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Wimbledon 2007
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By the BBC Sport team at Wimbledon

1926: That's your lot folks. See you tomorrow for more fun and rain.

It's raining at Wimbledon
1924: Time to give up the ghost, methinks. It's tipping down again.

1923: "The only productive thing I've done today is win a five-set match on Virtua Tennis 3. As myself. On very hard mode. Against Federer. 25 breaks of serve, 67 minutes play, 7-5 in the fifth set tiebreaker. I'll never play it again. I need a job quite badly."
BulletInTheFaceOf on 606 (That's more than we've managed today)

1920: Commentary Box 4 holds its head in its collective hands. There's a Mexican wave on Centre Court. It's like a dagger through our hearts.

1918: "I think it's going to rain again," says a doom-monger in Commentary Box 4. To be fair, the doom-monger probably has a point.

1914: "Maybe Kiefer and Djokovic will make it to the fifth set by Friday."
Beecke on 606

1903: A lone cheer from a sparse Centre Court crowd greets the emergence of the sun. It's quite blinding when it hits the puddles you know. The voice of Wimbledon is hopeful of more play on Centre and Court 1. Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams are among those on their way home. Novak Djokovic and Nicolas Kiefer will be back again on Wednesday to try to finish their third-round match. Let's hope they don't look at the weather forecast.

1856: All remaining matches on the outside courts are cancelled for today. It's brightening up a bit - but there are also some very ominous-looking clouds hanging around SW19.

The view from the fans
1851: "I feel the players should just walk away from the rest of the competition. Just so that 2007 would be etched in the annals of history as the tournament that never was..."
Maxxfoot comes up with a dramatic solution on 606

1846: If Nadal v Soderling and Kiefer v Djokovic don't get back on today, those players will have to play on each of the remaining five days to win the title. Federer must be loving this. Djokovic, the fourth seed, and Kiefer are level at one set all so they're very unlikely to finish today even if they are able to come back on.

It's raining at Wimbledon
1833: But Roddick will have to wait because it's flipping raining again. There are boos - but will the weather listen to its public? I doubt it.

1830: Our renaming of Walter hasn't inspired the Frenchman. Roddick's about to serve for the second set.

1826: Rafa digs himself out of a sizeable hole at 15-40 down to make it 4-3 in the fifth against Robin Soderling. He's pumped about that, you won't be surprised to hear.

Sue Barker
1823: "It's official - the organisers are now facing their worst scheduling headache at the Championships for 25 years."
BBC presenter Sue Barker gives it to us straight (Cheer up Sue. Could be a bit of overtime in it for you.)

1820: What impeccable timing. Just as play gets under way, our vote results are in. And henceforth, our old friend Paul-Henri Mathieu will be known as... Walter.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1815: The players are out warming up on Centre and Court 1. But pessimist Paul texts in to say: "It's pouring down in Bracknell again. It will be with you in 20 mins!" Thanks. For. That.

1813: "You have to feel for Rafa Nadal. These interruptions are killing him. I want him to get through cos he adds something special to the Championships. Come on Rafa! Come on Andy! Come on Nicolas!"
Elfenomeno_9 hedges his/her bets on 606

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1810: The covers may be off but it's gloomy news for British tennis fans. Jo Durie and Annabel Croft's doubles clash with Manon Bollegraf and Catarina Lindqvist is cancelled - as are all senior matches today.

1805: "An email from Charlotte from Croydon shows she has been using the rain delays wisely to create her ideal man made from 'tennis blokes'. A kind of Fred Perry clad Frankenstein's monster if you will. Here is it, Legs: Fernando Gonzalez, Bum: Andy Roddick, Torso: Marat Safin, Arms: Rafael Nadal, Face: Tommy Haas. Thanks for that Charlotte, it sounds truly hideous."
BBC Sport's TV Mole

1758: Clearly the voice of Wimbledon no longer has any faith in Kirkwood. The covers are coming off.

1755: Cheery BBC weatherwoman Carol Kirkwood predicts another shower in "20 minutes or so". But history (see 1328 and 1333 entries) tells us Kirkwood's having a very shaky day.

