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 Friday, 20 December, 2002, 12:48 GMT
Your highs and lows of 2002?
What were your highlights and lowlights of 2002?
Tell us about your best, and worst, moments from an event-packed year of sporting action.

What stands out for you in 2002?

Have your say

As another thrilling year of sport draws to a close, here's your chance to pick the moments you'll never forget - whether you want to or not.

The World Cup and the Commonwealth Games delivered a feast of sporting drama. Some grabbed the glory, while others grabbed their coat.

Meanwhile, England's football and rugby teams left the country bursting with pride, but the cricket team made the nation burst into tears.

Tell us about the highs, the lows, the champs and the chumps; the moments that you think made 2002 great.

What are your most memorable moments of the year?

Have your say

The high point of the year for me would be Celtic beating Celta Vigo in the Uefa Cup to progress past Christmas for the first time in twenty-odd years. The low point was being a Scottish person having to move to England through work and being here during a World Cup campaign...
James, England

The best moment of 2002 was Dublin winning the All Ireland Football Leinster title

Stephen Quinlan, Ireland

Highlight: GB rugby league academy beating the previously undefeated Aussie schoolboys two games to nil. All we need now is for this to translate at full international level. The future is bright - the future is British rugby league.
Graham, England

Highs? There was only one: Man City beating the other team. Cheers.
Steve F, UK

The catastrophic events that disrupted cricket between two cricket-loving countries were bad enough; but what is even worse is the thought that Pakistan will never again be a safe venue for any international sporting event.

But my greatest disappointment was to see the West Indies team deprived of the services of Brian Lara on the eve of the Indian tour. Equally sad was the miserable performance of the West Indies team in the Tests, although there was a bit of face-saving in the one day series wins.
Dr. John Weekes, USA

For myself, the best moment of 2002 was Dublin winning the All Ireland Football Leinster title after a gap of seven years. For a county like Dublin that craves football it was such a long wait, and to see all those fans in Croke Park so joyfully embracing each other was just fantastic.

The worst moment (and I think I speak the thoughts of most Irish people) was the departure of Roy Keane from the Irish World Cup squad in late May. It was a huge shock and bitter disappointment that the row ever took place and was allowed to escalate in the way it did.

The day Keano left the squad was the day that Ireland also became a divided country on the pro-Keane anti-Keane saga. It was a bittersweet World Cup.
Stephen Quinlan, Ireland

I think that the greatest moment/s has to be Arsenal finally showing that they can compete and show guts to win the Premiership title and FA Cup trophy with great class and strength. They have finally been classed better than Man Utd, after four long years. Cheers Gunners for making London proud AGAIN.
Nick Brett, England, Cambridge

The highlight of 2002 has to be the battling Bangladesh cricket team

Brian McKenzie, Bangladesh

The best moment for me of the year would have to be Ireland in the World Cups. I always love watching breathtaking games, and the game against Germany would top them all.
Maria Kennedy, Belfast

I have to say that one of the most memorable moments I had was when Emile Heskey, despite all the critics, still concentrated and scored a brilliant goal against Sweden. I will also cherish Europe's victory over the USA at the Masters golf.

My most saddest moment I think was when England were kicked out of the World Cup, and that Rivaldo got through with a clear dive (and Fifa said they getting stronger). I do not think Brazil deserve the cup at all.
A Essof, Zimbabwe

Watching the World Cup in Japan had to be one of the highest points in the year, one must pay tribute to Japan and Korea for putting on a fantastic show.

As for the matches themselves, they were full of highs and lows. England beating Argentina in a tense match, then scoring past Brazil was a high point only to have it cancelled out by two Brazilian goals (damn Ronaldinho), which was a low point.

Nevertheless, it was still a fantastic World Cup that brought hope for nations such as Korea.
Stephen Ebert, England

The highlight of 2002 has to be the battling Bangladesh cricket team especially the great young talent of Alok Kapali and also opening batsman Mohammed al-Shariar
Brian McKenzie, Bangladesh

Seeing the mighty Crystal Palace humble the lowly boys from Brighton 5-0

Jim, England

The high point of the year had to be Ireland getting to the second round of the WC and when Turkey and South Korea joined together to salute the fans at the end of the third place play-off. The low point however was when Roy Keane was sent home from Siapan because of the terrible conditions.
Iain McNamara, Ireland

Pakistan's Inzamam scoring 329 runs against New Zealand in April/May 2002 should be one of the highlights of the year. How often do you see a batsman scoring more than 300 runs, even if the match is against Bangladesh.
Umer, New York, USA

My high point was seeing the mighty Crystal Palace humble the lowly boys from Brighton 5-0. 13 years we waited for that and it was all so easy in the end. Being able to sing Stevie Coppell's name even though he's with the enemy must have been a choker for the south coast.

Low point clearly England going out to Brazil. No blame attached to Seaman, though - it's a team game.
Jim, England

High - David Beckham scoring against Argentina and thinking we could actually win the World Cup. Low - Only drawing with Macedonia at St. Mary's and having no chance of winning the World Cup in 2006.
Alan Stratford, England

High - Arsenal lift a well-deserved double! Low - Seaman's misjudgement v Brazil.

