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Sunday, 29 September, 2002, 16:11 GMT 17:11 UK
Salute Europe's Ryder Cup heroes
Paul McGinley holed the putt that brought the Ryder Cup back to Europe
Ireland's Paul McGinley holes the putt that regains the Ryder Cup for Europe.

Who stood out for you? Did Curtis Strange get his tactics wrong? And was this the best golf you have ever seen?


McGinley holed a ten-footer on the 18th hole to halve his match with Jim Furyk and clinch the match for Europe.

Colin Montgomerie set the tone, destroying Scott Hoch in the first game of the day, and Europe dominated the singles to win 15 -12 overall.

Who were your heroes? Were you disappointed with Tiger? And is this Europe's greatest ever win?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails appear below.

Gentlemen - thank you for responding to my remarks about Sergio Garcia. I didn't know how much space there was to write, therefore, I will now say that CONGRATULATIONS are in order for the Euro team.

I was glued to the TV set for three days and loved every minute of it. The whole match was fantastic. Thank you so much, and maybe we can take it back next time.

An avid golf fan (70 years old and finished with a l6 handicap).
Maggie Stevens, USA

Congrats Europe. Although I was rooting for the US team, I was also rooting for Monty to do well. I think a lot of Americans were. I was happy that he had a good tournament.

Hopefully our crowd in 2004 will be as gracious and courteous as the Belfry crowd. I was also pleased that our press today was singing the praises of the European team. There may be hope for us yet. 2004 should be a great match.
John Earl, USA

Casey is so right, it did take a continent to beat a country. But a continent that is mature and knows how to conduct itself and win with dignity. Well done our Uncle Sam and your wonderful boys. I am proud to be European, but then I always have been.
Alan Whiskar, UK

It's good to see that the good-natured sportsmanship and respect between the players was mirrored by the fans watching and those writing here. That the US fans have generally reacted with admiration and congratulations for the European team is great.

Great too that most of the sports fans in the US are represented by those views and not those of Casey, whose case of sour grapes is regrettable.

A tremendous example of everything that is good in golf
Scott Anderson, Scotland

I think it was tale of two tailors. Neither Tiger Woods, nor any of the Americans, looked comfortable in their Belfry trousers. The stylish European trousers were much better.
John Holmes, Canada

Congrats to the European team, who were simply sensational all weekend. The Americans didn't play badly, but were beaten by some amazing skill, determination and the sheer will to win. Arise Sir Colin - you were fantastic. Well done to all 12 members of the winning Ryder Cup team!
Terry, UK

The comment from 'Casey, USA' is in sharp contrast to the sportsmanship and graciousness displayed by the American captain and Team, who did a great deal to restore the image of the Ryder Cup tarnished by the events at Brookline.

A magnificent performance from a team of European heroes. I must admit I felt that the greater depth (on paper) of the American team would carry the day in the singles, but I was delighted to be proven wrong. A fantastic competition and a tremendous example of everything that is good in golf.
Scott Anderson, Scotland

The most dignified revenge possible for Brookline!
Dave, Dublin, Ireland

I was amazed of the team spirit of the Europeans - their mentality has certainly won this Ryder Cup, with almost all European players digging out the very best of themselves in almost every game.

'Uncle Sam' came out of the whole thing quite well.... Our one, that is
Doug Booth, UK

The Americans played well, but could not rise to the occasion. Finally, to name a few, Westwood, Price, Fasth and McInley impressed me most with their humble but sincere characters.
Jeroen, The Netherlands

Sour grapes Maggie Stevens, and think back to the appalling manners of the USA team in the last Ryder Cup. Well done Europe and especially to Monty.
Aine, Ireland

I thought 'Uncle Sam' came out of the whole thing quite well.... Our one, that is.
Doug Booth, UK

Cracking competition! Huge congrats to McGinley for his steely resolve from 10 feet. Although I think the day belonged to Phil Price who bettered the iron-approach class of Phil Mickelson.

