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Last Updated: Monday, 30 June, 2003, 14:03 GMT 15:03 UK
Your Foe tributes

"The BBC would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of your tributes. We have received several thousand e-mails and are hoping to pass these on to a contact in Cameroon."

This tributes page is now closed. Thank you for your many e-mails - a selection appears below.

Foe's death is a shock to a whole football nation. I would like to thank Foe for all the fine things he did before his sudden death. And to all of the football lovers: go out and buy the Camerooon kit with 17 Foe on the back, to honour a great, great player.
Kristian Nordaas, Bergen, Norway

Foe is gone but he left a mark in that game he knew best how to play
Izu Imoh, Nigeria

The late Marc-Vivien Foe was truly a star who lived up to his calling in the game of football. Sending my condolences to his parents and wife, children, relatives and friends. God who allowed it to happen will see you through it all, even with your husband's departure. Accept my condolences.
Atibishyi yayok, Nigeria

Foe is gone but he left a mark in that game he knew best how to play. We will all miss him greatly.

To the wife and children, I say it is well, for the Lord our God will continue to guide and be with you all.

To his father and mother, I say all is well, the Lord our God will wipe away your tears. Even though you are with tears today, He will bring peace, joy and everlasting blessing to you all.

And to you the nation of Cameroon, a lion is gone but we still have many others in that great nation. May the Lord our God console the entire nation at this very time. May the Lord continue to bless the nation of Cameroon.
Izu Imoh, Nigeria

I am a Malawian, but very sad to learn about the death of Foe. Cameroon were representing the whole African continent, Malawi inclusive. The death of Foe is a loss to Cameroon and Africa. May his soul rest in peace and may the almighty God bless his family.
Benson M. Ng'ambi, Lilongwe, Malawi

Marc-Vivien Foe was a remarkable statesman who honoured his country at all times. He died as a loyal soldier on the battle field. He is an outstanding personality that should be remembered for his remarkable performance in football.

Foe was a fine man as well as an excellent athlete
Jim Ounsworth, Paris

This is a loss not only to Africa but the whole world. May his soul rest in peace.
Dorsla D. Farcarthy, Liberia

Words are not enough to describe how much I was saddened by this news. This message is like many others but I just wanted to send my condolences to Foe's family and relatives. A great player who was so young. Why him?
Chris, Leeds

It is not death that man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live - Marcus Aurelius.

Last week two events occurred, one on the public stage and the other on the private, which drove home to me how life can change so fast; how joy can change to sorrow; how moments can slip by.

Foe was a fine man as well as an excellent athlete. His third child had just been born and he was settling in the south of France.

Last night I went to the final match at the Stade de France. The Cameroon players wore warm-up shirts with Foe's name and number. As they walked on the field before the national anthems of the teams were played, they carried a huge photo of him.

Life slips away before we know it
Jim Ounsworth, Paris

In the center of the field, they and the French players formed a circle, arms around each other, for a moment of silence. France won the match in overtime but at the awards ceremony the French captain shared the trophy with the Cameroon captain, Rigobert Song.

As Song said: "...cette decision de jouer est une forme de respect pour Marc-Vivien Foe'." (this decision to play is a form of respect for Marc-Vivien Foe'). Foe's wife was in the stands, young, beautiful, elegant, but fighting to hold back her tears.

Last week also, I received news of another tragedy. One of the people I worked with for years, Synera Johnson, was dedicated to her children and loved them more than anything else in the world. At the beginning of the week, her son died in a motorcycle accident.

So I thought about how life can change so quickly and how we often miss that. I recently had dinner with someone who had taken a demanding, but really interesting, new job. He also had a very young family. I advised: you have to weigh what really counts. he job may be interesting but those moments with your children will pass and never can be recaptured. So it is with friends; family; other loved ones; people you care about.

Hold that friend perhaps even a little tighter; press that hand perhaps even more firmly; call the person you have put off calling because of whatever; email that thought; write that letter; say that thank you; give that gift.

Life slips away before we know it. And I think it not a bad goal to hope that just before we die we can think back on our lives and say we pretty much did not let things we should have done, or things we should have said, slip away from us. Carpe diem.
Jim Ounsworth, Paris, France; Phila Pa USA

He will be remembered by all
Zab, Accra

MVF was an example to us all. Determination, dedication and an appetite for life. Marc, respect and rest well.
Murdo, Edinburgh, Scotland

On behalf of my family I send heartfelt condolences to your wife and parents. May your amiable soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Orutugu, Ikioye, Kosovo

Marc-Vivien will stay in our memories as a true footballer. It's death has been a tragedy for all football nations and to African football. He is one of the few African footballers who will be remember in the Premiership; he will be remembered by all.

