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Last Updated: Monday, 19 May, 2003, 16:01 GMT 17:01 UK
Do you back London Olympics bid?
Could London successfully host the Olympics?

The British Government has given its support to London's bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympics.

Do you support the decision?

The city has officially entered the race to stage the event after formally submitting its application before Tuesday's deadline.

Despite high-profile backing for a London bid, doubt had been cast because of the already groaning infrastructure in the capital, and the 2.375bn cost of staging the event.

The Mayor of Paris has confirmed they will bid as have New York, Madrid and Leipzig.

Do you back the bid - or could the money be put to better use elsewhere?

The Olympics can only improve the prosperity, infrastructure, etc, of a city and as such the country as a whole. The return on staging the Olympics will be much greater than that invested.

Apart from being the greatest show on earth the Olympics stands for optimism. It seems strange therefore that a country that has the most likely bid is full of pessimists.
Alex, Essex

As an Aussie living over here permanently I think the games would be a great thing. They need to be looked at as a long-term investment. New infrastructure takes years to pay for itself but will never be built without an incentive.

I have visited Barcelona and it is a wonderful city, people who visited pre-Olympics said it was dirty, hard to get around and not friendly. Now is the opposite.
Christian Watters, Uxbridge, West London

Yet again London have been given the chance to host something that they just can't handle. It is the most congested city in Britain and while I would love to see the Olympics here, London is surely not the right choice. Yes, bring the Olympics to Britain, but not to London.
Dawn, Birmingham

I am horrified by the amount of negative comment here about a proposed London Olympic Bid. Coming from a country that will never hope to be able to stage the Olympics I envy the opportunity the UK (the whole country) has in staging a successful games. Come on UK. Get behind your bid. Dream the dream.
Jim Walsh, Dublin, Ireland

If moaning was an Olympic event, many of the contributors would certainly be in with a shout for a medal!
David, Surrey
A London Olympics would be fantastic! Manchester have tried to get the Olympics before and failed, we should all admit that London is Britain's strongest bid and accept that it will benefit all of the country if it is successful.
Kevin Freegard, Manchester

As a former New Yorker, I would be delighted to see the Games in New York but London is worthy of attention. If done properly like Barcelona it can transform long derelict areas, enhance public spaces and finally kick start big infrastructure projects like Crossrail. And to all the people who say the UK cannot deliver projects successfully, you only have to look to NYC who has been waiting for nearly 50 years for a new subway line that may just happen by 2012!
Michael, London

When you live so far from London it seems such a lot of money to spend on something that will have little or no impact on where I live. I wonder what other people think, especially those in the North. I believe the money could be better spent elsewhere.
Iain MacMillan, Erskine, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Fantastic! London might get the Olympics. Now as long the Commonwealth team from Manchester and the World Indoor Athletics team from Birmingham get the job of organising and running the show it stands a chance of success. Face facts, Londoners can't organise a bus ride to work!
Bryan, UK

If moaning was an Olympic event, many of the contributors would certainly be in with a shout for a medal. If you don't agree, don't buy a ticket, don't go and don't celebrate any success or heroic failure. In fact do anything else, but don't moan.
David, Surrey

We can't even host the FA cup final in London, let alone the Olympics. Lets sort out healthcare, schools and transport before we turn to sport.
Rich , London

Lets not kid ourselves that it will be given to London. What other big event has been placed in the U.K.? There appears to be a conspiracy not to give world events to this great island. Or am I being paranoid?
Peter Leach, Czech Republic

The IOC has been waiting for London to put forward a credible Olympic bid ever since 1948
Omim, Reading, England
I can't help thinking that Hackney is not a good place to build an Olympic stadium. Looking at the surrounding area, it would be hard to regenerate that whole region of East London. Surely, it would be better to adapt Twickenham, upgrade Crystal Palace or replace the Dome. When the IOC inspectors come and take a look at the proposed site, what will they say? I'd hazard a guess, and I think it ends in "off". I'm worried that the IOC would take a look at the Stade de France versus a ramshackle old greyhound stadium and the decision is already made.
Raymond, Leuven, Belgium (Expat)

Why is the BBC so slavishly supporting this bid? I know BBC staff never go anywhere east of Oxford Circus, but even they should realise that the transport infrastructure simply cannot cope with the Olympics. It cannot even cope with the current load!
Domin Connor, London

