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Wednesday, 30 May, 2001, 15:46 GMT 16:46 UK
Q&A: Bolton boss Sam Allardyce
Your chance to quiz Bolton boss Sam Allardyce
BBC Sport Online gave you the chance to quiz next season's newest Premiership manager.

Tune in and listen to Sam Allardyce answering your emails.

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    It was third time lucky for Sam Allardyce.

    Twice he had led teams to the Play-Offs and twice he had failed.

    But that was prior to Bolton's stunning 3-0 win in this season's Division One Play-Off final.

    Denying Lancashire rivals Preston, the team claimed the final Premiership place.

    BBC Sport Online gave you the chance to quiz the man at the helm.

    Tune in and listen as Sam Allardyce answers your emails.

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    Philip Heys, UK

    One thing that struck me about last season was how tactically aware of the game you are and how well you use the substitutes. Who would you say gave you the most knowledge about the game and what tactics work best?

    From an early stage in my career, if you're talking about picking up knowledge, it would have been via Ian Greaves who was involved in my success as a young player at Bolton. And working under managers such as Bobby Gould and George Graham helped me to expand my knowledge at bit more.

    There's the general courses and seminars structured by the FA and you draw on your own experience. As the game changes you have to change with it. Having been a manager for many years, I've become accustomed to using my full quota of substitutes and we've done that very effectively this year.

    Andy, UK

    Congratulations on a brilliant season and a great day out at the Millennium Stadium. What worries me is the lack of support in the Bolton area for the club. We only sold out once this season and also we had problems selling tickets for the Play-Off final.

    Now we are back in the Premiership, does it not annoy you that all those so-called fans will be back in their numbers?

    No I'm delighted they're back. I had a certain amount of frustration and disappointment this season that the average crowd was only about 16,000. Having so many local derbies in one season, I would have expected the crowds to be bigger. However, the support we have received has been fantastic, we asked them to make as much noise as they could and they created an atmosphere.

    Nick, UK

    Well done on promotion - you totally deserved it. I'm a Man City supporter - do you think we will find it tough in Division One or are you backing us to come straight back up?

    I think they're a better team now than when they were first promoted. They'll be a major force in the first division.

    Andrew, England

    Well done Sam, promotion to the Premiership is a great achievement. With the money that your club will inherit as a result, what kind of changes will you make to the team?

    Keeping the broad base of the squad has been the most important and the first focus for me. We have tried to secure the players which were out of contract - once that's finished we can concentrate on the shortlist of players of better quality than we had before.

    Neil Kateley, Bolton Exile, London

    I've not felt so good about a Bolton team in years. Obviously we'll have the pre-ordained tag of Premiership whipping boys next season, coming up from the play-offs. However, how do you think fellow promoted teams Blackburn and Fulham will fare?

    In one respect, they are much more fortunate that we are with their spending power. But then it's how you spend that money and it's how wise you spend it.

    Peter, UK

    Well done on a well deserved promotion. If you could bring back any former player to Bolton to help in the Premiership next season, from any era, who would it be and why?

    Id' have to say in my time it would be Frank Worthington. If it was now it would be Gudjohnsen and they would make a superb striking partnership.

    Mo Hussain, United Kingdom

    It's rumoured that you're a Wolves fan. If so, would you consider managing the club one day?

    Having signed a ten-year contract it would have to be after that. As much as I liked Wolves as a boy and it was a childhood dream to play and perhaps manage for the club, I've come to Bolton and this is where I want to stay.

    Phil, Hereford, England

    What was the feeling like as soon as the second goal by Ricketts was scored, as that was the killer goal? Good luck next season!

    It was unbelievable relief to have the pressures and strain of the season and he play-off final taken away from me.

    Jon Bolton, Australia

    Which team are you looking forward to playing the most in the Premiership?

    From a personal point of view it would be Peter Reid's Sunderland. Having been a Sunderland player and captain, worked with Peter at Sunderland and played with him for many years at Bolton, I'll very much look forward to that game.

    And then there's our local derby against Manchester United!

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