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Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 June 2007, 11:32 GMT 12:32 UK
Day three as it happened

By the BBC Sport team at Wimbledon


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1945: "Play is abandoned for the day," says the voice of Wimbledon. "All members of BBC staff will be provided with taxis home bearing in mind it's pelting it down," is what we're hoping he's about to add. Thanks for sticking with us, we'll be back bright and early on Thursday to bring you the latest on the weather, the players, the fans and all the rest. Wish I'd brought an umbrella.

1941: Can someone find a lightning graphic? I'm frightened.

It's raining at Wimbledon
1938: Slapstick stuff on Centre Court as the covers are taken off as a huge black cloud rolls over the All England Club. The covers are replaced just as the heavens open and it's raining very hard now.

1935: "Back to the queue and Pete Doherty is lobbing Werthers Originals to the crowd after a rousing acoustic rendition of The Verve's 'The Drugs Don't Work' goes down an absolute storm. Meanwhile, Kate Moss has a fag hanging out of her mouth while she studiously flicks through a copy of the 2007 ATP tour guide."
A bored BBC Sport mole sucking on a Werthers in the queue

1930: "Right, let's nip this one in the bud right now. As I said, I was merely using Debenhams - which is a fine establishment but no finer than any other highstreet retailer - as a shortcut. And if that's the Lee I think it is, I very much would have him down as a Debenhams man. Which is fine, of course.
BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Wimbledon (not Debenhams)

1928: "I used to work with Piers Newbery. Nice fellow. Didn't have him down as a Debenhams man." (see 1748 entry)
Lee, on a train near Gatwick, via text

1926: "And if Henman does not go on to win (see 1845 entry) I think we should rename the Malian city WIMBUKTU."
From spicypricy on 606

The view from the fans
1921: "Why aren't they playing? I invite everyone to join the party on Court 1 where we are Mexican Waving and having a whale of a time!"
Claire, Wimbledon Court 1, via text

1918: Good news - the official voice of Wimbledon has just declared that the next storm should miss SW19 and they are "confident" of some play.

1915: There we have it, the British and possibly wider world public demand a McEnroe & Cash dinosaur rockathon to shake some life into the Centre Court. The veteran pair won 50% of the vote, while whippersnappers Federer & Djokovic earned 22% for their karaoke. Bad news for Sir Cliff, his 11% left him trailing in last behind Kate Moss's boyfriend.

1902: "There's a steady trickle of people calling it a day but others are made of sterner stuff - one couple have their backgammon board out."
BBC Sport's Mark Barden on Henman Hill

1900: So just to recap, we've had six minutes of Henman v Lopez, during which the Brit earned, but missed, a break point and the pair were locked at 1-1 when rain stopped play. Earlier, Roddick, Gonzalez and Gasquet made it through on the men's side, and Henin, Serena, Ivanovic, Vaidisova and Jankovic progressed in the women's draw. It's barely raining at the moment but... well, you know the score.

1845: "If Henman goes on to win I think we should rename the tournament and maybe the common TIMBLEDON."
From megagoonerjj on 606

1835: It's the perfect time for the old cloud/rain/sun graphic (which we don't have) as the weather changes from moment to moment, but right now it's drizzling. Some more matches have been called off for the day, including British number one Katie O'Brien's encounter against Michaella Krajicek. So the British women survive until day four, not bad eh?

1820: "Maybe Tatiana Golovin (see 1748 entry) was searching for a bottle of 'Private Edition' Gabriela Sabatini perfume and its heady concoction of Tangerine, Pineapple and Melon, which apparently is "reuniting all the private wishes and desires I have today", according to the 1988 Wimbledon doubles champion herself..."
from upthejumper7 on 606 - (other perfumes are available. Aren't they?)

1815: The rain continues to fall and the hardy souls on Centre Court have nothing but big screen re-runs to entertain them. Use the website vote to let us know who would do the best job of cheering us all up with a sing-song.

1812: Sir Cliff is back on Centre Court and he's singing! On the big screen, but still. If only he were here in person. There are rumours that Pete Doherty is in the area. And Federer and Djokovic have been doing some karaoke recently (look on YouTube) so they could do a turn. If pushed, maybe McEnroe and Cash would give us some dinosaur rock. It's vote time!

