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Last Updated: Sunday, 14 December, 2003, 17:47 GMT
Have Your Say on Sports Personality
England rugby hero Jonny Wilkinson picked up the Sports Personality of the Year Award, while Sir Steve Redgrave won the trophy for Golden Sports Personality.

England's World Cup-winning skipper Martin Johnson was runner-up in the main 2003 award, while last year's winner Paula Radcliffe came in third.

Michael Watson picked up the Helen Rollason Award for courage in the face of adversity, the Lifetime Achievement Award went to Martina Navratilova and cycling legend Lance Armstrong won the Overseas award.

England's World Cup-winning rugby team scooped the Team of the Year gong, Clive Woodward picked up the Coach of the Year award while the Golden Team award went to England's 1966 World Champions.

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I appreciate and respect what Jonny did, kicking the winning drop goal and he is undoubtedly an excellent ambassador for England and the best of English sport but I do think that, strictly speaking, Martin Johnson should have won it.

However, Steve Redgrave was the only worthy winner of the golden award. He has been at the very top of his sport for so many years that he really was the only possible choice.
Adrian , England

Instead of the inane sketches, you should have covered more sports
Jim, Kilmarnock

I think that Jonny Wilkinson fully deserves this award, as not only is he the most talented sportsman in the country, he is also the most dedicated
David Heads, Maidstone, Kent

Campese was the wrong man? Grow up lads. You won, you are the best. Put the moaning to one side and enjoy it. You don't get to choose who hands it to you and it isn't about that.
Bob, Scranton, PA

The worst show ever. Instead of the inane sketches, you should have covered more sports. We DO have other World Champions who are British.
jim, Kilmarnock

I total agree with the the choice for all the awards on the night. Unfortunately, I thought the BBCs coverage was appalling. People were there to celebrate Britain's achievements in Sport. How embarrassing for Greg Rusedski to be reminded of the worst time in his career.

Whatever were the BBC thinking with Alistair McGowan and co, it was not at all funny, just embarrassing. The worst moment for our outstanding Rugby players must have been receiving their team award from Campese. Of all the people to choose, what an insult. Lets hope BBC can get their act together next year and present a show worth watching.
Jill Simpkin, Endon

The BBC should be ashamed for getting Campese to present the team trophy. I can't believe you let that crass man ruin a great moment. George Cohen would have been the ideal choice. Who thought up Campese - the 'They think it's all over ' team? I hope you do something to make up for this?
Kate, West Midlands

I CANNOT believe that Johnny Wilkinson has won Sports Personality of the year
As a family we were disgusted that the BBC took the liberty of using foreign sports persons to present prestigious awards to British sportsmen. This was also the worst Award Ceremony that we have watched for a number of years the links did not work and the presenters Garry Lineker and Sue Barker who are usually very professional were obviously struggling to coordinate the whole programme. Sorry BBC this was not up to your usual programme standard and was a real let down for a prestigious annual event.
Judy Eden, garsington - oxford

In previous years a list of UK world champs from lesser sports has been read out or put on screen. Why not this year? For example Simon Hammond is the current world Surf Kayak champ, and as a volunteer kayak coach I feel that it would encourage other coaches and myself to hear our sport mentioned.
Bob Johnson, Chigwell Row, Essex

You chaps have a seven time world champion in the sport of Observed Trials named Dougie Lampkin. This man can do things on a motorcycle most humans would think are just impossible to do. And he's been doing this for nearly a decade. Give this man is props!
Craig Gernhardt, Chicago, Il. USA

I was disappointed that the BBC sports personality didnt give a mention to the Gaelic footballers in Northern Ireland especially after so many votes were cast for Peter Canavan. Surely the BBC were not afraid to give such a sport a mention?
Niall Boyle, Belfast

I CANNOT believe that Johnny Wilkinson has won Sports Personality of the year. I am absolutely disgusted that he was even considered !!!!!

We have so many great British sportsmen and women who have dedicated their lives to their sport, and after 1 kick Mr "I'm ever so humble " Wilkinson achieves this accolade. Not only are their sportsmen/women out there who have achieved much much more than him, but there are many who have been great ambassadors for their sport and this country.

There are also many (who by the way are hardly ever mentioned on the BBC - or televised hardly at all) who have overcome adversity and disabilities who in my opinion deserve this accolade so much more than Mr Wilkinson.

I believe it is time the BBC took a much closer look at the broad spectrum of sportsmen/women in this country. Then maybe next year we could have a more deserving winner !!!!

