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Tuesday, 12 November, 2002, 15:32 GMT
Reid right for Republic?
Peter Reid was recently sacked by Sunderland
Former Sunderland boss Peter Reid says he would like to manage the Republic of Ireland.

Who would you put in charge? And should Roy Keane be invited back?

This debate is now closed.

Former Middlesbrough boss Bryan Robson was the bookies' favourite to take over from Mick McCarthy, but Reid is the latest to thrown his hat into the ring.

Former Irish international Niall Quinn worked as a coach under Reid at Sunderland and could link up with him again.

John Aldridge and Joe Kinnear have both said they would be delighted to take over as Ireland coach.

Who should take over? And is it time for Big Roy to return?

England have appointed a foreigner, Scotland have appointed a foreigner and look where it has got them. Ireland should follow their Welsh counterparts approach and appoint somebody from Ireland.

My preference would be Brian Kerr. He has an undisputed international record second to none and it's about time the FAI started to explore alternative sources within their own country instead of looking for an outsider who at the end of the day can walk away if it goes pear shaped.
Bruce Grimshaw, Ireland

It doesn't matter who manages Ireland's national team, it will be a long time before they get as far as McCarthy took them. If the so called superstar Keane is called up forget it, who wants a team with a trouble maker on it?

They did great without him and I hope if he goes down in the history of Irish football he will be remembered as a trouble maker and causing a big shake up in the FAI.
Stan Sloan, USA

Now that the report is out and it pretty much vindicates Roy Keane on a factual level, if not in terms of his approach, perhaps we can stop being so old-fashioned in supporting Mick McCarthy just because he's a 'decent bloke'. Ireland needs a few more professionals and a few fewer 'decent' but incompetent amateurs - and now we have the professional report to back this up.

This is a big opportunity for Ireland - change the executive, bring in a good, professional manager with a good record (Reid rather than Robson, Kinnear rather than Quinn), and bring back the best player Ireland have had in a generation - even if he's a spoilt brat.
Paul Bernal, New Zealand

Peter Reid's experience with Niall Quinn as his right hand man
Mik Garland, Ireland

Why not Brian Kerr? He understands the Irish culture and is widely acclaimed as the top man in these parts. Forget about Reid & Quinn, Aldo, Kinnear, they are looking for kudos and money, Kerr brings a whole different agenda to the party. Surely he deserves a go.
Jim, Ireland

Brian Robson's record at club level doesn't qualify him for the Ireland job but in a supporting role with Peter Reid or John Aldridge he would add a lot of value.

Has anyone asked Alex Ferguson? He might be available soon!
Diarmuid, England

Peter Reid's experience with Niall Quinn as his right hand man.
Mik Garland, Ireland

It has to be Brian Kerr - you won't find a more talented manager anywhere. Winning the U16 European Championships, and third in the U20 World Cup! Plus, he has managed most of the current team at underage level already. He is a shrewd tactician and has the respect and admiration of the players and the public.
Patrick, Donegal, Ireland

Any manager big enough to man-manage the likes of Roy Keane would be a great asset to the team.
Jonny Kearney, Ireland

Reid should bring in another assistant. Quinn is too much of a YES guy
Mary Smith, Ireland
Bryan Robson? I'm not Irish but it still upsets me. Surely to be an international manager you have to have proven yourself at club level. Robson only proved himself to be inadequate on about a thousand levels.

Maybe Venables could leave Leeds to go and help him if things get a little bit difficult for him. I'll bet Leeds fans wouldn't mind.
Dave Saddlesby, UK

How dare those failures and no-hopers Robson and Reid consider applying for the job. The FAI are probably looking for losers who share their mediocrity. We want winners.
Kerry, London, England

I want Robbo! Anyone else and I'll spit my dummy and refuse to speak to them!
RK, Manchester

Reid will be okay on his own but Niall Quinn is not needed in any shape or form. Reid should bring in another assistant. Quinn is too much of a YES guy and a stronger personality is required to deal with the incompetencies of the FAI.
Mary Smith, Ireland

Joe Kinnear is the man for us. He can get the best out of a mediocre squad of players
Declan, London

How sad that McCarthy has been forced out. He has taken what Jack Charlton did and gone on from there. It will be difficult to find an adequate replacement.

