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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 June 2007, 19:32 GMT 20:32 UK
Day four - as it happened

By the BBC Sport team at Wimbledon


To get involved text our Wimbledon team on 81111 or use 606

2040: "Can we have a mention for the Brit James Auckland on Court 17 who is leading two sets to one in doubles."
A lone voice via text - goodnight.

2030: Childs and Delgado have lost to Santoro and Zimonjic in four sets and that seems an appropriate note to end on. We've seen British hope in the singles ended with defeats for Henman and O'Brien but never fear, Baker and Bogdanovic are still going against Fyrstenberg and Kubot. Yes, Fyrstenberg and Kubot. It's come to this. Goodnight.

2024: The mole is male (see 2002 entry). Honestly, if I looked like Kirsten Dunst do you think I'd be at Wimbledon as BBC Sport's resident lackey? Oh no, I'd like to think I'd be kissing men dressed in spider suits hanging upside down. Hmmm.... if I was female of course. Let's move on, Ms Mole might be reading."
BBC Sport's TV mole

2018: Joy unbounded on Court 2 as Murray and Butorac see off Hernandez and Starace in straight sets. A good effort and the pair do actually look like contenders.

2014: Rafael Nadal, wearing a bravely designed hooded number, is asked by the world's press if he is a good cook: "Not much, I am a normal cook. I cook two weeks in a year, yes? When I am here, so I don't have much practice."

2003: "I think the mole is female, people at Wimbledon thought she looked like Kirsten Dunst."
From CoolWolf74 on 606 (the mole is male, you're referring to his colleague 'the fox' I believe)

1956: Butorac and Murray take a two-set lead over Hernandez and Starace. More home glory beckons.

1955: The dream is over - maybe that should be a dream. Hantuchova and Ivanovic will not be the ladies doubles champions this year, but third seeds Chan and Chuang might be. They look pretty handy.

1951: Nadal completes a straightforward win over the rather odd Eschauer and gets a great reception from the Centre Court crowd. Three matches and no rain breaks - we'll look back on this day in wonder next week.
Nadal beats Eschauer 6-2 6-4 6-1

1950: "Henmania's gone and so it seems any last dreg of patriotism. Court 2 not even half full to see Murray and Butorac in acton."
BBC Sport's Caroline Cheese at Wimbledon

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1945: Baker and Bogdanovic have dropped the first set against Fyrstenberg and Kubot. That's right, Fyrstenberg and Kubot. I've no idea either.

1941: Hantuchova and Ivanovic are a break up so it could go to a third, which will delight the gaggle of teenage boys who have been standing in the walkway throughout the first set and a half craning their necks for a view. Good to see the British youth getting into doubles.

1938: "Just watching Nadal has reminded me how impressed I've been with his efforts to learn English since last year. Elena Dementieva also told me earlier that her favourite book is an English dictionary. Good on them for making such an effort - more than us woeful Brits. I failed my French GCSE not once, but twice, much to my dad's chagrin. He took me on endless French holidays as a child to help me learn a language, but I used to infuriate him by spending two francs a day buying The Sun.
BBC Sport's TV mole

1935: He's done it! Nikolay 'Ni-Dav' Davydenko shows Henman how to complete a five-set comeback by seeing off Chris Guccione from two sets down. That should put a smile on the Russian's face. It should, but it probably won't.
Davydenko beats Guccione 3-6 5-7 7-6 6-4 6-2

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1930: Butorac and Murray bag the first set against Hernandez and Starace on Court 2. And Guillermo 'Willy' Canas sees off big Max Mirnyi in four sets.
Canas beats Mirnyi 6-7 6-1 7-6 7-6

1928: "Oh dear, the mole's unhappy: "I'm going to dig up all your gardens." (see 1842 entry) Can you dig up a good British tennis player instead please?"
From CoolWolf74 on 606

1922: Nadal seals the second set against Eschauer, and Davydenko has gone a break up in the decider against Guccione having been two sets down. But who cares about that? Hantuchova and Ivanovic are in fits of giggles over something at the changeover. Lovely. They're still losing.