It is a shame there was no mention of one of our great sporting heroes of the past, Barry Sheene, especially in the year he passed away.
Rob, Hampshire

It's a shame Paula set a world record in May that everyone seems to have forgotten by December
Smellie, London
Am I the only one annoyed that Redgrave won the Golden trophy? Surely it should go to the only man to captain an England side to the football World Cup, and, until a few weeks ago, any World Cup. If it's going on his 5 Gold medals etc then why did Wilkinson win Sports Personality of the year when Paula Radcliffe has won numerous medals and broke World records. Surely if not even an England captain wins the sport personality then Bobby Moore should for his amazing achievement.
Jake, London

Jonny's a great player and I think that he should be congratulated for this. But did he lead the World Cup winning team? Did he pass to himself? Did he score all the trys? No. I think that Martin Johnson should have got more recognition, especially as he could be close to retirement. The trouble is, its all the new 'rugby fans' (who didnt know what a drop goal was last week) who vote for the cute guy who scores the points (and this is coming from a girl who appreciates his looks!) Oh and it's a shame Paula set (yet another) world record in May, because everyone's forgotten by December!
Smellie, London

There's not a more deserved winner. Wilkinson's humble, loves his sport, works hard for it and performs when called upon. A true English sportsman who others (some of our footballers in particular) should aspire to.
Will Wong, Uxbridge

This is intended to be a constructive e-mail although I doubt it is likely to be published. I am a massive sport fan and was a huge rugby follower even before the recent events. Congratulations firstly to the team. However this e-mail is not about them - it refers to the quality of the show.

I think that, unfortunately, the show has been on the way down for some years now. What happened to the old recipe of lots of coverage, some interactive "in-studio" games and some good interviews. The show appears now to be made up entirely of interviews with non-British sportsmen and plugs for the BBC and its broadcasting. This made the show tiresome and I know that I am not alone in holding this view.

The BBC has the opportunity each year to produce a fantastic show full to the brim with sports action and stars and I just feel it is not achieveing its potential. I hope that this email is read and not just discarded because I believe it to be the view of much of the nation.
Tom Merry, Guildford

This year's show has to have been the worst ever - the floor management and continuity were amateur, the sketches between awards were embarrassing and "sweet chariots" had me visting the toilet to avoid the teams obvious pain. I trust it will revert back to concentrating on pure sport in future years.
Tony Platten, Blyth, Northumberland

Michael Watson is the real hero - after all he is been through - a true inspiration to everyon
Craig, London
Regardless of whether Jonny Wilkinson is a worthy winner, I really hope that some of the 'team game attitudes' can rub-off on Sven and the football squad. Now if only they could approach tournaments and games as a team in the same way they might actually get somewhere!
Chris, Derbyshire, UK

Michael Watson is the real hero - after all he is been through - a true inspiration to everyone
Craig, London

Although Jonny deserved to win, I thought the comment that Martin Johnson made to Princess Anne regarding Paula Radcliffe was one that really showed the humility and the greatness of the man. Well done Johno!
Owen Brandt, Berkshire

Was I the only one to find the show really quite embarrassing? I found none of the sketches funny. Come on, who on earth thought of Matrix thing on the snooker review? I used to really enjoy it when it was a proper review of the years sporting highlights but we hardly saw any on this show. And shouldn't it just be called Sports Person of the Year?
Joe, London

"Pain is temporary, quitting is forever".

This should be put on the wall in every school in the country. Armstrong is a giant in sport and a true legend in his own lifetime. Well done to the BBC for recognising excellence over a period rather than over a season.
James Kinmont, London

I can't believe that dougie Lampkin got no mention at all.How many other 7 times world champs are there in the UK?
Andrew Chandler, Milton Keynes

Lance Armstrongs achievement is incredible
Adrian Walker, Scotland
It is so refreshing to have someone like Jonny Wilkinson as a role model for today's youngsters. He is above all modest and takes every opportunity to honour his captain, coach and team mates. What a change from the brash big heads we so often see.
Marcus, Nottingham and Edinburgh, UK

I think this years program was the worst I have ever seen,where were all the sporting moments,there was more chatting than ever mostly with have beens. Come on BBC you have to do better or lose all your sports viewers.Showing sport on BBC has got worse and worse, now you top it with the worse sports personality show ever.
David Smith, Lowestoft, Suffolk