Graham or O'Leary would be my choices. Keep Roy Keane out of the side. He has no respect for the squad or their ex-manager and that will not change.
Staurt Goodman, England

Joe Kinnear is the man for us. He can get the best out of a mediocre squad of players. Roy Keane? I'm getting past the stage of caring. It's probably best he doesn't come back so the new manager can build a team without him.
Declan, London

Let's get real. Ireland is too small a country to leave a player like Roy Keane in the international wilderness. Keane should be invited back in to the squad, when fit again, after he publicly apologises to both Mick McCarthy and the rest of the squad.

However, the reasons for his initial outburst should be acknowledged also publicly by the FAI, whose own inadequacies went a long way to spark the row between Roy and Mick.

When Mick took the job he was an inexperienced league manager given the huge task of managing an aged team. It took him about five years to learn the basics of international management and arguably he was still learning when he resigned. However, I do want to wish him good luck in the future.

Bryan Robson is definitely the man to take over
Big Ash, England

The best-equipped person for the job is Brian Kerr. He won the European U-16 Championship and came third in the U-20 World Cup recently with the likes of Robbie Keane and Damian Duff.

He knows all of the younger lads that are coming through and has more technical knowledge of the game, especially at international level, than Robson, Reid, Aldridge and even Eriksson put together.

I do fear that the FAI will go for a high profile man to appease the general public rather than the true fans. If Kerr doesn't get the job we can forget about Portugal 2004 and Germany 2006.
Ed, Ireland

Sven will soon be free. We'll take him.
Joe, Ireland

Bryan Robson is definitely the man to take over the Ireland post. With him you get desire, determination and not forgetting Roy Keane back in the team. I think Roy will only play for Ireland if Bryan Robson becomes the manager.
Big Ash, England

Robson - what a joke. He was a complete failure in his prior job. So much so that no other club has even approached him since. Ireland are still ranked as one of the top teams in the World and need to get an appropriate coach.
Michael, Ireland

Roy Keane took Ireland by scruff of the neck and into the World Cup
Aido, Ireland

Anyone but Robson. He failed at Middlesbrough despite spending millions, and would be a disastrous appointment. It seems the main purpose of his appointment would be to appease Roy Keane, which is such an absurdly short-sighted and narrow-minded view it is almost beyond comprehension.

If it was anyone other than the FAI we would all be shocked, but coming from them it's no surprise. They should all be sacked.
Tony, Welwyn Garden City

There's no way Roy Keane should be invited back. He's clearly a very influential player but he has no self-discipline at all. He's just an arrogant, angry, short-tempered young man who's used to getting his own way, and throws a tantrum when he doesn't.

The "I back my players no matter what" attitude of his club manager clearly hasn't helped. Keane let down his National manager and his country, and should always be reviled for that. To invite him back without an unequivocal apology to Mick McCarthy and the Irish people would be scandalous and unforgivable.
Mike, Scotland

Mick was lucky. Roy Keane took Ireland by scruff of the neck and into the World Cup. When we eventually got there we managed to beat one team without Roy - Saudi Arabia. For that, Mick and the rest of the team got a heroes welcome.

We drew the other games by resorting to long ball tactics with the big man up front. Ireland are nothing without Roy Keane. Mick is the weakest link - goodbye!
Aido, Ireland

I've never rated Robson as a coach, though he was obviously a great player - bad choice.
Mike, UK

Bryan Robson, you are not capable of managing an international team
Mark, Ireland

This whole debacle seems to have been polarized by everyone into a McCarthy/Keane issue. Let's be see things as they are now: McCarthy has chosen to resign because he felt demonised by the media. Roy Keane is injured and licking the injuries to his ego.

The events of the past two games, while influenced by the general debacle, are more down to McCarthy's innate and unfounded loyalty to players who simply didn't perform well for him - Messers Kilbane, Harte, Holland and Kinsella.

What a new manager will have to accept is that some of McCarthy's first choice players are now simply squad players, and there are far better options groomed by Ireland's Youth manager, Brian Kerr.

The new manager will also have to accept that no team is built around one player, and whether Keane returns to the Ireland fold or not, we are going to have to face up to an Ireland side without him one day. My choice would be Brian Kerr or Peter Reid.
Mick Rooney, Dublin, Ireland

As a Luton Town fan I would not want to see Joe Kinnear go, as he has done a fantastic job. If the FAI appoint Joe it will Ireland's gain and Luton's great loss, but I would not blame him for going as jobs like this do not come your way twice in a lifetime. Go for it Joe.
Neil Sidebottom, USA

Bryan Robson, you are not capable of managing an international team. Hartlepool are looking for a new manager - think about applying for that job instead of embarrassing yourself by applying for the Irish post.
Martin Harold, UK

Bryan Robson has shown that he can't hack it at the top level with 'Boro, and the inexhaustible patience of Steve Gibson is what kept him in the job for so long. The FAI need to be more ambitious. When Jack left Johan Cruyff was reportedly approached, but he was happy as Barcelona Youth Academy Director. A long shot but why not?