My condolences to his family and team. May the Lord be with him till we met again. RIP.
Zab, Accra

It always feels not only sad, but also so unjust when such a huge talent is wasted like that! Marc, we love you and will miss you always. May God rest your dearly loved soul in peace in his eternal heaven.
Eleni, Ethiopia

We will always miss you Foe, we will never forget you and your talents.
Hermanovic, Stykkishólmur

The whole of Sierra Leone mourns the death of Marc the indomitable lion. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to his family and the football world.
Ayodele Warburton, Sierra Leone

I was moved by the minute's silence with the photo of Marc
Samuel, Cameroon

I have been a keen fan of Cameroon. They have over time entertained the world with good football. The late Foe was instrumental in making the team win friends' worldwide.
John K. Koech, Kericho, Kenya

I was at Maine Road yesterday and moved to tears by all the wonderful tributes to Marc. God Bless.
Stuart Docherty, Hyde, Cheshire

I think the final proved that we were right not to cancel the match. The result was not important, but it gave the players and fans of Cameroon - and the rest of the football community - a chance to say goodbye to Marco in the most fitting way.

I was moved by the minute's silence with the photo of Marc. What better event to remember Marc than at a football match. After all, football was his love. There was surely no better setting for the players and fans of Cameroon to share their grief.
Samuel, Cameroon

What a lion, what a boy, what a midfielder. Bro, why do you leave us...this wound will take a lot of time before it will heal from the minds of Cameroonians.

Foe died with the national flag on him - it showed how he loved his country. Dear Cameroonians, let's pray for Marc-Vivien Foe so that the almighty will receive him in his temple.

I am also calling on the Government to offer a day for Foe; I know that the day would not be all that easy for Cameroonians .I am writing this with tears in my eyes; oh Foe, safe journey - it a place where we shall all meet you are not the first nor the last.

A tragic reminder of how fragile we all are
Svein Magne, Norway

I will be very happy if we can name a town after Foe, and I am calling on all women who are expecting to name their newly born sons after him, so that when every Cameroonian hears that name from any child he will think of this date - 26 June 2003, a date I will never forget.
Nkwopjang Gilbert Ndjila, Cameroon

I am a young Cameroonian footballer here in Lagos. I regret so much the loss of this great lion. I know you as a result of your good work for our country and I will always remember you for this work. I love you but God does better. Remain in his bosom.
Achenkeng Stephenson, Lagos

First of all, my condolences to his family for this terrible loss of a star, and may his gentle soul rest in peace. May God grant the family the fortitude to bear his loss and also strengthen his family during this bitter time.

Please don't allow great players die when serving their club or country, please. Fifa should provide all the necessary hospital gadgets on the field of play whenever there's a match, where ever the match is, and at all cost. Lots of love to Marc-Vivien Foe's family, please accept my sympathy.
Efosa Asowata, Germany

A tragic reminder of how fragile we all are. 28 is no age at all - a great player has left the green pitch. Foé will not be forgotten - either as person or player. My thoughts to his family and friends.
Svein Magne, Norway

What a great player, a wonderful player on the pitch and a true gentleman off the pitch. A great servant to both West Ham and Man City. He will be missed next season.
Dave Lacey, Gloucestershire, UK

We all loved his football and his smile as well
Mike Gale, Coventry

I always rated Marc as a player. He was terrific last season for Man City, he was great for West Ham. Always put 100% in and would not have been out of place in any Premier league side. My condolences to his friends and family, and the world of football; we have all lost a terrific guy.
Peter, WGC, UK

Sorry for Marc-Vivien. We all loved his football and his smile as well. He'll live in our hearts.
Mike Gale, Coventry

Unbelievable. Can't imagine what his family and fellow footballers must be feeling. Heart-breaking.
Jamesy, Belfast, N. Ireland

This truly is a tragedy for football. God bless him and his family.
James Yates, Preston

A superb guy on and off the field, an honour to football and an overall great talent. He will be dearly missed by us all and the Premiership.
Tom Edmonds, Wallasey

Even I, a Manchester United fan, could see that Foe was a high-quality footballer who was destined for great things. Some things are bigger than the red/blue divide across our city. My condolences to his family and friends.
Richard, Manchester

Each time I turn to look at a fellow compatriot, tears fall down like falling rain, endlessly I shall mourn the lost of Marc-Vivian Foe. He brought fame and glory to Cameroon and Africa, but today he lies in the spirits realms.

