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Last Updated: Friday, 25 February 2005, 18:45 GMT
Caption Competition 240
Pakistan cricket captain Inzamam ul-Haq
This week's caption competition features cricketer Inzamam-ul-Haq.

The Pakistan captain is dressed in a very fetching mughal warrior outfit ahead of his side's upcoming series against India.

This week's winner is Woody from Notts who had us smiling with...

Inzamam gets the shock of his life when a tiger shoots across the pitch and disappears up his outfit.

Congratulations Woody! A prized BBC Sport goody bag is on its way.


Inzamam gets the shock of his life when a tiger shoots across the pitch and disappears up his outfit
Woody, Notts

Cost cutting at PCB, kit selection outsourced
Hemant Savla, USA

Historians dig up rare picture of Inzy running.
ibi, uk

Going out tonight.. drinks on me lads!
Khan, UK

Inzamam stealing a quick single?
Salman Chaudhary, London, UK

It's getting Hot in here so let me take of my clothes...
Abhi Parab, USA

From Middle-order to Middle-earth
Simon Thompson, UK

Inzamam was the latest to get the Trinny and Suzanna treatment!
Stu G, England

As casting for the sequel to the Last Samurai took place, Inzamam felt he always had the edge
Sam Jeffery, England

Inzamam-ul-Haq's war cry freezes in his throat as he realises he's at the wrong party...
TUM, France

"What's the matter, lads? I'm just going out to bat!"
Sarah L, UK

Inzamam became angry when he realised the kitman had picked up the wrong bag at the airport.
Chris Peacock, England

Inzy isn't happy with his new Christmas jumper
Jason Kilby, UK

Shoaib, finish your over, now!!!!!!!!!!
Augustin James, Sweden

Not everyone was a fan of the new rules on protection in cricket.
Loz, England

I know Pathan and Zaheer are quick...but this is taking the Michael!!!
Aamir Ahmed, Blackburn UK

Inzi realises that he may have gone a little too far in his choice of a retro one day kit.
Pete Haslam, UK

"I defy the RSPCA, if I want a cat round my waist, I'll have a cat round my waist!"
Chris Arnold, U.K.

At the press conference, Inzy dismisses fears that they are likely to face a hostile atmosphere in India
Simon Thompson, UK

I'll see how the umpires gives ruling against us now!
Sohail, UK

inzamam uses new scare tactics to intimidate india
Tom, England

"Ha does my bum look big in this"
Gavin S, Birmingham, UK

Having spent four hours getting into his jacket, Inzamam-ul-Haq didn't have time to get his legs in his trousers
Clare Bear, Llandough, Wales

Oh no, I've washed my smalls, and now they've all rusted
Rob Falconer, Wales

Director: "Ok thats enough Inzi...Inzimam? No no dont come near me! No! NOOOO!!!"
Waldo, UK

Inzamam models the Pakistan Cricket Board's new standard equipment for net practice against Shoaib Akhtar
Tim Haveron Jones, Henley on Thames, UK

Hey guys, do you think this new kit will help my running between the wickets?
Tim Haveron Jones, Henley on Thames, UK

Russell Crowe should be afraid. Very afraid!
Sarah L, UK

Hey I could give Russel Crowe a RUN for his money!
Anil, India

The new ICC one day dress code is a bit cumbersome.
bob watson, ware, england

I know the retro look is all the rage in cricket, but this is ridiculous!
Darren Farr, England

Inzamam regrets sending his cricket whites to the cheapest dry cleaners in town.
Darren Farr, England

New Pakistan plans to pierce the Indian attack unveiled
James Pope, Scotland

Look! This is my belt!
Ben E, England

All's fair in Cricket and War
Vishaal B, England

Inzamam gets the shock of his life when a tiger shoots across the pitch and disappears up his outfit..
Woody, Notts

Mrs Ul-Huq discovers where the colander and curtains have got to.
Matt Ferguson, York, UK

Pakistan players regret asking Vivienne Westwood to design their one-day strip
Huw Williams, Wales

Ouch..nobody told me that there will be an arrow sent through my ear.
Dushy, Canada

Inzamam was disgusted with the new Pakistani cricket jumpers, pads and helmets
Nick Newman, England

