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Monday, 28 October, 2002, 11:13 GMT
CAN 2006: Is Egypt the right choice?
Egypt will host the 2006 Nations Cup.

The Confederation of African Football (Caf) chose them ahead of Algeria, Ivory Coast and Libya.

But have Caf made the right choice?


The 2006 Nations Cup will be the first time that the tournament doubles as a World Cup qualifying event.

Egypt have the advantage of home support as it competes for a semi-final place, which guarantees an automatic World Cup slot.

With the added global profile that the 2006 tournament will have, does Egypt have the ability to organise a flawless tournament that would be a credit to the African game?

Egypt is definitely the right choice! Those who complain about poor infrastructure and transportation should compare the land of the Pharaohs to the rest of Africa and not Europe. Regarding Egyptians being "arrogant" or "racist" or even not caring about Africa, guess which country started Caf or has contributed most to the growth of African soccer? Egypt. The rest of Africa can be assured of having a marvelous experience in 2006.
Moayad, Canada

Libya should have been chosen. As much as I dislike him, Colonel Gadaffi [Libya's leader] would have poured vast financial resources into hosting a spectacular tournament.
Estefanos Habte-Sellasie, England

I think Caf has made the right decision in making Egypt host the Nations Cup. We have the facilities and resources to make it a success.
Regarding the comment that the brother from Kenya made about Egyptians being arrogant towards black Africans, please do not judge 70 million people by the actions of a few.
Allaeldin, USA

Other African countries that have not hosted the competition should have been given the chance. That way, the development of sports facilities will spread throughout the continent. CAN 2006 may be good for Egypt but it is not good for African soccer development.
Jide Yusuf, Nigeria

Egyptians are mad about football, are very welcoming and have some of the best football infrastructure in Africa. Need I say more?
Tamer, UK

In terms of infrastructure, Algeria is the best in Africa. I have been to Algeria and they have many new grounds with large capacity. As for the security, Egypt has a plus side, though a lot of what is being said about Algeria being insecure, is overplayed by the media. I am there every three weeks on business. Algeria would certainly be my choice!
Nkono, Cameroon

I don't think Egypt has the infrastructure to host such an event. I recently visited and the transport links around the country are poor, the hotels and taxis are happy to overcharge people, and the stadia are unsafe and unspectacular. On the plus side, the nation has high security and the love for the game that you would expect for an event of this calibre.
Jon Sumner, UK

I agree with Jon Sumner that the infrastructure is not that great in Egypt, if you want to compare it with Europe or USA. But how many African countries have the great infrastructure he talks about?
Ayman Radwan, USA

I think Egypt can host the event successfully. My only point of concern is the terrorist activity that happened in the past. If the Egyptian authorities can control these problems nothing stops them from doing a good job.
Roland Emokpae Jr, USA

One thing is sure. Teams playing Egypt are in for a tremendous amount of crowd intimidation at the 2006 Nations Cup.
Rasta, USA

I was surprised to read that Egyptians are arrogant towards their black african brothers. I am sure that Abdlukadur Aden (the guy from Kenya who made the complaint about Egyptians) had a problem at Cairo airport because he had excess luggage he was trying to carry!
Omar Sherin, Alexandria, Egypt

I don't think Egypt was the right choice as they have hosted the tournament thrice already. I think Libya should have been awarded the tournament.
Tolu, Nigeria

Egypt without a doubt, is the best choice for hosting the 2006 African Nations Cup. It will be a mini World Cup. Their stadia and good communication facilities will make the competition a success. I am also confident that Egypt will get the 2010 World Cup.
Gimo, USA,

Egypt had the best bid. The other countries were mere pretenders.
Imade Daniel Uyi, Nigeria

Egypt is the best choice compared to all the other contenders. Lets just hope the competition won`t be marred by bad officiating, considering the fact that Africa's World Cup representatives will be determined there.
Charles Dafe, UK

Hosting the Nations Cup is a good chance for Egypt to make its claim on the right to host the World Cup in 2010.
Osakpolor Ediagbonya, Nigeria

I agree with the fellow from Kenya that Egypt can host the competition but the people are racist towards black people. It is disgraceful to see how they treat other Africans. I hope this tournament will mould an attitude of change and civility.
Ben, Canada

Egypt have already hosted the tournament three times. Libya would have been a fair choice or even Algeria!
Oguga, Nigeria

I think Egypt is the right choice for many reasons - good facilities, excellent weather in winter and a history of organizing successful sporting events.
Shareif, UK

Without doubt, Egypt is the right choice. I have been to Egypt on many occasions and it is one of the most developed African countries. With the 2006 African Nations Cup being the qualifying tournament for the World Cup, there will be global spotlight on Africa and we must put up a good show.
Sham Elabaire, England

Finally, I will be able to see Egypt in a World Cup, having been too young in 1990! With them being hosts, they should have a very strong chance of going to Germany 2006.
Hatem Kadous, United Kingdom

I believe that this is a fair opportunity for Egypt to show Africa and the world how well they can host a championship of this sort. Egypt could also use their 2006 hosting to promote their 2010 bid to host the World Cup. Good luck Egypt!
Hesham, USA

Egypt is ready to host the tournament tomorrow! Everything, from stadia and hotels to communications are in place.
Ihab Sayed, Egypt

I think Egypt not only deserves to host this tournament but the 2010 World Cup as well.
Karim Omara, Saudi Arabia

Egypt has the technical and human resources to organize such a tournament. It also has security and political stability.
Assem A. Memon, Canada

Egypt deserves to host it since they have better stadia and political stability but they are not hospitable and are very arrogant towards black Africans. I flew by Egypt Air to Madrid via Cairo and tasted the arrogance of Egyptian immigration officers. This tournament is for all Africans but I doubt if they will change their attitude and treat black people as normal guests.
Abdlukadur Aden, Kenya

Egypt is a football-mad country and I'm sure they'll get behind the Nations Cup. I think it'll be a great place for a tournament as long as any security concerns are addressed properly.
Daniel, London, UK

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