October 16, Cymru 2-1 Italia. What excitement and pace. I don't mean to be smug when saying this, honestly, but if England can learn anything from Cymru it is to pick quicker players; you have got them but you don't choose them. Cardiff losing to Stoke in the play-offs.
Penri, Cymru

The high points of the year were India's performance in England and Sri Lanka

K Anil Kumar, Kuwait

High point of the year for me would have to be Hearts versus Hibs at Tynecastle on 13 August. Hearts won 5-1 and Mark de Vries scored four in his home debut. Bliss.
Jambo Andy, Scotland

To me the high points of the year were India's performance in England and Sri Lanka. The low points were their loss to West Indies in the one-day internationals and their performance so far in New Zealand.

The Indian board is doing a good job fighting for their players' rights. They also need to put in more preparation for every tour to ensure good results. Hope the coming year will bring the best out of every Indian cricketer.
K Anil Kumar, Kuwait

The highlight of the year was Senegal's match against Sweden, it was a special moment. Nobody believed in that. And I think that Brazil were the worst team in that tournament. They won the cup, but I will never believe that they were strong...
Hassan Saad, Canada

One standout moment no-one's mentioned yet: Werner Greef's scything run to score in injury-time against the Wallabies, then converting his own try to win the match.

It was a sequence that exemplified the whole Tri-Nations competition this year. The Crusaders' perfect Super 12 campaign was impressive too. Kudos, also, to the underdogs in the World Cup (Senegal, USA, Korea, etc).

Low point: Ben Hollioake (RIP).
Matt Tearle, NZ/USA

Highlight: Michael Schumacher's awe-inspiring fifth F1 title victory

David Birkett, Scotland

The low point has to be England's dismal performance against Macedonia. On the other side, Heavy Tackles 11-0 annihilation of East End Rangers on the opening day of the season was football at its best. Any chance of a match Sven?
Chris H, Newcastle, England

Highlight of my 2002 sports year was Michael Schumacher's awe-inspiring fifth F1 title victory. Not a popular view I'm sure, but he continues to shatter records every time he puts on his race suit.

While the whole world was heaping its revulsion on him and his team I think everyone failed to appreciate that he is making sporting history and we are lucky enough to be here to witness it; the scary thing is, it's not over yet!

Low points, Colin MacRae's failure to compete with Marcus Gronholm in the WRC, let's hope he does better with Citroen in 2003. And Thomas Enge winning the F3000 title and then being stripped of it after a positive drug test.
David Birkett, Scotland

The high for me and just about everybody in Sussex was seeing Brighton and Hove Albion achieve their second successive Championship (a feat only done a handful of times in Football League history) having risen from the near ashes of a mere five years before.

The low point was losing twelve games in a row but here's to hoping for a drawn-out survival fight in 2003.
Frank Aylett, England

Lennox Lewis's demolition of Iron Mike Tyson

Clark, England

One of the best moments has to be Robbie Keane's last-minute equaliser against Germany and even better, the look on Mick McCarthy's face! One of the worst would be Roy Keane letting his country down and the way in which he did it.
Ev, UK

The best sporting movement of the year was undoubtedly when Paul McGinley holed his putt on the final green to secure the Ryder Cup for the Europeans.

That was a remarkable achievement as they were the underdogs, and when it was level going into the singles, which the Americans always dominate, Colin Montgomerie inspired the team to a famous victory and sent the Americans home with their tails between their legs.

Second on the sporting best moments lists was Lennox Lewis's demolition of Iron Mike Tyson. Many thought Tyson would knock out Lewis but Lewis showed the world who is the best fighter of his era with a brutal destruction of Tyson to earn his place as one of the all-time greats.
Clark, England

BBC's return into big-time boxing was a personal highlight. Long may this continue!! Wayne McCullugh's return to Belfast. Personally, becoming All-Ireland fishing champion for the fourth consecutive year.

On the downside, the imminent demise of the Nationwide football league, and Ireland's misfortune v Spain in the World Cup.
Bruce Grimshaw, Blaney, Ireland

I can't believe that the NZ-England Test match at Christchurch in March this year hasn't been mentioned among the year's highlights. England won a stunning game studded with sparkling performances from Thorpe, Hoggard and Flintoff.

But none who saw it will forget the towering, unbelievable innings by Nathan Astle - 222 struck off 168 balls, with 28 fours and 11 sixes. In truth, the statistics cannot do justice to the magnitude of the performance, which was simply breathtaking, truly the cricketing performance of this and many another year.
David, Auckland, NZ

Pistol Pete conquering all at Flushing Meadows to show who's the all-time great

Kwameh, Kenya

High of the year: when the Brazil team won the World Cup in Korea and Japan. I was surprised when I saw Korea, USA, Senegal and Turkey play good soccer!! And I loved it when England beat Argentina in the World Cup...always England! Low of the year: Ferrari's domination. I hope that in the next year we can have more action in the F1 races!
Saulo Silva, Brazil

Team high has to be Europe winning the Ryder Cup when no one gave them a chance against the mighty Americans. Team low: Wimbledon moving to Milton Keynes; as someone who lives there I can assure the board although your gates will improve the locals will only turn up to support the opposition.