The new Pakistani cricket kit was a little intimidating
Nick Newman, England

What..I'm out?? The ball hit me right here Mr Bucknor.
Dushy, Canada

Inzamam's not happy when someone leaves post-it notes all down his new wooly jumper !!
The Wingnut, Wales


I'm Glad-i-ate-it
Simon Thompson, UK
Pakistan hope to steel victory in next test
Garf, N.Ireland

It's the Incredible ulH'q
Mark Newbold, uk

Good luck Inzi, be a good Caption.
Rizwan Elahi, Canada

Pleased to depleat you
TUM, France

Inzamam decides to make HISTORY !
Omer, Dubai

Pakistan get ready for their day/knight encounter with India
bob watson, ware england

"So now you will know what 'Tin Pot Dictator' really means!"
Chris Arnold, U.K.

All together now! 'Get in the middle of a chain-male reaction...'
Sarah L, UK

I'm Glad-i-ate-it
Simon Thompson, UK

"My favourite programme of the 80's had to be"KNIGHT-RIDER" Says the Pakistani Captain to the Capacity Crowd at LORD'S.
Ashley Martin, Chawton,Hampshire,United Kingdom

You've got -chain- mail!
TUM, France

In this kit I'm guaranteed to bowl a maiden over.
Ian Tyreman, Whitby N.Yorks

... and to-knight matthew
james newman, England

With all this messing about the opposition were getting really Haqed off.
Bertie B, england

Inzamam Ul-Haq out LBW - Looney Before Wicket!
Darren Farr, England

Inzamam had brought his kit for the "Day - Knight" game...
Adrian Wade, Canada

Pakistan taunt the opposition with the Haqa.
Gavin, Shropshire

Inzaman pictured during secret chaining session
Nick Newman, England


Darth Vader was green with envy at the sight of Inzamam's more exciting costume
Mariam, Pakistan

Now place in the oven at Gas mark 7 for 45 minutes
nick newman, england

Stars in your eyes finalist Inzamam declares.."and tonight Matthew I'm going to be Cher!"
dave richman, uk

he has not realised the fact that his oversized toothpick is in the wrong hand.
PDH, Lincolnshire

Inzamam overtakes China to become the single largest steel user.
Prithvi, India

Inzamam runs from his mothers wrath after wasting all her tin-foil
Garf, N. Ireland

And tonight, Matthew, I'm going to be C3P0
Rob Falconer, Wales

Darth Vader was green with envy at the sight of Inzamam's more exciting costume.
Mariam, Pakistan

Inzamam leads the retreat when he encounters the Braveheart Reunion
James Pope, Scotland

Fee fi fo fum. When I run between the wickets I end up on my bum.
Darren Farr, England

Inzaman's jaw drops as he sees the giant Indian magnet roll in
Nick Newman, England


Everton coin tosser realises mistake when he encounters the Roy Carroll Fan Club
James Pope, Scotland

Sorry Inzy, Channel 4's jousting competition finished on Saturday...
Matthew Taylor, England

Jude the QPR Mascot's new costume was specifically designed so that optically challenged linesmen could not, ever, in a month of Saturdays, confuse him with a player...
Adrian Wade, Canada

Everton coin tosser realises mistake when he encounters the Roy Carroll Fan Club
James Pope, Scotland

Inzamam seen here modelling Camilla's interesting choice of wedding dress.
Stu G, England

watch out we are comming (INDIA)
ayesha, pakistan

And the Oscar goes to...
Sarah L, UK

Hey, it's not as bad as Prince Harry's !
Phil, England

has protective clothing for batsmen gone too far ??
chris clarke, england

Inzy's last ditch effort to sort out the in-fighting in the Pakistan camp!
Tariq, UK

I'm A Cricketer Get me out this Costume
James Pope, Scotland

Hows that?
Neil Molyneux, England

Coin throwing had become such a worry for sportsmen...all around the world!
Nick Newman, England

Hey Ronnie, you left your snooker cue at Wembley last night.
Alan J. Heath, Pitmedden, Scotland


Evening classes cover a much wider range of activities nowadays
TUM, France

Inzi's mum had done well following the pattern knit one weld one.
Keyff Smyff, England

Neighbourhood watches had never been so effective!
TUM, France

The Daleks in the Pakistani version of Dr. Who had clearly suffered from budget restrictions
Clare Bear, Llandough, Wales

Inzamam always bought his outfits at Debenham's the Blacksmiths
Derek Drayman, UK

"How dare you call my flag boring!"
Chris Arnold, U.K.