Robbo and Keano - what else could we ask for? Experience, proven ability, determination and passion
Dee Malone, Ireland (Belfast)

This year's long shot should be Ottmar Hitzfeld, who may be pushed before he jumps at struggling Bayern Munich. After that it has to be Joe Kinnear. He knows how to manage the players he has already got and not employ a revolving door policy like Robson - a policy that doesn't exist at International level.
Mark, Ireland

No to Robson! He's a dull and unimaginative manager who has caused me to despise 'Boro over these past few years. My god they were dreadful! The only options left after Mr Toshack ruled himself out have to be either Kinnear or the most successful manager in Irish international football history, Brian Kerr.
Brian McCarthy, Ireland

Robbo and Keano - what else could we ask for? Experience, proven ability, determination and passion. Robson has his critics but people forget he took Boro into the Premiership and did well for long enough. He got a lot of experience working with England. The FAI should act at once and bring him in.
Dee Malone, Ireland (Belfast)

As a patriotic Irishman and an avid follower of my country's sports teams I have made a decision not to watch my country play soccer again if Roy Keane is brought back into the team without an official apology both to Mick McCarthy and to all true sports fans of Irish nationality.

I am ashamed at what he has said and done. He has given totally the wrong example to young sports players throughout the country.
Peter Butler, Luxembourg

We need a manager who is world-class and who believes Ireland can win. Bryan Robson is the best available manager for Ireland at the moment because he is a winner and will settle for nothing less. The same applies to Roy Keane.

He saw that Ireland were only there to make up the numbers at the World Cup, and that is why he manipulated Mick into sending him home. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail - it's as simple as that.
Colin, Ireland

Shame on everyone in Ireland who backed Keane instead of McCarthy
Archie, Wales

Hindsight is wonderful thing, and when Mick looks back he will regret not resigning after the World Cup. What sickens me is that Keane probably thinks he can run the Irish team now, and whoever comes in will have a very difficult job handling him.

Roy Keane's behaviour in the build-up to the World Cup and the entire week in Saipan should not be forgotten. In short, he should be begging to be included in an Irish squad again. Joe Kinnear looks like the only real option for the job.
Pat, Ireland

We know why Keane got so annoyed in Japan, and we know why McCarthy got annoyed at Keane. Both are now gone, but the real culprits have gotten away scot-free.

If only we could get rid of the FAI, who have even taken away our right to see our team on terrestrial television by selling out to Sky. Everyone has got a boss - who can fire the FAI?
Seamus Breslin, Ireland

I am shocked and amazed at how inaccurate some people's views are regarding my national team. There must be a lot of people that have meet Roy Keane as they are so quick in abusing him.

It is a huge misconception that it was the Irish media that forced McCarthy out - it was not the media that booed our dismal display against the Swiss, where McCarthy again showed his expertise in management by playing Kilbane as a centre forward. Such a decision had to be seen to be believed.

And a brilliant World Cup for the Irish in 2002, as the English media would lead you to believe that we had, does not entail winning one game against the worst team in the competition. Wake up people and, stop settling for just participating in major championships. Come back Roy - please!
Paul Martin, Eire

I'm sad to see a truly honest and decent man hounded out of his job by a small minority in the press and on the terraces
Niall Gilmartin, Ireland

It is sad for Mick that it has ended like this, but once the Dublin tabloid media turned against him after the two recent defeats, it was inevitable this would happen.

The Irish media and supporters are no different from the English tabloids and supporters that persecuted Bobby Robson and Graham Taylor when they were England manager. Is that something Irish people should be aspiring to? I don't think so.
Paul Green, London (Cork-born)

I'm sad to see a truly honest and decent man hounded out of his job by a small minority in the press and on the terraces - and all because of an overpaid, stubborn thug from Cork. However, while I'm sad to see Mick go, his loyalty to certain players has gone beyond a joke recently (i.e. Harte, Breen, Kilbane).

