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Monday, 28 October, 2002, 12:53 GMT
Royle right for Ipswich?
Joe Royle
Joe Royle is unveiled as the new manager of Ipswich Town.

Will he take the Tractor Boys back to the Premiership?

Ipswich have endured a torrid time since their relegation from the Premiership, culminating in the sacking this month of George Burley.

Former Norwich player Royle will not be roundly welcomed at Portman Road - his name was booed during Saturday's defeat to Gillingham - but he has an impressive track-record of reviving dejected clubs.

Ipswich were widely tipped for an immediate return to the top flight, but currently lie 17th in Division One with just four wins from 14 games.

Is Royle the man to take them back to the top?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails appear below.<HR>

A good appointment from Ipswich's standpoint... Royle has a reputation for getting clubs promoted. But perhaps bad for Joe, as Ipswich are in dire straits right now, and it will take them a couple of years to get the leg-up to the Premier.

Also, George Burley is a hard act to follow and he did a great job with the Tractor Boys. Joe has less time, with less money, and less fan patience, to get the job done. Good luck to him !
Phil, Netherlands

Best of a very poor lot am afraid. Not sure I want to, but feel we have to back Mr. Sheepshanks on this, and pray he knows what he is doing with Royle. But I am scared - I don't want to go to Orient.
Stav, UK

Stop whinging Ipswich, who do you think you are?
Phil, UK

I'm an Ipswich fan, and regardless of what the fans think of Joe Royle they must get behind him and the team and drag ourselves back into contention. Look at all the scepticism with Sven-Goran Eriksson. After the 5-1 win v Germany last year he was the FA's best decision post getting rid of Millichip and Kelly.
Simon Wurr, London

Joe Royle has one of the best records in the country at Oldham - he took them up, along with good cup runs, at Everton he won the FA Cup and at Man City he got them going again. He only has one fault and that is he left his singings too late at Man City and had a lot of bad luck with some of the players.
Matthew, England

Big Joe is a quality manager, he'll get you up to them Prem within two seasons. Stop whinging Ipswich, who do you think you are - you're lucky to have him.
Phil, UK

Excellent choice. From a Norwich fan, this mist be a good move - had an awful feeling they'd be ambitious and go for O'Leary or the like but pleased to see an ex-City man at the helm.

After being out of the game for so many years hopefully he'll find adjusting difficult and get them relegated again. Enjoy your visit to Carrow Rd in March - it'll be the last you make for along while to come!!! OTBC
Bill, Norwich, UK

The board have panicked after sacking George Burley and now we will all pay the price
David, Cambridge

As an Ipswich fan for over 25 years, I was ashamed at the behaviour of an albeit small number of our "fans" at the weekend. Let's face it, we are currently a below-average First Division team with potential; nothing more, nothing less.

As a result, to obtain the services of someone who got Oldham and Man City promoted, and kept a poor Everton team up, is good news.

For those who say he lacks ambition, how can one man have more or less ambition than anyone else? If he didn't fancy the job, he wouldn't have applied. Admittedly, he's not my number one choice, but neither is he John Duncan!
James Blake, The North

Ipswich have a great and proud tradition of recruiting young up and coming managers whose teams play bright attacking football. Sir Alf, Sir Bobby and George Burley were all Ipswich managers who punched above their weight. We used to be everyone's second team, apart from Naarwich fans of course. Now we are a laughing stock.

I fear that we haven't chosen an "Ipswich" man this time, we have chosen someone who does not share our values. The board have panicked after sacking George Burley and now we will all pay the price. It will be Layer Road for us next season. Ronnie Moore is the man for us.
David, Cambridge

Congratulations, Sheepshanks, on hiring a proven manager; a proven failure that is! Royle has got two sackings on his CV, Sheepshanks you should have checked the references! He's a worse manager than he is a summariser and that really says something! At least I won't have to listen to his comments on the next televised game.
Richard Howells, UK

What can Joe do that George Burley couldn't?
Peter, UAE

Joe understands football at First Division level very well! I'm sure he will do well there, given a sporting chance. Come on Ipswich fans, it's done now support the man.
Jon, Bristol

Well I'm pleased, at least we are hanging on to Paul Sturrock, and although we are having a rough time at the moment he is still the man for us.