Lance Armstrongs achievement is incredible. There have been many examples of heroic tenacity in sport,but Armstrong is set apart. Simply to win one Tour de France after suffering the very serious cancer he had, was fabulous, but to win 5 in successive years distinguishes him as a man of super human courage and indomitable will. Truly an inspiration.
adrian walker, Scotland

Thoroughly deserved, but what ashame that Martin Johnson is being consistently overlooked. Martin is instrumental to the England team and it is his direction that won the World Cup. He is a true team player who leads by example.
Peter Cooper, Croydon

As usual sailing is almost completely ignored in your programme
Stephen Heppell, East Anglia
I wonder if Jonny would have won the award had he missed that last kick? An inspiration, yes, Sports Personality of the Year, no.
Jimmy, UK

Agree with all the comments about Martin Johnson - if someone from the rugby was going to win (of course they were!) I think it should have been him for the leadership. However, my vote was for Neil Hodgson. I didn't expect him to win but to see him in the final five was brilliant - we do have other world champions y'know!!
Carol M, Leics.

Alex Zanardi is a true inspiration and should definitely be considered. His determination through adversity is quite incredible.
Karl Bristow, Thundersley

As usual sailing is almost completely ignored in your programme, but this year was surely the worst of all - with an array of world champions having just slaughtered the world in Cadiz and a host of genuine medal prospects you couldn't even bring yourselves to read out the names of our Olympic gold medal prospects.
stephen heppell, East Anglia

Paula Radcliffe is head and shoulders above anyone else in British Sport
eric wydenbach, Swansea
I think Jonny Wilkinson, deserves the award, as he and his team, (who he always mentions) allowed us to be proud of being English just for once
Mrs Grace Sleet, Woking Surrey

Lance Armstrong is a true human and sporting hero, such a rare and wonderful example for all of us to follow. Congratulations on your award Lance.
Mark James, Berkshire

Pippa Funnell won 3 international competitions for Gt. Britain. She is the best in the world in eventing. It takes 3 days to win a competition. She should win. Wilkinson and Johnson are members of a 15 man team - let's keep this in proportion - they couldn't do it on their own. Vote for Pippa.
Rosemary Newman,

She may have one it last year but that makes no difference, Paula Radcliffe is head and shoulders above anyone else in British Sport. Wilkinson has a long way to go to equal Neil Jenkins.
eric wydenbach, Swansea

Johnny Wilkinson - defines what a true sportsman should be, always focused. He is everything that is good about English sport.
Greg Banbury, Norwich

Jonnie Wilkinson definitely, it gave us so much pleasure here in NZ!!!
gill knight, New Zealand

Congratulations to Lance Armstrong on winning the Overseas award
Ian George, Leigh-on-Sea
We always watch Sports Personality, and were very disappointed that there was no mention of our local boxer Joe Calzaghe in the boxing section. He successfully defended his World Title for the umpteenth time this year, yet was not included in the boxing successes.

He has been a world champion for 4 years, yet rarely gets mentioned other than in the local Wales news. Other less successful British boxers are household names so why not Joe?
Stuart & Debbie Hawkins, South Wales

Jonny Wilkinson deserves this award, hes a brilliant team player, incredibly modest, gorgeous, what more can i say?
Hanna Fawcett, Lancaster

Congratulations to Lance Armstrong on winning the Overseas award. Winning a fifth tour after surviving cancer is a truly remarkable achievement. He is an inspiration to us all!!!
Ian George, Leigh-on-Sea

I congratulate Lance Armstrong on his success. But I really feel that Wasim Akram should have won this award sometime. A real legend, he served both Pakistan and Lancashire with distinction. A true legend, a player who had a real big-match temperament had presence on the field that only Imran, Richards and Hadlee had and Steve Waugh and Warne have.
Hassan, Birmingham

Not only did Johnny win the award for himself, he won it for the whole England team.
Glynn Jones, Hampshire
Thank goodness Steve Redgrave won the award. Few sportsmen or women in the world can come close to his determination and effort. But why David Beckham was included in the shortlist beats me. As for the rest of the awards, it was obvious who would win, although Jonny Wilkinson behaved in an excellent manner, unlike some of our overpaid footballers.
Neil Small, Scotland

Well done Mr. Wilkinson. A deserved award for an excellent example of a polite, dedicated team player.