Best of luck Mick, but I think it's time for a new man to come in and get rid of the aforementioned players who are clearly holding Ireland back. I think that man is John Aldridge.
Niall Gilmartin, Ireland

The longest serving and most successful international manager in Europe is pushed aside because of an inept FAI who have given in to the Roy Keane bully boys on the terraces and in the boardroom. Let's face it, the demise of the ROI football team will always be remembered for the tantrums of an overpaid spoilt brat who spit his soother out when he didn't get his way.
Kevin, Ireland

Those who agree with the sacrifice of Mick McCarthy so that Roy Keane can return are short sighted. McCarthy is a decent manager whose experience to date can only improve him. Keane has been a world-class player, but time is catching up with him and perhaps he may only have one or two years of top quality football in him.

The new manager may take that time to really get to know the job and by that time Keane could be gone again.
Michael McA, Ireland

The ideal man to replace Mick is Joe Kinnear, as he has the right experience and motivation required for the role
Boycie, Bedford, UK

Shame on everyone in Ireland who backed Keane instead of McCarthy. You have ousted a man who, unlike Keane, has given 100% to the FAI. Why not give the job to Keane? For one, he would not work for peanuts like McCarthy, and I doubt he would get 11 half decent players willing to play for him.

He has started to believe the hype Ferguson has put about, and is an arrogant man who walked away from his country when they needed him most. Will you ever be this high in the world ranking again? I think not. If Mark Hughes was not doing such a good job for Wales we would love to have McCarthy. Well done Mick and all the Irish boys who did hang about long enough to do their country proud in the World Cup.
Archie, Wales

I think Mick McCarthy was right to stand down from the manager's job, as he has taken Ireland as far as he can. He deserves great credit though for taking them as high as 14th in the Fifa world rankings. I think that the ideal man to replace Mick is Joe Kinnear, as he has the right experience and motivation required for the role.
Boycie, Bedford, UK

If I wasn't an Arsenal supporter I would suggest Liam Brady as an ideal replacement for Mick McCarthy. He was totally correct in his assertion that Roy Keane shouldn't be picked again for the Republic.

All the FAI have done is further inflate an ego that is already fit to burst. Mr Keane lost the plot long ago and should stay where he is now - in the wilderness.
Steve Wells, England

McCarthy leaving his position was one of the worst things that could have happened to Ireland. I think it is clear he was pushed out. Aldridge has no worthy experience as a manager and he didn't exactly work miracles at Tranmere.

Peter Reid would be a great manager, although its unlikely he will be offered the position.
Ryan Curran, Ireland

The Irish team got to the World Cup in spite of McCarthy and not because of him
Anto, Dublin

I think Mick McCarthy has been treated disgracefully. If we give the job to Joe Kinnear we'll soon be out of the top 50 in Europe, never mind the world! The local Tesco manager has a better track record than him. As for his 'come and get me' plea - who does he think he is??
Andy Dunne, Ireland

Thank you, Mick McCarthy, for reviving Irish football. Thank you for entertaining the world with the superb football that your youthful team displayed. But when daggers are drawn against you, there's no choice. When you have no backers, there's no choice. All the best for the future Mr McCarthy, and thank you.
Sohan John, India

It's about time he was sacked - and sacked he was! - by the Irish people. Most comments on this page supporting McCarthy seem to be from British writers, whom I would hazard a guess never even got to see one of Ireland's World Cup qualifiers.

If you saw the matches against Cyprus away and the Portugal and Dutch games you would realise that ROY KEANE got us to the World Cup in spite of McCarthy's idiotic selections and tactics. Damian Duff up front?? Kevin 'the donkey' Kilbane on the left wing? GARY BREEN?!

We have a young centre-back playing for Manchester Utd at the moment, John O'Shea; McCarthy admitted that he has never even gone to a Utd game to watch him. I can go on and on about McCarthy's failings as a manager, but the bottom line is that the Irish team got to the World Cup in spite of McCarthy and not because of him.

Mick, you should be proud of the way you managed the team
Phil, Australia

Hopefully I will never see Kevin Kilbane or Gary Breen pull on the famous green jersey again. Roy Keane will be welcomed back as a hero and will once again instil passion in those around him who are lucky enough to play for Ireland.

I feel sorry already for the next club that is silly enough to let him manage team affairs!
Anto, Dublin, Ireland

I hope the so-called Ireland fans who wouldn't support Ireland in the World Cup because Roy Keane wasn't there are happy now. It's a disaster that Mick has gone.

He was a great manager who got more out of the team than I think anyone person could have. Thanks for the great memories Mick. You should be proud of the way you managed the team.

