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Last Updated: Monday, 2 July 2007, 17:14 GMT 18:14 UK
Hantuchova v Serena as it happened
Wimbledon fourth round latest:

D H'CHOVA (Svk) 10 * v S WILLIAMS (US) 7

2-6 7-6 2-6

* denotes server


By Tom Fordyce


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Hantuchova 2-6 Serena
Serena's done it - Hantuchova capitulates in the face of this maelstrom of anger, determination and eyebrow-raising tactics, and is broken at the exact moment she needed to stand tall. Williams is through to face Henin in the quarter-finals, but there's a whole heap of talking to be done about this match yet...


"When Serena hit that winner to go to match point, there were an awful lot of people who did not applaud that shot." Jonathan Overend, BBC Five Live

Hantuchova 2-5 Serena
Serena barrels to 30-0, is pegged back to 30-40 and then screams her way through the next three points to move to within one game of the match. That injury has cleared up miraculously - Fred Astaire at his tappy-toed peak would be happy to be moving as well as Serena is at the moment. And guess what - at the changeover, with Hantu ready to serve to stay in the match, Serena wants to go to the bathroom again. Must be a nightmare, this on-off need to go for a pee. Your heart goes out to her.

"There's a real split out here on Centre Court, and there will be those out there who share the same opinion as Michael Stich." Jonathan Overend, BBC Five Live

Hantuchova 2-4 Serena
She's broken her! Hantu has been overwhelmed by a plague of self-doubt and nerves, and she buries a woeful backhand into the net. Serena's eyes are on the brink of popping out of her head. Le Umpo then tells her she can go to the bathroom now - except that, with her own serve coming up, she doesn't need to go any more. Funny, that.

Hantuchova 2-3 Serena
Serena's ready to take on the world here - if you locked her in a nuclear bunker she'd punch her way out with her bare hands. Booming serves once again allow her to dominate, and every point is now met with the rebel yell of "Come on!" She then almost starts a fight with our Disco Stu-lookalike umpire, insisting that she has to go to the bathroom before Hantu serves. He won't budge, and she looks ready to shove his chair over.

Hantuchova 2-2 Serena
Serena's started running everything down, and the injury somehow seems to have disappeared. She goes to break point against the startled Hantu, only for a dinky volley at the net to see that off, and only misses out when Daniela works her around the court like a muscular marionette.

Hantuchova 1-2 Serena
Serena hangs on again, screeching a furious "Come orrrrrnnn!" as she puts away a backhand to take the game. Now then - when Serena missed an easy shot earlier in the game, she jumped up and down with disgust. That's right - jumped up and down. And then smashed her racquet on the ground. Has the injury eased?

"Who is telling you if she is injured? If she is injured she couldn't do what she is doing. I am not saying she is not injured, but if she really is injured, then why would she go out there?" Michael Stich, BBC Five Live

Hantuchova 1-1 Serena
Statue Serena is somehow causing Hantu all sorts of problems. She gets her to 30-30, going for broke with every shot, before Hantu holds on - despite double-faulting. Double-faulting against an opponent who can barely move - what's that all about?

Hantuchova 0-1 Serena
Remarkable scenes - Serena puts two forehands out to slip to 0-30, only to dredge up two aces from somewhere to drag herself back into the game. Two stationary-yet-crunching forehands later and she's taken the game. She's going to have to try to win this without moving - but with her serving and thumper groundstrokes, who's to say she doesn't have a chance?


Hantuchova 7-6 Serena
The answer is not good, if you're Serena - Hantu wins the first three points with extreme ease to take the tie-break 7-2. It's one-set all, and Serena was not moving at all well there. She's wearing white leggings to try to keep her calves warm, but she doesn't look happy.

1917 BST: Latest on Serena's injury: trainer Amber Donaldson says they've iced the calf and strapped it up, and that she'll play on. Out onto Centre Court she comes, moving relatively easily at the mo - and there's strapping visible on both calves. Let's see how we get on...

1911 BST: Once again I lift fingers to keyboard and type the words: "it has stopped raining". The covers are off. The net is up. Etcetera etcetera.

