star of these Championships so far..." says MrInvisible on 606. Not by us though. Why not find out more about Michaella and her dodgy taste in films.

1404: Thank goodness we've got the website vote to keep us occupied and boy, it's a close one. The nation is divided between Agassi's mullet and Kuznetsova's corn rows. Improbably, Murray's ludicrous bouffant is lagging behind.

It's raining at Wimbledon
1359: With absolutely no warning at all, the heavens open. All of a sudden, it's throwing it down. The Royal Box coverers are caught completely unawares - there could be damp seats for the VIPs later.

1350: Dutch teenager Michaella Krajicek pockets the first set against Marion Bartoli in the Wimbledon quarter-final no-one wanted. Hardly a packed crowd on Court 2 for this one.

1346: "Great news from the world of TV. The legendary John McEnroe is appearing as himself in popular cop show CSI New York this Saturday (other cop shows are available). Storyline goes like this - Mac is accused of murdering a man in a bar. He protests his innocence but the evidence is pretty conclusive. Surely not even McEnroe's famed temper would lead him to do such a thing? More importantly surely the makers of CSI have ensured there is at least one shot of Mac screaming, 'you cannot be serious' as he is led down to the cells?"
BBC Sport's TV Mole

Martina Navratilova
1342: "Venus is playing within herself. She's serving well and backing it up with the next shot. Sharapova is serving badly and that's deflated her so she's making errors on other shots."
Martina Navratilova on BBC Sport

1340: Shazza rescues one set point with a very lucky netcord but she sticks a return long on the second and Venus takes it 6-1 in 33 minutes. Shazza looks down at the ground in disgust.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1336: Ah... not the news British tennis were hoping for. Annabel Croft and Jo Durie are, shall we say, struggling. They are 6-0 2-0 down against Manon Bollegraf and Catarina Lindqvist. Can't believe Durie's famously brutal serving hasn't bagged them at least one game.

Tennis haircuts
Who's got the worst hair?
1333: Great news for those of you on the website. The spelling catastrophe has been rectified and we're up and running again. So, tennis' worst haircut is... Agassi's mullet, Murray's bouffant, King's perm or Kuznetsova's corn rows?

1330: Terrible spelling mistake in that last vote. So before you all email in about BBC standards slipping we'll try again in a minute. Back at the tennis, Venus is 3-1 up against Shazza.

1323: It's lunchtime so let's have a website vote. Inspired by the sight of Billie Jean King's horrendous perm on a retrospective during one of those rain delays yesterday, we want to know tennis' worst tennis haircut... Agassi's mullet, Murray's bouffant, King's perm or Kuznetsova's corn rows?

1314: Venus and Shazza are under way on Centre Court where it's one apiece and over on Court 2 Bartoli v Krajicek, Wimbledon's least likely quarter-final, has begun.

1307: "It feels strange that they've been playing uninterrupted for one hour at Wimbledon - I'm missing the rain breaks already..."
MrInvisible on 606

1306: What's going on here? Venus and Sharapova have just finished warming up here on Centre Court and Venus is off to the toilet. You'd think she would have gone before she came out. Girls eh?

1305: "Lleyton Hewitt just stared me out. I'm scared."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Aorangi Park

Michael Stich
1259: "Roddick is not the player he used to be in going for his shots. He is limited in what he is capable of doing on court but against these kind of players he still stands a chance."
Michael Stich on BBC Five Live

1257: Matches finishing all over the place. We might actually finish on Sunday at this rate. Novak Djokovic is into the fourth round after a 7-6 6-7 6-2 7-6 win over Nicolas Kiefer. Former champ Lleyton Hewitt up next for the Serb.

1253: After six hours 14 minutes, Melo and Sa wrap up a straightforward 5-7 7-6 4-6 7-6 28-26 win over Ullyett and Hanley. That's probably broken all sort of tournament records - and broken the hearts of Wimbledon organisers still hoping to get this tournament finished on time.

Someone is having a tantrum at Wimbledon
1252: As Walter sees his lead slip away - not for the first time in his career - he slams a ball into the ground. He ends the match on his knees, slipping over in an effort to reach A-Rod's forehand winner. Andy Roddick wins 6-2 7-5 7-6 to book a quarter-final against Richard Gasquet or Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

1249: Melo and Sa are serving for the match against Ullyett and Hanley. They lead 27-26 in this ridiculous match on Court 16. As predicted, Walter squanders a 5-0 then 6-3 lead and it's 6-6.

