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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 January, 2004, 11:09 GMT
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I think Andy is a great player. Near the end of each game, when he needed a treble 20, he got it every time. He has been in the world championship 10 times now and I think that he deserved to win the title.
Philip Anderson, Limavady, NI

Outstanding Viking! You indeed deserved the championship at Lakeside. After you won Barney I knew you would be the champion. I enjoyed very much your matches all last week and specially your "dance". Congratulations and cheers!
AdriŠn V HernŠndez, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Not really a darts fan but I saw Andy's final match and I couldn't have been happier for him. It just goes to prove the old saying that size isn't important...
Simon, London

I am so pleased for Andy, he has waited too long to lift the World crown. Watching him in the semi-final I knew he was at the peak of his fitness and had clearly prepared himself physically for the challenge. Congratulations Andy, we love ya!
Phil Skingley, London

It would be fascinating to see a match between Andy Fordham and Phil Taylor, especially if a PDC dartboard was used. With it's much finer wires and softer compound than the BDO's board, Andy, or any other BDO player would surely be able to up his averages to match those of the top PDC players. I counted more bounce outs in one of Ted Hankey's matches than I did for the entire PDC tournament this year.

It would be great if the two organisations merged, then we would have a true WORLD CHAMPION!
David Naylor, North West England

Re Les Wallace. Les is still playing darts, but at local league level in Southampton.
Tim Webb, Southampton, UK

Phil Taylor has won the Embassy before and would win the BDO World Championship easy again. He would walk it. The PDC has far better players and I think players who win the Embassy should then try and win the PDC!!! Taylor played Raymond van Barneveld a few years ago in the battle of world champions match and destroyed him!!!

Congrats to Andy Fordham - nice guys do win sometimes
Dave, Fleetwood
You can have a 3 dart average of 98-99 and win the Embassy. I've seen players average 100-102 and still couldn't beat Taylor.
Kevin Bryce, London, UK

Well done Andy. It is now the right time to revert back to one governing body. We should not make the same mistake boxing made and have more than one world champion in each division. The public would go mad for it.
G Taylor, Buckie

Hey, am so glad that Andy got the title, he deserves it!!

Does anyone know what happened to the Scotsman, Les Wallace who won the Lakeside in 1997? Is he still a darts player?
Duffy, Scotland

What a fantastic darts championship culminating in the best 2 days I have seen in, oh at least a year. Andy's comeback over Barney would have been a brilliant final. but he went one better and beat the sourpuss of the games on Sunday. I sat on the edge of my seat the whole way through the game.

King had the opportunity to redeem himself afterwards by congratulating the deserving winner, but no, he followed his form all week, and proved what an unlikeable character he really was - the jeers and boos were well deserved. Well done to Andy - come back next year and win it again.
Davey, Northern Ireland

Congrats to Andy Fordham - nice guys do win sometimes. Surely he has to play Phil Taylor now or in the back of his mind he won't really feel like the World Champ!
Dave, Fleetwood

Congrats to Andy Fordham for winning the darts on Sunday.

However, if you are playing in a World Tournament that does not feature Phil Taylor (the greatest dart player in history) then you cannot ever claim to be a true World champion.
Tahir Mushtaq, London

Congratulations Andy. The semi on Saturday night was unbelievable. I put £5 on you at the start 16/1. So thank you Andy although I can't find my bookies slip!! You deserved it. A legend in my book "Viking"!! Bring on the Power!!
Ando, Arbroath, Scotland

After an opening throw of 30 and a first set in which he was little more than a spectator, I was initially apprehensive about Andy's chances. There was no need to worry, however, as he soon seized the advantage on the battlefield against the ungracious East Anglian, producing a magnificent performance. The highlight, apart from th'arrow that won it, was the stunning 139 checkout in the eighth to go to 5-3, which was truly a big 'out' from the big man. Well done The Viking.
DJ Uhu, London

There's been some discussion of Phil Taylor wanting to challenge Andy Fordham. Get some sense Phil!!! The Viking is unbeatable in his current form!!
Oliver Hatt, The Dronx, Sheffield

Andy Fordham, you are the WORLD CHAMPION. Well done, you played great darts all week and deserved last night's success. You came across on your interviews as a smashing bloke, so it's good to see the nice guy win. One question, what trainers do you wear, because after the exposure you gave them this week you should get a sponsorship!
Steve, Crawley

Well done to Andy he played really well. Mervyn didn't play well at all but I think that his comments after the match would have been understandable for lower ranked players but there is no excuse for someone like Mervyn King, the world number 3 to show such disrespect to the man who beat him fair and square.
John Peoples, Ireland

Congratulations to Andy Fordham. I knew you'd do it Andy and you also won me some money alongside your £50K.
Whallo, Stoke-on-Trent

