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Thursday, 7 November, 2002, 18:54 GMT
Will Turner rescue Wednesday?
Sheffield Wednesday boss Chris Turner
Sheffield Wednesday unveil former player Chris Turner as their new manager.

Will he turn the club's fortunes around?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your emails appears below.

Former Hartlepool boss Turner was unveiled by the Owls on Thursday, and revealed his ambition to take the club into Europe within five years.

Wednesday, second bottom in Division One and 22m in debt, turned to Turner after failing to appoint ex-Sunderland boss Peter Reid.

Turner rescued Hartlepool from relegation to the Conference, and has taken them to three successive play-offs since 1999.

Will he take Sheffield Wednesday back to the Premiership?

He is perfect for the situation that Sheffield Wednesday are in
Alan Dixon, UK

The sign of a really good manager is one who can "save" a club from relegation WITHOUT spending money. If the likes of Fergie had no money to spend, Man Utd would be nothing.

David Moyes at Everton has potential to be a great coach, and it's a catch 22, but the more success he has, the more money he will be given to build a better team.

Let's hope the new Owls man can do the same....he needs the players to fight or he has no chance. No wonder Peter Reid said no. Look what happened to Vialli, from Chelsea to Watford to obscurity.
Dan, UK

Chris Turner is a master at getting out players who are over-paid out and replacing them with good, sometimes much better, players for less money. He is perfect for the situation that Sheffield Wednesday are in and I cannot envisage him failing. He seems to be able to create an immense rapour with players, coaching staff and board.
Alan Dixon, UK

Chris Turner wasn't the "big name" we had hoped for. But Turner has got his heart in the right place. Sadly the same can't be said for Peter Reid, saying we're the "right club at the wrong time". Sorry Mr Reid, but what club sacks they're manager when they're in a good position? Get behind Turner; give him a chance at least.
Dale Hurman, Auckland, New Zealand

The club is in a mess and in terrible debt. We just have to realise that success is staying in Division One this season and being a decent mid-table side next season. No point getting carried away, if Chris Turner achieves that he's a good manager...
Chris, UK

Turner was in one of the best Wednesday squads of my lifetime
Phil, France

Like all Hartlepool fans I'm sorry to see Chris go - but I understand his wanting to go and I wish him well. I think he is going to find it very difficult though - I hope the Wednesday fans cut him a bit of slack.

One thing is for sure - Chris has the right philosophy about how to play football. I've never seen a Hartlepool team even half as entertaining as the current one. Good luck and thanks for your efforts Chris.
John Marsden, UK

I have been a fan of the Owls since their main sponsor was Finlux (1985?)! There have been good times, and there have been bad times. But I think Chris Turner is the right man for the job at this moment and in the future.

I really hope that the team starts to win games from now on. It's so sad to see S.W. struggling with every kind of problems. Now is the 'Turning' Point!
Lars Kullberg, Finland

All those who wanted a big name appointment just have to look at Leeds. Turner was in one of the best Wednesday squads of my lifetime with a great team spirit. Let's hope he can instil that passion in the current team of failures! Good luck to him!
Phil, France

Having initially been hopeful that Peter Reid would accept the position at Hillsborough, I have been impressed by what I have heard from Chris Turner following his appointment as Owls' manager.

Chris Turner was my hero as a boy
Neil Osborne, England

I desperately hope that he can transmit to his staff his enthusiasm and passion for a club that demands a better return from its players than it currently receives.

The problem seems to be that half of the current squad don't seem to give a damn for Wednesday as long as they get their wages at the end of the week. Maybe, just maybe, Chris Turner's love for the Owls will permeate through to those who wear the blue and white stripes. If that happens then who knows what might be possible. I wish him every possible success in the coming weeks and months.
Tony Lawrence, England

We have appointed a manager now, and we all need is to get behind him and the team. Let's see some more fans at Hillsborough getting behind the manager and team - that is the only way forward. We are crying out for some much-needed stability.
Paul Faulkner, UK

I hope very much that Chris Turner can make a success of this great club, but it will require root and branch changes. The whole playing and coaching staff must now be in fear of their futures - otherwise this cancer within the club will continue to flourish.

Having now appointed Chris Turner the board must have the courage to allow him to do the job as he sees fit, and make any changes he feels necessary. Chris Turner was my hero as a boy and I wish him and us a very successful future.
Neil Osborne, England

I think Turner is the right man for the Wednesday job. I'm a Hartlepool fan, and when Turner took over in 1999 we were in a worse state than Sheff Wed as we were facing football league extinction. Three years on and we're top of division three. Good luck Chris!
Ian Wilson, England

As a lifelong Hartlepool fan I say Chris Turner will turn Sheffield Wednesday's fortunes around
David Shedden, UK

Wednesday have been in what has been perceived by many as terminal decline for a number of years. With spiralling debts and what Chris Turner has rightly dubbed as a 'losing culture', it is hardly an attractive prospect for any new manager.

We have to give Chris all our support - he certainly seems to have the right attitude and has proved that he can make an impact at a lower division club. Who knows, this guy might even be able to do what he says! All we need now is for someone to stump up 40m and we might even have a chance of getting back into the Premiership. Any bright ideas, anyone?
Simon Houlton, England

I hope Chris Turner clears the dead wood at Hillsborough. He needs to start with the first team down to the spoilt brats at the youth level. The reserves have only won one match in two years - say no more!
Tony Roma, Sheffield, UK

Wednesday are a great club and it's a shame when even mediocre managers like Reid turn their noses up at what was (and could be) a big club. If there's any justice in life Turner will manage to turn things round and prove the likes of Reid wrong.