1919: "Court 13 is packed to see the doubles pairing of Hantuchova and Ivanovic in action. They're actually a set and a break down to Taipei's Chan and Chuang, the third seeds no less, but no-one seems to be looking down that end of the court."
BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Wimbledon

1912: Davydenko - formerly known as Ni-Dav - levels at two sets all against Guccione on Court 2, Nadal is a set up on Austrian legend Eschauer and David 'Nalbo' Nalbandian sees off Dancevic in four.
Nalbandian beats Dancevic 6-2 6-3 5-7 6-3

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1906: It's all change here and hopefully you will notice a subtle change in tone as some order is restored. And to kick off, let's dig out the 'Brits on the up' graphic because Bloomfield and Marray have demolished the Ratiwatana family 7-6 6-4 6-4. Tim Henman's just said in his news conference that British tennis needs a "wake-up call". Could this be it?

1901: Great names on Court 8. Julie Ditty and Raquel Kops-Jones. That's the last we'll see of them though - they're out.

1856: Brit update: Jamie Murray and Eric Butorac are out on Court 2 against Oscar Hernandez and Potito Starace. Richard Bloomfield and Jonny Marray are bossing it against the Ratiwatana clan, while the less said about Sarah Borwell and Jade Curtis' effort against Bartoli/Tu the better. They've won a game (but they've lost seven others).

1854: "It's like someone took the torch from the Statue of Liberty, or the arch from the Arc de Triomphe"
Maria Sharapova on the roofless Centre Court

1846: Ni-Dav starts the fightback against Chris Guccione, taking the third set 7-6. Court 1 are absolutely loving this heavyweight clash.
Mauresmo bt Meusberger 6-2 6-1

1842: "Mole would like to protest vehemently at being described as a mole equivalent of the sitcom My Family (see 1815 entry). I'm keeping this live commentary afloat with lies about Pete Doherty and banal revelations from WTA players about their taste in music. If the editor of this commentary were a sitcom they would be the Brittas Empire. I'm reeling, I'm going to dig up all your gardens."
BBC Sport's TV mole. Ooooooooh, get him.

1837: Rafa Nadal is in complete control against Werner Eschauer, leading 5-2. Sixth seed Nikolay Davydenko, or Ni-Dav, is in all sorts of trouble, though. Two sets down and into a tiebreak in the third against Aussie Chris Guccione.

1828: "I have noticed during crucial points, Tim consistently fails to execute easy winners at the net."
Kevin via text on 81111. I don't think you're alone there, Kevin.

1825: Amelie Mauresmo takes the first set 6-1 against Yvonne Meusberger. Yawn. Order of play's out for tomorrow. Fernando Gonzalez first up on Centre, followed by Serena Williams and then the big one between Roger Federer and Marat Safin. Court One features Jelena Janokovic, Andy Roddick and James Blake. The forecast is not great though.

1822: "Appen-deck-tomy is how u pronounce appendectomy."
Jo via text on 81111. What????

1815: "Mole, you are the funniest thing on the BBC. Where have you been during all these boring Wimbledons?"
Katerina via text on 81111. It's good editing, honestly. If Mole were a sitcom, he'd be 'My Family'.

1810: Poor old Amelie Mauresmo can't be too happy about being shunted out to Court 2 for her second-round match against Austria's Yvonne Meusberger. The champion has served four double faults already, but leads 3-1.

1804: A bit of British cheer over on Court 4. Richard Bloomfield and Jonny Marray are a set up against Thai pair Sanchai Ratiwatana and Sonchat Ratiwatana. Guess who their coach is? Yup, it's Chaichat Ratiwatana.

1757: Shazza's through, 6-0 6-3 over Severine Bremond. Rafa Nadal up next on Centre Court against Werner Eschauer. Expect the stadium to fill up rather rapidly.

1752: Voting closed on the 'When should Tim retire?' poll - and an overwhelming 18,262 of you have had your say. It turns out 47% think he should go today. Come on now, you'll miss 'im when he's gone... won't you?