The nicest man in the sport eventually gets what he so well deserves
Alastair Goldie, Irvine
What a deserved victory by Andy "the Viking" Fordham. After 4 semi finals he took his chance after putting out Barnaveld, and King who disgraced himself against Hofstra got exactly what he deserved - nothing.
Mark, Belfast

Congrats with your first Lakeside victory. You have really deserved it! Greetz from Holland!
Yoshi, Gorinchem, Holland

Excellent result for the Viking, I've followed him through the rounds. Well deserved victory as he has previously been unsuccessful in the semis. Andy Fordham, we salute you.
Oliver Hatt, The Dronx, Sheffield

Well done Andy!! I've been a fan of yours since 1995 and I am so pleased you were able to show the world just how good you are. Fabulous final I now have few nails left and the adrenaline has just started to settle. Have a glass of champagne for me Andy!!
Annette Prowse, Plymouth

In all the years I have enjoyed celebrating the New Year with the lakeside darts tournament; this is the first time I have ever wanted any one player to lose. All players being English, Welsh, Dutch or any other nationality, when they play a good game they capture the support of the spectators. However, this year Mervyn King, being the professional he is supposed to be was totally out of order.

Even when he was beaten in the final he made it look like he was badly done to. Every time any other player got beaten, they acknowledged how well he or his opponent played. Mervyn however, didn't do this and was "Self! Self! Self!" He never said that Andy deserved the title, he just had self pity for himself like a sore looser.

In reality after what he did in the first round he deserves no support and can't call him self a professional darts player if when beaten he cannot show support to his winning opponent. He wants to call it a day, win or lose, it's a sport and he needs to grow up.
John, Manchester

The nicest man in the sport eventually gets what he so well deserves. Spoilt by the moaning Mervyn King as usual!!
Alastair Goldie, Irvine

Andy well deserved the win especially after that great victory over van Barneveld in the semis.
Ben Peddie, Oxford

Congratulations to Andy Fordham for a fine, consistent performance. I feel sorry for fellow Norfolkman Mervyn King. He had to face Andy Fordham, the crowd, and the bias of the BBC commentators. Bobby George has been putting Mervyn down all week and it's also a bit rude to keep referring to Mervyn as "Mr. King" rather than Mervyn. Mervyn is a better player than Bobby ever was.
Andrew Graver, Tooting

Well done, The Vi-King!!! I would like to buy you a pint beer if I see you in Ridderkerk at 23 January coming soon! I have respect for you because you don't give up your match and must fight for your life and your lovely family! Cheers from Jona (big kiss).
Jona Eekhout, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

So so please for Andy Fordham. Every time he won a leg I was jumping around like when Beckham scored the penalty against Argentina in world cup 2002. Who dare say darts isn't a real sport?
Richard, Exeter

Well done to the big man! You deserve it, especially after the semi final. And to Mervin - you've lost a lot of supporters. Your comments after the match were a disgrace - what an undignified loser.
Fraser, Paisley

Well done The Viking you held your nerve. As for Mervyn King, dry your eyes, there's next year to prove yourself.
Murdo, Evanton, Scotland

Didn't witness the final nor the semis, but I guess Andy fully deserved his win. Too bad Mervin King had to say that he played "like a pub player" and thus indirectly said that it wasn't Andy's victory but more his loss... Well Mervin, it not only takes skill but also mental strength (not collapse under pressure) to be a true (world) champion.

This combination makes Andy this year's true and rightful winner! BTW: if you beat the third seed and the first seed in a row, you prove yourself to be a worthy of the title without any doubt!. Congrats Andy, also for not becoming the Jimmy White of darts.
Pavel Pegov, Middelburg, Netherlands

Well done Andy. After 4 semis and all the pleasure you've brought us, you really deserved this.
Alex Pritchard, Weybridge

Great stuff from the big fella. He has proved to everyone he can stay the distance. What an athlete!
Darren Bell, London

Well done Andy.... I wish you can do it again and be the champ......
Akmal, Malaysia

Firstly congratulations to Andy Fordham. Was it me or did the camera zoom out to a person in the crowd in his quarter-final and say it was his fitness trainer? Great advert for that gym :D
Paul, Yorkshire

As I don't get to see my brother very much as we live far apart, I would like to congratulate him on his Victory. Well Done Andy.
John Fordham, Tamworth

Mervyn King showed no sportsmanship after his defeat against Andy 'The Viking' Fordham. Not once did he once voice any congratulations! What a sourpuss. Well done Andy
Sharon Penney, Sidcup

What a week for the Viking well played Andy you really deserved it.