Individual highs: Paula Radcliffe, what didn't she achieve, and what about Michael Vaughan, highest Test run scorer for 2002 proving we're not all crocks and has-beens. Individual lows: the deaths of both Ben Hollioake and Umer Rashid.

The definitive highs of the year were Pistol Pete conquering all at Flushing Meadows to show who's the all-time great, Ronaldo coming back from the heartbreak of '98 and injury to lift the World Cup.

Also, Senegal's display at the World Cup and of course that final day victory by the Gunners over United at Old Trafford.

Cameroon's failure to rise to any height at the Cup was the low, alongside Holland's absence.
Kwameh , Kenya

High: Colin Edwards fighting back to take the World Superbike Championship on the last race of the season, this was motorsport as it should be - clean, sporting, and exciting!!

Pakistan being bowled out in a Test match twice for scores in the 50s against the Aussies is definitely a low point

Israr Hussain, Pakistan

Low: Leicester Tigers not getting the recognition they deserve for winning the rugby European Cup for the second year running and fourth consecutive league title. What do they have to do to get team of the year at the BBC awards??
Phil Jackson, England

Pakistan being bowled out in a Test match twice for scores in the 50s against the Aussies is definitely going to be a low point in Pakistan cricket history and all Pakistan cricket fans throughout the World.
Israr Hussain, Pakistan

High point of the year was watching my club, Ayr United, fight so hard against the Old Firm. Low point was seeing the team destroyed a few months later by not allowing a new stadium to be granted planning permission.
Thomas , Scotland

What no rowing? How come even Lance Armstrong even gets a mention in the review of the year and Matt Pinsent and James Cracknell didn't get a mention and they broke a world record on the way to being World Champions!?
Ciaron Morgan, UK

High points of the year include the Commonwealth Games, proving that the UK can host a major sporting championship, the World Cup, where nothing was predictable, and Paula Radcliffe deservedly winning Sports Personality of the Year.

The biggest low, which seems to dominate everything else for me, is England's dismal performance in the Ashes.
Ben, England

The high points had to be the curling success (even though it is very much a minority sport, have you ever seen more 'bottle' by an individual when the chips were down?) and Paula's run in Manchester.

Low point without doubt Rivaldo's shameful histrionics against Turkey and FIFA's pathetic response.
Doug La Scoolde, Luxembourg

The awesome Williams sisters provided some of the highest moments is sports. The sisters are a delight to watch any day. I hope to see Venus take the crown next year.
Kemi Aluko, Nigeria

The low point of the year has to be the FA's unforgivable decision to allow Wimbledon to move to Milton Keynes

Daniel, UK

For me the best moment was "Seaman in tears". It wasn't a happy moment but it showed that he is, after all, human and it symbolised the feeling of the nation.

The World Cup campaign was a microcosm of the year. Glory and sheer elation against the Argies and only a week later misery and disappointment as we crashed out. Long may the mysterious game continue.
Anthony Hill, England

The low point of the year has to be the FA's unforgivable decision to allow Wimbledon to move to Milton Keynes. The highlight has to be Paula Radcliffe and the whole Manchester experience.
Daniel, UK

Our highlight has to be our son being included on the Wimbledon highlights on July 3. His coach had taken four of her youngsters to Wimbledon for the day.

It rained and rained, but they were filmed playing tennis over a bench and Robert was used in the closing credits and was included in the highlights of Wimbledon at the end of the fortnight.

We were so proud and keep watching it as I videoed it. Thank you BBC. Robert loves playing tennis and at only 8 is doing very well.
Caroline Peters, UK

We should also remember the death of Umer Rashid, only a couple of weeks after Ben Hollioake - another very talented young cricketer and a great bloke. Surely the deaths of two such promising sportsmen were the low points for English cricket in 2002, far more so than any results.
Luke, Uk

The high point of my year was Ricky Ponting hitting a six that simultaneously gave him a century, sealed one of the 10 highest run-chases in history and handed Australia a clear series victory over South Africa.

The tragic death of Ben Hollioake reminds you that there are far more important things than a sports result

Ben, England

The low point of my year has to be the BCCI. The way they handled the sponsorship deals issue for the Champions Trophy, and now the upcoming World Cup, is a disgrace.
Dave, Australia

The clear winner for me was my girlfriend accepting my marriage proposal at the Millenium Stadium before seeing Arsenal win the FA Cup.

Paula Radcliffe brightened our year from beginning to end. I'll be there in Paris with my new wife to see her claim 10,000m gold (and a new world record?).

The tragic death of Ben Hollioake reminds you that there are far more important things than a sports result. The obvious low point of the year.
Ben, England

High point has got to be Senegal's win over their former colonial masters, France. Who can forget that high stepping celebration around the shirt of Pape Bouba Diop at the corner flag? Brilliant !

In the context of the game of cricket a major highlight of the year 2002 is the introduction of Power Cricket. Though not well-received by the purists and the pundits, the new game is poised to create a whole new cricketing-eco system, much in the same manner of one-day cricket.