Africa mourns you, forever you'll stay in our dreams
Andongndou Fred , Bamenda

It's a heavy loss. He fell and the world, especially Africa, trembled, Thursday the 26the shall never be forgotten in the hearts of all compatriots of Africa. Each time we seem to progress, destiny hinders. May his soul rest in perfect peace. This poem is in sympathy with Cameroonians, Africans and the world .

Adieu Marc-Vivien Foe,
Goodbye my long lasting friend,
This is were your story end,
I know we'll meet sometime again.

Our hearts have called it the day,
At that benevolent moment of heroism,
Where you seek to bring fame to your fatherland,
You fell like a hero at war in the last battle of survival.

I sincerely love to say as you journey through,
You give us a song to sing so solemn,
That the road of life is so wide and long,
That everyman has his day to end.

We can only say with broken hearts,
Your end was sudden and unexpected
No one knows his time though,
The tides of the game was so strong.

You left no word of goodbye to your friends,
I know you never meant it so,
But in our sleep we see you waving goodbye,
As you touch the soul of heaven.

Loneliness has come to feel your place in the world,
We can only remember you like fallen hero,
Like a river you have run through life's long journey,
Africa mourns you, forever you'll stay in our dreams.
Andongndou Fred , Bamenda, Cameroon

I'm so upset for Marc's family, this is a shocking thing to happen, especially in a world-wide watched match. However, he will remain a legend in the memories of fans, even those like me who never supported teams he played for, as the player who made a big impact on the game, and not just as a man who died on a football pitch. Thanks Marc.
William Mackenzie, Inverness, Scotland

He was a fantastic football player who will be dearly missed on and off the pitch
John Joe Boyle, Edinburgh

As a football fan as well as a Man City fan and more importantly, as a human being, I wish send all of my condolences to the family of Marc-Vivien Foe, a player who transformed City's season this year and an outstanding ambassador of the game. He will be sorely missed.
Sam Brooks, Lancaster

I am deeply saddened to hear of the death of Marc Vivien Foe, he was a fantastic football player and I am sure he will be dearly missed on and off the football pitch.
John Joe Boyle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Marc was a true unsung hero of the game. A player who never looked for the spotlight, a player who truly entertained us.

I speak for all Arsenal fans by wishing our condolences to the friends and family of Marc, and to say thank you for your contribution to our beautiful game. You died doing what you loved, and what we all love. You will forever be in our hearts.
Rob Hills, Guildford, Uk

Good bye, sleep well our hero, you have done your best for Africa, truly you are a lion. Foe, we will always remember for you are one of the best players Africa has ever produced...

Foe for African Footballer of the Year - if they don't give you when you are alive, I think we all know that you deserve to put on the crown when you are gone. Sleep well Foe until we meet again.
Abiodun Segun, Lagos, Nigeria

The sky is missing a very bright star tonight
Andy, Worksop

Sad to see such a gentle man move on. It's reassuring to know that we all go to a better place but it's still hurts to see Marc move on. My condolences to his family and to the Cameroonian people.
Zack Mutura, USA

The whole of football mourns the death of a talented young lad who had a cracking career around him in England or abroad. The sky is missing a very bright star tonight. Rest in peace Marc.
Andy, Worksop

I am a footballer, and such news will touch anyone, but being associated with the game I am very sad. I do hope your family's dreams of you will live on. May God be with them at this time.
Kevin Frank, Grenada

My thoughts go to his family and team mates at Man City, Cameroon and at Lyon. I met Marc before he went to France, and he was the best man I have ever met. See you in heaven Marc.
Stephen Grant, Manchester

Marc was an honest and hard-working player well respected by his fellow professionals. As a City supporter I am sure that all City fans would like to send their condolences to all his family.
Danny Cohen, London

This amazing talented footballer will be missed by both club and country so much and also by the supporters of all football teams. He was a joy to watch in any game.
Jason Kavanagh, Dublin, Ireland

Rest in peace Marc, your memory will live long in London's East End
Mo, London

I attended Marc-Vivien Foe's first match in England, Wimbledon away 1999, and cannot get over how vividly I now remember that privileged occasion in wake of this tragic news.

I remember the first thing John 'Mad-dog' Moncur said after Harry bought him to Upton Park. "Where do think he will play," asked a reporter. "Anywhere he likes judging by the size of him," came the reply.

In an age when everybody seems so concerned with contracts, boot deals, promotional tours, image rights and money, how refreshing it was to witness Marc-Vivien Foe focus solely on doing that, that he did best - playing football.

