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Last Updated: Thursday, 26 June, 2003, 19:34 GMT 20:34 UK
Your Marc-Vivien Foe tributes
Marc-Vivien Foe died after collapsing during the Confederations Cup semi-final against Colombia in Lyon

Cameroon midfielder Marc-Vivien Foe died on Thursday after collapsing during the Confederations Cup semi-final against Colombia in Lyon.

The 28-year-old was stretchered off the pitch after collapsing unchallenged in the second half with a suspected heart attack.

His death has shocked and saddened the football world, with fans, managers and players uniting to pay tribute to the talented and likeable star.

Foe played in England for both Manchester City and West Ham and was one of the highest-scoring midfielders in the Premiership last season.

This tributes page is now closed. Thank you for your many e-mails - a selection appears below.

"The BBC would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of your tributes. We have received several thousand e-mails and are hoping to pass these on to a contact in Cameroon."

God gave and he has taken, may his soul rest in perfect peace. My condolences go to his wife and children and the family as a whole. Foe died as a hero serving the nation, let Cameroonians pray for his soul, Amen.
Bankui Andrew, Cameroon

Rest in peace Marc. You will be sadly missed.
Sarah Lewis, Gilesgate, Durham

It's the most shocking death I have ever heard. It took me this long to send my tribute, for it was unbelievable. Since his collapse in the field, the match was not worth watching again. I wish I could forget quickly, but it will never happen like that. Mr Foe, your name will live on. You will forever be missed by the football world. May your soul rest in peace (in tears).
Patrick, Cameroon

All I can say is, what a waste
Paul T, 14, Stafford

My thoughts go out to Marc's family. I was shocked and saddened when I heard the news. He was a truly great player and an excellent talent to watch.
Adam, South Wales

Marc was one off the best footballers I have ever seen. All I can say is, what a waste. Being a Man City supporter I was very upset and I started to cry, I thought it was a nightmare but I couldn't wake up. WE LOVE YOU MARC.
Paul T, 14, Hednesford, Stafford

We are very sorry about the death of Foe as he was the hero for the country and for the club. May God put his soul in peace. Amen.
Sunil Mistry, Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania

This is unbelievable, I wish the national Team will now be called FOELIONS. I wept very seriously on my bed last night, because I was in shock. What I will say is: God give, God take.
Michael Asiamah, Ghana, Accra

He was undoubtedly a great player, one which the entire football community will miss, especially his country Cameroon who are presently building or have built a perfect team of which he 'is' an integral part.

As a lover of the game and a Premiership football fan, I hope his gentle soul rests in peace, and pray God's guidance for the family he left behind. Amen.
Peter Obasa, Lagos, Nigeria.

My heart swells with grief at the loss of a great player and a brother
Godfrey M, Lowel USA

I am absolutely gutted, what a player, he was fantastic for City last year. We will miss him. My heart goes out to his family and friends.
Colin Earley, Manchester

God has given, God has taken, what a great loss not only for Cameroon and African football, but the whole world will miss him. RIP Marc.
Sandile Mchunu, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

A very sad loss for African football, for the world of soccer and for all who love the beautiful game of soccer. My heart swells with grief at the loss of a great player and a brother. Rest in peace Marc.
Godfrey M, Lowel MA USA

I would like to pass on my condolences to Marc's family, friends, team mates and fans. I am a Manchester United and Celtic fan, but at times like this is just does not matter what colour shirt you wear.

I was and still am deeply saddened and shocked of the news of Marc's sudden death. How could this happen to such a young fit strong man like Marc, how could he just fall to the ground and die.

My thoughts are with his wife and family, and the Cameroon team who now have to go out and play again on Sunday night without him, although I am sure he will be looking down over them. RIP Marc, you are going to be sadly missed by all who appreciate great footballers.
Maureen Wilkinson, Carlisle

A truly great sportsman
Paul Morgan, Dundee

Words may not be enough to express the shock with which I received word of the death of Foe. I have always believed he was one of the best Cameroon players and a midfield pillar who could compete at the highest level.