1805: "For Louise from Cheshire (see 1734 entry) wanting to know about Gabriela Sabatini - I looked her up on Google and it appears she has her own perfume line!!"
From ohmsmex on 606

1758: Bad news for fans of the likes of Yves Allegro, Dominik Hrbaty and Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo - theirs are among the 14 doubles matches that have just officially been postponed. Bearing in mind we can only just make out through the rain that it's Jim Courier on the big screen opposite our commentary box, there may well be more postponements to follow soon.

1748: "I saw Tatiana Golovin (see 1723 entry) in Debenhams on Oxford Street last Thursday. She was buying perfume. And I was taking a shortcut, not that there's anything wrong with Debenhams. Or especially good. Other retailers are available on the highstreet. Still raining."
BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Wimbledon

It's raining at Wimbledon
1743: The covers came off, and now they're back on. The official word is it will be "unsettled" for the rest of the evening.

Marc Gicquel
Marc Gicquel takes an injury time-out in Halle
1740: Well Louise (see entry below), Frenchman Marc Gicquel was hit in the, er, groin by a Benjamin Becker serve in Halle two weeks ago and, as you can see from the picture, did not enjoy the experience. He got back up to win but had to retire from his next match suffering the after-effects. As for Sabatini, no idea. Sorry. And thanks for the kiss.

1734: "Has anyone ever been hit with a tennis ball and had to retire from the match? And what ever happened to Gabriela Sabatini?"
Louise, Cheshire, X, via text

1726: Everybody and everything is sopping wet but the rain has abated, so the groundstaff are gingerly beginning the process of taking the covers off Centre Court.

1723: Tatiana Golovin on the controversy raging, sort of, about her brightly-coloured underwear: "I think it's totally in the dress code. There's a little red outline and they say red is the colour that proves that you're strong and you're confident, so I'm happy with my red knickers."

It's raining at Wimbledon
1715: "We got this downpour in Oxford about two hours ago, doesn't last too long. But it's Wimbledon, so this will probably last a week or three!"
From fudgey41 on 606

The view from the fans
1712: "Sat in the north queue here! Bizarrely praying for rain, then we get to witness HENMAN tomorrow! Getting very wet now!"
A wet Glen Taylor via text

It's raining at Wimbledon
1705: It's chucking it down on Centre Court so there's no prospect of play for a while. Console yourselves with this thought from Serena: "Yesterday I saw this guy, LAT, I assume it was Latvia. I assume it's one of the Russian countries. I don't even know how I heard of Latvia."

Michael Stich
1652: "The rain breaks will hurt Tim physically more than mentally as each time they come back he has to warm up his body again."
Five Live analyst Michael Stich

1648: "Serena, I'm in love with you and not on a reality show. Plus I am close to 40 so how about it? Can you see past the George Michael goatee?" - (see 1627 entry)
Tim Griffiths, Edinburgh, via text

It's raining at Wimbledon
1643: Henman and Lopez are just getting going at 1-1 when the rain arrives. The Brit has already fashioned one break point, which he stuck in the net on the return.

1640: "Marat Safin's career earnings are $12,858,525. So he can't afford some pasta? My heart bleeds." (see 1612 entry)
Patrick via text

1636: Henman opens with a winning serve and the crowd, and surely the country, lets out a lusty cheer. Elsewhere, Jankovic has demolished Gajdosova, Federer has gone two sets up over Del Potro, and Ivan 'Ljubo' Ljubicic is about to thrill his many fans against Jan Hernych on Court 13.
Jankovic beats Gajdosova 6-1 6-1

1635: "Just popped down to the queue, remarkably Pete Doherty IS sitting there (see 1050 entry), Union Jack face paint on, reading the Daily Mail while Kate Moss is buttering some malt loaf and pouring him a Horlicks from a tartan coloured thermos. They are surrounded by three housewives from Weston Super Mare who keep asking him to play something by the Beatles."
BBC Sport's TV mole

1630: We'll be staying across all the action around the All England Club, including Timbo of course, but in case you hadn't noticed Tom Fordyce will be giving you exhaustive coverage on the big match elsewhere on the website. Right now. Really.