As for Ipswich, I don't think they should have sacked Burley in the first place - I can't think of a more suitable manager for the job than GB - apart from maybe Peter Reid?
Si, Plymouth, UK

38 applicants for the job. Crikey! The others must have been bad.
J Everard, England

What can Joe do that George Burley couldn't? I think Ipswich fans should have protested much more about sacking George, especially as they now have a joker like Joe!
Peter, UAE

Royle doesn't have a track record as a manager of good footballing teams. Ipswich has always had a reputation for passing, not whacking it up the pitch to a big front man.

Royle was sacked by City for his failure to embrace new coaching methods pioneered by foreign managers in the Premiership. How can this appointment be seen as a step forward for the club?
Graham Sidwell, Cambridge, England

Royle right? Right Royle blunder, more like
Mark Thomas, UK

Joe has been appointed now, so regardless of your views on him, it's now time to get behind him and the players, and get promoted back to the Premiership! I know we are a bit of a yo-yo club, but it is time to go back to the big time! Joe Royle's Blue and White Army! ITFC!!!
James F, Guildford, UK

Joe comes with a hunger to prove something and a track record in getting the job done. Ipswich fans don't know when they are well off. Give him a chance, he will make you proud to be Ipswich fans again.
Mark Boulton, Texas, USA

Royle right? Right Royle blunder, more like. Looking forward to playing in the Colchester derby next season.
Mark Thomas, UK

Great, we get rid of one of the brightest managerial talents in the country and replace him with a has-been. Thanks Mr Sheepshanks.
Richard Norton, UK

Obviously relegation last year was a bitter pill to swallow after the success of the past two years. Now it's Royle's chance to give it a go, if Sheepshanks didn't think Royle was not good enough, then he would not be manager. We will be back in the Premiership if not this season, then next season. Give Royle a chance!!
Ben, Ipswich, England

Given his mediocre managerial record at the highest level, it is difficult to imagine Joe Royle climbing his way onto the pantheon of great Ipswich Town managers alongside Alf Ramsey, Sir Bobby Robson and, dare I say it, George Burley.

Mr Sheepshanks is a either a visionary or a born optimist
FJ, Latvia

When one considers what the aforementioned trio achieved at Ipswich and then takes a look at Royle's record to date, David Sheepshanks decision to appoint him smacks of blatant short-termism and not a little desperation.

Does Mr Sheepshanks really believe that an Ipswich side promoted into the Premiership under Joe Royle could consistently challenge for a place in the Uefa Cup, season in, season out? Does he really think that Royle has the tactical nous to successfully, nay, respectably match his wits against the those of Messrs Wenger, Houllier and Ferguson?

If he does, then good luck to him...he's a either a visionary or a born optimist. As for me, I think that there's a greater likelihood of Dennis Wise making his way down the Leicester City Stadium chimney dressed as Santa Claus than there is of an Ipswich side under Royle playing their into the top six of the Premiership.
FJ, Latvia

I am left amazed by the appointment of Joe Royle. After David Sheepshanks heard for himself the disgust of the fans concerning the Royle rumours, he still feels he is the right man for the job.
Chris Day, England

It's great news for all the other clubs in the First Division. As a Derby fan, I am over the moon!
Eddie Townsend, England

The speculation is over, the decision has been made. It is now time for Ipswich Town FC, the fans, the board, the new manager and especially the players to get off their backsides and get this season underway. I for one will be giving the new man and the team as much support as ever. Here is to the Royle family!! Top six by Christmas and who knows!!!
Splitnote, Telford, England

Town fans should give him a chance
Ian, UK

I am a MCFC season ticket holder. Joe Royle will get you to the Premiership providing you can keep key players like Holland. I think he's only a temporary measure until you reach the promised land. I can easily see Shaune Goater joining the Tractor Boys in January, where in Div One you'll get 20 goals a season.
Danny, UK

The fans were chanting 'stand up if you hate Joe Royle' during their latest defeat. This will do nothing to improve the confidence of the players. Let him at least manage one game!
Rob, England

Despite the fact that Royle has been out of the game for a while and his unsuccessful spells at Man City and Everton, he will prove to be a good signing.

There aren't many good, available managers out there who would be prepared to drop to the lower reaches of Div One, so Town fans should give him a chance. Remember what he achieved with Oldham in the early 90's!
Ian, UK

What is Sheepshanks playing at? There is only one man for the job, and that is Peter Reid.
Graham Porter, England

Have football fans finally gone mad? OK, neither Wilko or Royle have been in management for a while, but they come from a time when getting the most out of players was the way to succeed.

