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Sunday, 5 November, 2000, 15:38 GMT
Who would you have chosen?
Ian Gough: Selected by Henry - but would you have chosen him?
Ian Gough: Selected by Henry - but would you have chosen him?
Was Graham Henry right? Do you agree with his squad selections for the Samoa and New Zealand A games?

HAVE YOUR SAY E-mail us your views on the players in the squads and tell us who you would have chosen instead?

Should Gareth Thomas have been left out? Do you think Rupert Moon is still worthy of a place in the senior squad?

Is Andy Marinos too good for the A side - and what about Henry's promise to base selection on performances in Europe - has he done this?

You've seen the squads - so who will make the final 15s? E-mail us and let us know.


Nice to see everybody is so enthusiastic about the players they think should or should not be in the Welsh teams! At least it proves one thing, finally Wales have a greater depth of players to choose from, instead of the same old fifteen (or was it nine or ten and whoever else would volunteer for the day?)

Let's not get worked up. We need to see who's capable on an international scene, and if Mr Henry thinks some of these youngsters on the brink of international stardom are not quite ready, then he's probably right. Like the man says, let's balance flare with experience, keep winning and work towards the big games and the next world cup.
Paul Rea, Wales, but stuck in England

Ok, it's time you crypto-Ponty fans stopped championing Neil Jenkins.

Rugby is a SPORT and is meant to be ENTERTAINING. Arwel Thomas is not only an excellent goal kicker and in prime form, he is also the most exciting player Wales have had since the young Jonathan Davies. We need players like him and Shane Williams in the side to get fans interested in the game other than 'know-it-alls', who like sheep announce that Jenks is great no matter how ordinary his performances - and he tackles like a daisy, so don't say he has better defences.

Oh, and I also think that Craig Quinnell should be on the bench for comedy value. Enjoy rugby people!
Dewi, Chicago, USA

Having seen the mess that Welsh Rugby got itself into in the 80s & 90s I hope that Graham Henry is left to do the job that he is being paid to do - make Wales play rugby. It is heartening to see that there is competition for places in most positions and this can only be good for the game. Think of the bigger picture and stop whingeing about team selection. Get behind the team and the coach.

ps saw S Quinnell on TV the other week - has he lost as much weight as it appeared ?
Richard , late of Wales


How can they pick Moon in front of Huw Harries. It disgusts me. This seems to happen to all great Bridgend scrum-halves such as Howley and Kevin Ellis.
Gareth, Wales

How they can leave out Gareth Thomas based on poor form when Cardiff have just whipped Saracens, and yet pick Bateman when Northampton have been humiliated is beyond me. The form of Jamie Robinson and Craig Morgan is awesome and they must be given their chance.
Richard Drew, Undy, Wales

Has Graham Henry gone completly mad. Come on Rupert Moon - this is a joke right
  Talbot Taffy

Mathew Robinson should be in the Wales squad, his defensive play may not be the best in the world, but there is no faster player in Wales. Why oh why is Garin Jenkins in the Wales set-up, he can't run, isn't a good passer, and is a liability in line-outs. Give Robin McBryde or Chris Wells a chance.
Dafydd Michael, Gwynedd

Neil Jenkins has never been an outside half, and has as much attacking ability as George Graham. Rupert Moon as an international is a joke, however, what a talent show host he obviously is.
R Wilkins, Unfortunately in Leeds

I think that the squads that Henry named are experimental, with the New Zealand A game being harder than the Test match the following day. The line up for the South Africa match will be more indicative of Henry's 1st choice Welsh XV. However in reply to the guy who claimed that Neil Jenkins is not a fly-half, "what planet do you live on??" Jinx is top class and has proved that over the years!! Those who think that a No 10 should be all singing all dancing are living in the past. The game has moved on and defences are stronger than ever.
James Emery, Ponty, Wales

Has Graham Henry gone completly mad. Come on Rupert Moon - this is a joke right!!!!. Over the hill and ready for the knackers yard how can you rate a player like this as an international?
Talbot Taffy, Wales

I think Graham's got it just about right. Thank God Howley's been recalled, back to his best I think. Shame Bateman's not included but can't really argue with Gibbs/Taylor - on its day one of the best centre partnerships in the world. One thing though - why does he keep picking that thug Garin Jenkins ? The guy CANNOT play rugby, is useless at trowing the ball in and no doubt judges a good game as getting a few punches in without the ref seeing.
Gareth Thomas, UK

How Matthew Robinson continually avoids selection is beyond me. On form he seems the best wing in Wales at the moment yet Mr Henry continues to ignore him. There must be some personal problem between the two of them as Robinson, who played so well during Henry's early matches in charge of the national side, cannot get a sniff now. It's a real shame for Wales when a true winger gets ignored in this fashion.
Rob, Wales


Graham Henry picked the teams to ty out new players given the difficulty of the matches. Both teams have a mix of experience and should leave him with a good choice for the six nations. As a frequentic critic of Jenkins' loose ball play I would keep him in the squad as no one can doubt his kicking and he has re-invented himself this season - as has Howley.