As for Roy Keane, being a true Ireland fan I will support the team with or without Keane, but I prefer to watch them without him. I don't think he's ever been fully committed to playing for Ireland.

Yes, I'll agree he is one of the greatest players in the world at the moment but he needs a serious attitude change. I'd like to see John Aldridge managing the team. He may not be a proven manager but neither was Mick before he came along.

Good luck Mick, and thank you!
Kevin, Derry

Aldo has the advantage in that he is very close to the current squad. He was a great player for Ireland and could soon be a great manager for Ireland.
Phil, Australia

My personal choice for job would be John Aldridge. Regarding the question of whether the "mad man" should return, my view is that he shouldn't. He is disgrace to the world of football. Whoever gets the job shouldn't let Keane play for Ireland again.
Sashe, France

Both Joe Kinnear and John Aldridge together would be hard pushed to match Mick's success. I feel that Ireland need to look further afield for a manager, perhaps even on the continent.

As for RK, I hope he never pulls on an Ireland shirt again because if he does we will probably be able to see his footprints where he wiped his boots on it in Saipan. Good luck Mick, and thank you!
Kevin, Derry, N Ireland

John Aldridge would command the respect of players and countrymen alike. If he wants the job then let him have it - but the FAI need to give him the support by providing better facilities to work with, he already has the players.
Kym Jarvis, England

Reading these comments, you can't help but see the blatant fickleness of people. Supporting a man that can turn his back on his country in our moment of need is scandalous.

I don't blame O'Neill for dismissing this job so quickly because who would want to work in an environment where his authority is always questioned?
Karl, USA

We don't need this man and the baggage he comes with, leave him to be pampered by his club as this is the only thing that will make him happy. That or McAteer cleaning his boots.
Danny Paton, North Ireland

Now all the fools have got their way and McCarthy is gone, what now? Did people think of that before? I haven't seen one name mentioned that would even come close. Not one name. All we have to look forward to now is a second rate manager being Keane's yes man.
Danny Paton, Ireland

I hope that the FAI are not stupid enough to go for another unproven manager like John Aldridge. A great player for Ireland, but a failed manager at Tranmere. Joe Kinnear, Ciaran McGoldrick, Brian Kerr and Martin O'Neill would all be ideal choices.
Michael Crawford, Eire

Ireland reached their potential under Mick McCarthy; no one can achieve more than he did. I don't blame O'Neill for dismissing this job so quickly because who would want to work in an environment where his authority is always questioned?

Ireland have set a bad precedent for their future managers. I wish all of Ireland could see how bad a person and dirty a player Keane really is; his book proves this point perfectly, and the way he acted like an animal and attacked McAteer.
Karl, USA

If Roy doesn't like you...forget it
Declan, Ireland

The support for Roy Keane and the denigration of McCarthy by Irish fans on this site is sickening. Yes, McCarthy perhaps could have dealt better with a difficult situation in Japan, but it was Keane who created the situation acting like the tool he is.

It was clear from the reaction of other players in the squad that Keane was not liked, yet the Irish public seem to have taken him to their heart. Keane is a horrible human being, McCarthy is a thoroughly good one. What does that say about the Irish public?
James, Ireland

The man for the job is Kinnear. We need to instill a belief in the players that second round of the World Cup is not a massive achievement. We have the capabilities to beat the best and to be the best and it is about time that we had a manager who instilled this belief into the squad.

Kinnear can do this and with Aldridge as his number two, who could argue with such a combination? Mick: thanks for the job you have done but you did shoot yourself in the foot in Saipan. What can I say? The end of an era or the start of a new one?
Rob, Ireland

I don't care who gets the job as long as they never pick that lowlife thug, turncoat Manc Roy Keane to play for Ireland again.
James Tully, Wales

Perhaps the question of who should succeed Mick Mccarthy should be directed to Roy Keane since his approval must now be essential. If Roy doesn't like you...forget it.