Price kept his head down and peppered the target from a range of lies. His putt on the 16th was truly magnificent. Mickelson had no reply. Quality golf, quality team!
Lawrence John, UK

A whole continent? UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Sweden. Hardly a whole continent, Casey (below).
Barlie, UK

"A whole continent to beat a whole country". Casey (below), that is a typical American comment. You give your country a bad name. Europe's victory was quality. Europe rarely compete as a team, and yesterday's Ryder Cup was awesome, and I don't even like golf!

QPhillip Price deserves a special mention, beating the second-best player in the world
Nigel Harrison, England

Now I know and love every European golf player, and look forward to the next major. Imagine if we had a European football team?
Chris, Europe

This was the first ever event for me and my wife - we sat in the grandstand on the 10th with a fantastic view of second shots and tee offs from the 11th. The organisation was brilliant, as was the overwhelming sportsmanship from both players and fans.

Phillip Price deserves a special mention, he convincingly beat the second-best player in the world.
Nigel Harrison, England

As I'm living in Italy I had no television coverage of the Ryder Cup. My boyfriend was keeping me up to date, and texted me to say we would win if McGinley got the putt. I had the hairs standing up on my neck waiting for the next text, and when it came through to say "we won, we won", I was ecstatic.

It was a great feeling, and especially for the Irish, with McGinley, Harrington and Clarke playing so well. I'm also delighted for Monty as he is such a great player. But it was such a great TEAM effort and well done to Torrance. A great sportsperson.
Niamh Brennan, Ireland

Here we go again, with the Americans try to spoil this great victory by crying foul. The comments by Dennis Love do no credit to the great sportsmanship shown by so many other members of their team. Shame on you, Dennis. Try and remember what you lot did last time and put it into context. You lost, mate.
Pete, Malaysia

What determination, what incredible team spirit
Richard Bentley, England

Europe played a great individual game like a great team, spearheaded by the imperious Colin Montgomerie and the wily and wonderful Sam Torrance. Thanks to him and Curtis Strange, who gave a fitting and most gracious final speech, the game of golf was beautifully exhibited.
Deborah Porter, UK

What a tremendous achievement! Sam, you're fantastic. I'd like also to praise Jesper Parnevik, who held Tiger to a half when he knew he'd been put out there against the world number one without much hope of a point. His determination kept even more blue on the scoreboard and encouraged the others. What a team!!
Jane, The Netherlands

What determination, what incredible team spirit...there is something particularly sweet about Europe's victory over the US. A reminder, perhaps, to the US that it is not invincible in all arenas. Thanks lads.
Richard Bentley, England

Wow! My neighbours probably thought that I had gone stark raving mad this afternoon but I did not have a care in the world when I screamed out in joy for Europe! Congratulations especially to Monty, I am completely convinced that you can build on this victory and win some Majors next year!
Charlotte, Sweden

This was undoubtedly the best ever performance by a European team on the final day of the Ryder Cup. Sam Torrance took a risk sending his bigs guns out early but that risk paid off in superb style as we seized the initiative and finally shut the doubters up.
Martyn Smith, England

Who in their right mind would have expected Europe to destroy the USA in the singles? Even on Saturday the pundits were saying that Europe would need a three or four point lead going into the singles to have a chance. Amazing!
Mark Kidger, Tenerife/UK

Why wouldn't the Tiger wear the same clothes as his team-mates?
Chris Squires, UK

Tremendous European win! Better still though was the atmosphere, the dignity and the humour of both the captains and sets of players. Strange's closing speech truly shows what a class act he is. I hope we win again in Michigan in 2004, and I hope the match is played in the same spirit. Nice one Monty!
Steve W, USA

Well done Sam's boys. It really was 12 v 11 out there. Why wouldn't the Tiger wear the same clothes as his team-mates? He really ought to look at his attitude and maybe, just maybe, the USA might stand a chance in two years time.
Chris Squires, UK