We have the same situation every year, complaints about who won it and who should have won it. Congratulations to Mr.Wilkinson for picking up the award and no doubt he deserves it for his work. But what about everyone else who puts the UK on the map each year, especially 12 times. Who am I talking about? Why its Dougie Lampkin, due to lack of coverage of our motorcycle trials sport many of you will not know of him. He has won the Outdoor championship 7 times and the Indoor Trials Championship 5 times. He was however awarded an MBE and for this we are proud of him, but would a mention or maybe a little coverage of our underestimated sport be too much to ask? I remember a while back the BBC did an advert, I believe the advert said 'Its your BBC, you tell us what you want' now where telling you...Its up to you to listen.
Matt, England

Great show, rightful winners of the awards but what about a mention for the County Champions Sussex? First time they have won it and that after most pundits tipped them for relegation!
Simon Glass, England

I am really pleased that Kate Haywood won the junior sports personality award, I have known Kate for many years and have followed her career very closely. The dedication she has shown from a very early age, is a credit to her and I am sure she will be among the medals at the forthcomming Olympics
Ron Nixon, Nottingham

I am an All Black fanatic, but I must admit that Jonny is just a top guy
andrew gunman, london uk
Yes wilko was a worthy winner, but not the rightful one. This year should have belonged to Martin Johnson. Bearing in mind he has captained a worldcup winning side, the lions to victory in south africa and countless Tigers honours, which is a whole lot more than previous winners have done!!!!!
Dale Mellor, Nottingham

The England squad make me proud to be a rugby supporter (way before this world cup) and proud to be English. They are humble and supportive of each other - a real example! Well done to the team and well done to Jonny ... his dedication deserves reward.
Sian Mills, Alton, Hampshire

i think that Jonny deserves every bit of it! He has done so much for rugby in england and i know lots of youngsters that would love to follow in his footsteps Well done!
Ben, guildford, surrey

I am an All Black fanatic, but I must admit that Jonny is just a top guy and deserves everything
andrew gunman, london uk

It's the public that vote and therefore with the success of the Rugby being in the forefront of the public's mind it had to figure somewhere. Surely the way all the players comment on the team as a unit and not an individual, shows it must be the team sport of the Millennium. Well done to the whole squad who have put England back on top of the world
Bill Rees, Reigate, Surrey, UK

Paula Radcliffe is head and shoulders above anyone else in British Sport.
Eric Wydenbach, Swansea

I am very proud of Wilko. So why am i proud of him? He is the first to admit this and though he is hogging the limelight he is always the first to say no it was not just me but the rest of the squad as well. A sporting hero.

All were worthy winners. well done.
phil h, Northants England

Unfortunately, I thought that the programme was embarrassingly poor: there were several awkward silences during interviews and smutty innuendos.

Furthermore the amount of footage courtesy of SKY is indictative of the BBC's lack of sports coverage.

On a more positive note I thought that all recipients deserved their awards.

Jim, Glasgow

It's a cliché to say this but all the nominations were extremely worthy winners in their own right. I have to agree though, on a personal note, that Wilkinson deserves the award for this year. For someone who is so young to have achieved so much is something wonderful. This award will no doubt inspire him to take up even greater challenges and attain even greater heights. Congratulations Jonny!
james stuart, singapore

To all those who spitefully started the Email campaign to stop Jonny Wilkinson winning tonight I am glad that it is you who have been defeated. Well done Jonny and well done to the England Rugby Team. You stand head and shoulders above the rest.
Pierre-Charles Wood, Aberdeen

Disappointed Paula didn't take the top scoop. On an individual merit basis, she has achieved far more than Johnny Wilkinson this year. A victim of hype I'm afraid, but all were deserved humble winners. Well done!
Timiano, Cheshire

Michael Watson was a deserving winner - he is an inspiration to us all
Allan, Cardiff

Brilliant!! I never thought Lance Armstrong would win but great a superb example of a dedicated sportsman -one which every parent should encourage their children to study.
Alan Preddy, Epsom England

Difficult to argue with the decision as there can be no doubt that the rugby World Cup win overshadowed all other British sporting achievements in 2003. However, it is hard not to feel some sympathy for Paula Radcliffe for in any other year surely her achievements would have taken the top acolade.
Dan Shepherd, Singapore.