I hope his death will help our African football go forward and enhance sports medicine development on the continent. Not that it had to take Foe's life, but that would be the best way to remember him. May his soul rest in peace.
Erick Obed Mwanza, Lusaka, Zambia

R.I.P. Marc-Vivien Foe. A truly great sportsman and will be sadly missed by the footballing world. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
Paul Morgan, Dundee

I was shocked and very saddened to see Marc pass so suddenly. I wish to send my condolences to his family and friends.
Neil Sougrin, london

Foe was a real gem. For us in Africa and the world at large to miss a great player like is a very big loss. He was one who wanted to see his country and Africa as a whole to be at the top. FIFA and CAF have to immortalize him, not just mourn him. To his wife, she should take heart and the good Lord will see her through. Adieu brother! Adieu great one!
Ikeri Joy, Lagos, Nigeria

Marc will live forever in the pages of history of the game. On behalf of Indian fans, I convey my deepest condolence to his family.
Sarfraz Khatib, Mumbai, India

It's so tragic it should happen to someone in the prime of his life
Peter Clark, Manchester

I will miss Foe for so many things. I will also remember him for scoring in about six straight Premiership matches from his defensive midfield position. ADIOS Foe.
Okoli Kenneth, Lagos, Nigeria

Oh, what a tragedy. It is unfortunate that it had to happen this way, especially for a darling team like the indomitable lions of Cameroon but I hope that the Almighty God that allowed it to happen will surely have a way to comfort Cameroonians. May his soul rest in perfect peace.
Tebong Patrick, Cameroon

Having watched the match, I can only say I am in a total state of shock. It's so tragic it should happen to someone in the prime of his life, and all my thoughts go out to his family.

Now that Fifa has decided that the final is still to be played, let's hope that the game is played in the true spirit, and regardless of the result, the trophy is handed freely to Cameroon as a mark of respect for Marc and this sad, sad day for football.
Peter Clark, Manchester

I could not believe the news. He was my favourite African player and will be missed by those who followed African football.
Shiraz Shariff, Canada

Each club in the Premiership should stage a minute's silence in their opening match next season out of respect for such a fine footballer and likeable person.
Andy, Harwell

I speak on behalf of all Liverpool fans, our heartfelt condolence go to Marc's family
Lynz, Liverpool, UK

As a West Ham fan I will remember him for always smiling and giving his all. He will be missed by everyone who knew him or watched him play.
Michael, London

This is a sad moment for the Lions and a big loss for Marc's family. The football world will miss you Marc but we will never forget your soft smile.
Amosa Jumbam, New Jersey USA

It's a tragedy for African football. He is one of the few African footballers whose presence in the Premiership made it lively for Africans to watch. My condolences to his family, I wish them well in this time of mourning.
Nana Osei, Coventry, UK

Thanks for all you have done to our national team and for all the support you have given to the youth. Rest in peace Marc-Vivien Foe.
Roustand Ntouko, Minneapolis- USA

Heaven has gained a STAR! I speak on behalf of all Liverpool fans, our heartfelt condolence go to Marc's family, friends and team-mates.
Lynz, Liverpool, UK

The world has lost a magnificent footballer
Arief Leuvenardi, Indonesian in Australia

This is a tragedy for the game and it will be interesting to know what actually happened, but my heart goes out to his family first, his team mates and Cameroon.
George Ofori, Accra, Ghana

Marc-Vivien will stay in our memories as a true professional and as the last City player to score at Maine Road.
Kimmo, Brentwood, Essex

The world has lost a magnificent footballer. My condolences to Marc's friends and family.
Arief Leuvenardi, Indonesian in Australia

It's a sad day in football. Such great talent will be missed. He was a shining star for his country and club. Our thoughts are with his family
Brian Munyaka, Netherlands

We can not believe this tragic news and our hearts go out to Marc's friends and family- we are avid West Ham fans and wish to send our very best wishes and may Marc rest in peace.
The Skelton Family, S.E London

May his soul rest in everlasting peace
Emmanuel Feika, Texas, USA

Africa has lost a son, and we as football fans have lost a hero. What a shock to all of us and the tournament organisers. My heart goes out to the Foe family and the people of Cameroon. Let the rest of the Confederations cup be dedicated to his memory.
Sebati, USA

A great loss - so difficult to understand and comprehend - RIP Marc VF.
Ian, North Wales

I am shocked by this unfortunate news. It seems so cruel to take away the life of such a great player. Thoughts go out to the family, friends, and all fans that enjoyed watching Foe play.
Joseph Addison, Richmond, Virginia, USA