A man like Peter Reid could have fired up the lazy players at the club
Paul, Ipswich

The attitude of the more "modern" manager is to throw money at it - and it can't go on for ever. Also, a new manager, no matter what you think of them, can change things around and to slate them before they've even signed a contract is a disgrace. Ipswich fans - hang your heads in shame.
Steve, England

Maybe he'll do great, but I really can't see that happening. Out of all the available managers, I believe they've gone for one of the least ambitious. A man like Peter Reid, who could have fired up the lazy players at the club, would have been a better choice.
Paul, Ipswich, UK

Wasn't it Royle that tolerated the so-called 'drinking culture' at Man City? He may well do a reasonable job in the First Division, but his limitations will be greatly exposed if he ever gets Ipswich into the Premiership. A stop-gap solution, if ever there was one.
Paul, UK

Who do Ipswich fans expect? Arsene Wenger or Alex Ferguson? At least it's not Howard Wilkinson!
Gaz, England

I don't think Royle is the right man. We need someone who not only can take us into the Premiership, but keep us there as well. Royle's record in the Premiership is not convincing enough for me.
Andy, UK

oe worked miracles at Everton and Town have landed one of the best
Eddie Nimmo, UK

Why do clubs persist in taking managers who've proved that they can't hack it at the top? What's wrong with giving some of the quality young managers a chance?
Bob, England

Ipswich are lucky - Joe worked miracles at Everton and Town have landed one of the best.
Eddie Nimmo, UK

Royle is not the answer. I expect he will push us up the league and possibly get us promoted this season or next, but long-term he is not an Ipswich type of manager. Fans will worry about the style of play changing, a possible booze culture and Man City or Everton cast-offs turning up at Portman Road.

Yes, he will shake things up and motivate a team that's been horribly underperforming, but he won't develop the club the way Burley did over seven years. Ronnie Moore - young, ambitious, used to a tight budget - might have been ideal. But good luck to Joe, I hope to be proved wrong.
Phil, England

I have been an Ipswich fan all my life, and this is a disaster. Royle had the bare-faced cheek to call Ipswich a 'small club' just two years ago, and I have absolutely no confidence in the bloke. He should stick to TV commentary.
Bruce, UK

As an avid follower of Manchester City I can honestly say that Royle is the very man for the job. He will transform them in the short term, stabilising the club, and by next season they will be live contenders for promotion - from the Second Division. If he does get them back to the Premiership they should immediately get a man with more flair and pulling power. Royle's inability to bring in quality players was most in evident in City's midfield. Within a matter of days of his departure Keegan had more than filled that gap. Good luck Tractor Boys, you'll need it.
Andy, UK

Royle was not the choice of most fans, myself included
Si, UK

I remain to be convinced he is the right man. He will need to win over the fans as well, and has a hard baptism in defending our proud European home record on Thursday. Not only must he turn our results round, he must stick by the Ipswich method of playing football. Time will tell!
Steve Sopp, UK

What are football clubs doing these days? With Peter Reid, David O'Leary and all current managers available to approach, why go for Royle? Even though I'm not an Ipswich fan, I'm sad that we won't be seeing Ipswich in the Premiership for some time.
Lee, UK

Royle was not the choice of most fans, myself included. However, he comes with a reputation for getting the best out of average players and working well with a limited budget, so hopefully he'll go on to prove us all wrong.
Si, UK

I'm not sure Royle is a good appointment for Ipswich. They probably overachieved with Burley at the helm, and that's to his credit. He had little in the way of resources and often lost star players, such as Marcus Stewart.

Royle had relatively large resources at Maine Road, yet couldn't secure them in the Premiership. Big Joe can make Ipswich competitive in the First division, but beyond that? Very doubtful.
Jeremy, Manchester, UK

I'm an Oldham fan, and I was very sorry to see Joe leave the club nearly 10 years ago. I think Ipswich have just signed the best manager available - his record speaks for itself. But unless they support him now, he is bound for failure in the future. My message to Ipswich fans is give him a chance - he'll do you all proud!
Rob Jones, England

Have I missed something Mr Royle? I thought you said Ipswich were "only a little club"? You're only here because no one else wanted you, and we were the only ones silly enough to have you.
Will, UK

Is Joe Royle the right man for Ipswich?



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