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Lions scrum-half Matt Dawson
Answers your emails
 real 14k

banner Saturday, 14 July, 2001, 16:23 GMT 17:23 UK
Matt Dawson on final Test
Matt Dawson answers your Lions questions after the third Test
BBC Sport Online gave you the chance to put your questions to Lions scrum-half Matt Dawson after defeat in Sydney.

Click here to listen to Matt Dawson

Matt Dawson was magnificent in defeat as the Lions went down to Australia 29-23 in the series decider.

Dawson couldn't repeat his heroic display against the ACT Brumbies but the entire Lions team showed remarkable grit against a great Australian side.

As the dust settled after a remarkable tour, BBC Sport Online gave you the opportunity to quiz the Lions scrum-half.

Click here to listen to Matt Dawson

Julian Munsey, UK

How have the player's taken today's crushing defeat by Australia?

It hit us pretty hard. The changing room was pretty quiet, even though the bus is fairly feisty at the moment. It was a big blow for us but we've now got to look ahead.

It's been an awesome tour, especially with the players involved. It's been a fantastic environment to be in, we've made lots of friends. Even though it was a crushing defeat and everyone was absolutely gutted it's now time to enjoy each other's company and move on.

Andy Clarke, UK

Was this the most intense atmosphere you have ever played in?

No, not really, I was very focused for the game. I think last week was pretty intense with the way the stadium was. Stadium Australia is quite big and open and although the crowd were very noisy some of it was lost just because of how the stadium is. I don't think the atmosphere fazed either side, they were getting on with their rugby and the pressure they created themselves. I think last week was probably a little bit more intense.

Ian Street, Scotland

Do you think we will ever be on par with the likes of Australia and South Africa?

I think we proved in this series that we are on a par with them. It just takes two penalties either way to win or you lose a series. The more that we play them the better we are going to be.

Tim James, England

How will the intensity of the Lions tour affect preparations for the coming season? It's it straight back to work for you all?

I think it's vitally important that we get a break. All the players here have had a very, very busy season finished off with a seven-week intense tour with the Lions. Mentally they are all going to be fairly drained as well as physically. It's important that the clubs look after them as much as possible and that we get as much rest as possible. Three or four weeks is an absolute must because we have got to try and entertain and provide some decent club standard next year.

Beryl Reed, UK

Which Aussie has made the most impact on this series? And what did you think of Justin Harrison, the man Austin Healey called a "plank"?

I think someone like George Smith has caused us the most problems. The way he has been on the ball all the time has stopped our continuity. I know he got man of the match, but over the three matches he's probably been their best player and someone we have had to constantly monitor.

As for Harrison, he played very well but when we've played against him before he has been an ape. He has been someone who has caused a lot of problems and injured Healey in the ACT game, but I talked to him after the game and he's a top man. I just think that on the pitch he gave the wrong impression of himself. But he played fantastically well tonight.

Brian, London

What is the difference between Lions and England games?

Not an awful lot in rugby terms, there's just a lot more tradition and honour because of the personnel you are playing with. But the way England are playing at the moment there's not an awful lot of difference between the two sides.

Gareth Morgan, Australia

What are your thoughts on the performances of Jason Robinson on this tour, and do you think he will play a big part for England in the future?

I think he will. It's important that he does, he's shown that he's a match winner. He's also proved that he can score from nowhere. I think England used him very well when he came off the bench and the Lions used him well by starting him. He's proved he can play in any situation whether he starts or comes off the bench and I think he's going to be great for English rugby.

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