1245: "Ana Ivanovic just asked me to take a picture of her with a junior. That's what comes of hanging around like a loser."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Aorangi Park

1243: Walter's 3-0 up in the tiebreak against A-Rod. Can he hold his nerve? Unlikely...

1239: "It's the biggie on Court 18. After watching Lleyton Hewitt's epic for the past eight days we now have the delights of Arthurs and Gimelstob v Kas and Sa to get stuck into. If you take away the groundstaff there are about 13 people here, including two old dears who look like they are getting stuck in to some Sudoku. Can't see a Mexican wave breaking out at this one. Happy days."
BBC Sport's TV Mole

1234: A-Rod breaks back as Walter serves for the third set. Kiefer and Djokovic are 5-5 in the fourth set in the only third-round match yet to be completed in the singles.

1231: After five days, Rafael Nadal lifts his arms in triumph as Robin Soderling goes long on the Spaniard's fifth match point. Nadal wins 6-4 6-4 6-7 4-6 7-5 and is finally into the fourth round where he will face Russian Mikhail Youzhny.

1228: Increible. Rafa had a match point on Monday and now he sees three more go astray...

1225: "Kuznetsova's corn rows are really not a good look and they're clearly a distraction as she pumps the ball onto the roof of the players' lounge. It's getting really chilly now... Ah, Jana Novotna's just turned up. She doesn't age does she?"
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Aorangi Park

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1222: Rafa has to save a break point then win a 19-shot rally to come through his latest service game - it's 6-5. He's 6-5 up. Meanwhile Bob 'n' Mike win a third-set tiebreak against Bloomers and Marray to triumph 6-2 6-2 7-6. It's spitting.

1220: "I suggest a good old fashioned punch-up to sort out Court 16! Last man standing anyone....?!"
patrickfarnan on 606 (The marathon doubles match reaches 23-23 in the final set)

1219: "Serena is practising with a bandage on her left calf while Henin still sports the black support on her right ankle. Just said hello to BBC Sport Interactive favourite Jamie Murray."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Aorangi Park

1214: Walter's not reading the script here. He's only gone and broken at the start of the third set against A-Rod. Nadal is a game away from victory against Soderling. We've been here before though.

1210: More from Richard Williams (see 1157), speaking on BBC Sport: "I don't think Serena will struggle at all. She will come out and do what needs to be done. I think she will get the job done." Serena, who has a left calf muscle tear or strain depending on who you believe, faces Justine Henin in the third match on Centre today.

1207: A-Rod rattles through his service game to take a 6-2 7-5 lead against Mathieu. Rafa and Robin still warming up.

1205: The race is on. Can Roddick take the second set and Nadal and Soderling finish their match before the rain arrives? See? It's quite exciting really.

1201: Play is about to get under way on Centre and Court 1. But bad news reaches us from Pennie via text. "The heavens about to open in Leatherhead. Should be with you soon."

1157: Richard Williams has just been speaking to BBC Sport's Garry Richardson. Papa Williams says he and the doctor don't want Serena to play her quarter-final against Justine Henin later today - but the former champion is adamant she will.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1151: Bloomers and Marray lose the second set against Bob 'n' Mike. They'll now go for a hat-trick of 6-2 sets.

1146: "Hanley, Ullyett, Melo and Sa (see 1134 entry) are to blame for the backlog of matches! Have they no consideration for others?!"
Danny via text on 8111 (Bit harsh)

1141: "Djokovic has taken his game to a good level in this third set. It's been a classy performance so far."
Lleyton Hewitt's former coach Roger Rasheed on BBC Five Live (Djokovic takes a two sets to one lead over Kiefer)

1134: If it's a marathon doubles match you're after - and who isn't? - then head for Court 16. Sixth seeds Kevin Ullyett and Paul Hanley are locked at 17-17 in the fifth set against Brazilians Marcelo Melo and Andre Sa.

1129: Novak Djokovic isn't hanging around. Maybe he's seen the forecast. The Serb's already 4-0 up in the third set against Kiefer. Bob 'n' Mike take the first set against Bloomfield/Marray 6-2.

1127: "Why is Nadal not playing?"
Andre via text on 81111(Congratulations Andre. You are the 1,000,000th person to ask that question this morning.)

1123: "The picture of a mole that no one admitted to putting on my desk yesterday has been defaced overnight. Outrageous. This is intimidation. What next? A severed mole's head on my keyboard? Sickos."
BBC Sport's TV Mole

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1117: Bloomfield and Marray are broken in the third game. Still time for a glorious comeback though boys.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1114: A statement of intent there from Richard Bloomfield and Jonny Marray, who wrap up the first game against Bob 'n' Mike. Kiefer and Djokovic are under way. Again.