1627: Henman enters the Centre Court arena to the expected huge cheer. Meanwhile, Serena is being grilled in the press room: "I don't know if I could find love on a reality show. I have to know someone for years, so he'd need to be a little older."

1622: "I caught up with Alex Bogdanovic at Aorangi Park and got his thoughts on Henman v Lopez."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Wimbledon

Boggy: "If he plays like he did against Moya, I'm sure he has a good chance of winning again. Lopez is better on grass than Moya but then that's Tim's favourite surface too and he likes to come forward, so who knows?

"It's all about just believing in yourself. He got through a tough match yesterday but he just has to forget that now and concentrate on this match. He should have been out in the first round but he hung in there and he's got another chance again."

1620: Henin whacks down two aces to complete her victory over Dushevina. A fine effort, and no disrespect to the Belgian battler, but you know what that means? Time for Tim.
Henin beats Dushevina 6-0 6-4

1618: "It was fun. I had heard his reputation so I knew I had to come out aggressive."
Andy Roddick on appearing on the Jonathan Ross show

Tracy Austin
1615: "I think Henin is at the peak of her game right now. Where do you improve when you are Justine? She has improved her forehand, her serve is very, very strong. Now it's just a question of maintaining this level and maybe improving by 5% a year just to keep up in women's tennis, but there is definitely no weakness there."
BBC Sport analyst Tracy Austin

Someone is having a tantrum at Wimbledon
1612: "Players complain about a lot of things in the locker room but when it comes to speaking their mind to the press they always say how nice everything is. But how can it be nice if you can't even buy a normal meal with our daily allowances here. A plate of spaghetti cost $25, where else do you see such outrageous prices?"
Marat Safin on Wimbledon - (he should try getting home by public transport)

1610: Hingis takes care of Nakamura in straight sets - a much easier afternoon than her opening win over Briton Naomi Cavaday. Remember her? Hingis still manages to drag it out a bit, double-faulting on one match point and having a joke with the crowd. Don't think Nakamura was laughing. Gasquet completes an impressive win over the, until now, in-form Mahut.
Hingis beats Nakamura 6-1 6-2
Gasquet beats Mahut 6-4 6-3 6-4

1558: This year's big mover in the women's game, Jelena Jankovic, is swiftly into a 2-0 lead against Jarmila Gajdosova on Court 2, fashion guru Federer has raced through the first set against Del Potro, and Henin is a set and a break up on Dushevina.

1550: The website voting is closed and you have proclaimed Maria Sharapova the winner of Wimbledon's fashion war. Perhaps more interestingly, you prefer Boris Becker's retro threads to those of Roger Federer. As for Serena, with 6% it's back to the drawing board.

1541: Henin seals the first set against Dushevina 6-0 in 20 minutes, Hingis has raced 6-1 2-0 clear of Nakamura, and France's 12th seed Richard Gasquet is doing well to lead in-form compatriot Nicolas Mahut by two sets and a break.

Tracy Austin
1538: "Dushevina has quite a few inches on Henin but Justine has the better technique on her serve and a little more pop and more consistency. You would have thought Dushevina would have won at least one match here as she got to the final at Eastbourne the other year."
BBC Sport analyst Tracy Austin

1533: Victory for Gonzo! Obviously we remain impartial but you've got to love the big man from Chile. He seals victory over Falla with a fizzing backhand pass and gets a healthy reception from the Chilean contingent on Court 2. And he's going out with Gisela Dulko, lucky beggar.
Gonzalez beats Falla 4-6 6-3 6-3 7-6

1530: "Actually, that mole has something of the yin and yang sign about it. A bit of sportsmen's superstition, perhaps."
Bored at Islam Channel

1525: Henin breaks Dushevina in the first game on Centre Court - could mean Henman's in action fairly soon. Federer and Del Potro get off to a quiet start and Gonzo is in a right old ding-dong on Court 2, breaking back to force a tie-break in the fourth set.