I am stunned by this news. It is a big loss to the world of sports. I express my deepest condolence to all sports fans, soccer lovers' world wide, and members of the Cameroon national team. Gone but not forgotten. May his soul rest in everlasting peace.
Emmanuel Feika, Texas, USA

As a West Ham fan who appreciated just how good Marc was, it is a great loss to the game. My wishes to his family in their moment of grief
Paul, Whitehill, Hampshire

He was a great player & he reminds me a lot of the West Ham spirit
Joei, Leicester

Thanks for the goals Marc, you were a well respected and loyal footballer and let's hope Cameroon win the competition for you. Your goals helped Man City into the top ten.
Rob Yates, Manchester

Although a Chelsea fan, my other half is a City fan and I have watched them over the past season. After seeing Marc-Vivien Foe play I am really upset and shocked that he has gone.

I send my condolences to his family and friends and all those that knew him. I can't believe that someone so young and so full of life and so much to live for could die.

I'm also shocked how much the City magic has worked on me - another different kind of blue supporter.

Please let all the teams that Marc-Vivien Foe was involved in be aware what they have lost today and also what he brought to the game.
Jacqui Dommett, Newquay

This is such sad news and my thoughts are with the family, friends and team-mates of Marc at this time. He will be missed very much.
Jennifer McAteer, Northern Ireland

It's such a BIG shock as I just saw him playing in the Confederations Cup a couple of days ago. He was a great player & he reminds me a lot of the West Ham spirit.
Joei, Leicester

I just hope that Cameroon now goes on and win in his honour
Dave Wood, Coventry, England

As a patriot to the game and a fan of the English style Foe appeared to have the total package of skill, strength, courage and most importantly a gentlemanly attitude. I will miss his presence next season.
Dane Holmes, Canada

I am absolutely shocked by Marc-Vivien Foe's sudden death. It's very tragic. How could this thing happen to one of our most polite, friendly and the strongest young men in the football world? He was too young to die and will be sorely missed throughout the game.
David, Thailand

My heart goes out to his family. I just hope that Cameroon now go on and win in his honour. It's a loss to the Premiership and to football around the world.
Dave Wood, Coventry, England

J'aimerais poucoir aider sa famille dans de tels moment.
Franck Ranera, Roma (Italy)

He will be missed by millions of football fans across the world.
Asnake Kefale, Ethiopia

Marc was a very good attacking midfield player for Man City and West Ham
Richard Chell, Stoke

It's a strange feeling, like when Ayrton Senna died, in that you never met the man, yet you feel mysteriously gutted that a celebrated athlete or sportsman has died in such tragic and bizarre circumstances.
Kevin Colrain, Glasgow

We shall miss you and your contribution to African football. You have been a role model, and admired by all people. Your name will remain. Foe you will always be a hero, you died on duty. May your soul rest in peace.
Mwandha John, Norway

Marc-Vivien Foe was the one of the best players Cameroon ever had. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and close friends at this time. His tragic death is a big loss to the whole football world. Rest in peace.
Marianne Fankam, London, UK

Although I support Stoke City I thought that Marc was a very good attacking midfield player for Man City and West Ham. I watched him a few times on the T.V and thought that his energy and work rate were fantastic. Even though he didn't come to the club or play at the ground I am sure many Stoke supporters will miss him.
Richard Chell, Stoke

It brings back memories of Dave Longhurst who died during a match playing for York. He also played for my club Northampton. An event like this brings together everyone around the world who loves football
Sean O'Donovan, North London

It's really sad African football has lost a a true hero to the game
Thaddeus Abankwah, Topeka, Kansas

Foe was one of my favorite players. I followed both Cameroon and Manchester City football. I am deeply saddened by this tragedy. My deepest condolences go out to his family, friends, and team-mates. It is a tragic loss for football. He was far too young to die.
Nicolas Vega-Frey, USA

Absolutely shocked, such a tragedy and a terrible waste of life and talent. You only had to see the faces of Thierry Henry and his teamates during the minutes silence to see just how much of a shock it is to everyone in football. Let's hope that Cameroon can gather themselves and triumph in Sunday's final. Rest in Peace.
Jack Von Beeblehoffen, East Grinstead

Unbelievable shocking news. This will sadden football fans all over the world. Heartfelt thoughts to his family and friends from this Arsenal, Bournemouth and FC St Pauli fan
Gareth Pashley, Bournemouth