The IOC has been waiting for London to put forward a credible Olympic bid ever since London stepped in to host the Olympic games in 1948. Manchester hosted a successful Commonwealth Games and there's no reason why London can't go on to stage a successful Olympics.
Omim, Reading, England

I have no problem with those who wish to join in or watch athletics, So let them have their Olympics and enjoy themselves but do not expect me or others like me to pay for their enjoyment. You want it, you pay for it and leave the rest of us alone.
Alan Baker, Chelmsford

I live hundreds of miles from London and yet I still feel that staging an Olympics in London would benefit our country and also me personally. As a nation we should get behind this bid and show the world that Great Britain really is great and that London is still one of the world's greatest cities. This would bring re-generation to our capital, tourists to Britain and a sense of pride to our wonderful country.
Paul Bray, Cornwall, England

London does not deserve the Olympics or any other major event
Venkat V, London
Get real people. The amount of money that will be required to just get the public transport system running smoothly in London will be enough to revitalise the economy of this country. London does not deserve the Olympics or any other major event until we reach some basic level of efficiency. I for one do not support this bid at all. We do not deserve it!
Venkat V, London

I do not support this bid. London is already struggling to cope with the congestion caused by daily commuters; hence the congestion charge imposed this year.

Add on to that rising council tax and London is indeed becoming barely affordable for many of us who live here; to request that we fund an Olympics campaign is quite ridiculous.

Sure, the Olympics brings great patriotic pride and spirit to the host country - are there no other cities in Britain that could stage this event besides London? I don't think the IOC will seriously consider this bid. Get your heads out of the clouds people!
Tom, London

Living in east London, I sincerely hope that the Games come to London in 2012. Just think of the increase in property prices!
Chris, UK

A number of respondents have stated that New York will get the sentimental vote. I think there could have been an argument for that and in many ways it would have been nice to see. But this is a sporting decision and the fact of the matter is that the US failed to meet the standards we expect of the Olympics in the over-commercial Atlanta games, and Salt Lake City was surrounded in controversy.

The IOC are not going to ignore these facts on the basis of post-11 September sympathy. Paris is the genuine threat to London, not New York. If London gets its act together quickly, moves to include the wider UK (the football being played in Newcastle/Liverpool/Glasgow for example) then London can offer as good a bid as anyone.
Nick, Wales, UK

It is almost comical to think that London can stage an Olympic Games. On a normal week day, the city is already saturated with all infrastructure near breaking point. By 2012, population growth plus additional tourists will mean probable collapse.

If you also consider no one here can build anything on time and within budget (Dome, Bridge or Stadium), I can imagine popular revolt when London council tax doubles to finance that stupid bid.
Lawrence, England

Let's face facts. The only city in the UK that would get the Olympics is London. Wherever you go in the world people know, and on the whole, love London.

The whole city seems positive this morning after the bid just being announced. Imagine how great it would be if we got it.
Alan O'Shea, Hampstead

The only positive aspect of the bid is that they'll have to sort the public transport out!
Henry Crane, North Ferriby
Some of the comments made about London's bid to host the Olympics in 2012 are startling and underline the small-mindedness of some people. Sure it will be a waste of money if you pour in the resources without lasting benefit.

Fortunately that rarely happens. Munich e.g. got a new underground system in 1972 which is still in use today and vital to the city's economy, South Africa got a tremendous boost in tourism due to the cricket World Cup. The list goes on an on.

If the money is invested wisely, the economic impact will be lasting and will outweigh the costs. So great British public, stop whinging for a moment and get behind a good idea.
Frank Henze, London

It's sad that some people choose to be so cynical about this great opportunity for regeneration, tourism and business in London and the rest of the UK. The sporting benefits and the boost to communities, youth centres and clubs also cannot be underestimated. Yes, the Dome and transport are both a joke. Does this mean we should never embark on any other project for fear of failure? Let's look at the positives for once.
James, London

It is ridiculous. Although the event itself would be a great success, the cost simply isn't worth it.

You only have to go to Sydney to see that, although the facilities are impressive, they are simply not used sufficiently to make them worthwhile after the event.