In the Middle of the war, there was an announcement: "McDonalds NOW OPEN! 1st 10 customers eat for free!!"...Inzi made sure he was there! :p
Abz Slik, UK

Hang back guys, I'll be the nightwatchman.
chetiya, Sri Lanka

What do you mean they finished filming! they promised i could be an orc
Breakers, England

Inzy pads up in style to face those Mohammad Sami bouncers
Jay Munro, England

At last he runs!!!
sivan, USA

"see i've lost weight, i can even close my belt!"
Hamid Rafiq, England

King of the jungle
Loz, England

Run ! Run ! Its Kumble !
Krish, USA

Look, I am no POTATO now!
Ranjan Weerasinghe, Canada

Inzamann relishing his role as knight watchman!
bob, ireland

look mom! only one hand
sandeep, india

The umpire decided to give Inzamam-ul-Haq the benefit of the doubt on his LBW decision
Clare Bear, Llandough, Wales

Miffed at having lost the golf tournament, Inzamam-ul-Haq runs off with the flag from the 18th. hole
Clare Bear, Llandough, Wales

The jacket's OK, but the chain mail underpants are a bit rough
Derek Drayman, UK

Inzamam gets the rest of the team fired up for the local derby
conor shevlin, nothern ireland

"Where were those pitch invaders?"
TUM, France

Evening classes cover a much wider range of activities now-a-days
TUM, France

A chain had always worked better than WeightWatchers for Inzanam...
Matty, England

It may be uncomfortable but I always have toilet roll handy.
Martin Bray, England

"Yes, it is from the Jodie Marsh collection."
Sarah L, UK

Inzaman was bowled over by Trinny and Suzannah's new look for him!
james newman, England

Pakistan launches it's Green Cross Code road safety campaign.
Darren Farr, England

Does my beard look big in this?
Darren Farr, England

Taking their cure from the All Blacks, Pakistan now perform the Haq-qa before every game.
Darren Farr, England

Now this American Football armor thing is just getting silly!
Ben E, England

"Does my bum look big in this?"
nick newman, england


Pakistan's new away kit modelled by Pavarotti
Andy Brimelow, Widnes

Inzamam had had all his outfit supplied by his sponsors, Steptoe and Son
Clare Bear, Llandough,Wales

"We said be prepared for Warne, not war"
Simon Thompson, UK

Gladiator 2, coming to a cinema near you soon.
Sam Winnard, England

Nobody in the Stars in their eyes audience had a clue who he was suppost to be.
Stuart Gilby, england

Shrek 3 auditions begin.
Darren Farr, England

The Brian Blessed action figure came free with February's issue of ICC monthly!
Andy Brimelow, Widnes

Pakistans new away kit modelled by Pavarotti.
Andy Brimelow, Widnes


In the latest episode of You Are What You Eat, Inzamam discovers that the foil is actually part of the packaging
Si Griffin, Lost at sea

The Llandough lads arrive to claim yet another BBC Goody Bag...
Adrian Wade, Canada

We're here to ensure you don't get onto Si's yacht
Bob Watson, Ware, Hertfordshire

What do you have to do to get published?! I've submitted about 50 captions in total and not a sniff?!!
Wayne Burns, Liverpool, UK.

In the latest episode of You Are What You Eat, Inzamam discovers that the foil is actually part of the packaging.
Si Griffin, Lost at sea

Si now holds fancy-dress parties on the yacht!
Sarah L, UK

Inzamam ul-Haq models contents of BBC's New Deluxe Goody Bag.
Darren Farr, England

Fears at that this will be the last Cap Comp after Calvary Charge on photographer
James Pope, Scotland

Inzaman surpasses Sven's evil eye from Comp 239!
Darren Farr, England

Inzamam ul-Haq always went to the dentists prepared.
TUM, France

Some people go to extreme lengths to get their hands on a bbc sport goody bag
Robert Luxford, London

Si Griffin had hired Oddjob for yacht security
Ben E, England


Pakistani cricketers warm up with a little YMCA
Ben E, England
Which one of you superglued these calling cards to my armour?!
Ben E, England

"What do you mean nothing's been superglued?"
TUM, France

Pakistani cricketers warm up with a little YMCA
Ben E, England



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