To my mind one of the lowest points of the year 2002 was the standoff between the ICC and the Boards and players over the World Cup contracts. We have not still come to a stage where we can say that a successful resolution is in sight, but what has become visible to all is the blatant greed and power-mongering by the ICC officialdom.
Ajay Singh, India

High has to be the way Seaman defended the goal in the last 20 minutes in the game against the Argies, enabling us to progress. To beat the Argies, and prevent them from getting a goal in those last frantic minutes, was the highlight of the year for me.
Richard Webber, London

The best moment of the year was probably England beating Argentina 1-0

Thomas Hough, West Yorkshire

The low was definitely on 28 May when the FA sanctioned the killing of Wimbledon FC by allowing Charles Koppel to move it to Milton Keynes.

The high came just a few months later on 17 August when AFC Wimbledon won its first-ever match at Sandhurst. That was the best day of my life and even eclispses watching the Dons beat Liverpool in the 1988 FA Cup Final.
Andy G, London, UK

My highest point was the Nigerian Falcons defeating the Black Queens of Ghana in the finals of the African Women's Championship that was held in Warri, Nigeria. The lowest was the Super Eagles crashing out of the World Cup in the first round.
John Paul, Nigeria

Highs: the huge success of the Commonwealth Games in Manchester (I only wish I'd been there!). For me, personally, it was going to Munich to see the European Athletics Championships.

Seeing Paula Radcliffe destroy the rest of the field to win the 10,000m,; seeing Ashia Hansen win the triple jump; witnessing Dwain Chambers' first major track title in the 100m and running a PB (awesome).

Watching a fascinating javelin competition, when Backley pulled out a massive winning throw; and seeing Colin Jackson hurdle superbly to take his fourth European title to end his outdoor career on a high.

There were many great performances and the European crowd were great - really knowledgeable - and appreciative of every event. It was a great experience.

The South Korean team in the World Cup - flair, entertainment, self-belief - I'd have loved them to win! Also, the England rugby team's three victories over NZ, Australia and S.Africa - okso there are still things to work on - but let's just savour the feeling of success for now!

Lows: Can't really say the same for the England football team? Apart from the thrilling Argentina game, all the other games have been uninspired and forgettable. (Why did they go to a big reception at 10 Downing Street as if they were heroes?!)
Ruth King, England

The best moment of the year was probably England beating Argentina 1-0 and the low points were David Seaman's massive errors against Brazil and Macedonia and that he is still England's number. I think it should be Paul Robinson.
Thomas Hough, West Yorkshire

Lowest point of the year - the death of Wimbledon FC on 28 May.

Highest point of the year - the birth of AFC Wimbledon. Thanks to the loyal fans, football remains in the community of Wimbledon.
Elaine, England

The high point has to be the Ryder Cup, especially Monty's performance on the last day. Stuffing Hoch before Woods had teed off was an absolutely fantastic performance.

The high was the historic back-to-back championship-winning Brighton side

Luke, UK

Man Utd winning absolutely nothing last year has to be a low point, no sorry, that was a high point too! Real low point is that David Seaman is still England's number one, despite his continuous flapping at flies rather than the ball!
Alan Fradley, England

My highlight(s) would have to be the great showing the US National team made in the World Cup and David Beckham's free-kick v Greece to send England through to the World Cup.
Zubov, Brooklyn, USA

My top most memorable sporting event of 2002 was that terrific and spectacular goal Steven Gerrard scored against Germany in the World Cup qualifiers. No wonder, I am a Liverpool fan, and it was smashing to see all five goals scored by my 'red boys'.

I wish them a speedy recovery in their present awful out-of-form situation. Be mindful of injuries and I'm sure you will make it to the top at the end the league.
Omar B. Ceesay, The Gambia

The high was the historic back-to-back championship-winning Brighton side. The low is everything that's happened this season!
Luke, UK

England beating Argentina in the World cup 1-0 and David Beckham scoring.
Steven, Coleraine

Rhona Martin and her curling team bring back Olympic gold for Great Britain

Andrew, Scotland

The best: The gutsy glory against Argentina.
The worst: The yellow-bellied capitulation against Brazil.
Horse of the year: The Rock.
Bet of the Year: Commanche Court EW at 50s in the Gold Cup. Would have won but for clouting the third last and staying on gamely for second.
James Loton, England

Highs: definitly the Commonwealth Games, which I went to. Everybody around you was smiling and having such a good time. Manchester, you did us proud!!

Also, the way Man City played to get promoted; it was fantastic to watch and a pleasure to be a supporter!

Lows: I have to say it David Beckham finishing second in the sports personality...for what, one penalty kick! Also, the constant whinging from Arsene Wenger.
Ian, UK

The high point of 2002 was seeing Rhona Martin and her curling team bring back Olympic gold for Great Britain in the curling. Also, the fantastic efforts of Scotland runner Lee McConnell at the Olympics were fantastic - a terrific Olympic Games for Scotland as a whole. Andrew, Scotland

In a year that saw a lot of Aussie sporting highs, my favourite would have to be short-track skater Stephen Bradbury winning Australia's first ever Winter Olympic gold medal, followed very closely by aerialist Alisa Camplin winning the second.