WOW! What an unforgettable Ryder Cup! I had been looking forward to this competition for three years, and I must say that it lived up to and beyond its billing. Good on McGinley for closing the door after Azinger's brilliant sand shot, which sent me screaming all over the house with excitement! See you in Detroit in 2004!
Drew, USA

Never did I imagine how fun it would be listening to the Ryder Cup commentary in Canada, courtesy of of the TSN Sports channel, as they commented on their team failing and the Europeans winning. Excellent entertainment and so was the golf...well done Europe!
Ian, Canada

I think Sergio Garcia is an unsportsmanlike twit. His hand gestures and actions were uncalled for. Teach him some manners.
Maggie Stevens, USA

What a fantastic display of skill determination and sportsmanship by both teams
Steve Cracknell, Wales

All the European "rookies" performed superbly today in the singles against supposedly more distinguished American players. I think this is the main reson why Europe won today. My congratulations on a job well done.
Lungker, Singapore

What a fantastic display of skill determination and sportsmanship by both teams. And a special mention for Phillip Price, to beat such a great player in your first Ryder Cup was awesome!
Steve Cracknell, Wales

Well, the better team won and Sam Torrance had a lot to do with it! He put his best out first, Curtis Strange did not and it made all the difference. The win was good for the European Tour and also will give the American players reason to get off their complacent butts.

Garcia running down the fairway while play was still going on was a "Non Event" as the match was already won. It also did one's heart good to see Montgomerie happy and smiling for a change instead of crying about us cold-hearted Yanks. Congratulations Europe on a fine win!
Robert Davidson, USA

Presumably Casey preferred the odds when it was USA - population some 250 million - against Britain & NI - population some 58 million. Get real!
Jim Scott, Scotland

Bravo Europe! That was the best game that I have ever seen. I congratulate you on a splendid victory.
Bruce, Canada

I got up at 7am to watch this in Chicago. I had to endure three hours of unpleasantness directed at me from an American in the room who said he hated all British and that Europeans were weak and America would "kick butt'. I never spoke to him in three hours, I let the players do the talking.
M Connor, UK

Sportsmanship and mutual respect were the true winners this time out
Mike Strong, Scotland

Really pleased to see American fans and their players being gracious and magnanimous in defeat. And quite touching to see Curtis Strange breaking down, I have a lot of sympathy for the guy.

He's worked so hard over the last couple of years and it's been dashed, but the European boys were fantastic. Garcia's spirit alone was electrifying, Monty's play means he should be player of the tournament, and McGinley, Westwood, Fasth - all superb.

But again, credit to the Americans for being gracious and our fans really showed those idiots at Brookline how to behave.
Owen, Dublin, Ireland

I salute the Americans who have written in to congratulate the European team. Sportsmanship and mutual respect were the true winners this time out.
Mike Strong, Scotland

The few of us in the Melbourne Crown Casino who watched three solid days play have been treated with a spectacle we will never forget. From Monty's heroics to the fans' behaviour it really was a result for all golf fans, both European and American. Looking forward to some sleep now!
James Anderson, Australia

The better team won on the day but on another day it could have been a different result. A magnificent performance by every single European but especially from Phillip Price who stood current form on its head.

We may have had a Tiger in our team, but Europe had twelve lions out there
Howard J Elliott, Seattle, USA

Brilliant Europe! Sincere condolences to a capable and dignified captain, Curtis Strange, and his talented team. Your turn will undoubtedly come again but this time it was ours. Superb!
Barry, Spain

This is the best Ryder Cup that I have seen in nearly 20 years of watching. Both the teams surpassed themselves with the quality of the golf, but special mention to Phil Price and Lee Westwood. I hope this re-starts their winning ways.
Jerry, UK

Just a great victory for Europe in one of the great sporting events ever. Special congrats to Monty, Garcia, Westwood, and all the rest. Hope US wins it back in Detroit - but can't deny the pleasure of watching a great team victory by a great team.
Don Wilkins, USA

Congratulations to the European team, that was a very special performance! I must make a special mention to Scotland's Colin Montgomerie: to obtain 4 points from this 2001/2002 Ryder Cup is a truly outstanding achievement.