The only positive aspect of the bid is that they'll have to sort the public transport out!
Henry Crane, North Ferriby, E. Yorks

London has no chance of winning the bid for the 2012 Olympics
Glenn, Winchester
I don't believe that the IOC will seriously consider a bid from London what with the Pickett's Lock disaster and the shambles that is Wembley, not to mention typical British summertime weather. Even if by some cruel twist of fate we were to "win" the Olympics I don't feel that anyone who get anything like value for money out of it, after all we are going to have to pay for it in the end
Anthony Wright, London

Given that my council tax bill has already increased by more than 20% this year, and that the North has the richest areas in England, I can't help but feel hard done by. In 2006 my council tax will once again increase, and my standard of living decrease, all for more sports facilities and a dubious claim of better transport infrastructure.
Jin-Wee Tan, London

I think this is a great idea, as long as it's done right! It will provide thousands of jobs, in the areas that need them most. But, Londoners should foot the bill, as it is they who will benefit from the Olympics financially. I cannot see people in Sheffield or Newcastle getting much out of it in terms of economic growth and regeneration, so why should they pay?
Chris D, Essex

I fully support the bid. However, I think that Londoners should not have to pay for the costs. We hear every year of the fact that central government is not giving local councils in the south as much money as the north, and that is forcing local taxes up in the south. Why is this not redressed in the run up to the Olympics?

It is about time there was some investment in the south of England.
Steve Withers, Harpenden

London has no chance of winning the bid for the 2012 Olympics. If New York don't win with the sentimental bid then Paris will. The money spent on this bid could be better spent elsewhere.
Glenn, Winchester

It annoys me that the IOC insist that any bid from the UK must come from London. What is wrong with the other areas of the UK. Why should Londoners reap all the benefits, again, of a major event and modern facilities?
Andrew, UK

I would love to see the Olympic games in England but I have no confidence in our present (or any future government
Peter Rankin, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
I have seen all these comments about holding the Olympics somewhere other than London. They are good points however the IOC has made it clear that they would not fully consider a bid from Britain if London was not the host city.

I say support the London bid and hope that we win so that we can show the world that Britain can host global sporting events.
Steven Westerling, Somerset

I would love to see the Olympic games in England but I have no confidence in our present (or any future government), let's face facts, the last two jokers could not put up a tent between them, and as the whole country will be paying for these games after the closing ceremony will our council tax go down for a year? I think not. Another national embarrassment in the making I think.
Peter Rankin, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Don't even think about it! Every time I come home to London it's more congested, dirtier, and neglected than before. I've seen what's required to stage a great Olympics in terms of infrastructure and environment, and believe me London is currently a great example of somewhere you wouldn't want to see the games go.
Paul McDonnell, Sydney (English)

The Commonwealth Games in Manchester were an outstanding success and proved that a city other than London is capable of hosting a large scale international event. After the decision to build the new national football stadium in the capital the choice of London again to front Britain's Olympic bid is disappointing.

Yes, London is a great city and would probably put on a great event, but why not give somewhere else a piece of the action?
Andrew Nelson, Leeds

Just a waste of money. The money should be spent in giving children a better education and hospitals. Our PM only thinks in taxing us more for what HE wants and doesn't listen to the people. Why not re-use the land where the Dome stands?? What about Wembley Stadium??
Gisela Day, London

I don't support the decision as it is not for Britain. It is for London
Bobby Darin, Scotland
People are being naive to criticise the Government for investing in securing the Olympics for London. Apart from being a great spectacle, the economic benefits for the east of London will be immense and help regenerate many parts of the city.
Charlie, Reading

Whilst it does seem unfair for Londoners to take a burden of the cost of hosting the Olympics, it seems to the rest of us only fair that the city that would most benefit should pay the biggest price. Better transport and a revitalised east end will do the city wonders.

Most Olympics have been profitable for their host nations, my only fear is that the government will do a botch job like it did with the Millennium Dome, and is currently doing with our public services.
Elliot, Birmingham

I don't support the decision as it is not for Britain. It is for London. I hope the UK Government does not put any of the British tax payers money into this.
Bobby Darin, Scotland

The Olympic committee shouldn't even consider this bid.

After putting a bid together for the 2005 World Athletics Championship and then being awarded the prestigious event, we had the cheek to try and move it to Sheffield. How can anyone trust the Government on this bid. Will they pull the funding and question the transport links as with Pickett's Lock, even when considering that they put the bid together themselves?
Minesh, London

The 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester showed Britain can host a major sporting event. Whilst the Olympics would have been too much for my hometown, I think London can provide the best Olympic Games ever if they take Manchester 2002 as an example.
Chris, Manchester

Great news, let's just hope that the bid wins and we can put on a great games. This is not only a boost for London, but the whole of the UK- this will generate millions through tourism for the WHOLE of GB.
Ruairidh, Scotland

Why should it be just Londoners who have to pay for this event?
John Hall, Purley, Greater London
On July 2 the IOC will announce whether Vancouver has been selected to host the 2010 Winter Olympics. Why is this relevant? Simply because the IOC do not generally stage two Olympic Games in the same continent in a row.