Mick McCarthy did not get Ireland to the World Cup...Roy Keane did!
Gareth, Ireland

It's a shame to see the Irish press sink to the level we have come to expect from the English tabloids. Their campaign to oust McCarthy since June has been a disgrace.
Declan, Ireland

Bring back Jack!
Dave Quinn, Ireland

What a farce. A no hope team that was ranked 57 in the world is taken to the top 15 after a brilliant showing in the World Cup and what do the fans do? Force out the manager. See you in obscurity Ireland.
Ronnie, England

Good bye Mick...HELLO ROY! Mick McCarthy did not get Ireland to the World Cup...Roy Keane did! Simple!
Gareth, Ireland

It seems to me that most supporters of McCarthy here are not Irish, whereas most of those who support Roy Keane and are happy to see McCarthy leaving the job are Irish. I think that speaks volumes for McCarthy's belief that it was the media who hounded him out and the public wanted him to stay? Which public though, Mick?
Dave O'Shaughnessy, Ireland

So now Roy Keane will get the message that he was right all along and his head will get even bigger. God help the next manager trying to tame him. This is not good for the national side.
Andrew Doyle, Cambs, UK

I can't believe some of these comments from you ungrateful Irish "fans". To Jim bleow, "the events of Saipan should not be held against him"; what, getting an average team to the last 16 and narrowly losing out to Spain playing brilliant passing football and standing up to the most arrogant and over-rated player in Ireland's history?

It doesn't matter who is the next manager - they have no chance to succeed as long as Keane is around manipulating public opinion
Don Constable, UK

What you will soon realise is that, in the grand scheme of things, Ireland are a far smaller footballing country than either Switzerland or Russia, and the only reason why these results were considered bad is the high expectations Mick earnt. But hey - you've got the position as the "New Scotland" to look forward to under Aldridge. So good luck!
JPLegend, UK

It doesn't matter who is the next manager - they have no chance to succeed as long as Keane is around manipulating public opinion, playing or not. McCarthy should have resigned immediately after the World Cup - that would really have put the ball in Keane's court and we would have seen if he really is as great as he thinks he is.
Don Constable, UK

Whoever gets the job had better be ready to take orders from Roy Keane. I see O'Leary has more sense.
Mal, Australia

It's depressing to see the number of comments regarding bringing Keane back. How easily everyone forgets how he deserted the Irish team just when a level head was needed for the World Cup.
GMcD, Edinburgh

I had the pleasure of following the Irish team to Japan and was privileged enough to meet Mick at the team's hotel. What struck me was that he is a genuine, friendly nice guy who clearly loves his country and doesn't deserve the treatment by the FAI.

The only man to replace Mick McCarthy would be Martin O' Neill!
Sean Galvin, United Kingdom

The FAI were in Japan, to a man, when there was clearly no need for them all to be there and they were fawning all over Mick and the boys because they were doing well at the time.

In his time as manager Mick took us to the World Cup and very nearly to two European Championships - 20 years ago we were praying for that type of success. John Aldridge is the new man for the job as he has experience of making teams play above themselves which is what Ireland needs. Thanks for the memories Mick!
Frank, Ireland

It IS going to be Peter Reid with Niall Quinn as his assistant. It's been a poorly kept secret in Dublin for a month now. Odds of 25/1 too!
Greg, Ireland

Mick McCarthy did an excellent job and was a better manager than Jack Charlton. He instilled a youth system in Ireland that is flourishing and never missed an opportunity to add new players to the team.

Keane let down the country and will retire in two years anyway. We have new young players like Duff, Carr and Given to carry the mantle. The only man to replace Mick McCarthy would be Martin O' Neill!
Sean Galvin, United Kingdom

Surely Big Ron Atkinson should be considered. He is still knowledgeable and full of beans. I'm sure he'd get the lads motivated and up for the big games. Also, he'd be able to pacify Roy Keane by sitting down and having a quiet chat with the lad. Surely Big Ron is worth a punt.
Gary, UK

I have heard Niall Quinn's name mentioned in some quarters, but like McCarthy, he has not even got the ability to manage a public park team
Pat Maloney, Ireland

Thank you Mick McCarthy for pulling Ireland out of the freefall we were in after Jack retired. Thank you for a great World Cup and thank you for being big enough to put the country before all the petty politics that has soured your achievements as Irish manager. Now its time to move on.

The new manager of Ireland should be able to come in with the slate wiped clean. All Irish players who want to play for Ireland should be considered and the best 11 picked, that's the way it should be and thats the way its going to be.
Eddie Appleby, UK

Joe Kinnear should be the next Irish manager. I have heard Niall Quinn's name mentioned in some quarters, but like McCarthy, he has not even got the ability to manage a public park team.