Having just seen the top 5 personalities I was very suprised to see that Mark Williams wasn't included. Mark won all the major tournaments of last year and to conclude his fantastic season by regaining his rightfully number 1 rank was truly unforgettable. Can't believe his successful year, hasn't been illustrated in the final listings of sports personality of the year.
Stephen Griffiths, Cwmbran, S. Wales

Michael Watson was a deserving winner. He is an inspiration to us all. Well done & God Bless you!
Allan, Cardiff

Well done Jonny, and Martin, and Clive and the rest of the England Rugby Union Team. Thoroughly well deserved. I'm also pleased for Paula Radcliffe (nice dress by the way), I hope she will be in the running next year after winning gold in Athens.

And what can you say about Sir Steve Redgrave? A true Olympian and a Gentleman. All great examples that courage, determination and sometimes sheer bloody mindedness can win through. The right people won the right awards.
Howard, UK

Jonny is a well deserved winner, as is Sir Steve
Shaun Green, Wiltshire

I am thrilled that Torvill and Dean made the Top Five in the Golden Sports Personality Award. Maybe now the BBC will realise that it is a sport that captures the imagination of the public and we would appreciate better coverage of it during the major events. (Although Kudos goes out for BBC Digital during the last Winter Olympics). Congrats to Steve Redgrave,the only possible winner though.
Sharon, Wales

I can't believe that there is still no recognition for Dougie Lampkin the 7 times World Outdoor Trials champion and 5 times indoor. In a time when British world champions are few and far between, this is an outrageous exclusion
Antony Povey, Australia

The true rugby fans out there would have voted for Johnson seeing how well he has been leading our squad for years. Wilkinson is of course a great player but unfortunately he has been the poster boy for the whole team, but congratulations to him....but i voted for Johnno.
Richard, Leeds

All I can say is how proud all my family was when Jonny Wilkinson made that great kick. Well done to all the team. I am hoping the game and your return will be on a VHS video one day for us to keep.
Sheila Merison, NSW, Australia

Jonny is a well deserved winner, as is Sir Steve. The best Sports Personality show ever, well done the Beeb.
Shaun Green, Wiltshire

Well done Jonny,well deserved award, as was the Rugby Teams award, and Sir Steve Redgraves.Could not have happened to a nicer bunch of spectacular/well deserving sportsmen.
Sara Payne, Coventry

Jonny, you completed English Sports greatest achievement since 1966, and you are now the face of English rugby, and boy do you deserve it. Most deserved winner ever! (apart from Redgrave!!!!)
Phil Lloyd-Bushell, England

Not only did Johnny win the award for himself, he won it for the whole England team. Well done! Rightly deserved!
Glynn Jones, Hampshire

Were it not for the inspirational leadership of the England captain, I'm not sure Wilkinson would be quite the hero he is today!
Richard, Australia

A World Cup is not won by one man making one kick - or even three, in the case of Geoff Hurst. As Hurst himself said today in the Independent, he was the star on the day but Bobby Moore was the star of the tournament.

Quite rightly, Bobby Moore took the BBC trophy as '66's victorious captain and it is a sad reflection on people's understanding of the wonderful achievment of the England rugby squad, lead by a magnificent captain over the past four years to the ultimate triumph, that Martin Johnson was not tonight's winner.
chris nation, Bristol. England

Not only did Johnny win the award for himself, he won it for the whole England team.

i think Martin Johnson deserved to win. Johnny a close second. I think Enbgland could have achieved everything the same wiithout Wilkinson but def not wothout Johno.

Hee is a inspirational leader and leads by example. You deserve all the prasie you get Johno. But well done wilkinson, a very modest winner and never forgets its a team gsame. Well done england!!!
dave, Leicester

Quite right, Johnno was inpsiration in his leadership but I don't think we would have got as far as we did without Jonny's boot, even Rob Andrew (who in my opinion is better looking) freely admits that Jonny is a better kicker. I couldn't decide so I voted for both of them both and they are both worthy winners....And well done that rest of the team and 'Sir' Clive!
Viki Fardell, Bahrain

The right results all round I think, but a shame that the top award couldn't be shared between both Jonny Wilkinson and Martin Johnson.

I was hoping very much that Lance Armstrong would get the Overseas award - what a sportsman, but one who tends not to feature too heavily on the back pages but only on our Television for 21 days. We must remember it takes a whole years preparation to win the Tour and to do this 5 times is quite unbelievable after all he went through. Schumacher also deserves recognition but on this occasion I must say the BBC got this one right. Lance for so many is just simly inspirational. Thank you
David, Thailand

Were it not for the inspirational leadership of the England captain, I'm not sure Jonny Wilkinson would be quite the hero he is today!
Richard, Australia

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