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Friday, 7 February, 2003, 14:47 GMT
Your Wembley memories
Demolition work will finally get under way on Wembley's famous Twin Towers
Demolition work will finally get under way on Wembley's famous Twin Towers on Friday.

Send us some of your favourite Wembley memories.

Built in 1922, Wembley has been the spiritual home of the FA Cup since 1923- when the first final was held.

1923:White horse stops pitch invasion
1948:Olympic Games
1963:Henry Cooper v Cassius Clay
1966:England win World Cup
1985:Live Aid
2000:England lose final game to Germany

That match has become part of football folklore after a lone mounted policeman stalled a pitch invasion by a crowd of 126,047.

Undoubtedly, the grounds' finest sporting hour was in July, 1966 when England beat West Germany to win the World Cup.

Send your stories of tears and cheers you've shared in front of the famous towers.

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails appear below.

The last ever Challenge Cup final at Wembley in 1999, the only time I went, seeing Leeds lift the cup and experiencing the best atmosphere - and the best stadium - I have ever visited.

They will have to work pretty hard to build a stadium as good as the old Wembley, and one which will invoke as many memories as the Empire Stadium
Martin Hopwood, Leeds

My best memory of Wembley stadium: Wales 32 - England 31. All thanks to Scott Gibbs' wonder try
Al, Wales

My best moment was seeing my team, St Helens beating Bradford Bulls in the greatest Challenge Cup final ever in 1996
Ian Roberts, Wigan Lancs

Beating England on penalties (again) and going on to win Euro '96 at Wembley. It's coming home, it's coming home, football's comin' home....
Stephan Lausmann, Germany

I Was lucky enough to go to Wembley four times in six weeks with my team Sheffield Wednesday in 1993.

I have bitter-sweet memories of that year as I remember the wonder goal by Chris Waddle in the Steel City semi, and the last-minute winner by Andy Linigan for Arsenal.

But I still believe a national stadium should be central and should have been built in the Midlands not in the capital city.
Mark, Sheffield, UK

Saturday May 6th 1978. Wonderful, wonderful day, when Ipswich beat Arsenal in the Cup Final.
Olwen, UK

Witnessing one of the finest goals ever scored on the hallowed turf by Nick Wright for Watford in 1999.

It was very emotional for me as not only did it mean promotion to the Premiership, but it was my last Watford game before moving to New York.
Joel Tankel, New York and London

I was born in Wembley and I will miss seeing the familiar towers on my holidays home. A fond farewell!
Elaine LaWall, USA

Being a Wigan fan I have been extremely lucky in seeing my small club play at Wembley twice.

The 2000 play-off final against Gillingham was as good a game as you will ever see... we just didn't have the luck on the day! Best moment has to be Paul Rodgers' 94th-minute winner in the 1999 Auto Windscreen Final... Real Roy of the Rovers Stuff!
ROb (T117), England

A relatively minor event, compared to football, were the table tennis tournaments held at Wembley. In the small stadium during the 1950s, the final of the English Open Table Tennis Championships took place between, Richard Bergman ,naturalized British, and Bohumil Vana of Czechoslovakia.

A thrilling and memorable five games, each fought out to the end; eventually RB edged out to win. One of the greatest matches ever seen. Before the advent of 'devious spin' bats.
Ben Dunk, USA

The great fightback of Saints against Bradford in the Challenge Cup Final of 1996. 26-12 down, before Bobbie Goulding put the boot in! Great memories, will live on forever.
Adam, St. Helens, England

My best memory has to be my first stadium concert - Rolling Stones July 1982. It was hot and sunny, a perfect summer day, and the noise and sight of all those thousands of people was just incredible.
Alyson, Reading, England

The stadium was an embarrassment. Rubbish views, crumbling, uncomfortable. Stop living in the past, if the new Wembley is a patch on the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff it will be a huge improvement on that awful dump
Gus, UK

I'll never forget seeing Bon Jovi perform there in 2001, Jon Bon Jovi said that he'd stand in the way of the bulldozers (and I'm sure there are many who wish he would!) now, two years later, they're finally getting around to it!
Andy, UK

The cup final, 1987. Coventry beat Spurs 3-2, with Keith Houchen's famous diving header, and a Gary Mabbutt own goal in extra time.

The journey home was fantastic, with fans leaning off the motorway bridges and waving. Even my mum was converted to football that day.
Sven, UK

1976 FA Cup Final when Southampton beat Man Utd, the whole occasion and atmosphere was tremendous. The 1977 England v Poland World Cup qualifier was another special visit.
Steve Fripp, UK

Watching Tranmere v Leicester City at Wembley did it for me

Barry, Birkenhead, Wirral
Best memory for me? It has to be Madonna's Blonde Ambition Tour back in 1989. Absolutely top show!
James Hamill, United Kingdom

Very embarrassing when England were beaten by the Welsh in the five nations. Never felt so humiliated. Still things have changed a little since, I can't see Wales beating anyone at rugby in the foreseeable future.
Lorne, England

The '97 FA Cup final between Chelsea and Middlesbrough. Roberto Di Matteo's goal in the first minute, the fastest Cup final goal in history brilliant!

