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Monday, 14 October, 2002, 09:35 GMT 10:35 UK
Your LG Cup reactions
Chris Small, LG Cup victor
The LG Cup provided some great shocks along the way - perhaps no greater than non-seed Chris Small's triumph in the final.

Send us your views on the tournament.

This debate is now closed.

Small clinched his first ever ranking win in Preston on Sunday, beating Alan McManus 9-5 in the climax of the week-long tournament.

The Scot, who suffers a painful spine condition, had already seen off Ronnie O'Sullivan and John Higgins on his way to the final.

And McManus had come through a gruelling semi-final with Steve Davis to earn his place in the last two.

The Nugget had displayed some fine form, dismissing Jimmy White, Mark Williams and Paul Hunter in earlier rounds, before McManus beat him 6-4.

It was a superb achievement by Davis, and perhaps an indication that the veteran might be a force to be reckoned with this season.

So what did you think of the LG Cup and champion Chris Small - send us your reactions.

I'd like to congratulate Chris Small on his win. He must be really happy to be able to win the LG Cup after the problems he's faced in his snooker career.

I know it's not easy for him to play because of what happened to him. But he has overcome the problem to be able to still play great snooker. Well done Chris Small.
Michael Newton, UK

I'm delighted for him. After beating Higgins and O'Sullivan he kept it up to finish the job in style. It was great to see Steve Davis performing so well too. I'd love if he won a tournament this season.
Alan McNamara, Irl

Congratulations to Chris Small on overcoming his severe health problems to emerge as a worthy champion. He showed great resilience and determination and his victories throughout the week were outstanding. Perhaps the snooker was not always that exciting, but it takes nothing away from a great performance!

Also, commiserations to Alan, who never gave up although not at this best, and it was marvellous to see my all-time favourite Steve Davis rolling back the years and providing a reminder of his prowess on the green baize!
Stephen, England

Chris Small's LG Cup success was a great triumph for bravery
David, Scotland

This is what sport is all about. Chris deserves all the praise he gets, especially for playing with his condition. Special congratulations to Steve, I hope his form continues and this encourages him to keep his cue arm flowing!
Graham, England

We may see some more surprise ranking tournament-winners during the course of the campaign based on the evidence of the LG Cup. Best of nine these days, and with so many good players on the circuit nowadays, you're always going to see a few shock results every tournament.

For all the pain and agony Chris Small has been going through throughout his life, his LG Cup success was a great triumph for bravery, not to mention his high quality snooker he showed throughout the week. Congratulations Chris.

And how marvellous it was to see Steve Davis in his mid 40s with his great run to the semis, showing how possible it still is to be successful at such an age. A few more great runs from Davis this season and we may yet see Davis on the winners' rostrom again.
David, Scotland

Excellent coverage as ever. Particular recommendation to the person who chose the music for John Parrot's tournament summary shown on Sunday night. Snooker and Frank Zappa - a match made in heaven. Well done Chris, and the BBC.
Jon, Ireland

I am happy for Chris Small, but let's face it, this was the first major tournament of the season, and although there was some good tactical play, the snooker was boring.

One of the most entertaining tournaments I've seen in a very long time
Marc, Netherlands

I don't think there was one century break in the final! That's not the level of play we have come to expect from top class snooker players.
Ian Hutchinson, England

I'd like to praise Chris Small for his performances this year in the LG Cup. He knocked the world number one Ronnie O'Sullivan and John Higgins.

After suffering a disease in which he needs a painkiller every month, this shows a huge amount of bravery. Small has an excellent chance for success in the UK and World Championships. Well done Chris!!
Mohammed Bin Shehri, USA

This is one of the most entertaining tournaments I've seen in a very long time. Great work from Steve Davis, Jimmy Michie, Gerard Greene, Alan McManus and lots of others who don't get in the limelight too often these days. And to top it off a truly great win by Chris Small. Congrats to him!
Marc, Netherlands

Thank you ever so much for the wonderful snooker coverage. As we here in Canada have no coverage of anything to do with snooker, and USA has strictly either eight or nine ball coverage. This was truly an exciting final, I truly enjoyed watching the match.
John McIntosh, Canada

A very interesting tournament, well done Chris. How will the studio manage if Steve and John both get to the later stages of tournaments - nobody except Hazel!
J Davey, England

It's great to see Steve Davis mixing with the best
Yassar, England

I thought Chris was amazing, he was playing some really outstanding snooker which was a pleasure to watch!
Sean Pritchard, England

It's great to see Steve Davis mixing with the best. Many people said he was too old, but he showed great resurgence to get to the semis and was unlucky to have lost.

But congratulations to Chris Small because he produced brilliant snooker tactically and aggressively in his potting against some of the biggest guys in the sport. Well done lads, hope to see the same kind of magic at the UK Championship.
Yassar, England

Great to see the Nugget back! The truest gentleman to have graced the game.
Sunil, UK

Well done to Chris, I thought he had an excellent tournament and showed that he is a top snooker player.

I also have to say well done to Steve Davis who had an excellent tournament too, and I hope to see him continue this form for the rest of the season. Well done lads.
Alan, Scotland

Action from Preston

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