Sue Barker
1751: "I've just seen some more lightning behind Boris and Tracy's heads."
BBC presenter Sue Barker makes pundits Becker and Austin a little nervous

1746: There is a river running past Commentary Box 4. We may never escape. Send food - chocolate and cake, if you're asking.

1738: "I think he's a nice guy. I don't know what to say."
Real Madrid fan Juan Carlos Ferrero on David Beckham

1733: Walter looks like being the landslide winner in the Paul Henri Mathieu nickname vote. In a touch of irony Alanis Morrisette would be proud of, Paulo, which is his actual nickname, is lagging well behind.

Ian via text on 81111 (Alright, Ian, no need to shout)

It's raining at Wimbledon
1723: As torrential rain runs in rivers down the steps of Centre Court, there comes a rather laughable announcement from the voice of Wimbledon, who struggles to make himself heard above the thunder and the screams of frightened members of the public. This rain will only last 15 minutes!

1717: Let's have a website vote to cheer us up. We're not going to ask you whether you should use a brolly in a thunderstorm. Instead, dear nation, let's decide on a nickname for unpredictable Frenchman Paul-Henri Mathieu from the best of your suggestions so far. Walter, Henri's Cat, Paulo or Hen-Mat. Get voting folks.

1715: It's black as night and the rain/hail has gone horizontal, leaving the brave souls on Centre Court fighting losing battles with their brollies. Still, at least they can see themselves on the big screen. Fame at last! I dread to think what effect this might have on Sir Cliff's mint jacket.

1710: "Interesting dilemma for you lot at SW19 - should you use an umbrella during a thunderstorm?"
Ian via text on 81111

It's raining at Wimbledon
1707: After an almighty crack of thunder, the rain returns just as Nadal holds serve to make it 3-2 in the fifth set against Soderling. Venus Williams is 30-15 up in the first game against Maria Sharapova. Roddick is 6-2 3-4 up against Mathieu.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1702: Anna Fitzpatrick, BBC Sport columnist if you don't mind, is a 7-5 6-4 winner over American Melanie Oudin. Party-time on Court 15. The 18-year-old was only saying the other day how she quite fancied her chances at the title.

1701: Ni-Dav, or Nikolay Davydenko for those of you yet to fall for the Russian's unique charms, has only gone and made it into the fourth round of a tournament that only the other day he described as the most boring in the world. Not so boring now eh fella? He beats Gael Monfils 6-3 7-5 6-3.

1658: "Uncontrollable Mexican waves are breaking out everywhere on Court 18. This is the final straw, I'm a mole on the edge and I don't need this silliness. Some Aussie has just spilt his pint over the balcony because he was too busy throwing his arms in the air. It's getting yobbish. Send in the navy."
BBC Sport's TV Mole

1653: Lil Lleyton Hewitt is his usual impassive self as he completes 6-4 3-6 6-3 6-4 win over Argentine Guillermo Canas. "Come oooooooonnnnn," he roars while pumping his fist a lot. Er, it rained a bit just then but it's stopped now.

1649: "Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue as a nickname but thought you'd like to know that an anagram of Mathieu's name is "Humiliate Prune. Ha!"
Neil and Keat (and cheating anagram software) via text on 81111

1646: It's a bit of an odd feeling having all this actual tennis going on. A-Rod's bagged the first set 6-2 against Paulo/Polo/Hen-Mat and Lleyton Hewitt is closing in on victory over Guillermo Canas at 5-3 up in the fourth.

1643: Bartoli's win means all you Rafa fans on the text can rest easy. Your man's up next on Court 1. The Spaniard was in all sorts of bother on Monday but he takes a 2-0 fifth-set lead into the resumption of his match against Robin Soderling.

1639: Jelena Jankovic trudges up for a drop shot and lamely sticks her forehand wide as Frenchwoman Marion Bartoli completes a shock 3-6 7-5 6-3 win. Bartoli faces Krajicek in one of Wimbledon's more unlikely quarter-finals.

1637: Mathieu is already a break down against A-Rod. Just as well because the nickname suggestions are getting worse. Hen-Mat is the latest. I ask you. Jankovic serving to stay in the match against Bartoli.