With passion, commitment, desire, but most of all pride, he embodied many of the qualities I, as a fan, wanted to see. Though his time with us was short, his impact was immense, culminating in a fantastic August night in Metz, was fundamental to our Inter-Toto Cup success.

And what a privelege, because, to be fair, such achievements are pretty few and far between for the Hammers! Marc-Vivien Foe will forever in my heart, as well as those of Man City supporters, Cameroon followers and the football world at large, representing all of the things that are truly great about this game of ours.

But above all this, my thoughts go to his family and loved ones. Rest in peace Marc, your memory will live long in London's East End.
Mo, London

A true national hero is dead. What more can be said?
Chif, US

Will be such a loss to the game. Won't be the same not seeing him in the Premiership next season. Such a committed player. My thoughts are now with his family and friends.
Brendan Campbell, Dublin

This is unbelievable. Like a soldier who dies in defence of his country, Foe has died in the service of his nation, Cameroon. Foe, you served your country well, may you rest in peace.
Kennedy Owuor, Rome, Italy

Very few people make a difference nowadays, but you made a difference. May his soul rest in peace.
Asonglefac Aloysius, Maryland, USA

A true national hero is dead. What more can be said? The tears shall not stop rolling, and emotions shall keep pouring. Nothing can bring you back, and the Lions have lost a rare player...too emotional for words now.
Chif, US

I was absolutely shocked when I heard the news of Foe dying. What a shame for such a young and talented lad! My deepest feelings go out to his family and all the football fans around the world who loved to see a player with qualities like Foe - he leaves the game much too soon.
Peter Ebben, Netherlands

I would like to pay homage to a great player and i would like to console the minds of Marc's family and friends at this undoubtedly sad hour.
Ran Wei, Swansea, Wales

I was shocked to hear of this tragedy tonight. My thoughts go out to his family, who must be devastated. A great loss.
Neil Lamont, Northern Ireland

He was not only a good player, but a genuinely nice guy too
Martin, Germany

We had a tragedy where one of our best loved player, Steve Malcolm (Jamaica national team defender) died in a motor vehicle accident after returning home from an international match. This moment reminds Jamaica of that moment. I wish to express my condolence to his family, friends, fans and team-mates at this sorrowful time.
Taffy Jones, Jamaica

Genuinely shocked. He was not only a good player, but a genuinely nice guy too. A tragic loss for football - every sympathy to his family.
Martin, Germany

I'm sure I speak for all Ipswich fans when I say that his family and colleagues will be in our thoughts and prayers during this period. He will be missed in English football.
Scott Askew, Wales

Marc-Vivien Foe R.I.P. 'On the Terraces' would like to add it's condolences to the family of Marc Vivien-Foe.

The shock at the sad turn of events has reverberated around football, and such was the impact that most of the French squad had tears in their eyes as they prepared for their semi-final against Turkey.

Foe joined West Ham for £2m in January of 1999, signed by Harry Redknapp the same day as Paolo di Canio, and although he did not quite have the same impact as the maverick Italian, his easy going demeanour (off the pitch) certainly made him more friends.

Foe's last bit of action for West Ham was a red card in the last game of the 1999-2000 season, a goalless draw at home to Leeds, after which he returned to France, competing in the following season's Champions' League.

What a terrible shock it was to hear this sad and tragic news
Patsie, Arsenal Fan, London

Many Hammers' fans were sad to see him go, given that after eighteen months he seemed to have finally found his feet in England, and the emerging duo of Cole and Carrick could've done with a big, physical presence to help them along.

It was not to be though, and when he did finally come back to play in the Premiership, it was with Manchester City, for whom he scored some excellent goals last season.

Once again, 'On the Terraces' passes it's condolences on to Marc Vivien-Foe's family.
Marc Williams, About 200 yards from Upton Park.

What a terrible shock it was to hear this sad and tragic news, no matter what team you support. God bless you and rest in peace! My condolences to all Marc's family and friends.
Patsie, Arsenal Fan, London, England

Marc was a fantastic player. I am not a Manchester City fan but I have seen Marc play. He was a hardworking player and his presence would make a difference to any team. May your soul rest in peace.
Mahesh, London

It's very sad. I would like to give the family of Marc my condolences. He was like sunshine and this is a big loss to African football and English football. We will miss you Marc.
Filmon Janssen, Holland

The loss of a jewel in the crown, the setting of the sun and a black day in the history of African and world football. Marco, may you rest in peace in your eternal home.
John Toshum, Alexandria, VA, USA

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