Yes, we may have had a Tiger in our team, but Europe had twelve lions out there with Montgomerie leading the lions on the final day! Now let the Show roll on to Detroit, 2004. May the best team win.
Howard J Elliott, Seattle, USA

Well done lads, you've played an absolute blinder! This is the best Ryder Cup result I've known, and it really socks it back at the Americans who had to invade the green to put off Olazabal last time around.

The boys did us proud all down the field, particularly Price, Fasth, Fulke and McGinley
Roger Brent, UK

And just a quick message to Casey: just eat your sour grapes and leave us in peace to celebrate!
Nigel, UK

The "so-called" golf experts/commentators here in the US gave the Europeans no chance of winning. Oh, how wrong they were! Great job guys - I'll be going down to my local golf club this evening to gloat and toast a famous victory!
Paul Harris, USA

That was one of the most enjoyable days of golf I have ever watched. For drama and excitement it will probably never be matched! Well done Europe and nice to see a copper getting drowned in Champagne too!
Kev, Scotland

Fantastic three days. Full marks to both teams for a nail-biting tournament. Tremendous result for Europe and well done to team USA for outstanding golf too. Pity the mighty Tiger and his captain for letting the dignity fail at the end.

Manners would have seen the Woods' match finish before it did. Who else but Woods would have walked on to the 18th looking to win the match? Team player? Not from my angle!
Terry Vaughan, Dubai, UAE

Well done Europe! Forget whether Curtis Strange got his singles tactics wrong, the boys did us proud all down the field, particularly Price, Fasth, Fulke and McGinley, who have no Cup experience but held their nerve superbly well against supposed superior opposition.
Roger Brent, UK

When Azinger made that shot at 18 I just knew I had seen one of the greatest golf shots ever
Don Wilkins, USA

I was very impressed with the standard of golf played by the Europeans. I would like to say that Colin and Lee played some very good golf, but the hero and best player for me was the big German Bernhard Langer.

He was calm and collected on every shot and thaks to a united effort by Europe it paid off. Congratulations Europe and we'll see you in two years in the USA.
Nathan Fisher, Germany

Heartfelt congratulations to the European team and also to the crowd. When I think back to Boston, my head sinks in shame. I send particular best wishes to Colin Montgomerie, who, despite the worst of treatment, is truly a class act. I don't much like golf, but this was great.
Michael Dundon, USA

Congrats to the Europe Ryder Cup team - What a great team effort. I'm a diehard American patriot, golfer and sports fan and citizen of the world, but to not have some joy in seeing the efforts of Monty, Garcia, McGinley (who he - I know now) would be stupid.

What a great competition - I was nailed to the TV. When Azinger made that shot at 18 I just knew I had seen one of the greatest golf shots ever...but no, the Euro team was not to be denied and some Irish guy who I had never heard of and will never forget made the big one to win the Cup.

Way to go Europe - Garcia, Westwood, Langer - all the heroes. But most of all Monty. Do you know that most Americans root for Monty? He is so good and we want him to win that American Major sooo bad.
Don Wilkins, USA

For Monty, sweet, sweet revenge for the disgraceful abuse he was subjected to in 1999
Bob, Albany, USA

This is undoubtedly Europe's finest win. A stunning performance was backed up by a fantastic crowd. First class. It looks like our 12 lions tamed the Tiger and the rest of the US pack.
Everton Gayle, England

To the American who said it needed a whole continent to beat one country, may I remind him that most of the countries in Europe don't really play golf and the total population is only slightly more than the United States. Well done Europe on beating a superior team on paper!
Peter, UK

A special word must go to Phil Price. To beat Mickelson on your debut in a critical match must feel so good.
Bill Seddon, UK

Casey, USA: What sour grapes. It's actually more like one tour vs another. The Americans never give the European tour the credit it deserves - maybe now they will.
Adam, UK

Congratulations Europe on a magnificent victory. And for Monty: sweet, sweet revenge for the disgraceful abuse he was subjected to in 1999.
Bob, Albany, USA

What a result, brilliant performances all round, especially Philip Price and Paul McGinley. But on a negative note, I thought the actions of Tiger Woods at the end were the height of arrogance and poor sportsmanship.