1634: "Our new friend Paul-Henri already has a nickname, apparently its Polo. Or Paulo depending on how French your're feeling!"
Michael K, via text on 81111

1630: Ana Ivanovic emerges from the rain delay with a 5-4 third-set lead over Nadia Petrova and quickly wraps up a 6-1 2-6 6-4 win. Vaidisova up next for the Serb. No reaction as yet from Radio One Newsbeat's David Garrido (see 1513). He must have been distracted.

1627: "Don't bother going over to Court 3 (see 1610 entry). It will be raining again by 1655. Don't you have radar?"
Keith via text on 81111 (less of the negativity, Keith, although you're probably right)

1621: Still waiting for a nickname for Paul-Henri Mathieu. The suggestions so far are "A-Matt" and "Gordon Brown" (his initials are PM if you ignore the Henri). Come on people, you can do better than that.

1616: Federer has just wrapped up victory over Sampras. He looks very happy - but let's remember that Tim Henman brutally wiped that smile off his face in the quarter-finals. Back to the real-time action... Roddick and Mathieu are about to get under way. Play will start on the outside courts "shortly".

1610: Attention anyone in or around the All England Club! Get yourselves over to Court 3, Venus against Sharapova has been switched to that relatively lowly setting for a 1655 BST start. Meanwhile, A-Rod and Mathieu - who needs a nickname - are out on Centre Court.

1600: And now the covers are coming off - I don't know why we bother, I really don't. A-Rod is due on Centre Court next against the streaky Paul-Henri Mathieu, who's usually either brilliant or hopeless. Take your time groundstaff, we've got Sampras v Federer from 2001 on the big screen and it's just getting good.

1555: Weather update - it hasn't rained for a while now but the covers are still on. Will Nadal and Soderling ever finish their third-round match? Meanwhile, Mauresmo is being grilled by the press: "Are you disappointed or very disappointed?"

Boris Becker
Becker's Monday outfit, described by Moley as "absolutely spiffing"
1549: "We keep hearing about Boris Becker's outfits - can we have some pics please? Maybe even a gallery?"
From Sam, bored at work, X (eyes right Sam, and thanks for the kiss - if you're a girl)

1540: The voice of Wimbledon/my imagination tells us that the process of deflating the covers is about to begin, at which point a view will be taken on prospects for further play. Basically, it's stopped raining but it might start again.

1536: "I need my Nadal fix for the day, I'm beginning to get withdrawal symptoms."
From Kerry via text (blame Marion Bartoli for that Kerry, she's holding up Jankovic on Court One)

1530: "Boris fashion watch day 227: Today the legendary Mr Becker looks his usual startling self. When I first caught a glimpse of him it was from behind and I thought a crown green bowls player had got lost in our office. White loafers, black trousers and a white blazer. When he turned round though he looked cool as a cucumber and the leather faux pas of the Diana Concert is now but a distant memory."
BBC Sport's TV mole

1527: "Those of us who got sunburnt last Thursday are feeling very pleased with ourselves! Nobody believes I got my tan at Wimbledon."
From Linda via text (yeah, thanks Linda)

1521: "Garrido has jumped on the Vaidisova bandwagon (see entry below) since he spoke to Stuart and Roy from Warrington last Wednesday in the bar!"
From Stuart via text

1513: Radio One Newsbeat's David Garrido in the next booth has just read the draw and realised that Ivanovic will play Vaidisova next if she finishes off Petrova. He's very excited already.

It's raining at Wimbledon
1509: The voice of Wimbledon/doom tells us that they have been advised of some heavy rain on the way so the covers will be staying on for a bit, even though it's stopped raining. We're starting to think they should just play on whatever the weather - last man/woman standing. It would be like the international version of It's a Knockout.

1502: "What do you mean teenage boys when talking about Ivanovic (see 1435 entry)? The men in my office get quite giddy about her and they are normally sober faced suits."
From Maggie via text (the man writing this is 34 but too professional to be distracted)

It's raining at Wimbledon
1456: Just as Vaidisova and Mauresmo shake hands the heavens open - good timing for the Czech, not so for the champ. The umbrellas go up and play is suspended, with Ivanovic serving for the match against Petrova on Court Two, Jankovic and Bartoli on serve in the final set on Court One, and Hewitt and Canas still grinding it out in the fourth set on Court 18, the Aussie a set up.