It's nice to see Ben Evans back in the team as he has been somewhat left out when Dai Young was made captain - it is unfortunate to play in the same position as the captain I suppose.
J. Wales

How Henry can clain to be picking a team "on merit" I don't know! Rhys Williams? Hardly played. Nathan Budgett? Hasn't played at all. Matt Cardey? Gareth Jenkins said he'd drop him if he had another full-back. Shane Williams? Injured. Peter Rogers? Biggest joke of all-hasn't played, has cried off Newport matches. Hasn't even played for his new club yet.

There's an aversion at the top to Blue and White hoops
  Bob Apples, Brackla

As a London Welshman its nice to see that there is absolutely no parochialism left in Wales ! Until we all start supporting the national team whether we are from Pontypridd, Cardiff or wherever, what chance do we have as a national side ? Henry has picked the side that he believes to be the best and we should all support him in his efforts. Just remember what things were like before he took over.
Jason Lewis, London


Where are the players who show true form? Michael Owen, Brett Davey, Robert Sidoli? Relegated to the Wales Development Squad v USA. What about Lee Jarvis and Richard Parkes? It stinks that there are so few Ponty players in. However, maybe lack of exposure will stop Peter Pies from opening his greasy chequebook next season.
Ponty Williams, Wales (Pontypridd)

Rhys Williams
Shane Williams
Mark Taylor
Alan Bateman
Mark Jones
Neil Jenkins
Rob Howley
Peter Rogers
Jon Humphries
Ben Evans
Chris Wyatt
Ian Gough
Colin Charvis
Scott Quinnel
Jamie Ringer

I feel this would be the team to play South Africa all being fit and playing to form, with Jamie Robinson eventually replacing Bateman and a replacement for Peter Rogers to be decided between Iestyn Thomas/ Darren Morris/ Chris Anthony/ Spencer John.
Lord Dunvant, Wales


So Europe matters then does it Mr Henry? Rubbish. Where's Huw Harries? Moon - cheers Graham he's really one for the future isn't he. I must say - well done Ebbw on getting so many players in the squads. You'd think you'd get a few in if you were top of the league, but then again there's an aversion at the top (allegedly) to Blue and White hoops... guess who I support!
Bob Apples, Brackla, Wales

Neil Jenkins is not an outside-half! If he wants to kick a ball about go play football!
Simon Hendy, Wales

Anyone who excludes Jenks from any Welsh side is a fool
  Steve Barker

Looks like Henry has picked his 1st choice forwards with his 2nd choice backs for the NZ A game, and his 1st choice backs/2nd choice forwards for the Samoans. How Rupert Moon is still regarded as an international scrum half beats me - he couldn't pass the salt.
Matt, London, UK

As long as Henry is able to drum in the basic rules to all players (through rote learning) so that they become professional, I say let him choose. Too many Welsh (and UK) players are unable to read the game. Scrum-halves rush in far to fast and don't consider the ticking clock and consequences of their actions. Full-backs kick without seeing instead of using inventiveness.
Coaches ought to bring on a team's best players in the second half. Players must know all the rules backwards!!!!!!!
Mr M. Lewis, Exiled in Bedfordshire!


Just glad Graham Henry is picking the team. He will choose the right balance and blend youth with experience.
Andrew, Wales

15 Matt Cardey 14 Shane Williams 13 Jamie Robinson 12 Mark Taylor 11 Rhys Williams 10 Arwell Thomas 9 Rob Howley 8 Scott Quinell 7 Nathan Budget 6 Colin Charvis 5 Craig Quinell 4 Ian Gough 3 Ben Evens 2 Garin Jenkins 1 Peter Rogers Reserves: Neil Jenkins Gareth Thomas Scott Gibbs Geraint Lewis
HG Jones, Chicago - USA

Some positions are clear cut; no contests.Others are still up for grabs but this is the sort of team Henry should have picked. 15.Rhys Williams 14.Shane Williams 13.Dafydd James/Alan Bateman 12.Mark Taylor 11.Mark Jones/Craig Morgan 10.Arwel 9.Howley/Huw Harries 8.S.Quinnell 7.Charvis 6.Geraint Lewis 5.Ian Gough 4.Craig Quinnell/Chris Wyatt 3.Ben Evans/Spencer John 2.Garin/Jon Humphries 1.Darren Morris/Peter Rogers
Gareth Jenkins, Llanelli