If Vancouver were to get the 2010 Winter Games you have to say that New York's chances of winning the 2012 Summer Games are somewhat lessened. In addition, I would argue that a French bid will not be popular with the American advertising executives who have a significant say (like it or not) in where the games are held.

Its no coincidence that China are hosting 2008 Summer Games - one of the most powerful future consumer markets in the world.

In summary, London has a great chance (especially if Vancouver wins the IOC vote on July 2). However, having witnessed the effort, planning and detail the Canadian bid committee have demonstrated for their bid, London will has a long journey ahead - especially when it can't even build a national stadium properly.
Nik Walshe, Vancouver, Canada

Let me get this right. After all the fuss over a national stadium and deciding on Wembley, they now want to build another stadium in the East End? Absolute nonsense.
David Brooks, London

Why should it be just Londoners who have to pay for this event? Surely the whole of the British Isles will benefit with the costs being born by the whole country.
John Hall, Purley, Greater London

Does it pass the rest of UK test? That is, if this money was being gambled elsewhere in this country would it be risked? Following the Millennium Dome fiasco, the Wembley Stadium steamroller and massive amounts of money to build thousands of houses in the S.E. rather than move thousands of government jobs out of the capital, people are asking for some relative spending elsewhere!
John Kirkham, Fleetwood, Lancashire

I am fully supportive of the proposal but can't bear the thought of all the moaners and groaners who will be filling the airways over the next few years. A decision has been made, can't we all back it and make it a success.
Peter, Hertfordshire

Surely if Spain and Australia can host an Olympics so can we!
Matthew, Kent
The money spent for the bid alone would probably build two more Blackwall Tunnels, and would relieve a lot of congestion! No to Olympics here.
R Bandy, Bromley Kent

London has no chance of winning the award for the 2012 Olympics. The sentimental bid is New York, which the US Olympic committee has chosen over San Francisco. The bid process is a huge waste of money and the award is a massive fix.
David Humphreys, San Francisco (Ex-pat)

It is sad, yet predictable, to see so many cynical comments from people. If Britain lacks the confidence to win the right and to stage a great Olympics then what message does it send to the world about this country? Surely if Spain and Australia can host an Olympics so can we!

Get behind the bid, offer your help, don't carp and moan before it has even got off the ground!

"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though chequered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat"
Matthew, Kent

East London can provide an Olympics that the world will remember - for all the right reasons - with a little imagination and a lot of confidence. I'm glad we're going for it.
Nick Williams, Charlton

I am completely and totally pig sick of everything having to be in London. This Country is turning into a one-city nation. London did not support the Manchester Olympic bid, so why should the rest of the country support London's bid. If London wants the Olympic bid then they should pay for it, and don't expect the rest on the country to support it.
Alex, Leeds

How could the money be used better elsewhere? Without the Olympics there will be no money to use.
Chris, Canterbury

London does not have the capacity to host such an event
Ian, Essex

No - I do not support the London bid. I do not want to pay even higher London taxes to profit Government and Big Business. Money generated by London is used throughout the UK yet we have the worst hospitals and schools around. We get taxed and ripped off enough as it is in London and I do not want to pay even more for which I, as a Londoner, will get nothing for the extra taxes.
Colin Tait, London

Olympics in London is great news! Let's get the whole country united behind it - that's all we need do to make it a success. If we do the opposite we will have another Dome... what would you prefer?
Chris, South Wales

Oh get real, will you! London does not have the capacity to host such an event. Glad to see that apart from the Lottery only Londoners will pay for it, though.

I assume that the 'Special Olympic Lottery Fund' explains why Sport England has no funding for schemes nationwide?
Ian, Essex

I would love to see the Olympic games being held in London, not only is it a great opportunity for business but it also should mean a lot to Londoners. It would make me proud to hear that they will take part here.
Lucy Witcomb, Ealing, West London

I think it is a great idea! Though I would prefer it to be somewhere more accessible and cheaper than London! Unless the Mayor of London and the government can prove that the infrastructure would be in place and cheap enough for us all, then I cannot see how we can let London host the Olympics, when other Cities such as Birmingham, Manchester or even Glasgow might be a better option.
Ross Carson, Oxford

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