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Last Updated: Friday, 27 June, 2003, 14:10 GMT 15:10 UK
Your Marc-Vivien Foe tributes

"The BBC would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of your tributes.

We have received several thousand e-mails and are hoping to pass these on to a contact in Cameroon."

This tributes page is now closed. Thank you for your many e-mails - a selection appears below.

As a Colombian I express my deepest sympathies toward Marc-Vivien's family, friends and team-mates. We are all deeply saddened by the loss of such a great person.

Foe should be considered as a hero. As a soldier who dies fighting for his country on the battlefield, he died defending his country on the soccerfield. Nous te considerons tous comme un grand héros Marc-Vivien!
Guillermo Martines, Bogota

I'll always remember his smile and spirit
Ivan, Montenegro

I was so sad and confused when I heard of the sudden death of Marc-Vivien Foe. It is unbelievable that Cameroon should lose such a great player. There is no doubt that Africa has lost a valuable asset.

I offer my condolence to his family and the Cameroonian national team. Marc, may you rest in perfect peace.
Emmanuel Mantey, Ghana

When I heard the news my eyes became full of tears. I remember Foe was one of the most magnificent footballers from Africa, and I still cannot believe we'll never see him play again.

World football didn't lost just one of the greatest talents, but one of the greatest persons it ever had. He was one of the reasons I started supporting West Ham, I'll always remember his smile and spirit.
Ivan, Montenegro

An entire nation mourns for a fallen hero. Marco's legacy will live on and we will miss his talents and agility in the midfield. You didn't even have time to say goodbye to Man City or to you national teammates or to your family.

What a loss for the entire football family. Such a disciplined player with a good sense of humour. Always responded to calls for duty with the fact, a true Indomitable Lion.

My heart goes out to his family and loved ones
Diepriye Josiah, Dublin

Marco we will miss you in our hearts and may your gentle soul rest in peace. After all, heroes never die!
Jerry Bolima, Buea - Cameroon

I wish to extend my profound condolences to the entire family and may his soul perfectly rest in peace. We all loved him but God the almighty loved him most. He gave us our Marc Vivien Foe so he has taken him back from us. What a tragedy, for it is really unbelievable.
Uncle Phil, Douala

It goes without saying that Africa has lost one of its great talents. His humility off the pitch and superb skills on it, are things that he'll greatly be remembered for.

My heart goes out to his family and loved ones and I pray that the almighty God grants them the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Rest in peace Marc!!
Diepriye Josiah, Dublin, Ireland

African and world football lost so much on Thursday night. We pray for his family and friends at this time - and we will never forget, that a real Indomitable Lion slept on that night.
Peter Wanyonyi, Nairobi, Kenya

I cannot believe this. He was not only an amazing footballer but an amazing person as well. This news is truly tragic. Condolences to his family and friends and to all football fans around the world.
Samee, USA

Marc: you gave your life for your country. To the last, you fought like the lion that you are. A gentle giant, soft-spoken, you let your actions speak for you.

You will forever light up our lives as we remember you
Kama, USA

In 1998, when you were injured in practice days before the World Cup and missed what would have been the most glorious days of your life, you took it with serenity. A dream move to Manchester United was scuttled, but you were not bitter! The ungrateful leaders of our football federation refused to pay you your match bonus, but you still found a way to smile.....

And when your country came calling again, you rose, laced your boots, and went out there. Your big heart, oh generous soul, will not beat in this world of pain and sorrow anymore, but your soul has sailed to heaven's abode, where, in the gentle bosom of your maker, you will forever light up our lives as we remember you.

We did not deserve you, Marc, because too often we failed to appreciate you; too often we took you for granted. But it is established in God's bounty, that we often get more, and better than we deserve. Your worth will be felt in your loss...

And through you, the world now knows the valour of a Cameroonian, the heart of an African, and the courage of a footballer.

You join Okwaraji, you join the Zambian national team of 1994. You join all the great souls who have laid down their lives in honour of their motherland and to raise the aspirations of their downtrodden brethren.