1745: "Tim is not a complete failure, rather he has done as well as he can with the mental and physical skills he has. The British tennis public are at fault in not recognising his efforts due to them being primarily interested in only 2-3 weeks of tennis each year."
jmb on 606

1741: "Oh well, didn't make my prediction (see 1635), I was on course but Keothavong and Curren mounted a brief, yet stirring comeback. Also play was halted slightly as Serena managed to smash a ball out of the court with such venom directly towards the window I'm sitting next to that I jumped involuntarily like you do when you are at a 3-D cinema."
BBC Sport's TV mole

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1737: Well, Keothavong/Curren managed to survive beyond 1730 but not by much. The Williams sisters win 6-1 6-3. The British pair manage to resist asking for autographs as they shake hands at the net.

1728: Hear this all you naysayers. Curran/Keothavong are going great guns in the second set against the Williams sisters. They trail 1-6 2-4.

1720: This could be a good day for Australia. Lleyton Hewitt and Wayne Arthurs, in his last ever tournament, are already through. Big-serving Chris Guccione takes the first set against world number four and grey man of tennis Nikolay Davydenko. Call that the curse of the BBC Sport website after we interviewed him earlier this week.

1718: "Henman should retire when he wants to and everyone should get off his back!"
Dave via text on 81111

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1712: Time to give the 'Brits on the up' graphic an airing because I fear I may not need it for much longer. Curran/Keothavong have won another whole game. The Williams sisters lead 6-1 1-1.

1710: Website vote update: A whopping 48% of you reckon our hero should retire today. Still, there are some Henman sympathisers out there, with 23% opting for the more realistic 'next year'.

1705: You'd think there was some sort of emergency on Centre Court as the crowd head for the exit. There isn't. But Sharapova's thrashing of the hapless Bremond is a horror show so it's Pimms o'clock. The Russian leads 6-0.

1704: A contrite Feliciano Lopez apologises for beating our hero. Sort of. "I feel sorry for the fans. They love him and support him a lot. But when you go out there, you always want to win." What a nice chap.

1659: "Tim is one of the few men we can be proud of, please ask him not to retire."
From a Gran via text on 81111. A Gran? Via text? Hmmmm...

1656: The Centre Court crowd are being treated to a typically closely-fought women's second-round match. Former champion Maria Sharapova leads Severine Bremond 5-0.

1652: Mole (see 1635) and George (1645), shame on you. Keothavong and Curran have only gone and won a whole game against the Williams sisters. I can see this going past 1730.

1650: Great news, Henman fans. He is asked if he will be back at Wimbledon next year. "Absolutely," comes the reply without hesitation. Although bad news for those of you on the website who reckon he should never quit. He adds: "Obviously, I'm not going to play forever."

1645: "Mole, I'll see your 1726 (see entry at 1635) and raise you 1723."
Jamie G via text on 81111

1640: Talking of the Williams (again), Serena's on our television screens, taking us through the contents of her handbag. A phone, an MP3 player, a handheld games console, a notebook, yadda yadda yadda. She and Venus are already 3-0 up on Keothavong/Curran.

1635: "The Williams sisters are out on Court 18 to face the Brit duo of Curran and Keothavong. This could be over in the time it takes me to eat the spaghetti Safin just treated me to. Team Williams walk out onto the court with broad smiles on their faces. They smell blood. My bet is that it will be over by 1726."
BBC Sport's TV mole

1628: Henman might be gone but Wimbledon goes on, you know. Lleyton Hewitt hammers Simone Bolelli 6-2 6-2 6-1. I don't mind admitting I've never heard of Simone Bolelli - and I doubt I ever will again.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1621: All over. Henman goes out after a rather lame effort in the decider. Time for Tim to face the inevitable questions about his retirement. Time for those of you on the website to get involved in a vote.
Lopez bt Henman 7-6 7-6 3-6 2-6 6-1

1619: The writing's on the wall for Timbo I'm afraid. He's 5-1 down. Lopez serves for the match.