Long live the Viking
John McHale, Birmingham

Congratulations Viking on the title! Well deserved indeed! Enjoyed watching the Lakeside tournament again this year. Already looking forward to next time.
Vaas, Eindhoven, Netherlands

I'm delighted that Andy Fordham won the world Championship. He played great darts all week. You deserved it Andy.
Brendan, Ireland

Well Pleased for you Viking you deserve it mate.
Andy Preston, Grimsby

I am Delighted that The Viking Andy Fordham has won the World Championship. A well deserved win over Mervyn King and its absoulutly Fanatastic !!!!!
Liam Wall, Newcastle Upon Tyne

I am glad that Andy Fordham won darts as I am his biggest fan, well done Andy
Lesley Pocock, Strood, Kent

After 10 years of competing in the tournament, he's done it at last! Well done Andy!
Marc Norris, London
Well done Andy - you played for it, and deserve it
Peter, London

Not a great final but Andy deserved the tournament. He's played great darts all week. UP THE VIKING!
Chris Cobb, Preston

If you can win from the worldchampion you deserve to win the title, Andy "the viking" Fordham. He was the best. King is just a bad looser,referring to his comments after the final
Willem, Holland

After 10 years of competing in the tournament, he's done it at last! Well done Andy!
Marc Norris, SE London

As a female darts player of 15 years or more, I too would like to see more coverage of the ladies darts as mentioned by Stacey. I absolutely love darts both men's and women's and I also know the ridicule and humiliation us ladies go through by some people.

Come on Mr King you have proved everyone wrong so far why stop now?
Martin Duncan, Edinburgh
It took me years to earn the respect of my fellow players as I am one of only a handful of lady players in my league. They are fantastic and supportive and are now willing me to play superleague and maybe take on the fantastic Trina Gullivar in the future!!

The lakeside coverage has been great if not a little late sometimes, and the commentators as always are top class (ray rules!) I would be over the moon if more darts was broadcast on TV. Come on Andy!
Lorraine Daley, Warrington

Good to see Andy win last night, he played well and held his nerve, hope he wins tonight, would be good to see the local boy come out on top. Come on Andy!!!!!
Marc Norris, SE London

I grew up with Merv and watch him every year he has got what it takes to be world champion but does not receive the recognition he deserves for example the highest amount of 180,s in an embassy tournament. Let's hope this is his year he deserves it. All the best Merv.
Nick Debenham, Ipswich

In the game between Fordham and Barneveld we saw the darts being deflected off the flights. Why don't players use rotating flights?
Danny Mangan, Spilsby

What a match! What can anyone say! 3-1 down at the break and to come back against the reigning World Champion and win. Andy Fordham v Mervyn King, we will be watching and cheering Andy on. He doesn't get phased he just plays. Lets play darts
Stephen Whitley

Mervyn King has had an outstanding tournament this year and had fully deserved to get to the final of the World Championships, However after Saturday nights performance against "Barney" I think "The Viking" may invade the party an go on to win his first Wolrd Championship. Good Luck Andy!
Mustafa Kusbeci, London

I'm not a big follower of darts but my mate has got me loving it the semi final between Fordham and Barneveld was fantastic I just hope fordham wins the final go on viking
Nik, Worthing

I would just like to say I watch a lot of darts and without any dout the best player, and the BEST player ever is Phil Taylor. Phil would beat any of the BDO players so step forward and take on the best stop hiding behind the BDO.
Darren Treweek, Penrose Cornwall

I think the final should have been between Barney and Fordham
Woolfy, Chesterfield
Ted Hankey is not the Dracule that he portrays. In 1995 I was playing in the World Cup in Basle in Switzerland and was being called Vlad then. He is an impostor, and has taken my identity therefore he will never become truly a Dracule.

John Part asked me for my shirt back then, guess he just earns too much cash nowadays. I would just like to say that after my accident the Dart players on this Isle have helped me a lot. After breaking my back and neck they have still stood by me even though I can not play any more. With out them I think I would have given up.
Vlad The Impailer, Isle of Man

Question to Stuart from Twickenham (below):

You mentioned Wayne Mardle's performance in the PDC. Did you not see his performances in the Embassy? He was playing to the same standard then as he is now.

I've lost count the number of times I have seen him play for Essex. He is a good player, but definitely no better than a lot of those who play in the BDO finals!
Andy Kelly, Mexborough, South Yorkshire,

I think the final should have been between Barney and Fordham. They are both playing very well. Their semi final should be good viewing. O'Shea should win though on the other side.

I must admit that I follow the PDC players more than the BDO, I can only get in to the BDO World Champs in the 2nd round onwards.