Too strong to be intimidated, too strong to be defeated, you will forever remain an INDOMITABLE LION!! We salute you, Marc-Vivien Foe.
Kama, USA

My heart is with Marc-Vivien Foe's family and friends
Man City fan

My thoughts go out to Marc's family. Thanks for the magic you brought to Maine Rd...
Ruth, Manchester

What a loss! Native from Cameroon, my feelings are unbearable, my tears unstoppable. Marc-Vivien, I followed your career from Cameroon via France to the UK, then back to France.

You'll forever be missed. May your soul rest in peace. My sincere condolences to the family, from which I personally know some members. Unbelievable.
Romeo, London

The death of someone who could have gone on to become a Manchester hero (if we had have been lucky enough to keep him). It is a sad day...
Paul Gage, York

My heart is with Marc-Vivien Foe's family and friends as they have to face a tragedy as big as this. What a great player he was, great season with Manchester City. May he rest in peace.
Man City fan

Foe had such a great eye for a pass, a great hunger for goals and a great talent. He was also a very kind considerate person as many people will have noticed. All of my condolences to the family. How great a shock this is to lose such a great human being.
Cameron Lawther, Petersfield

You were fantastic for City, and will never be forgotten
Chris, UK

It is really sad and horrific news when a player dies on pitch. I remember when the Nigerian player also died during an encounter. Foe has done much for the Cameroon team and died on the battle field as a hero. His foot prints shall stay in our memory.
Willie Tangwan, Dundee, UK

I'm typing through my tears. He scored the last goal at Maine Road. I'm sure City will have a memorial for him at the new stadium.
Lest, Manchester

I'm so sorry to see you go Marc. You were fantastic for City, and will never be forgotten.
Chris, UK

Quelle grande perte pour le monde entier, en particulier le cameroun. Mais que dieu le garde tout aupres de lui car il le merite. Mais sincere condoleance a toute la famille eprouvee. On ne t'oubliera jamais Foe.
Djofang Celestine Gisele, USA

Marc took time to speak to us after the Fulham game at Maine Road and was happy to spend some time with the fans. He was a fine player and man and will be sorely missed, my thoughts go out to his family.
Patrick Thomas, Swansea

One of the greatest talents in the football world. He was and still is an inspiration to millions. I will treasure the moments that I saw him play. God bless his family and others close to him. A terrible loss.
David Allbury, London

A special talent that will be sorely missed
TJ, Bickley

The news has completely stunned me. He was a truly great player and will be missed throughout the footballing world by clubs, fans, officials and players. My condolences to his family.
Martin Connor, Basildon, Essex

The world of sports and more specifically football is saddened today by the loss of a great ambassador. Foe was an honourable family man, a distinguished gentleman, excellent athlete, fun and loving guy. My heart goes out to his family, teammates and the Cameroonian community around the world. Marc-Vivien, rest in peace. We'll miss you.
Nchacha Etta, Indianapolis, USA

On behalf of everyone at Millwall and indeed London, our thoughts are with Marc's family. A special talent that will be sorely missed.
TJ, Bickley

What a tragedy! Marc-Vivien Foe is synonymous to the Indomitable Lions. I hope the Confederations Cup will be won by the lions and Foe's name inscribed in the hearts of all admirers of the Indomitable Lions. RIP.
Tobias Karakach, Canada

A truly gifted and one of the bright stars of Cameroon football has fallen. My thoughts go to his family.
Cassandra Greenidge, Barbados

Can't believe that this could happen. Our thoughts are with his family and those that knew him. He was an excellent footballer and will be sadly missed by many.
Nick White, Middlesbrough, England

Marc, you made the African continent proud in every way
Romeo, Toronto

I'm confused; it's not only such a shock and such a tragedy, it's a huge loss for Cameroon.
John Lambeth, UK, Cumbria

He was a true ace on the pitch and I know that he will be sorely missed. God has acquired himself an angel in Marc-Vivien.
Matthew Coggins, Exeter, UK

A very sorry day for football and his family and friends. It's nothing short of a tragedy when someone is taken, especially someone so young...
David, Leicestershire

Marc, you made the African continent proud in every way. Hope you rest in peace.
Romeo, Toronto Canada

I can't believe it. Foe was caring, smiling and friendly and we all loved him dearly. He will always be alive and vibrant in our heart.
Theophilus Asante, Ghanaian living in NC, USA