Someone is having a tantrum at Wimbledon
1454: Mauresmo misses a volley and belts the ball out of Centre Court in anger - she won't want to try that when there's a roof. Vaidisova completes a memorable win and screams in delight.
Vaidisova beats Mauresmo 7-6 4-6 6-1

1447: Relax lads, Ivanovic and Jankovic are back on serve in their respective final sets against Petrova and Bartoli, and Vaidisova is 5-1 up in the final set against Mauresmo - the champion could well be on her way out. Bad news for the Brits as Auckland and Curran lose to Perry and Chuang in the mixed doubles. Bates and Durie, Lloyd and Hobbs... are you watching? Ferrero finishes off Tipsarevic and now has the mouthwatering prospect of a clash with Federer.
Ferrero beats Tipsarevic 7-5 6-3 7-6

John McEnroe
1440: "There's plenty of people with shades on - I wonder how long that will last. Please! Let's have a couple of hours."
BBC analyst John McEnroe on Centre Court

1435: Really bad news for teenaged boys as Ivanovic slips a break down against Petrova in the final set, and Jankovic is a break down against Bartoli - who appears to be on a similar fitness regime to most British players. Still, Vaidisova has struck the first blow in the decider against Mauresmo and leads 2-0. Not forgetting you ladies, fans of diminutive, argumentative types will be loving Court 18 where Hewitt has taken a two-sets-to-one lead over little 'Willy' Canas.

1429: Bad news for Serena as 71% of users on the website vote have her down as a villain after her injury/bathroom break issues against Daniela Hantuchova and just 29% think she is a heroine. Don't worry Serena, we still love you.

Virginia Wade
1426: "Jankovic's concentration got ragged in the second set and she really needs to apply herself in the decider."
BBC Sport analyst Virginia Wade

1423: Thanks to everyone who texted to tell us how beautiful the weather looks from office windows across London, we now have similarly balmy conditions. Now get back to work, the lot of you. Mauresmo levels at one set all with Vaidisova.

1420: Mauresmo and Vaidisova are back out on a sun-drenched Centre Court and normality is restored as the Frenchwoman wallops her 11th double fault of the day.

1418: "Unbelievable! Jonty waits until you have posted his message (see 1400 entry) before telling me about the competition."
From Brad via text (schoolboy, Brad, schoolboy)

1408: "Over on Court 18 and it's Hewitt v Canas, day 73. Mercifully we are yet to have a Mexican wave although we all know it's just a matter of time. There are scores of people in Australian tops, heavily outnumbering their Argie opponents. Hang on! There are three Aussie women putting sun cream on. They've obviously been listening to Carol Kirkwood and not looking up at the sky."
BBC Sport's TV mole

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1408: The sun has put his hat firmly on for the moment so we should be up and running again soon. For those of you a bit disorientated after three rain breaks, here's where we are: Mauresmo is fighting back against Vaidisova after losing the first set, Jankovic and Ivanovic have been taken to final sets, Ferrero is closing on victory over Tipsarevic, and Hewitt and 'Willy' Canas are in a right old scrap on Court 18 - the Aussie leads by a break in the third set.

1400: "Me and my mate are having a competition to see who can get on the site first. Please put this on so I win. Cheers."
From Jonty via text (well, it is raining)

1357: So, it's raining again and the hot topic of the day can be ignored no longer - Serena. Messages have been pouring in regarding the American's injury issue against Daniela Hantuchova yesterday and whether or not she was genuinely injured. BBC Sport analyst John McEnroe believes she was definitely cramping but others are not so sure. So where do you stand on her behaviour? Use the website vote to let us know.

1352: This looks like it might not be as short an interlude as the previous two. It's still raining and apparently the weather this afternoon will be "unsettled". Sorry but we have to tell you the truth - we're the BBC.

1347: "Please demand Carol Kirkwood's resignation! We barely had 6 minutes play let alone 60!"
Peeved by text on 81111

1342: There's a Mexican wave with umbrellas going on - it doesn't last long as people soon realise it stops the umbrella from doing its job. Isn't there a joke about how you make a Mexican wave? Or is it a Swiss roll?

