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Friday, 4 October, 2002, 16:22 GMT 17:22 UK
Exciting title race in store?
The Old Firm comes to BBC screens on Sunday
Celtic and Rangers draw 3-3 in a thrilling Old Firm derby at Celtic Park.

Will this year's title race go down to the wire?

This debate is now closed.

A typically frenetic derby saw the advantage swing from side to side, but Celtic may feel disappointed not to have snatched the win after creating several good chances.

Rangers remain one point ahead of Celtic in the title race, and Martin O'Neill has yet to beat Alex McLeish in an Old Firm showdown.

After five seasons in which either Celtic or Rangers have run away with the league, this year's title race looks to be hading for a much closer finish.

Send us you verdict on the match, and tell us who you think will take the title.

There was only one team trying to play football in the game. Celtic have turned into Wimbledon with their long ball and strong arm tactics
David, Scotland

Exciting title race? Do me favour. It was 400-1 for a team other than Rangers or Celtic to win the SPL at the start of the season - I think that says it all! Come on the 'Gers though!
JP, England

It was an awesome game in every respect. It's a pity people like David Evans (above) are so happy to run down the football played in Scotland.

Unfortunately the SPL will be a two-horse race this year but it would be very nice if the BBC could show at least every Old Firm derby.
Chinedu, Nigeria

Neil McCann showed he still has a vital role to play for Rangers
Eddie Adair, Cyprus

Rab Douglas was an absolute joke in yesterday's match. He should go back to being a bricklayer as he is certainly not a goalkeeper.
Stephen Burnside, Scotland

Rangers' defence fell asleep again. If Alex Mcleish can get that lot straightened out Rangers will stroll the the SPL this season. Celtic were at their best while Rangers never really got going, but still got a draw. It makes you wonder what they'll do to Celtic at Ibrox.
Ryan, California, USA

A great match, with Celtic the better side most of the time. But Rangers' second goal was the result of a shocking lapse by several players: Rab Douglas just added the punch-line to what was already a cruel joke. And it seemed that the referee wouldn't call a foul on Rangers unless he saw a gunshot wound!
John Dickinson, USA

I think that this was a great match, and Celtic were the better team. Henrik Larsson could have had a hat-trick. I still back Celtic to win the trophy.
Ross McGettigan, England

Neil McCann showed he still has a vital role to play for Rangers. Celtic looked poor in defence when Rangers used McCann's speed and skill on the counter-attack. All in all Rangers should be pleased - if Sutton's cheating had been spotted by the ref they could even have won.
Eddie Adair, Cyprus

While I can't deny the match was exciting someone ought to at least point out the very poor technical quality. Balls were hoofed in the air for no reason, Rab Douglas was a joke and no player (with the possible exception of Larsson) had any control over the ball. No wonder Scotland only have one representative left in Europe.
David Evans, England

Rangers' best player was Rab Douglas
Don, Scotland

Well done the BBC for giving England a chance to watch a real game of football. I only wish we in Scotland could have heard what the English panel had to say about it - their reaction would have been very interesting to hear from a Scottish perspective.

The game won't have done much good for the reputation of Scottish goalkeepers but why should I care - I support Rangers!
Stuart Hunter, Scotland

Celtic deserved to win the game. Larson's first goal was outstanding. Rangers' best player was Rab Douglas.
Don, Scotland

What a game - well done Rangers after a tiring mid week match. This Rangers team will win the championship
Tom, Northern Ireland

I was glad to see that Rangers aren't about to lie down to Celtic. We showed great fighting qualities today and I think we can mount a real challenge this season.
Alex, England

It was just wonderful to see an "Old Firm" game live on the BBC, instead of having such games constantly interrupted by the advertisers' logos every time a player trips.

There is a large Scottish presence throughout Europe, but of course we receive BBC from the south east of England and don't often see "our" home games. Your commentators seemed to enjoy the game, please let us see more. Many thanks.
Alan Davidson, Belgium

Larsson was pure magic today, and hopefully will only get better
Eimear, Ireland

A great game - six goals and lots of passion. Honours even, and as a bluenose I'm happy with the point and still being top of the table.
Paul, England

Rangers can use all the excuses they want, but they have had three days to recover from the Uefa cup tie, and it was a brilliant Celtic effort.
Stephen Clark, Scotland

It's a pity Celtic didn't win. If Douglas hadn't fumbled as much, they would be sitting pretty at the top. Larsson was pure magic today, and hopefully will only get better.
Eimear, Ireland

This is certainly a moral victory for Rangers, as Celtic will never have such a good chance again against an obviously tired Rangers team.
Bill Cassels, Scotland

This is the first Old Firm Game I've ever seen, and it was brilliant. Thanks BBC for the most entertaining game I've seen in years - "football with tackling" as one of your panel said at half time. As for atmosphere, I'm currently watching Liverpool v Chelsea - yawn!
Mark Thomas, England

A brilliant match, but if Rangers hadn't sat back at 1-0 up they would have won comfortably in my opinion. The Rangers defence is poor under pressure, and ultimately I'm happy with a point.
Andy Murray, Northern Ireland

May I congratulate the BBC on having the initiative to televise the Old Firm match live. It was a fantastic game, which portrayed all the passion and commitment of football matches of times past. I hope the BBC return to Glasgow again as soon as possible. Well done.
Keith, England

To me it was a great result for Scottish football. People around the world will be looking at this, and seeing what great teams we have here in Scotland. It was a fantastic game in all respects, and I take my hat of to both teams.
Barry Livingston, USA

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