A tragedy for soccer - deepest sympathy from Swansea City FC.
Vincent, Swansea

I was a huge fan of Marc-Vivien Foe as a footballer and a person, I am still in a state of shock from the news and would like to tell his family how sorry I am for their loss. I will never forget Marc-Vivien Foe!
Chris Ray, Gloucester, England

The whole football world and all Cameroonians mourn the death of a true patriot. He died for his country doing what he loved to do best, which I hope brings some solace to his family, friends and fans all over the world. May his soul rest in perfect peace.
Kwamba Nkembe, Brooklyn, New York

We will always remember him with the fondest of memories
Shingai Jinguri, Zimbabwe

I thank God for your life. You represented your country and Africa well. Although the world is stunned by your passing on, we believe your radiant smile will shine on us like the morning sun. Fair thee well.
Jared Nyabuti, Edmonton

What a loss!
Anand Gaddum, India

This is such a tragedy. He was young and very talented. My heart goes to his family. This is a great loss for Cameroon and football.
Philippe, San Francisco

The world, Africa, Cameroon and especially the Foe family have lost a magnificent footballer, gentleman, father and friend. He was a great ambassador of the game he dearly loved. We will always remember him with the fondest of memories.
Shingai Jinguri, Zimbabwe

I agree that a minute's silence should definitely take place at the beginning of next season as a mark of respect for such a great player. I can't believe this has happened.

Although I'm not a fan of any of the teams he played for, I am still deeply upset by such a tragedy. My thoughts are with his family, friends, team-mates and many fans at this time.
Laura Clark, York

I was very shocked to hear that a great player of the game had died so tragically. Every club should have a minute's silence at the start of the season to mark respect for this great man.
Gavin, Falkirk, Scotland

I'd say God wants him in His team now
Peter Evans, Australia

I was shocked when I heard of Marc's death yesterday. Marc, bon nuit. May God grant his family, Cameroon, Africa and his fans world wide the fortitude to bear the loss.
Ade Adejayan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Tragic death, and difficult to believe. Cameroon will never produce a midfielder like him. Heaven has gained a star.
Atoneche Fred, Buea, Cameroon

I am from Kenya. I pray to almighty God to rest our brother's soul in eternal peace. May Cameroon win the Confederation (Foe Cup) and may God bless his family. RIP Bro, we will surely miss you.
Peter Boxer

We have lost a Great Man in the history of African soccer. Marc-Vivien Foe, we shall forever remember you.
Franklin Osei, Ghana

He was a credit to football - I'd say God wants him in His team now - we'll miss his smile down here though.
Peter Evans, Australia

It's a great loss to the entire football fraternity. He will be sadly missed. May his gentle soul rest in peace. His smile endures him to me, a die-hard supporter of the Super Eagles. My thoughts are with his family and the entire Cameroon football federation.
M O Bhadmus, Kano, Nigeria

Utter sadness.
Waleed, Dubai, UAE

As a Cameroonian, you have made me proud so many times
Emmanuel Bilikha, Houston

In Uganda we admired the spirit and love he had for his career. In this world we're many, but everyone has the task to make a difference from others. Foe's death is a major blow to the world. May his soul rest in eternal life.
Kaweesi Dennis, Uganda

This is shocking, a great player and a great sadness. My thoughts are with his family now. It's easy to elevate footballers to a very high status, this makes you realise they are fragile creatures too.
Tom Liffen, London

Foe, may your soul rest in peace. As a Cameroonian, you have made me proud so many times by giving 110% every time you stepped on the pitch.

I watched your last game during my lunch break at work and you did the same thing until the good Lord called you. You will be missed by everyone who knows you. My sympathy to your family and all your loved ones. Today is the saddest day in football. R.I.P.
Emmanuel Bilikha, Houston, USA

Great player, absolutely gutted. Deepest sympathies to your family, thanks for the memories. Number 17 Foe, RIP.
Brian Seery, Middlesbrough

Prayers for Marc's family and friends. A tragedy.
MIke, Wrexham, Wales

Thanks for the memories Mark. We'll not forget you. My deepest condolences to all his friends and family.
Ben, Manchester

I send my condolences to his family, Cameroon and the continent of Africa as a whole
Boma Wokoma, Mexico City

Times like this put the game into perspective. I can not believe the France-Turkey match went ahead. A 100% player's player, which the game needs more of.
Paul Sockett, Leeds

