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Monday, 2 December, 2002, 13:50 GMT
Troussier right for Republic?
Philippe Troussier coached Japan at the World Cup Finals in 2002
Former Japan boss Philippe Troussier is the latest name to be linked with the vacant Republic of Ireland job.

Who would you put in charge? And should Roy Keane be invited back?

Reports in France have said that the Football Association of Ireland want to sound out Troussier about his possible availability for the position.

The Frenchman has already turned down an offer to manage China and has said that he will not be returning to Asia.

Peter Reid, Bryan Robson, John Aldridge and Joe Kinnear have also been linked to the job.

Who should take over? And is it time for Big Roy to return?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails appear below.

Troussier led lowly Burkina Faso (who??) to the semi-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations. However, his no-nonsense approach was not appreciated by the South African team and management.

As a South African I was totally put off local soccer because of the players that need to be mollycoddled, and their behaviour towards Troussier.

So maybe he's a bit too outspoken and critical, but maybe that's what some teams need in a coach. That said though, I think Aldridge would be great!
Ian Naidu, South Africa

My pick is David O'Leary because he has respect and the players would look up to him
P Griffiths, Wales

Ireland need all the help they can get at the moment to qualify. With McCarthy gone, I should see no reason why Keane shouldn't return.

Players who don't like him, eg McAteer, should put their personal feelings behind them and get on with him for the good of the team. Keane is the best Irish player at the moment, to leave him out would be suicide.
Andre Bright, North Wales, UK

I can't believe, after a brilliant World Cup, that Ireland then lost two games on the trot. They need to appoint a manager with respect in the game and that can lead the country of Ireland forward, also to get Roy Keane back in the famous green strip.

Keane and Duff are world-class performers and Ireland needs them to qualify for Portugal.

I would get: first choice David O'Leary, second choice Niall Quinn and John Aldridge, third choice Martin O'Neill.

My pick is David O'Leary because he has respect and the players would look up to him - he would get the team ticking and playing like they did in the World Cup with passion; very surprised he got the sack.

Quinn and Aldridge for the same reasons, but they lack experience. Also, O'Neill would be too expensive to have and it would take a lot to tempt him from Celtic. Good Luck to Ireland they are a wonderful country!
P Griffiths, Wales

John Aldridge doesn't exactly have a glowing CV
Sparky, Scotland

It has to be Kerr for the job. Why go looking for a foreigner when you have the real thing on your doorstep. Also, would everybody please stop comparing us to Wales and Scotland, these two nations are not in the same league as Ireland.

Let's not forget we've qualified for three of the last four World Cups and progressed in each of them, we're currently ranked 14th in the world and just because we lose two games, we started getting mentioned with two minnows, one of whom has not qualified for a World Cup in 50 years and the other who have never done anything but fail when they do qualify.
Frank, Ireland

John Aldridge doesn't exactly have a glowing CV. At least Troussier has experience at the highest level. David O'Leary is probably the best candidate, being Irish and having experienced British football.
Sparky, Scotland

To Drew from Scotland (below), wise up buddie. A bit of Celtic jealousy there. But being from Scotland, that can be expected. The 'English' guys who play for Ireland play with pride, most managers would be proud to manage them, including Roy.

Whereas the players for Scotland don't give a toss about the team, or the country, or the people. So take the chip off your shoulder...
Michael, Ireland

I think countries are too hasty in thinking that a foreign coach will answer all of their problems. England got Eriksson, who has done well, but if you look at the facilities and the players he has, they should be doing much better.

Give Aldridge a go, someone who is passionate and loves his country
David Rogers, Wales

Scotland got Vogts, but when you think about who has managed the most successful English clubs over the years, most of the managers have been Scottish. Surely they had someone who could take over other than a foreigner.

When Wales needed a manager initially I thought we should look abroad, but Hughsie has done a fantastic job. I think countries like Wales, Scotland and Ireland need managers who have played for and are proud of their country.

Having someone like that can lift a side more than someone who doesn't understand the culture and so on. Give Aldridge a go, someone who is passionate and loves his country.
David Rogers, Wales

It might sound a bit far fetched but I think the man to replace McCarthy is Bayern Munich's Otzmar Hitzfeld. After making a complete mess of Bayern's Champions League campaign, it seems only a matter of time before the Bavarians give his P-45.

I'm studying in Germany at the moment and the word on the street here is that having achieved every possible honour at club level with Bayern and Dortmund, he has lost his motivation and hunger and that this is rubbing off on the players.

That's why I think he would relish the new challenge which international management would bring and I think after our performances in the World Cup and indeed in knocking the Dutch out at the qualifying stage, that we have shown that we are a serious team to be reckoned with.