He was a great player for West Ham United and a devoted player. He shall be greatly missed
Andy Schulten, Surrey

I was in tears when I heard about Marc-Vivien Foe. I can't believe one of Africa's prolific midfielders is gone. He inspired Cameroon. It's really sad African football has lost a a true hero to the game. All my condolences to his family and to the team of Cameroon. May his soul rest in peace.
Thaddeus Abankwah, Topeka, Kansas

He was an excellent player and a gentle and kind human being
Phil, UK
It took a while for Foe to be welcomed by the crowd at West Ham. but he grew to be loved, he worked hard, was skilfull and provided a barrier to our back four. Unassuming, hard-working, he will be missed at West Ham and at Man City. A great player, we grieve for his family.
Simon Slater, London

Rest In Peace Mark, from all of Merseyside What a tragedy...thoughts are with his family
Matt, Liverpool

The Premiership, French League and the international football community will sorely miss a true professional. My condolences to his family and the Cameroon team.
Robert , Edinburgh

This is a sad day for the world of soccer. He was an excellent player and a gentle and kind human being. Heaven has one more angel.
Phil, UK

Marc-Vivien's sudden death is a truly tragic lost to football and puts all the politics and cash flow concerns within clubs way down the list of priorities. God bless Marc and his family
Mr S Butler, W.Sussex

This is one of those tragic moments in football which unites all footy fans in sadness. Terrible loss of a well respected talented player who may not have been one of the world¿s greatest players, but can certainly be ranked as one of the best to have graced the Premiership in recent years.
Hibsey, UK

I am deeply distressed by the death of such a young and gifted lad
Glynn Roberts, Manchester
I dreamed of playing for my country, Marc-Vivien Foe did it with style, pride and heart! This is a very sad day for football but ironically I am almost sure Marc-Vivien Foe must have felt that today was a great day for Cameroon - it was, and Cameroonians and especially his family, must be proud of our hero's memory despite the fact that he is no longer with us. He stood up and was counted for Cameroon - that is special. My heart goes out to his family at this time.
Ferdinand Che, Welwyn Garden City

Football will miss such a wonderful talent. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. RIP Marc
Will Fae, London

My long-lasting image of Marc-Vivien was when he scored againsy Everton last season, he had the biggest grin on his face as he ran over to the City fans. He never gave in and I am shocked by the tragic news. Rest In Peace
Martin, Bolton, UK

As a devoted Man Utd fan and a lover of the city, I am deeply distressed by the death of such a young and gifted lad. I send all my sympathy to his family and to all the Man City fans who, I know, will feel very upset by such a harsh reality. I'm sure he would have wished for everyone to keep their chins up and play as a celebration of his short yet wonderful life.
Glynn Roberts, Manchester

Marc-Vivien Foe always seemed to play with the spirit and enthusiasm of a man who enjoyed his sport. A massively under-rated talent who will be greatly missed by all lovers of Cameroon and football in general.
Les Antoine, Bristol, UK

The enthusiasm and energy Marc brought to the game are an inspiration to us all
Andy Legge, London
I am still coming to terms with the terrible news. As a Man City fan I was hoping for the club to sign him permanently after his honest and skilful performances last season. My best wishes go to his family at this time.
Martyn Jones, Altrincham

Today is a sad day for the whole African continent. We have lost one of the best soccer players the continent has ever known. God bless you Foe you will be in our hearts forever
El Hadji P S M'Baye, Senegal/USA

His ingenuity in the defensive midfield will be greatly missed by both his club and country.
Fidelis Mbah, Abuja, Nigeria

I am a West Ham fan and watched Marc play many times - I am gutted at his sudden, tragic loss. My heart, thoughts and sympathies go out to his family, the Cameroon national side, Manchester City and the other West Ham fans who like me must be completely distraught over Marc's untimely death.
Alan Mascall, Southampton

The enthusiasm and energy Marc brought to the game are an inspiration to us all. His tragic death should be mourned at every ground in the country. His contribution to the world game will be sorely missed.
Andy Legge, London

I will always remember Foe as probably the hardest working player in the Indomitable lions. Always sparkling in the midfield holding role, often against two or three opponents. His work ethic speaks volumes of a great and indomitable personality. Its truly a great loss to soccer. Au revoir Marc-Vivien.
Tayo Ajayi, Nigerian living in California