It's raining at Wimbledon

1333: We need a 'Quite frankly, this is ridiculous' graphic. It's raining.

1331: Marion Bartoli has done a 'Serena', limping off into a rain break before coming out and breaking her opponent, Jelena Jankovic. Now she's serving for the second set. For the third time.

1328: BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood predicts we'll get about 60 minutes of play before the covers are back on. In these desperate times, that's good news.


1325: Still no clues as to which prankster put a mole picture on my desk (see 0945 entry). Discounted Greg from my enquires as he is too nice a person to have done something like that. Needless to say the investigations are continuing and each member of the commentary team are being interviewed in turn. "BORIS! Get in here!"
A sleuth-like TV Mole

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon

1320: We're ready to start again. Sir Cliff Richard is taking his place in the Royal Box (TV mole probably hasn't heard of him either). For all you followers of fashion out there, he's wearing a powder blue jacket and dark blue pinstripe trousers.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon

1315: By jove, we've seen a fine array of umbrellas this week. They're being used as parasols now as the sun is shining over Wimbledon once more.

1312: "Hooray! Caroline Cheese spelt 'practise' right (see 1210 entry)! Must have read my tip."
From Douglas Lee via text (apologies spelling bees, we're blaming the weather)

It's raining at Wimbledon

1306: Hewitt has broken Canas again much to the delight of some vocal Aussie fans on Court 18. Oh, by the way, it's raining now.

1302: Mauresmo has broken to lead 3-2. Canas has broken Hewitt back in the third set on Court 18. Bartoli is struggling to close out the second set against Jankovic. She's let both her breaks slip and is hobbling a bit.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon

1259: Well, it was only a matter of time before the Brits down graphic came out. Jessica Jackson is out of the junior singles. Auckland and Curran are a set and a break down in their mixed doubles.
Zsinlinszka beats Jackson 6-4 6-2

1251: Ferrero is two sets up on Tipsarevic. Lleyton Hewitt resumes his match with Guillermo Canas - it's one set all but the Aussie has a break in the third. Petrova has taken the second set against Ivanovic.

John McEnroe

1246: "You cannot be serious!"
BBC Sport commentator John McEnroe as umpire Kim Craven gets hopelessly confused over whether Mauresmo or Vaidisova should be serving after the tie-break and proceeds to get down from his chair and rummage in his bag for something.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon

1240: First British victory of the day as Naomi Cavaday wins in the juniors. Fifth seed Kuznetsova has won her fourth-round match. Ferrero has gone a break up in the second set against Tipsarevic. Petrova is a set down against Ivanovic but a break up in the second set.
Kuznetsova beats Paszek 6-3 6-2
Cavaday beats Tinjic 6-2 6-1

1238: "Richard Williams has been telling journalists that Serena has been diagnosed with a left calf muscle tear. No news on whether she will be fit to play against Justine Henin. Meanwhile, Venus has tendonitis in her left knee. What odds on them being fit for their doubles match later?"
BBC Sport's Caroline Cheese at Wimbledon

1235: Mon dieu! Mauresmo squanders several set points in the tie-break and allows Vaidisova to snatch the first set.

1228: Jankovic gets her Chanel compact out on Court One and starts peering into it. Not checking her make-up but it looks like she's got an eyelash in her eye. The trainer comes on and sorts her out.

1223: Mauresmo has been double-faulting like it's going out of fashion and now she's in a tie-break. Ferrero has taken the first set 7-5 against Tipsarevic. Svetlana Kuznetsova has taken the first set against 16-year-old Tamira Paszek.

Virginia Wade

1218: "Jankovic still looks like the better player but she's being given some difficult questions to answer by Bartoli."
BBC Sport analyst Virginia Wade

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon

1216: It's obviously a bit damp still out there as Jankovic slips and ends up on her backside. The third seed wins the first set, though. Cavaday also wins the first set in her match.

1212: Like the rest of Centre Court, the Royal Box is practically deserted. Ian Hislop and his wife have a whole row to themselves. It's too late for elevenses, too early for lunch so where can they be?