Roy Keane should become the next player-manager and head the FAI
Clive Berrington, England

Hitzfeld, being German and being in charge of one the world's biggest clubs, would be the ideal candidate to finally bring some order and professionalism to the amateurish mess that is currently the FAI.
Kieran O Donovan, Ireland

Like most people I would recommend John Aldridge. But when I heard a Swede was going to manage England I thought oh no what next? But look how good we are now.
Richard Brennan, England

Roy Keane should become the next player-manager and head the FAI. That way he can organise everything and won't complain.
Clive Berrington, England

Surely it would be in the best interest of the Irish, to appoint an Irishman for the job. This way, the person chosen, will wear his heart on his sleeve every game, and will not look to see the result of his own country's game as his priority. Can anyone honestly say there is a better candidate than David O'Leary, with John Aldridge or Niall Quinn as his number two?
Craig Murray, Wales

The Japanese impression of Troussier is that he is stubborn, despotic, indifferent, and is not at all keen on listening to others. We, up to a point, respected his mental strength and determination to push forward what he thought was right, regardless of what was said; he did not succumb to any pressure from anyone. Yet he was often too indifferent what the players wanted.

For the journalists, too, his indifference and insensitivity should be a nightmare, too. He was whimsical, too. He changed the working tactics and system so suddenly that no one understood why.

His insensitivity was incredible. He did not hesitate to tell off the players in front of many people. On the training ground, he often reprimanded players.

The FAI should name the next manager as soon as possible before it gets beyond a joke
Helen MacCkay, Northern Ireland

For these reason, he could not command the players' 100% respect and trust. The players were just told to do what Troussier wanted (against which some of them often revolted on and off the pitch).

He will not be liked by the media and the public, either. It worked for Japan to some extent, but are you ready for him, Ireland?
Hiro Ishiwata, Japan

It seems that anyone with a football connection has been named as a possible candidate for this job!!!! It's getting ridiculous now.

Ireland are a good team but the Roy Keane question will overshadow the issue anyway, so it doesn't seem to matter who gets the role so long as he is selected.

The FAI should name the next manager as soon as possible before it gets beyond a joke. Ireland are an excellent team, but the jibes about tenuous links with Ireland meaning you will be picked to play are no longer funny. No-one would say that about Owen Hargreaves and the England team so why the Ireland team?
Helen MacCkay, Northern Ireland

The truth is that Phillipe Troussier is an ordinary coach. Nigeria's qualification for the '98 World Cup was less than impressive. He went over to South Africa and they performed woefully against France, Denmark and South Africa.

Admittedly, taking Japan to the finals of the Confederations Cup was an achievement but it is just a qausi-friendly tournament. The Irish FA should hire someone who can take them places- like David O'Leary.
Mayowa, Nigeria

The time is not right for someone like Troussier. We still have an outside chance of qualifying for Portugal and he would take some time to bed in.

Peter Reid is the man for the job. He would command the immediate respect of the Irish squad, including Roy Keane. He got the best out of his players for most of his reign at Sunderland and Man City. But could the amateurish FAI afford someone who was one of the highest paid bosses in the Premiership?
Ronan McAteer, Ireland

I think John Aldridge or Brian Kerr are the men for the job
Jonny, Down, Ireland

Brian Kerr is the only man for the job. He's coached half the senior squad when they were at junior level and won great honours with them. As well as this, some of our strongest team members (Robbie Keane and Damien Duff) are all plugging him for the job.

We need someone who knows the Irish system, that's why we need a man like Brian Kerr to manage us rather than bringing in someone who will totally try to change everything!

Then the FAI can buy all of the cheese sandwiches in the world for Roy Keane with the money they'd save and maybe modernise the organisation a little bit. It's the perfect solution!
Ciaran Duffy, Galway, Ireland

Japan were a poorly run team with a couple of stars and a lot of average players when Troussier picked them up. They then distinguished themselves at the World Cup. For all the Irish fans here to cry that they need to keep the essential "Irishness" in the team by appointing an Irish manager is laughable. They don't have any qualms about fielding English players so why be so picky with their coach's nationality, after all, it would be the first Irish manager the Republic had in my lifetime.
Michael, England

I think that whoever Ireland take as their manager it is important they have the respect of the players and fans. Will Keane ever respect Troussier and will he ever respect Keane? John Aldridge is the man for the job. He is well respected by both fans and players and should be able to put Roy Keane in his place.
Conor, Ireland

Troussier is the wrong man for the job. He has proven that he can take an underdog and take them to their limits but Ireland aren't underdogs anymore. They need someone to listen to the players and take action. Ireland are a world-class team as was proven in the World Cup so we don't need another manager that is trying to improve the team, we need a manager that can bring the team together.