1812 BST: Guess what - it's raining again. I blame that Rihanna. Since she started warbling about umbrellas it's barely stopped raining. Why couldn't she have knocked off a cheeky tune about parasols?

1808 BST: Official announcement - play will resume on Centre Court in ten minutes. On reflection, I can't say I'm surprised about P&C. Different ships sailing in different directions at different speeds, those two.

1801 BST: You what? Preston and Chantelle have split up for good? When did this happen?

1758 BST: I hope they're getting some joy - it's stopped raining, and the cover is on the point of being tugged off yet again. This match is as on-off as Preston and Chantelle.

1742 BST: Lordy - what drama. It's raining seriously now, and deep in the bowels of the stadium Serena's cramping calf is being pummelled by an army of masseurs. Or massooses, depending on your pronunciation.

Hantuchova 6-6 Serena
With the storm clouds gathering, Hantu looks ready to take the set - but then, with her leading 4-2, the rain begins to fall. Serena is reprieved! Hantu, bizarrely, was using the worst tactics you've ever not-seen-but-read-about-moments-after. Despite the fact that Serena was as mobile as the Statue of Liberty, she completely failed to hit the ball anywhere but straight back to her. She didn't even mix up the length. It was almost like she thought it would be unsporting to win a point against an opponent in tears.

Hantuchova 6-6 Serena
Quite extraordinary - Serena, on one leg, holds serve to take the set into a tie-break. I can't believe that - I'm not sure whether we should be amazed at her incredible fortitude, or horrified that Hantu could lose a game to a woman who cannot move. Tie-break! Hold on - there looks to be rain coming too - even if Serena loses this set, if she can keep going until the rain comes she might be able to get treatment and get through the match.

Hantuchova 6-5 Serena
It was cramp - with Hantu listing at 15-30, Serena lets out a scream of pain and collapses to the court. The trainer rushes on as Team Williams stands up in the VIP box, concern smeared across their faces. Serena has her face buried in the turf, and screams out again in pain. This doesn't look good. The umpo calls "Time-out", and Serena now has three minutes to get back on her feet.

Right - she's attempting to stand, but every step is causing her immense pain. Here come the tears.

She's playing on, but she can barely move. Hantuchova serves, and Serena cannot move a step. The ball whistles past her and the tears are now pouring down her face.

Hantu wins the game to a shocked silence, and Serena limps to her chair, sobbing. The trainer gets to work again.

"I've covered a lot of Serena's matches and I've never seen her go into cramps like this." BBC Sport analyst Tracy Austin

Hantuchova 5-5 Serena
I'd like to describe this clash as a ding-dong battle, except Serena's second coming has made it a ding-dong-dinger. She holds to love yet again - but as the players change over, she calls for the trainer. She appears to be asking for salt - is she suffering from cramp? Or has she just ordered some chips?

Hantuchova 5-4 Serena
Serena is now in full flow, attacking Hantu's serve like a starving fox going after a panicking chicken. She tears the first two points out of Hantu's grasp in the blink of an eye and then batters away a lethal forehand to snatch back the break at the key time. She's back.

Hantuchova 5-3 Serena
This is warming up delightfully - Serena is fighting back with everything she can shake out of her locker. She holds to love with a thumping forehand right onto the baseline and yells an up-pumped "Come on!" as the game slips into her pocket. Hantu to serve to win the set - and she'll have new balls as she does so.

Hantuchova 5-2 Serena
Hantu is a woman reborn - she's now controlling the rallies, dictating the points with relish and annoying Serena like a toothsome mosquito.

Hantuchova 4-2 Serena
Serena bails the water from the leaky USS Williams, booming in two much better first serves and grunt-screaming with effort as she hammers a forehand dpast Hantu.

Hantuchova 4-1 Serena
Whistles turn to roars as Hantu canters through her service game and holds to love. We've got a match on here...

Hantuchova 3-1 Serena
That makes it interesting - Hantu snatches a break from Serena, whose serve has suddenly fallen apart, Hantu's ratcheted up the power on her groundstrokes and passes Serena again. It's a completely different match to three games ago, and the crowd whistle their encouragement.