My Welsh side for the forthcoming game against South Africa would be; 15) Rhys Williams, 14)Dafyd James 13)Mark Taylor, 12)Scott Gibbs, 11) Matthew Robinson, 10) Neil Jenkins (Admittedly not the best fly-half in the world, but too good a goal-kicker to leave out, 9) Rob Howley, 1) Darren Morris, 2) Garin Jenkins, 3) Ben Evans, 4) Chris Wyatt, 5) Ian Gough, 6) Colin Charvis, 7) Brett Sinkinson (I know he's ineligible but please come back Brett, we love you!!!!!) 8, Geriant Lewis.
For the A games I would like to see youth given more of a chance, as the first steps towards building for 2003 need to be taken now. People like the unbelievably gifted Gavin Henson, and Jamie Robinson are just two players who need to be nurtured now. James Griffiths and other you players deserve a chance too.
Chris Davies, Wales

Rhys Williams (Card), Robinson (Swan), Thomas (Card), Jones (Llan), Taylor (Swan), A Thomas (Swan), R Howley (Card), S Quinnell (Llan), Charvis (Swan), Williams (Card), Gough (New), Wyatt (Llan), J Davies (Llan), Jenkins (Swan), Evans (Swan)
Quite difficult to choose. some positions have strength in depth...
T. Dymmock, Wales

My Wales Team v South Africa: 15.Kevin Morgan 14.Mark Jones 13.Mark Taylor (capt.) 12.Scott Gibbs 11.Craig Morgan 10.Neil Jenkins 9.Rob Howley 1.Darren Morris 2.Garin Jenkins 3.Ben Evans 4.Ian Gough 5.Andy Moore 6.Colin Charvis 7.Martyn Williams 8.Geraint Lewis
James Harding, Wales


This would be my team if I was coach 15:Matt Cardey 14:Shane Williams 13:Mark Taylor 12:Leigh Davies 11:Gareth Wyatt 10:Neil Jenkins 9:Rob Howley 8:Geriant Lewis 7:Michael Owen 6:Martyn Williams 5:Ian Gough 4:Craig Quinnell 3:Peter Rogers 2:John Humphreys 1:Spencer John I picked Jenkins because he proved so far this season that he is not just a kicker but a controller and that he can make breaks and throw dummies. He's been as fit as he ever been. Another interesting selection I think is Michael Owen who plays for Pontypridd. He has been in outstanding form and should easily make next month's games.
Kieran Rowe, Wales

How Rupert Moon is still regarded as an international scrum half beats me - he couldn't pass the salt
  Matt, London

This is the side I feel Henry should choose mainly because it consists of the best players Wales have 1 Peter Rodgers 2 Garin Jenkins 3 Dai Young 4 Ian Gough 5 Chris Wyatt 6 N Bydgett 7 Colin Charvis 8 Scott Quinell 9 Rob Howley 10 Neil Jenkins 11 Gareth Thomas 12 Scott Gibbs 13 Mark Taylor 14 Shane Williams
Lloyd Price , Wales, Cardiff

Rob Howley should be the first name on Graham Henry's team sheet as he is one of the few players in Wales who can single handedly turn a game. The fact that this is even debated shows what state the Welsh game and the WRU is in.
Mark Anderson , Devizes England


Class is permanent, but age is fleeting. Scott Gibbs is too old. Mark Taylor has class. In the forwards, Ben Evans and Rogers should prop. Chris Wyatt and Craigie are the most potent second row when uninjured. I'd sooner have Arwel to Stephen Jones and Jenkins to either.
Paul Luke, Sweden

My Welsh Team after the 4th euro games is:- 15. Rhys Williams, 14. Gareth Thomas, 13. Mark Taylor, 12. Scott Gibbs, 11. Mathew Robinson 10. Neil Jenkins 9. Robert Howley 8. Scott Quinnell 7. Colin Charvis 6. Geraint Lewis 5. Andy Moore 4. Ian Gough 3. Ben Evans 2. Garin Jenkins 1. Darren Morris Reps:-Dafydd James, Arwel Thomas, Huw Harries, Peter Rogers, Jon Humphreys, Spencer John, Mike Voyle. Neil Jenkins showed his form with a master class display in front of the Lions selectors which if it was in March might have done him enough to be selected.
Richard Yeo, Wales