I think John Aldridge or Brian Kerr are the men for the job because they understand the pressures of football and will know when to take it easy on the lads. Troussier is too hard headed and is definitely wrong for the job
Jonny, Down, Ireland

Does it really matter who the Irish pick? They've had their moment in the sun and its going to be downhill from here (unless they find some new English players with distant Irish relations). Poisoned chalice springs to mind!
Drew, Scotland

No way to Troussier! This guy is not the answer
Eddie, Dublin, Ireland

See what Hughes has done for Wales. The only logical choice would be Aldridge and/or Quinn. If you compare the success of Mark Hughes to the success of Vogts or Eriksson, then you see the benefits of appointing a passionate patriot.
Richard, England

John Aldridge is the man for the job, any other choice would be a disgrace. We have seen the effect that appointing a foreign coach has done for Scotland. John Aldridge has represented his country and has said that he will swim the Irish Sea to be manager, plus he knows the set up. He would be a success and would get the best out of Ireland's young Squad.
Shaun, Manchester

I think that Philippe Troussier is perfect and has an excellent track record. Also, I feel that it will be a fresh start for the Irish, which we need, and hopefully it will open the way to welcoming back Roy Keane and David Connelly.
Dermot Fleming, England

Although I recognize Troussier's talents and track record as an excellent coach, I don't think he is suited for the Ireland job. I imagine Troussier's strengths are in shaping and polishing a team of unknown footballers, endowing them with confidence to play beyond themselves, and giving them a tactical organization they had previously not been familiar with.

Unlike Japan or South Africa, though, Ireland already have a pool of very strong players who play at the highest level for their respective clubs. What they need is a strong leader who can inspire them to play for each other the way McCarthy did to the boys last summer. I don't think Troussier is this sort of man. I don't know much about Brian Kerr, but I say give him a chance.
Ruli Manurung, Scotland (Indonesian in exile)

Troussier is undoubtedly a quality coach and appears to be the type of character who could whip the FAI into shape and transform Ireland into a side with the professionalism to match their talent. I don't believe anything could ever damage the world renowned spirit of the Irish, especially decent training facilities and a lack of cheese sandwiches before matches. Let's get Roy back as quick as possible, he is the greatest Irishman since John Flood.
John G, Ireland

No way to Troussier! This guy is not the answer. He has coached mediocre sides which haven't performed at any level, while he has been in charge. Brian Kerr fits the bill not only because he is Irish and knows the system, has won major honours with our youth teams and Gerard Houllier wants him as the next Liverpool youth team coach. But also the fact that he is affordable.

That shambles of an organisation they call the FAI haven't got two ha'pennys to rub together. Therefore forget your George Graham's, Martin O'Neill's or David O'Leary's, the FAI simply can't afford them.
Eddie, Dublin, Ireland

The next manager for the job has to understand the Irish, he has to win the Irish over early on. McCarthy had a poor start and the media here got on his back immediately. Mick was the best man for the job and still is. The Keane factor should have been resolved and if McCarthy wasn't Irish enough for Keane, what would Troussier be?

Keane should take a cold hard look at himself and see that he cost a good man his job and left his team high and dry. John Aldridge should get the job and Keane should be kept away.
Nick Smeaton, Dublin, Ireland

No way! The bloke is as mad as cheese, or even madder. When he was in the running for the French job, over here in France they showed a rather revealing small report on his time as coach of South Africa.

The main features of this were him deliberately firing a free-kick full pelt into a defensive wall who were covering their marriage furniture, screaming in a Maurice Chevalier accent, "Don't be afraid of ze ball!", turning away in disgust and then suddenly running at his players to trade blows with them (in typical schoolyard scrap fashion: eyes closed, head tilted away, arms flailing).

At the end of the report, whilst acknowledging that the other candidates had better CVs, the journalist said in his defence that Troussier was "committed". I half expected him to add "to a psychiatric ward".

Troussier would be brilliant for Ireland. Scotland should have been patient and gone for the younger man
Sam Clark, Scotland

An unsuitable candidate if ever there was one; all the more so if Roy Keane comes back into the fold - if he got the hump with McCarthy, I can't see how he'll appreciate being slapped by Troussier.
Roland, France

Troussier would be brilliant for Ireland. Scotland should have been patient and gone for the younger man.
Sam Clark, Scotland

What I love about the Irish team and the supporters, is the Irish spirit. Charlton and McCarthy both had it. Since Charlton's departure we have brought more home-grown talent through, and this fosters even greater Irishness.

That is what made me proud when I watched the Spanish World Cup game. We should not underestimate cultural differences. The coach should be from the UK (if not Ireland). Let's keep the French out, they are no craic at all.
Paddy, Belgium

Troussier's experience is mainly confined to Africa and the Far East. He is a product of the French coaching system - coaching seems to be afforded more importance in France.