1608: "BBC Mole's partner in crime, the (hastily-named) BBC Interactive Fox (always hit that red button, folks), has been causing a minor stir around the place as people keeping mistaking her for Hollywood A-lister Kirsten Dunst (from a distance). Quite why the fragrant Kirsten would be humping a budget BBC camera on her shoulder round Wimbledon is anyone's guess. Can we have a fox graphic please?"
BBC Sport's TV mole (Don't push your luck, Moley)

1600: "There go all the wheels again... flyyyying off."
King_of_the_Biscuits on 606 as Henman goes 3-0 down in the decider.

1557: Novak Djokovic snaffles the first set against American Amir Delic but is a break down in the second. Lleyton Hewitt is a set and a break up. He might even be home for Deal or No Deal at this rate.

1552: More WTA players give their verdicts to the Mole on what impact Gordon Brown's appointment as PM will have on EU farm subsidies. Not really. It turns out Elena Dementieva is a massive fan of Beyonce and Shakira and Nicole Vaidisova is big on the Toronto Maple Leafs ice hockey team. Both reckon Serena Williams is the best dressed girl on the women's tour. I'd agree.
BBC Sport's TV mole

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1546: Why do we ever doubt him? Lopez floats a return long and Tiger Tim is back on level terms. Lovely smile from Mama Henman.

1544: Worrying news from the Williams camp. Not content with dabbling in acting, fashion design and modelling, Venus is now planning a pop career. "I love music and play the guitar. I can't learn the piano as I travel too much, but nowadays you can play chords on the computer so I guess I'd like to write pop. I love electronica and house." Frightening.

1538: "We've got to give credit to Henman, but it's amazing how Lopez's game dropped off in such a short space of time."
BBC Sport analyst John Lloyd. Henman 6-7 6-7 6-3 5-1 Lopez.

1534: Lleyton Hewitt is racing past Italian Simone Bolelli, wrapping up the first set 6-2. The Aussie should be home in time for Neighbours. Except it's not on at the moment. Because it's Wimbledon.

1531: "We may have a tiger in Tim, but there's definitely a lion in Lopez - with that majestic 'mane' he must have the 'pride' of Spain behind him. Nice legs too."
Jim from Manchester via text on 81111

1528: Fans of the over-30s will be pleased to know Wayne Arthurs is through to round three and Jonas Bjorkman is two sets to one up against Yeu-Tzuoo Wang. And of course old man Henman isn't doing too badly.

1526: "Henman had a real stare at Feliciano Lopez at 15-40 in that last game. The crowd are getting into this and starting to believe in their man."
Michael Stich on BBC Five Live

1521: The Spice Girls are reforming. The last time they were together as a five-piece was 1998 - when Henman reached the semis. He's broken in the fourth set against Lopez you know.
Kuznetsova bt Mattek 7-6 6-4

1512: Halleluljah. Henman's still alive. He trails by two sets to one. Those pessimists among the 18,000 of you that voted on the website poll might be feeling a bit sheepish now. This could be another epic.

1507: James Blake thrashes Andrei Pavel 6-4 6-3 6-3. He'll face Spaniard Juan Carlos Ferrero next. Not much else to say about that.

1503: "Just had a couple of quid on Henman to win. Off to join the mrs on the sofa. C'mon Tim."
sir_alans_wallet on 606

1500: "Against a better player, I think Tim would be out of this match, but he's well and truly still in it."
Pat Cash on BBC Five Live. Henman breaks to lead 4-2.

1455: Hold on a minute... Like a phoenix from the flames, Henman breaks serve for the first time in this match. It's 2-2!!!!

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1451: Even by its own woeful standards, this is a truly humbling day for British tennis. Elena Baltacha and Naomi Cavaday lose 6-0 7-6 to Stephanie Foretz and Selima Sfar. They follow Melanie South and Karen Paterson out of the ladies' doubles in the first round.

1445: "There are only five four players who have played more five-setters than Henman - this would be his 21st if he could do it today."
The BBC's Andrew Castle clings to a glimmer of statistical hope. Henman drops serve at the start of the third set.