1514: Federer is back on court in his garb of white slacks and blazer, plus headband, continuing the theme taken up by Boris Becker who is wearing some 1920s gear around the grounds. Meanwhile Sharapova is wearing a 'swan-inspired' dress this year and Serena has a backless number. Time for a vote.

1510: "If you squint your eyes it looks like a shark with its mouth open." (see 1429 entry)
Sion in West Wales

1507: Roddick is another American star to progress in straight sets but without impressing greatly. Justine Henin is up next on Centre against Vera Dushevina and Roger Federer is making his way to Court One to face Juan Martin del Potro. Roddick beats Udomchoke 6-3 6-4 7-6

1502: Serena finally finishes off Molik on her third match point, after saving a couple of break points, and that wasn't easy for the American. Meanwhile, Falla is a break up on Gonzo and they're heading for a fifth set, and Martina Hingis is knocking up with Aiko Nakamura on Court 13.
Williams beats Molik 7-6 6-3

1500: "The furry mole-rat is Blakey from on the buses. I hate you butler!"
From bored of EC2 via text

Boris Becker
1456: "Once the Roddick serve is taken away Udomchoke is the better player from the baseline. The tough part for Roddick now is to settle in and focus on what he has to do next - that's what Jimmy used to do."
BBC Sport analyst Boris Becker

1454: Udomchoke breaks the Roddick serve! He needs to do it three more times to win the match but still, good effort. An edgy Serena misses a match point against Molik on Court One.

1449: A beaming post-match Ana Ivanovic on losing privacy as she gains fame - "I think it's part of the job and the sooner we get used to it, the better for everybody."

1446: "Ben Dirs - never been so insulted. If Dirs went under the guise of anything from the animal/bird kingdom he would most definitely be a vulture. Wikipedia best puts it, 'Vultures gorge themselves and sit, sleepy or half torpid to digest their food. They can eat rotten flesh containing anthrax, botulism and cholera which are destroyed in the stomach.' Botulism is especially prevalent in Showstoppers (the BBC canteen) of which Dirs is one of its few regular frequenters."
BBC Sport's TV mole - (he's upset, Showstoppers is five star and hugely popular)

1442: You know you're getting old when players born in the 1990s are appearing in the main draw. Out on Court 15, 16-year-old Austrian Tamira Paszek clinches a straight-sets victory and a place in the second round.

1434: Elena Dementieva wraps up a straight-sets victory over Nathalie Dechy, commentary box favourite Gonzo is closing on a two sets to one lead over Falla, and Roddick is two sets and a break up against Udomchoke.

1429: Well, that's it, the website vote is now closed and you have decided that 'Ben Dirs' best describes BBC Sport's TV insider graphic - a decision welcomed in this commentary box at least, although probably not in the Dirs household. However, we must point out that Dirs is not involved in the Wimbledon coverage and is probably asleep, fully clothed, on somebody's sofa. As a result we will revert to the runner-up, a mole, which will be some relief to the graphics team.

Someone is having a tantrum at Wimbledon
1424: "The swirling wind is getting to Roddick - it's a new experience for the players on Centre Court this year - and he's going to have to play a whole lot better than this if he's going to win Wimbledon."
Five Live Sports Xtra analyst Jeff Tarango - (we don't yet have a graphic for Jeff but it gives us a chance to use the tantrum symbol in honour of his 1995 antics.)

1419: Serena finally wraps up the first set against Molik in the tie-break with an ace, and Vaidisova completes a rather more testing than expected win over Knapp.
Vaidisova beats Knapp 7-6 6-2

1412: Serena continues her slightly dodgy start to the Championships, failing to serve out the set against Molik and heading into a tie-break. Roddick takes the second set against Udomchoke, no trouble.

1405: "Our furry friend is not a womble, nor a mole, nor a rat. It siberian hamster."
Manuel via text

1400: It's an early lead for Ben Dirs, great stuff. Anyway, to the real business and Roddick has taken the first against Udomchoke, Serena has broken back to 4-4 with Molik, Vaidisova is a set up and on serve with Knapp, Gonzo is serving to level at one set all against Falla - and Ivanovic has beaten Czink in a tie-break.
Ivanovic beats Czink 6-0 7-6

1351: Suggestions continue to pour in regarding the nature of BBC Sport's TV insider, recent suggestions being a womble, a clanger, someone with bad teeth, or even "our old friend Ben Dirs". Time for a vote.