This is so tragic. I don't know what to say. I saw the game live on TV and when I saw him lying on the grass, I was shocked...I hope that you will fly safe two heaven, rest in peace, Marc-Vivien Foe!
Linnea, Vaxholm, Sweden

From a Manchester United fan, my thoughts are with Marc's family and friends.
Andy Lees, Manchester

Though Nigerian (a known Cameroonian rival), I take them as brothers. I am still in shock and pray that his soul rest in peace and I send my condolences to his family, Cameroon and the continent of Africa as a whole.
Boma Wokoma, Mexico City

Marc-Vivien, I have loved and enjoyed your football from the time you started excelling in football. I will miss you, thank you for all that you have been to your country, pray for us from where you are now. Foe may your soul rest in perfect peace.
Nyuysuvidzem Eugene, Limbe, SWP, Cameroon

What a sad thing to happen to young man like him. I couldn't believe it when I saw him falling down and after he was being attended to by the doctors on the sidelines. My prayers go to his family, and I hope Cameroon win the final for him. May his soul rest in peace.
Kapemfu Sandala, Jacksonville, Florida via Zambia

I am absolutely shocked to hear this... he will be sorely missed next season. The Premiership will be an emptier place without him and his special goals. May he rest in peace, and deepest condolences to his family.
Yasir, Newcastle

Foe, we will miss you dreadfully but your family must miss you even more
Lilian Yengi, USA

What a tragedy. On a day when Cameroon qualified for the finals of the Confederations Cup, Marc bade us and the sport he love goodbye. Cameroon must win and dedicate this trophy to this talented midfielder who served them loyally. May his soul rest in peace.
Western Tsogorani, Netherlands

What a tragedy for football to see such a good player go, my thoughts are with his family and friends. His presence will be surely missed in the Premiership, I think everyone will remember his goals; some good some lucky, but he gave it his all.
Mike, Southampton

Marc-Vivien Foe was a true gentlemen, very humble with impeccable behaviour. However, on the pitch he was a lion, and gave his all - a great footballer. My deepest condolences to his family.
Mike, Edinburgh

This is a very sad day for all Cameroonians, for those of us in the USA, sports fans across the world, and all the charity organization he was sponsoring. May his soul rest in peace.
Sam Asangong, USA

I am absolutely gutted. As a Lions fan who has followed Foe's highs and lows from when he just missed joining Man U when he broke his leg to his glory representing his country, I am devastated at this news. Foe, we will miss you dreadfully but your family must miss you even more and my sincere condolences go to them.
Lilian Yengi, USA

Sad, sad news for football. I hope all football fans unite and pray together for Marc and his family - you'll never walk alone. May our thoughts be with his family...R.I.P Marc, a true friendly giant.

Oh, mother Africa, at a time when we are crying for peace and unity to reign in our continent, you were one among those few people who make our days shine, and our hearts rejoice. Our youth's inspiration has just left us. Marc, we love and cherish you. You are a real HERO of our time. Adieu Marc.
Simon Ossy Nkemakolam, Senegal

An irreplaceable loss to football
Mital Shah, UK

I'm sure that the whole of Leeds is shocked by this and that we all offer our condolences to his family and that he was an asset and great person to have in the Premiership, he will be missed. I just can't believe it.
Dave Clarke, Leeds

Robbie, Liam and Joe Mac, Teeside

An irreplaceable loss to football - a player who gave his all to Cameroon, Lyon and Manchester City. A very talented lad, hearing the news was shocking. Deepest sympathies to his family, friends and team-mates.
Mital Shah, University of Warwick, UK

It's sad to see a great player pass away. My thoughts go to his family.
Francis, Toronto

All my thoughts and prayers to the family of Marc-Vivien Foe, world football is at a great loss without such a model pro as M.V.F. Love and sadness Marc.
Phil, UK, Liverpool

Remarkable athlete and it has come as a shock to everybody. Exceptional for City last season - superb talent, sorely missed.
James, Essex

Marco, Que Dieu soit avec toi!
Bernard, Paris

He was a great player, one of the most underrated talents in world football
Jez Hayre, London

Can't believe this tragic death, such a brilliant player for both country and Man City. Will be missed very badly in the Premiership with his football ability. Wishes to his family and country.
Craig Arnold, Walsall