1442: Looks like you were bang on with the website poll though - which is more than can be said for the poll itself. A few of you mathematicians have noticed the results add up to 101%. Never fear, a nerd is looking into that.

1436: Sighs of disappointment all round on Centre Court as Henman loses the second-set tiebreak 7-5. Britain's singles hopes hang by a thread.

1433: Easy for Venus, who completes a very tidy 6-2 6-2 win over Hana Sromova. Lleyton Hewitt up next on Court 1.

1430: A bemused Roger Federer is told by an American journalist that there is a church in London with a poster outside proclaiming "God made Roger Federer". "That's nice," says the world number one. Lopez and Henman into a second-set tiebreak.

1429: Website vote update: 34% of you think Henman will be 'crushed', narrowly winning the day ahead of 'Through in a thriller' on 33% and 'Beaten in an epic' on 29%. He's serving to stay in the second set on 5-6 as we speak.

1423: "It's an interesting match because it feels like Tim is playing three bad points in a row then four good ones"
Michael Stich on BBC Five Live. Henman 6-7 4-5 Lopez

1418: More from Marat Safin on spaghetti-gate. "You can get a plate of pasta for around 10 here. In New York, for 10 you can have a great meal at Cipriani."

1412: This via text: "No mention of the British women's doubles pairing playing at the moment? If you're already flying the flag, have a waft in their direction." Many apologies for the oversight. Elena Baltacha and Naomi Cavaday lost the first set 6-0 against Stephanie Foretz and Selima Sfar. Rule Britannia!

1410: "Henman needs to psyche up right now. He needs to show the people and his opponent that he really wants this."
BBC Sport analyst John McEnroe. Henman 6-7 3-4 Lopez.

1407: Venus Williams is rattling through her match against Hana Sromova, taking the first set 6-2. Venus is currently dating pro golfer Hank Kuehne, who used to go out with Paula Abdul. Fact.
Ljubicic bt Hernych 6-4 6-3 6-4

1403: Just overheard some ladies of a certain age bemoaning the fact that lineswomen always wear trousers these days instead of skirts. Quite right too.
BBC Sport's Caroline Cheese at Wimbledon

1358: Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has never been so popular. He's been called into the main interview room for a press grilling - an honour usually reserved for the likes of Federer, Roddick and Henman. I'm sure it's everything to do with his fine win over Nicolas Lapentti and nothing to do with being Tim Henman's possible opponent in the next round.

1352: To Ian in Potters Bar, and all other Hantuchova fans, she did of course win 7-5 7-6 against Likhovtseva. Well spotted. And she's a very nice lady.

John McEnroe
1348: "You could see the energy rising from Lopez. That last serve was 139mph - he's got the adrenalin pumping now."
BBC Sport analyst John McEnroe

1347: We get the first decent fist pump of the day on Centre and it's from Lopez as he wins the opening tie-break against Henman.

1343: It's tie-break time for Henman and Lopez. James Blake is under way against Andrei Pavel on Court 2, while Venus Williams takes an early 2-0 lead over Sromova on Court 1, and Ivan 'Lubo' Ljubicic is two sets clear of Jan Hernych for those lucky punters on Court 13.

1335: "Just caught up with the main man Boris Becker. What a dude. Regular readers this week will no doubt be desperate to know what he is wearing today. It's best to describe it as a tennis/cricket hybrid with white loafers - oozes class. He also told old moley that he loves a bit of 50 Cent and Diana Krall, his favourite film is the last King of Scotland and his favourite biography is Marlon Brando's. Oh and he played golf with Bernhard Langer last week. Paxman, move over! There's a new heavyweight interviewer in town. Watch the interview on the BBC Sport website and BBCi tomorrow."
BBC Sport's TV mole

1333: Due to popular demand, we should confirm that Daniela Hantuchova is through.
Hantuchova beats Likhovtseva 7-5 7-5

1331: "If you thought Glynis Barber was hot in D&M (see 1249), check out Blakes 7. She played a character called Soolin in a jumpsuit. Awesome!"
Russ via text