1345: It's all go now - Molik breaks Serena for a 3-1 lead, while Vaidisova edges the tightest of sets on a tie-break against Knapp and Ivanovic is one game from victory.

1342: "Surely our sub-terrestrial friend is a womble?"
Jeff via text

1340: "Serena's outfit is a bit based on Marilyn Monroe I think. She looks great. Her hair is in more of a bob and comes out more on the side. Those earrings must be uncomfortable - they are hitting her cheeks as she walks along."
Five Live's Christine Janes

1337: "Boris Becker fashion fans - relax! I finally managed to hunt him down to the Centre Court commentary box to provide my daily report on what he is wearing. Needless to say he is still continuing with the 1920's preppy theme, but this time he's taken on a cricket vibe. A sweater the likes of which Herbert Sutcliffe would have worn with pride is teamed with a blazer and slacks. Reckon Boris would have made a very hostile opening bowler - HOW IST DAS!!"
BBC Sport's TV mole/rat/clanger

1334: Potential shocks as Falla takes the first set against Gonzalez on Court 2 and Vaidisova saves a set point against Knapp on Court 11. No such difficulty for Roddick who is quickly a break up against Udomchoke on Centre.

1330: "The identity of the mole needs to be revealed, he is FUNNY! He's nearly as cool as The Stig, but not that cool!"
From ox_dogg on 606 - (unfortunately the mole does not like to poke his head above ground for fear of being whacked over the head with a shovel. It's BBC Sport policy)

The view from the fans
1326: "Who needs Wimbledon for strawberries? I work in a bank and we've just had a fresh batch over here and they are totally scrumptious! Yum!"
Winstone Parkinson via text

1323: Andy Roddick gets the action under way on Centre Court and fires down a quick love-service game against Danai Udomchoke. Serena Williams is taking her time knocking up with Alicia Molik on Court One.

1322: "The BBC sport mole is not a mole at all, it is actually one of the Clangers - you can tell by its voice!"
Piere via text - (he's clearly hearing things)

1319: "What are people's opinions on this seven-fold accumalator winning? Federer, Blake, Gonzalez, Safin, Henman, Chela and Tipsarevic to win?" Tom via text

1309: The covers are off, the sun is out and play is expected soon. Fickle mistress, the British weather.

1304: "My tip for today is Falla to beat Gonzalez. I'm sitting on Court 2 and don't understand how this boy is outside the top 100! He looks real class."
Via text

1300: Well, it's not too bad outside at the moment and the official word is they expect a few more showers in the next 15 minutes but there is hope beyond that. To keep you up to date, Gonzalez is struggling after a good start and Alejandro Falla is serving for the set at 30-30. Ivanovic leads Czink by a set but is a break down in the second, and Vaidisova has been pegged back to 5-5 by Knapp.

1255: "The SW19 groundsman must be trembling be today. Gardening tsar and mole-hater Alan Titchmarsh will be casting a critical eye over the blades of Centre Court from the Royal Box. In 2004 he was awarded the Royal Horticultural Society's highest accolade - the Victoria Medal of Honour - for outstanding services to horticulture, so no doubt head groundsman Eddie Seaward had a sleepless night fretting over what Titchy will think of his pride and joy. P.S. Moles hate you too Titchmarsh - we know where you live.
BBC Sport's TV mole/rat/anteater/aadvaark

1252: "The rain has hit Wimbledon again! I think it will be a similar day to Monday, so I think that we will be lucky to see Tim on centre!"
From T_Toon on 606

1250: "It was Jewel of the Nile by the way Sarah (see 1237 entry), and backwards baseball caps are big time especially when coupled with baggy white trousers!"
Nathan via text

It's raining at Wimbledon
1245: That's your lot - 45 minutes of high-quality action before the rain arrives on Centre Court. It does not come quickly enough to save Anna Smashnova who suffers the dreaded double bagel with a 6-0 6-0 defeat to Martina Muller.