Rhys Williams, Craig Morgan, Jamie Robinson, Scott Gibbs, Shane Williams, Neil Jenkins, Rob Howley. Dai Young, Garin Jenkins, Peter Rogers, A Moore, Ian Gough, Colin Charvis, Martyn Williams, Scott Quinnell. Craig Quinnell on the bench because of his immense comedy value.
David, Wales

15,Rees Williams, 14,Shane Williams 13,Mark Taylor(capt) 12,Scott Gibbs 11,Matthew Robinson 10,Arwel Thomas 9, Robert Howley 1, Ben Evans 2, Garin Jenkins 3, David Young 4, Ian Gough 5, Andy Moore 6, Colin Charvis 7, Nathan Budgett 8, Geraint Lewis Surely this is the strongest 15. Taylor has to be captain, he is on world class form at the moment. Young Rees Williams is impressing everyone, as is Robinson. and I am sorry, but how anyone can exclude Arwel in the Welsh team is beyond me. He has shown in the Heineken cup that he kicks as well as Jenks, and as for Stephen Jones... Arwel would blow him off the park any day of the week on present form. Howley is back to his best, and the back row is immense. This has got to be the team to play.
Wyn Roberts, Wales


15 - R Williams 14 - G Thomas 11 - M Jones 13 - M Taylor 12 - A Marinos 10 - N Jenkins 9 - R Howley 8 - S Quinnell 7 - C Charvis 6 - Swansea player who's name escapes me !! 5 - I Gough 4 - A Moore 1 - B evans 3 - D Morris 2 - J Humphries Subs - A Lewis
Keith Jackson, Wales

My team for the autumn internationals would be Darren Morris, Garin Jenkins, Ben Evans, Ian Gough, Andy Moore, Colin Charvis, Scott Quinnell, Geriant p Lewis. Rob Howley, Neil Jenkins, (Arwel on the bench), Mattew Robinson, Scott Gibbs, Mark Taylor, Gareth Thomas, Kevin Morgan. It may be a slightly Swansea orientated but it is the best team wales could pick on current form
Seth Russell, Wales

15 R Williams, 14 S Williams, 13 G Thomas, 12 A Marinos, 11 B Breeze, 10 A Thomas, 9 H Harris, 1 P Booth, 2 G Jenkins, 3 S John, 4 I Gough, 5 C Quinnell, 6 C Charvis, 8 G Lewis, 7 J Forster
Gareth Jones, Newport, Wales

Howley has to be there - his season so far has been immense. Jenkins - the only guy I would trust to get the points under pressure - that was proved last year in the 6 nations when Stephen Jones cracked under pressure. Garin has to go - unless someone teaches him how to throw straight. Other players I would like to see - Rhys Williams, Scott Quinnell, Mark Taylor, Ian Gough....
Becky, Wales

15)Rhys Williams14)Shane11)Robinson 13)Dafydd James 12)Mark Taylor 10)Arwel 9)Howley 8)S.Quinnell 7)Charvis 6)Geraint Lewis 5)Ian Gough 4)C.Quinnell 3)Ben Evans 2)Garin 1)Darren Morris Subs:Spencer John,Jon Humphries,Chris Wyatt,Budgett,Huw Harries,Gareth Thomas,Stephen Jones
Neil Jenkins, Wales

15 Rees Williams 14 Gareth Thomas 13 A Marinos 12 S Gibbs 11 J Robinson 10 L Jarvis 9 R Howley 1 P Rogers 2 G Jenkins 3 B Evans 4 C I Gough 5 C Quinnell 6 C Charvis 7 B Sinkinson 8 S Quinnell
Aled Owens, Wales


Richard Thomas, Wales

Anyone who excludes jenks from any welsh side is a fool. He is currently playing the best rugby he's played in a while and is always a potential game winner and not just with the boot. The halfback partnership of Howley and Jenkins is awsome and given the right pack (which is coming through now) will be unstopable. Once again if you leave out Jenks for Arwel you must be English. Stephen Jones is quality but not in the same class as Jenks.
Steve Barker, Wales

15.R Williams,14.M Robinson,13.M Taylor,12.S Gibbs,11. G Thomas,10.A Thomas,9.R Howley,8.S Quinnell,7.C Charvis,6.G Lewis,5.Andy Moore,4.I Gough,3.B. Evans,2.C Wells,1.P Rogers. I think this team is a very strong side, and everybody is in good form at the moment, especially A Thomas. He is much better than N Jenkins because he has got more to offer with his lovely side steps and his goal kicking is very good so he is the one for Wales
trystan ap hywel, north wales

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