1327: "That was fun while it lasted - Aisam Ul Haq Qureshi is a goner. Brave effort that but Safin was obviously in a hurry to get himself down to Bella Pasta for some more reasonably priced Bolgonaise. Pizza Hut do an excellent lunchtime buffet option for those on a budget Marat, and it's all you can eat (other pizza restaurants are available)."
BBC Sport's TV mole

1320: Away from the Henmania on Centre Court, the old boys are having a rare old time. Jonas Bjorkman is a set up against Wang and Wayne Arthurs - surely in his 50s by now - has taken the first set against Robredo. Centre Court is strangely only three-quarters full to see Henman and Lopez move to 4-4.

1314: Well it's not for lack of support that Qureshi goes down to Safin in three sets - the big Russian wallops a ball high into the air on sealing victory. Federer next, never mind. Meanwhile, chirpy Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga beats Nicolas Lapentti in straight sets and could be Henman's next oponent. Safin beats Qureshi 6-4 6-2 7-6

1310: "There's only one man they are supporting on Court 18. A splinter branch of the Aisam Ul Haq Qureshi Fan Club are obviously in attendance and are whooping and hollering for their man. Set point for him.... never mind. Tie-break it is."
BBC Sport's TV mole

1306: Guided by the mole, our team have been out and about, camera in hand, to get the behind-the-scenes info on what goes on at the All England Club.

The view from the fans
1302: "Dave from Tamworth has been queueing for the last three days to watch Tim on Henman Hill. He's done well on the patriotism stakes, decking himself out in a Union Jack shirt and matching shorts. Nice. Here's his thoughts on his fave Henman:" 'I think Tim will win. He was fired up against Moya - it was the best I've even seen him play and I've been a fan for years. I can never understand the criticism he gets - he's a gentleman and gives it his all.'
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Wimbledon

1257: The officials get a decent round of applause as they make their way onto Centre Court ahead of Henman v Lopez. We'll be keeping an eye on it here, of course, but pocket dynamo Tom Fordyce will be taking you through it game by game if that's your bag. It is, of course, available through the many BBC media outlets - TV, Five Live, website, WAP, carrier pigeon etc.

1249: "I used to love Dempsey and Makepeace! (see 1234 entry) It was awesome, I fancied Glynis, she was hot!
Randy, Wirral, via text

1244: Ivanovic completes a straight-sets win over Tu bit it wasn't plain sailing all the way. Qureshi is battling hard despite being two sets down to Safin and it's 4-4 in the third.
Ivanovic beats Tu 6-4 6-3

1239: "She was a step up in class but she wasn't really putting me under that much pressure. Maybe I was just going for too much."
Katie O'Brien on her 6-0 6-1 loss to Michaella Krajicek

1234: Today's Royal Box throws up absolutely nothing of note. Apart from house-husbands' favourite Glynis Barber of Dempsey and Makepeace fame. Never seen the show so I have nothing whatsoever to add on that (was it any good?). Was going to give up on providing anything interesting on her until I discovered she is in Emmerdale. Mind you who isn't these days?"
BBC Sport's TV mole

1229: "Come on Qureshi, You cant lost the match without winning atleast one game. Show the courage boy,whole nation is backing you."
From Pakorangeomar on 606

1221: Safin is doing the business against Qureshi on a packed Court 18, people are standing 10 deep to get a look as the Russian moves two sets clear. It's all going far too smoothly for Safin, surely he's going to blow a fuse somewhere. Elena Dementieva continues her quiet progress with an easy win over Iveta Benesova.
Dementieva beats Benesova 6-2 6-2

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1216: Well, gentlemen, I'm afraid you've seen the last of O'Brien for this year as she is bundled out by Krajicek. It's all down to Tim now.
Krajicek beats O'Brien 6-0 6-1

1214: I live with Oli (see 1203 entry), and yes it's true. He does fancy Katie.
George via text

1204: Czech teenager Nicole Vaidisova is the day's quickest winner, pummelling veteran Aussie Nicole Pratt 6-3 6-2 in 49 minutes. Meanwhile, more bad news for the Aisam Ul Haq Qureshi Fan Club. Marat Safin's a break up in the second set.