The lowest would most definitely be Ben Hollioake's tragic death.
Brian, Australia

Several highs: London Broncos thrashing St Helens in Superleague, the superb Superleague Grand Final, Radlinski playing through pain to help Wigan over Saints in the Challenge Cup final, GB winning the third Test against New Zealand to draw the series, Bradford Bulls thrashing the rugby union boys at the Middlesex sevens.

Lows: GB capitulating to Australia in the one-off rugby league Test, London Broncos not making the top six play-off positions.
Jonathan Palethorpe, London, UK

My low point was the day that my beloved Wimbledon FC got the green light to move to Milton Keynes

Doug, Wimbledon

High points: Canada winning gold in both men's and women's Olympic hockey, the Vancouver Canucks leading the NHL, the rise of Chelsea FC, Ajax moving on to group stage two in the Champions League and the fine showings of Asian and African teams in the World Cup.

Low points: the World Cup without Holland, the Old Firm's continuing strangle-hold in the SPL, the idea of the Old Firm joining the English Premier League, the USA winning the Gold Cup.
Adrian Rigter, Canada

My low point of 2002 was definitely the day that my beloved Wimbledon FC (who I had supported for 18 years) got the green light to move to Milton Keynes. My high point came just a few days later, however, when AFC Wimbledon were born.
Doug, Wimbledon

I think the highlight of Australian sport this year would be Lleyton Hewitt defending his world number one standing in tennis. Another highlight for me is just the way that the BBC has been so outstanding in covering all sports.

I don't read our local papers, because you guys give a very clear view of what the rest of the world thinks of Australian sport. Thank you. The lowest point for me would be our poor ending to the rugby this year. I'm sure we will turn that around, so beware!
Ali Evans, Australia

My highs were Lleyton Hewitt's win at Wimbledon, not just the final, but the whole climb to the zenith, and Lennox Lewis thrashing Tyson (both these athletes are true world class battlers). My lows were England's loss to Brazil and Keane's disgraceful episode.
Mal Walker, Australia

I agree with Jack, the players linking arms and saluting the crowd after the Turkey and South Korea match was certainly special. It showed what football is really about. A low point was the Roy Keane affair. It was so sad to see things get so bad, but the boys on the pitch done us proud!
Jim, Ireland

The high point for me has to be the emergance of new footballing nations in the World Cup

Abhi Sharma, Michigan, US

I can understand many Europeans naming the victory in the Ryder Cup as the highlight of the year. However, I still consider golf to be an individual game and I think far too much emphasis is placed on this on that competition. Tiger Woods' performance still overwhelms anything that Monty and the boys can put up.
David E Telfer, Canada

The high point of the year for me has to be the emergance of new footballing nations in the World Cup. To see the way under-rated teams like the USA, S Korea, Japan, Senegal and Turkey played to give the so called 'big guys' a run for their money was great!

The other great moment was when the Korean and Turkish football teams got togther after their third-place game to greet the fans. That was a show of true sportsmanship - being graceful in defeat.

On the other hand, to see teams like Spain, Portugal and Italy act like they deserved to win every single match they played just on the basis of their footballing reputation rather than by performance and blaming their defeat on refereeing decisions, was the lowest point in 2002 for me.
Abhi Sharma, Michigan, US

Unquestionably the highlight of 2002 was the running of Paula Radcliffe. To win the Commonwealth and European gold medals plus breaking the world record in the London Marathon is a magnificent achievement.
Noel Graffie, England

The highest point was when Europe beat America in the Ryder Cup

Oliver, England

My worst 2002 moment is, of course, the World Cup because we were the world champions and we didn't score a goal even hough we had the three best strikers in the world.

My best moment is when France won the Grand Slam in rugby and also the Euro 2004 qualifying matches because we are now reborn!
Emilie, France

The highest points were when Europe beat America in the Ryder Cup and showed us all what the team was made of and when Beckham scored the winning penalty against Argentina which was a perfect payback from the disappointment of 1998.
Oliver, England

The high point for me and most of the Indians was the Natwest Trophy final win over England and of course the ICC trophy semi-final win over South Africa.
Anand, India

Best moment was Robbie Keane's last-gasp equaliser against Germany, I've never been so deflated and then so quickly elated. Worst moment was losing on penalties to Spain, I've never been so elated and then so quickly deflated.
Robert Donnelly, Ireland

Highlight. Lennox Lewis finally ending Mike Tyson's career. Worst moment, Roy Keane bringing soccer to a new low on and off the pitch.
Richard Philips, UK

High point was the Sunday afternoon of the Ryder Cup when the European team defeated the much fancied, star-studded USA team. Nerve-wracking to the very end, the whole event demonstrated everything that is great about sport.