1109: There's a few folk on Centre Court waiting for the action to start. A few folk who clearly didn't read their programme properly. They've got an hour to sit there before Roddick and Walter turn up. Players are warming up around the grounds though.

The view from the fans
1107: "I just heard thunder outside my office window. Or maybe it was a passing aeroplane - it's easy to get paranoid after the last couple of weeks. Last night I was caught in the hailstones on the way to a Tori Amos concert. I was the definition of a man being where he doesn't want to be."
DiCanioLover on 606

1102: "Weather update from Paul in Bracknell. Cloudy with sunny intervals BUT no rain. I am confident of a bit of unbroken play today."
via text on 81111

1049: We may be tempting fate but it looks like play will get under way on time at 1100 BST on the outside courts. Crossed fingers everyone. Nicolas Kiefer and Novak Djokovic are poised to resume battle on Court 2.

1035: "I really don't know what to write about today," says Rafa Nadal on his blog for the Times newspaper. We know how you feel, Raf.

1025: "I don't want to be the harbinger of doom on the weather front but it does seem I have become something of a rainmaker in the last fortnight. The wet weather has followed me in torrents to Glastonbury, Wimbledon and now Lord's. Last night's Twenty20 match between Middlesex and Surrey was pretty much a wash-out. Now I'm back at Wimbledon, so I can only apologise."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Wimbledon (Mark Ramprakash made a laboured six for those interested)

1015: "Nadal to win 52-50 in the final set today scheduled to finish a fortnight today."
Disgruntled Dave via text on 81111

The view from the fans
1005: "Come on sun, need some tennis or I'll have to do some work."
Col via text on 81111

1001: "As the weather lady said on Breakfast this morning they should start play at 6am as it's been sunny every morning until about 10am. However I don't think Roger would be too pleased with missing Jeremy Kyle."
Philstanway on 606

0951: "So here we are again back in the land time forgot. In all seriousness, quite a considerable number of BBC people here at Wimbledon, including everyone's favourite TV Mole, have to be in Loch Lomond for the Scottish Open golf a week today. However, it is evident to all and sundry that we are all going to be here until the next ice age (expected just after midday on Monday). Some people are optimistic though as the queue was larger than the 25 people who were in it yesterday. Crazy fools."
BBC Sport's TV Mole

0941: Roger Federer will probably be waking up around now ready for another day of lounging on the sofa while his rivals dodge the thunderstorms at SW19. This is his fifth day of inactivity. He could have whisked Mirka off for five days in Ibiza and still been back in time for his quarter-final against Juan Carlos Ferrero - which is due to be played tomorrow.

0936: "Surely some Wimbledon organisers' heads have to roll. Rain we can't do much about, but not playing on middle Sunday, starting matches late in the afternoon and players waiting for two matches to complete before finishing an incomplete set is utter incompetence of the highest magnitude. Do these organisers live in some cuckoo land?"
Lucky19th on 606

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
0929: The rubbish weather has at least had one positive impact. It's the second Wednesday and there's still plenty of Brits to cheer. Today's highlight is on Court 2 where Jamie Murray and Jelena Jankovic play Richard Bloomfield and Sarah Borwell. Bloomfield is also in men's doubles action with Jonny Marray on Court 3 where they will almost certainly lose in straight sets to Bob 'n' Mike Bryan. And then there's Jo Durie and Annabel Croft on Court 4...

0921: Masochism it may be, but let's have a look at the weather shall we? "Sunny intervals, scattered heavy showers developing, some torrential thundery downpours." Sounds tremendous.

0911: To bafflement and raised eyebrows all round, we're kicking off at 1200 BST on Centre and Court 1, a move which seems to suggest organisers have given up hope of finishing this thing on Sunday. Day five of the Rafa and Robin show opens the action on Court 1 while Roddick will serve for a two-set lead against Paul-Henri Mathieu (or Walter to us - see yesterday's live commentary) when we get under way on Centre.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
0855: "Due to lack of interest, tomorrow is cancelled," sing the Kaiser Chiefs on Radio Wimbledon. And sometimes you feel that could apply to Wimbledon 2007. But let's stay positive, welcome to day nine where the sun is actually shining.

Henin overcomes battling Serena
04 Jul 07 |  Tennis
Brazilians win doubles marathon
04 Jul 07 |  Tennis


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