1203: "I sit opposite Rob (see 1155 entry) and tend to agree with him on the Katie issue!"
Oli via text on 81111. Anyone else want to confess?

1159: "Blimey, O'Brien has hit as many unforced errors as her total number of points!"
King_of_the_Biscuits on 606

1155: "Am I alone in fancying Katie O'Brien, chaps? Come on Katie, claw back!"
Rob, via text on 81111. Yes, you are, Rob. Or is he...?

1151: Marat Safin takes the first set against Pakistan's Aisam Ul Haq Qureshi just as 'Hungry in Cambridge texts in to say: "Would everyone please stop talking about spaghetti, it's still a full hour till lunch..."

1149: Hooray! Plucky Brit O'Brien's on the board, thus avoiding the dreaded double bagel. A 6-1 set, by the way, is known as a breadstick in some circles. Not here though. Because it sounds rubbish.

1156: Actually while we are on the subject of Safin's rant at the price of food here at Wimbledon (he complained at the $25 cost of spaghetti) I would like to take a stand with the moody Russian. I bought a bottle of soft drink yesterday for 1.85! Wouldn't mind but normally a very well-known soft drinks company provides a drink dispenser, gratis, in the Broadcast Centre which I used to gorge myself on. (They aren't whiskers in my graphic they are actually my withered teeth). Now it's gone my dentist can relax but bank manager better start worrying. 1.85! Lordy!"
BBC Sport's TV mole

1144: "Not to be overly critical but I'd fancy my chances against any Brit not named Murray or Henman and I haven't played since I was 18."
Clausus on 606, being a bit, well, overly critical

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1140: Oh dear. Katie O'Brien is handed a humiliating first-set bagel by Michaella Krajicek. Things can only get better. Maybe.

1136: "I had a bowl of spaghetti last night in London for 27 (see 1059 entry).Safin should enjoy the subsidy!"
Chris H, via text

1128: If you are a Nicole Pratt fan, look away now - Vaidisova is already 5-0 up. Ivanovic has broken against Meilen Tu and O'Brien is now 4-0 down against Krajicek. Where's the rain when you need it, eh?

1126: "Just a whimper of early resignation as OB is broken in her first service game. And where's the love of the British public? Not a single Union Jack or jester hat in sight. I'm off to find some patriotism on Henman Hill."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Wimbledon

1120: I'm sure I said this yesterday but anyway.... some good players in action early on, with Nicole Vaidisova, Ana Ivanovic, Daniela Hantuchova and Marat Safin among those already doing their thing. Oh dear, O'Brien double faults to drop serve in game two.

1115: "Standing room only on Court 3 for British number one Katie O'Brien - which means I'm stood on a step with a view of half the court. Polite applause as we kick off...."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Wimbledon

1113: The scoreboard is ticking over at last! Patty Schnyder wins the first game of the day against Roberta Vinci out on Court 17. Good old Patty.

1108: "Qureshi is in the house - crowd went absolutely mad and he gave them a theatrical bow in appreciation. Safin walked on court to a more muted response. He appears to have a bolognaise stain on the front of his pristine whites, mucky pup."
BBC Sport's TV mole

Virginia Wade
1108: "There does come a time when it's too late to blossom, so now is the moment for her."
BBC Sport analyst Virginia Wade on Katie O''Brien

1105: "After a snub from Henin, A-Rod also refuses to speak to me but is lovely and says "no harm in trying". Bit of a clammy handshake though. Coach Jimmy Connors stands alongside, grinning broadly."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Wimbledon

1101: The official start time comes and goes with players making their way to courts all over the ground. Bearing in mind the weather, it's a surprise that no-one busts a gut to get started on time. Safin arrives on Court 18 to a ripple of applause - he looks thrilled to be there. Not really.