Sad, sad day in football history. R.I.P Marco, God bless.
Dean Longworth, England

I am shocked beyond belief for someone so young, with so much potential to lose his life in such a tragic way. My heart goes out to his family... and I know for sure that your team mates will play the final for you with pride.
Filipe Rosa, Portugal

So sad to hear about Foe. Always liked at Upton park. God bless.
Phil, South East London

He was a great player, one of the most underrated talents in world football. Marc, you will be missed by football fans worldwide. RIP.
Jez Hayre, London, UK

It's a terrible shock and a great loss for the world of football altogether. He will be missed by all. My thoughts and wishes are with his young family.
Kat, England

Africa has lost a great football ambassador. Foe has within his short career won what most African players dream about winning. I remember him particularly for the opening goal against Ghana in CAN 2000. My prayers go to his family and all Cameroonians.
Andrew Naboo, USA

It is indeed a sad day for world sport and Africa. The world has lost a true ambassador of world soccer. Marc-Vivien's tireless contribution to world soccer and his country will be forever remembered. My condolences goes to his family and friends.
Sandy Kamanda, USA

Marc-Vivien Foe will leave a legacy in the game that will be cherished
Eric Mogesi Gwaro, Dallas

This is a very big blow to Cameroon and the whole Africa football fraternity.
MUjuzi Godfrey Pizaroh, Uganda

Foe's death is a big loss not only for his country Cameroon, but to African football in general. I have still not come to believe that Marc-Vivien Foe is dead. May his soul RIP.
Daniel Rogers, Camberwell, London

Marc-Vivien Foe was a very humble African footballer, we lost a gem. May his soul rest in perfect peace.
Oladunni Oladimeji, Nigeria

A fabulous player and such a genuine person, the world of football is a lesser place without him.
John McCulley, North Yorkshire

The world of soccer has lost one of its fore-front competitors. Marc-Vivien Foe will leave a legacy in the game that will be cherished as long as the game is played world-wide. It is a great loss, not only to soccer, but also to the fans who watched his moves while he was acting as a role model to youths all over the world. RIP Marc-Vivien Foe.
Eric Mogesi Gwaro, Dallas, Texas.

Soccer-loving fans have been dealt a sudden blow by the sudden death of one of football's greats. Marc-Vivien Foe was an admirable character, a footballer of the first order: a defender, midfielder, attacker and goal-scorer combined.

My heart goes out to his family and many friends
Aodan Halligan, Ireland

His death is not only a loss in African football, but in the world of football in general. May his good soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.
Gibril Tholley, London, UK

The world has lost a magnificent footballer. Foe was aggressive, a fighter and a great talent. He'll remain in our memories as an African hero forever. My condolences to Marc's friends, relatives and family.
Ibrahim Bakari, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Marc was such a great player and person. I hope City allow his name to be printed on the new jerseys and the money goes to his family and charities. My heart goes out to his family and many friends. RIP Marc - we will never forget you.
Aodan Halligan, Limerick, Ireland

One of the patriotic English poets Wilfred Owen once said in one of his poems: "Dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori" (it is nice to die for one's fatherland). I think the sudden death of my compatriot Marc-Vivien Foe in serving the country has to be understood in this line. It was for the love of his country that he gave up his life.

Marc, you are our soccer ancestor and Cameroonians from generation to generation will always remember you for the great work you did for our country. We are proud of you. May your humble soul rest in perfect peace. AMEN.
Br. Stanislaus Nsotaka Fonjo, Nairobi - Kenya

I was shocked when I heard the death of Foe. I follow soccer so much, and my other African team which impresses me is Cameroon. In spite of the death of Foe, I urge the team to go on and win the cup. May his soul rest in peace.
Menard Mbewe, Lilongwe, Malawi

Things like this put Luton Town and Oldham Athletic on the back burner of worries
Steve White, Luton

A sad, sad day for football. Marc has gone to play in the greatest stadium in the world - Heaven. Marc, may you rest peace.
Gil, Canada

Such a tragedy, words fail me, except to say you will be missed by all football fans all over the world. Rest In Peace Marc-Vivien Foe.
Dave Tiller, Portsmouth