Marc-Vivien Foe was like a rare butterfly. That's simply too precious and beautiful to live more than but a brief span. Live in peace, my friend.
Gary Peña, United States

A fantastic and exciting footballer
Ashley Friswell, Coventry, England
A great man and player, never liked any of the teams he played for however respected his skill and ability. And to die so young with his best still in front of him. He will be missed dearly by football and the world. Becasue we need more people like him. God bless Marc and his family.
Jack, London

I just feel really numb right now as the tragic events of today have unfolded. Foé had had a pretty good season for us at Man City, with a fair number of goals from the midfield. His first, against Sunderland away, set us on the way to a 3-0 win but also more importantly gave him the boost he needed to get stuck in and score some more goals. And he did - the two against Charlton where we came back from 2-0 down the Saturday after was a great fightback that he inspired.

The fact he scored nine goals from midfield and was our second top scorer behind Anelka says it all, I think. He got stuck in a lot and certainly caused the opposition midfielders a few headaches.

Like most players who play for his country, Cameroon, he wore the shirt with pride and passion, and I am sure that had he not been taken away from us in such circumstances, they may even have won the Confederations Cup this year.

My thoughts also go to his wife and family, not least as they've recently had a baby. Rest in peace Marc-Vivien.
Warren Pilkington, Manchester

A fantastic and exciting footballer, I shook his hand when I went to see Man City play. He will be missed.
Ashley Friswell, Coventry, England

As a Rangers fan, I always felt he was an outstanding player, and would have loved to see him at Ibrox. Football has lost a great player.
Mark, Belfast

Foe was an inspirational player. He worked hard in all the matches he played. I will great miss Foe on the pitch.
Bell, Kitwe, Zambia

One of the finest players to emerge from the African continent
David Foxall, Brentwood, Essex
I had the pleasure of watching Marc-Vivien last year and he was quality. He scored several tremendous goals and was inspirational in midfield. This is a tragedy because he had so much to offer and there where many fans to entertain. My hope was that he would play for City again but alas this will now never be. God bless you Mr Foe.
Kevin Goulden, Manchester

Having witnessed Foe play several times in the last season, I am shocked and deeply saddened at his untimely death. He was, without doubt, one of the most committed midfielders in the Premiership and many managers have commented on his kind nature and love for the game throughout his career. It is a terrible shame that a player such admired by fans, managers and players alike can die without any warning; the only solace that can be taken from today's incident is that he died doing the thing he loved and was admired for- playing football.
Neil Tween, Durham

A firm fans favourite at both Man City and West Ham. One of the finest players to emerge from the African continent, a sad and sizeable loss to the great game of football
David Foxall, Brentwood, Essex

I am really sad about this death. I am a Newcastle supporter but watched Foe a lot last season and was one of his biggest admirers. I would have loved Newcastle to have signed him as you cannot beat his will and commitment. He was truely a fantastic player and one of the best professionals around. What a man! Just thank God for what he has done!
Holmesy, Newcastle

Heartbreaking news...a joy to watch and a super lad. Best wishes to his family and friends.
Charles Gullung, Brooklyn

It says something about the man when there is such a strong international reaction to his tragic death
Steve Nicoll, Luton
Marc, your enduring spirit and determination will be remembered by myself and my numerous fellow Kenyans who have always admired you and the Cameroon national team. You are fondly missed.To the family and rest of the indomitable lions team, take heart, our sincerest condolences to you. May his soul rest in peace.
Josh Mwangi, Iowa, USA.

I am a Charlton fan, when he was with Man City last season we were 2-0 up with 15 minutes to go, he turned the game around pulled it back to 2-2 and nearly got the winner aswell. He will always be remembered in the history of English football, what a shame such good talent came to an end so early. To young to die but never forgotten Marc-Vivien Foe r.i.p.
Brett Redman, Cambridgeshire

It says something about the man when there is such a strong international reaction to his tragic death. I'm a season ticket holder at Arsenal and I've seen him play and he was clearly popular with out French contingent, if ever proof was needed then watch France's 'celebration' after one of their goals scored and the line up prior to the national anthems.
Steve Nicoll, Luton

Total shock. What else can I say? It's one of those freak things that make you question life. He was a great footballer and a very nice guy. He always gave 100% for City, and every City fan was hoping that his loan would soon become a permanent transfer.