McCarthy's whinging about his treatment in the Irish media was a joke. It was mild compared to the evil stuff that the gutter press in Britain wrote about Roy Keane. So, bring on Joe and let's have our greatest ever player back.
Pat Maloney, Ireland

I think Terry Venables would make a great manager for Ireland because look what happened at Boro a few seasons ago. They looked like they were destined for Division One but Venables came in and saved them.
Chris Unsworth, England

McCarthy was a very poor man-manager who allowed personal differences and his inflated ego to dictate how he dealt with Roy Keane
Mick Silver, England

He was a great manager who did wonderful things for Ireland, but all that seems to count for nothing in today's world! On a better note, he would make a great Premiership manager, and will hopefully be here soon!
Dave, England

McCarthy was a very poor man-manager who allowed personal differences and his inflated ego to dictate how he dealt with Roy Keane - probably Ireland's greatest ever footballer.

We will never know how well they would have done in the World Cup with Roy. We do know that McCarthy gloated and celebrated over Keane's departure - the actions of an immature, unprofessional and ignorant man. Good riddance, and bring on David O'Leary - a true Irish talent.
Mick Silver, England

Sadly, this was on the cards from the moment Roy Keane was flying back to Manchester early in the summer. Mick probably made the correct decision at the time, but I'm sure he knew deep down that it would be the defining moment of his leadership.

I thought Mick had done extremely well to qualify for the World Cup - never mind get out of a tough group once there. But since then I've found a lot of decisions frustrating - i.e. playing Harte and Kilbane instead of Duff on the wing and Morrison up front.

However, every fan will disagree with some choices the manager makes, and I hope that the man the FAI bring in has a lot more integrity than they have.
Kristian, N Ireland

Roy Keane is the most valuable asset in Irish football and we need him back if we are to qualify for Portugal 2004!
Lee Hegarty, NI

It clearly gives the message that Keane was right and McCarthy was wrong! The role of the coach has been undermined again. Keane's mutinous act has been given the nod of approval and all is right with the world - what a shame!
Howard, Canada

Despite being a United and Roy Keane fan, I'm having problems coming to grips with this. I guess we Irish really are a fickle mob after all. I wonder how many of us who sang Mick's praises at Paddy Foley's in Tokyo took part in the booing after the Swiss match. Too many I fear.

Any manager worth his salt should think twice about working for the lily-livered and incompetent FAI board, who don't have the backbone to back their manager, and who created much of the mess in the first place with their incompetent planning in Saipan.
John Viel, UK

Mick McCarthy had every right to resign after disgraceful treatment by both the Irish FA and the Irish supporters in general. When you allow a thug such a Roy Keane to come out on top in a situation such as exists now in the Irish camp, no decent manager would want to be at the helm of such an organization. They deserve every humiliation they get.
Phil, USA

I hope Roy Keane is happy now - may he never pull on a green shirt again.
Jacqui, England

It was a clash of two Irish sporting heroes which only one could win. Most people in Ireland have already begun to accept that Roy Keane is the most valuable asset in Irish football - and we need him back if we are to qualify for Portugal 2004!
Lee Hegarty, NI

It's a sad day when a manager's fate is decided by the behaviour of a spoilt player
Andrew Laney, England

After six years of improving the Irish team, increasing their standing in world football by over 40 positions and a magnificent performance in the World Cup, the longest serving country manager in Europe leaves his job.

The excuse that the last two results are to blame doesn't hold water. He has been forced out because of the Keane incident. Shame on the FAI for failing to show support to the manager they appointed, shame on those supporters who supported their egotistical captain against the manager and shame on Roy Keane himself.
Steve, UK

No matter how the FAI try to sell this decision it's a sad day when a manager's fate is decided by the behaviour of a spoilt player. The worst part is the image of Roy cheering this decision like it was some big victory for Ireland, when in fact it is all yours Roy. Hope you are proud of yourself!
Andrew Laney, England

Mick did very well with an average team, and it's ridiculous that a vocal minority can oust him because he stood up for his principles against Ron Keane, who Fifa should have banned in the first instance. I can't see Ireland ever doing as well again.
Nick, UK

I hope Roy Keane can look himself in the Mirror tomorrow. But then again, why would he not? He has shown what little class he has. I feel sorry for Mick - he deserved better from the administration.
Stephen Moses, Canada

Mick should have stuck it out to prove that he was capable of turning things round after a poor start to the Euro 2004 qualifiers. Whoever gets the job will have to keep Roy Keane in his place, and it seems unlikely they will find someone more able than McCarthy to do that. It will be a lean time ahead for the Republic - even if Roy Keane is involved.
Robin, Scotland

The return of our best player is a massive bonus, but at the costly price of arguably the greatest Irish manager ever!
John Sheehan, Ireland

And so Mick passes into Irish folklore. How quickly the Irish fans forget - not only was Mick a great and loyal player for the country but also arguably the best Manager Ireland has ever had. I wish him all the best, and he will undoubtedly have success wherever he goes!