1210: "Over at Aorangi Park, there are lots of juniors watching Roger Federer practise. Dream on, boys, dream on."
BBC Sport's Caroline Cheese at Wimbledon

1206: Mauresmo has been broken back, as has Jankovic on Court One.

1203: "You can tell it's quiet today, the Centre Court toilets have done a passable impression of facilities at the old Wembley on busy days but, as of now, I can confirm there are no queues - not even at the ladies. I checked. More updates later."
BBC Sport's Piers Newbery in the bowels of Centre Court

1157: The players are back on now on Centre and Court One. They're checking the outside courts and play will start there imminently.

1152: Typical that the uncultured TV mole does not know that Ron de Jong is a renowned organist/percussionist (some sort of musician anyway). Maybe he could entertain the Centre Court crowd with his cymbals during the next rain delay.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon

1148: That really was a short, sharp shower. The covers are back off and the nets are back up before you can say "Get the covers off and the nets up".


1145: "Limited appeal in the Royal Box today. Ian Hislop of Have I Got News For You fame is in, no doubt sneering at all and sundry. A Mr Ron de Jong is in too. Ignore the fact I've no idea who he is, let's just concentrate on his name. Wicked."
BBC Sport's TV mole

It's raining at Wimbledon

1140: Ivanovic has bagged the first set against Petrova while Mauresmo has just broken again against Vaidisova and... it's raining. Quicker than you can say "Get the covers on", the covers are on.

John McEnroe

1136: "Bit of a rollercoaster so far in this match, typically for Mauresmo. How do you coach her?"
BBC Sport commentator John McEnroe after another erratic game from Mauresmo.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon

1131: It's a low-key start to the day - probably because no-one can believe it's dry. Ivanovic is closing in on the first set. Juan Carlos Ferrero and Janko Tipsarevic are locked at 4-4 in the first set. Cavaday has broken in the first set of her junior match.

1126: We've finally got some tennis and Centre Court is only about a quarter full. Mauresmo and Vaidisova trade early breaks. Ana Ivanovic is a double break up on Nadia Petrova on Court Two.

1117: Jelena Jankovic has gone an early break up against Marion Bartoli on Court One. It's still not raining.

1109: We're up and running. Plenty of Brits in action today and no, not just in the over-75s. Right now big-serving Naomi Cavaday is beginning her first round in the juniors - she's seeded ninth. Jessica Jackson is also playing and James Auckland and Claire Curran are in mixed doubles action.

1100: Bang on the dot of 11, the players are out on Centre Court. It's 'Let's play catch-up' time.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon

1058: Two British women in top 10 shock! Elena Baltacha and Naomi Cavaday are joint-ninth on the Wimbledon service speed leaderboard with their 117mph efforts. Venus (124mph) and Serena (121mph) are the top two. Andy Roddick heads the men's list with 144mph. As for that girl's blouse Federer, he doesn't even make the top 40 - well below the likes of Luxembourg's Gilles Muller and Britain's Josh Goodall.

1048: "Sun, Wimbledon, 2007. Never thought I'd see those words in the same sentence for a while."
From Rob-3000 on 606

1040: It's just been announced that London will host the end-of-season Masters Cup for four years from 2009, which means top-quality tennis in the UK - under a roof! Great news.

1031: "JC Ferrero is practising his serve on Court 10 and he's even fine-tuning his grunt. I guess it's those little details that separate the champions from the also-rans."
BBC Sport's Sophie Brown at Wimbledon

Marat Safin
Safin takes the news that he's won our vote rather badly
1026: Well, its not gone down to well with the female element in commentary box 4 but what do they know, eh? Marat Safin has comprehensively won the website vote - he is the grumpiest man in tennis with 50%, ahead of Nalbo on 33% and Russian sunbeam Nikolay Davydenko on 17%.

1021: "It's all fun and games on Court 9 where Jelena Jankovic is doing more giggling than practising. Let's have a vote on who is the least grumpy tennis player."
BBC Sport's Sophie Brown at Wimbledon

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1015: The sun is shining. Thought we'd mention it.