Despite Wednesday's parlous financial state, with what is a pretty talented squad and the big contracts due to expire soon he'll have a fighting chance.
Iwan, UK

Well done to the SWFC board. This is the best decision they have made in more than 10 years. A great appointment - we will finish above United this season.
Chris, UK

As a lifelong Hartlepool fan I say Chris Turner will turn Sheffield Wednesday's fortunes around. You only have to look at how we've been transformed in three years to realise what he could do with a "big" club. I wish him well.
David Shedden, UK

He reminds me a bit of Martin O'Neill, which can't be bad!
Ben Priest, England

I'm glad to see Wednesday have brought in Chris Turner. He is a good coach, and has the potential to be a very good manager. The main problem that Wednesday have had in recent times is we have appointed people for a quick fix rather than thinking about the long term.

Hopefully Turner will get the backing from the board that other managers haven't had, and won't become the eighth manager to be sacked in eight years!
Mark Branwhite, UK

Turner wasn't my first choice to take over, as I'm sure he wasn't for many Wednesdayites. But it might be a very good move by the board. This guy would bleed blue and white stripes if you cut him open. He loves the city, club, fans, and everything that goes with us. He did an amazing job at Hartlepool and is very passionate about doing well here.

I think he'll have the respect of the players and get them up the table to where they should be. He reminds me a bit of Martin O'Neill, which can't be bad! Good luck to the bloke, he'll need a bit of it!
Ben Priest, England

The Owls are a big club with a big history. They need a manager to match their reputation and prove that the last few seasons are nothing but an aberration.

No big name manager would take the job, so the next best bet is a manager who has proved his worth and knows the club and where it belongs. That manager is Chris Turner. Good luck to him.
Tony, UK

Chris Turner will not take SWFC into the premier league due to the mismanagement of the club in previous years. However, following his success at Hartlepool he deserves his chance, and will get 100% backing from the majority of fans who want exactly what he wants - to be proud of their club again!
Steve (Herts Owl), UK

Chris has the passion and commitment that perhaps previous managers of SWFC have lacked
David Unwin, UK

I have to admit I'm dubious. Wilson did well at Barnsley and took us down, and Jewell did well at Bradford and couldn't stop the rot. I just hope this isn't another huge mistake. If Turner keeps the Owls up the revolution may start in the summer, when he can get rid of highly paid 'bad apples' who have infected the squad.

The legacy of Richards, Di Canio, Carbone, Jonk and De Bilde still lives on in Hillsborough. if Turner can drive that legacy out we may start to move onward and upward. Good luck Chris, I think you're going to need it.
Joe, UK

I doubt he will become a failure. He should manage to stabilise Sheffield Wednesday as a First Division club, but promotion is a very difficult task to achieve with the likes of Ipswich, Derby, Leicester, Wolves, Portsmouth and Norwich. In short, he won't get Wednesday to the Premiership, but he might be able to save them from total doom!
Aaron, England

As someone born in Sheffield and brought up an Owls fan, I think Chris has the passion and commitment that perhaps previous managers of SWFC have lacked. As a Lifelong Owls fan, I just hope he can swing our fortunes around. Good Luck Chris.
David Unwin, UK

A very sad day for all Hartlepool fans - it has been a long time since I was sad to lose a Manager. Chris made a massive impression on this club, transforming it from a team of habitual underperformers to a team capable of winning some silverware.

He is by no means perfect, but I hope he does a good job for the Owls. He has always been approachable and willing to listen to the passionate thoughts of the fans, and I'm sure he'll be the same down there.
David W, England

It's time for everyone to get behind Turner - let's hope he can pull off a minor miracle
Scarborough Pete, UK

Six managers in as many years is testimony to the lack of ambition at the club. The board must shoulder the blame for the malaise which effectively started after the two cup final defeats to Arsenal.

I wish Chris Turner luck, but with no money to spend it's difficult to know how he is going to build a team that can stay in Div One, let alone achieve promotion.
Robert Mitchell, Hants, England

While Turner has certainly proved to be consistently good in the third, I can't help but feel that we've taken too many chances on managers over the past few seasons, and maybe a bigger name would have been a better bet. Nevertheless, it's time for everyone to get behind Turner - let's hope he can pull off a minor miracle.
Scarborough Pete, UK

Sheffield need a high-profile manager, and I think the underlying problems there having wont be solved by appointing Chris.
Stu, England

Is there such a big difference between managing a Premiership Club or a Third Division Club? The level of competition, money etc. is all relative. Therefore, bad managers are bad managers no matter where they ply their trade, and vice-versa.

I'm glad to see SWFC have got a manager who is successful, rather than a big name who's just been sacked and is desperate for a job.
Tim Lundy, UK

As a long-term Wednesday fan I'm impressed by Turner's approach. He knows he hasn't got any money, but he realises the most important thing in football is confidence. We need to string six or seven good results together and a decent Cup run to get the boys moving.

A good model would be how Blackburn dealt with the drop. I know we haven't got their cash, but we have got a decent youth academy, and that's where Blackburn's most promising players are from. Wednesday are the biggest club in the Division in terms of history and support, but we need galvanising. We can be great again, if Turner gets it right.
Ian Horsman, UK

As a Hartlepool fan I am sorry to see Chris go, but Wednesday have got a manager they should back 100% and watch the transformation. I hope he doesn't come back for our best players!
Tom, UK

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