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Tuesday, 20 August, 2002, 15:21 GMT 16:21 UK
Stump The Bearded Wonder No 33
Pose your cricket questions to Bearders
Bill Frindall, aka the Bearded Wonder, is poised to solve your cricket queries and teasers.

The Test Match Special statistician will be busy answering your questions throughout the English summer.


F Abbas, UK

How many instances are there of a person scoring a century and taking five wickets in a limited-overs international?

Only one. Viv Richards scored 119 and took 5 for 41 for West Indies against New Zealand at Carisbrook, Dunedin in the opening Rothmans Cup match of March 1987, surprisingly an achievement that remains unique.

The next highest score to accompany a five-wicket haul is 80 by Graeme Hick when he took 5 for 33 for England against Zimbabwe at Harare in February 2000.

Dean, UK

Law 23 states that the ball becomes dead when it lodges in the batsman's clothing. Does this mean that a catch cannot be affected by a fielder removing the ball from the top of a batsman's pads as I always assumed?

Yes, it does. Under the 2000 Code the ball now becomes 'dead' if it lodges in the batsman's clothing or equipment.

Mike Rattley, England

Who was the last player to be given out in a Test match for obstruction?

There has been only one instance in Test cricket. The unfortunate batsman was the Yorkshire and England opener, Len Hutton. In the fifth Test against South Africa at The Oval in August 1951, he top-edged a ball from off-spinner Athol Rowan.

It flew above his stumps and, in fending it away from his bails with his bat, he prevented keeper Russell Endean from taking a catch.

Tarquin, England

What is the best return in either batting or bowling for a 'One Test Wonder'?

The highest score by anyone playing only one Test is 112 by A.G. ('Andy') Gantaume for West Indies against England at Port-of-Spain in February 1948 - it was his only Test innings.

Two other batsmen, both New Zealanders, have scored hundreds in their only Tests: R.E. (Rodney) Redmond, 107 and 56 v Pakistan at Auckland in 1972-73 and Scott Styris, 107 and 69 not out v West Indies in Grenada this year. Styris is unlikely to remain an OTW.

The best innings analysis by an OTW is 7 for 95 by left-arm slow-medium bowler W.H. ('Gobo') Ashley for South Africa against England at Cape Town in March 1889. C.S.

('Father') Marriott returned the best match analysis (11 for 96) with his leg-breaks and googlies on his only England appearance, against West Indies at The Oval in August 1933.

Paul Johnston, England

Who captained England in their first Limited-Overs International? Ray Illingworth, England's Ashes-winning captain of 1970-71. The game replaced the final scheduled day of the rain-aborted Melbourne Test.

Venky, India

If the ball ricochets off the umpire from a fielder's throw onto the stumps and the batsman is yet to make his ground, is it out?

Yes, the batsman is out. The ball only becomes 'dead' if it lodges in the umpire's clothing.

Pete, England

I vaguely remember Mark Ealham breaking an LBW record against Zimbabwe in a LOI a few years back. Can you enlighten me further?

Your memory is sharper than 'vague', Pete. Ealham took 5 for 15, all lbw, for England against Zimbabwe in January 2000 at Kimberley during South Africa's Standard Bank Triangular tournament.

Dave Orchard gave all five decisions and they all looked plumb. It remains England's best LOI analysis.

David Rudge, England

England scored 529 runs in their second innings against Sri Lanka at Lords. When was the last time England scored over 500 runs in the second innings of a match?

Neat question, David. The answer is 27 years ago at The Oval when England, dismissed for 191 and following on 341 behind, responded with 538 (Bob Woolmer 149) to escape defeat by the 1975 Australians.

I can now elaborate on my answer in Ask Bearders No 23 to James Grayson's question: With the exception of the famous Laker and Lock, have two bowlers ever taken all 20 wickets between them in a Test Match?

There have been six instances of bowlers sharing 20 wickets in a Test match:

MA Noble (13) & H Trumble (7), A v E, Melbourne, 1901-02; C Blythe (11) & GH Hirst (9), E v A, Birmingham, 1909; AEE Vogler (12) & GA Faulkner (8), SA v E, Johannesburg, 1909-10; JC Laker (19) & GAR Lock (1), E v A, Manchester, 1956; Fazal Mahmood (13) & Khan Mohammad (7), P v A, Karachi, 1956-57; RAL Massir (16) & DK Lillee (4), A v E, Lord's, 1972.

Seamus Kyle, UK

Some time ago I was umpiring in a pub cricket game. Whilst a run was being taken, one of the batsmen collided, accidentally, with a fielder. He was then run out whilst still sprawled on the ground.

This incident happened at the other end from me and the other umpire gave the batsman out. This always struck me as unfair. Should he have been given out?

Yes, unless the collision was the result of wilful obstruction by the fielder, the batsman should have been given out. He would only have been not out if, having made his ground, he temporarily left it to avoid injury from a throw. Whether or not the fielding side should have appealed depends upon the prize money!

David Stock, UK

Can you settle an argument at our cricket club, Lordswood in Kent? Is the non-striking batsman out if he is out of his ground when a ball driven by the striking batsman deflects off him and onto his stumps?

This happened in a recent match and the batsman was given not out, by a very uncertain player-umpire!

As with the previous question, he should have been given out unless he had left his crease to avoid injury.

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