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Tuesday, 31 October, 2000, 09:23 GMT
Your tributes to Redgrave

Olympic hero Steve Redgrave has ended the speculation and announced his retirement from rowing.

Send your tributes to the five Gold phenomenon hailed as Great Britain's finest Olympian. HAVE YOUR SAY

Steve Redgrave provided one of the highlights of the Sydney 2000 Olympics when he claimed his fifth Gold medal after a thrilling victory in the coxless fours.

The years of endless dedication, and a battle against diabetes, had made him the first athlete to claim five Olympic Golds in an endurance event.

Since then his adoring fans have been waiting for his final word on whether he would carry on and push for a sixth Gold in Athens in 2004.

Now the secret is out. He is quitting the sport and turning his back on those long, long hours of winter training. He plans a break, and a career in motivational speaking or the media may beckon - plus a knighthood if some reports are to be believed.

Do you think he is right to retire? What is your enduring memory of Redgrave's career? Should it be "arise Sir Steve"? Send your tributes now.

An inspiration. May he and his family enjoy his 'retirement' in the knowledge that he reached heights of achievement others may only aspire to.
Jo Evans, England

What a truly refreshing sight. A man determined to be the best without the pollution of greed and money. Steve epitomises the Olympic ideal that puts most other sportsmen and women to utter shame.
Mark Holley, UK

After starting to row at Reading University a year ago, I realised that it was the best thing that I have done. A year on, Redgrave has done wonders for rowing and raised its status in the ranks of sport. Hopefully now rowing will get the media coverage that it deserves - not just the international regattas but also the large Head Races that take place in the winter months. Cheers to Steve, and I hope he has a great retirement - keep in touch with the sport though!
Robin Gardner, England

Supreme Olympian, World Champion and dedicated rower. Steve Redgrave has taken peoples perspective of rowing away from the Univeristy Boatrace and into the public arena for all to enjoy. He is an excellent ambassador for the sport and I wish him well in his retirement from international competition.
Dan, UK

Well done Steve, you deserve it. Most people get a gold watch for their retirement, you got a gold medal!
Dave McNeill, UK

I feel that Steve Redgrave is an inspiration to all, not just rowers. To stay at that high level of competition for such a long time, and continue to be so dominant seems impossible. Britan should be very proud of such a hero.
Stephen, U.S.A.

A Hero and Inspiration........... I have even joined my local rowing club and its the best thing I've done. All the best to Steve and his family, enjoy whatever you do, I'm sure that it to will be a massive success.
Sharon, UK

What am amazing person, not only has he won five gold medals but he has been world champion in some form of rowing for over ten years now - that will take some beating. To over come such life changing illnesses and still be at the top of a sport is a remarkable feat. He is one of the sports men that really is a hero and one that the nation can be proud of. I hope he enjoys his retirement as much as the British public have enjoyed seeing him compete in five Olympics and seeing him win five gold medals.
Suzanne Ashworth, UK

Five-times Olympian. He's seen it all, done it all and won it all. There's nothing left to prove to himself or to the rest of the world. Who are we to begrudge him a very well deserved rest. Thanks for the memories Steve!
Ted Chwu, UK

What can I say? That was oarsome! Congratulations to you all!
Caroline, England

Do we even need to ask this question?. Redgrave has done what people felt was impossible. Muhammed Ali was given Sportsman of the Century last year, and as much as I admire Ali, Redgrave stands head and shoulders above him in achievement. Redgrave is the greatest athlete ever.
Adam Carter, England

I wish Steve Redgrave a long and happy retirement. I think his achievements are incredible and I have been priveledged to see him win his 5 gold medals. He is a true hero.
Sue Hampson, U.K.

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