1059: "Being shoved out onto court 18 will surely endear Safin to Wimbledon. Does this mean he'll have to miss his $25 spaghetti meal (see yesterday) to get there on time?"
Andy via text

1058: "To the Aisam Ul Haq Qureshi Fan Club, my desk/molehill looks over Court 18 where his game is about to start so I can provide you will all the chat. Peering (aren't mole's blind?) through the window to my left I can see the court is absolutely packed. No sign of any Pakistan or Russia flags but boy is it early days."
BBC Sport's TV mole

1052:"Henin stifles a yawn outside the racquet stringing shop at the practice courts while, rather bizarrely, signing a cricket bat."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Wimbledon

Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi
Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi is up against Safin on Court 18
1050: The mole cannot provide anything useful, like pictures (see below), but we're happy to give all you Qureshi fans an early morning treat with a shot of the big man, who's got a great chance against the flakey Safin today. A win there and it's Federer next.

1041: "Can the Mole please provide the nation with a snap of Wimbledon legend Aisam Ul Haq Qureshi? Can't believe Qureshi v Safin has been moved to Court 18. It's a conspiracy I tell ya!!"
From the Aisam Ul Haq Qureshi Fan Club via text

1035: "It's gridlock at Henman Hill already."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Wimbledon

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1029: Centre Court is bathed in sunshine and the fans are filing into the walkways between the outside courts - Court 3 is filling up quickly for the big O'Brien v Krajicek clash. Will we see a British women through to the fifth day?

1017: "Really looking forward to today...Henman, Federer and Qureshi all playing...bring it on. Mmmm, sounds familiar."
From Tupaki90 on 606

1009: "Today's utter nonsense I've sniffed out from the tabs is that yet another of music's zany characters is due to grace the lush meadows of SW19. This time it is R'n'B loon Amy Winehouse who, and this is so implausible it's hilarious, is supposedly coming down to visit the LTA kids' zone tomorrow. Would you let your kid near Winehouse armed with a tennis racket? No, I thought not. Needless to say I will keep you up to date if/when she arrives."
BBC Sport's TV mole

1000: "The sun is out and I was greeted by a hearty "What-ho!" from one of the stewards on my way through the gates this morning. I was then given a very thorough frisking from a security guard, which took the wind out of my sails."
BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Wimbledon

0953: More from David Garrido on Radio One's Newsbeat yesterday evening with the Wimbledon punters:

The view from the fans
"Fifty quid's a lot of money to spend on a day out when you only see two matches, not even that. We were looking forward to seeing some men action in the doubles but it didn't happen."
Holly from Watford

0947: As well as Henman we have the prospect of Britain's number one woman Katie O'Brien in second-round action against 31st seed Michaella Krajicek on Court 3. The outside courts kick off an hour earlier than usual today at 1100 BST, and the gates have just been opened at the All England Club.

0940: Esteemed colleague David Garrido from Radio One's Newsbeat spent yesterday evening meeting the Wimbledon punters. Here's a taster:

The view from the fans
"We're good old nothern lads, we don't drink Pimms so we've been drinking pints of lager. I'm on my seventh and I think he's on his fifth because I've out-drunk the guy. I can drink these guys under the table any day of the week. We had a look at Nicole Vaidisova, who's obviously got nice legs. Maria Kirilenko unfortunately isn't playing so the totty isn't there and we've been in the bar."
Stewart and friend from Warrington

0930: So let's keep it positive, Paris Hilton is out of jail, the Spice Girls are set to reform, Alistair Darling is nailed on to be the new Chancellor - it's a great day already. And we have the propsect of Tim Henman resuming against Feliciano Lopez on Centre Court at 1300 BST, followed by Sharapova and then Nadal.

0920: Morning all, we're braced for a decent amount of play today as the weather forecast is for "sunshine becoming weaker in time and there is a 20% risk of a light shower in the afternoon." We'll take that, although bearing in mind the situation around the country the likelihood of a few tennis matches being played does not seem too important.

  • We'll be here throughout the day to bring you the latest news from around the All England Club, both on the courts and off, so whether you're settling down at home, stuck in the office or queuing on Church Road, send us your thoughts.

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