In reply to John Mallen, of Truro, Richie Burnett is still playing, on the PDC Circuit, He competed in the PDC World Champs

Let's have more live darts.
Woolfy, Chesterfield

Mervyn King should be ashamed of himself. Every year, he complains about something if he thinks he's loosing. It was the air conditioning last year, now the distance. I reckon there's a good chance he may complain about the number of people wearing orange in the crowd. It will be a sad day and bad for the sport if he becomes the BBC's world champion.
Dave, Hampton Court

There is no doubting Phil Taylor's quality, but I think in order to cement his place in the history books that he has to return to the BDO and win the Embassy again. Many will say that he doesn't need to because of the quality difference and because he's already won it (twice) but those arguments are highly controversial and vary depending on what camp you support.
Steve Lannigan, Isle of Man

Hi there guys, I would like to make the point that Mervin King was perfectly within the rules for having the ockey checked I don't think that Bobby George has the right to judge Mervin and make accusations of gamesmanship against Hofstra, if anyone should it should be Hofstra. I'm backing Mervin all the way! I hope that the crowd do to. Good luck Merv do it for England!
Richard Owden, Kingston, Surrey

Those complaining about the "hollowness" of the BDO championships, the image of darts, player fitness, etc are taking it all rather seriously. Let's face it, all the punters are concerned with are the continued prevalence of men in shiny shirts, daft nicknames, and characters such as the one and only Bobby George. All wrapped within the fun, slightly cheesy and definitely tipsy atmosphere at the lakeside. Long may it continue!
Ally Carruth, Glasgow

Trina Gulliver hit a 30+ average to get into the final of the Women's Lakeside Championship. An average that beats most of the players in the Men's event... yet the BDO press room or the BBC don't cover a story on it. As a famous Aussie reporter called Darren Hinch says "Shame BBC shame".
Kevin, Australia

What product does the Viking use on his hair, it fair shines brilliantly?
Abby Williams, Kilmarnock, Scotland

I have got to admit what Mervyn King did was wrong in the way of gamesmanship but at the time he was well within his rights to do this. Also the fact that Hofstra agreed he could have it checked means they both have some part in this even if Mervyn was the one too ask. What's done is done and fans have made it clear they don't like what he has done and should leave it now and let him play and I also think he could win it because he is playing good darts
Joe, North West

Bobby George may not be every one's cup of tea however I think he is MARVELLOUS. Surely no one has a greater depth of knowledge about darts then bobby. With this great service to darts and the BBC I believe it is about time that Bobby received an honour from the Queen. Bobby George OBE would be well deserved.
James Walsh, Dagenham

I watched Phil Taylor and Kevin Painter - pure class. The tension was incredible. It's a shame that the two tournaments cannot be combined as I've been to the Lakeside on two occasions and the atmosphere there was electric. I don't play darts, but having been a professional sportsman myself appreciate the hours all these players practice for. The crowd support is superb, the players rise to it and seeing these blokes hit numerous 180's one after the other and checkouts well over the ton is quite amazing.
Ben, Kintbury, Berkshire

Best entrance?? Has to be Daryll Fitton and that dance.

Showmanship is needed. Bobby was the originator though!
Paul Clay, Bradford, England

Although there are a lot of Dutch players at the Lakeside, I prefer the PDC World Championships. And a lot of other Dutch dartfans too. Raymond van Barneveld is not so popular in The Netherlands as people might think. He is a very good player but isn't a personality. He does not always have respect for his opponents and has a big mouth. If he is really as good as he thinks he has to go to the PDC. There is the real class with the best players of the world. And Phil Taylor is without doubt the best player in the world, with or without Barney.
Marko Koning, Groningen

I would love to see a match between the PDC Champion and the BDO Champion as this would create enormous interest to the true darts fans. If proved popular an annual competition may be a possibility.
Ian, Scotland

Come on Merv, admit it was a mistake and move on. Winding up Bobby and the Dutch fans makes for good "entertainment", but it doesn't help your game. Go on Merv, we're all supporting you really!
Dave Sanders, Hereford

The claims that the BDO is better than the PDC tournament is nonsense. The PDC world championship will always favour, and attract, the best players as the matches are of a longer format, and so reduce the possibilties of poorer players progressing. The quality of the last two finals only emphasises this fact.

It is a fantastic tournament, especially this year
eric, East Lothian
As for the best young players being in the BDO, I presume that these comments were made by those who hadn't witnessed the performances of Wayne Mardle and Mark Dudbridge at the Circus Tavern last week? The PDC tournament, and the TV coverage which it richly deserves, is far superior to that of the BDO, and surely whoever lifts this years crown at the Lakeside this weekend must surely know that the title of "world" champion is a hollow one alongside, when compared Phil Taylor.
Stuart, Twickenham

Whatever Mervyn King says about his rights about having the oche measured, he was the only player to do so; had there been anything wrong all the players would have noticed. At one set all, it was a deliberate ploy to disrupt the rhythm of a player he feared might beat him, and it certainly worked.
Roy Harper, Deeside, Flintshire

Whatever happened to Richie Burnett?? After his success a few years ago we've not seen him on the circuit. Does he still compete?
John Mallen, Truro

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