Wonderful venue, well-behaved spectators, good weather and top class sportsmen playing not for vast financial rewards but for the "team". Low point? As a Scottish football fan, there are too many to list!! Things can indeed only get better.
HC, Scotland

The high point for 2002 was seeing the West Indies beat India in the one-day series. I think it's the turning point for the West Indies. New talents have emerged like Sarwan, Gayle, Samuels and Lawson. The rest of the cricket world be warned - we will take our rightful place at the top of the game again.
James, Canada

Best moment of the year for me would have to be Gary McAllister's volley against Derby

Luke, England

Who can forget Yousaf Youhana's record breaking 405 not out and the second bowler in the history of cricket with 400 wickets, Waqar Younis. Also, the delivery of Shoaib Akhtar with the lethal pace of 160 mph.
Uzair, Pakistan

The high points for me have been Canada winning the gold in men's and women's ice hockey in the Olympic games and the victory of England over Argentina.

As a Canadian born son of an Algerian immigrant, I would say JSK's historic hat-trick win in the Caf cup. The low point was the defeat of France in the World Cup. France without Zidane is like a plane without a pilot!
Othmane Ghezali, Canada

Best moment of the year for me would have to be Gary McAllister's volley against Derby - surely one of the best goals of the year.
Luke, England

The biggest low of the year for me, and many others was the death of Ben Hollioake. His death really put everything else into perspective. As a cricket fan it's always an unhappy moment when a game is lost, but to lose such a promising talent was devastating.
Vicki Causer, England

This may sound unoriginal, but the finest moment of 2002 had to be Beckham's penalty against Argentina in the World Cup! It's been voted the event that made the most people smile in the year 2002. Now that is an achievement!
Natalie B, England

The high point for me has been the emergence of a fantastic talent, Wayne Rooney, and the contribution he and the rest of the team have made to Everton's revival.

The low point was Sven's England showing up his tactical naivety and their failure to play anywhere near to their potential.
Phil, Bromborough

Dwain Chambers breaking record after record

Jonathon, Afghanistan

Without a doubt, for me the Commonwealth Games was the greatest high, not just in terms of sport, but it was my favourite memory of 2002 in general.

Since the '98 Games in Malaysia, I was determined to go to Manchester in 2002. I went on the evening of the 100m finals. The results didn't go our way, we didn't win a gold medal that night, but just the whole atmosphere and experience of being there was simply fantastic.

England has now proved it can certainly host such a big international sporting event; let's hope the 2012 Olympics come our way!
Paul, England

Dwain Chambers breaking record after record and beating Mo Green all the time! He has come on leaps and bounds and will win the world title next year.
Jonathon, Afghanistan

Obviously being from Ireland my top moment has to be when Ireland scored in the last minute against Germany. The ecstasy was unbelievable and it must have been better than David Beckham against Argentina.

Worst moment has to be when Beckham scored against Argentina when the British media thought they were world beaters and were certainties for the World Cup. A great sporting year though
Paul, Ireland

The worst moment for me this year was when my team, Zamalek of Cairo, got beaten 6-1 from our arch rivals Ahly. I was silenced after the game and couldn't speak until the next day. I was feeling very sad and depressed.

But there were a lot of high moments this year. The first one was when Ahly lost the local league to Ismaily which is my second favourite club. After that, Zamalek restored some pride to their fans by winning the local cup. Then it was time for the World cup and I was so proud with the performances of Senegal who showed the real quality of African football.

The high point for me was definitely Pakistan's one-day series win against Australia in Australia!

Ramiz Baig, Pakistan

After the World Cup came the African Champions League and Zamalek did it and completely restored the pride of Zamalek fans as they won the title for a record fifth time. That was definitely the best moment for me during the whole 2002 year.
Ismail Fahmy, Egypt

What about Inzamam's 300 plus, I mean that was an outstanding piece of batting wouldn't you say? As for the lowest of the year was when Pakistan were bowled out for both innings for scores of about 50 each , man that was humiliating!
Safina Hussain, Pakistan

The high point for me was definitely Pakistan's one-day series win against Australia in Australia! And the low point has been just about everything that's happened to Pakistani cricket since!
Ramiz Baig, Pakistan

Even though I live in Argentina, I am an England fan so when David Beckham scored the penalty I have never cried so much.....with joy!!! All my Argie friends cried into their beer while I cried - they will never forget it....I will never forget it!
Richard Head, Argentina

I would include Nathan Astle's knock against England - not seen one of that magnitude in recent years.
Venkatesh, USA

The tragic death of Ben Hollioake in a car crash is a different world to losing a match or tournament

Bob Davison, England

The high of the year was obviously during the World Cup finals. Being a US football fan, it was great to see our side perform so much better than four years ago in France. This year's low was Ferrari's dominance of Formula One. They said that this would actually HELP the sport, but I really think it's done more harm than it could possibly do good.
Tim Morimoto, USA

I think the best moment was when Paula Radcliffe won gold at the Chicago Marathon, and the worst moment was when England were knocked out of the World Cup.
Simon Clarke, England

My high this year was the awesome Commonwealth Games - made me proud to be British! The low was Safin failing to live up to his amazing talent and tanking in the Aussie open - here's to world-wide domination in 2003!
Lucie Phipps, Northern Ireland

There is no doubt in my mind which events touched supporters the most. The tragic death of Ben Hollioake in a car crash is a different world to losing a match or tournament. The response of Adam though with his live life attitude has been one of the highlights of 2002, and with the Surrey side winning the trophy in honour of Ben, there is no contest.
Bob Davison, England

The performance of the Welsh football team has been a big high this year

Andrew Briggs, Wales

My high was Canada winning the gold in men's and women's ice hockey in the Salt Lake City Olympic Games. What made it sweeter was that it was against our rivals south of the border. It was especially nice to see the women win after eight straight losses to the US prior to the Olympics.

