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   Friday, 4 October, 2002, 16:11 GMT 17:11 UK
Villa's Moroccans quizzed
Aston Villa's Moroccan duo of Moustapha Hadji and Hassan Kachloul are answer your e-mails
Aston Villa's Moroccan duo of Moustapha Hadji and Hassan Kachloul answer your e-mails.

Moustapha Hadji and Hassan Kachloul are legendary names in African football in recent times, Hadji being named African Footballer of the Year in 1998.

But both have been struggling to secure a place at their club Aston Villa since the departure of the manager who brought them to the club, John Gregory.

BBC Sport Online took your questions to the Moroccan duo.

El-Azar, Morocco

Hadji, what are your reasons for wanting to return to the Moroccan team now?

MH: I never said I was retiring from Moroccan football. What I said was that I was tired and needed some rest, I needed to stay of the national team for a couple of years. I came to Villa and it was a new club for me, and I really wanted to be 100% for them and available to play all the games.

But under the new manager Graham Taylor I'm not playing and so it's very difficult for me to get back in the Morocco side - physically I'm not fit and I need some games. So before the start of the season I told Morocco if you want me I'll be there for you.

Hassan, Morocco

Kachloul, will you join Hadji in playing again for Morocco?

HK: I retired from the team last year, and I made my mind up because of a few things that happened in the past. And because things haven't been improving in my view for a few times, I think it is enough.

Sean, USA

How come Morocco did not qualify for the 2002 World Cup? Are you guys ready to change Morocco back to a great African football nation?

MH: I don't understand why we didn't qualify - we had everything. But this is what it's like when there is not a great atmosphere in the team. The squad did not change that much but after a couple of years doing very well it was hard to stay on top because every team was ready for us - we were the team to win against.

HK: I think Morocco had a great team over the last decade. Unfortunately we didn't qualify because Senegal had a great team and I think they proved it. As an African country we were proud of what Senegal did at the World Cup.

Now there's a lot of good players who play in Europe or grew in Europe and Morocco has to put everybody together and work as a unit to make us one of the best countries in Africa.

I hope we can forget about that and stay positive because we have quality.

Seltue Karweaye, USA

We don't hear about you any more on the BBC's Fast Track programme. I hear you are now playing for Aston Villa's reserves. Does this upset you?

MH: Of course, because I think I still have the quality to play in the Premiership. The manager has put me in the reserves and I don't deserve that. I have three or four years left in the Premiership and I hope the manager will change his mind. I know if I am given the opportunity to come back I will take it.

HK: Yes, big time - it really really upsets me. When I was signed for Villa a year ago by John Gregory everything was fine, I played for six months, I did well for the team and the club was doing well in the league. Then we changed the manager and since then I disappeared completely.

It's hard - I would say it's football but I don't like to accept these kind of things. I've not been a given a good reason why I'm not playing - it's just a feeling of being left out which is difficult to live with. But to answer the question it's hard, yes.

Omar, USA

When you struggle to get into the Villa team, what keeps you going?

HK: It's an experience in life, and you have to go through those kind of things to get stronger. I always make a choice in my own mind and try not to look backwards.

Phil Briggs, UK

Is there any likelihood of you making a return to the Villa team any time soon?

MH: I've already talked with the manager about that and asked him exactly what's happening. I hope he understood me and is going to give me my chance because I am always on the training ground working hard and giving 100%. I think I deserve my chance, because at the moment under him (Taylor), I've only played two games. It's very difficult for a player when you don't have the confidence of the manager.

HK: Unfortunately it's not me who has the answer to this question, it's Graham Taylor. But at the moment it doesn't look like it.

Jamie Middleton, UK

Hassan, do you regret not joining Ipswich?

HK: Not at all, because I'm happy about my choice. I like Villa, I like the club, I've been enjoying it every time I play.

Stefan, UK

If you were manager of Aston Villa, how would you deal with your own situation?

MH: I don't know. It is difficult because when you are the manager you have to make a choice, and I don't blame him because he is the boss and can do whatever he wants and whatever he thinks. If he wants me for the team I will be there and I will be 100% because it's my job. I have to be patient and wait for my chance - at the moment Villa are not doing very well and I think we need some creativity in midfield so I hope I will have my chance.

Ger, Ireland

If you decided to move away, which clubs or countries would you go to?

Hopefully I will stay in England. I want to stay here because I've had four years where I've really enjoyed my football and I can't see any reason why I can't get back in the side again. I'm here and I want to play here.

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