The 2000 final was good too, Chelsea beating Aston Villa in the last Wembley cup final before its redevelopment.
Jonathan Bishop, England

Watching Tranmere v Leicester City at Wembley did it for me. Supporting a small club and coming up against Leicester in the final was a dream. To experience such an atmosphere was one I, and 29,000 Tranmere fans, will never forget. Wembley is unique.
Barry, Birkenhead, Wirral

I was there for the Blades v Owls cup semi-final in 1993. We lost but the sight of 27,000 balloons being released when the teams walked out will live with me for ever. Have to agree with Robert about the seats though.
Tom, UK

Charlton v Sunderland play off final 98. A great game for both teams.
Simon Farnham, UK

My best memory is Gillingham vs Man City in 1999 play-off final it was my first time at Wembley I was so excited.

I remember Kevin Horlock pulled back to save my dreaming and then Paul Dickvo scored in the last minute and we won on penalties.
Mark, England

My best moment at Wembley is witnessing probably the best goal ever scored there. It was scored by Nick Wright for Watford in the Division One play-off final of 1999 Vs Bolton Wanderers. It was an over-head kick from just out side the box, what a goal it was. That goal put Watford on their way to the Premiership.
Dean, England

As a stadium steward I used to watch people come from far and wide

Howard, England
It has to be the Scott Gibbs try against England! One of sporting's greatest moments!

As for my worst Wembley memory it has to be my only visit there, a 51-0 loss for Wales against France in the Five Nations.
Guto Edwards, Wales

It stank, was uncomfortable, was 200 miles from home, and you couldn't see much. Goodbye? - Good riddance!
Alan, England

Have been to Wembley for two club games Port Vale v Stockport (Autoglass) and v West Brom (Second Division play-off final), both in the same year, international games, a few friendlies.

But the highlight and the passion of what football means to English fans, has to be the Euro 96 game vs Scotland. I remember it like yesterday; Seaman saves the penalty we broke away from the corner and Gazza magic! Made even better by the fact there were three generations of my family there to see it live and saviour beating Scotland!
Richard Debenham, England

As a stadium steward I used to watch people come from far and wide for as little as minor cup matches and would stand in awe of the stadium. Supporters were proud of Wembley and the history contained within.
Howard, England

It must have been 1967/68; we travelled from Bradford on an overcrowded train, stood up most of the way. Had a long, long walk don't know where from to reach the stadium, the walk up to the twin towers took forever. We went to watch the UK ladies in a hockey final.

The stadium was smelly, the wind blew all day, we were frozen, and as I remember we lost. The best part was the foot long hotdog!
Helen, England

Live Aid was undoubtedly the most important, biggest and best occasion

Jimi, UK

Surely the greatest moment ever was Norman Whiteside's goal against Everton in the 85 FA Cup final? Surely the Twin Towers have never seen (and now never will see) such a sublime moment as this. Wembley will be a part of me forever!
Mr Ripple, Manchester, England

I saw two England games in the stadium when I was a child, I will never forget the vastness of it all, the sounds of chanting/singing crowds. It was quite amazing...

I also saw Michael Jackson (well what I could see over the top of people's heads!) and was present at the last ever concert at the 'Venue of Legends' when Bon Jovi did a cracking show and stayed on stage well over their allocated slot!

I agree that the location was rather difficult to get to, but all in all I will miss Wembley, seeing the towers from a north bound train.
Catherine McCartney, UK

It's a sad, sad day for football fans all over England.
Ian, UK

Live Aid was undoubtedly the most important, biggest and best occasion at Wembley - I know. I was there
Jimi, UK

I was one of 20 marching mascots representing England in the 1966 World Cup

Dave Howes, Pinner, England

Stewarding at all the Euro '96 England Games, walking down the aisle just before kick-off, 'Three Lions' on the PA, everyone standing and signing - still sends shivers down my spine today. A nomination for a new national anthem perhaps?
Pete Tims, England

I was one of 20 marching mascots representing England in the 1966 World Cup opening ceremony at Wembley. We all came from St. Clement Danes Grammar School in Shepherds Bush.

We were given the kit to keep - white shirt, black socks, white socks - how we envied those representing Brazil!