1243: "Katie O'Brien has just arrived and she may be British number one but judging by the lack of attention she draws, she is not yet a household name."
BBC Sport's Sophie Brown at Wimbledon

Tracy Austin
1241: "I'm sure Tim's body is a little tired from Monday but I'm sure he is now feeling ready to go on his favourite surface."
BBC Sport analyst Tracy Austin

1240: Smashnova may have won the first point of the day (see 1200 entry) but she's lost the first nine games in a row to the apparently awesome Martina Muller. Meanwhile, it's looking very gloomy overhead.

1237: "What the hell is Roger wearing? He looks like Michael Douglas circa Jewel In The Crown, wearing long white baggy trousers, loose white t-shirt and backwards baseball cap. Screams go up as Rafa signs autographs - surely no-one is going to go wild over Rog in that outfit."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Wimbledon

1232: Bad news Melinda Czink fans, Ivanovic wins the first set 6-0 in just 18 minutes.

1231: "I am glad I am in hospital when Tim is on."
Angela Bates via text - (is that allowed?)

1227: "Just asked Ljubicic if he fancies his chances this year. "Uh, we'll see," he says. "It's one by one and six to go." Nadal, meanwhile, is intently watching Lleyton Hewitt knocking up, while behind the Aussie former champion Venus Williams is practicing in a tight black top and leggings, fashion fans."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Wimbledon

1223: There's a big crowd out on Court 18 to watch Ivanovic against Melinda Czink and the sixth seed quickly moves 3-0 up. Gonzalez does the same against Alejandro Falla, and Vaidisova gets an early break against Karin Knapp.

1221: "My concerns yesterday about your mole scampering round the lawns have been allayed somewhat by the fact that it's clearly got a bit of an id crisis!
George via text

1220: There are some decent names in action already today, with Nicole Vaidisova on Court 11, Ana Ivanovic on Court 18 and Fernando 'Gonzo' Gonzalez on Court 2.

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1214: "Jimmy Hill spotted waiting for someone outside the members' enclosure - looks a bit lost until a friendly steward strikes up a conversation. Hope Jimmy hasn't been stood up but no doubt he'd take it on the chin."
BBC Sport's Sophie Brown at Wimbledon

John McEnroe
1210: "There's only a limited amount of matches Tim can survive like the Moya match. Tim's going to have to step it up today but Lopez's career has stalled too, so this is as big a game for him as it is Henman."
BBC Sport analyst John McEnroe

1200: We're off! Play gets underway on the outside courts and the weather is, er, kind of OK. At the moment. Anna Smashnova gets the first point of the day in her mouthwatering Court 5 clash with Martina Muller.

1159: "The mole/beaver/rat/anteater is in fact the not so distant cousin of the weird looking thing from futurama...or not." (See 1138 entry)
From fudgey41 on 606

1155: "Coach Toni Nadal is putting Rafa through some serving practice down at Aorangi - bit hit and miss so far but the second seed is scampering around court and letting out huge groans as he thumps his forehands."
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Wimbledon

1149: "Eh? Re 1130, 42% saying he's going out still means more than half think he's going to win."
Rob, trying to revise in the library, via text

1146: "If Doherty and Moss turn up to 'entertain' people in the queue I think the queue would suddenly shrink! He can't sing!
Stu, at work in Redhill, via text

1142: "It's not an anteater you fools! It's obviously an overweight dolphin with a tiny tail eating a spider."
From 'Lord Cumberland' via text

1138: "Spotted Jamie Delgado (what happened to him?) disappeared under a sea of school uniform-clad girls screaming 'sign this sign this'. Must have felt like the big time again for Delgado who has slipped to world number 569 and is currently landlord to Jamie Murray for Wimbledon fortnight. However after completing his autograph duties he walked off only for one of the girs to holler 'Are you a player?'. Made my whiskers bristle at the indignity of it all."
BBC Sport's TV mole/rat/beaver/vole

1130: Our Tim Henman poll is now closed, and what a traitorous bunch you are - 42% of you think the Tiger will make his Wimbledon exit today against Feliciano Lopez. However, the patriots among the 9,205 who voted (38%) take Tim to win in four sets. Only the most fervent of fans (5%) see him going through in straight sets.