The low would have to be seeing Mexico's football team lose to the unimaginative US side in the World Cup second round. El Tri were disappointing to watch after showing their class against sides like Italy during the tournament and reaching the Copa America finals the year before.
Debasish Datta, Canada

My high has to be seeing such a high quality of football in the World Cup. It proves there are no more 'whipping-boys' any more.

The low point has to be seeing clubs in the Nationwide League going into administration (like my team Bradford) or being in financial difficulties. This cannot be good for the English game.
Stu, Belgium

High point has to be beating Argentina in the World Cup. The low point - England's Ashes performance to date!

Ian from Wales - how does getting to the World Cup quarter-finals and only losing to the eventual champions show England are an "over-rated, hyped up team"?
Mark Whitlock, UK

The performance of the Welsh football team has been a big high this year. A win in Finland isn't an easy thing to get. Germany and England didn't win there and the home win against Italy was fantastic. All we can hope for is that Wales continue this form.
Andrew Briggs, Wales

As a Leeds fan the only highlight was our 3-0 win over West Ham on the first day of 2002 to go top of the Premiership.

The remainder of the year has been awful, with the club stumbling from one crisis to the next. We have witnessed the team under achieving & constantly courting bad press for a host of off-field problems.
Cliff, Blackpool, Lancs

My low point is Norwich City's heart-breaking penalty defeat at the hands of Birmingham City in the play-off final. The day was made all the more worse by having to travel all the way to Cardiff, and especially back from Cardiff on a train packed with jubilant Blues fans - sickening!
Steve, England

The high point of the year as an avid Gooner would have to be winning the Premiership at Old Trafford

Ewan, England

My high point has got to be Mike Tyson being put flat on his behind by Lennox the King.
Steve, England

Seeing my country Turkey come third in the World Cup in their first appearance after 48 years, and showing the world we have some excellent players, will live on in my memory for years to come.
Hakan Ariner, UK

The high point of the year as an avid Gooner would have to be winning the Premiership at Old Trafford. It was a truly glorious end to a great season and despite a little stumble recently, it is good to see Arsenal taking steps towards retaining the title and making good progress in Europe as well.

The low point of the year would have to be the press in general, but specifically the way that David Seaman has been criticised, ok, so he's not perfect and he can't save everything, but he is still one of the finest keepers this country has ever seen.

The amount of rumour mongering that there is about these days is just ridiculous with barely a day going by without a story of someone being unhappy at their club and threatening to leave only for them to release a statement the next day to the contrary.

Another low point would have to be the inconsistencies in refereeing decisions and action taken by the FA, they change the rules as they see fit and one challenge will receive a red card but yet a carbon copy of it will receive no punishment at all.
Ewan, England

The lowest points of the year was to see the Gunners lift OUR trophy at Old Trafford, and seeing our European dream come to and end in Germany....
HP, Wembley, London UK

A dream of a World Cup, with an impossible win over Portugal and a rivalry win over Mexico

Grant, United States of America

The autumn rugby internationals have to be a high, not only for England but also for the entire Northern Hemisphere! All three big Southern Hemisphere teams were beaten on the same day by Northern Hemisphere sides- it has never happened before.

I was at Twickenham for the England's fightback v Australia- what a day! Bring on 2003 and the World Cup!
Phil George, UK

My highs of the year have to be Paula Radcliffe obviously, and Beckham's free-kick to get us to the World Cup. I've hardy been so happy, one minute we were in the play-offs against Ukraine next thing we were there- cheers Dave I loved it!

Low of the year is the Ashes, it's not Nasser's fault or Fletcher it's the selectors as a whole.
Matt Young, UK

My lasting memory of 2002 will be a pair of United States losses. Oddly, they were both highs and lows.

At Salt Lake City in February, the United States and Canada duelled for men's hockey gold. The USA lost the game to our arch-rivals, but it was still the best hockey game I have ever seen.

Secondly, the USA's run in Korea this summer. A dream of a World Cup, with an impossible win over Portugal and a rivalry win over Mexico. It was painful to see us outplay Germany and still lose, yet, in retrospect; a top-eight finish wasn't half bad.

Here's to 2003 being even better!
Grant, United States of America

My highs were definitely our performances in the Commonwealth Games, particularly the athletics. Also the England Rugby team (apart from against France) and Cracknell and Pinsent winning again.

My lows were the performance of the once all conquering McClaren and Williams teams in F1, England's exit from the World Cup (but they were never going to win it) and the drubbing of England's Ashes side after a couple of years of good progress. At least we've done Sri Lanka twice on tour!
Mark, England

My high of the year was Europe winning the Ryder Cup

Kered Roskell, England

My main high of the year was the Commonwealth Games, especially the performances of our swimmers after Sydney. And, of course I can't forget Paula! What a year for Britain's golden girl.