Why-oh-why are all the good ones taken too soon ? Our prayers and thoughts are with you Marc. Gone but certainly not forgotten.
Man City Fan, Manchester

Marc was a fabulous player and he had an endearing personality
Rob, London
My deepest sympathies to Marc-Vivien's family and team-mates (Cameroon, Lyon, and Man City). To lose such a great young player whom devoted his life to football is tragic. I am sure this great player will not be forgotten and may he rest in peace.
Adam Bird, Reading

Marc was a fabulous player and he had an endearing personality, he has inspired many people across the world and will be greatly missed. From a grateful football fan and West Ham supporter.
Rob, London

You will be sorely missed, condolences to your friends and family everywhere in France, England and Cameroon at our sad loss at such a brilliant footballer and genuinely nice man. You were truly a top bloke. farewell my friend.
Paul Webster, Manchester

Great Player. Fantastic to watch. Will be sorely missed by all.
Nick Millard, Chippenham

Awful news, one of the real stars of the Premiership and all the City fans I know were desperate to keep hold of him. Will be sadly missed doesn't say the half of it.
Neil Irving, England

I am so sorry to hear this. It is terrible to lose such a brillant loving, caring person. All my thoughts go out to his family.
Callum, Aberdeen, Scotland

It was always a pleasure watching him
Ayo, Austin
My heart goes out first of all to Foe's family, the Cameroonian team as well as the federation. I was deeply shocked when I heard that Foe had passed away. No amount of words can comfort his family at this time, but Foe died doing the thing he loved best, that is playing football. Foe, rest in peace, you will be sorely missed by all.
Kofi Asare, Canada

I've watched Marc-Vivien Foe play in the English Premier League, and I have to say that he was one of the best African players in England. I am also African. Although my family comes from Nigeria, and I'm only 13, he was one of the players who I thought represented Africa, and Cameroon very well. It was always a pleasure watching him. I send my best wishes to his family and friends. May God let his spirit live on forever.
Ayo, Austin, TX

Marc-Vivien Foe was one of my favourite players in the Premier League last season. I think like most people, quite speechless and feeling empty at the sad news of his death. It's easy to call someone a talented player in such a scenario, but Foe definitely warrants such a statement. My deepest sympathies go to his family and all connected to him.
Neil Dejyothin, Koln, Germany

What a terrible day. The loss of an amazing man. Rest in peace Foe. You will be greatly missed in the sporting world.
Craig, Manchester

The pitch will be emptier without him
Scott, UK
I never supported any teams he was in but whenever I saw him play he always seemed to have a certain quality about him, and with his death football will greatly miss that quality
James, Leicester

My thoughs go to his family and friends, A very heartbreaking end to a true world class player for his club and country.
Kenny B, Chafford Hundred, Essex

It is sad when anyone so young passes away. But for an athlete to do so in his prime is very shocking, my thoughts go out to Marc's family.
Justin Risdon, LA

What a great guy !

Still see his cross field pass for Di Canio to volley the goal of season against Wimbledon.

Read our fanzines, no one wanted to see him go, and we always wanted him back! How do things like this happen to such a young guy ?
CJH, Cyprus

A loss to great Football and a great loss to his family. The pitch will be emptier without him.
Scott, UK

Such news is difficult to comprehend
N. R. Parmar, Stanmore
Cannot believe it. Very sad, condolences to his family and anyone who knew him. He gave Man City his all during his season on loan, and west ham before them. I'm extremely shocked, and on behalf of all football fans, those who support man city, and those like me who don't, I offer my thoughts to his family at this time. I just heard his family were at the match - words cannot describe the feelings they must be going through right now.
Matt Strom, London, UK

A great loss, I can't believe that this could happen. It's a tragedy.
Ehab, Cairo Egypt

We the world have lost a gentle player. My condolence to the bereaved family.
Antonio J Pinto, U.A.E.

Such news is difficult to comprehend. A young life cut short in the most tragic of manners. Mr Foe, you will never be forgotten.
N. R. Parmar, Stanmore, Middlesex

My heartfelt thoughts go to the family of M.V.F on this tragic day. I am a Manchester City fan who was thrilled at the commitment of this true pro. Love and wishes to him.
Geoff, Manchester

I'm sure I speak for all Liverpool when I say that his family and colleagues will be in our thoughts and prayers during this period. He will be missed in the Premiership.
Ian Billington, Liverpool

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