1118: "Just wanted to wish Aisam-ul-Huq Qureshi the best of luck for his second round match today against...Marat Safin!!!! He is going to need it!! But it's great to see good players like him and Sania Mirza bigging up tennis for Pakistan and India."
From SamadManU4Lyf on 606

1109: "Beaver? What are you guys on? It's obviously an anteater with a moustache!"
Via text

1105: Guns and Roses, Live and Let Die (see entry below, we think).
Amy via text

1055: If you were waiting in the queue for hours on end, how would you feel if Pete Doherty and Kate Moss turned up and started serenading you? Better or worse than Sir Cliff? send us your thoughts.

1050: "Remarkable news reaches the mole/rat/beaver that Pete Doherty and Kate Moss are due to entertain the crowds in the queue this evening. Apparently Pete has friends over from Germany who queue every year and an insider close to the wacky pair says they plan to come and surprise them playing mixed doubles on the guitar tonight. Didn't think Pete and Kate were tennis fans but they are obviously attracted to the charms of SW19. We wait with baited breath...."
BBC Sport's TV mole/rat/beaver/vole

1042: "I think Henman's best bet is if it rains today and gives him a bit of a rest. He'll need it because he's not capable of killing players off in straight sets and I think if he is going to beat Lopez, it'll be in four or five."
DadoTheFrazman on 606

The view from the fans
1035: "The gates are open and the fans flood in. Is it kids' day today and nobody told me? They're everywhere. Which is lovely, of course."
BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Wimbledon

1030: Has a sense of realism finally surfaced among tennis fans when it comes to Tim Henman? According to our poll, 40% of you think he's heading for defeat against Feliciano Lopez in the second round.

1024: "My three favourite players all on Centre today, thank you Wimbledon. And I can enjoy today, work or obligation free, praying it doesn't rain. Come on Andy, Justine and Tim, let's see you into round three."
From brilliantcazzy on 606

1016: "I sat next to Mr and Mrs Henman sr at Roland Garros three years ago and they were very friendly, lent us some suncream. Don't think they'll have to do that today!"
Louisa via text

1006: "Henman's 14-year tenure shows no sign of ending. The true power may have passed to Murray but the former premier is going nowhere. He'll be back next year, he says, and for a few more - and why not? He proved too himself in yesterday's two-day, five-set thriller that he can still compete at world-class level. His athleticism is still as good as anyone. Henman is loving this return to the limelight and wants to win another term perhaps this time with more of a landslide than the close first count yesterday."
Five Live's Jonathan Overend

0957: So how confident is everyone feeling today? Use the website vote to let us know how you think Henman will get on against Lopez this afternoon. Very early polls suggest not too many fancy a straight-sets win for the Briton. Naysayers.

0950: "As well as the usual security checks, I was body-searched at the gates this morning. Probably trying to weed out the Union Jack jester hats ahead of Henman v Lopez this afternoon. Quite right too."
BBC Sport's Mark Barden at Wimbledon

0945: Today's highlight should be the latest instalment of the Henman saga when he takes on Feliciano Lopez in the final match on Centre Court, although if the forecasts are correct the Brit may get a welcome delay until tomorrow. And it's not all about Henman as far as home hopes are concerned as British number one Katie O'Brien plays 31st seed Michaella Krajicek in match four on Court 13 - weather permitting.

0930: "A magnificent start to the day - while coughing and wheezing my way up the hill from Wimbledon station I was overtaken by Czech star and 14th seed Nicole Vaidisova out for her early morning jog - or rather sprint. Headphones on, chewing gum, she looked like a woman on a mission, so Karin Knapp could be in trouble when the pair meet at 1200 BST on Court 11."
BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Wimbledon

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
0920: Today's weather forecast can be summed up by the classic cloud/rain/sun symbol we've all grown up with, and that gets meteorologists off the hook. But for now the skies are clear above Centre Court so we'll stay positive and kick off with the sun graphic - we may not see it again for a while.

  • We'll be here throughout the day to bring you the latest news from around the All England Club, both on the courts and off, so whether you're settling down at home, stuck in the office or queuing on Church Road, send us your thoughts.



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