1010: "At the beginning all seems white, but the deeper you dig the more colours you find. A mile can be very long, especially if it's a white one." So says Patty Schnyder on the website for her autobiography 'The White Mile' - do not search for the site unless you have nerves of steel, it's a bit like watching Seven. BBC Sport's Caroline Cheese is already feverishly trying to buy a copy online (other tennis biogs are available).

1006: "Wayne Ferreira is knocking up with Andy Roddick on Court 8 as Jimbo Connors looks on. Looks like A-Rod is working on his forehand, although it already looks pretty good to me."
BBC Sport's Sophie Brown at Wimbledon

1000: The gates are open and early spectators get a chance to see some of the big names up close as the outside courts are used for practice sessions.

0955: "Even though the masses have not yet been let in, Mauresmo is given a two-guard escort as she heads through the deserted grounds to practice."
BBC Sport's Sophie Brown at Wimbledon

0945: The mole has just informed us that someone has stuck a picture of a, er, mole on his desk and he has no idea who the culprit is but thinks it may have been Greg Rusedski. I tell you, his ego....

0935: "Couldn't quite put my finger on what was missing today as I trudged up from Southfields tube. Certainly wasn't a bevvy of minxy promotions girls handing me caviar and truffles, which I asked for yesterday. No, what was missing, as my esteemed colleague Caroline has pointed out (see 0905 entry), was the legendary queue. There were no more than 25 people waiting to get in. The woman in the queue who has been wearing the same pair of trousers since this time last week was still there though. Yuck."
BBC Sport's TV mole

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
0926: For anyone in the queue, we suggest you head straight for Court 4 where, after a couple of routine doubles matches, you will get to see Annabel Croft and Jo Durie teaming up against Manon Bollegraf and Catarina Lindqvist in the Ladies' Invitational doubles. Come on Britain!

0920: So to cheer us all up, let's have a vote! Who is the grumpiest man in tennis? Marat Safin, Nikolay Davydenko or David Nalbandian? We love them all in here for their hilarious sulks.

0913: Poor old Nalbo. Commentary box 4 favourite David Nalbandian had the right hump last night after going out to Marcos Baghdatis.
Were you surprised there was no middle Sunday? "No. Always is like this here. But I don't agree. I mean, nobody agree."
It's tough on the players isn't it? "Very tough, very tough."
What do you do during rain breaks? "Practice."
When you're waiting? "Oh, waiting. Waiting."
Reading? Music? Cards? Talking? "Everything."

0905: "The queue, which is normally well into the park by now, is not even past the end of the All England Club grounds, and it's a similar story in the northern queue as well. People turning up for ground passes have a decent chance of Centre Court tickets - unprecedented."
BBC Sport's Caroline Cheese at Wimbledon

It's raining at Wimbledon
0900: While distractedly watching a pretty lady put tennis balls along the baselines, tramlines and service lines - presumably something to do with Hawk-Eye - reality crashes back in when the rather less pretty groundstaff run on and bring the covers across. It's raining.

0857: "Thank you, Nicole Vaidisova. I was struggling up the hill feeling a bit David Nalbandian when, for the second time in a week, the Czech star bounded past on her early morning jog/sprint. I swear the sun came out for a moment too. I now feel considerably more Marcos Baghdatis."
BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Wimbledon

0852: First up today is Nicole Vaidisova against Amelie Mauresmo on Centre and Jelena Jankovic against Marion Bartoli on One. Hopefully, we'll get to see the conclusion of Rafael Nadal against Robin Soderling in the second match on One - the pair are in a fifth set and things were getting very testy last night. If it does turn nasty, my money's on Rafa.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
0846: Sorry, this is all getting a bit much. As usual, the day begins in warm, dry and blustery conditions but the forecast suggests it will become cold, wet and windy during the afternoon. Might get some thunder today though, so that will make a nice change. There is apparently a good chance that play will get under way at 1100 BST. Lord knows what round it is, don't think the players can remember any more.

0845: Day 57. Roger is lying on the sofa waiting for the Jeremy Kyle Show to begin and laughing maniacally as the rest of the housemates prepare for another day trying to complete the impossible task of staying on court long enough to reach the quarter-finals.

Vaidisova ends Mauresmo's reign
03 Jul 07 |  Tennis
London to host World Tour Final
03 Jul 07 |  Tennis


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