As an avid Manchester City fan, I am terribly upset to hear of this tragic and unnecessary loss of life. My thoughts are with his poor family at this tragic time.
Cheryl, New York, USA

He was a great player and lived up to the Cameroon reputation of always being determined and giving 100% to the end.
James Welsby, England

Complete shock. Very sorry to hear the horrific news. Things like this put Luton Town and Oldham Athletic on the back burner of worries. My heart goes out to him. Thank you Marc.
Steve White, Luton

Great Man, Great Footballer. Will be sorely missed. From every West Ham fan. RIP MVF.
Mark Garnham, Huntingdon

All true football supporters, regardless of club allegiance, will mourn his parting
Paul Scott, London

I wish to send my deepest condolences to the Foe family and Cameroon as a whole. He is one of the greatest among the best in African football. May his soul rest in perfect peace.
Anon, United States of America

No words can describe how tragic Marc-Vivien's death is. He will be remembered as a bright, exciting and inspirational player. All true football supporters, regardless of club allegiance, will mourn his parting.
Paul Scott, London-Arsenal Supporter

Foe was an idol to many young African players. On behalf of the Africa United Soccer Club of Halifax I extend our condolences to the family of the bereaved, the Cameroon national team, and the entire Cameroon population. May his soul rest in peace.
Angu, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I love all sports and I play my local GAA sport here in NI. It is sad to hear of the death of Marc-Vivien Foe. One of my fellow clubmates collapsed and died during a game a number of years ago and I know how this man's family and teammates must now feel.
Paul Kolbohm, Northern Ireland

Great to see the amount of tributes for someone who was obviously well-liked and respected in the football commnunity. The sign of respect by Thierry Henry and the French players after their first goal last night was one of the most beautiful and poignant things I have ever seen.
Dan Baker, Plymouth

Okwarachi left the same hole in our hearts, now Foe follows suit. Moments like this are too heavy for the heart...Be strong Cameroon.
Phil Omosh, Kenya

Foe was a great player for club and country and will be truly missed
Euan Donohue, Dunbartonshire

It is unfortunate that all sports fans have lost an exemplary football player. His skills, temperament and social attitudes are qualities to be emulated by others.
Michael W. Foncham, Cameroon

A sad moment in the history of football. Foe was not not only a great player but an ambassador and inspiration for African football. His courage and success will definitely bring out the best in Africa for the future of football. I salute you Marc-Vivien Foe.
Rahim, Ottawa, Canada

I would like to express my deepest felt condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Marc-Vivien Foe. The world and Africa has indeed lost one of its greatest players. We in Egypt are all very sad and grieved by this loss.
Mustafa el Kafrawy, Egypt

Football will miss such a wonderful talent. All my thoughts go to Marc's family and friends.
Robert Atkinson, Middlesbrough

Foe was a great player for club and country and will be truly missed.
Euan Donohue, Bonhill, Dunbartonshire

I would like to thank him for his contribution to football and my heart goes out to his family and fellow colleagues of Man City FC.
Michael Jackson, Sheffield

We are sad to hear about this tragedy. Foe was a great player. We offer our deepest sympathy to his family and friends.
Dean and Matthew, Leeds

Cameroon and the entire continent has lost one of their brightest stars
Arnauld, Libreville, Gabon

What a star. He gave everything when he performed for Man City and football will now be missing a star.
Adam Barker, Huby

Football results rank very low in such moments!
Jan Leonhardt, Plauen, Germany

Cameroon and the entire continent has lost one of their brightest stars. Foe was among those who helped push African football in the international arena in brillant style.
Arnauld, Libreville, Gabon

The timing, manner and circumstance of his death is nauseting to the soccer world and shocking and frightful to other players. I have come here to grieve together with the Foe family.

I hope he's in heaven now interceding for us all; of course he is. May the Lord rest his athletic soul in peace.
Mokes Gama, Silver Spring, Maryland

Foe was a brilliant footballer who will be sadly missed. It's such a shock to the system when you hear of something as terrible as this. My greatest sympathy goes to his family.
Kerry, Wiltshire

I think the whole football world is in shock at the loss of an undoubtedly talented individual who had the best years of his career ahead of him, and I'm sure the fans of all colours and tribes will be thinking of Marc's family at this, their time of grief. And I'm sure we all send our deepest condolences to them.
Matt Salter, London

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