Give the job to Brian Kerr, he has had a lot of success with some of the younger players already in the squad and he has earned their respect
Noel Kenny, Canada/Ireland

I agree with most of the other writers - why look so far from home when we have a proven coach, albeit at youth and under-21 level, in Brian Kerr and several other good candidates in Aldridge/Houghton, Kinnear, Reid/Quinn?

My preference would be Martin O'Neill but we can't afford him and if he ever does leave Celtic, I think we all know where he is likely to be going.
Stephen, UAE, United Arab Emirates

There is only one sensible choice for the job: JOHN ALDRIDGE. The commitment he has shown representing his country and when managing Tranmere speaks for itself. He IS the people's choice.
Gary Payne, England

Give the job to Brian Kerr, he deserves it. He has had a lot of success with some of the younger players already in the squad and he has earned their respect. Regarding Roy Keane, when he asks to return and apologises, only then should he be considered.
Noel Kenny, Canada/Ireland

What about Terry Venables? He'll be out of a job soon.
Danny L, St.Helens, England

Please, anyone but Dalglish, he ruined Liverpool, Newcastle and Celtic.
James Quigley, France

He would be brilliant for us, but I would prefer an Irishman for the job!
Mark Cullen, Belfast

Brian Kerr is the best name in the hat at the moment
Paul, Belfast

Troussier is the latest manager to be linked to the Irish post, which will without doubt leave all Irish supporters with their heads in their hands. Ireland have the nucleus of a cracking team, and I believe we should have done better in the World Cup than we did. The two matches in the European Qualifiers have been nothing short of scandalous.

Why can we not have a good manager with plenty of experience, like Dalglish, instead of another second-rate manager like Troussier or Aldridge being linked to the post? If we had a good manager in charge, this team could do more than go to the European Championships!
Rodders, Ireland

Brian Kerr is the best name in the hat at the moment. George Graham, Brian Kerr or Martin O'Neill are the only coaches, who could take us on to win European Championships in Portugal.
Paul, Belfast

McCarthy was hounded out because he didn't appear Irish enough when the going got bad. Troussier is another foreign manager without insight into the unique Irish system. I believe Kerr to be the natural choice as peacemaker.
James, London, UK

John Aldridge and Niall Quinn, plain and simple. Throughout their career's they have shown the shown the utmost professionalism. Both have experience of playing for Ireland at the highest level and can relate to the players. Don't make the same mistake as Scotland.
Keith Whalen, UK

Although Troussier has a wealth of experience in international football, I don't think he's suitable. We need an Irish coach or at least somebody with knowledge of the players and the existing set-up.

My choice would be either Aldridge or to take a gamble on Brian Kerr, who's had plenty of success with youth teams in the past
Sam, Spain

Brian Kerr is the man for the job
Michael, UK

Ireland have plenty of time to select their coach and should use that time to interview as many people as possible then make a selection. It should not be rushed.
Paul McGrillen, Ballynahinch , N. Ireland

Troussier is, as we Japanese have observed for a couple of years, a strong and stubborn man who tries to get his way over anything or anybody else, regardless of whether it's good or bad. He is ready to confront anyone or any organisation, including Roy Keane and the FAI.

He won't give in to the public pressure as easily as Mick McCarthy did. Expect lots of conflict and difficulty. But if he goes through all the possible hardships, he could change the way the Irish football has been managed. He is a poisonous herb which may be turned into an effective medicine. < BR> Hiro Ishiwata, Japan

Brian Kerr is the man for the job. He's been the mentor of Duff, Keane (Robbie), O'Shea and a few more at under age level. Troussier is not required. Come on FAI, do something right for a change.
Michael, UK

Just because the media loves all things Man Utd, it doesn't mean that the public do. Keane is lucky to be invited back to play by the Premier League. If Ireland let him back, they lose all respect from the football world, and McCarthy's departure will be an even bigger blow than it is already.
Nick, England

Troussier is useless - his record as a player and now a manager confirms this
Dully, UK

We need someone with experience working with Premiership players. As for Roy Keane, it would be great to see him back, but if he expects people to beg he can forget it. He has to accept that he is not bigger than the team.
Dermot Quigley, Dublin, Ireland

Ask Keane, he seems to be the person who needs to OK the new appointment.
Andy Shanks, England

I am a small boy who will be asking Santa for two things this Christmas: a Scalextric and a ban on the word "Keane" in any piece of journalism. Is anyone else sick of this yet?
Shane, Ireland

Troussier is useless - his record as a player and now a manager confirms this. OK, he's done half a decent job for Japan but Ireland may become worse than they already are. I'd say Niall Quinn would be an ideal candidate!
Dully, UK

As a South African I would like to recommend Ireland do not ask Troussier. He was our manager for a while and not only was he useless he had no desire for the job and spent most of his time complaining. I recommend John Aldridge.
Gavin Mannion, London, UK

Mick McCarthy resigns as coach of the Republic of Ireland

Ireland in limbo


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