Hantuchova 2-1 Serena
There we go - Hantu finally starts to find her range, raking an elegant cross-court forehand past the lunging Serena and tucking away a volley tight at the net to complete her best service game of the match.

Hantuchova 1-1 Serena
Another easy hold for Serena, who's crunching her groundstrokes almost like the Serena of old. Papa Richard Williams plays with the zoom on his camera absentmindedly as his daughter gives a fierce frown of determination.

Hantuchova 1-0 Serena
Close-run thing for the coltish challenger, who gets pegged back to deuce twice but hangs on when Serena is forced to stretch for a forehand and pops it wide. Gusty old wind on Centre Court, blowing so hard at one point that Serena's dress threatens to lift up over her shoulders.


Hantuchova 2-6 Serena
That didn't take long - a mere 27 minutes. Serena holds comfortably, and Hantu's nowhere at the mo.

Hantuchova 2-5 Serena
Serena fluffs a passing shot into the net, screeches, and Hantu holds serve at last. She wafts languidly to her chair, plops herself down and pulls a gleaming fresh racquet from its cellophane wrapping.

Hantuchova 1-5 Serena
The delicate flower that is Hantu is wilting in the face of Serena's airbourne assault. Williams holds to love, and this is in danger of turning into the 1,285th one-sided steamrollering of the women's tournament.

Hantuchova 1-4 Serena
Here's how the equation is looking at the moment: Hantu errors + Serena wallop = (break of serve) x 2. Apologies if that sum makes no sense - if there was a Wimbledon for maths, I'd have gone out in the first round at Surbiton. In straight sets.

Hantuchova 1-3 Serena
Serena, hair held in place with a wide white headband, blasts a lusty forehand long but then slams in two aces to save break point. Another cruncher extends her lead.

Hantuchova 1-2 Serena
Dear oh dear. Hantu's clearly been asleep in the locker-room, and only awoke seconds before she was due back on court - she stumbles through her service game like a drunken sailor, and double-faults on break point to get off to a dismal start.

1610 BST: ...and now we're back - in sunshine. Hold on to your trousers - we might actually get some tennis this time.

1458 BST: The warm-up's underway, although a dark grey cloud the size of Scotland is... ah, it's started raining again. Off go players, on comes cover, up go brollies.

1450 BST: A trip to the bathroom, a snatched conversation, a moment lost staring up at the roof lost in thought - and an hour has passed. But the rain has ceased, the cover is sheathed and the players are with us once again.

1350 BST: It's belting it down. The BBC's Carol Kirkwood, the queen of breakfast TV weather forecasting, is in danger of being blown away with her umbrella, Mary Poppins-style.

1343 BST: Mere moments indeed - it's raining again. Boff. On comes the cover to murmurs of disappointment in the crowd, and a greasy-fingered man scoffing a piece of fried chicken glances briefly at the heavens before lowering his snout to the trough once more.

1339 BST: While we're waiting, food is being consumed in large amounts in the crowd. One woman is eating a multi-coloured lolly the size of a dinner plate. It's so Willy Wonka you half expect to see an Oompa-Loompa perched on the seat next to her, idly flicking through an official programme while eating an everlasting gobstopper.

1335 BST: The cover has come off. The net is up. The smug-looking ball-boy who was parked by the umpire's chair has returned. We're mere moments from the re-start.

1333 BST: A mere shower. That's all it was. Why the panic? Why the long face?

1322 BST: Would you believe it - it's started to rain. The players dash for the roofed sanctum of the dressing-room, and the pause button has been pressed on proceedings.

Hantuchova 1-1 Serena
Brutal power from Serena, lancing two blurred forehands past a stretching Daniele to level us up. Re the Nutella chat below, I aplogise for breaking one of the most sacrosant of BBC rules - I should of course have refered to it as "a well-known brand of chocolate-hazelnut spread".

Hantuchova 1-0 Serena
Super start from the long-limbed Hantu, holding serve to love. Apparently her favourite pudding is crepes with Nutella, although judging from her shape today she's very much switched to grilled celery with a light coulis of water in recent months.



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