For that extra, vital, ingredient in cup success - luck - we need to be reformed and sent to the next World Cup!
Dave Howes, Pinner, England

The best day I ever had at Wembley was when Charlton beat Sunderland in the play-off final. Super Clive Mendonca with a hat-trick!!! What a day!
Dave, England

My memories of Wembley include over-priced food, terrible toilets and a shockingly poor view of the game. I also remember watching England's stuttering Euro 2000 campaign with Tim Sherwood in midfield. Great tradition to the place but I can't wait for the new Wembley.
Oliver Milman, UK

Wembley was the best stadium in the world

Lao Suhuri, Japan

Taking my son to see England play Brazil in a schoolboy international. The only goal was scored by a young Michael Owen - Magic!
Simon Thwaites, England

One of the best day's of my life was seeing Rotherham beat Shrewsbury 2-1 in the Auto Windscreens shield final almost ten years ago. The place will always be special to me after that but I can see that we need to upgrade our national stadium. It's a shame the towers have to be removed though.
Phil Tarry, England

Wembley was the best stadium in the world. It had a great history and was always the dream for football players worldwide to play there. I shall miss it but look to visit the new stadium when it is ready.
Lao Suhuri, Japan

When I was a kid and into football, my dad took me to see Forest vs. Everton in the Simod Cup final. It was a topsey-turvey game with Forest always getting their noses in front and then Everton equalising. When Forest eventually won 4-3, and at the exact moment the final whistle sounded, I had a great nose bleed from the excitement!

Good job there was a nurse next to me, but I did miss the presentation, owing to my head being constantly tilted back!
Andy, Nottm., UK

Scott Gibbs scoring in the last minutes of the Five Nations game against England

Steve, UK

Euro 96 - A hot June night when we roasted the Dutch over a spit and beat them 4-1 meaning the Scots went out to! I'll never forget walking out down the steps after the game and being applauded by the Dutch fans. One of them said 'tonight you were magnificent'.....
Phil Scoble, England

Managed to see a few matches at Wembley but my fondest memory has to be seeing Swindon beat Leicester 4-3 in the epic 1993 first division play-off final. It was an incredible match!
Jez, London

Best for me was Scott Gibbs scoring in the last minutes of the Five Nations game against England to deny them the Grand Slam and Five Nations victory.
Steve, UK

How I miss the overflowing toilets, overpriced and inedible catering and appalling lines of vision from planks of wood that were laughingly called seats.

And, as an expatriate Northerner, I also remember with delight the hours it would take to get out of London after the game. Oh, how we laughed as it took us an hour to proceed in the coach up Wembley Way so that we might get home for last orders if we were lucky! Wembley, good riddance!!
Robert Missen, Belgium

My first visit to Wembley was a happy one

Dave, UK
It was the last World Speedway Final to be held at Wembley. In front of a capacity crowd American superstar Bruce Penhall took the title in superb style, beating former World Champion Ole Olsen with a magnificent last bend pass in probably the greatest World Final race ever.
Ian Robinson, United Kingdom

Undoubtedly, the grounds' finest sporting hour was Scotland's 3-2 victory over the 'World Champions' in 1967 or even the famous pitch invasion after Scotland's 2-1 victory in 1977 when we took the 'pitch' home.
Mark McMullan, Scotland

I remember the nightmare of travelling to such an inaccessible part of the country

I remember the dreadful and obstructed view, but most of all remember the scent of urine emanating from the corridors beneath. Good riddance to a bad stadium, the new one should have been in Birmingham!
Ben, UK

My first visit to Wembley was a happy one when I saw Tottenham lift the FA cup against Forest in 1991. My only other visit, however, was not quite so enjoyable when a year or so later I had the misfortune of seeing us lose there in the semi to some team that play in red....
Dave, UK

As a Sunderland fan who was just five years old, I wasn't at the scene of our greatest victory in 1973. I was there in 1998 for the Play-Off final versus Charlton (4-4 before losing 7-6 on penalties...) the maddest game I've ever seen!
Robert Crosby, Nottingham, UK

The last time I went into Wembley Stadium it was 1983. It was a dump then and difficult to get to. There were also facilities that would have put a Third World country to shame.

Why has it taken a further 20 years to start the process of knocking it down? I fear that the infrastructure surrounding the new stadium will be just as poor as in 1983.
Neil, York

Only been to Wembley once and that was when Notts County where playing for promotion

Mark, Nottingham, England

The Scots tried to help you guys do this a good few years ago. We started with the goal posts but were going to do the lot; all at no charge, of course!
Greg, Scotland

Euro '96, so many memories but can't recall which gave me more pleasure, destroying the Dutch 4-1 or beating the jocks with a Gazza wonder goal....
Nick A, England

Only been to Wembley once and that was when Notts County where playing for promotion to get into the First Division. Wembley was huge and seeing as though we won, it was a great's a shame we went back down the next season!
Mark, Nottingham, England

It was a lovely day and there was an FA Cup semi-final on the telly. Not much time had been played, when that young lad Paul stepped up and scored a superb goal against David Seaman in the Arsenal goal.

I couldn't belive what I'd just seen. I was only 8-years-old, and Gazza just scored an amazing goal against the team my dad had told me not to support.

Arsenal were beaten, now I could look forward to the final in May!

Mikkel Petersen, Denmark

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