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banner Friday, 10 August, 2001, 03:11 GMT 04:11 UK
Quiz Christian Malcolm
E-mail your questions to Christian Malcolm
Christian Malcolm's bid for gold in the 200m collapsed at the World Athletics Championships in Edmonton.

But he's bouncing back to take part in a BBC Sport Online forum. Email your questions to Christian now.


After setting four personal bests during the Championships, Christian Malcolm was one of the favourites for a gold medal.

But after finishing fifth, just two one-hundredths of a second away from a podium place, Malcolm has vowed to pick himself up.

He remains confident that it's only a matter of time before he beats Konstadinos Kedaris of Greece who took top honours with a time of 20.04 seconds.

BBC Sport Online is giving you the chance to email Malcolm about his thoughts and plans for the future.


A Telegraph columnist has dubbed the host city "Deadmonton". How have you enjoyed the Canadian experience? I ask as I came here for a short visit and never left!
Jeremy Anthony, Edmonton

After a major event, do you go off to relax, or do you start training straight away?
Will, UK

What went wrong in the 4x100m relay? Why does this keep happening to the British sprint relay team? Should we have picked a more experienced team?
Phil, Harlow, UK

Do you think that it is fair that Olga Yegorova was allowed to run?
Esther, UK

Kenderis participated in very few races this year, conserving energy for the World Championships. Do you think that this is the best strategy or is it better to have more races?
Michail Michailakis, Athens

How do you try and keep relaxed with out losing any speed?
Steve Marshall, England

Do you think that too much expectation was placed upon you by the media?
Steve Bailey, UK

Christian, would you consider doing the 200m and 400m like Michael Johnson?
Simon Cove, UK

How fast do you feel you can run and how long it will be before you dip under the 20-second mark?
Scott Heeley, England

I just wondered how long it took you to become a top athlete. I am 16 and two years ago I went to an English schools competition but since the summer of 1999 I haven't been training. Is it too late for me to become a top level athlete?
Amo Fregene, United Kingdom

What was your first thought after crossing the line?
Daz, UK

You have clearly demonstrated that you have the basic ability to challenge at the top level in 200m and attain a sub 20 second time. Do you think that some 400m runs would help you to build the basic strength and speed endurance to enable to progress further?
Cordell Joseph, England

Do you think top class athletes can gain benefits from the use of sports psychologists?
Joel, UK

What do you think Great Britain should do to help our athletes improve?
Caroline Booth, UK

There was enormous expectation in your home country of you getting in the medals - possibly the gold. How much pressure did you feel to meet these expectations, and getting that gold medal for the British people? Were you able to block this out of your mind and run your own race or do you think this could have affected your mental preparations for the 200m race?
Marie Berbick-Graham, Great Britain

Did your blistering performance in the semi take too much out of you prior to the final?
Dicken, UK

Christian has moved from a good British athlete to a world class athlete. He has moved up a level, and can now challenge the world's best. He should treat Edmonton as a great learning experience - well done! What plans have you got for the rest of the year?
Amrit, UK

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