All the best to Don Givens and whoever has the job of emulating the great Mick McCarthy. The summer of 2002 was set alight by Mick and his boys, and those memories will be hard to beat! In an era where player power is ever increasing, it was inevitable that Mick would have to bow to the pressure of the Keane situation.

Obviously the return of our best player is a massive bonus, but at a costly price of arguably the greatest Irish manager ever!
John Sheehan, Ireland

Ireland will struggle to find a better and more suitable coach than Mick McCarthy.
Nicholas Witham, England

Like many neutrals, I've always had a soft spot for Ireland because of the spirit with which they played the game. But now the FAI and a good proportion of the supporters have decided to side against a thoroughly decent manager in favour of a nasty piece of work like Roy Keane.

It's not as though Keane's maniacal will to win even works anymore. You don't help your team's cause by walking out, insulting the manager or even clouting Phil Neville.
Johnny Acton, UK

Thank you Mick for the great years firstly. Although I've never been a great fan of Mick's tactics, he's done a good job and he deserves to bow out with his head held high.

I think it'll be a good thing for Ireland that Mick has gone though. There has been a media feeding frenzy around everything he does now and this is affecting all parties (the team included). All the best in the future, Mick!
Cian, London (Ex Dublin)

McCarthy's poor tactical choices have cost him
Ted, Ireland

It's a real shame that that because of Roy Keane's spoiled brat antics Mick McCarthy chose to resign. It won't really matter who is appointed to the position, because as long as Keane is on the scene they will still have him to deal with him as long as he continues to be a disruptive influence.
Robert Stirling, Canada

McCarthy has done reasonably well since taking over from 'Big Jack'. He transformed the team and style of play. However, these young lads were coming through the ranks anyway. Many of them part of successful under-age Irish squads.

His poor tactical choices have cost him. He showed too much loyalty to players like Harte and Kilbane, and Played Duff - Ireland's best winger and one of the best in the Premiership - as a makeshift striker with Clinton Morrisson on the bench.

They had a great World Cup, but reality has sunk in. The Keane saga probably boosted the players and made them perform better. However, looking at the long term, Ireland only qualified for one major tournament out of three under him, and I'm sure if he stayed they definitely would not have made the next.

Good luck Mick, but as the World Cup proved, the team is more important than one individual.
Ted, Ireland

Part of me misses him greatly; I'm almost teary, recalling the day we welcomed him and his squad at the Chiba training ground. (It now feels like years ago!). The other part of me is full of expectation of the great things to come. McCarthy's choice of players was, I thought, questionable at times.
Yuriko, Chiba, Japan

Well, David Brent is looking for a job!
Carl, London UK

Following Jack was akin to receiving a poisoned chalice
James, England (Ireland fan)

John Aldridge is the man for the job.
Shane Lynch, UK

Although I don't think Mick McCarthy is a good manager, I feel ashamed at the circumstances which he has now resigned. The FAI have proven once again that you can't have amateurs managing professionals. It's time that they had a good look at themselves.

As for Mick, he never really learned from his mistakes. Loyalty has no place in football nowadays. He was paid to win matches, not to win friends. To be honest, we should have qualified for both France 98 and Euro 2000, only for bad decisions from the man.
Stephen, Ireland

I've followed Ireland around the globe for over a decade and I've never been so angry.

Not angry at Mick - following Jack was akin to receiving a poisoned chalice.

Not angry with the players - never.

Not even angry with prima donna Keane. He doesn't want to play for Ireland - fine, it's his loss.

I'm not even angry with the FAI - even if they are a bunch of amateurs who shouldn't be in charge of the church raffle.

No, my real anger is reserved for the "gentlemen of the press"!
James, England (Ireland fan)

McCarthy gave a lot to Ireland as a player and manager over the years, not least of achieving a great run of results with a squad that let's face it, is not the best in the world.

Somehow, the hypocritical "supporters" have now hounded him out of his job and supported the childish vulgar tantrums of Roy Keane and the pure lack of thinking of the FAI.
Noel Hennessy, UK

Was Mick McCarthy right to quit?



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Mick McCarthy resigns as coach of the Republic of Ireland

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