The low has to be the slow demise of Martina Hingis, one of the greatest tennis players ever. She gave something different to an increasingly power-driven game. Now she is missing the Australian Open, I fear the worse.
Sarah L, UK

High - seeing Paula Radcliffe emerge from being a plucky British runner up who would never win anything (Press description) to world beater. Her run in Chicago was simply awesome and put every other sporting achievement this year into the shade (including Montgomerys 100m record).

Low - definitely Rivaldo for forever destroying the belief that football was in any way sporting. If one of the greatest players in the world can do that and get away with it, then what hope for the future generations?
David Priddy, UK

My high of the year was Europe winning the Ryder Cup- a tremendous achievement; they proved me and many others wrong.

The low of the year was Arsenal winning the Premiership and one of my bets in the Grand National finishing second.
Kered Roskell, England

I think US soccer fans will always put our team's 3-2 win over Portugal at the World Cup as the top moment of the year. Like it or not, we're here to stay and you better get used to it!

A low (but bittersweet) point for me was the USA-Canada match in the men's Olympic ice hockey final. Great, great hockey, even though it gives our neighbours to the north something to stick us with!
Roehl Sybing, USA

The high was when Johah bashed his way through to score a good try against England when many had written him off as dead.

The low was the glaring missed conversion from out in front by Richard Swain (who otherwise had a great series) that would have given the Kiwis the second RL Test making the third one academic. Much was made of the failure of the Lions to kick a drop a late goal but the series should have been wrapped up long before that.
Dave Smith, New Zealand

My high point of the year was seeing Ronaldo recover from a horrific injury

Mohammed Bin Shehri, USA

Well my highpoint would have to be the VB series in Australia. Seeing us keep the Aussies out their own finals series was bliss. And then they said that we conspired to make them fail, well I'd say that losing to us three out of four times is conspiring against yourselves. That was excellent.

The low point for me was seeing Ronaldo get the European player of the year. It shows to me how fickle society is. Now don't get me wrong, I was pleased to see him perform at the World Cup, but European footballer of the year? And then he's involved in a messy transfer where he isn't even man enough to come out in public. Give me Alan Shearer any day!
Peter, New Zealand

My high point of the year was seeing Ronaldo recover from a horrific injury and see him lift the World Cup for the fifth time with Brazil. During his time out, he suffered bad news after bad but the way he has come back from this shows his strong character and his will to return.

The news of Ben Hollioake's death was a huge shock to the cricketing world and the world lost an excellent talent. He was one of England's brightest stars and his passing away was a body blow to cricket in general.

When he played for club and country, he showed huge amounts of enthusiasm, determination and effort. He will be missed by everyone.
Mohammed Bin Shehri, USA

My high was Canada winning the gold in men's and women's ice hockey in the Salt Lake City Olympic games. What made it sweeter was that it was against our rivals south of the border. It was especially nice to see the women win after eight straight losses to the US prior to the Olympics.

The low would have to be seeing Mexico's football team lose to the unimaginative US side in the WC second round. They were disappointing to watch after showing their class against sides like Italy during the tournament and reaching the Copa America finals the year before.
Debasish Datta, Canada

Turkey and South Korea football teams joining arms to salute the crowd together in the World Cup

Jack, Ireland

Some of the lows have to be watching Ian Wright's distress after we lost to Brazil - heartbreaking. And when St Helens lost to arch rivals Wigan in the Challenge Cup Final. Highlights? Rugby league's Superleague Grand Final that lived up to expectation - and a good result, plus the emergence of Wayne Rooney
Mike Appleton, England

I have three high points; the continued success of an under-rated Welsh football team ( currently the best bet to quailfy from the home nations), England being beaten in the World Cup, proving they are an over-rated, hyped-up team.

And finally Norwich City's drive for promotion, showing the money-hungry football world what can be done on a shoestring budget (common sense approach).

My low point; the failure of both Cardiff RFC and the Welsh rugby teams.
Ian, Wales

Turkey and South Korea football teams joining arms to salute the crowd together after the third place play-off match in the World Cup. What sport is supposed to be all about for me.
Jack, Ireland

High: beating Argentina in the WC, Paula Radcliffe in any race this year. Lows: all England's performance since the WC Denmark match, plus the Ashes debacle.
Jon Harford, Belgium

The high must be Wales's 2-1 victory over Italy at the Millennium Stadium in the Euro 2004 qualifiers. When Italy equalised with a deflected free-kick everyone thought that was it, but the lads showed character and Welsh pride to score a superb goal and seal a deserved win.
Stan, Wales

The low of the year was definitely the defeat by Brazil in the World Cup. Our lads did not show an ounce of determination during the game. It definitely proved that English football has a long way to go before it can contest with the best.

High of the year: Lewis defeating Tyson. A long-awaited contest which was won by the best man in my opinion.
Gurnny, West Yorkshire

Old Trafford, May 2002, when an Arsenal team including David Seaman won the League in Manchester United's back yard. If David Seaman thinks he has had a bad year after that, I think he's very much mistaken.

Thanks to him we entered 2002 as leaders and if results go our way we'll end this year as leaders!!
Graham, North London

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