After Europe the other big winner was golf
Mike Field, England

With the Cup lost, Woods should have been a good enough loser to call it a draw in his match with Jesper and allowed him to celebrate with his team. Instead, he decides to draw the attention to himself, as usual, and it was fitting that he fluffed his final putt.
Jonathan, UK

Congratulations to the European side on a fantastic victory. This was an exciting, hard fought match with the better team winning. The fans were outstanding as well as the players. Well done, enjoy your success.
Bob, Atlanta, USA

A fantastic contest as always. Evenly balanced, showing how the gap between the European tour and the USPGA has narrowed in the last fifteen years.
Darren Deeley, UK

Well done Europe! Congratulations have to go to both teams and the governing bodies of golf on both sides of the pond for making this a spectacular competition in the last two decades.

As a Brit, I am really happy that those one-sided USA vs Britain Ryder Cup matches are a thing of the past. Can't wait for 2004 because I am only two hours from Detroit.
Derrick Greetham, Canada

Absolutely fantastic, a great day for European golf, and to all those experts who doubted: the best TEAM won. After Europe the other big winner was golf, great respect between the players and the supporters, who were superb, with no animosity between both sets.
Mike Field, England

Whatever order Strange had sent out his boys would not have mattered when faced with the European onslaught!
Bjorn Sundstrom, USA

The superheroes among 12 heroes have to be Phillip Price and Paul McGinley. Curtis Strange didn't get his tactics wrong. He had every right to expect Mickelson to defeat Price, but the Welshman beat every shot by the American to make it possible for McGinley to win the Cup.

The partisan, but well-behaved fans, made this a day for the ages. They showed that this, not the boorishness of three years ago, is what the Ryder Cup is all about.
Graham Parley, Canada

I really fancied America's chances today but Europe rose to the occasion and played like champions. Today they are my heroes.
Alan, America

Hats off to the Europeans. They clearly outplayed the Americans. Strange's tactics made no difference. Whatever order he sent out his boys would not have mattered when faced with the European onslaught! Well done Europeans and we'll get it back next time!
Bjorn Sundstrom, USA

Brilliant! The underdogs triumph again! A great team performance well lead by Sam Torrance. We were not overawed by the might of the American team and it showed in the way we played and the team spirit displayed. Commiserations to the USA team .
Allan Melling, Saudi Arabia

To all in the European team, my congratulations on your wonderful victory. You have done European golf proud. Your decorum and spirit over the last three days have been an inspiration to all. The best Ryder Cup I have seen.
Andrew Scott, Scotland

It took a whole continent to beat one country. Congrats Europe, you should be very proud.
Casey, USA

The pairing of Garcia and Westwood was a delight to watch
Susan Potter, England

Great tactics and steady play from Monty gave others strength. Great to see.
Susan Potter, England

Well done Europe! Amazing victory. You don't need world-class players, only players with world-class determination!
Ari Arob, Malaysia

A lot of people might blame US captain Curtis Strange for putting his big time players at the bottom of the draw and putting them under extra pressure. For me though, it was the fact that several Europeans performed out of their skins, and that the top US players just weren't quite on top form. Well done Europe!
Tim, England

The pairing of Garcia and Westwood was a delight to watch.
Susan Potter, England

I would just like to say how well I think Lee Westwood has played on this occasion. I thought Torrance had made a mistake because of his poor run this season. But I was proved wrong.

It just goes to show that under pressure, Westwood rises up to the challenge. Definitely a vital player in this year's Ryder Cup and definitely a player I'm going to be watching more of.
Adam Marsden, United Kingdom

Who was the star for Europe at The Belfry?

Paul McGinley

Colin Montgomerie

Phillip Price

Sam Torrance

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