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Friday, 15 November, 2002, 11:07 GMT
Moya proves too strong
All the action as Carlos Moya beats Albert Costa in three sets in the Tennis Masters Cup in Shanghai.

Moya, who is already through to the semi-finals, wins the first set on a tiebreak.

Costa battles back in the second to take a 3-0 lead which he never relinquished,

But Costa struggles with a back injury in the third set and Moya takes advantage to finish the group stage unbeaten.

Moya's win means that world number one Lleyton Hewitt qualifies for the semi-finals

Third set

Moya 7-6 3-6 6-4 Costa

Under pressure, Costa makes a couple of mistakes to give Moya two match points and he converts the first, reading a Costa drop shot perfectly to win the point.

Moya 7-6 3-6 5-4 Costa

Moya uses his power to good effect against his opponent who appears to be struggling with his injury and now needs to hold his serve to stay in the match.

Moya 7-6 3-6 4-4 Costa

Things get worse for Costa. At 30-all he is forced to take a time-out for treatment on a back injury. But he comes out afterwards and plays some brave shots, despite his discomfort, to stay in the match.

Moya 7-6 3-6 4-3 Costa

After going 15-40 down, Moya recovers to win four points in a row as the match enters a crucial stage.

Moya 7-6 3-6 3-3 Costa

After going 0-30 down, Costa pulls out the big serves when he needs to bring himself back into contention and then saves three break points to win the game.

Moya 7-6 3-6 3-2 Costa

Moya holds his serve to love after some quick reactions give him the advantage in the game as Costa starts to look a little tired.

Moya 7-6 3-6 2-2 Costa

Costa has Moya on the run early on but a delightful cross-court shot by Moya brings the game to deuce. However Moya's sliced backhand sets up a chance for Costa and he sends a forehand down the line for a winner.

Moya 7-6 3-6 2-1 Costa

Moya is again aggressive on his own serve and he holds on comfortably in what is the quickest game of the match.

Moya 7-6 3-6 1-1 Costa

Costa needs to play some tough shots to save his serve but he keeps his cool to hold on.

Moya 7-6 3-6 1-0 Costa

Some aggressive play by Moya sees him get out of trouble at the start of the third set.

Second set

Moya 7-6 3-6 Costa

After Costa goes 30-0 down, things look bleak but he rattles off three points in a row to give him set point. Moya does well to stay in the rally and give himself a lifeline but then misses a drop shot to gift Costa another chance and this time Costa makes no mistake to take the second set.

Moya 7-6 3-5 Costa

Moya looked strong early in the game but some poor shot selection at crucial times saw Costa get back into the game and eventually break him to leave him serving for the set.

Moya 7-6 3-4 Costa

Moya earns himself two break points after a tremendous rally. But Costa responds with an ace to save one but Moya shows his strength with a match-winner to break back.

Moya 7-6 2-4 Costa

Moya's inconsistency continue. Although he holds his serve, errors are still creeping into his play.

Moya 7-6 1-4 Costa

A poor return by Moya gives Costa game point at 40-30 and another disappointing return by Moya keeps Costa well on track and in control of the second set.

Moya 7-6 1-3 Costa

Moya responds well with his fifth and sixth aces of the game to hold for the first time in the set but he still has much to do.

Moya 7-6 0-3 Costa

Moya continues to struggle as Costa picks his game up and holds his serve comfortably as he bids to reach the semi-finals.

Moya 7-6 0-2 Costa

A couple of mistakes by Moya cost him dearly as Costa capitalises to break his serve.

Moya 7-6 0-1 Costa

Costa bounces back from the disappointment of losing the first set to take the first game on the second set on his own serve.

First set

Moya 7-6 Costa

The first fourteen points of the tiebreak go with serve with both players serving well and responding well to set points against them. But at 7-7, Moya sends a forehand down the line to win the point. He goes on to wrap it up on the next point with a strong first serve to beat Costa.

Moya 6-6 Costa

Costa is made work hard by Moya but he responds to the pressure with a backhand down the line to clinch the game and send the set to a tiebreak.

Moya 6-5 Costa

Moya looks very confident, making Costa do much of the running and pressing home his advantage.

Moya 5-5 Costa

The crowd livens up as the players play out some thrilling rallies which result in Moya getting his first set point. But Costa responds with an ace. Costa's wide forehand then forces Moya into making a mistake and he wins the game.

Moya 5-4 Costa

Moya increases the pressure on his compatriot, holding his serve to leave Costa serving to stay in the set.

Moya 4-4 Costa

Costa comfortably levels the match with his swinging serve getting the better of his opponent.

Moya 4-3 Costa

A double fault by Moya gives Costa two break points but Moya rescues the situation with a superb drop shot. Costa is given another chance when Moya nets an attempted volley and although Moya tries another drop shot, this time Costa is too good and breaks straight back.

Moya 4-2 Costa

Moya takes it to 30-all on the Costa serve with a cheeky drop shot which Costa can't return. A forehand winner gives Moya the first break point of the game which he can't convert. Moya earns himself another break point after a couple of deuces and a wide cross-court forehand gives him the break.

Moya 3-2 Costa

Costa looks to challenge in the early part of the game but luck is on Moya's side as he first benefits from a lucky net cord decision and then Costa nets a backhand at 30 all. But Moya presses home his advantage with an ace to win the game.

Moya 2-2 Costa

Moya tries a couple of attempted backhand winners but nets twice. Costa holds his serve with a powerful drive volley after a strong serve which gives Moya no chance.

Moya 2-1 Costa

Moya's kick serve keeps him well out of trouble and again he has no problems regaining the lead in what is a low-key match so far.

Moya 1-1 Costa

Costa levels it up confidently although Moya bravely chases a drop shot but his return is just out.

Moya 1-0 Costa

Moya makes a positive start, holding his serve comfortably in the opening game.


Spaniard Carlos Moya is already through to the semi-finals.

His compatriot Albert Costa could join him if he wins this crunch encounter.

If Costa does win it would mean the end of the season for world number one Lleyton Hewitt.

Later, Juan Carlos Fererro will take on Jiri Novak.

BBC tennis correspondent Iain Carter
"It was an epic match"
All the action from the end-of-season Masters Cup

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